Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 052: “At Your Mercy” Listener Picks

Episode 052

Hi, and welcome to our special Listener Recommendation episode of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this show we bring you four lesser-known gems from our listeners, including Feature Reviews of Alucarda (1977) from Juan (and ChrisExcess), The Ordeal (2004) from Tony Is On Fire, Murder Party (2007) from Christian B., and Martin (1977) from Dino. It’s a great time. The format is reminiscent to that of The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast.

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I. Introduction

[ 0:02:08 ] II. Feature Review: ALUCARDA (1977) by Juan (and ChrisExcess)
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 7 ( Rental )

[ 0:32:17 ] III. Feature Review: THE ORDEAL (2004) by Tony Is On Fire
Jay of the Dead = 6 ( Rental )

[ 0:52:39 ] IV. Feature Review: MURDER PARTY (2007) by Christian B.
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 8 ( Buy it! )

[ 1:12:06 ] V. Feature Review: MARTIN (2007) by Dino
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental )

VI. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending


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84 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 052: “At Your Mercy” Listener Picks

  1. Yet another on-time Friday release. Nicely done, JOTD.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing about these films, so can’t wait to listen to this one.

    • Brother,
      My apologies. We didn’t get “Martin” recorded in time for this particular posting, but we will either include it in a re-posted version of this same episode (later this weekend), or just include the “Martin” review next Friday.

      Sorry again, Dino. But as you said, I was striving for an on-time release, and the show must go on! : )


    • Dino, I feel so bad. I misunderstood an email Jay sent me and it lead to my review of Martin being struck from this episode. Maybe we can re-upload the audio file tonight with your review. Dang it, even with my misunderstanding, this was totally avoidable if a couple emails or texts hadn’t crossed like ships in the night. Sorry, man.

          • At least I hope I survive until it drops. Shoot, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself in some horrible way…

          • [end dramatic pause]

            Yes, yes I am. #phew

            Btw, sounds like you solo-recorded the segment at 3am after a day of hitting it hard at a Slipknot concert or something. If that’s the case, you really didn’t have to… it could have waited a few days. I (and the other listeners, I’m sure) appreciate the dedication, but no need to kill yourself, buddy!

            Anyway, thanks for including it in the show. It was weaved into the episode very well, and the review was excellent.

          • The reason it didn’t get into the show initially was because I had lost my voice the weekend before and I was putting off recording it as long as possible so that my voice would be as strong as possible. That’s the best it sounded all week and I actually damaged it again pushing myself like that, but it’s all good. I really wanted to get that in there.

            • You were definitely struggling. That’s why I said not to kill yourself, although your dedication is appreciated (and noticed).

              And don’t lie about Slipknot…

  2. Oh boy, I’ve been looking forward to this episode!

    There’s nothing cooler than hearing you guys talk about obscure gems of the genre!

  3. Jay’s creepy nursing home stories cracked me up.

    It reminded me of when one old guy I used to work with smuggled a hammer into the canteen because this other old guy always sat with his feet on the table and never heeded anybodies complaints. It’s easy to be fooled into thinking that old folks are all placid and harmless individuals but when you’ve seen one old guy threaten to smash another old guys head with a big hammer you walk away with a new perception of the aged among us!

      • But I bet if you saw one on the bus wearing a cardigan with his pants pulled up to his nipples, humming to himself and eating boiled sweets you’d think “there goes someone’s lovely old Grandpa, probably on the way to the park to feed the ducks.”

        Thinking about it we could really use some more elderly themed horror films. There’s a wealth of material there, not least their ability to remind us of our own mortality. Nursing home horror needs to be more of a thing.

  4. I am really loving this format guys. The search that originally brought me to this podcast, well over a year ago now, was made initially as an attempt to find somewhere that would provide me with a source of forgotten classics, low budget obscurities and foreign offerings in the genre*. Stuff that it can be hard to get a handle on because there’s just so much out there. So this episode format is hitting a home run as far as I’m concerned. I really hope you make this whole listener recommendation thing at least a semi-regular event. I haven’t seen any of the movies discussed but they’re all intriguing in totally unique ways. I only wish the episode was longer but that’s just me being a greedy jerk.

    *little did I know that you guys would also provide a level of genre analysis and discussion that I needed in my life without even knowing it at the time!

    • I this is a fun format too, David. Pending more positive audience reaction, I think I’d like to add it to the rotation. Much more interesting to me than a basic Frankensteinian episode.

      • Well I’d be wary of gauging the audience reaction entirely by low comment turnout. Such a deficit might very well be caused by other myriad factors such as Jay refraining from any markedly absurd/provocative statements in this particular episode or the notable absence of our friend Juan. And as Christian quite sensibly points out below, “hidden gems” are less likely to incite discussion due in no small part to their obscure nature. I haven’t seen any of the movie’s discussed here so all I can really bring to the table is: wow, these sound neat and I hope to check them out sometime.

        • Good point, maybe I’ll look at downloads instead. At least everyone who has commented enjoyed it, though. That’s positive. Just a slow week, I guess. Slow on TSFP too.

    • This format is very reminiscent to TWHMP, so that’s a definite plus in my book.

      I agree, this format and episode was a lot of fun. The only criticism is that it seems to work better when at least two of the hosts had seen the film being discussed. I know… “thanks Captain Obvious”… but it definitely helped facilitate discussion.

      I think it would be a great addition to the rotation.

  5. Got a segment idea for you. You should do rundown of the 5 major horror magazines (Rue Morgue, Fangoria, Horror Hound, Scream, and Famous Monsters) and make recommendations based on what the readers may be looking for in a horror magazine.

    • I’d actually love to learn more about horror magazines. I like to support the remnant of printed media whenever I can but I’m never sure what horror publication would be most worth my time. They’re kind of pricey so I only pick one up once in a blue moon but they’ve proved hit-and-miss to me. Fangoria seems pretty consistent but I got burned once by an expensive issue of some lesser know magazine (maybe “Gore Zone” or something like that?) that was full of great, glossy sfx photos but also contained some of the most abysmal journalism I’d ever read. It was like the editor just got their band of barely literate friends to review movies: “This movie isn’t very good because I watched it and in it there was nothing that I liked so I don’t think it was very good. I don’t like ghost movies anyway they’re boring and stupid and not very good like this one which I didn’t like 1/5”.

      Needless to say I was aghast and am consequentially ultra wary so a a bit of foreknowledge and guidance from a source I trust would be great.

  6. Really glad you guys liked ‘Murder Party’. I think the advice of approaching it as a comedy is a good one. Too bad about ‘Martin’ but these things happen and look forward to it. I really like that film. Would love to have more of these ‘hidden gems’ episodes, I have at least a couple more in mind.

    • I’d like to do more like this. REALLY low turn-out on the comments, though, so curious if the listeners who DIDN’T have their films picked like this one.

      I enjoyed the Murder Party discussion and I’m looking forward to a re-watch.

      The Martin review is now up, BTW!

      • That is true about the comments and a good point. It might be because most people haven’t seen these movies though and therefore have little to say. Personally I like listening to your reviews about movies I haven’t actually seen yet but I might be in the minority there. However, if I haven’t seen it then I also have little to comment on as well.

      • One thought I just had, perhaps doing the ‘gems’ suggestions again but spacing them out over four episodes (one per episode). Just a thought though

        • I don’t remember how far in advance you announced the movies that were going to be reviewed, but perhaps if you gave people more time to watch the movies, then they would be more inclined to watching them and leave comments. I know I personally didn’t have time to prepare, but still listened because I always listen to the episodes even if I haven’t watched the movies being covered. I’ve been a little on the busy side, so my usual comment output has been lacking lately, but Juavino is three people in one and two of them, I see, are picking up my slack. One thing that I know has affected the amount of comments I leave—and please don’t think of this as a negative, just something to consider—is the change from a bi-weekly podcast to a weekly one. I find it harder to get to the show in a week span and usually by the time I’m ready to comment, there’s already another episode on the way. But I suppose that’s just my lack of time and/or time management skills haha. On the upside, I did get to meet Tom Savini, so that was cool.

          • I think they announced the winners of the listener recommendations competition a good while ago but I would venture to point out that I’d really appreciate a return of the “upcoming movies” on the sidebar. I know that’s probably harder to workout with a weekly show but it’s always great to have an idea of what might be coming up in the next episode so as to maybe check the films out ourselves or at least do a little research.

            Totally understand if the hosts would rather keep content a surprise or simply don’t have time to focus on such a trivial element though.

  7. My wife has been a nurse in nursing homes for many years and I’ve heard many crazy stories about violent old people outbreaks…trust me senior citizens are scary…

    • Yeah my wife is a CNA at a nursing home and has came home from work many times with scratches and bruises, can get pretty scary there sometimes almost had her finger bitten off once :s

    • I think there’s an age we all reach at some point (hopefully) where we just don’t give a damn anymore. That’s why old people are scary.

      Old people scare me almost as much as little girls.

      • Perhaps the scariest old person scenes are in Exorcist 3. The old lady scampering across the ceiling freaked me out when I saw it in the theaters

        • That sounds horrifying and hilarious at the same time. I’ll have to check it out… I never could get past EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC.

          • The story of Exorcist 3 is one of a studio interfering in the worst way but the movie really is pretty good until the ending which is what the studio changed completely. Plus it has the biggest ‘jump scare’ I have ever had involving a nurse in a hospital scene. Often mentioned as one of the best in movie history. Recommended. Plus it has some really great actors in it. George C Scott is great as always.
            Exorcist 2 is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Holy GOd was that thing terrible.

            • Yep, HERETIC is insultingly bad, so you can understand why I stopped with the Exorcist movies at that point. But, you have my interest piqued for 3, so I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. Can’t wait to hear this one, I only really have time to listen and comment sporatically every other 28 days. Wish I had more time but I work on a tow boat. I’m sure Jay knows what I mean, I’ve picked up and dropped off barges in Wheeling WV many times lol. Probably do my usual binge listenin when I get back to Tennessee, but as for now keep em comin guys can’t wait to give them a listen!!!!

      • not really out at sea lol just the inland water ways, Ohio River, Illinois River, Mississippi, Tennessee, Cumberland, etc. The boat that I’m a crew member of runs the Illinois River up around Joliet, down to Cairo, IL on the Mississippi. I can listen whenever were around a town that has 4G but a lot of times we’ll just be goin through the country side and without service I can’t load the new episodes on my podcast app. I still have a lot on my ipod but when new ones come out while I’m out there it’s hard to catch up sometimes. Jay I’m sure has seen towboats growing up in WV, I’ve picked up and dropped off barges all up Wheeling, Point Pleasant, Huntington, etc. on the Ohio River. Just 28 days on 28 days off, drive up to Paducah KY, park in the company parking lot, hop in a van and they take us to wherever the boat is and we do crew change. Time at home is very nice but 28 days gone can be very tough at times. It’s hard work, temperatures up to 120 on those steel barges, and -20 in the winter time but we gotta deliver the product whether it’s coal, or grain, or antifreeze so we’re out in all of it. The majority of my town (Savannah, TN) are towboaters, pretty good paying job and there aint a whole lot else around here. But anyway I’m rambling I’m sure you didn’t wanna know THAT much about it lol, gotta go finish Arthouse Vampires, great episode so far!

        • No, no, no. Very interesting. Thanks for all of that info. I’m a documentary filmmaker, so I’m attracted to these pockets of the world and especially Americanana that very few get to experience. I love documentaries about sea vessels and have always wanted to work on a show like Deadliest Catch. This is obviously much different, but still interesting. I’ve spent a lot of time in the small Native Alaskan villages along the Yukon River and those guys don’t have any roads in or out, so a lot depends on the barges. I wonder if there has ever been a good barge documentary. I need to look into that!

        • Love these extreme weather conditions and experiencing the countryside that way sounds incredible. I just got to thinking, though. It would also be an exceptional location for a horror movie!

          • Oh you have no idea the horror film ideas I’ve had in the boat. The river industry is protected under the same Homeland Security laws as the coastal areas. One unauthorized person tries to board and Coast Guard is right behind us, they’re kind of like to us, what state troopers are to truckers. I’ve daydreamed about being a film maker and thought it would be cool to have a siege narrative where some one got aboard and caused havoc by threatening the crew if we were to let the secret out that they were on board. Maybe more like a thriller but it ain’t like I’ll ever be able to do more than study cinema at home. Actually a new documentary “Barge” was just released and has some pretty good reviews but judging from the trailer seems more about a very small boat from a small company, I work at AEP River Operations which is one of the 3 or 4 big name companies so there is a difference in a lot of ways. As far as the weather it can get bad rough. You can imagine when it’s 95 outside but you’re walkin on steel barges it’s about like walking on a frying pan, same in the winter like walking on ice. While carrying heavy wires, lines etc, heat illness is wry common in summer, humidity is a big discomfort too, especially on the lower Mississippi, so unless we’ve got barges to pick up/drop off or a lock to make or painting to do, we try to stay inside the boat when the weather gets to one extreme or another. Not a bad job, pretty decent pay but just hard being away from our families and homes for 4 weeks at a time. But yes I have day dreamed about many horror movie scenarios as well as other genres, wish I would’ve went to film school lol.

  9. Guys, this week I finally got around to checking out “30 Days of Night”. I didn’t think it was quite as good as “Stake Land” but I certainly enjoyed it a great deal. I absolutely loved the setting and consistently doom-laden mood but I did have a few problems. The way the conflict resolves seemed pretty contrived to me. I didn’t quite grasp why the rules seemed different for a certain character with regards to being bitten. I also didn’t care for the look of the vampires. They looked like something straight out of an Aphex Twin video. That sort of CGI facial distortion looks more odd than creepy to me. Otherwise this was a treat of tension, bloody violence and isolated atmosphere though. I might not be a big vampire fan but this wasn’t bad at all. 7/10.

    I also gave “Dark Skies” a chance after being recommended it by either Dino or Juan (sorry guys, now I’m doing it!). This was another pleasant surprise. I can’t say I totally loved it, some of the elements felt a little predictable and generic, but it was definitely effective, spooky and well executed. The aliens here might not be quite as utterly terrifying as those seen in “Alien” or “Fire in the Sky” but their eeriness is helped by the how little we see of them not to mention the overall mood of the film. This was one of those horror flicks that had me putting the lights on as I went through the house to get a drink of water. 7/10

    Finally, I re-watched “The Bride of Frankenstein”. I absolutely love that movie but I always forget how bloody irritating Una O’Connor is until I’m watching it. It made me think of Dr. Shock. I feel your pain, Doc.

    • The Bride is in my re-watch queue following Dave’s Lionel Atwill discussion (even though he’s not in that one). Cannot wait.

      I recently purchased Dark Skies from a bargain bin and it is in my queue as well. Never seen it. Major crush on Keri Russell, so looking forward to this as well. I always mix this movie up with The Possession, which I also have in my queue and also haven’t seen. Bought that one for Wolfman’s Got Nards and for my crush on Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Wish I could put him and Keri Russell in the same movie. I don’t care which one, possession or aliens. Either way. I am also really curious about the Matisyahu performance in The Possession as well, though.

      Glad you (kind of) enjoyed 30 Days of Night. It has problems, I know, but I just can’t help but love it. In fact, I like it more every time I watch it. I understand all of your concerns and those bothered me more on first viewing. They mostly don’t bug me now. I think the real issue with the film is that the structure and pacing (and therefore tension) is totally bungled throughout the middle section. It’s unfortunate, because the setting and atmosphere are perfect, as you mentioned.

      The environment and actors and look and tone are all spot on for me. Really make it enjoyable. Did you like Ben Foster? I thought he was incredible as a Renfield character. I really like Danny Houston too and wish he had more to do. And I wish there were more supporting vamps, that they were a little less movie-movement-coach-esque, and just a tad more feral ferocity in their hunt and attack, like the ones in Stakeland. But, I do like the look of these vampires, if we are going the feral direction.

      • @Wolfman Josh – THE POSSESSION is nothing like DARK SKIES, except for one thing… I won’t say what that one thing is since you haven’t seen it yet. I will say Jeffrey Dean Morgan does a good job with what he has to work with in the movie. I really feel for his situation.

        As for 30 DAYS, the environment is really great. Not just talking about the snow-bound setting, but the actual town itself. You get the small town feel early on, but once the vampires invade and the characters are holed up in different locations you get the “so close, yet so far away” feeling. Everything is so tantalizingly close, which tricks the characters into thinking they have a chance to move from one place to another.

        Ben Foster is great… I like him in most things, but his character in this movie is so pathetically tragic. Also, regarding the vampires themselves, I really liked the vampire language they used to communicate with each other. Really helped to drive home that feral vampire look and feel.

    • @David – Some solid, yet, unspectacular films you’ve been watching lately. I like what you had to say about both movies.

      30 DAYS OF NIGHT is one that I have trouble getting through. Literally. I think I fell asleep about 15-25 minutes in the first three or four times I tried watching it. I don’t know exactly why… I have a similar problem with THE THING… I think it has to do with the arctic, snow-bound setting. I love it as a setting, but it sure does make me sleepy. Anyway, my issues with the film have more to do with the pacing in the middle section, as Wolfman Josh mentioned. Nevertheless, this movie is a lot of fun, and I come in just a tad higher than you at 7.5/10.

      DARK SKIES was recommended to you by Juan when we were talking about solid, modern supernatural films a few weeks ago. I have seen it, but am only lukewarm on it. There are certain elements of the film that are really good. I enjoy the build-up and the overall mood that’s created, but the payoff just falls flat. For me, this one is a 6/10. I’m actually surprised that it was BillChete’s #1 horror film of 2013; not because I wouldn’t have expected it to be his kind of movie, but more because I found it to be (good, but) rather mediocre.

  10. Personally I have always interpreted Martin as him not being an actual vampire but since he and his granduncle believe it to be true that it doesn’t really matter. However I can see, especially with the ‘flashbacks’, believing him to be a real vampire.

    • Interesting. I guess I just saw him as a non-traditional vampire.

      I can understand his uncle being crazy and falling for the myths of his family and homeland, but what do you make of Martin saying that he is 85 years old and not ever contesting his immortality or need for blood when he is contesting things like garlic and crosses?

      • He’s crazy. Not to be too glib about it but I think Martin (if in Romero’s mind he had him not being an actual vampire) is simply bat shit insane and has convinced himself of his need for blood and his past life. Since things like garlic and crosses don’t have any physical effect on people (unless they are allergic to garlic I suppose) this part is easy to dismiss in his mind as mere folklore. Since immortality is something that is not proven until the person is actually dead then he can believe it. At no point, in the present day of the movie, do we see him face something that would have killed a regular mortal, until the end obviously. Personally I think the themes of the movie work better with him not being an actual vampire because it is so critical of mysticism and ancient superstition that his family has beaten into him. Martin can blame his sexual urges (which are so condemned by his background) on his vampirism. The film, in my mind, is a story of a young teenage boy, confused, scared and very emotionally fragile, being rejected, oppressed and criticized by the elders of society instead of being helped and embraced. His psychotic break is driven by this.
        Having said that, I think your conclusion is completely reasonable as well. I also appreciate that it is left ambiguous. It has been a little while since I have seen the movie so I may be misremembering as well. I need to see again, if for no reason than I really liked the film.

        • I think that’s all interesting and definitely in there. I agree that it makes for the most compelling reading of the film.

          I also think you could embrace the main points of that reading, as I did, even if Martin were an immortal. He keeps saying “the magic’s not real” and “this is a sickness.” Perhaps he’s just a victim of his own hereditary biological anomaly. The mythology being a way his family has attempted to explain what they don’t understand in nature, as people do.

          With the not-a-vampire reading, the “flashbacks” could instead be Martin romanticizing and/or rationalizing what he is facing in reality. I like that possible interpretation, although I do think you have to stretch to make it fit.

          The other main thing pointing to immortality is that, as I remember it, his uncle also backs-up Martin’s age, telling his niece that Martin’s parents were from (maybe even died) the 19th century. That’s a strange detail if he is meant to be mortal. You could argue that the uncle is just delusional, but that seems like a different vein of delusion.

          Fun movie. I agree that it is best left ambiguous and up to the view. It’s a great little film.

          • Well I did a little research and it was hard to find but I did discover a lengthy interview Romero did which involve a brief discussion about ‘Martin’. He says he intentionally left it ambiguous. On a side note I have always kind of liked ‘Bruiser’ but no one else seemed to.

            It is a long interview so here is the pertinent quote-
            R.C.: A lot of people have read the film in different ways. Some people have flat-out said it’s about a crazy kid. Some people think it’s a little bit more…is it meant to be a little bit more ambiguous than that? Did you in your mind have…

            G.R.: Well, I tried to keep it…I didn’t try to come down on one side or the other, you know, I like the lady or the tiger kind of thing. But, in my mind, he was just a disturbed kid. So you try to stay true to that. Just like in Bruiser, I tried to cover all of the…leave it ambiguous, did it happen to him or not? I tried to cover both sides of it.

  11. First off, I adore the podcast. I’m so happy I stumbled upon it while you were doing your Hallloween franchise episodes. I’m very much looking forward to checking out this week’s movies, mainly Alucarda. One thing I was wondering, have you guys ever thought of doing a mini review or suggestion of a gem on any of the streaming services? I think that could be cool.

    • We’re glad you found us too. Re: streaming movie reviews … funny you should ask. I have a whole podcast dedicated to covering streaming movies at moviestreamcast.com – Jay joined me to review Silent House a little while ago, I reviewed the new Spike Lee horror movie Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. We do all kinds of movies there, not just horror, but I do try to hit horror movies every so often if it’s a film we’re not covering here.

  12. Was interested in hearing this podcast… downloaded before the Martin addition so will need to listen to that later when I have a little more time on my hands. Going to try and look for Calvaire at some point soon, but glad to hear the analysis on “Murder Party”… caught it a few years back and I loved it. Wrote about it on my own blog… going to repost my thoughts from way back then right here, just cuz I’m a dork like that.

    “If you’ve ever spent an evening at an Art Show, open-mic poetry night, or some other form of self-indulgent pseudo-intellectuals waxing philosophic on the nature and appreciation for their art, you have a pretty good idea of the characters involved in this story. I’ve spent too many long nights with these people, watching them bicker, backstab, snipe, and create drama at every turn. Along the lines of “Very Bad Things”, the group dynamic begins to fall apart and revelations expose their insecurities and lies. The story threatens to crawl at a snails’ pace before the blood begins to splatter and chaos breaks free.

    4 out of 5? I’m actually on the border with this one… it’s really good, but the slow parts really do start to grate on the nerves. There’s an almost endless stream of pretentious dialogue, but it’s all just a set up to the big moments later on in the film. The story basically places an extremely unkind mirror up to the Artiste Community, and the viciousness of that lifestyle is exposed.”

    As for Alucarda…. that movie trips me out. I have no in depth thoughts on that movie but I have seen it and it’s pretty easy to find on streaming site, especially if you have the Roku player and subscribe to a couple of the lower-tier channels where they play a lot of obscure and public domain films.

  13. Hello HMPers! I haven’t quite finished the whole podcast but I’m super-intrigued by “Alucarda” because psychedelia is a long-time interest. The reason I’m posting is because I’ve noticed a lot of pop-culture quick-consumer based narratives like anime, manga, comic books, or ensemble group mystery-solving cartoons eventually have an episode in which a mysterious character introduces themselves as “Alucard.” I’m sure it’s out there, but I haven’t googled it yet to see if there’s a story where the antagonist is an Eastern European Doctor named Nietsneknarf who is involved in the re-animation of dead tissue experiments. Or there’s a new fellow in town named Mr. Flowerew who arrived just before the string of mysterious deaths by dismemberment that were discovered in the morning after a full moon.

    Keep up the amazing work, HMP!

    • This comment cracked me up, Scott!

      Nietsneknarf and Mr. Flowerew!!

      Coincidentally “Neitsneknarf” instantly brought to mind German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche whose work, I seem to recall, draws several parallels with some of the themes in Shelley’s novel.

  14. Thank you so much for reviewing Alucarda and not making it sound like I put you through hell haha. I tried to warn you as much as possible, but part of the fun is being sucker-punched by the movie’s insanity. I’m very happy that you scored it quite high given the movie’s nature. I liked that you picked up on the infernal screaming. It’s grating for sure, but I think it serves its purpose well. There’s a lot of tension that’s added by all of the constant screaming. I read somewhere—I can’t remember where—that it’s a technique borrowed from Jodorowsky that’s meant to make one feel uneasy, which the film totally does.

    One thing that you guys didn’t mention was how theatrical it all seemed. Not only the dialogue and the acting, but most of the backgrounds had this fakeness to them that would be very fitting in the theater, yet they also had a very organic feel to them. The inside of the orphanage for instance, looks more like a cave than the inside of a building. The crucifixes, instead of hanging from the walls, are carved from the stone itself seamlessly. It all makes for some very creepy and cool looking imagery.

    You touched on the nun’s very disgustingly bloody outfits briefly and I wish you had gone deeper. Nuns in the movie wear a very mummy-like outfit that’s bloodied to different degrees. The blood is very symbolic of Christianity, but also of menstruation like the wolfman pointed out hesitantly and the two go hand in hand in Catholicism. I know it’s not a comfortable topic for some, but it holds a lot of meaning in this instance. In the Catholic church, women are not allowed to serve as priests, which is why the role of the nun is critiqued in the movie by having them walk around, bathed in blood, as a symbol of both their faith and their gender. This movie does not pull punches and its many critiques are not subtle in the least and I love it for it.

    The characters of Justine and Alucarda are also very interesting, in particular the latter. There’s a scene early in the movie where Alucarda refers to them as mirror images. Justine clearly represents the good and Alucarda the evil, but it’s how they represent each side that’s interesting. Justine fears everything and is reluctant to learn the secrets of the world that Alucarda so eagerly awaits to discover. Alucarda on the other hand, is open minded, cheerful, receptive to her surroundings. She makes it clear several times throughout the film that she’s not afraid of death and that she just wants to be able to worship life. It’s a very powerful message and delivered beautifully by Tina Romero (who plays the titular role). By the way, I found myself mesmerized by Alucarda’s beauty. There was something very captivating about her gaze and facial expressions. She played the role perfectly.

    I love this movie, guys. I know it’s usually not what I write about on the boards, but I love psychedelia, exploitation, and b-movies. I basically have a Quentin Tarantino kind of taste. I’m able to like the lowest of the low and find things to appreciate, but I can also like the finer stuff. Alucarda is a 9 for me, and it’s a must-see. It’s not for everyone, but I’d like to think that if you’re open minded enough, there’s plenty here to like and appreciate.

    <3 Juavino

    • @Juan – The review on the show had me mildly interested in checking out ALUCARDA, but what you just said here blew my mind. Now I’m definitely going to check it out.

      • Hey that’s great! I hope I’m not overhyping it. Like I said, it’s not for everyone, so I won’t be surprised if you hate it. But I love that you’re excited to check it out. Do let me know your thoughts. If anyone’s seen Alucarda, please share your thoughts. I’m very curious to see where everyone falls on this one.

        Dude, it’s been a rough few weeks for movie watching, but I’m excited to see Martin. Hopefully I’ll get to it sooner than later. It does sound like my kind of movie. Alternative vampires in the 70s? Bring it on!

    • Juan, I’m curious if you have any insight into more Latin American horror films. I know Coffin Joe is a big icon from Brazil but I’ve never seen any of his flicks and I’m always on the lookout for a good Chupacabra movie. Maybe that would be a thing for the guys to cover on their next cryptozoological episode.

      • I’m trying to get more familiar with Latin American horror, but I’m nowhere near as knowledgeable on the subject as I’d like to be. I don’t even know who this Coffin Joe character is in all honesty. I know of a few Mexican directors and a few movies that are considered classics, but that’s about it. I would love to see an episode dedicated to the Chupacabra. I think it was a fascinating monster craze that I don’t know that ever reached the heights of Big Foot, but it was all over the place for a while. It was even in an X-Files episode haha. I don’t even know if there are any decent Chupacabra movies out there.

      • The Coffin Joe series is a little weird- personally, I really enjoyed the first two and the others just sort of got stranger and maybe a bit too involved with the Psychedelic trends of the time. It’s very steeped in religious symbolism and defiance of God in similar ways to Alucarda without the blatant satanism. Worth a watch.

      • Yeap. I know Mortal Kombat had Freddy in the past, I’m not sure if they’ll bring him back. Predator was just announced as a DLC character. I love all of these guest characters that they’re adding to their roster.

    • The first playstation was the last console I owned and I mainly play really old school stuff but I do love to see some Mortal Kombat fatalities. Jason doesn’t f*** around.

      • Heard about it, haven’t played Mortal Kombat in a long time. I’m a Nintendo guy so I probably won’t get to play this one unless it’s released on Wii U but very cool concept

  15. Did Josh say he was living in Poland for awhile or I misheard him and he said Holland? If it was Poland, though, then which city?

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