Episode 046 — Releasing Saturday

HMP FreddyvJasonHappy Friday the 13th, horror fans! Jay of the Dead here… The day has finally arrived, but I regret to inform you that Episode 046 of Horror Movie Podcast will not be posted until tomorrow, Saturday the 14th, but isn’t that ultimately fitting for our Final Chapter?

In this episode, you’ll get another installment of our epic FRIDAY THE 13th Franchise Review where we cover Jason X, Freddy vs Jason, and the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. And we’re joined again by some great special guests for our review.

Plus, another great Friday the 13th prize giveaway is coming up this episode to show our appreciation to our amazing listeners. And the qualifications for this prize include a really cool twist. Do not miss this!

In the meantime, be sure to check out Jay of the Dead‘s new “5 Minutes of Horror” mini-reviews on Soundcloud, perfect little terror treats to share with your friends. The first brand-new episode features a brand-new end-of-the-world film: The Remaining (2015)

Finally, if you haven’t heard them yet, you should check out one of our sister podcasts while you wait for HMP to drop:

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Thank you so much for your patience. We think it will be worth your wait.

—Jay of the Dead

29 thoughts on “Episode 046 — Releasing Saturday

  1. Guys, as punishment for your tardiness I sentence you all with the horrible fate of having to watch and review “Saturday the 14th” at some point.

      • One positive thing I can say about JASON X is that the kills are pretty fantastic (and abundant) across the board. There’s Adrienne’s liquid nitrogen face bash, of course, but also a bunch of other inventive, graphic, and sometimes goofy examples:

        – Azrael getting split in half in virtual reality, then having his back broken
        – Sven having his neck broken quietly in close quarters, shot from an interesting overhead shot
        – Condor getting impaled and screwed on the… whatever that thing was
        – Kicker getting sliced in half
        – Janessa sucked into space through a grate
        – The two virtual girls bashed together in sleeping bags
        – Brodski getting impaled in the abdomen twice with his goofy “yup, that’ll do it” comment after the second one pierced his body (I know, I know, he survived this)

        There are others, but these are the ones that stuck with me the most.

        I know Adrienne’s liquid nitrogen face bash gets all the press (and for good reason), but I think the most graphic and disturbing kill for me is when Jason breaks Sven’s neck. The way it’s shot from overhead in a narrow space… the slow, deliberate way Jason twists his neck… the hopelessness of Sven not being able to shout for help to his comrades who were just feet away… the sound of the bones breaking slowly. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

  2. Yall are forgiven, but I do expect a Nightmare On Elm Street franchise review soon!!!

    Fritz Renfield

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