Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 062: EAT (2014) and Catacombs (2007)

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Welcome to Episode 062 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… All four of your official hosts — Dr. Walking Dead, Dr. Shock, Wolfman Josh and Jay of the Dead — are here to bring you another Frankensteinian episode.

In this show, we bring you Feature reviews of the auto-cannibalism Gorror film EAT (2014) and the scary underground Paris movie, Catacombs (2007). Jay is also joined by Kyle for a Beastly Freaks review; Josh tries Jay’s patience with IndieWire’s Top 25 Horror Films of the New Millennium, and Dave tells us about a fallen angel film that really isn’t as horrific as it’s cracked-up to be. We also have some listener feedback, and a new, official HMP segment called “Campfire Tales: Totally True Tales of Terror.” Join us!

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I. Introduction
— Time Magazine’s “The Answers Issue” – July 6 / July 13, 2015
— Hollywood’s favorite genre to remake
— The World’s Deadliest Creatures

[ 0:11:52 ] II. Feature Review: EAT (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 9 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Walking Dead = 7 ( Rental / Stream it )

[ 0:43:55 ] III. Jay of the Dead’s BEASTLY FREAKS: Zombeavers (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 4.5 ( Low-priority Rental / Stream it )
Dr. Walking Dead = 5 ( Low-priority Rental )

[ 1:00:43 ] IV. Dr. Walking Dead’s Parting Thoughts for the Evening:
— The Strain
— iZombie
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[ 1:04:28 ] V. Feature Review: CATACOMBS (2007)
Wolfman Josh = 4.5 ( Low-priority Rental )
Dr. Shock = 4.5 ( Low-priority Rental )

[ 1:22:36 ] VI. Feature Review: GABRIEL (2007)
Dr. Shock = 7.5 ( Rental ) — though it’s not a horror movie.

[ 1:38:32 ] VII. IndieWire’s 25 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century So Far…

[ 1:50:31 ] VIII. CAMPFIRE TALES: Totally True Tales of Terror
— Listener feedback: Dino, David, Juan
— Introducing a new HMP segment
— Juan’s Bear Scare from Episode 061 comments
— Dr. Shock’s Nightmare Tale: The Growling Wife
— Wolfman Josh’s Real-Life, Non-Nightmare
— Jay of the Dead’s Half-Aware Nightmares
— Dr. Shock’s Anesthetic Awareness Experiences

IX. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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120 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 062: EAT (2014) and Catacombs (2007)

  1. You really piqued my interest with that review of Eat. But as a Canadian citizen, watching it will be tricky because we don’t have Amazon Prime. And I can’t seem to find it on DVD or Blu-Ray. Oh well.

    • I’m with you on this one, Willis. I don’t think Jay and Dr. Bishop missed the point though. Actually, they brought up your point during their review. They just couldn’t bring themselves to give it a high score because let’s face it, even when it tried to be bad and cheesy on purpose, it could’ve been better. Think Evil Dead. Still, it was a very good effort and I had a lot of fun with this one.

      • I enjoyed Zombeavers myself, and I went in expecting nothing. Maybe that helped? I am a MST3K fan though, and for people who have a tolerance and ability to enjoy that kind of flick, Zombeavers is fun.

        Also, the acting was actually pretty decent, which I did not expect. And it was shot well. Not all of the jokes worked, but it was enjoyable!

    • Sorry but I am with Jay and DWD. I had high hopes for Zombeavers. I was hoping for a blend of comedy and horror but I found that it fell flat on both counts.

      As for it being a throwback to days gone by, that was a complete miss as well.

      The Dude

  2. Hey guys got a real life ghost story for you. My podcast download messed up so I didn’t hear where to submit them. Great show, can’t wait to hear what you think of the gallows!

  3. Excellent episode, fellas. I’ll echo Ryan’s thoughts on EAT. That’s one I might not have considered before, but your review definitely got me interested. I’m adding it to my queue, for sure.

    CATACOMBS is a movie I saw a long time ago… at least 5+ years back. I remember liking it well enough, but it’s been way too long for me to really say more or put a rating on it. The thing that stuck with me, though, was the setting. I’m a sucker for horror set underground. Setting and atmosphere weigh heavily for me in horror, so CATACOMBS probably falls just ever so slightly above average imo. But, like I said, it’s been a long time.

    I’m surprised you all were as easy on ZOMBEAVERS as you were. Maybe it was supposed to be a tribute to cheesy horror and maybe that works for some, but I just thought it was pretty terrible. It was bad on its own merit, but the look of the zombeavers just puts the nail in the coffin for this one. I give it a 3.5/10. Avoid.

    • Sorry bro but I’m with Willis on this one. I thoroughly enjoyed Zombeavers and thought they delivered exactly what the title and premise promised. It’s a 6 for me.

    • Btw, I’m a little sad that you both came in so low on CATACOMBS. That’s one that I’ve been meaning to revisit because of the setting and my somewhat fond memory of it, I especially wanted to revisit it after seeing AS ABOVE, SO BELOW last year. Now… not so excited to revisit it.

  4. I’m also glad you’ll be adding Campfire Tales to the show/segment rotation. I can’t wait to hear what stories the hosts and listeners have to share.

    JOTD, I like the idea of playing the “woods” white noise during the Campfire Tales, but I personally thought it was a little too loud. Also, what was the predominant sound effect in the track? I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be wind, rain, or something else altogether. Part of me wishes it was the sound of a campfire crackling.

    Oh, and Wolfman Josh, for the record I live in Cleveland, not Cincinnati. I imagine that gaffe is as aggregious as saying someone is from Salt Lake City when they’re actually from Provo (or something like that).

  5. I really enjoyed your review of “Eat”, even though I am pretty sure I will never muster up the courage to watch it. I have always found cannibal movies particularly upsetting and this sounds like a horrific twist on that theme. For some reason that Goya painting “Saturn Devouring His Son” comes to mind or some kind of gory Ouroboros.

    As for sleep paralysis (or my favorite term for it “Old Hag Syndrome”), I have experienced it three times in the past decade. The most recent time was in early 2011 and it was the scariest experience of the three, back when I shared a large older house with several roommates. It was early in the morning, and I was lying in bed face up in a half awake/half asleep state and I thought I could hear one of my roommates come into my bedroom while talking on a cell phone. I tried to turn to look at him and couldn’t. I could hear his footsteps on the hardwood floor pacing back and forth by my bed. I then began to hear a high pitch screeching sound that was similar to nails on a blackboard but emitting from a person. I felt weight on my chest and had the sensation that a small demonic old woman was sitting on me and I couldn’t move. I felt the sensation that this creature had a hold of my face and was trying to pull me upright by my cheeks. It seemed like I was struggling to resist this pulling for quite sometime, and the screeching and footsteps continued throughout. I managed to wake myself up and found I was alone and I felt completely worn out. I later ended up switching rooms with the roommate who I thought had been walking around, as I had never been able to make that space totally feel like my own.

    A few years before the screeching incident, I was living in an apartment converted from a 1920’s farmhouse and while during a nap, found I could open my eyes but not move while I heard clawing sounds coming from inside of my mattress. I had a next door neighbor at the time who suffered from Schizophrenia and he used to scream and punch at the wall in his bathroom which was on the other side of my bedroom. I know sleep paralysis is a medical condition (as is Schizophrenia), but I could never shake the feeling that something was very wrong with that old farmhouse and that my neighbor was somehow been antagonized by it. Luckily, I only lived there nine months.

    • Awesome stories, Allyson. The visuals they conjure, particularly the first one, are truly the stuff horror movies are made of. Sounds like Campfire Tales material to me. Thanks for sharing!

      Actually, the first story has a strong INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 vibe to it, even though nothing like that really happened in the film.

    • I’m with Dino, these stories were great and extremely creepy. I had chills when I read the bit about the demonic old woman! Also I loved the references to “Saturn Devouring His Son” and Ouroboros with regards to “Eat”. Awesome insight! I think I remember reading that Carl Jung believed the Ouroboros to be an important symbol with regards to human psychology and in that regard I think it fits right in with “Eat”; The character is plagued by a self destructive psychological condition taken to it’s logical extreme and I guess most conditions of that type are cyclical by their very nature.

      Also, it’s not sleep paralysis, but do any of you guys get that thing where you’re just drifting off and suddenly it feels like you’ve hit the ground really hard after falling from a massive height and you sort of burst awake with the impact? That always freaks me out.

      • Allyson, your story brings to mind the shadow people, which are supposed beings that one encounters during astral projection, sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, or before one’s death. It sounds like you actually got a good look at the being that sat on you though. So, that might be something else entirely.

        I don’t think I’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis, but I’ve experienced lucid dreaming, which some people link to sleep paralysis. I’ve also had out of body experiences where I’ve traveled through the walls of my house. It’s a weird feeling because you have control over your movements, but it’s almost like learning how to move again, so the range of motion is limited in a way. I’ve read that these are all stages you have to go through before being able to astral project. I can’t say I’m a firm believer in astral projection, but I’ve experienced enough in my sleep not to dismiss it entirely.

    • Allyson, I couldn’t even finish reading your freaking terrifying story, but it will be front and center when we review The Nightmare which I would NOT recommend people check out if they don’t want to experience sleep paralysis. It’s like the real life version of In the Mouth of Madness or The Ring. Thanks for sharing, though. Crazy stuff.

  6. Jay, to answer your question regarding the reason behind Hollywood remaking more horror flicks than movies from other genres; It may sound cynical but I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re cheap to produce and it’s therefore easier to maximise profit.

    With dramas and comedies you tend to need some big names in the cast to pull in an audience and with action, sci-fi and fantasy you’ll need a big budget for the stunt work, action sequences and elaborate SFX but with horror you can use unknown actors, minimal sets/locations and just add in all the blood and guts in post using CG and still draw in a big enough audience to make a reasonable profit. Especially if you have a major studio marketing department behind you and an established fanbase.

    And I think Jay’s probably right about the term “slasher” being used as a loose synonym for horror in general in the Time article but we do seem to get an inordinate amount of slasher remakes anyway. Here’s a bunch more that some might consider “slashers” but weren’t mentioned in the discussion:

    Toolbox Murders (2004)
    House of Wax (2005)
    Black Christmas (2006)
    April Fools Day (2008)
    Prom Night (2008)
    Sorority Row (2009)
    Silent Night (2012)
    The Town that Dreaded Sundown (2014)

    I know some of these might not be considered direct remakes but I think they’re all obviously trying to sell themselves as such and when they’re remaking stuff as second tier as “House on Sorority Row” you really have to wonder how far they’ll go.

  7. Loved this episode, guys! I had never heard of “Eat”, but it’s now on my list. I thoroughly enjoyed “Zombeavers”. I was pissed at my husband when he picked it for us to watch, but I found it entertaining and knew not to take it seriously. I REALLY like the Campfire Tales segment you guys did. I love hearing people talk about their spooky experiences so, by all means, keep ’em coming!

  8. Great episode, guys. I logged in to Amazon Prime to watch “Eat” just after listening to the review as I had an hour and a half to kill. Fun movie. I especially enjoyed those opening credits with some nice foreshadowing of the finger/toe nail gore that Kyle discussed.

    Clearly there were hints about how the Hollywood movie industry uses and abuses its actors, but I saw this as an even more general attack on society. There are some truly awful characters in this one. Manipulators, psychotics, unstable liars, rapists, etc. “Eat” shows how cruel the world is, not just the movie biz. It shows how women (and men) with dreams to succeed are often mocked and mistreated. The few positive and caring characters sadly do not make it as expected. I liked this movie; the gore didn’t get to me too much, although the dream sequence was pretty horrific! (I’m guessing that’s what Kyle was referring to as his cringe-worthy moment. It was similar to “Cabin Fever” for sure.) The effects were great, and I also found this to be very sad but also hilarious at times.

    On another note, I got my wife to watch most of “Spring” with me a few weeks ago. She is not one for horror, but she “sat in” as I watched that one as per your review. She was very intrigued and told me how surprised at how good it was. Good movie for sure, thanks for that recommendation. The positive vibes won me some points at the house! HMP has improved my marriage, at least for a night!

  9. What movies from the present does everyone think will be remade within the next 20 years?
    My predictions:
    The Loved Ones
    The Strangers

    • But seriously, this is a great question. I don’t know how recent we’re talking but I’d guess anything that made enough of a profit has the potential for a remake. I think these are likely (though not absolutely contemporary):

      -Paranormal Activity
      -The Complex (because I’m sure there’s still a market for Americanised takes on J-horror)
      -A Nightmare on Elm St. (Again)
      -It Follows

      Also, they’re apparently already doing a US remake of “Housebound”. Which came out just last year. And is in English.

    • This is a great question, but it’s tough to answer because a lot of the prime candidates get remade just years after the original’s release. Non-U.S. films are ripe for the taking for a U.S.-produced release. David already mentioned the planned HOUSEBOUND remake and there’s one in the works for I SAW THE DEVIL, as well; there’s also [REC], RINGU, JU-ON, and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, to name a few.

      Also, are we talking just straight up remake, or could we be talking sequel/reboot? Anyway, here are some thoughts:

      THE CONJURING (possibly more of a sequel/reboot situation)
      THE COLLECTOR (I imagine big studios are always on the lookout for a new “franchise-able” killer)

  10. Terrific episode guys, loved the review of EAT which I now need to check out. I wanted to give a big Thank You to Jay, Josh, Dave and Kyle for all the hard work you guys put into this top notch podcast.
    FYI Jay, I just saw a new Beastly Freaks Flick called “Stung” on Amazon and wanted to inform you just in case you haven’t heard of it (Although I’m sure you have).

      • Again, I was bummed when I first heard of STUNG and saw that it was a comedy-horror. Still, the monster design looks pretty good (in pictures, at least), so there might be more to this one.

  11. Ok now I HAVE to watch Eat. Finally got a chance to listen to this episode today, sounds amazing.
    I don’t really have any scary stories just some nightmares. This one doesn’t end nearly as scary as others have posted.
    I was dreaming one night that I was walking through the house and there was a little girl in the basement staring up the stairs at me. First of all we didn’t have a basement. My mom was there in a rocking chair for some reason, and sitting next to her was a giant boulder (I know I know). So I picked it up and threw it down the stairs and hit the girl in the face. Momma said “why’d you hit that little girl?” I said “that’s not a little girl!” And took off. My legs weighed 100 lbs each and I could hardly run, meanwhile this “thing” was chasing me through the house. I reached for the door only to grab the refrigerator door by mistake, then I fell. I heard it getting closer, when I finally made it out the door and onto my bike. I looked back to see a skeleton waving at me through the window and laughing in a very strange and disturbing way. Here’s the kicker, I was awakened by the sound of something laughing in my room. I was absolutely terrified when I woke up. Until I realized I had fallen asleep the night before with the tv on and there was a goat on the screen :/

    I have had some that did scare the mess out of me thanks to yall!! Lol
    It wasn’t long after my daughter was born, and I had really been listening to the Babadook episode a lot. I hadn’t seen the movie but had been making my own mental images based on the discussions on the show. I dreamed that somewhere in my home was a dead body, and apparently the Babadook was responsible, and I could either be taken by it, or find the corpse. The Babadook was always nearby but never in sight, I turned the corner and found the body, which in my nightmares is just terrifying to me. I’m already scared to death and actually dream that I’m going to bed. I had looked up pics of the Babadook because I just had to see it, so knowing what it looked like didn’t help with my dream. I laid down and knew something was there, look up and it’s standing in the doorway making a high pitched scream. That’s when I jumped up to a sitting position in bed, soaked with sweat, and my heart pounding. When I saw a figure in the doorway. Turns out my wife had gotten up to feed our daughter, who was only a few days old. So apparently noises in my environment seem to manipulate my dreams lol.

    Ok I’m done now, but remember….whatever you do………don’t fall asleep

    • Fritz, that little girl in the basement dream sounds pretty terrifying, actually. Little girls in horror movies are one of the tropes that scare me the most.

      And I like how the NoES nut left us with that final line after all this nightmare talk. Nicely done.

  12. Campfire Tale:

    Well, I’m not sure this classifies as a campfire tale as I’m from the UK, and the only thing horrifying about camping here is the weather, and even that’s pretty mundane. We have no bears, no wolves, no rabies. The most dangerous thing about camping in the UK is coming across a disgruntled badger. So this is less of a campfire tale and close encounter tale.

    Anyway, I was on Holiday in Thailand on the island of Koh Tao, swimming in a small bay, circumstantially named “Shark Bay”.
    So there I was snorkelling along, not seeing too much as the water is quite murky. I might have seen a couple of small sharks and a sea turtle, but they were pretty shadowy. Anticlimax: I was swimming around for about an hour, and made it to the shore safely.
    However, once on the shore, my friends said: “Hey, did you see that shark?”
    I said: “What shark?”
    They said: “The 5ft reef shark that was following you.”

    I promptly decided that it isn’t safe to back in the water…

  13. Is any one watching Zoo? It fits in well with the whole death by animals theme…It’s not gonna win any awards but I find it very entertaining…especially since its a self contained season…

  14. I also recommend Wayward Pines…very unique sci fi horror show…once again a one season show…I like this concept…a beginning and an end…Tell a story and be done with it….

  15. My weird horror story…(100% true).
    In 2006, I turned my life upside down: I broke up with the girlfriend, moved out of the apartment, quit the office job, packed up my stuff in my Dodge Intrepid, and hit the road. I drove a few days from suburban Philadelphia to Seattle, where I would live for a few months (a typical “finding myself” episode which worked out for the best). I would camp out in various places along the way.
    The third day in, I visited the Badlands of South Dakota, after which I went to the Buffalo Gap National Grassland, a large prairie wilderness area outside of the Badlands. I packed a backpack with bare essentials (tent, tarp, water, food, etc.) and hiked a short distance over the prairie to camp for the night. I was totally alone in the vast spaces of the Great Plains except for a large crow hovering way above me. As I walked along with this sort of ridge, I could gradually see the crow start getting closer and closer. After about 10 minutes of walking, I felt the crow swooping down closer to my head. I thought it was cool at first, but it became relentless, faster, and was seeming to dive-bomb me every 20 yards or so. If you’ve ever been to South Dakota, you know the place is mostly a gigantic field, so there was no cover for me. There was nowhere to hide. This rogue crow kept dogging me for about 1.5 miles. I started to throw some large sticks and rocks at it, but it would sore high to avoid me, then immediately return as soon as I had my guard down. I figured it was hungry and was bugging me for food, but I was never dumb enough to feed wild animals, especially crows/seagulls which will never leave you alone once fed.
    I figured the thing would eventually leave me alone, but it continued to swoop down on me as I found a little spot under some lone trees and began to make camp. This crow was getting so close to my head; I could feel the strong breeze and vibrations of the spread wings each time. I continued to hurl objects and yell at the crow, but it continued to taunt me. Finally I got the tent set up and made a fire at dark. The crow was gone.
    When I awoke the next morning, guess what was perched on a pine tree right outside the tent? Yup, the crow picked up right where he left off and continued to torment me as I broke down the tent and began to head back to the car. Again it followed me all the way back to the car, zooming down at my head. It finally deserted me when I began to drive.
    Although it never made contact, I was truly disturbed by this. It was like this crow was warning me of something; I refused to assume it was some kind of sign at the time, but now I almost see it as an omen. The crazy thing was, a few weeks later my car broke down on I-5, north of Seattle on my way to my temp job, and I was screwed. The whole car thing basically sent me into severe debt and in a few months, I was back in PA restarting my life. It all worked out in the end, but I’ll always remember that raven. It reminded me a lot of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, “The Raven.” I’ve done countless hiking/backpacking trips over the years, and I’ve seen all kinds of animals, but I never had an animal encounter like this. The thing was rather large, so maybe it was a raven and not a crow (I don’t know the difference), but it acted alone and seemed to be out for my eyes or head, or something. I’ll never know!

  16. Yeah I did…he’s only 18…he had perthes disease when he was younger…I deteration of the hip bone…he’s been in pain most of his life and now I hope he can finally be pain free…he’s the toughest person I know living through this…

  17. You wanna know what’s wierd…I had surgery on a torn meniscus in my knee a couple years ago and this year he had the same surgery this year on his opposite knee and both our hip replacements are on the opposite hips…we are mirrors of ourselves…crazy shit!!!

  18. HMP and MPW listeners,
    Jay of the Dead here. Sincere apologies for my tardiness in posting episodes, of late, but it’s been one of those months… And yet, the content rolls forth! The shows may be late, but you know I’m good for it. It’s coming.

    And this week’s HMP should be up sometime on Saturday, July 25. By the way, this week’s HMP (Ep. 063) is a very special one that should not be missed… I directly address Producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions… If you care at all about the Horror genre, it is an absolute must-listen.

    And this week’s MPW (Ep. 147, I think) should be up by tomorrow (Friday, July 24). We have the hosts of the Geek Cast Live Podcast, and it’s a very irreverent, hilarious episode. Don’t miss it, either!

  19. I finally watched the first episode of the new SCREAM tv show on MTV. It’s not good, but it did enough interesting things to make me interested in seeing where it goes. I’ll at least be watching the next episode. From there… we’ll see.

      • Agreed, but I can at least see the connection to SCREAM (or what they’re trying to do). In many ways, though, it gave me more of a I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER vibe. I don’t know… I’m only one episode in, so maybe I should watch on before really talking about it.

  20. Doc told a story a while ago about his house being haunted which was great too! There’s a podcast I subscribe to called “Jim Harold’s Campfire – True Ghost Stories.” People call in and tell about their encounters with the supernatural. There are some annoying commercials but it’s free and a good listen. It was the first podcast I subscribed to because I wanted to hear some ghost stories. I became bored after a while and found Horror Movie Podcast… which never gets boring!

  21. I just read that a Pet Semetary remake is on the cards for next year. I’m not sure about this because I remember the original as being pretty scary, (especially the scene with the sister Zelda, it gives me child’s thinking about it). In fact I think this is one of my favourite King adaptations to film. However Juan Carlos Fresnadillo of 28 weeks later fame is set to direct so I’m definitely intrigued.

    Does anybody know anything more about this? Love to know your thoughts.

    • Sounds like this could be a quality remake. I’m sure it will be scary and entertaining , but I’m not sure it’s possible to make it more disturbing than the original. I’m game if this is made though. I wish I knew more about this!

  22. Wolfman, your friend with the knife is NUTS! Ha ha. You’ve certainly led an interesting life, good sir.

    Dr. Shock, your story about your wife growling at you is crazy! Funny… I had just re-listened to your haunted house stories from episode 2 right before diving into this episode.

    I’ll tell you what, though… I’ve had sleep paralysis AND night terrors (like you described in the growling wife story) since I was a child. In fact, just the other week, I had a REMARKABLY similar night terror-ish experience…

    I’d fallen asleep on the couch, and my girlfriend had gone to bed upstairs. At some point in the night, I awoke and found myself just lying there, staring at the dark red light of the fish tank and how it was coloring the ceiling and the walls of our apartment. It was fascinating how blood red it all was.

    Anyway, out of nowhere, I saw my girlfriend sitting on the ground next to the couch just staring at me in that crimson dark. I was completely startled because she couldn’t have walked by the couch without me seeing her. I was about to speak, but she looked… different… and I froze. At that point, she VERY slowly extended her arm toward me. Reaching with a splayed open hand. And then, oddly enough, she flicked me in the neck very lightly. I don’t know why, but I began to choke. She did it twice more, causing me to gag and writhe around on the couch, while she just sat there with this peculiar, straight face. Flicking and flicking.

    Finally, I woke up, and she was gone… although, I don’t recall actually “waking up” or snapping out of a dream state, as I thought I’d been awake the whole time. Oh well… happens all the time. What can I say?

    Thanks for another great podcast, you guys! It pains me to hear the lack of love for CABIN IN THE WOODS, as I consider it one of the greatest 21st century horror films! Don’t get me wrong, as a person who has studied film, I understand why some horror fans react negatively to this movie, but the punk rock rebel I am (or used to be, anyway) loves the film for all those very reasons. Whatever. We’ve all got different sensibilities, and that’s just how it is. Much love, fellas!

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