Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 010: Bloody Valentines, Nasty Nurses and the Scariness of Gas Station Hot Dogs

HMP Sidebar ValentinesWelcome to our Valentine’s Day episode of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… Because we love our listeners, this show is 4 hours and 28 minutes long! In Episode 010, we finally fulfill a couple of requests from Mangloid to provide in-depth reviews of both “My Bloody Valentine” movies. And we also (finally!) get around to reviewing “Cold Prey” and “Cold Prey 2.” Special guest Willis Wheeler joins Jay of the Dead to review “Nurse 3D,” and we also give you some ranting about the horrible low-budget horror offerings at Redbox, some ideas for arranging your horror collection on your shelves and our thoughts on re-watching movies.

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I. Introduction
— The probable irrelevance of Vampire Academy (2014)

II. Feature Review: “My Bloody Valentine” (1981)
Jay of the Dead = 6.5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 9.5 ( Buy it! )

III. Feature Review: “My Bloody Valentine 3D” (2009)
Jay of the Dead = 8.5 ( Buy it! ) – prefers remake
Wolfman Josh = 8.5 ( Buy it! ) – prefers remake
Dr. Shock = 9 ( Buy it! ) – prefers original

IV. Feature Review: “Cold Prey” (2006)
Jay of the Dead = 5.5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 8.5 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 8.5 ( Buy it! )
— A few listener comments about “Cold Prey”

V. Feature Review: “Cold Prey 2” (2008)
Jay of the Dead = 5.5 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 8.5 ( Buy it! )

Argento’s Dracula 3D (2012) = 3.5 ( Avoid )

VII. Feature Review: “Nurse 3D” (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 5 ( Rental )
Willis Wheeler = 7.5 ( Rental )

VIII. Mini Review: “Haunting of the Innocent” (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 2 ( Avoid )

IX. Mini Review: “Fields of the Dead” (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 3 ( Avoid )

X. Rant About Redbox’s Low-Budget Horror Fare

XI. Special Listener Feedback:
— Voicemail about “All Hallow’s Eve”
— Voicemail from Levi
— iTunes review from: James Voorhees
— iTunes review from: Manji1

XII. Listener Feedback for Ep. 007:
— Poll question verdict for Halloween episode(s)
— Comment from Hammer
— Comment from Juan
— Comment from The Dude
— Comment from A Guy Named Kari (aka Mangloid)
— Comment from His Dinner Is In The Oven

XIII. Listener Feedback for Ep. 008:
— Comment from Juan
— Comment from The Dude
— Comment from Mangloid
— Comment from Nisu Shah
— E-mail from Sean
— E-mail from Kenny Caperton (aka The Pumpkin King) – See Myers House, NC links below…

XIV. Listener Feedback for Ep. 009:
— Comment from Juan
— Comment from His Dinner Is In The Oven
— Comment from The Dude
— Comment from Levi
— E-mail from Darren
— E-mail from Justin

XV. Wrap-Up:

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33 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 010: Bloody Valentines, Nasty Nurses and the Scariness of Gas Station Hot Dogs

  1. I have to say, I don’t take your show feedback seriously since I saw you didn’t let a negative comment through which I made on Willis Wheeler’s first appearance on the podcast. For a show that critiques media as its primary function, I would think you would be more open to the full range of feedback on the show. I don’t expect you to read it on air, but I was prepared to take my lumps in the comment section, and you should be as well. I continue to be a loyal listener and supporter of the show.

    • Galapogosian,
      Thanks for your comments — (all of them). I hope you could hear our respect for you during the show. We were torn about not approving your earlier comment, and if I recall correctly, Dave and Wolfman were very hesitant about not approving your comment. So, I take full responsibility for the decision.

      I’m certain that Willis could take your critiques (and dish back, as well). Just for the record, I actually disagree with just about every single movie-related opinion that Willis gives… ha ha. (I have even challenged him to a boxing match over being frustrated with his opinions!) Willis’s movie tastes are the polar opposite to mine, but even so, I love that guy as a person and I consider him a good friend.

      But what I appreciate most is that you concluded your comment above with, “I continue to be a loyal listener and supporter of the show.” Thank you. That takes a big man. I’m impressed. Sorry again, Sir. No hard feelings, I hope.

      So, tell us, Galapogosian: Which do you prefer: The original My Bloody Valentine or the remake?

      Thanks again, Brother.
      Jay of the Dead

      • Thanks for the reply. As someone who has recently undertaken (no pun intended) his own podcast, I appreciate the work you all put in for mammoth episodes.

        Neither My Bloody Valentine were earth shaking for me, but I did prefer the update’s pacing more than the original, so I’d have to go with that one. The original had the classic 70’s pacing, which isn’t bad, but it lagged a bit. I’ve not seen either since 2009 though. I might need to revisit the pair.

        I’ve got a link to your podcast on my site, and I pimp you in the shoutout portion of the show. I actually mentioned you specifically in the first episode. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi guys

    Just wanted to post and say I adore your podcast and long may it continue!

    I’m a massive horror fan and I consider it a big hobby of mine. I watch horror film, read horror books and magazines and listen to horror podcasts 😉
    It was really interesting to hear your discussion on people’s perception of others who love horror. I’m female and although fairly tattooed I’m very feminine looking and I get various reactions when they find out how into horror I am.. People expect me to be into chick flicks because I’m female and they see horror as a male orientated thing. Some think I’m strange and due to my hobby, by default can’t be trusted round animals and small children and some think I’m building up tips..
    I just love horror! The stories, the psychology, the craft, everything really. Its entertainment and as valid as any other genre of film.
    It’s so fantastic through The Horror Movie Podcast, that I can listen to like minded people who love the genre as much as me and it helps me feel not so alone in my love of horror, and for that I’m very grateful and thankful.

    Please keep up the great work!


    P.s I would love to hear your views on Hatchet and the sequels? I really wanted to love these films and although I own 1 & 2, they just feel void of the essence of a true slasher film. Although the jaw ripping scene is brilliant.

    • Fiona,
      Jay of the Dead here. Thanks for weighing in… I confess that whenever I see a gal with tattoos, I smile inside and think to myself: “Horror chick.” ha ha. Is that wrong?

      I put the Hatchet trilogy on the list. We’ll cover that for you sometime this year. (We love getting requests!)

      Thanks for listening and commenting.
      Jay of the Dead

      P.S. You can babysit my kids anytime you want. My boy would even watch monster stuff with you. I’m raising him right!

  3. Hey guys,
    I’m about three hours into the episode… And, as always, digging it (although I’m a little concerned as to why I’m an option in the poll… Guess I’ll get there) quick question for any of the hosts or listeners, I try to keep a list of recommends for future viewing, and I was going through it and saw ‘Zombie Massacre’ Since the majority of that list comes off this show, has it been reviewed on the cast? I looked through the archives and didn’t see it. Is it worth watching? And speaking of your recs, I just ordered mulberry street, you’re next and haunters in preparation for a kick-my-wife-and-kid-out-of-the-house three day horror marathon (about 75% of the movies on deck came from this show… And a 100% are never-seens). Extremely stoked. It’s my Xmas.

    One last thought, I’m not sure who posted about it, (and it’s hard to search other posts on your phone while you’re writing one) but someone brought up a great question about classics and what makes a movie a classic. I’ve been trying to put together a personal top ten list that doesn’t include “the classics” (like Halloween and the far superior Dawn of the dead– kidding josh) but even still my list was the usual suspects: the descent, let the right one in, and pretty much what you guys rattled off. this is my circuitous way of getting to a thought I had: I wondered if you’d ever put together a show of “under the radar” picks. I’d love to hear a top five or even top ten list from you guys. Or, if not, see if other listeners had a list of great under appreciated horror movies. And I guess the flip side of that question is have you ever considered discussing movies that are considered classics, but you think are overrated? (Like Halloween… Kidding, I love it, just felt like busting chops). Thanks again, guys!

    • Hello there friend. I think that you’re an option in the poll because Jason thinks your name is awesome (which it is) and he is absolutely in love with it (as he should be).

      Say, that “under the radar” show sounds pretty awesome! Let’s make this happen guys! I will have to think about a list of movies that are under the radar, but I will get back to you with on that. Let’s see everyone’s lists!

  4. Hey guys!

    You’ve made me seriously reconsider my placement of the remake of My Bloody Valentine after the original! I need to rewatch both. As far as that 70’s-80’s feel for the original film, it feels so good. And the uncut version is even more fun that the theatrical, I think.

    What do you guys think about The Hills Have Eyes remake? I think it improved upon the original in many ways and it’s a movie that I can watch at just about any time, as brutal as it is.

    And Dr. Shock, thanks for your kind words and praise because it’s very encouraging. You’ve always been one of my favorite podcasters because you’re well spoken and knowledgeable. To hear that you were engrossed in a conversation I had with Boss Butcher makes me feel like I don’t need the training wheels. I’m just gonna relax!

    – Levi

    • Hello Levi! In response to the remake of The Hills Have Eyes… I have never see the original but I must say this movie horrified me! I saw it in my very early 20’s (I’m 33) now and it has def grown on me. At first I was so shocked my what it showed and as a girl, the whole part with the invasion of the trailer really stuck with me. Now years later, I love it! Yes it’s brutal but it’s fun. After seeing more horror movies over the years, I can greatly appreciate the situation and makeup and the strength of the characters. How does it rate in your opinion to the first?

      • For me, the first is around a 7.5 the last time I watched it. It has been years, so maybe I need to revisit that one. I’m not a huge fan of Wes Craven because he’s made a lot of bad movies with a just couple of classics, but I think Hills is one of his strongest attempts.

        The remake gets a 9 from me. Everything about it speaks to me. It’s all the things you mentioned along with the direction, art design and the music that does it. And it’s savage. I love it.

        • I love the Hills remake also.. ranks in my top 15 since 2000. I really ejoy the original but only viewed it after i had seen the remake. I think if I am being honest and would have watched it without knowing the story I would probay not have even finished it.

          I think that is the one positive about remakes, (they have a similiar effect like novels do to movies) they can actully change your opinion of an oringinal film if you aleady feel fimiliar with a slightly different telling of the same story. This works well for a younger generation, who might only go back and discover a classic because they were exposed to the material and story in a more modern, easier to digest fashion, that will be able to make them appreciate a classic for all its strongpoints and forgive it for any weaknesses

    • Loved the “hills” remake! And the remake of mbv was fantastic. I was fortunate enough to see it in 3d in theaters and it was one of the best times I’ve had at a movie in a long time!

  5. Hello Jay, Long time listener -first time writer.
    I had to finaly write in and comment becuase I am way to curious to know what you have against Argento so much. I can understand why you might not like Suspiria (Which happens to be in my top 5 horror films of all time), but how much of the rest of his work have you seen. I recommend next time you go to redbox to rent something you know will probally let you down, you should turn to Amazon and rent Tenebre (which is one of Argento’s best stories, and actually has a solid mystery that will leave you guessing til the end, which isn’t very typical from Italian storytelling), Or my second fav Argento film Phenomena (starring the great Donald Pleasence, which also contains somewhat of a BEASTLY FREAK, and does have solid pacing and acton) or Opera, which is very artisty so you may not like it, however the gore scenes in this movie are awsome and and the soundtrack will get you blood pumping

    Not sure if you have seen any of these 3… if you have and you don’t like them I will respect your opinion, just curious on the reasons, if not you haavvvve to check them out.. You might be an Argento fan after all haha

    • Argento is a pretty frustrating director. He has some amazing films but he also has a lot of dudes. I think that Opera is his last great movie. I would also check out Sleepless from 2001. Max Von Sydow carries the film. I think that a bit part of his problem is that he keeps shoe horning his daughter into roles that she just isn’t cut out for. His body of work pre 1990 has cemented his reputation as a ‘Master of Horror’ but what has he done for us lately? All that as it were, I still keep waiting for one last masterpiece for him.

      The Dude

      • I love Argento, and believe he is a Master based on his classic work…. I agree his new stuff is fairly weak (even though I did enjoy Mother of Tears). I think alot of his aesthetic and nightmarish feeling storytelling just cannot be achieved or recreated in todays film making. I almost thnk for Argento to get that vibe back he needs to purposly force a film shoot to look like the 70s or 80s (ala House of the Devil). I just think he will not be able to make another successful film in he “modern world”

        As an Argento fan I’m just glad that he did put out so many films I appreciate in his glory days, and each have a different effect me.

        When I think of a master – Argento has to absolutly be considered one. Deep Red, Suspiria, Inferno, Tenebre, Phenomena, and Opera are all masterful films

        For these Movies alone, he could make 10 more Draculas and He’d still be my fav Director

  6. Hey guys,

    Been listening since episode 1 and had to go back and listen to all the back episodes of the previous incarnation. Thanks so much for doing what you do. I work for Redbox! Jay of the Dead, I’ve seen all the bad horror titles in my machines too! Anyway, my job keeps me on the road alot and your podcasts really help me to pass the time and enjoy myself while working. I also like the fact that each of you guys has a genre of horror that you champion. I would like to thank you for your recommendation of the Cold Prey series. I watched all 3 in a marathon last night. Part 1 vaulted straight into my Top 20 all-time and Part 2 wasn’t far behind. What well made movies they were. Part 3, which I know you haven’t seen yet, is still a well-made, enjoyable movie, but imho, is a step below the originals. I wanted to weigh in with my top 5 horror movies and I actually have two lists. The first is the scariest movies I’ve seen. These movies have had a lasting effect on me, possibly because of the stage of life I was in when I first watched them.

    5. The Amityville Horror…..(my older brother had a poster of that house in our bedroom and I was scared to death!)
    4. When a Stranger Calls….The original of course…the music, the atmosphere..”Have you checked the children?
    3. Halloween…..perfection in a horror movie. The them music gives me the willies.
    2. The Shining…..dead twins in the hall, nasty naked hag…probably helped that I saw it first when I was 9.
    1. The Exorcist….frankly, I have a difficult time rewatching this one.

    My second list is just horror movies that are just plain fun and are a wild ride. Scary too, but more fun.

    5. Friday the 13th Part IV
    4. Wrong Turn (all the sequels are trash)
    3. Cabin in the Woods
    2. Evil Dead
    1. Scream

    Will be looking forward to the Feral Vamps episode. I’m sure another of my favorites (30 Days of Night) will be discussed!

    Yours disgustingly,

    Frederick Michael Vorhees

    • When a Stranger Calls – I can’t think of a more nail biting 20minutes in a movie. This is edge of your seat cinema even by today’s standards and even though most people in this day and age know the ‘twist’. The film closes strongly as well, but that middle section was painful to watch.

      I would almost recommend watching this movie as a ‘short’ and shut if off after the first 20minutes. It makes for a pretty cool viewing experience.

      The Dude

  7. Hi guys!

    Sorry it took me so long to post a comment. I actually listened to this episode the day it was posted and what an episode it was! It think it’s one of my favorites (including your past catalog). Ok so I have a few things to address. Here we go.

    Jay, come on man! Chernobyl Diaries was not that bad. I thought it was a pretty decent flick with a nice, eerie atmosphere and an awesome setting. Pripyat seems like such a cool place to visit. I’m not going to lie, after the movie ended I had the desire to do some extreme tourism of my own. Don’t you think Pripyat would make for an extraordinary photo shoot? Anyway, the fact that we barely see the mutants doesn’t bother me. If that was your reason for knocking down this movie then you are wrong my friend, because this movie was all about the setting and the atmosphere. I would give it a 6.5 and say rent it or stream it. And Jay, this IS a horror movie! Why do you need a monster? Why do you need blood? Why do you need gory kills? The scariest things are not the things you can see, but the ones you can’t.

    Now let’s talk about CGI for a second. What do you guys mean all CGI fire looks fake? Really?! CGI has come such a long way and what’s being done with it today is absolutely incredible. Could you imagine going back in time and showing an audience from the 60’s (and even later time periods) a trailer for Transformers and claim that the footage they’re about to see is real? It would blow their minds to a billion pieces! Now I agree that, as with everything, there is good CGI and there is bad CGI. But come on! There is plenty of great looking CGI out there. Maybe you guys are talking about CGI that has aged poorly or maybe you guys are just jaded.

    Dear Josh, why are you mad at me? I gave this movie a 7. Jason gave it a 5.5! I liked the movie, I really did. All I meant was that I didn’t think the ending was as great as people are making it out to be. Anyway, the twist that I talked about was the reveal of who the killer is. It surprises me, Josh, that you think the reveal was brilliant and sad. It was so cliché that I could have told you who the killer was within the first five minutes of the movie. And like Jason said, there was no weight to the reveal. I felt nothing for the killer nor did I care for the killer’s reason for killing. Why did you think this was so effective Josh? Now, before you let me have it, let me be clear that the version that I watched was the dubbed version. Maybe, just maybe, this took away from the impact the ending was supposed to have on me. I will watch Cold Prey in its original language with subtitles and I’ll touch back on this in a future post. Generally I try to avoid dubbed versions of movies, but I saw that it was available for streaming on Hulu, so I watched it.

    Jason, what is it with you and your stopwatch? Sometimes waiting for something to happen is actually scarier than watching that something happen. The build up man, it’s all about the build up! Just like good prog, a good horror movie needs a good build up. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    I love you guys and I respect all of your opinions. It’s just fun to view things from someone else’s point of view and even pick harmless fights once in a while :)

    By the way, what’s the status of Billchete’s comeback? When will we be able to have access to his back catalog of podcasts?

    Until next time guys!

    • I have heard a number of people comment on the CGI fire scene in Texas Chainsaw and I can’t believe that that was the scene that people took issue with. I couldn’t stop laughing over the terrible CGI for the final kill. Simply terrible.

    • Juan,

      First and foremost, thanks for your comment. Disagreeing with us is never a problem (I’ve yet to meet ANYONE, my kids included, who agrees with me 100% when it comes to my movie preferences), and you clearly put a lot of thought into it.

      To address your point on CGI more directly:

      Yes, CGI has come a long way, and when you have enough money to sink into it, it looks incredible. The problem is, horror movies are, for the most part, low budget, and can’t afford tens of millions of dollars for high-end CGI. And, unfortunately, it shows in the final product.

      As an example, one of the computer effects companies that worked (at least in part) on TEXAS CHAINSAW is Burbank, CA-based Identity FX. It’s easy to point the finger at them and say they do shoddy work, but here are examples of two other movies Identity FX has worked on:

      THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN (overall budget – est. $230 million)
      PROMETHEUS (overall budget, $130 million)

      Despite what you think of the films themselves, both of the above featured (in my opinion, anyway) some incredible CGI effects (Juan: THESE are the movies that, if shown to a 1960’s audience, would completely blow their minds).

      Now, compare that to two of the horror films Identity FX has worked on:

      TEXAS CHAINSAW (budget – $10 million)
      PIRANHA 3-D (budget – $24 million)

      Don’t get me wrong: when it comes to horror movies, budgets of $10 and $24 million are HUGE, but compared to mainstream Hollywood’s summer blockbusters (which are typically CGI-heavy), the budgets for PIRANHA 3-D (which was a fun time, but had some terrible CGI) and TEXAS CHAINSAW are a drop in the bucket. In short, you get what you pay for.

      So, what’s my point? Why rail against CGI in horror when it’s, as you say, Juan, come such a long way? In part, it’s because guys like Tom Savini, Rob Bottin, Rick Baker, and a handful of others were able to accomplish miracles with low budgets (THE PROWLER has effects that, to this day, look realistic). As I said above, horror movies are rarely given big budgets to work with, and I have the feeling that, if Tom Savini provided the effects for a movie with a $10 million dollar budget, they would blow your mind. Why settle for mediocre-to-poor CGI (which, clearly, is all you can afford) when there’s the potential to do so much more with practical (when Cropsey was on fire at the beginning of THE BURNING, that stunt man as ON FIRE. it looked real because it WAS real, and I guarantee it cost a hell of a lot less to do that scene than it did to digitally add those fire effects at the beginning of TEXAS CHAINSAW)?

      I understand CGI is here to stay, and practical is out of style. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it, and when it comes to horror, I feel (in many cases) it’s a step in the wrong direction.

      As for my criticism of the fire effects in TEXAS CHAINSAW, it’s strictly a personal thing. For the record, the two effects that, when they looks bad, immediately take me out of a movie are blood spatters (as much as I loved MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, the blood spatters never once looked real to me) and fire (along with TEXAS CHAINSAW, I’ve seen terrible fire effects in, among others, Argento’s MOTHER OF TEARS).

      I’m not implying (nor do I believe) the fire effect in TEXAS CHAINSAW was the worst example of CGI in the movie. It’s simply the one that bothered me the most.

      Sorry to drone on, but I did want to explain where I was coming from.

      And, please, keep the comments coming, everyone! We appreciate each and every one of them.

  8. On the subject of remakes do you ever wish that you had control over a movie and had the ability to change small things in it?

    For example I sat down yesterday morning and watched Last House On The Left (1972); I know, an excellent choice for AM viewing. It’s a great movie, but I just can’t stand the Abbott and Costello style police in the movie. Now imagine if you could ‘tweak’ the film a little bit and remove the parts with the police in it. This movie would have been 10X better.

    Another thought that I had was during a recent re-watch of Maniac (1980). Beware there are some possible SPOILERS here. I would love to see the movie open with the subway scene. It is an edge of your seat viewing but imagine if that scene takes place before we meet Frank and before we know what kind of manic he really is. A small change in the editing and the movie has a different feel to it.

    Just my thoughts. I don’t know if anyone else has anything to add of if anyone has considered this before with to other movies. Maybe it is a small edit, or a change in score or where specific scenes fall.

    Feel free to share


    • Great question, dudester. Not sure if you were only talking specifically movies that have been remade, but if you weren’t, there was one thing that always bugged me about From Dusk Till Dawn (probably in my top ten) that I wish they wouldn’t have done. That was the scene where Sex Machine became a vampire and Seth Gecko tears his head off with a whip. That should have killed him, but it always bothered me that he turned into the rat monster, because that seems inconsistent with the rest of the vamp kills in that movie… As a side note, I always hate when a main character becomes a zombie/vampire and acts differently than all his fellow monsters for no other reason than he or she was a main character. This was my only problem with both 28 Weeks Later and Stakeland.

  9. Some news for Rob Zombie fans. Although Lords of Salem was terrible (IMO – and most peoples) I am still interested in seeing what Mr. Zombie comes up with:

    On a side note, has anyone see Rob Zombie’s The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (2009)? It is more comedy than horror, but it pays homage to the genre. The comics are well worth a look at as well.

  10. Hey Guys,
    I was wondering if anyone has seen or knows anything about when Game of Werewolves being to released in the States.

  11. Another great show. Good thing they’re generally over 3 hours long to assuage my bi-weekly withdrawal. By the way, I suggest Nekromantik for your next Valentine’s Day special.

  12. I spent part of my Valentine’s Day watching both versions of My Bloody Valentine. One ended up being a fairly enjoyable film despite some flaws while the other was laughably bad.


    I believe I had only seen this once and that was over a decade ago. Perhaps it’s because I saw some of the same scenes again in the remake, but there were a few scenes in this one that felt pretty memorable and great. For anyone who has seen the uncut version, you can tell just how poorly they had to edit the film in order to score a R rating. They butchered this poor movie. Luckily, with the original scenes back in the movie, there were some killer gore scenes. My favorite would probably involve a character being hanged. For the most part, everyone was either likable or succeeded in the intended goal of making me dislike them. With this being an 80’s slasher, there are plenty of characters that are just there to be fodder though. Loved the song at the end. While it’s not one of the first movies one should watch when going back to catch 80’s slashers, it’s in the next group along with movies like The Burning. I enjoyed myself watching this.

    Rating: 7/10


    Oh boy. I hated this. Within the first fifteen minutes, I had to fight against the urge to just turn off the movie. My first complaint would have to be the look of the film. It reminds me of Jason X where everything has this CGI look to it. At least with Jason X, it made sense. Rather than try to make good use of the 3D, they instead relied on cheap tactics that are more likely to cause the viewer to roll their eyes instead of feeling the dread of a pick ax coming out of the screen. 3D is much better when it’s just used to add depth to a film. The acting caused me to laugh at points. I’ll give the actors the benefit of the doubt though and will just assume it’s the script’s fault that their lines were so poor.

    I will give the film some minor praise. I did like the reveal of the killer and the film did make me second guess who the killer was going to be. Not that it mattered since I was still rooting for the character that I was prior to the reveal.

    Frankly, I’m really surprised that all three hosts came in with high ratings for the remake. I could understand if just one of the hosts dug it because everyone has the potential of digging something that few others likes, but all three? It’s an easy avoid recommendation for me and a possible choice for worst wide release horror of 2009.

    Rating: 3.5/10

    • It’s been a few years since I’ve seen both films, so I can’t really speak with any specificity. But I remember quite liking the remake, even better than the original.

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