Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 061: Grizzly Zone – Blood in the Air and Killer Bears

Episode 061

Welcome to the Grizzly Zone of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this story-filled episode, your hosts talk about killer bears and their movie entries in the Horror genre. We bring you two new Feature Reviews of Backcountry (2015) and Into the Grizzly Maze (2015). And since this is a killer animals (aka Beastly Freaks) episode, later on we discuss whether the new Jurassic World (2015) is a Horror film. This episode also has a number of wild stories from your hosts and special guest Kill Bill Kill (aka William Rowan Jr., aka Solo) of The Sci-Fi Podcast. Join us, if you can bear it!

This episode is dedicated to Bart the Bear.

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I. Introduction
— Welcome to special guest Kill Bill Kill
— The status of The Sci-Fi Podcast and its upcoming releases
— Theme: Grizzly Zone – Blood in the Air and Killer Bears
— Wolfman Josh’s excellent solocast episode: State of the Werewolf Address
— Eli Roth’s “The Green Inferno” release date: Sept. 25?
— Eli Roth’s “Shark After Dark” segments during SHARK WEEK
— Will Peg Entwistle (The Hollywood Sign Girl) get a movie?
— Later in this episode: Jurassic World review with Kyle Bishop

Bruno the Bear

[ 0:13:34 ] II. Personal Bear Encounter Stories
— The Rowan Family’s Legend of Bruno the Bear
— Wolfman Josh’s Bear Scares in Alaska
— Dr. Shock’s Baby Bear
— Jay has no bear stories…

[ 0:35:43 ] III. Theme and Sub-Genre Analysis: KILLER BEAR MOVIES
— Are bears monsters?
— Defining a sub-genre
— Discussion of killer bear movies: Bear (2010), Grizzly Man (2005), Grizzly (1976), Grizzly Park (2008)

[ 1:41:01 ] IV. Feature Review: Jay of the Dead’s Survival Horror: BACKCOUNTRY (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 5.5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Low-priority Rental )

Bruno Skull

[ 2:10:33 ] V. Feature Review: INTO THE GRIZZLY MAZE (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Strong Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 6 ( Rental )
Kill Bill Kill = 6 ( Low-priority Stream it )

— Some sound advice: Shark Lady viral YouTube video

[ 2:42:00 ] VI. Review: JURASSIC WORLD (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 9 ( Theater twice / Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh = 8.5 ( Theater / Buy it! )
Dr. Walking Dead = 8.5 ( Theater / Buy it! )
Kill Bill Kill = 8.5 ( Theater / Jurassic Park franchise fans should Buy it! )

Grizzly Paw

VII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— Thank you to Erik Nelson for his generous donation and support!


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Bruno Newspaper


BART THE BEAR at The Oscars

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275 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 061: Grizzly Zone – Blood in the Air and Killer Bears

    • Here are a few…

      The Possession of Debra Logan




      Love those at your mercy episodes! Thanks for asking!

    • Oh yea, if I’m not too late…
      The Collector
      Tourist Trap
      House on Haunted Hill (1959)
      The Frighteners

          • There is a ton of great horror coming out of France lately, so I wonder if a French horror themed episode is in order. THEM could certainly fit in there. The biggest problem I see with doing a French horror themed episode is that many of the obvious candidates – INSIDE, FRONTIER(S), HIGH TENSION, MARTYRS – have already been talked about a good deal on HMP.

            Still, I think the idea of doing a “world tour of horror” with several themed episodes based on different countries could have legs. Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Australia, Sweden, South Korea, England, and Ireland are some obvious countries that come to mind.

          • So I just got around to watching Them (2006). Good job France! I wonder if there are some social issues in France inspiring these great movies. I guess Them was based off of a true story. It has a gritty, unpolished look which seems to be popular in these French movies. Nice recommendation Dino and Juan.

    • Yes! It looks really strong. Very interested in checking this out.

      They shouldn’t have waited so long. I wish they’d done another sequel or two when Raimi had the power of Spiderman behind him.

      A bit of news, the two young actors (who team up with Ash) have already agreed to appear on Horror Movie Podcast to discuss the show.

          • I mean, I don’t want to sound defensive, but the reason we don’t have more interviews is because we don’t pursue more interviews. I’ve only ever asked four times. Two said yes, two said no. It’s just not what we are best at. Interviews, the Frankensteins, the solo-casts are just like any other podcast, in my opinion. I think what makes this show special is the deep-diving pseudo-intellectual discussion. But, I’d be happy to pursue more if it makes us “legit.”

          • Wolfman, I totally agree.

            After your initial response, I thought “ok, good, he got that I was just joking.” Then things got real!

            ***For the record, I think it’s great if/when you guys have interviews on the rare occasion that it makes sense, but I am by no means calling for more interviews.

          • Dino, HOMIE, I only go into further detail because I know that you (and a few of our other cohorts here) enjoy hearing the “inside baseball” or “how the sausage gets made” aspects of the show.

            I’m totally down with interviews, we did them on every single episode of the documentary podcast I did. Sometimes multiple if it was film festival coverage. We’re just all so busy now, scheduling is usually the most difficult aspect.

            I got the joke, I just wanted to gauge if that was something you wanted more of and I didn’t want you to think we COULDN’T get them if we wanted to. We’re legit like that.

    • I own Project Gizzly. It’s a fun one. Grizzly Man is hands down the one to watch if you only want one bear documentary, but Project Grizzly is pretty unique and hilarious at times.

      • I’m embarrassingly late to the game on this but I’ve only really become familiar with Herzog’s work this year, though I quickly became totally enamoured. “Grizzly Man” is an astoundingly compelling, tragic and insightful piece of cinema. It’s a 10/10.

          • Well I’ve not really come at his stuff in any logical order. Of course I’ve been aware of him for a long time (I think he first caught my attention when I read one of Mark Kermode’s books in which he related the story of the “insignificant bullet”) and I know a lot of the hosts on this network of podcasts are big fans of his work so hearing you guys discuss his movies fairly regularly and with such passion was what truly ignited my curiosity and finally, a few months ago, I watched “Encounters at the End of the World” and was blown away. I decided to focus on his documentary work for the time being (mainly because I’m also embarrassingly uneducated when it comes to that format) and since then I’ve seen “The White Diamond”, “Grizzly Man”, “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” and “Happy People: A Year in the Taiga”. All of these films were just extraordinary. I love the way he constructs each doc to allow the smallest, sometimes seemingly irrelevant or insignificant facets to shine through. Some of those moments actually turn out to be the most interesting, insightful and unforgettable. And the way his personality and unique world-view comes through in a mixture of nihilism and wonderment brings such a humanity and individuality to the fore. The art of cinema at it’s most brilliant!

            I also read the book “Herzog on Herzog” which is extremely fascinating.

            I think I’m going to try and make my way through some more of his documentary work before moving on to his fiction films. Would you recommend any more of his docs that are particularly essential?

          • Yeah, I mean, I think you’ve hit most of the doc highlights of his recent work. The White Diamond is the only one of those I wouldn’t call essential, though all of his work is good. I’d recommend watching Into the Abyss. Excellent doc. And then, I’d watch Burden of Dreams and My Best Fiend before jumping into fiction with Fitzcaraldo and Aguire Wrath of God. That would be a great run. Little Dieter Needs to fly would be up there with those other docs if Rescue Dawn (Herzog’s fictionalization of the story) weren’t so damn good. I’d recommend Rescue Dawn after the above works of fiction. I really like some his recent fiction. If you can stand Nic Cage, definitely check out Bad Lieutenant. That is about as batshit crazy as it gets. Really looking forward to Salt & Fire and curious about Wueen of the Desert, both slated as this year.

          • Awesome recommendations, thanks Josh! I will take heed and I’ll have no problem when I get to “Bad Lieutenant” because I love a bit of Nic Cage when he’s in batshit mode.

            Is “Wueen of the Desert” about one of those guards at Jabba’s palace? ;-]

        • I can do one better, David…


          I’ve been meaning to see AGUIRRE and FITZCARRALDO for awhile (because of JOTD’s love for them over at MPW), and I’ll be adding GRIZZLY MAN to that immediate queue… unless anyone else has a better, more essential viewing order to abide by.

          • Grizzly Man is incredible, Dino. You won’t regret watching it one bit. It’s hands down my favorite documentary ever. It’s so good. It’s one of the few movies that has made me feel literally sick out of pure horror. It’s not an easy task to do. And even more impressing considering this is technically not a horror movie.


          • Well yeah. I guess I was referring to the feeling after it was all over. It was definitely not very funny or quirky by the end :/

          • I can’t remember if I’ve seen all of GRIZZLY MAN or just part of it, but I have vague memory of seeing the last scene. Did they premiere the movie on Discovery Channel (or National Geographic Channel)? That’s how I remember seeing it (if that is, indeed, what I saw).

          • True, Juan. But, I was laughing with/at and/or embarrassed for the guy for a lot of the movie.

            I’m sure Grizzly Man has aired all over television, Dino. It was a huge hit.

            In some ways, I think it is an easy film to overrate with all of this gushing talk because it is handled so effortlessly by Herzog, you don’t get that feeling that you are watching something masterful until you let it sit with you for a bit and you see more of Herzog’s work.

          • Also, Dino, I think the way to prioritize Herzog’s work is just how interested you are in the topics. They are going to be some of the most interesting films you’ll ever see on a given topic, but if you are interested in crime, watch Into the Abyss. If you are interested in survival, watch Grizzly Man and Happy People.

            I’d also recommend what I recommended for David. Watch Burden of Dreams and My Best Fiend before you watch Fitzcaraldo and Aguire Wrath of God. You’ll appreciate them more, I think.

            Not a huge fan of his Nosferatu remake, but it’s worth seeing as a low-priority amongst his work if you find you’re a fan of his.

        • I just watched my first Herzog film about 3 weeks ago. It was his remake of Nosferatu. I can’t say I loved it but I’m totally going to give Grizzly Man a try!

  1. Bear movie you missed was 1979’s The Prophecy. There’s also a great episode of Hannibal (season 2, episode 9) where a killer builds a hydrolic bear suit and uses it to tear people apart. Unfortunately you don’t see too much of it.
    And something a little bit different, scary teddy bears. http://www.scarebears1.com

  2. Can’t wait! Bring on those beastly freaks!

    Speaking of beastlies, Jay, have you seen they’ve announced a remake to your baby, Cujo? They’re pulling a chud, and it’s going to be C.U.J.O.

    Does not inspire confidence.

      • I stated that I didn’t think the new Jurassic Park movie should be reviewed on Horror Movie Podcast, but I’m glad you did. One of you (Kyle?) pointed out that the monster in the film wasn’t abominable enough, and that rang a bell in my head. For the life of me, what a wasted opportunity! That, along with all of the loose ends and dangling character threads, is what bothered me the most.

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good movie. It’s just that – the creature could’ve been HORRIFYING, and ABOMINATION that maybe the park was hesitant to even show the public…especially if some human DNA had been involved in the ‘creation’ process.

        Man, what a great idea.

        Anyways, since you didn’t review The Prophecy as Joe mentioned, that would be great if you guys would give it a review.

        Or, the Paramount film The Boogens. I’ve never seen it and it has horrible little critters killing people before Gremlins came along.

        P.S. I’ve only ever seen The Edge one time on a 21 inch television screen back in ’98 in VHS format. I’m watching that one again ASAP. Thanks for the recommend!

        • I did mention The Prophecy! We couldn’t feature review every single movie, guys!

          Are you saying The Prophecy and The Boogens for At Your Mercy recommendations? That’s a good idea.

          And I LOVED your thoughts about Jurassic World. I think you’re absolutely right about the creepier direction that could have gone and how much more interesting it would have been.

          Let us know what you thought if a The Edge after viewing!

        • “Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good movie. It’s just that – the creature could’ve been HORRIFYING, and ABOMINATION that maybe the park was hesitant to even show the public…especially if some human DNA had been involved in the ‘creation’ process.

          Man, what a great idea.”

          I love this idea, and that’s what I want for the next JURASSIC movie. It’ll completely change the tone and direction of the series, though, so will probably never happen.

  3. Hey guys, just caught the first few minutes of this cast. Josh, you did an amazing job last week. I was one of the guys bugging you about Wer. I give it the same rating you did. I’m also One of the guys who keeps bugging you about Game of werewolves. While it is available to buy on Amazon, the Blu-ray is region free, but the DVD is not. I purchased the movie and while not awesome I thought it was pretty good. Not great. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

      • Thanks and no problem at all. Keep telling us what you guys want to hear. I love talking werewolf movies, there are just so many themes and franchises to get to, it feels like it takes forever for some of them to come around.

        We’re doing a WolfMan (1941) and Wolfman (2010) Versus episode soon and we will all try to discuss Game of Werewolves together. Plus, I’m going to be covering When Animals Dream as soon as it’s available and doing a Top 10 werewolf list at some point as well.

        • Can’t wait! I’m a huge werewolf fan too (I own every Howling movie if that tells you anything). I hadn’t heard about “Animals” until your show, so I’ll definitely check it out. Have you ever seen Jack and Diane? I’ve been meaning to, but haven’t yet. Looked like the closest thing to an art house werewolf movie I’ve ever seen.

          • No! Somehow completely missed that one (probably the poster and title), but I really like Juno Temple and I’m very interested if the “terror” in the IMDb premise manifests itself as a werewolf. Thanks for the heads-up on that!

  4. The moose I butchered in Bear Haven and my Native Alaskan friend who shot it, on the left. His daughters with Grizzly tracks and the at window where the bear was coming through when he shot it, on the right.

  5. I’m sitting here, beer in hand, snacking on beer-pickled gherkins and enjoying this episode thoroughly. beer.

    It’s always a joy to have William J-lo Jr. on, especially when he’s relating campfire tales from the olden days! And I always love these longer episodes with big sub-genre spanning discussions between the hosts. It’s just an absolute pleasure.

    I must say though, that personally I don’t find these wild-animal attack horror films all that appealing (this is definitely a generalisation though because I do adore “Jaws”). I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not a fan of what I want to call “Realist Situational Horror”. I always find myself wanting more outlandish monsters, supernatural hijinks and campy excess. Don’t get me wrong , I do appreciate realism when it comes to the actions, interactions and dialogue of characters but my reasons for loving the horror genre so much are more rooted in the paranormal, unexplained and “spooky”. The whole realistic-survival-situation just feels a little flat to me when compared to stories that really push the limits of the imagination. But as I’ve noted before, maybe that stems from the lack of any real predators in this country. Aside from Jimmy Saville.

    None of that detracted from the discussions present here though. It’s testament to the talent behind this show when you can take a subject that all the audience might not be totally enamoured with and still capture our imaginations with such fascinating commentary and thoughtful discourse.

    • Thanks David, it’s always nice to be appreciated.
      I have never read a story on a podcast before, so I wasn’t sure how it would go.

      • Even though you prefaced it with something to the effect of “so I wrote it down,” it was difficult to tell you were actually reading it. Excellent delivery to match an excellent story.

        I know this deviates from the pure movie/genre discussion theme of the show, but I’d love to hear more ghost stories incorporated into future episodes.

        • The hosts relating creepy real-life stories, possible paranormal events and even scary dreams has to be my very favourite type of tangent on this show.

          In fact I wish they’d introduce a “Campfire Tales” segment where they tell those kind of stories and if they run out of them they could get the listeners to write in about their own eerie experiences. I know I’ve had a few brushes with the unexplained/just generally creepy in my time and I’m sure lots of other folks have.

    • David, I completely agree with what you said about “Realist Situational Horror,” as you called it, and the more traditional paranormal, monster, and spooky horror.

  6. I’m only about an hour and a half into the show and I think this might just be my favorite episode yet. It’s just such a blast listening to all of your stories. I almost feel like I’m sitting in a cabin with a single malt scotch in hand while you guys unload on us the most terrifying and fascinating stories about wild animals. Your stories even gave me goosebumps at times. I actually have a bear story that’s more funny than scary. I’ll make sure to share it sometime today after I’m back home from giving our dragon boat some much needed maintenance. Before I leave, I just want to say that I’m a big fan of survival horror, mostly because I’m also a big fan of the outdoors. I love hiking and I wish there were more spots in Houston to do it. Whenever I go hiking, I always feel like I’m in my own horror movie. As soon as I’m completely isolated and deep in the woods my imagination just kicks in and stars going in a million directions. I love it!

    • Well put, Juan! That’s what I love about this show. Every episode is like hanging out with a bunch of buddies talking horror.

    • Bear story time!

      A few years back a group of friends and I drove up to Arapaho National Forest in Colorado for a week of hiking and exploring. We knew an encounter with a black bear might be a possibility, especially if we ventured deep into the forest past the path one’s supposed to stay on, so we took a few knives (yeah right like that’s going to help) and bear spray (which we purchased but forgot in the car). We made our way into the forest and a couple of days go by. On the third and last night we set up camp like usual, we put our food high on a tree away from us, and we even have a nice fire going (don’t worry, we didn’t burn down the forest). We also have a big group, nine people to be exact, and having read that bears tend not to go near big groups of people gave everyone peace of mind. The tents are up, the fire’s burning, our bellies are full of sustenance and our tired bodies are ready for a good night’s sleep. Sometime during the night the friend that I was sleeping next to starts screaming to the top of his lungs. I wake up, still half asleep but with my heart going a million beats a minute. I look at him and ask him what’s wrong. He doesn’t look back. He has a blank stare and he’s still screaming very loud. At this point I’m really scared and I even thought to myself “oh shit, this guy’s dying”. I grabbed my friend yelled out his name a few times and shook him to try to get him to tell me what was wrong. He finally looks back at me and says BEAR! He keeps making noise and starts to shake the tent and tells everyone to do the same. The other two guys that were with us in the tent take out their knives and poke their faces out the tent. The second tent next to ours started yelling asking us what’s happening. It’s totally chaos for a few minutes and I’m not gonna lie, I was scared shitless. Everything goes quiet eventually and after a few minutes of looking at each other and whispering what we were going to do if in fact there was a bear out there, we finally decided to step out the tent. There was nothing. No trace of anything, no tracks, nothing. After a lot of bickering amongst ourselves we started laughing and making fun of my friend for causing all of that. We decided that it must have been the wind pushing the tent against his head, but he insists to this day that something big was breathing on him. The next morning we packed our things and headed down to the car still talking about and laughing about what happened the previous night.. On our way back to the hotel we came across some small town where tons of cars were pulling over to the side and a multitude of people were gathering around to see something. We pulled over and went over to check things out. It turns out that it was a black bear that everyone was staring at haha. What a coincidence! He was just chilling and yawning on top of a rock near a restaurant. We started laughing and one of my friends yelled GET TO THE CHOPPER! (making fun of the guy who caused all the ruckus the night before.)

      So we weren’t attacked by a bear, and we didn’t even have a close encounter, but we did get to see one safely from a distance.

      The End.

      • Even if your buddy was just imagining it this is still an exciting and entertaining little story, Juan. The closest thing I have to it was when my friend and I helped to free a goose that had got it’s neck caught in a wire fence and to show its gratitude it chased us through a field of long grass. In the end our butts didn’t even get pecked but we still imagined that we’d survived a raptor attack.

        • It was a very scary experience as it was happening, but I’m glad it was just the wind. Had it been a bear and he attacked, my plan was to stab him with a fork (not my weapon of choice, but it was all I had to defend myself) in a very fast manner (something like 100 stabs in ten seconds), run as fast as I could and wait for him to bleed to death. Literally, that was the best plan I could come up with given the amount of stress I was under. In hindsight, probably not the best plan, but probably not the worst. My back-up plan was to poke him in the eyes and smash his head with a rock while he was blinded. Also, probably not the best plan.

  7. And it’s not really horror but there’s a pretty awesome scene in season 3 of Game of Thrones featuring Bart the Bear II. That guy’s got some chops.

    • Speaking of Game of Thrones, I’m in season 2 my friend. I’m very happy to be catching up with this show. It’s so good! I mean, I knew it was good, but having just re-watched the first season makes me feel like an idiot for having waited this long to catch up.

  8. This episode was so awesome. Living within an hour of Bart the Bear and having stories of him from several friends, it was fun to hear all about bears in relation to horror.

    Also, the scariest bare in the world is wolfman without clothes. Oh snap, I joked so hard!

  9. Also, Bill…I’ve known you for what, 25 years almost? How have I never, not once, heard your bear story?! I figured maybe Big Bill would have told me at least.

    • He was working on a screenplay about it several years ago … maybe 5-10 years ago … I think that’s when I first heard about it. But, I’ve also been camping at his Grandpa’s cabin in Antimony a couple of times as well.

      • All the talk of Grandpa cabins and such from you folks in the USA always makes the place seem so wild and free. Is it actually the case anymore that you can just go into the wilderness and build your own house and then it’s yours? If i went into some random woods here and built a house I think it would technically belong to the stupid old Queen.

        • Haha. No, you cannot just wander into wilderness and build your own house. I mean, there are definitely remote places that you could live your whole life and nobody would catch you, but all of the land is owned by somebody, private or public. Now, if you were a Native American, there are big areas that one could just go and build a cabin and claim it for yourself, but it would still technically belong to whatever the governing body of that land is, whether the tribe or the village or–most likely–a union of tribes. But, I’ve been to many places in Alaska where I guarantee you that no human being has ever stepped–at least in the past several centuries.

          • Rachel’s family owns a huge piece of land up in boring Eastern Oregon that all of her family is welcome to camp and recreate and build on and some percentage of that will eventually belong to Rachel. I had a fantasy of just going up there and living in a sleeping bag with the mountain lions and building a log cabin over the Summer. But, alas, I’m in South America instead.

        • David,
          The land in Antimony Utah is not very expensive, you could buy a few acres and live in the middle of nowhere real easy like. (That’s Antimony talk, you should start learning it.)

    • Matt,
      You know I was thinking about it and I don’t tell my family bear story very often. Which of course is very ironic because I just told it on a podcast and now it’s out there for the world to hear.

  10. And Jay, please don’t ever feel the need to apologise for bringing your dad up on the show. It’s genuinely touching that you feel comfortable enough with your audience (and the other hosts) to share something so personal with us and it’s undoubtedly an event which has shaped your perception of actual “horror”.

    In all honesty I feel like my heart is breaking when I think of you going through that as a little 12 year old kid. Losing a parent was the worst possible thing I could imagine at that age. But the fact you’ve turned out as the person you are; someone that any father would be proud of and a great dad yourself, is an inspiration to us all.

    • That death scene was truly horrific. Like, brutal by comparison to anything else in any of the other Jurassic movies.

      I felt no peril for anyone that mattered to the story, but that death literally shook me. Dinos be scary.

      • That’s a great point about feeling no peril. I just went a second time with the kids (first time for Rachel) and Rachel was jumping out of her seat scared, so I’m not sure if it is just because we see so many scary movies and know nothing bad is going to happen to them or because it is a failure of the film, but I still had a blast watching the movie. It’s just fun.

        The above mentioned death scene (and, actually, all of the mosasaurus scenes) scared the living crap out of me, but I just tried to play it cool with my kids because I didn’t want them to be scared of the water for life, like I was after seeing Jaws.

  11. Hey, all. Jay had some questions at the top of this episode about the current state of The Sci-Fi Podcast. Kill Bill Kill, our guest on this episode, and Mattroid, a frequent guest and friend of the show, are the hosts of that podcast. I have been the Producer on the show as well, though they are preparing to taking it over. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think we are now all systems go, so go check out the new bonus episode I just posted and subscribe on iTunes so you’ll get all of the great themed episodes over there that are very similar to the horror themed episodes that we do here. If you like this (and you like sci-fi) you are bound to like that.

    Check it out and please subscribe.

  12. My blu ray of It Follows came in the mail today and the wife didn’t tell me I got a package so 3 hours later I’m sitting at my desk getting ready to go to bed and I’m like what’s this??? All I’ve gotta say is…bad wife…I so would have watched it!!!

  13. I have some other recommendations I just thought of!

    Ninja III: The Domination

    The Beast Within

    The Hitcher

    I Drink Your Blood

    Of Unknown Origin (a beastly freak movie with Peter Weller)

    And Jay, it’ll be great if you rewatch The Conjuring and let us know if your opinion has changed. Pauline Kael had that thing about only watching a movie one time and I think she was insane for that. Leonard Maltin originally gave Alien a 2 1/2 star review because he thought it was merely a retread of IT! The Terror from Beyond Space…he changed his review later on.

    As far as the story goes about your dad, don’t be sorry for bringing it up. It says something about your connection to your audience that you would share that story the way you did. No words can express.

    • @Levi – Is that THE HITCHER from 1986 or 2007? I love the ’86 original, but never caught the 2007 remake. Was it any good?

    • Unknown Murderer:
      I LOVE your list here…You have some hidden gems:
      “Beast Within” has some great 80′ s effects. The book on which it was based was pretty good too. You should check it out. Easy, fun horror read.

      “I Drink Your Blood” is another great one. i happen to own the DVD. Horace Bones!! Great Charles Manson-like character.

      “Of Unknown Origin.” I think the HMP guys might consider this more of a “thrilller” but I still think it warrants a review. Phenomenal psychological torment in that one. It’s in my top 5 movies all time. Love Mr. Weller’s work in that.

      I’m glad you mentioned these three classics. Let’s hope we get at least one of them!
      Grey Imp

  14. Just for the record, I think 1976’s Grizzly is a B-movie masterpiece. It’s one of my favorite movies that I’ve seen in recent times and one that I love more than I probably should. Still, if you consider yourself a B-movie lover, then this is a must.


      • In a purely primal kind of way. Just because I rate it a 10 doesn’t mean that I consider it the same caliber as something like The Edge for instance (which is also a 10). That’s why I said B-movie masterpiece. And that’s why I also said that I love this movie more than I probably should. Come on, Josh. I’m sure you can relate. There has to be a movie that you love that was nowhere near a 10 that you still rated a 10 *ahem* upstreamcolor *ahem* WHAT?!


  15. @JOTD – Just curious if you planned on continuing with your “5 Minutes of Horror” reviews on SoundCloud. I really dug the one you did for THE REMAINING, and was looking forward to hearing some more.

  16. On a completely unrelated note, I went to see SELF/LESS in the theater yesterday. While I don’t watch trailers myself (I’m that guy in the theater with his eyes closed and ears plugged during the previews), I know that one of the trailers shown before the movie was for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5: THE GHOST DIMENSION. For what it’s worth, I heard a few screams in the audience, and my row of seats shook a few times from other people jumping in fear.


    • Sorry to burst your bubble, Dino, but I actually saw the trailer and it looks pretty dumb. I’m not sure if you’re a fan of the franchise, but I think the first one and The Marked Ones were actually pretty great. I haven’t seen the other sequels, but I hear they’re just ok. From the trailer alone, this latest sequel seems to want to do away with the less is more approach from the first movie. Now, to bring this full circle (Josh), THIS has some terrible CGI.

      • I think trailers for found footage movies are a difficult thing to sell. I’ve seen every movie in the franchise. I’m a fan (the first and third are the two best, imo), and I’m still hopeful it won’t suck!

    • I saw this trailer before The Gallows and the reception in the theater also seemed positive. I liked the third one the most.

  17. I was able to catch THE GALLOWS yesterday. I know HMP will be reviewing this in the next week or two, but I wanted to share my initial thoughts (apologies to MPW listeners who already saw a modified version of this posted over there).

    THE GALLOWS (2015) – 7/10
    I had a good time with this movie. It doesn’t bring anything new to the found footage sub-genre, but it is a fun and morbidly interesting little flick.

    The movie does a good job of laying out the character backstory in a reasonably quick and efficient manner (something that can be a pain point in found footage films), and gets into the scary bits rather early on. The setting of an empty school at night works for me; it is exceedingly creepy, and conjures up some good memories from my high school days. The four main actors also do a decent job, and aren’t particularly grating like many found footage characters can be.

    The overall tone in the school is creepy and eerie (those are two different things, right?), and the movie succeeds in building up the tension as it progresses. In addition to the overall dread and suspense, there are several solid scares scattered throughout the movie, only one of which I would call cheap (yet, it was effective… and funny). The handful of plot twists are a bit predictable, but it’s no less satisfying a story.

    It’s worth noting that this is a relatively clean horror movie, if that matters to you. My theater experience was excellent, with a decent-sized crowd watching attentively (i.e. quietly) and reacting appropriately to the scares, so I would recommend seeing this in the theater.

    • Thanks for the review, Dino. It sound like this might be a good one to wait for until it’s released on Netflix. In all honesty, the trailer didn’t hook me and even though I think the setting is eery and creepy (I believe they’re different things), it looks too generic for my taste. Would you say that’s a fair assessment? Either way, I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually, but for now I’ve still yet to watch Inside Out (and Ant-Man comes out this weekend!), so those two are my top priorities. I kind of wanted to check out Insidious 3, but it doesn’t seem to be in theaters anymore (at least nowhere close to me). I would’ve seen it right away had Insidious 2 been as good as the first one. Insidious 2 just left a bad taste in my mouth.

      Have you guys heard of a movie called Creep? I watched a trailer the other day and it looks amazing! And Netflix just added it yesterday, so I know what I’ll be watching this weekend. There’s also another movie called Hive that looks very promising.

        • CREEP, as in the London underground movie, is one that I’ve been meaning to see for awhile but, for whatever reason, just haven’t yet.

          • The British CREEP also looks like a fun watch. I’ve seen that cover before. It might even be on Netflix or Hulu.

            Dino, from the looks of the trailer, I can tell this is not a horror/comedy in the way that you’re thinking. I think this is more along the lines of a really dark black comedy with a heavy emphasis on horror. But that’s the thing about trailers, you never know.

            • “with a heavy emphasis on horror”

              I hope so. I’ll probably try to watch it sometime this week. My wife and I have been re-watching season 1 of TRUE DETECTIVE (to prep for season 2, which we still haven’t started), so that’s been sucking up most of my at-home tv/movie watching.

      • Juan, “generic” is definitely a fair assessment of THE GALLOWS, and that’s what I was getting at when I said it doesn’t bring anything new to the sub-genre. Even still, I enjoyed it and think it’s worth a watch. I would definitely put INSIDE OUT, ANT-MAN, and INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 ahead of it on the theater queue, though.

        I saw CREEP pop up on iTunes a few weeks ago. I didn’t watch the trailer (because I don’t do that stuff, you know), but I did read the premise. Seemed interesting… until I saw that IMDb has it listed as a comedy-horror. Disappointing. Still, it currently has a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I might give it a go on Netflix.

    • I liked the Gallows too but I have a very high tolerance for anything labeled horror. The scene from the poster was the best in the film. I agree Dino that the backstory is efficient and wraps up nicely. The creepy school atmosphere is great too.

      • Yeah, I generally have a relatively high tolerance for anything horror, too… particularly found footage.

        The poster scene is a good one. I also like the maintenance room scene.

  18. Ugh I want so bad to recommend a movie but everything I think of is just too classic and will probably get its own review, I know a few pretty crappy ones but I’m not sure yall would care for them (ahem, The Giant Claw, Creature From the Haunted Sea) maybe I’ll get one sometime.

    I do have a suggestion for a childrens horror themed episode. “The Halloween Tree”. It has some very creepy moments for any kid and can definitely help them learn about the atmosphere and ambiance that a horror movie can offer. The music is great, the story is actually pretty dark, the visuals are really stunning and captures that Halloween feeling about as good as any movie I know of. Not bad for an animated film. Children that are on the verge of dying, running through a crypt full of falling corpses, and a kite that becomes a monster. I grew up on this movie and I own a VHS copy and watch it every Halloween. I’m very eager to show it to my daughter once she’s old enough. Nowhere near as funny as Hocus Pocus or The Monster Squad (which I’m watching right at this moment on Blu Ray lol), but has such a great dark feel to it. Not to mention Leonard Nemoy as the antagonist, Mr. Moundshroud. If yall ever do an episode on children’s horror, do not leave this one out. Even as an adult I give this a 7 and buy!!!!!

    • “The Halloween Tree” is something I’ve wanted to check out for a long time. It was written by Ray Bradbury who’s probably the best author I’ve ever come across when it comes to capturing the whimsically spooky, autumnal flavour of Halloween. And I’d actually love to hear it covered on here.

      • After typing this last night I couldn’t help but watch it today lol. It’s sunny, with a heat index of 107 here in southwest Tennessee today and honestly watchin this movie made me feel like I could look out the window and see leaves all over the ground.
        I’ve not read the book, however Ray Bradbury is the narrator of the movie. I really can’t think of anything that makes me feel like it’s October 31st like this movie does. The music, scenery, atmosphere just screams “I’m a kid and it’s Halloween!” And I love that nostalgic feeling!

        • It’s definitely something I need to check out. And for some great Bradbury writing that captures that halloween spirit I’d recommend his short story collection “The October Country”. Most of the stories aren’t absolute horror but it really nails that Halloween flavour.

    • The Halloween Tree sounds awesome, Fritz! One of my favorite things from the Creepshow movies are the animated sequences. I think they tie together everything very neatly and give the show a very macabre feeling because of the dark nature of the animation. Do you know of anymore horror animated movies? I’d love to hear more about this kind of stuff. Makes me all giddy inside!

      • For the most part the ones I know of are, of course, aimed at children. We’ve all heard Jay refer to Monster House, which is very very good, I think. Disney’s The Black Cauldron may not really be considered a horror movie but has waaaay more horror elements than any other Walt Disney animated film I have seen. Scooby Doo On Zombie Island is one of the best SD original movies if you wanna go there lol.

        It’s hard to think of a true animated horror movie, it’s easier to remember movies with horror elements (Brave Little Toaster, The Secret of Nimh, etc). I’m sure they’re out there, but as far as coming FROM a place of Horror, there’s nothing I can think of that compares to The Halloween Tree. There aren’t any dogs in it so I can’t use that to tell you whether or not it’s a “serious horror movie” BUT one of the children is legitimately dying, so take that as you will. If this show does do a Children’s Horror themed episode, I can’t wait to hear it because I grew up on a lot of them and they helped mold me into a fan of horror and the macabre.

          • I really really wanted to like Coraline. Sadly, it just didn’t do it for me. A Nightmare Before Christmas is still the king of claynimation in my humble opinion. Paranorman was pretty cool though. Did you guys watch that?

            • I agree that A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is superior to CORALINE. Haven’t seen PARANORMAN… I think my wife and son have, but not sure what they thought of it.

          • I like all three, but I don’t love the Nightmare Before Christmas aesthetic. Sorry, Juan. I know that is sacrilege in some circles.

            Paranorman is my favorite of the three–by far–and the Coraline. Coraline is a work of art, but I don’t like it as a movie as much as Paranorman.

          • That’s a good point, Josh. I do think that Coraline looks amazing, I just don’t love it as a movie like you said.

            Wow! You keep blowing my mind with all these crazy statements, Josh. What about the aesthetics of The Nightmare Before Christmas don’t you like? Aesthetics aside, do you like the movie? As a quick tangent, what would you say is the movie that you don’t love that everyone seems to love that you get the most flak for?

          • Everybody EVERYBODY or everybody SMART PEOPLE, Juan? I’m not sure there are many that people with good taste love that I hate. There are way more that I am lukewarm on and most of them are action movies and animated movies.

            I think it’s much more common that I am passionate about something that I can’t convince people is great … like an Upstream Color. Of course, that is mainly just this community. It has an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and was a huge Sundance hit, so I’m not alone there.

            You tell me, Juan. You’d probably have a better idea bc I’m on here blabbing away about how something is “just okay” … like a Chronicle, and you’re pulling your hair out. Off the top of my head from recent discussions I’d say The Descent, Cloverfield, Dog Soldiers, Ginger Snaps. And I’m not saying any of these are bad, but they have a lot of problems for me. Jay has way more, I assure you.

            Probably the BIGGEST ones that I get flack for are just not caring too much about the Nolan Batman movies or the Avengers movies. I like them all okay and have seen most of them, but I don’t rush out to see them and I’m never blown away. Way more interested in the new Superman movie bc I want to see Batfleck and Aquamamoa.

            • I’m the same with The Avengers movies. I like them both… and am a fan of comic book movies… but I don’t quite understand why so many people think they’re the best of the MCU (or, worse, transcend comic book movie territory). For me, I put CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and IRON MAN easily ahead of The Avengers movies.

        • Nice pull on theThe Black Cauldron, Fritz. I also thought The Secret of Nimh was quite creepy, as a kid.

          I watch the Scooby Doo movies with my kids a lot, trying to get them into mysteries and monsters. None of them are spectacular, in my opinion, but I love Scooby Doo, in general. Zombie Island was decent, I thought. My favorites are Chill out Scooby Doo (an Abominable Snowman story) and Aloha Scooby Doo with some scary monsters and Wiki Tikis.

          To me, the very best of scary new kids movies are Monster House and Paranorman.

          I also like Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania more than I probably should.

          • Totally agree with The Black Cauldron. It’s actually one of my favorite Disney movies. Scooby-Doo is cool in my book. I used to watch heavy doses of the cartoon as well as the spinoffs and they were always solid. Those live action movies though… I don’t know about those.

          • “Those live action movies though… I don’t know about those.”

            That awful CGI Scooby Doo is the scariest thing about those films.

            And I’m with you guys on “The Black Cauldron”. I would rent that movie all the time as a kid. It seems to get a lot of flack for featuring songs and being kind of a “lesser” Disney movie but I liked it a lot.

            And with regards to Disney we’d be remiss to not mention the “Night on Bald Mountain” segment of Fantasia. That sequence is just amazing and very “horror” in my book.

          • I thought Sarah Michelle Gellar was the scariest thing about those live-action Scooby Doo movies.

            Mathew Lillard is perfect. Linda Cardellini is perfect. The James Gunn script is a great starting point. But, the rest of the execution is horrendous! Blech.

      • This children’s horror talk reminded me of an anime series called Paranoia Agent. It’s not children’s horror at all, so please don’t show it to your kids! It’s a really interesting, weird, and creepy show that’s part police investigation, part paranormal phenomena, part psychological horror. David and Dino, you guys would dig it the most, I think. It’s really short, only 13 episodes.

        Josh, speaking about shows, how about an episode of horror on tv?

          • That depends on your sensibilities. This is a little heavier on the drama and more cerebral than most anime, but you’re a smart guy so I think it would be a good introduction to the weirder side of anime. And it does get pretty weird.

          • I can’t speak for “Paranoia Agent” as I’ve not seen it but I’d imagine there’d be better starting points. It doesn’t get much better than Miyazaki so I’d say “Spirited Away” or “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” might be good entry level movies. But if you want something a bit more violent and intense there’s always “Akira” or “Fist of the North Star”. The latter is pretty bad in a way but I just love it’s batshit insane 80’s excess.
            I think Juan’s recommendation of “Memories” over on MPW would also be a great starting point.

          • David’s recommendations are excellent as always. I wouldn’t necessarily classify those as entry level just because I think they’re masterpieces. The only thing I’m afraid might happen is that if you start with those, everything else you watch just won’t quite measure up. I grew up with anime, so I love every kind there is without discrimination. Then again, I tend to stay away from the more gratuitous stuff. Spirited Away is probably the most accessible Miyazaki film along with Kiki’s Delivery Service. If you’re going to go right into Miyazaki, then I’d start with those two.

            As far as horror anime, there’s a lot of it out there, but I’ve only seen a few series. Witch Hunter Robin is a good one and I would also add Elfen Lied to the list, but David’s comments are making me doubt myself. I watched that a long time ago and I’m now wondering if it’s as good as I think it is.

            Generally, anime tends to be very gory, over the top, and even self-indulgent, but I don’t think that’s the problem. I think modern anime is the real culprit here. I don’t mind violence, gore, and nudity as long as the show’s good. If you look back at movies like Akira and Ghost in the Shell — two of the highest regarded anime of all time — they both contain high levels of extreme violence, gore, and nudity. But it’s ok because they’re just great movies that tell great stories and have great characters. Something more modern like High School of the Dead for instance, is just capitalizing on the success of shows like The Walking Dead and adding an ecchi or hentai twist and calling it a day. That’s just lazy and you’re right, it’s hyper-violent and hyper-gratuitous just for the sake of it. And this seems to be the modern trend, so don’t expect it to end anytime soon. And yes, I’m 100% with you on the look of anime from the ’80s and ’90s. Actually, I’d include the ’70s too. Mazinger Z is one of my very favorite and it’s very dear to my heart. It might look dated to some, but I think it still looks great!

          • “Elfen Lied” wasn’t as tonally schizophrenic as the others I mentioned but the aesthetics didn’t really appeal to me and that, in combination with it’s bleak and emotionally pummelling approach, just wore me out.

            And yeah, 70’s anime is great too. I love those early Super Robot shows. It pisses me off when I see commenters on the internet saying stuff like “This old animation is totally unwatchable”. There’s a beauty and a charm to those more primitive days that resonates with me way more than the glossy, sterile stylisation of the modern stuff.

          • It warms my heart that you feel that way, David. I have a friend that “can’t watch old anime” because it’s “icky” and that drives me absolutely bananas.

            With that in mind, here’s this little clip especially made for you, David. Some of the examples used are so dated that they’re actually quite charming. There’s something about that Escape from L.A. scene that looks awesome!


          • Haha, there really are some great picks in that compilation. I love Ronny Cox flying out the window in “Robocop” with his giant flapping arms. I could never figure out why they used that shot when everything else in the movie looks pretty good. I was glad to see “The Langoliers” in there too. That is some Sega Saturn quality CGI right there.

            I think the worst out of all of those is the car scene from “Along Came a Spider” simply because jizzing such cruddy CGI all over an otherwise grim, realistic, down to earth movie is just totally at odds with the feel of every other scene. And it’s just a car crash! Something that could be done practically with stuntmen and some clever editing. That scene totally took me out of the movie. For some reason The Rock being a half finished, textureless rendering of a scorpion man seems more permissible.

        • I’ve never seen “Paranoia Agent” but it sounds interesting. I’m kind of on the fence about horror anime because so often it seems to be more in an action vein or (and this second point seems to be particularly relevant with regards to more modern anime) it seems to be extremely graphic and disturbing yet aimed at kids. Have you ever seen “Corpse Party”? It has that cutesy middle school setting but is full of really sick gore happening to the students. “Elfen Lied” and “Higurashi When They Cry” are similar too. I checked out all three of these shows but gave up on them all because I just couldn’t stomach the weird tonal shifts between saccharine adolescent dramedy and horrible violence. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the art style in a lot of modern anime shows either. I much prefer the look of the 80’s/early 90’s stuff. Does that make me a hipster?

      • I actually find that some horror stuff aimed at kids is genuinely creepy. I guess without the ability to fall back on gore more emphasis needs to be put on atmosphere and that’s where horror becomes really effective for me personally.

    • I love the look and nostalgia of this movie! Bradbury loved Halloween (the holiday) and wanted to create more stories for it. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch this until a few years ago and I find the story to be boring.

      • I could understand that now, like I said I saw this when I was pretty young but have always loved it. Let it be known guys that the main theme of this movie is, why do we celebrate Halloween? As Mr Moundshroud said to Tom who was dressed like a skeleton, “know why you’re wearing bones boy??”.
        Nightmare Before Christmas is an ok movie I mean I can sit down and watch it , but I’m just burnt out on it. I graduated high school in 08 and every single emo kid in school wore the Jack Skellington Hot Topic stuff alllllll the time. It kind of became one of those,”oh you wanna prove you’re the real deal? Then you have to love Tim Burton”. I was never one of those kids but I loved Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, and Batman Returns is my absolute favorite Batman movie ever. I wish he would make another like Sleepy Hollow.
        How could I forget Hotel Transylvania, especially since the sequel will be coming out this year. I’d give that one a 6.0 and s rental, it was fairly decent.
        The Halloween Tree isn’t impossible to find Josh, but it is out of print, it’s available on Amazon though, dvd was around $20 or so last I checked.
        I’m sure Gremlins, Monster House, etc will be on this episode, if I may make a humble suggestion…Goosebumps the movie will be coming out this fall, whether it’ll be good or not I don’t know, but as some one who was an avid R.L. Stine reader in the 90s, might be worthy of a mention. Time for bed now, pleasant nightmares everyone!

        • Yea, I wish I saw Halloween Tree when I was younger. I couldn’t find it so I downloaded it off bit torrent a few years back. There’s a Rankin and Bass stop animation called Mad Monster Party. It looks awesome but once again there’s not much story. Just an excuse for a bunch of stop animation monsters to get together and party. I put this on sometimes for halloween parties on mute. Also, Disney-wise, don’t forget about The Adventures of Ichabod and Mister Toad. Only half the movie is the sleep hollow story but it’s great! There are a few Disney cartoon shorts that are haunted or halloween themed too. There’s also Wallace & Grommit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Frankenweenie has been mentioned and is great!

          There’s a live action kids movie called Worst Witch. I think it was on TV when I was a kid. Lots of my friends grew up with this one. It has David Bowie in it.
          Some other kids live action horror movies I haven’t seen mentioned yet are Teen Wolf, Fun Size, Addams Family 1 and 2, Ernest Scared Stupid, Hocus Pocus, The Witches, Casper, and the Halloweentown Series. Not all of these are good.

          • What about The Simpson’s halloween specials? Those are pretty cool and have tons of references to horror movies.

          • The Treehouse of horrors are great too. I was trying to list movies, but it’s never wrong to bring up the Simpsons, Juan!

          • Casper is a good choice. GOT to include Ernest Scared Stupid!!! Love love love that movie. How could I forget about Halloweentown and Icabod and Mr Toad! I guess I forgot about the Gremlins review. What about The Witches starring Angelica Huston, lord have mercy that terrified me when I was little lol

          • Yes! The Curse of the Were-Rabbit! How could I forget?! I love that movie.

            I think Casper is terrible, like dreadful, but not in a good way.

            I don’t really consider Teen Wolf a kids movie, though I was a kid when I became a fan. Ghostbusters is probably in that arena.

            Never would have thought of Addams Family or Ernest Scared Stupid, but they are actually worth discussing.

            Love Hocus Pocus. The Witches is good too.

            I have a good friend who was in the Halloweentown series. Maybe I could get her on the show. I’ve never actually seen it, though.

    • I love the idea of a children’s themed horror episode! “The Halloween Tree” would be an excellent pick. I would also recommend the film version of “Something Wicked This Way Comes” from 1983, based on a Ray Bradbury novel that is a favorite of mine. It was one of the darker Disney films I saw as a kid and I thought it did a decent job of capturing the tone of the book.

  19. Jay of the Dead, for this podcast, did you play the theme for Jurassic park on your piano?
    Also, I watched Monster House with my 1.5 year old a couple of months back. He was upset when the house ate the dog and the police car. He kept yelling, “car, car, car!” and “puppy, puppy!” My wife and I have enjoyed this movie for years but now I think of you, Jay, every time I watch it!

  20. As I listen to this fine edition of HMP, the HM-addled portion of my mind suggests that there surely must exist a horror movie that involves a miniature bear monster, but the smaller and weaker rest of my mind tells me that a miniature bear monster would be in violation of the freak of nature size threshold.

  21. Wow, 228 comments. I freaking love this audience. Thank you.

    This week’s HMP will be posted tomorrow (Saturday, July 18), earlier in the day.

    And for MPW fans, this week’s episode should be up this evening (Friday, July 17) by 9 p.m. Eastern time.

    There will be rewards in heaven for the patience of our audience.

    Jay of the Dead

    • For those looking for a listen, if you don’t mind non-horror, a solo cast of Movie Stream Cast went up on Monday and another solo cast is going up today (a few days early for a special occasion). There’s also a bonus episode of The Sci-Fi Podcast that went up earlier this week, if you missed it. Links on the side bar.

  22. Have u guys watched Big bad wolves and if so what u think about it, havent heard u guys ever mention Fearless vampire killers, my favorite vampire movie of all time, worth checking out, thanks for the great show keep it coming.

  23. Just back from a trip and I have been listening to this while unpacking. I have been loving this episode and all the bear and wilderness stories. Growing up in Oregon I have seen a few small black bears in the wild from a safe distance (from the inside of my Grandpa’s truck). We did have a bear incident in NE Portland last year a few miles from where I live. A young black bear wandered into a residential neighborhood and was eventually tranquilized and returned to the wild. It was the buzz about town for a while and someone even created a twitter account on the bear’s behalf. It was speculated that he had come to town for some coffee.

    • Very interesting. I like that cop in the video. “It’s behind that house!”

      That poor hog-tied bear in that photo.

      In our neck of the woods it is cougars that people find in their yards.

      I’m not buying the coffee thing though. It was definitely the donuts.

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  25. This is a story that I stumbled across a number of years ago in the Toronto Star paper. It is hands down one of the most gruesome stories I have ever read. In short it is about a bear attack in Russian, however the details are more frightening, to me at least, than anything I have experienced on film.

    Please don’t take this warning lightly…this story is extremely disturbing:


    The Dude

    • I haven’t read the story yet, Dude. I’m scared.

      I feel like I remember hearing a story on Kevin Smith’s podcast from about 5 years ago about a Canadian man being pulled out of his outhouse by a bear.

  26. This is only the second comment I’ve ever left on any of the HMP episodes, but I’ve been LOVING everything you fellas are doing. The nature of my job sometimes allows me to knock out a couple episodes in a day, so even though I first listened to episode 1 around Halloween 2015, I’m here at episode 61 now at the beginning of December, and I can’t wait to get to episode 62!

    To JAY OF THE DEAD: My good man, I just want to thank you very much for sharing your very personal and very tragic story about your father with us listeners. When you first mentioned this back in the Babadook episode, I was so emotionally taken aback that I found myself in a state of total despair for what you and your family had gone through all those years ago. I mean that very sincerely, sir. I’m 31, and I’m a single father of a 12 year old boy. I could not imagine losing him and I CERTAINLY don’t even want to think about him losing me! All in all, thank you, Jay, for trusting us with these aspects of your life.

    Much love from the Pacific Northwest!

    Mister Watson

    PS: Everybody’s bear stories were great! Terrific episode!

    • Mr. Watson! Welcome to the boards and to the podcast in general. Glad to have you as a listener and look forward to you catching up with where we are at now so that you can participate in the comments more fully.

      I had a lot of fun with the killer bears episode and I’m glad you liked it.

      • Wolfman Josh, your bear story is INSANE! You’d think I’d have a decent bear story, living in the Pacific Northwest and all, but even with all the camping I’ve done… I’ve never seen a bear even one time. I was camping alone once in an area with no one around for miles, and I HEARD something pretty large snap what sounded like a big branch. It just shattered the forest silence and freaked me out, but I saw nothing and heard nothing more.

        Hell, I should delete the above. That’s not even a bear story. That’s a I-hear-a-scary-sound-in-the-woods story. Ha ha.

        Can’t wait to get all caught up with the episodes. :)

    • Mister Watson,
      I’m sorry it took me so long to see your comment. Thank you so much. I’m honored by your words. We just have to savor every minute we have…

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  29. I really liked this episode. I loved that you actually talked about The Edge. I love that movie so much. It’s definitely one of my all time favorites. I even have the soundtrack on cd. I love the musical score of the movie by Jerry Goldsmith. Especially his theme for the bear. I have this movie on dvd and blu ray. It’s pretty awesome with surround sound to. What do you think of the musical score?

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