Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 003: Turkeys, Zombies and Danielle Harris

HMP003 ArtworkHappy Thanksgiving! Episode 003 is our first hodge-podge or Frankensteinian episode, where we record a bunch of different, random, horror-related content and just paste it all together in one grand show. But your three hosts — Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock — review more than 30 horror films for you, so you’ll have plenty of movies to check out over the next two weeks.

In this episode, you’ll hear Wolfman and Jay of the Dead review a new documentary called “Birth of the Living Dead,” which is about George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead.” Wolfman and Jay also discuss when monsters don’t look like monsters, and we theorize on why there was only one major horror release in theaters during October 2013. Dr. Shock gives you his top 20 horror picks from the Aughts, Wolfman Josh reviews a couple of bad, killer turkey movies, and Jay of the Dead discusses three Danielle Harris flicks. We hope you enjoy this horror feast over Thanksgiving! Please subscribe in iTunes, spread the word for us, and thanks for listening.

I. Introduction
— Explanation of our Frankensteinian episodes
— Happy Thanksgiving
— Werewolves, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman
— Horror films set in the snow and in the daytime

II. Dangerous Dinner Parties
— Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving and Grindhouse
— Among Friends (2013) — Jay of the Dead

III. Birth of the Living Dead (2013)
— Hallow’s Eve (2013) — Jay of the Dead

IV. When Monsters Don’t Look Like Monsters
— Shiver (2013) — Jay of the Dead

V. Dr. Shock’s Top 20 Horror Movies of the Aughts
— Honorable mentions
— Doc’s Top 20

VI. Jay of the Dead’s BEASTLY FREAKS
Storage 24 (2013) = 5.5 ( Rental )

VII. Pleasant Surprises and Big Disappointments
— The Hike (2011) — Jay of the Dead
— Nailbiter (2013) — Jay of the Dead

VIII. Why There Was Only One Major Horror Movie Release in October 2013
— Wolfman and Jay of the Dead’s theories
— Article: Why Is Carrie the Only Horror Movie Coming Out in October? by Scott Meslow
— Article: Why Did Hollywood Give Up on Halloween This Year? by Matt Barone

IX. Low Budget: One Bad, One Not Bad
— Killer Holiday (2013) — Jay of the Dead
— Hayride (2012) — Jay of the Dead

Thankskilling (2009) = 2 ( Avoid )
Poultreygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2012) = 3.5 ( Avoid )

XI. Listener Feedback

XII. HMP Policy
— The Haunted Hall of Fame
— How Jay Determines Year of Release

XIII. Wrap-up | Ending

NEXT ON HMP — IN TWO WEEKS: Episode 004: Another crazy hodge-podge! on Friday, December 6, 2013. Don’t miss it!

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Jay of the Dead

12 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 003: Turkeys, Zombies and Danielle Harris

  1. Hey guys.

    Another great show yet again! I have a recommendation for horror set in the snow. Its a Scandinavian slasher called “cold prey”. Its involves a group of teens on a snowboarding trip in the mountains. They become stranded in a snow storm under unfortunate circumstances and hold up in a rundown abandoned ski lodge. but as they hold up in the lodge they soon realize that they’re not the only ones there. As a massive hulk of a killer is stalking them. Although this does sound like some pretty standard slasher fare. This film is so well executed with some great atmosphere and a feeling of utter dread felt as you come to grips with the dire situation that the characters are placed in. I would also consider this film series to have, dare I say…one of the most bad ass final girls of the slasher sub genre!

    A great list from Dr. Shock I completely agree with his opinion on “Kidnapped” being superior to “The Strangers”. Although I am a fan of “The Strangers”. I found “Kidnapped” to be more shocking in its progression and a climax that really stuck with me for a couple days after my first veiwing.

    If you guys do end up getting around to seeing Josh’s recommendation of “Dead Set” a series i’d also highly recommend. You should maybe consider doing a themed show of reality tv set horror movies. Maybe “Dead Set” “Slashers” and “My Little Eye” all of which are pretty good flicks that share this theme.

    I was also pleasantly suprised to hear that Wolfman Josh is in the works on a documentary adaptation of “destroy all movies a guide to punks on film”. As a punker and fan of the book I really look forward to hearing more updates as the project progresses. I’ll also be sure to check out his other documentary “cleanflix”

    Keep up the great work! Later days.

    Kari AKA Mangloid

    • Very excited to check out COLD PREY in time for Episode 4. Thanks for the recommendation. I’d be very interested in doing an episode on reality TV set horror films. That’s a great idea for an ep and a great excuse to invest the time into watching DEAD SET. Always glad to meet a fellow punk rocker, Mangloid. Really excited about the adaptation of DESTROY ALL MOVIES!!! Of all of my current projects, it is the only one that is mostly a compilation of things that have already happened, so it has been an easy one to keep on the back-burner, but I am working on it and will keep you updated.

  2. Mangloid,
    Thanks for the recommendation! Sounds like my kind of flick… I will watch and review “Cold Prey” and “Cold Prey II” for Episode 004. Wolfman and Doc are welcome to join me, as well. Thanks again for listening to Ep. 003 (already!) and for writing.
    Jay of the Dead

    • Enjoy the film guys. I’m looking forward to hwaring your thoughts.

      I’ve also been listening to the songwriters podcast and been getting some great points from it too.


  3. Loved the show, as always! Have you guys seen Grabbers yet? It’s streaming on Netflix right now. It’s a cute little creature feature made in the tradition of Shaun of the Dead, not nearly as brilliant, of course, but a fun, light-hearted watch.


    Sorry to see Dr Walking Dead leaving so soon but what replacement with Dr Shock. I could listen to him read the phonebook and would probably find it interesting. I love all the Horror Movie theory discussions and all the reviews.

    Any chance somebody could post Doc’s top 20 to save me having to scan back

    One thing I would love to see for a special episode would be to get Terror Tovey and Billchete back for a Weekly Horror Movie Podcast reunion show.

    Will be trying to check out a lot of the recommendations mentioned in the show when I can find the time. I am in same boat as Jay. My wife is not a horror fan.

    anyway keep up the great work an looking forward to the next show

  5. Like this podcast. Would like to here your thought on made for tv horror movies and series, been some gems there. also did you guys see the WUNF Halloween special? that looks great.

  6. So Jay… What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Would you rather have You’re Next, Carrie, The Evil Dead and The Purge all come out in October and not have had horror coming out throughout the year? That’s a problem. You don’t want to convince them to move films to October, you want them to release more horror period.

  7. I agree with what Scott said in the feedback section. I was going to avoid Killer Holiday which you say you want me to watch as repayment for Bad Milo but then I realized that you gave it 3 times more than you gave Bad Milo, which would be impossible to do with 95% of critics ratings for Bad Milo. So I’m left not knowing if Killer Holiday was bad or off the charts good.

  8. I checked out The Hike this past week and I was pretty happy with it. It currently ranks as 3.7 on IMDB and I’m not sure why. It certainly isn’t a masterpiece, but it is entertaining. Well worth a look. Thanks JOTD.

    The Dude.

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