Horror Movie Podcast BONUS Ep. 047: Friday the 13th Franchise Overview

HMP F13th Overview

Congratulations, horror fans! You’ve made it to our sixth and final installment of the HORROR MOVIE PODCAST FRIDAY THE 13TH FRANCHISE REVIEW, a multi-part series where your hosts—and some special guests—have covered the entire Friday the 13th franchise—Horror Movie Podcast-style—with some in-depth, hardcore Jason Voorhees analysis to prove, once again, that we are DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT HORROR MOVIES!

If you haven’t heard Episodes 042 through 046 yet, please go back and listen to those first! This episode is intended to be heard last.

In Episode 047, Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock bring you an epic Franchise Overview of the entire Friday the 13th series, packed with more listener feedback than you can shake a machete at! We’ve got listener voicemails and highlights from the HMP comments boards. We’ve got lists of your hosts and the listeners Top 3 Kills and Top 3 Films in the franchise. We reveal our review choices from our listeners’ movie recommendations. And we’ve got prize giveaways to five lucky listeners for a Friday the 13th movie 4-pack, a Jason Takes Manhattan poster, two Jason Voorhees Reaction Figures, and a Camp Crystal Lake counselor t-shirt. And more!

Wolfman Josh also brings you a bevy of “Friday Facts” from the Friday the 13th DVD set and two mini-reviews for the Crystal Lake Memories (2013) documentary and the comedy-horror spoof Saturday the 13th (1981).

Horror Movie Podcast is typically a bi-weekly show that’s released every other Friday. But from Friday the 13th of April, 2015 to Friday the 13th of March, 2015, we have brought you a new release every single Friday to cover this classic horror franchise, just as we did for the Halloween films back in October of 2014.

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-Favorite Jason actors
-Drawing for Movie 4-Pack
-Hosts Top 3 Kills
-Listener Top 3 Kills
-Drawing for the Jason Takes Manhattan poster
-Listener Comments
-Hosts Reactions

-Listener Comments
-Hosts Reactions

-Brief facts on each film with body count stats
-Movie-specific listener feedback

-Listener Comments
-Hosts Reactions
-Brief facts on each film with body count stats
-Movie-specific listener feedback
-Listener Feedback
-Hosts Thoughts
-Brief facts on each film with body count stats
-Movie-specific listener feedback
-Hosts Top 3 Films
-(Host Bottom 3 Films)
-Listener Top 3 Films
-Drawing for Jason Voorhees Reaction Figures

TattoosBehold! Tony Is on Fire’s Jason ink!

-Listener Comments
-Hosts Reactions
-Drawing for Camp Crystal Lake counselor t-shirt


photo (3)Listener prize giveaways!

-Saturday the 14th mini review
-Crystal Lake Memories documentary mini-review
-EPIC listener voicemail: TJ Fowler (in Finland) discusses the ’80s Slasher icons and heavy metal, Jason Voorhees Darwinism and much more! Thanks, TJ. Great comments!


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86 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast BONUS Ep. 047: Friday the 13th Franchise Overview

  1. The one we’ve all been waiting for. Congratulations JOTD, Wolfman Josh, and Dr. Shock. The end is here. Can’t wait to listen to this one.

  2. So much tension for that final drawing. So close yet no cigar. Haha! Just happy to get my movie picked though. Great job guys and thanks for all the work Jay.

  3. Just finished watching Saturday the 14th. Absolutely terrible. Completely lifeless performances, barely any attempts at humor. Makes Transylvania 6-5000 look great in comparison. One compliment though- Van Helsing eating Count Chocula for breakfast did kind of make me laugh.

    • It’s not good. I loved it as a kid and watched a couple of years ago to realize that my suspicions were confirmed.

      However, one of my favorite lines in film history is:

      “That’s like closing the barn doors AFTER the horses have gotten out and eaten your children!”

  4. enjoying the cast guys. thanks for reading my comment by the way. Jay, just wanted to weigh in on your thoughts w/ Pamela Voorhees motivation in the first film. I agree with Josh, it seems the motivation would be just as valid if she thought he was dead and actually wasn’t. Also agree with the poignant irony behind the misguided rage and subsequent meaningless deaths. additionally, the cosmic “license to kill” is not as applicable here as say, Nightmare on Elm Street where Freddy is killing the children of the vigilante parents. the only correlation is that these are counselors of the same camp, which i think makes the motivation a bit less impactful (ie, the camp is vilified). one last note, you also have to consider that if Jason is alive as in Part 2 (my fav movie of the series), he now has a strong motivation to carry on killing counselors in his mother’s legacy.

    ps – Doc, your fav kills list mirrors mine. i also look forward to the face smash from Jason X (a guilty pleasure of mine). the wheel chair kill is also great and could be in the top 3 depending on the day you ask me…

  5. Great way to end this series of Podcasts, guys.
    I was really interested in the discussion about the “darkest” moments in the franchise.
    I would like to throw in two moments.
    #1 – When Maddie is being stalked by Jason in part 7, in the shed. To me the fact that this character is a little pathetic (she is desperately trying to be pretty for the pothead guy), and that she is very weak and terrified makes this disturbing. Of all the characters in the franchise, it seems she is the most innocent and most pitiful. It is sad to watch her scurry under the shed, kicking off, then holding the shoes she wanted to wear to look dolled-up.
    Although the gore never bothered me in these films, even as a young lad, this scene freaked me out and had an effect. There’s something about the victim pleading not to be killed and really not deserving it at all (as in Maddie) that is truly dark to me. Jason’s true lack of mercy is ultimate here. It’s so sad for this poor girl.
    #2 The same kind of scenario happens in the intro of part 8. The girl, Suzy is hiding in the compartment in the boat. She is trapped, doomed, and is pleading for life. Jason shows no mercy.
    Thanks you guys so much for this franchise overview! This was awesome – I enjoyed every second. Can’t wait to listen to these on some long car trips this summer!
    Grey Imp

    • @Grey Imp – Interesting take on this with your two choices. You make some good points, and I definitely agree with your #2. Not only is Suzy trapped and pleading for her life, as you said, but she’s essentially crawled up in the fetal position as well.

      For me, I think the darkest moments are the final “shrine” scene in Part 2 and Shelly’s death in Part 3. The shrine scene is probably obvious, so no need to discuss that. For the Shelly scene, it’s a little horrifying to me that he was in obvious pain and agony, terrified at the fact that he was bleeding out, and his friends, who were right there, essentially yelled at him dismissively while he died because they thought it was a prank.

      The 2009 remake has a lot of dark moments, too. I guess if I’m going to pull one out, it would be the scene in the beginning when Jason sets up the trap by hanging Amanda in the sleeping bag to roast while Richie gets snagged by the bear trap. What a brutal scene!

    • TJ
      Just listened to your voice mail…awesome stuff. Your thoughts about Jason being a non-discriminatory killer is spot on. I’ve always liked that idea in these movies. I think part 8 is the epitome of your statement. We have guys like the principal, the ship’s captain, the heroine thugs, etc. all being brought down to the level of the dopey teens. Jason is the great equalizer. I love that conclusion you made! Everyone can be scared and slashed. Jason proves that!
      Grey Imp

      • Thanks Imp!

        I’m glad you liked my thoughts on the subject matter. After listening to the podcast i kind of now want another one going over all the points made hahaha

    • @Tj – Your point about metal and ’80s horror is spot on, but I would take it one step further and say both were a reflection of the overall mood of the decade. The ’80s were all about excess, and both metal and ’80’s horror had that in spades.

      • As a matter of fact, David, Juan, Wolfman Josh, and I had a very similar conversation to this a few weeks ago on the Movie Stream Cast comment board >> http://www.moviestreamcast.com/movie-stream-cast-47-tucker-dale-vs-evil-2011/#comment-1091

        Here’s what I said over there:
        >Dino on March 17, 2015 at 11:21 am said:
        “@Josh – Yes! Great shout-out to the post-modern horror of the ’90s. Those are all big guilty pleasures of mine.

        Film, like all art, is a reflection of the time in which it is created, and I feel like that is particularly true of the horror genre. The post-modern horror “boom” of the ’90s speaks to the extreme cynicism, realism, and self-referential irony found in the pop-culture of that decade, which was a direct response to the over-the-top, goofy, and artificial pop-culture of the ’80s.”

  6. Two things , zombie needs to stay the hell away from Friday the 13th , and no found footage that mess is played out . And Freddy vs Jason as your worst , yall done lost your minds . Five , 8 and goes to hell are ones are the worst .

    • I think part 5 is great… reminds me of a straight up good ole’ 80s standalone slasher (because it is). Has a “The Burning” or “Sleepaway Camp” feel to it almost.

      If it wasn’t part of the Friday Series, everyone would over look it flaws, but it gets butchered for being what it is – a fake Jason that doesn’t make sense

      I see it becoming more and more like Halloween 3 though, and getting a huge cult following revival behind it.

      • I totally agree! I personally really enjoy part 5 and never pass oer it when I’m marathoning the series. I love Violet’s death while she’s doing her electro-goth-interpretive-pop-lock dancing hahaha! I wouldsay if this was a movie where it wasn’t “Jason” as the killer but just some random guy bet you it would be way more popular among opinions. The one movie I will always skip over is Jason Goes to Hell. What a turd.

  7. About Kyle Bishop’s Ph.D. serious horror movie theory, I always thought of it as more of a measuring tool or forewarning device to see how serious a horror movie will be and less of a requirement that needs to be met in order for a movie to qualify as serious. For instance, in the Friday the 13th franchise, even if the dogs aren’t killed or kicked, we know this is a serious horror film because of the horrific deaths on display. We don’t need a dog’s death to warn us that Jason’s seriously out for blood. In a movie like The Conjuring, we get a very early death of the family’s dog and that acts as a forewarning that things are about to get quite serious (unless you’re Jay and you think the movie is humorous). Again, take the dog’s death away and the movie wouldn’t lose an ounce of seriousness. In The Babadook, we get a very serious horror movie in which we get a forewarnig about the dog’s death, which ends up happening very late into the movie. Yes the dog dies and yes things took a turn for the worse after its death, but things were already serious even before this death. It seems to me that a dog’s death isn’t necessarily what decides whether a horror movie is serious or not, but rather a means for us to get ready for even worse things to come. But maybe that’s a question that only the man himself can answer.

    • I mean, I think you’re right on, Juan. I was mostly just playing devil’s advocate. I think killing a kid or an animal simply shows the audience, we’re not going to try to win you over or let you off easy. This is going to be brutal.

        • Oh, no, it wasn’t just to mess with Jay. It was for the sake of the conversation. I see Kyle’s classification of “serious” horror movies as one of Horror Movie Podcasts’ litlee trademark things, so I like to apply it whenever possible, especially to films like these that are so beloved by “hardcore” horror fans. I was arguing it for the sake of the discussion and you’ve got to ask the hard questions, sometimes. Even if you aren’t totally convinced yourself.

    • Yeah, I feel like the dead dog and child theory is more a symptom of serious horror than a definer. It’s the tone of the movie that’s most important.

      But, then, we all seem to be in agreement on this, so no need to kick that dead dog….

  8. First of all thanks for the poster! A much needed cheer in my life at the moment so thank you very much I appreciate it and I promise to frame it and show you a picture of it when it gets hung up.

    Also, I wanted to say that maybe found footage would work but I would like it sooo much more if they set it up more like how the movie Exists had the Go-Pro cameras. Imagine seeing Jason creeping around a cabin from one still security camera. So creepy!

    Also I might be feeling the blues that coverage of my favorite fanchise is over. I guess the only thing you could do now is Nightmare on Elm Street. I appreciate its ability to short of blend it all into one big story intead of the more stand-alone feel of the F13 series. Also I want to request please please please more italian horror and giallo movies. I can’t get enough of that stuff and my pants nearly exploded off during your proto-slasher episode when you reviewed Torso. I forget, did you guys cover Pieces yet? Love that one. I recommend Beyond The Darkness, Stagefright, and Cemetary Man.

    As always, it was a blast and I can’t wait to see what you all are up to next. Thanks again.

  9. When we were re-watching all of the Friday the 13th movies, my husband remembered this car commercial with clips of cars not starting in horror films. It has Ginny from part 2 in it. I thought I would share it here.

  10. Also, Wolfman Josh, on one of your future trips to Portland, I highly recommend that you and your wife check out Movie Madness. It is sort of a movie rental shop mixed with a museum of props and costumes and they have a great horror section. Also, if you weren’t already aware of it, the Hollywood theater often shows rare prints of grindhouse and older horror films. Last month we saw John Carpenter’s “The Thing” there, and this week we are going to see “The Beyond”.

  11. Hey Guys, Great Show and amazing retro all together!

    Thanks for picking my film choice as the winner for the shirt, however Jay I have to give you some warning/background as to why i suggested Calvaire (the ordeal) – as you might soon find out, it might have been a suggestion not necessarily an exact recommendation…

    OK here it goes…

    I love French extreme cinema, with Frontiers and Inside being 2 of my favorite horror films of all time (So i know we have a lot of similar tastes, with your constant praising of Inside). With that love of french horror i got “click bated” by one of those online lists that basically shows up like an add.

    The list was for the top 10 most disturbing French Horror Films. All the regulars were on there, plus a lot of other great films I have never heard of but seeked out.
    The one I got the most excited for was – you guessed it – the #1 spot Calvaire.

    The author of this list said something along the lines of “most people relate Frontiers as the French version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre however Calvaire is truely the french equivalent to TCM”

    How fricken awesome does that sound… A french version of TCM that is better than Frontiers..

    Well Jay, that’s why I wanted to provide you with some caution before you dive into this beast – because that is false advertisement. What your actually going to see is a pretty well made/good looking film – however it is just messed up, but not in a typical french horror kind of way – and I guarantee when it ends you will say “What the heck did I just watch”. It will definitely not be your typical “horror” but it should mess you up majorly or leave you confused.

    I just wanted to give you that heads up, so your not upset with me after you watch this, or think that this is something i would recommend to the world. I just honestly want to hear someone discuss this film, after viewing it myself and only knowing one other horror fan who saw it (and was literally left speechless), so thanks for picking me again!

    p.s. its technically not even a French Film (Belgian)

    • I love the inclusion of Calvaire. I actually thought about mentioning it, but forgot about it haha. I’m so glad that you picked it and that it’s going to be reviewed. It’s definitely a very disturbing film, but it’s contrasted by how beautifully it is shot. There is a scene that involves some dancing that I’m dying for the hosts to discuss. And yes, by the end I was in awe of what I had just seen. One of my favorites from modern times. Good job TONYISONFIRE!

      • Thanks Juan!… yes that dancing scene.. oh my, it will be an interesting discussion….. that scene creeps me out, confuses me, and assumes me all at the same time, everytime i play it back in my head, as i will not ever be able to forget it haha.

    • Tony, your t-shirt will arrive between April 1st-6th. For some reason, it wasn’t eligible for the Amazon 2 Day shipping. SnowyOtter, send email Jay your address so I can ship you this poster. Also, Jay is handling the DVD pack and Reaction figures. Congrats, horror fans!

  12. I like how my first “appearance” on this episode was me trolling Wolfman Josh. Sorry, buddy… I’m sure you know it was out of love, not malice.

    • Of course! And it was very representative of your constant trolling. Haha. You’ve been mentioned on the show before, though. Remember the conversation about how to pronounce your name?

      • Oh, for sure. I meant the first mention of my name on “this” episode. I actually think my first HMP “appearance” was way back in the early days of the podcast, when I still lived in NY and JOTD still read email… I confessed that I wasn’t as gaga over John Carpenter’s THE THING as most horror fans seem to be, and shared the story of how I loved to listen to the podcast while walking home through the city late at night.

        Bringing it back to this episode, I noticed that my comments that you pulled were for two of the worst movies in the franchise. I thought that was funny.

        • I guess those are the ones you had the most to say! I was mostly looking for interesting perspectives, as opposed to general commentary, and I was hoping for a stronger reaction from Doc (although his was actually hilarious in the end) regarding your take on Part 5.

  13. Also – “non serious horror”, or “entertainment horror” as I like to call it, deals with fanciful or whimsical characters, comedically driven dialog and kills that represent more burst out-loud response than genuine shock.

    “Serious horror”, to me, omits the comedic elements, the poppy shock and the super-simple storylines. “Serious horror” would be more inturbulating and jarring, with its intention on removing comfort from the viewer in favor of either realism or brutality or possibly debasing and debauchery. This is opposed to “non serious horror”, which is produced for entertainment value first and foremost, with little to no desire to effect a person on any sort of viceral or traumatic way.

  14. The possibility of a “Roadside Assistance” themed episode came up, but I would love to see that expanded into a Road Trip theme. Tons of content to discuss around this theme, including one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures – JOY RIDE.

    • I agree and Joyride was on my short-list along with The Hill Have Eyrs, Wrong Turn and (more of a thriller) Breakdown. Still hammering that episode out, but it’s in the queue.

      • Lots of great themes and great movies fall under this category…

        JOY RIDE
        WRONG TURN
        DUEL (perhaps a stretch for horror)

        You can even include movies like THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES, and PSYCHO… just the tip of the iceberg.

        This would would be a great themed episode during the summer.

  15. Great end to a great run guys! Hey I’m just curious have any of you or the listeners ever seen the movie Messiah of evil? I just watched it earlier this week and was completely blown away although it is a slow burn horror film. I believe it is one of the most underrated 70 horror flicks ever made! I was shocked to find out that I’d never really heard any sort of praise about this film before. It is highly atmospheric and upon its original making and the filmmakers had never actually completed an ending to the film so the film leaves itself open to all sorts of interpretation and there are some great theories of consumerism that I really think apply to it well. I highly recommend what I consider underrated horror classic. But like i mentioned it is a slow burn so beware Jay of the dead.

  16. Are we taking bets on what this “very big (good) news” will be?

    My top 3 guesses:
    1. Dr. Walking Dead will be back on the show as a full-time co-host
    2. There will be a new official co-host announced; my guess is BillChete
    3. JOTD was able to secure corporate sponsorship for the show (this is the one I’m hoping for)

  17. Outstanding! Really a great episode and the stats/facts for each movie were fun. To be honest after I’d kept up and rewatched all the movies they started to blur, and this episode helped sort it all out.

  18. I wanted to share a few thoughts on the Friday the 13th franchise…

    I am a child of the ‘80s who grew up in New Jersey not too far from the original “Crystal Lake.” Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise were a big presence during my childhood. I was the youngest in my extended family of my generation, and had several close cousins who were hugely into horror, sci-fi, and the like. I have very fond memories of them introducing me to great ‘80s horror movies in the upstairs tv room of my grandparent’s house, the first one being JASON LIVES when I was just 7 years old.

    Voorhees-mania ran rampant in pop-culture across the country during the decade, but you can imagine how we New Jersey “locals” held the franchise near and dear to our hearts. I know the original movie was the only one actually filmed in New Jersey, but this was our lake; these were our woods.

    The Friday the 13th franchise is my franchise and carries immense nostalgic value, which undoubtedly influences my opinion of the films. Objectively, though, I truly believe these movies have a place of value in the pantheon of film history. More than anything before it, the Friday the 13th property largely popularized the concept of a movie franchise. It helped to shape the slasher sub-genre and gore in horror, both of which were discussed on the podcast. It gave birth to one of the greatest modern horror monsters – Jason Voorhees. Most importantly, though, it brought horror movies into mainstream popular culture.

    I decided to revisit the complete franchise, in order, over the last month along with the podcast coverage. These are movies I’ve seen several times throughout my life, but I wanted to re-watch them with a more critical eye this time. In doing so, some of my previously held opinions have changed and, as a result, there has been some shuffling in my franchise rankings. Here is how I breakdown the series:

    1. Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) – 10/10
    2. Friday the 13th (1980) – 10/10
    3. Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986) – 9.5/10
    4. Friday the 13th (2009) – 9/10
    5. Friday the 13th Part III (1982) – 9/10
    6. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) – 9/10
    7. Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) – 7.5/10
    8. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) – 7.5/10
    9. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) – 6.5/10
    10. Freddy vs. Jason (2003) – 6.5/10
    11. Jason X (2001) – 5/10
    12. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (1993) – 4/10

    My rankings can essentially be broken out into pairs. I hold Part 2 and the original in close regard, both a cut above the rest. I rate both films a 10/10, but Part 2 is my favorite and holds a spot in my top 10 horror of all-time. Then, I see JASON LIVES and the 2009 remake being the next level. They’re essentially even to me, but I give Part VI an extra 0.5 point for nostalgic value and for the ultimate portrayal of Jason, in my opinion. Next, Parts III and IV are, again, virtually even and could probably swap positions in my rankings on any given day. The same goes for Parts VII and VIII. I rate A NEW BEGINNING and FREDDY VS. JASON the same, but I give Part V the clear advantage in this one. Like I said in my comments last week, FREDDY VS. JASON is a fun movie, but it’s not a Friday the 13th movie. Bringing up the rear, JASON X and JASON GOES TO HELL are both awful films, but at least JASON X is fun.

    The three movies that most challenged my original opinions after this latest re-watch were the 2009 remake, THE NEW BLOOD, and A NEW BEGINNING. I already spoke to my thoughts on these three films in my comments for those episodes, so I’ll be brief here. My memory of A NEW BEGINNING was not very favorable, but I was surprised by how watchable and entertaining I found it to be this time around. It’s definitely the worst of the original franchise (Parts 1-8), but it’s not as bad as I remembered. For THE NEW BLOOD, I never liked the telekinesis aspect of the movie, and I still don’t. But, this movie takes a lot of good steps and the overall tone seems very similar to THE FINAL CHAPTER, which is a good thing. Finally, I love how grounded and modern the 2009 remake is. It was simultaneously able to paint a new image of Jason and direction for the franchise, while still honoring its past. It makes me hopeful that this franchise reboot can be something pretty great.

    I had a lot of fun these last five weeks, re-watching the movies, listening to the podcast coverage, and discussing the films and Friday the 13th lore with you fine folks. And, if you’re still reading this, you’re ok in my book.

      • Oh man, I’ve missed quite a few comments since I last visited the site. I’ll catch up soon-ish.

        Dino, there’s not hate in me for you, only sadness. I weep for you brother, because you fail to see what I see :'( I weep for all of you suckers who gave Jason X a hard time, in particular Mr. Josh Ligari, who I personally blame for leading this senseless vendetta against one of the greatest B movies of our generation. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go watch Jason X out of spite and love.


        A broken heart </3

  19. Just thought I’d chime in on the “serious” horror discussion that took place- specifically, harm to a child or animal. The honest truth of the matter is that I watch horror films as an escape from daily life. While it may seem a little tame or whatever, I actually will more than likely avoid a film if it features the death or harm of a child- there are rare exceptions depending on some reviews of a film but I will more than likely avoid a movie if it features harming a child. Especially the cheap and gratuitous harm of a child as in some recent films. I also know people who feel the same way about cheap and gratuitous harm to animals… It’s never really struck me as “brutal” or “serious” when the techniques are used. Actually, I usually find it to be the product of lazy writing; shock for shock’s sake.

    Also, thought I’d also mention with regard to an earlier poster: Messiah of Evil is an incredibly atmospheric film with some great moments, I totally agree. It’s got a tone that I found very Lovecraftian- reminded me of the Shadow of Innsmouth in many ways. It’s a 6.5 for me with a highly recommended rental, possible buy since it’s so often included in various multi-packs for cheap.

    Looking forward to the future “slashers” episode- probably my favorite sub-genre, especially the cheesy 80’s series like Sleepaway Camp, My Bloody Valentine, the Prowler, and just far too many to mention.

  20. Regarding the teleportation discussion, it was used as a thematic device throughout the series to convey this feeling that, no matter what you do or where you go, you cannot escape Jason. JOTD seemed to be getting halfway there with his discussion about his police officer friend and the knife phenomenon. Of course, this thematic device became increasingly exaggerated as the franchise went on so, by the time Jason gets to Manhattan, the teleportation effect is just bonkers. This idea goes back to the boat/city juxtaposition mentioned in the comments for that episode >> https://horrormoviepodcast.com/horror-movie-podcast-ep-045-friday-the-13th-part-vii-the-new-blood-1988-and-friday-the-13th-part-viii-jason-takes-manhattan-1989-and-jason-goes-to-hell-the-final-friday-1993/#comment-13235

    Is it ridiculous? At times, yes, but I think it serves its purpose well to create that feeling of never being able to escape Jason… even if you’re in San Francisco.

  21. We are now just over 10 hours away from a spanking new HMP episode, and some very big (good) news for the podcast!

    JOTD, you’re on the clock…

  22. I’m jumping in a bit late here but just started listening and just finished this series overview, which I enjoyed a lot. I don’t know if this was brought up in any of the other comments throughout your episodes but in Jason Takes Manhattan, deleted scenes show that the class aboard the Lazarus is the last class to be graduating from Crystal Lake High. I don’t know if that matters to anyone, but I was never a big fan of this installment to the franchise, but after learning about that, it added a cool element to the story. Kind of like that was Jason’s last chance to take revenge against the teenagers of Crystal Lake because future classes would be shipped off to other schools……. Almost like adding a Krueger like aspect to Jason and a reason for him getting on the boat in the first place. Anyway, love the show, keep ’em coming.

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