The Haunted Hall of Fame

Horror Movie Podcast‘s “Haunted Hall of Fame” is a pantheon of great films that we acknowledge as the ultimate cinematic experiences of the horror genre, and their respective sub-genres. These are classics that, because of their superior quality, tend to show up on lists and in podcast discussions time and time again. And so, it is with much respect to both these films and our listeners that we lay them to rest in order to make room for the discussion of other great films that may otherwise be overshadowed by these behemoths.

There are three possible qualifiers for entrance into the Haunted Hall of Fame. First, a film will be laid to rest if it has appeared on a total of four best-of lists (from one or multiple hosts). For instance, Halloween may appear on the lists of two hosts for “Best 70s Horror Films” and on two lists for “Best Slashers.” At this point, the film would be retired. Second, a film will be laid to rest once it has appeared as one of the feature reviews on a total of two podcast episodes. For instance, Nosferatu may be one of the films discussed on an episode focused on “Silent Horror Films” and may be worth discussing again on an episode exploring the sub-genre of “Animalistic Vampires,” but it would be out of consideration for any future episodes at that point and join the Haunted Hall of Fame. Third, a film will be laid to rest if it has met half of each of the above criteria. For instance, Jaws may only make two lists of “Best Beastly Freaks” but if it has also been a featured review on a themed episode about “Leviathans From the Deep” it could be laid to rest at that point.

The purpose of the Haunted Hall of Fame is to avoid a common horror podcasting rut of just discussing films like The Texas Chainsaw MassacreDawn of the Dead, and The Shining every single week. This will give us the opportunity to move on to some more interesting picks for in-depth discussion. These classics may continue to be mentioned in passing, of course, but we won’t dedicate further time to analysis once they have been laid to rest. A list of our Haunted Hall of Fame will always be available for listeners here at

1. HALLOWEEN (1978)
John Carpenter’s Halloween has been laid to rest in the Haunted Hall of Fame following it’s inclusion on 3 of our hosts “Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies” lists in HMP Episode 001 (and continued in HMP Episode 002) and as one of our feature reviews and our primary anchor during our five-part Halloween Franchise Review that began with HMP Episode 027. Halloween was also a major topic of conversation in our Proto-Slashers themed discussion in HMP Episode 021. May it rest in pieces.

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