Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 053: Unfriended (2015) and Muck (2015) and The Bunnyman Massacre (2014) and Classic Horror Actor Laird Cregar

Episode 053

Welcome to Episode 053 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… This week we have another Frankensteinian episode. Jay of the Dead will bring you Feature Reviews of Unfriended (2015) and Muck (2015) and The Bunnyman Massacre (2014). We also bring you another segment of Dr. Shock’s Classic Horror Actor. We also have a couple of other random little chats, so join us! Thanks for listening.

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I. Introduction

[ 0:01:13 ] II. Feature Review: UNFRIENDED (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 0.5 ( Avoid )

[ 0:21:51 ]
III. Impromptu Chat: The Baffling Career of M. Night Shyamalan and Trailer Talk
— The Visit trailer
— The Gallows trailer

[ 0:35:32 ] IV. Feature Review: MUCK (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 3.5 ( Avoid )

Laird Cregar
[ 0:49:21 ] V. Classic Horror Actor Spotlight: LAIRD CREGAR
The Lodger (1944) = 8 ( Rental )
Hangover Square (1945) = 8 ( Rental )

[ 1:07:28 ] VI. Feature Review: THE BUNNYMAN MASSACRE (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Strong Rental )

[ 1:25:24 ]
VII. Listener Feedback:
— Discussion of critical e-mail from Adam Smith regarding our review of “Let the Right One In”

VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending


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45 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 053: Unfriended (2015) and Muck (2015) and The Bunnyman Massacre (2014) and Classic Horror Actor Laird Cregar

  1. Listen to old man Jay go! Bemoaning the youth of today with their web-sailing and My-Pads and The Skype.

    I’m right there with you Jay and when I’m finished on a website I close down the whole browser and reopen it just to get back to my homepage. I don’t care.

    And just yesterday as I shouted my daily complaints at the local miscreants for dill-dallying with their boxer briefs on show for all to see my dentures fell into my glass of prune juice and they all took photos with their new-fangled Shart-Phones.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Unfriended Jay. It looked kind of interesting but mostly just generic and bleh, I saw the trailer about 100 times every time I would get on The Facebook and Your Tube lol, I’m sry brother I had to go there. Love the episode though and honestly would’ve laughed at the mere title of the Bunny Man but I have to admit you got me curious about it now. Loved the Laird Crager portion, sounds very interesting and I’m gonna have to look up these movies. And thanks for mentioning my Dwight Frye comments from before, can’t wait to hear his section of the show. In many ways I think he is just as (if not more) scary than Bela in Dracula. As I’ve said before I honestly do trust yalls ratings enough that I’ll definitely be skipping Unfriended, and don’t worry Jay, as a 24 year old with the sensibilities and tastes of a 60 year old we won’t hold your grumpiness against you 😀

    • I agree with you Fritz Renfield. Frye sometimes steals the show from Bela in Dracula. The shot where they find him alive on the boat is burned in my mind.

      • Exactly, it was very unnerving. Another scene that just gets under my skin is when he over hears Van Helsing discussing vampires and he has somehow escaped and says “isn’t this a strange conversation for people who ARENT crazy??” And then goes on to describe the rats, and the bat flies in… “I didn’t say anything master…I told them nothing” classic

    • “Grumpy Old Man Jay” is my new favorite movie reviewer. If it were possible for GOMJ and regular JOTD to do a movie review together, THAT would be amazing. Because why? GOMJ says cuss words and is slightly off his meds.

      • Haha, all I can think of looking at that pic of him is “this is code name hard hat…HARD HAT!” LMBO

        • Oh, in that picture? Absolutely. Definitely some Stacy Keach in that eyes/nose/mouth area. He also has a bit of Peter Sellers and Lou Costello to him. But, he’s a thick Gandolfini kinda guy in most of the pictures I’ve seen. Maybe even a tich of John Goodman? Idk.

  3. Jay’s absolutely right about Muck. Please do yourselves a favor and avoid it; it’s an insult to the slasher subgenre and I refuse to believe a horror fan made it. Steve Wolsh should have just directed a porno because that’s clearly what he wanted to do; there’s even a girl who inexplicably spends the ENTIRE movie in a bikini, and Kane Hodder is squandered. This movie is trash.

  4. Thanks for some good avoids this time around. “Unfriended” seems like it would work as a short film, maybe like one in an “ABC’s of Death” anthology. After seeing the trailer and hearing JOTD’s remarks, I have to believe the idea would get tiring after 15 minutes or so. I don’t mind subtitles, but usually there is a good visual to go along with them which makes it engaging. Reading texts/chat room messages for an entire movie? Not my cup of ovaltine!
    @Dr. Shock – Hilarious Mark Wahlberg impression!! Hahaha! I do like him in some movies, but there is something I can never quite pinpoint about him in many of his roles…I think your little bit about his confused emotion dialogue is spot on…and the closest I can come to identifying why he often cheeses up a movie. Sometimes his whole mannerisms just bug me!
    Looking forward to “The Thing” dissertation! I actually LOVED the 2011 prequel and am excited to hear some good discussion about it.

    • I totally agree with you about Doc’s impression. I was cracking-up. Spot on, Dave.

      I’m still interested in Unfriended, actually more than I was previous to Jay’s review, because I found Open Windows execution really interesting. I don’t know why Jay thinks the second EVER feature film to attempt a storytelling device has lost it’s interest – especially as a guy who watches found-footage movies. Maybe this one is just bad, and that’s fine, but I think this is an interesting new evolution in storytelling. I’m positive this was already done as a short in either one of the VHS or ABCs of death movies, I just don’t remember the specifics. There were also elements of this in one of the Paranormal Activity movies. I don’t know, just seems like a very modern concept we’ll be seeing more of.

      • “I don’t know why Jay thinks the second EVER feature film to attempt a storytelling device has lost it’s interest – especially as a guy who watches found-footage movies.”

        I took that more as Jay having a problem with a lot of the praise for the movie coming from a presumption that it’s the very first of its kind.

        And I think when a film does something like this but has little actual effort put into the writing or characters then it comes across as more of a gimmick than any kind of trailblazing innovation.

        • That’s true. I do remember him saying that it was neither first or better–and this very well may be a bad movie–but it sounded to me as though he was calling the storytelling device a gimmick, in general, as well. If not, sorry for whining unnecessarily. If so, I’d say that it’s no more a gimmick than one of his favorite sub-genres and, because it relates so readily to the screen lives we live now, it may be a very effective in exploring modern fears. Anyway, I think the style has potential that I’d like to see tapped. And I admired the ambition and level of difficulty in the execution of Open Windows, even if I ultimately disliked the plot and unnecessary contrivances.

        • Guys, you’re all forgetting that Josh is a big advocate for gimmickry. Need I say Halloween Resurrection? Just kidding, Josh. I’m with you on this one. Even though I didn’t enjoy Open Windows or The Den as much as I was hoping to, I won’t dismiss that storytelling technique because of failed attempts at something original. I’m actually quite curious about Unfriended.

          The Den – 5
          Open Windows – 5

      • THE DEN (2014) also used the same storytelling device. Essentially the entire movie is seen through a computer screen.

        That movie was a 5.5/10 for me.

  5. Night of the Lepus!!! Slow motion bunny rabbits smashing sets of miniatures!! If that doesn’t say Horror then I don’t know what does.

  6. Gotta defend Unfriended a bit here. I didn’t mind voyeuring into these teen’s Skype chat for an hour and a half. Loved the fact that it takes place in real time! I also liked the moralistic aspect of the film. Cyberbullying is something that teens are dealing with today and a teen horror film where the bullies get killed is smart. Also, not all of the kills are out of left field. The boyfriend’s death in particular recycles a prop from the beginning of the movie. You liked woman in black 2 more than this movie JOTD? Loved your review of Muck, though. The way you described the girl in the bar taking time to try out lingerie in the bathroom made me LOL (that translates “laugh out loud” jay). Just ordered a copy of The Lodger. Thanks, Doc!

  7. I was suffering from Wolfman Josh withdrawal symptoms so I’m glad he did turn up, albeit briefly, towards the end of this episode. I’m still really craving a “Wolfman’s Got Nards” fix though!

    And I agree with the comments made above by Grey Imp and Wolfman regarding Doc’s Wahlberg impression. In fact this episode had a good deal of entertaining content; Jay’s rambunctious car-recordings had me chuckling as well. There’s something endearing about his whimsical child-like giddiness.

    On a final note (at least for this sketchy comment) I’ve recently worked my way through a few of the movies that Doc recommended way back in his 31 days of Shocktober (if it wasn’t actually called that then it bloody well should’ve been) so I’ll hopefully post some brief thoughts on those in the next few days. For now I’ll just say that the movies in question were “Infestation”, “The Echo” and “Altered” and, though none of them were total masterpieces, I’m happy to say that I did enjoy them all.

    • I agree with your comments about Jay’s car-recordings. They were so much fun to listen to because it almost felt as if Jay was running away from someone or something. The quality of the sound recording added a lot of atmosphere too, I loved it. Jay was quite ferocious in this episode. He was pulling no punches calling out youngsters and wolfmen alike. Go Jay!

  8. @JOTD – Your BUNNYMAN review really piqued my interest, but man, the original only has a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. I know that’s not the end all be all, but that’s rough.

    Btw, thanks for the trailer/spoiler warning on M. Night’s THE VISIT, but I’ve basically given up hope on him. That said, the new mini-series WAYWARD PINES looks interesting. I usually turn my nose up to network television, but the ads have really grabbed my attention. Then again, Shyamalan is credited as an executive producer on just 3 episodes, so not sure how much involvement he’s had with that project.

    • Not to poop on Jay’s parade, but those Bunnyman movies look horrible (pun not intended). This is going to sound demeaning, but the first thought that crosses my mind whenever I see images from said movies is trailer trash. I generally dislike movies that deal with those type of characters and/or settings. I think that’s why I can’t enjoy the Rob Zombie movies as much as everyone else. I just can’t get past that aspect. Am I wrong in assuming that’s the case with the Bunnyman movies, Jay?

  9. Josh have you heard of a Danish film called “When Animals Dream”?

    I believe it came out last year and from what I’ve heard it seems to be a sort of art-house werewolf movie. That’s sounds like something you should check out!

    • I watched it the other day. It has some really strong performances and it’s really well shot. It’s pretty light on the werewolf action. It’s far more arthouse than any other werewolf movie I’ve ever seen. I would compare it to Midnight Son, Grace, or Let the Right One In.

    • Yeah, I’m covering When Animals Dream on my upcoming State of the Werewolf episode. It’s definitely of the “arthouse werewolf” variety. It’s funny bc I said “you don’t see a lot of arthouse werewolf movies” during our vamps discussion and then, of course, I hear about two of them the following week. Will be covering Howl as well if I can get ahold of it, another supposed arthouse wolf flick.

      • Oh my God! I just found out there’s a momvie called Project Metalbeast about a cyborg werewolf. Has anyone seen it?

        • Not yet, but I’m now on a spiritual journey to watch it. Thank you for posting this or I would have never known!!

          That was a rather short journey. It’s on YouTube.

  10. I found it amusing that someone else bothered to sit through all of Muck. I hadn’t seen any trailers or heard any buzz about the film, but bought it as an impulse while walking through Wal-Mart and still being on my Kane Hodder high after my own marathon of F13 only a few weeks back. I almost entirely agree with JotD on this film, with one caveat- The character of Trent! Oh, sure- he was kind of an Ash rip-off, but he was still fun to watch from one antic to the next. He came very close to saving the movie for me and kept me entertained when he was on the screen- that may seem like a lot of praise, but it’s not all that much when you consider the rest of the movie.

    As for “Unfriended”- ugh, the less said about that disaster the better.

    But for the thing that urged me to write, though-

    Wow- I really disagree with your other listener on the analysis for “Let the Right One In”-

    When we see Eli leave; she does so for a purpose- it’s all part of the manipulation of Oscar. She is giving him the attention and the connection that he needs and is purposefully yanking it away. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”- as a cliche analogous statement. This isn’t some elementary school child with no experience- this is an ages old manipulator who has survived this way for longer than they can remember. They understand the complicated psychology of a human being and the best way to earn their devotion is to snatch them at a vulnerable age and point in their lives. The reading of the film on the Horror Podcast was spot-on and, if anything, maybe a little underplayed on the horror being perpetrated. It’s not just the victimization of a child here or all the creepy things that maybe are involved- this is an enslavement, a blatant brainwashing. One step at a time, one moment at a time, each moment leading to the next and the next one after that. Oscar didn’t need to do any of the killing- all he had to do was not object to it. The rest will come as he grows older and is desensitized to further acts and finds greater justifications.

    This is why the pool scene is far more chilling beyond the blatant acts of violence. Because he smiles. Eli realizes that she has him right where she wants him and that was the moment that struck me as the most horrific. There’s adoration in his eyes- not only did she save him from his tormentors, but she also came back to him. It’s very calculated and brilliant. But it’s also horrifying. Some people are going to see that as “love” and “romance”, but I can’t agree.

  11. JOTD; please record MORE in the car. It is entertaining and funny and you sound like you’re really enjoying yourself. I have no intention of watching “Unfriended” unless I catch it on cable and have nothing better to do. That said, your dislike of the film is palpable and emotional and I LOVE IT!! I’m only to the “I get.. it’s so weird, I get so slaphappy and weird when I record in the car. I gotta stop doing this because it’s so weird.” I disagree. As I perceive your situation, everything about the movie is fresh in your mind and you haven’t had time to process and dissect the movie and the review is much more honest. I pledge to donate for every “in the car, right after the movie” you include in the podcast.

  12. Im with you 100% Jay about Unfriended. I was telling my wife the other day that the only people this will be scary for is children and by that I mean teens, which to me are still children. I mean as an adult Im not that invested in Facebook or anything similar to care enough about being haunted by a ghost on FB. I would just shut my computer off and the movies over. Im active on Instagram and Twitter, but Facebook I find is getting more and more difficult to be a part of.

    As for the Bunny Massacre, im all in, I have to find this movie. Sounds awesome.

    • I feel like the horror has less to do with the platform itself (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc), and more to do with what people are willing to do to each other. I haven’t seen UNFRIENDED, so I could be completely off-base. But I think the notion has a pretty universal application.

  13. JOTD, your review of “Unfriended” totally cracked me up. I guess maybe I feel like I’m too old for these types of movies AND I hate and detest Facebook. Any movie with this premise is very uninteresting to me. I had no plans to see it before your review, but now it has sealed the deal. I had not heard of “Muck” but I will likely avoid it. The “Bunnyman” flicks sounded pretty entertaining, so I’ll give them a shot. I thought. “The Happening” was just ok… I’d give it a solid low priority rental. Doc’s impression of Mark Wahlberg was on point. His character was just ridiculous and I cringe at some (most) of his delivery. I don’t know if I will see “The Visit” based on M. Night’s subpar showings as of late, but we’ll see. :)

  14. I finally got around to seeing Unfriended and it was honestly one of the most fun movie experience I had in 2015. The movie is so bad that it ends up being incredibly entertaining. I was hating the main character almost immediately and the longer the movie went on, the more I disliked her. If you judge the movie as a horror movie and whether or not it scares you, it’s going to be a giant dud, but if you look at it like a comedy, it’s wildly fun. I was chuckling like a fool for the entire second half at every attempt at a dramatic moment or twist.

    A fantastically fun movie for all of the reasons the creators didn’t intend.

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