Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 028: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) – Part 2 of 5

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Welcome to Part 2 of the HORROR MOVIE PODCAST HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA… This is a five-part series, where your hosts — and some great guests — cover the entire Halloween franchise in-depth, Horror Movie Podcast-style…

Episode 028 runs 3 hours and 29 minutes, and it features three films. First, Jay of the Dead and Wolfman Josh bring you an in-depth movie review of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) with the help of special guest RON MARTIN, the host of The Resurrection of Zombie 7 horror podcast.

Then Wolfman, Ron Martin and Jay of the Dead are later joined by Dr. Shock to review Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989).

And finally, our special guest for our third review was called to work at the last minute, so Jay, Wolfman and Doc wrap up this episode by bringing you a pretty epic review of the ’90s oddity Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995).

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[ 0:07:31 ] I. Feature Review: HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS (1988) with special guest Ron Martin
Jay of the Dead = 6 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( High-priority Rental )
Ron Martin = 5 ( Rental )

[ 1:01:27 ] II. Feature Review: HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS (1989) with special guest Ron Martin
Jay of the Dead = 5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 6 ( Rental )
Ron Martin = 4 ( Rental )

[ 2:15:33 ] III. Feature Review: HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS (1995)
Jay of the Dead = 5.5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 3.5 ( Very Low-priority Rental )
Dr. Shock = 4.5 ( Low-priority Rental )

IV. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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Jay of the Dead

42 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 028: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) – Part 2 of 5

  1. I’m with you on Friday the 13th part 8 Josh. I never got why so many people hate that movie. So what if a lot of the Manhattan scenes were shot in Canada, because that’s never been done by any other movie or TV show right? Perish the thought. And so what if most of it takes place on a boat. Maybe people would like it better if it was called “Friday the 13th: Jason takes a mid-sized passenger vessel”?

    It’s a really fun movie in my opinion.

      • That crappy “Friday the 13th” TV series would have been way better if it was just Jason “taking” a variety of mundane everyday locations. “Jason Takes the Museum of Agriculture”, “Jason Takes the Night Class at his Community College”, “Jason Takes a Bus”, “Jason Takes his Mums Medicine and goes to Hospital”. I guess then they’d have actually had to feature Jason in the show though.

  2. Also there are some hilarious moments in this episode so far. That Ron Martin is one funny guy and Dr Shock’s exposé of the clown as the most depressing figure in showbiz was very entertaining.

    “I’m sure there are happy clowns out there, but that’s just not the impression I get.” Haha, oh Doc!

  3. So I’m gonna be honest here and say that this is about the point in the franchise when my interest drops off like a snowman’s penis in March (although I do enjoy “Halloween: Water” and “Halloween: Resurrection as interpreted by Willis Wheeler”) but you guys have convinced me to at least give 4 and 5 another shot. It’s been a long time since I watched those movies and I may very well have been too hard on them.

    Also I was waiting for this episode so I could test the true power of this podcast. You guys passed the test. I remained enthralled and very entertained throughout despite initially having little interest in the films being discussed. I love you guys.

  4. I have a confession…I’m on Halloween overload right now. I’m a big fan of the Halloween (1978) and I do enjoy the entire series. Not owning any of the films on Blu-Ray I decided that I should just bit the bullet and pick up the new Scream Factory deluxe boxset and donate my DVD collection. This is the first time that I have actually sat down and watched all of the movies in short order and although I have enjoyed going through them, I’m more than a little burned out on the series.
    Here are my quick and dirty thoughts on the films (so far):
    Halloween (1978) – What needs to be said about this one. It’s fantastic. Halloween is a fun movie that works on so many different levels. Halloween is in no way a perfect movie, but it is special because the overall viewing experience seems to transcend it’s own faults. Jay you mentioned this on the Halloween Special 1, but there is the line in the movie when Bob mentions ripping Lindsay’s clothes off. I’m glad that you mentioned this because I’ve always found that part to be very friggin’ creepy. I’m not really sure what they were going for, but they missed the mark BIG time.
    Halloween II (1981) – The Scream Factory boxset includes the theatrical cut and the TV version. I checked both out and as both Josh and Greg Amortis pointed out, they are vastly different. The theatrical version does go a little less on plot and more on the kills while the TV version takes the opposite approach. Both of these films are worthy sequels to the original and I would recommend checking both of them out. Together they tell a very compelling story.
    Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982) – Ah yes…the bastard son of the Halloween franchise. You will either love it or hate it. I have only seen this film a handful of times, but I place myself in the “love it” group. I understand how the fans of 1982 would have been disappointed that this film did not have their beloved Michael Myers in it, but get over it people. This is still a fun movie that meets any horror fan’s needs. Please don’t use the excuse that it’s corny or cheesy either…it’s the 80’s people. As a standalone film Halloween 3 is great. It stars Tom Atkins which is a major plus and Dan O’Herlihy plays his role of evil SOB to a tee. We get some amazing kills (skull rip, head tear, the demise of the Kupfer family) and its all entertaining. Watch for Dick Warlock who played “The Shape” in Halloween II in this film as the older, head ripping, assassin. I want to point out the kill that takes place in the hospital as well. To me this makes a major statement about Halloween II. In Halloween II it takes Michael Myers an entire movie to get into the hospital and attempt to kill Laurie. Michael is viewed as an ultimate, unstoppable killer. In Halloween 3 our villain simply walks into the hospital and gets the job done. Is this killer that much more bad ass than Michael Myers?! It was an awesome rip on Myers. And that ending, how can you not like the ending (Jay I’m talking to you!). How often do we complain as horror fans that the ends of movies are not realistic and that they are too storybook? Well here you have an open end to a story that could involve the demise of millions of people. What actually happened? Who knows, but it’s still fun to debate it.
    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers – This is where our Pink Panther series picks up (seriously…look at the naming of Blake Edwards’ Pink Panther Series). This film introducing all new characters and awkwardly bolts them together to the previous films and characters. But who cares? We just want to see Michael killing people right! Danielle Harris as everyone agrees is great in this. I am disappointed that Kathleen Kinmont didn’t bare it all but I won’t hold that against the film. The truck scene at the end of the movie was amazing and the neck rip might just be my favourite kill in the entire franchise. Thankfully they keep the plot pretty simply with this film and get back to basics. Just remember – Cops Do It By The Book!
    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – In my mind this is where things really start to go downhill. First off the writers completely ignore the end of the previous film. Suddenly we have young Danielle Harris in a hospital and she is unable to speak. Forgive me if I am mistaken, but she was able to speak in the last film correct? The only reason why they have done this (IMO) is because the writers have also written in this strange psychic link between Danielle’s character and Michael Myers. Giving Danielle a voice would have likely proved too easy for her to point out where Michael is and what he is doing and the film would have been over in 15 minutes. Did I mention Thorn yet? This is a bizarre plot twist that still has people scratching their heads. I guess we will have to wait until the 6th film to figure that one out (or not). And I’m sorry, but what kind of horror movie ends with the arrest of the supernatural killer? Did we ever see Jason arrested and put in jail? (well we did see him arrested and put into space) And why is that, because the goal of all the characters is to kill them before you get killed. Ugh.
    Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers – Beautiful, we will now get some answers in this film. I am only 90 minutes away from understanding what make Michael Myers tick. Who the man in black is. What is all this Thorn business about. Boy was I wrong. This film is simply put, a mess. I did have the chance to watch both the Theatrical cut with all its blood and guts as well as the Producers cut. Both movies are vastly different. I did enjoy the graphic nature of the Theatrical cut, but the plot and storyline leave a lot to be desired. The Producers cut felt a little anti-climactic, but it does have an interesting twist on the Sam Loomis character that left me intrigued. The absence of Danielle Harris is notable and as the story goes Danielle was 17 years old at the time this film was made. The filmmakers expressed concern over this because as a 17 year old they would have to adhere to the (ridged and strict) laws around using child actors. They suggested that Danielle go through the legal process of declaring herself an adult, which she did, at great cost. When this was completed she was told that because she would be killed off in the first act, she would be working for scale which didn’t even come close to covering the legal costs that she had incurred. The end result was Danielle walking away from the project. I would also like to mention a tie in with Halloween 3 that some might not have picked up on and I am able to solve the age old mystery of who or what is Michael Myers…he’s a robot. Now before you dismiss this comment and think of my as crazy, think back to Halloween 3. What happened when one of the assassins is killed? They ooze a thick yellow liquid and it is discovered that they are actual robots. Now look at Halloween 6 and what happens when Paul Stephen Rudd kills Michael at the end? He oozes a thick yellow liquid. There you have it folks…Michael Myers is a robot!

    Thanks for the episodes gents. It’s a fun franchise that certainly has it’s up’s and down’s but it’s fun to put under the microscope.


  5. Did I hear Josh giggle when Jason mentioned ‘Feats of Strength’?

    Did you think of Festivus? I thought of Festivus.

    After Part 6, maybe Michael should’ve switched Holidays.

  6. Just wanted to point out that Loomis no longer has the burn scars in Halloween 6 because Donald Pleasance fading health prevented him from being able to go through the make-up process. While I have yet to tear into the new Blu-ray set and watch the Producer’s cut, I believe they do make a random explanation in the film about why he doesn’t have the scars anymore.

    Doesn’t make the film any better, but did recall reading that fact or hearing it somewhere.

    Love the franchise tributes. Looking forward to hear the breakdown of “Resurrection”

  7. Just wanted to clear a few things up about the masks used in these films. Halloween and Halloween II used same mask, the altered Captain Kirk mask. Dick Warlock, the actor who played the Shape in Halloween II kept it after filming. About ten years ago he sold it to a collector in Ohio. The filmmakers for Halloween 4 recast the same Kirk mask and left it in its original unaltered state and filmed the movie that way. The scene when the Shape attacks Loomis in the schoolhouse has Michael wearing the unaltered Kirk. They subsequently painted the mask white and opens the eyes up more and reshot all of those scenes with Michael. Unfortunately they left the sideburns and painted terribly looking eyebrows on the mask.

  8. The Halloween 5 mask has a strange looking nose because Donald Pleasance accidentally broke the actor’s nose during filming. They had to create an extension piece for the nose.

    • Don Shanks did get a broken nose, but I hadn’t heard about an extension. The way Shanks tells it, the mask was sculpted as Greg Nicataro’s face and then molded for Shank’s face, so it’s kind if this bizarre combo. And I think you can definitely see them both in there. I’d be curious to compare the nose before and after they filmed that 2×4 scene.

  9. I have to admit that while I love the first three in the series, 4-6 is just one big let down for me. As you guys said there are some good moments but never enough for me to really enjoy any of them. Plus some of the things they do to the general plot line just bug the heck out of me. This is the darkest stretch for me in the franchise as I do enjoy H2O, like aspects of Zombie’s first movie, and do enjoy Freddy vs. Jason ( I have a thing for Monica Keena so that may skew my perspective).
    On another subject, I was listening to ‘Halloween head’ yesterday and it suddenly occurred to me that it wasn’t the How Did This Get Made episode about ‘Halloween 3’ that I liked so much but the We Hate Movies episode. Sorry for that confusion. ANyway if interested here is a link to that podcast

    Or a link to their episode list if you have trouble with the other link

    Again I am sorry about that mix up. And the reason the Ryan Adams song reminded me was they play it in the intro and end.

  10. Another great episode guys. I had just watched Halloween 6 (or whatever it’s called) last week and you guys cracked me up with your comments about things that I was baffled by also: First being the sequence of events when Marianne Hagan flies out of the window and then suddenly Tommy and Loomis are standing outside “feeling drugged”. Second one being Wynn telling his henchmen to take off their robes as Halloween is over, but then wears his own special theatrical surgical attire. Funny that you guys mentioned both of these.

    I haven’t gotten to an iTunes rating for you yet, but I promise to do so soon. Love the show.

  11. my favorite part of the cast was when Jay was discussing the foreshadowing of Michael’s wrist symbol and referring back to the original and he’s like, “wait, who’s this dude?”

  12. In case anyone doesn’t already know, Amazon has a September release date for the HALLOWEEN 6 Producer’s Cut on Blu-Ray for just $9.99.

    Considering I already own several copies of the HALLOWEEN movies, I’ve been trying to avoid buying the giant HALLOWEEN Blu-Ray box set until the price tag went down some. Since having an official and legal copy of the Producer’s Cut was my main reason for wanting the box set, this upcoming HALLOWEEN 6 release is an awesome deal in my eyes.


  13. I know I’m really late on this one but I just recently started listening to your Halloween franchise review. I love horror movies and Halloween is by far my favorite franchise. The reviews are great and I share many of the same views as the podcast members. One small thing that bothered me in this particular franchise review is that one of your guests (Ron Martin) continually referred to Michael Myers as “Mike” Myer. Being a huge fan of Michael Myers, this made irritated me each time I heard it, have some respect..;) especially knowing that there is Mike Myers the actor (not a fan). Anyway, sorry for the rant just think the rest of the cast should’ve called him on it.

    P.S. I’m only on episode 2 of 5 so if someone has called him on it, I apologize.

    • Eric! Thanks for checking out the reviews. I hope you continue to enjoy them. I’m not sure anyone ever called Ron Martin out on it. We were just happy to have him on the show. I’m the only Halloween fanatic amongst the core group and I thought it was funny because it reminded me of that MTV awards Scream parody Mike Myers did in the ’90s ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3rkO2wPOqo ) so it probably never came up. In fact, I feel as though Jay actually said he preferred it to “Michael” at some point during these reviews, which sounds insane, but that’s how I remember it. It’s been quite awhile ,over a year for us. But I still think these old episodes are worth listening to. Glad you are!

    • I can’t say I had any problem with Ron Martin referring to Michael as Mike, but in the past, it has been a minor annoyance whenever friends did that. Mike seems too casual of a name for a masked maniac that has been slaughtering people for decades. Mike is a name for a guy you invite over on Sundays to watch some football and drink some beers. Admittedly, inviting Michael over for beers and some football might go over just fine as long as avoid having him over in late October.

      I can’t say I have any problem with people referring to Michael as Mikey though. It’s less serious than Mike and it’s a bit sarcastic. It’s the type of name a person in a Halloween film would refer to Michael to seal their fate that they will be a future victim.

      The whole name debate does make me curious – does Michael still see himself as Michael? The fact that he wears a mask despite everyone in the world knowing that it’s him makes me think that maybe he just sees himself as this vague person without any real identity. Maybe that’s why he reacts so strongly to Dr. Loomis in their father/son relationship and why he briefly resisted the urge to kill Jamie in Halloween 5 after she called him Michael. In order to kill, he needs to distance himself from his Michael identity and he does so with the mask.

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