Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 064: The Found Footage Convention in Horror and an Interview With Eduardo Sánchez, Co-Director of The Blair Witch Project

Found Footage FinalHave you ever wanted to hear the HMP hosts analyze the found footage format for hours, and then interview the co-director of “The Blair Witch Project,” Eduardo Sánchez? Good. Otherwise, Episode 064 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST will be disappointing for you, because that’s exactly our agenda!

This is a special themed episode where we explore The Found Footage Convention in Horror. You’ll get in-depth discussion of the filmmaking convention with special guest Michael Steinberg of FoundFootageCritic.com, feature reviews of two recent found footage films “The Taking of Deborah Logan” (2014) and “Evidence” (2013), and even some Top 5 Found Footage Films lists from your hosts!

And our main event is an interview with Filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez. Sánchez is best known for co-directing the found footage trailblazer “The Blair Witch Project” (1999) and directing the more recent found footage Bigfoot landmark “Exists” (2014), the paranormal found footage potboiler “Seventh Moon” (2008), and the short found footage zombie segment of “V/H/S 2” (2013), titled “A Ride in the Park.”

Sánchez has also directed more traditionally shot and structured films such as the criminally underrated alien invasion nail-biter “Altered” (2006) and the paranormal horror thriller “Lovely Molly” (2011).

This episode is 3 hours and 45 minutes! Join us!

“Found Footage always gets beat up. It’s like the bastard child of Horror.” — Filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez

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I. Introduction
— Theme: The Found Footage Convention in Horror
— Real-life Beastly Freak creature lurks around Milwaukee
— Dentist and Cecil the Lion: Animal murder vacations
— Wolfman Josh’s giant killer caterpillars in Colombia

— A brief interview with Michael the Found Footage Critic from Found Footage Critic.com
— HMP hosts discuss the theme and its historically significant markers along the timeline
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[ 1:23:53 ] III. Feature Review: EVIDENCE (2013)
Jay of the Dead = 4 ( Very Low-priority Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental / Stream it )

[ 1:39:59 ] IV. Feature Review: THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental / Stream it )

— Kyle announces the winner of a Horror Movie Podcast T-shirt from among those who left him a book review.

[ 2:08:56 ] V. An Interview With Eduardo Sánchez, director of “The Blair Witch Project”

[ 2:37:53 ] VI. Horror Movie Podcast’s TOP 5 FOUND FOOTAGE FILMS IN HORROR (or pretty close to it)

— Dishonorable Mentions: Our picks for the very worst Found Footage Horror movies

Jay of the Dead’s TOP 5
1. [ REC ]
2. Cloverfield
3. Home Movie
4. Exists
5. The Blair Witch Project — tie — Paranormal Activity

Dr. Shock’s TOP 5
1. Trollhunter
2. [ REC ]
3. The Blair Witch Project
4. Cannibal Holocaust
5. Grave Encounters

Wolfman Josh’s TOP 5
1. The Blair Witch Project
2. Trollhunter
3. Exists
4. [ REC ]
5. The Last Exorcism

— Wolfman Josh’s Blair Witch related Killer Clown in the Woods Story (A must-listen!)

— Found Footage Honorable Mentions

VII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

JOIN US NEXT WEEK ON HMP: Episode 065 for a review of “The Gift,” which is not necessarily a traditional Horror film per se, but it’s a creepy and unsettling psychological Thriller, and as a Blumhouse Production, it’s an interesting release to discuss in light of Jay’s previous message for Jason Blum in Episode 063.

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235 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 064: The Found Footage Convention in Horror and an Interview With Eduardo Sánchez, Co-Director of The Blair Witch Project

  1. Forty minutes into the podcast and I really want to voice my opinion on THE LAST BROADCAST. Is it a perfect movie? Not at all. It’s not even as good as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Yet, I really dug the movie thanks to how creative it all felt. With how much Jay loves found footage movies, it’s a must see movie. That being said, if it wasn’t a found footage film, I don’t know how much Jay would like it. Maybe if there were some beastly freaks thrown in here or there.

    Ultimately, it’s a found footage movie that doesn’t follow the formula as closely as the vast majority of them. That’s awesome especially since the found footage sub-genre has been so paint by numbers in recent years. THE LAST BROADCAST may be dull at points, but with a great ending, it was more than worth checking out at least once.

    Josh, your tales of being out in the wild with men who…less than concerned about these wild beasts, whether wolves or bears, are both crazy entertaining and terrifying.

  2. What I should have said: The big difference between the ending of Evidence and the ending of The Lost Coast Tapes is that there actually is an ending without the twist. If you chop the twist off the end of Evidence, you still have a kind of cool ambiguous ending. If you chop the twist off the end of The Lost Coast Tapes, you have nothing.

  3. Since the movie was brought up on the show, I’m curious, am I alone in never seeing CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST? I just don’t know if I have it in me to watch something so sick to see animals being killed, let alone what happens to the actual people. Maybe I would have been into seeing it when I was younger and interested in seeing the most extreme movies I could get my hands on, but after seeing THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (Original), and SALO, I don’t have the interest in pushing myself anymore.

    I’m fairly sure SALO is responsible for that change. That’s the only movie where I felt sick watching it and it killed my mood for several days after it was finished. Ugh.

    Besides CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, the only other movie I had problems pushing myself to see was ZOMBIE. I can remember buying the movie around 2002 and just having it sit on my shelf because of that darn eye scene. When it comes to harm towards a specific body part, messing with the eyes is the absolute worst for me. Tear my fingernails off, go for the genitals, scalp me, whatever. Just don’t mess with my eyes! I’ve seen ZOMBIE a few times now and every time the eye scene begins, I’m having to act like a little kid holding my hands over my eyes until the wood actually pierces the eye and then I’m completely fine since it’s just a cool little effect.

    In regards to EVIDENCE, the welder’s torch is now maybe my absolute favorite slasher weapon. It’s a scary weapon in knowing that the killer doesn’t even need to get close to you and the killer can still get you. Unlike getting your throat slashed or whatever, death probably comes so slowly and painfully. Death by fire is the worst possible death for me. The rest of the movie is just okay and I’m not a fan of the ending, but I love the weapon of choice.

    For THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN, I agree that it wasn’t necessary to have both the horror of living with Alzheimers and then the later supernatural plot. I found the Alzheimers one to be a lot more scary just because it’s far more believable. Some of the looks that Jill Larson gave in the middle of the movie were the scariest facial expressions I’ve seen in horror.

    My top five for found footage:

    4. THE BAY
    2. (REC)

    Honorable mentions include: SKEW (Sorry, Jay, I dug it), AS ABOVE, SO BELOW (Not sorry, Jay), QUARANTINE, MEGAN IS MISSING (More for just the experience I had with some friends and seeing it), ALONE WITH HER, CLOVERFIELD, and UNFRIENDED (Again, because it’s so awful it made for a fun experience).

      • I never wanted to see Cannibal Holocaust because of the animal cruelty but two of my wussy friends saw it so I found it streaming on HULU. It’s still streaming there if anyone wants to check it out. The animal cruelty is terrible and PETA wasn’t doing their thing back then. I’m glad we have better rules and regulations for animals in movies now. The documentary crew in Cannibal Holocaust is the really disturbing part of the movie. The cannibals are tame humans compared to the Westerners who have come in and messed up their way of life. The whole thing is unsettling and probably makes the animal cruelty seem even worse. The women in this movie have it pretty bad too. It’s a totally disturbing movie that I love. I wish no animals were harmed in the filming of this movie so we could have discussions about it without the animals deaths ruining the movie.

    • Cannibal Holocaust was not a film I ever thought we’d discuss in the show for those reasons. I believe Dave and Kyle both vowed that they would never watch it again after their previous viewings, but as we prepared for this Found Footage episode, as well as our upcoming cannibal episode, there was no denying the film’s power or place in horror cinema history. If you haven’t seen it, I think you can live vicariously through these discussions, it’s not a “must-watch” and I would never recommend this movie to anyone. But, for the purposes of what we are doing here, I think we needed to at least mention it or it would have been a major oversight.

      • I think if you took away that knowledge that there were real animal deaths, I could probably handle it even if everything was exactly the same and animals did really die. It’s just that knowledge that makes me not want to support the film with a single view.

        The only thing that bothers me about not watching it is that it’s just about the only major horror film that gets talk that I haven’t seen.

    • “Cannibal Holocaust” is a weird one for me. I find the actual animal killings pretty abhorrent but I’m sure there’s a cut I’ve seen floating around out there with the worst of those bits removed. And even then it’s a very uncomfortable and disturbing watch. The gore effects are extremely realistic looking and the general tone of the film is sickeningly bleak. However, it is a very well executed and effective piece of cinema, especially in contract to a lot of similar video-nasty type movies. I’d say it’s worth watching once if you can find a version with the animal slaughters removed but it is a film that will haunt you for a long time.

      • If there was a minor “Cleanflicks” version of it, I would probably check it out. I imagine it wouldn’t be easy to tell beforehand if the version have the edits or not though.

        • I believe that the latest Blu-Ray release of Cannibal Holocaust from Grindhouse comes with an ‘animal cruelty free’ version that can be watched.


          I have to admit that as a film, I really enjoyed Cannibal Holocaust. Perhaps ‘enjoyed’ isn’t the best word for it, but it is a film that captured my interest. Yes the animal cruelty is tough to watch and it is off putting but if you can get around that the film itself is very well done.

          I think that horror fans are doing themselves a disservice if they are overlooking this film based on its reputation.

          My recommendation is to check it out.

          The Dude

      • I refuse to watch it. In my opinion film makers who torture animals should be prosecuted. It wasn’t killing for meat or out of any kind of necessity. If realistic gore was created for the actors, then it could have been employed in a similar manner for the animals. These people won’t ever get my time or money, only my contempt. Screw the historical context of the film and the glossed over “cruelty free” version.

        • I have heard the film defended with the point that the animals were “probably” eaten by the natives after the filming but I still think that killing anything on film, just for the sake of entertainment is pretty inexcusable. It’s especially ironic considering the claims by Ruggero Deodato that the intention of the film was to criticise the journalistic exploitation of violence. Way to be total hypocrite.

          And I agree that with them putting so much effort into the human gore (to the extent that it was suspected to be a snuff film) there was no reason to not use that expertise to create the animal deaths. But that being said the animal deaths are pretty arbitrary anyway. They offer nothing to the plot whatsoever, but the sad truth seems to be that this kind of sleazy sadism was almost a trend in that period of Italian exploitation cinema.

          Either way, although I’ve seen it a few times with other people I don’t know how comfortable I’d be with actually purchasing the movie using my own money.

          I do feel obliged to point out though, that while the genuine cruelty present in “Cannibal Holocaust” is well recognised, a whole bunch of other movies featuring real animal deaths seem to escape criticism. Maybe it’s just because of the general infamy of “Holocaust” or maybe it’s the unforgiving nature of the abuse on show but I never see “Friday the 13th” get picked on for that snake death (which was apparently Tom Savini’s idea and part of the reason I think he’s a big jerk) or “Apocalypse Now” for the water buffalo death.

          • I never realized the snake death in FRIDAY THE 13TH was real. It’s a fairly pointless scene and considering you did have Tom F’N Savini on the location, I’m sure they could have rigged up some sort of effect rather than actually kill the snake.

            As far as why some films get the pass while others do not, do you think it’s because of the overall quality of the two films in comparison to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST? Especially in the case of APOCALYPSE NOW, you have a legitimately great movie. The first time I saw the movie was in some sort of class in high school. There’s a certain amount of respectability that comes with that that CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST doesn’t have. There’s already reasons to complain against CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, maybe that’s why they also get blamed for the animal deaths too.

          • That is a pretty subjective point of view Sal. It is tough to say that because one movie is more acceptable with mainstream audiences that there should be more tolerance for things like animal cruelty. In fact I would go out on a limb and say that Cannibal Holocaust is the Apocalypse Now of cannibal movies.

            David you bring up a good point and highlight that some people will accept these types of cruelty in one movie, but not another. Foot of actual horses being killed appears in the final cut of Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate but this is rarely talked about and even more rarely does it turn people off from watching the film.

            I won’t defend the animal cruelty in Cannibal Holocaust and it is extremely tough to watch. I just don’t think that people should dismiss a great movie on this basis.


            • I’m not saying it’s right that CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST gets this negative attention for these animal deaths, while other movies avoid the same criticism. It’s not fair to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Although, I guess you can argue a point what they did was worse because they killed multiple animals instead of an individual one.

              It’s just a possible reason why one film gets shamed while another doesn’t.

          • I have gotten to a point now where I will stop watching a movie if it seems pretty clear that the animal death on screen is real, somehow I missed or forgot that there is a snake death in “Friday the 13th”, but I am not surprised that Tom Savini would do something like that. I was also upset recently by a really bad movie from 1973 called “Sssssss” starring Dirk Benedict (from the “A Team” and “Battlestar Galactica”) which has some cobra snuff. I love movies from the 70’s and 80’s with a passion, but am grateful that regulations exist to prevent this kind of thing in our present time.
            I think if a movie is going to be critiqued fully, points should be seriously docked for laziness and lack of creativity if animals are actually hurt. From what I have heard described it sounds like “Cannibal Holocaust” could have been just as provocative and disturbing without the animal torture.

          • I think that’s a big part of it Sal. But on the flip-side, surely a seasoned Hollywood director with an immense budget should no better than the makers of a sleazy, exploitative cannibal movie? It just seems like a bit of a double standard and I think you hit the nail on the head when you pointed out that the already controversial content of “Cannibal Holocaust” probably makes it a more obvious target.

            I will say that “Holocaust” is a much higher quality film than “Friday the 13th” though, but maybe the latter gets a free pass because people just don’t like snakes much? To be honest I only realised it was real last year when I rewatched the movie for the first time in ages and couldn’t figure how they pulled off that specific effect. I did a little research and discovered that they just decided to kill a real snake.

            • If you just learned that the snake death was real last year and I just learned that fact from you today, then I think it’s reasonable to assume that there’s others out there that doesn’t realize that the snake death was real. Thus explaining why people point their fingers at CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, but not at FRIDAY THE 13TH.

              I do agree that a higher quality director shouldn’t be making the same unethical decisions as an exploitative director. Someone of Francis Ford Coppola’s level shouldn’t be doing that.

          • Cannibal Holocaust is a movie with a very strange reputation. Most people gravitate towards the controversial footage of animal death. Very few people actually comment on the footage from The Last Road to Hell that is found in the film. I found this footage much more disturbing and it includes the execution of people (actual footage) at the hands of the military. For some reason people seem to fixate on the animal cruelty though.


          • Allyson, I totally respect your perspective on this and hope we weren’t too blasé when talking about this film, because the film definitely had a negative impact on me when I saw it and we’ve all talked priavetly about these same issues, that we may have glossed-over during the recording. All of your concerns are totally valid.

            I think I have subconsciously justified it because it is so old and I feel very removed from that time and place. I think of it more as a historical record than a piece of entertainment. Maybe that is a cop-out, but that’s me trying to figure it out right now as I type. However, I’ve also consciously given myself permission to explore it because we are discussing the film with a critical eye. But, you’ve frankly made me rethink that justification and given me pause.

            Also, I’m probably a little psychologically messed-up with all of this stuff, having gone from being a vegan one day to documenting Native Alaskan hunting culture the next, and experiencing real animal death myself, first hand.

            Anyway, thanks for your comments and I apologize if we were insensitive.

          • This is a difficult topic to talk about without offending anyone. I understand arguments on both sides of the fence but in the end I’m with The Dude on this one. I’ve only seen Cannibal Holocaust once and I’ll be perfectly ok with watching it again without feeling like my moral compass is out of whack. It’s sad that some poor creatures had to suffer, but what’s done is done. The movie’s been out for years and it’s already made the money that it was out to make. More importantly, it’s part of horror history. Streaming it or even buying it is not going to make any difference. It’s more of a personal choice and one that we all have to respect whether we agree with each other or not.

    • I am also in the boat of not having seen Cannibal Holocaust. I tried it once but once that small mammal gets ripped open near the beginning I turned it off. I have no problem with eating animals. I grew up on a farm and was present when animals were slaughtered. I’ve seen animals die in other movies like Wake in Fright but it just seems so much more cruel and unnecessary in CB.

    • With regard to this extremely long and much discussed issue of Cannibal Holocaust, I have to say that I am REALLY looking forward to the discussion on Cannibal films that’s being promised. It’s going to be harsh, controversial, and dead serious. That much is certain…

  4. I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I wanted to mention a relatively new movie I caught earlier this week called GIRL HOUSE. It’s a slasher film that incorporates found footage-esque elements, so it’s somewhat relevant to this episode. More importantly, though, it’s a little horror gem that I think everyone should know about. So, here’s an unsolicited mini-review of GIRL HOUSE.

    GIRL HOUSE (2015) – 8/10

    One look at the title and a quick read of the synopsis and I know what you’re thinking: this has exploitative, raunchy trash written all over it. But, trust me, it’s much more than you’re thinking.

    GIRL HOUSE is a small-budget slasher flick centered around a house with college-aged web cam girls. The movie has shades of HALLOWEEN, SLEEPAWAY CAMP and THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, but with a modern twist. A big thing the movie gets right is the killer. He’s sort of a mix between Leatherface and Jason Voorhees – a big, imposing force who is emotionally damaged, a man of few words, attacks relentlessly and brutally, and wears a really creepy mask – but he’s also smart and technically inclined. The killer gets bonus points for a tight backstory and fantastic name.

    The movie is well-paced; it takes the time to develop the two main characters (protagonist and killer) and establish the story, while always being engaging and never feeling boring. It also sets up many little things early on that pay off later in the film. And, importantly for a slasher, the practical effects and gore are pulled off relatively well.

    The filmmakers incorporate some interesting found footage elements to bring the classic slasher formula into the modern age, but it’s not an overly ambitious or innovative horror film. The main drawbacks of GIRL HOUSE to me are that it’s a pretty straight-forward and thin narrative, there’s no real mystery involved and, while there are a few suspenseful moments, this is much more of a visceral ride. Also, some of the acting is spotty, but never so bad that it’s terribly distracting.

    Overall, GIRL HOUSE is a satisfyingly fun ride, and one of the best original slashers I’ve seen in awhile. I give it an 8/10.

    I’m interested to hear HMP’s thoughts on GIRL HOUSE. It might be too late for this next round, but I’d like to throw it in the ring as a recommendation for an AT YOUR MERCY pick.

    • Not only does the plot look good, but checking IMDb, I see that the directors are the guys responsible for the way cool JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER movie. Definitely going to watch GIRL HOUSE later today.

    • DINO!

      I loved GIRL HOUSE. Man, it was such a fun film. Plot wise, it sounds like something you’d see on Cinemax late at night starring the likes of Misty Mundae, but it ended up being so much more than that.


      That opening scene immediately grabbed my attention due to the victim. When she’s tormenting the young Loverboy, she looks a lot older than she’s meant to be. I think it’s the hairstyle and the make-up. She looks grown up which makes her harassing this poor fat kid all the worse. She’s cruel and once it seemed as if Loverboy was going to get some revenge, I was all for it. That is until she fell off of her bike. After she falls off of her bike, she looks so much younger. It’s a complete 180 in emotions and I went from wanting to see Loverboy get his revenge to being horrified that this poor little girl was brutalized and eventually killed. It reminds me some of AMERICAN BEAUTY in the way that Kevin Spacey’s character sees Mena Suvari both before when she was just a fantasy and the change after when he’s about to get her. She went from having this very adult seductive look to now looking young and out of place. Having Loveryboy’s victim’s look change so drastically did a fantastic job at creating a reason for why he’s messed up, but also killing any possible sympathy the viewers would have for him. Great work there.


      For the rest of the film, it reminded me a lot of ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN movies, yet it was done in such a way that I loved it. As much as I’m a diehard HALLOWEEN series fan, Zombie’s movies just don’t work for me. Here, Loverboy is brutal in his kills, yet he’s not going out of his way to kill people have nothing to do with the story, unlike what Michael Myers did in RZ’s HALLOWEEN 2. There’s a lot of other little nods to horror movies besides HALLOWEEN. The mask reminds me a lot of Leatherface. There’s a scene out of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Another late scene near the end reminds of of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and (REC).

      As far as logic goes, I did have one big issue. In the beginning, everyone talks about how secured the Girl House is. They take every single measure, both in technology and man power, to ensure the protection of the ladies. Yet…Kylie uses her real name for her show? Come on, changing your name is Porn 101.

      I also didn’t understand the fuss for Kylie. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite since I did find Ali Cobrin to be really easy on the eyes and I’m totally willing to watch any other movie she’s in, but I don’t get why she was such a hit on the website. At one point, she manages to have 100% of the viewers watching her cam? Really? Are you telling me there isn’t a single person watching the other girls, already watching a different cam before Kylie signed on thus not knowing what Kylie was doing, or even got up to make themselves a sandwich missing Kylie’s introduction? There’s another gasp in website usage where the owner was all impressed that the kitchen cam was attracting the majority of the website usage despite the fact that it was night time, half the girls were in the kitchen, the other half were asleep and yet one girl gets the credit for adding viewers to the kitchen cam.

      Despite a couple of very minor annoyances, GIRL HOUSE is more than worth watching especially if you’re tired of the supernatural craze. It is very direct and twist free, but sometimes I wish more movies were like that these days. 9/10 – Buy It.

      You can stream GIRL HOUSE over at Amazon for $2.99.

      • Sal, I’m really glad you liked GIRL HOUSE.

        I loved your Skinemax reference. The opening credits sequence does absolutely nothing to make the viewer think otherwise, either, but that’s a total head-fake. The movie definitely is much more than that.

        I think you nailed it with your Zombie HALLOWEEN comparison. There definitely is a lot of Zombie’s Michael Myers in the killer here with his physicality and brutality. I’m an F13 guy, though, which is why I compared that aspect of him to Jason Voorhees (specifically thinking of the 2009 F13). You know how it is.

        I’m hoping more people check this movie out. I think it’s definitely one of those little horror gems. I immediately tweeted to the HMP Twitter handle after I watched the movie, and also sent JOTD an email about it. I think any horror fan will like this movie, but it’s prime for slasher fans.

        It took JOTD and Wolfman Josh almost a year to watch THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN after I first mentioned it last year. (I’m sure they had DEBORAH LOGAN on their radar before then, but I don’t care, I’m taking credit for that!) It would be an absolute crime if it took them that long to see GIRL HOUSE.

        • I can see the comparisons between Loverboy and Jason Voorhees. The fact that Loverboy is targeting a bunch of one dimensional slutty girls is something more on the line of Voorhees than the original Michael Myers. The viciousness of Loverboy is what reminds me the most of Zombie’s Michael though. How Zombie went out of his way to have Michael stab the victim more times than necessary to get over how aggressive the kills were for him. Take the death of the nurse at the beginning of RZ’s HALLOWEEN 2 for example. That’s something I can see Loverboy doing.

          Regardless of which horror icon Loverboy reminds the viewers of the most, I can safely say that he’s not only better, but the movie is far superior to both the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake and Zombie’s HALLOWEEN movies.

          Have you seen THE SHRINE? It’s the movie the director made in between JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER and GIRL HOUSE. Based on how much I enjoyed those two movies, that may be the next movie I check out.

          THE SHRINE is currently streaming on Netflix.

          • Hmmm, I sense an F13 dig in there. Don’t tell me we have another Halloweenie on here with a dismissive attitude toward THE GREATEST FRANCHISE IN HORROR HISTORY!!!!!!

            I have not seen THE SHRINE yet, but it’s been on my Netflix queue for awhile. I’m pretty sure the guys have (at the very least) mentioned it on the show (or maybe one of JOTD’s previous shows), but I couldn’t find a reference to it anywhere on the site so they probably only mentioned it in passing.

            Anyway, a combination of their mentioning it and the pretty sick cover art piqued my interest. I didn’t even realize it was the same director who made GIRL HOUSE, so now I’ll have to bump it up the queue a little further.

            Let me know if you get around to it.

            • Ha, the perceived dig towards F13th wasn’t intentional by me. The FRIDAY THE 13TH series is known for their one dimensional slutty girl victims. That’s not a bad thing. It’s what you expect. It’s what makes the series fun. The blood and the boobs is the whole reason why fans keep coming back for more. I think it’d only be an insult if the creators of the series were striving for something greater or classier.

              In case you’re curious, if I had to rank the original FRIDAY series, it’d be something like:

              10. A NEW BEGINNING
              9. JASON TAKES MANHATTAN
              8. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3
              7. JASON GOES TO HELL
              6. THE NEW BLOOD
              5. JASON X
              4. FRIDAY THE 13TH
              3. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2
              2. THE FINAL FRIDAY
              1. JASON LIVES

              The top four are ones I either love or really dig. The bottom three are ones I hate. I’m not a fan of FREDDY VS. JASON and upon rewatch of the remake, I didn’t like it nearly as much as I did originally.

          • Thanks for sharing your F13 list, Sal. I can’t argue with your top 4, but I think there are a few surprises in there afterwards. Namely, JASON X and JASON GOES TO HELL being so high… Juan will agree with you on JASON X, though. I guess one thing to say about them is they tried to do something different with those two entries, so there’s that. It is also interesting that those were New Line Cinema’s first two stabs at the franchise and, you being a Freddy/Nightmare fan, that maybe makes sense.

            If you’re interested, here are my thoughts and ranking/ratings from the F13 franchise overview episode >> https://horrormoviepodcast.com/horror-movie-podcast-bonus-ep-047-friday-the-13th-franchise-overview/#comment-14031

            • The HMP crew were totally wrong about their hatred for JASON GOES TO HELL. Sure, it has it’s fair share of issues, but we finally get something different for the Friday series. Much like HALLOWEEN 3, I think people would be far more kind to JASON GOES TO HELL if it simply didn’t call itself a Friday film. With that being said, JASON X and JASON GOES TO HELL being where they’re at is more of a indication for how much I dislike Friday 3, 5 and 8.

          • I don’t know… I tend to side with them on JASON GOES TO HELL. Different isn’t always good, and I think that movie is brutal. That said, I’m a big fan of HALLOWEEN 3, so it’s not the out-of-the-box concept that bothers me… it’s the sucky movie that bothers me!

            Different strokes for different folks, though.

        • Just finished up watching SHRINE. The first 2/3 of the movie is just okay, but reeks of direct-to-video staleness. It really picks up in the final third though. There’s some legit creepy moments, the entire tone and plot of the movie changes, and the movie has the balls to do something rarely done in movies. The thing I appreciated the most is that they let the action do the talking rather than add in some unnecessary dialogue for exposition. For most of the movie, you’re not entirely sure what’s going on, but in the final third, it all becomes clear without any actual dialogue explanation. We even get a bunch of practical effects rather than just relying on CGI! I’d rate it 7/10 and it’s a solid rental.

          Director, Jon Knautz, deserves some serious attention from the horror community. Thus far, he’s only had three movies (JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER, THE SHRINE, and GIRL HOUSE) and each one has been good. Knautz even follows Jay of the Dead’s principle of not relying on the same type of movie time after time. He’s directed three horror movies and each one has been entirely different in both plot, sub-genre, and how much comedy is involved with THE SHRINE being comedy free.

          Keep your eyes open for Knautz’ next movie of GODDESS of LOVE. It looks like it’s going to have it’s first screening at the Film4 FrightFest on Aug 31 over in London. So hopefully it won’t take too long before it’s available for everyone.

          • Glad to hear that THE SHRINE is at least worth a watch. Also glad to hear there’s zero comedy in it. I’ll keep it on my Netflix queue.

            Thanks for the tip on GODDESS OF LOVE. I just looked it up on IMDb, and it looks interesting. I hope it gets distribution.

            Here’s the IMDb link for anyone who’s interested >> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3432552/

  5. I have just downloaded this episode and I will start it tonight on my way home from work. I am looking forward to this discuss as I don’t think that there is a more polarizing sub-genre within horror than found footage (you love it or you hate it).

    I thought that I would a question of the group though. Has anyone seen Adam Green’s latest effort Digging Up The Marrow? I had a chance to check it out recently. I will reserve my comments at this point in time, but it is a blend of mockumentary and found footage and I thought that it was pretty interesting.

    Does anyone else have thoughts on it?

    The Dude

      • I think that it is well worth a look. Ray Wise puts in a solid performance.

        Josh you also mentioned that you liked Adam Greens’ Holliston TV program. I second this recommendation and that it shouldn’t be missed by genre fans.


    • I enjoyed the hell out of DIGGING UP THE MARROW. I’m not saying it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, but it answers the “why are they filming” question very nicely and has a wonderful story and tone to it. Also, the appearances by Kane Hodder and artist Alex Pardee were great to me. I’ve heard people complain that they didn’t like how Adam Green made this movie revolve around himself, but I actually DID like that.

      In one of the comments above this, Wolfman Josh talks about BORDERLANDS… of course, he’s talking about the wrong one. Ha ha. Anyway, aside from a few aspects of the story that didn’t feel clear to me, I liked that film a lot. I only wish there would have been more hints or buildup leading up to that CRAZY ending… elements that could have given it a higher re-watch value. Still good stuff, though.

  6. Jay, I have to say that my mind went to exactly the same place as yours with regard to the Cecil the Lion killing.

    If someone’s willing to pay that much money just because they seek the thrill of taking a life then I can’t help but feel that they must be pretty ethically bankrupt, unimaginative and emotionally impotent. It’s the worrying act of an early stage psychopath and I instantly thought “if actual human murder vacations did exist then these sorts are the ones who’d get off on that kind of thing”. How someone can derive a sense of value and accomplishment from killing something just for sport is just baffling. I feel horribly guilty for days after I accidentally stand on a snail.

  7. Since The Blair Witch Project is in my top ten horror movies, this episode made me very happy. I have to be honest and admit that I am not a found footage fan. TBWP was the first “found footage” film I ever saw and I did not like it the first time I saw it. I thought it was boring and thought the ending was dumb and nonsensical. I also went into it knowing that it was fake, so maybe if I had believed it was real my experience would have been different. The more I watch it, however, the more I love it. The only other found footage that I enjoyed was Paranormal Activity. Like Jay said, though, re-watch factor is just not there. I did see the sequels (and liked the third installment), but I am just so over found footage that I didn’t see The Marked Ones and don’t plan to. I think all of your top 5’s and dishonorables were spot on. I have yet to see Cannibal Holocaust, but I may see it after this podcast.

    Also, thanks for the mention in this week’s episode. I received Kyle’s book and am excited to get started on it. I also appreciate the fact that Jay said I was smart, because I made my husband listen to it and he now has proof of what I’ve been telling him for years. 😉

    • We didn’t really debate the value of Found Footage on this episode, which was probably a miscalculation. Probably because all of us are fans. However, there are definitely more examples of bad Found Footage films than good ones. That makes it easy to discount as a format or genre. Still, I think it remains a great concept when it is done right and I love to check out those that come highly-recommended. I don’t usually search them out for myself. I am going to be checking out Michael’s website a lot more often now, though, for his recommendations.

  8. I recently re-watched Anaconda and I would love to see the footage Ice Cube shot while playing a documentary cameraman.
    There is one found footage movie that I love that jumps from found footage to straight up horror movie. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. I felt that movie was very successful jumping around from style to style.

    • Sorry, Joe. There are aspects of Behind the Mask I like, but I had to call it out for being overrated. Don’t hate me.

      Oh, and you’re Anaconda comment is priceless. I want to see that footage too!

    • I just cannot get behind Cloverfeild, but at least you have Trollhunter on there. That movie got a lot more love on this episode than I had thought it would. I’d be curious to hear how many of our listeners tried it for the first time after this discussion.

      • Well I’ve always been a hardcore Godzilla…giant monster fan ever since I was a child and now a guess Kiaju is the word now…I saw Cloverfield twice in the theater cause it was the closet thing I ever saw that put me right into the insanity that would be happing in that situation…i

    • Great list, Shannon. I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t seen TROLLHUNTER, but I think I’m going to have to correct that soon. I think I always avoided it because I just assumed it was a bunch of goofy shenanigans, but that doesn’t seem to be the case after listening to this episode.

      p.s. Congrats on winning the t-shirt. Your book review was awesome and made me chuckle, so it was definitely well-deserved.

  9. I do gotta admit I made the mistake of watching Paranormal Activity alone in the house…in bed at night…The rest of the family was out of town…It is the only movie ever that freaked me out so much that I had to leave the house afterwards so I could go to a public place just so I could come home and try to sleep…and I failed…The only time I’ve ever got sucked into a movie 100% and destroyed me emotionally…

    • PA freaked the crap out of me upon initial viewing. I came home and crawled into bed with my wife, who was already asleep, and I was basically terrified until the moment I finally passed-out.

    • That’s great. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in horror from time to time?

      PA sort of destroyed me, too, although I saw it with my wife in a completely packed theater on opening night. The crowd response made the experience amazing; sounds like my theater experience was similar to JOTD’s, with the crowd being totally engaged with the film. The collective energy was palpable.

      I don’t know why, but PA has real re-watchability to me. That movie still freaks me out when I see it. In fact, it’s a top 5 scariest movie for me.

  10. Can I also mention that I love Eduardo Sanchez? He is a really talented filmmaker and a great guy. I want to be friends with him in real life. I also want to get him back on the show to talk about the episodes of the Dusk Til Dawn television show that he directed. And are his non-Blair With films just totally under the radar? I LOVE them, but I rarely hear anyone discuss them. Anybody else here seen his film Seventh Moon? It is probably a minor work of his, but it is so much better than most of these paranormal Found Footage flicks. I think the paranormal / FF hardcores like Dino would really enjoy it. I also love that it is rooted in this great Chinese legend. I came up with an interesting concept based on a Colombian legend I heard about while on this trip that need to pitch to Ed. He’d be the perfect guy to do it.

    • Up until I began listening to HMP, I hadn’t heard of any online hype or praise for EXISTS. I went back on a horror movies message board I sometimes visit and I had to dig through the old threads to find some EXISTS talk. In the thread, no one had seen the film, but everyone was trashing it based on expectations or the poster. The subreddit of horror had a little bit of talk for EXISTS and since those people had actually seen the movie, their reviews were overly positive.

      I wonder if EXISTS didn’t generate a ton of talk because of the lack of great big foot movies?

      I seem to remember some good hype online for LOVELY MOLLY though. It was on most people’s Top Ten for 2012.

      • Interesting. Exists is the one I’ve heard the most praise for recently. I don’t know how Altered has been overlooked. It is really fun and tense. Like Reservoir Dogs with Aliens. Hey, I just thought if that, but I bet that was an influence, for sure.

    • Eduardo Sanchez’s contribution to V/H/S/ 2 was incredible as well and it should not be overlooked (segment titled A Ride In The Park).
      This segment is a very unique and a realistic blending of todays obsession with filming one’s self and what ‘could’ happen during a possible zombie outbreak. I was very impressed.


      • Yes, The Dude! This is an awesome segment with a great way to legitimize a zombie with a camera. It’s terrible that he gets turned into a zombie but it’s also horrifying to watch him change and start craving humans. He doesn’t want to be a zombie but then when his zombie survival kicks in he has to succumb to the horror. I haven’t seen Diary of the Dead but this is how a zombie found footage should be. Great job Eduardo!

    • The Eduardo Sanchez interviews are fantastic! He’d be an awesome fella to grab some beers with and just talk some BS.

      I absolutely love ALTERED, SEVENTH MOON, and LOVELY MOLLY. But, my friends… as much as it pains me to say this… as big a horror fan as I am… I’ve NEVER seen THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

      I had a friend years ago who saw it and told me EVERY SINGLE aspect of the movie, including the ending. At this point, if I watch it (and I certainly will), a great deal of it will be spoiled for me. I will likely just watch it to appreciate the camera work and the story in general, if not for the mystery of it all.

      Lastly, I know I’m super SADDENED, by HMP’s lack of love for BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON! I just wrote a similar comment on another thread about the lack of love for CABIN IN THE WOODS, and I guess I’ll just have to concede that we all have our particular sensibilities and leave it at that. I have a hard time dissing someone for having a different opinion than I do regarding the subjective aspects of art, so…

      Much love.

  11. I really enjoyed the interview with Eduardo Sanchez, and I especially loved hearing about how the ending to “The Blair Witch Project” came about. I think the ending is what I found the most creepy about the film when I first saw it in the Theater. It’s great to hear first hand a director’s creative process, and how things developed under the extreme pressure of completion deadlines and a low budget.

    I was in college when the Blair Witch came out and I remember my friends and I really enjoying the creative way they tried to amplify the story with the Sci-Fi channel special and the website. There is a great Radiolab episode from about ten years ago where they draw comparisons to the promotion for Blair Witch and the infamous “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast which is a fun listen for anyone who might be interested.

    • Allyson, I completely agree about the ending of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. I was shocked to hear the guys talking about it essentially being a non-ending. That ending still gets me. Just thinking about it gives me chills. It’s incredibly troubling. And it was very cool hearing the director discuss how that came to be.

  12. I was getting ready for bed tonight, and my wife decided to tell me that she’s been hearing footsteps in the house at night the last few nights. Last night, she decided to go out into the hallway to check it out because she assumed it was our son awake, either going to the bathroom or playing… he was asleep in bed.

    So glad she decided to share this with me right before getting into bed. What a gal…


    • Damn, Dino! That’s crazy!

      My mother told me just the other day that my sister’s household (which includes her man and their four kids, one of whom is less than a month old) is experiencing some ghostly or demonic occurrences. Her kids have been seeing “a man” in their bedrooms and she’s been feeling it around the house. Her man is Catholic-ish, and I have an old book on exorcism with a prayer to the archangel Michael… a prayer designed specifically for dispelling spirits. I may have to bring that over to her place, then send it to you, Dino, if you’re still having these problems this many months later! Odd… you posted this comment on my birthday… ha ha. Hope all is well. For realz!

  13. Alright so this was a GREAT episode! BUT how did REC 2 not get an honorable mention?! Maybe I need to go back and listen to the episode because maybe I missed how to classify the found footage entries as this movie could be considered to take place in “real time” through cameras but then we could classify it as found footage that hasn’t been found yet? Anyway, I thought it was a great sequel, obviously couldn’t match the original and the “new” plot was a little bit of a stretch BUT, at times, I feel it did manage to capture the original’s intensity (for example, when the swat member is trapped in the hallway of the apartment and has to retreat to the bathroom- WOW!) I wouldn’t put it into a top 5 but an honorable mentioned should definitely be argued.

    Also, I would like Josh’s moose impression to be played whenever Jay makes a controversial review (like Nosferatu or The Conjuring). That is all.

    • Great idea. I can hear it now.

      Rec 2. Yes, should have at least been mentioned and could have made an honorable mention, but I think we just figured our Rec bases were covered. Speaking for myself, I was just thinking about so many movies, it slipped through the cracks.

      • I enjoyed the first half of REC 2 and I loved the idea of telling the story from several different perspective. I did however lament their ‘twist’ on why this was happening. It simply deviated too far from what they had built up to.

        Although I can see why it was overlooked I very much enjoyed REC 3 and the convention that they used. It started off as found footage and then changed to a feature film. It is worth a look.


        • I agree with you on [REC] 3. It’s a very interesting movie. I didn’t mention it here because, as you said, it’s only found footage for the opening minutes of the film. But definitely worth a look. It’s a solid 7/10 for me.

          Have you seen [REC] 4: APOCALYPSE?

  14. A bit of a random story about BWP. When the movie came out, I believe I was in the 6th grade. One day at school in the computer lab, I decided I was going to once and for all figure out whether the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was was legit or just a dirty, dirty lie. I remember finding this website that listed all of the pieces of evidence that pointed to the fact that it was, in fact, a fictional movie. The only piece of evidence I remember was the website showing the missing persons flyers and how the number at the bottom of those pages had a Hollywood “555” phone number.

    That sort of mainstream buzz over a movie being real or fake may never be recaptured ever again.

    • I think that you nailed it on the head Sal. People always look back at the BWP as being the first (let’s just agree to call it ground breaking) in the field of found footage, but it wasn’t just the movie that was unique, it was also the marketing behind the movie.

      I did exactly the same thing that you did. In my thirst to understand the movie more and what it was all about, I took to the internet and searched everything that I could. The internet was still relatively young at the time (or at least not as we know it today) and finding details was challenging. The only things that could be found were what the filmmakers wanted the public to see. It was pretty ingenious and it was certainly a big factor in the movies success.

      • Another thing they did so well was that they kept the movie fairly tame. Had they went over the top and ghosts, witches and other clear as day spooks, everyone would have known it was a fictional tale. Instead, they kept it as realistic as possible to help further the idea that this is real found footage.

        I don’t know how many other found footage films do that. Even one like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY went for an unrealistic scene at the end. Then again, in this day and age, is there a point to striving to make it feel 100% real if everyone is going to know ahead of time that it’s not?

  15. So.. upon listening to the podcast I decided to watch one of the top 5’s. At first I was going to watch Evidence but for some strange reason I went with Home Movie. Jay Of The Dead did not let me down. While watching the film go from happy moments to WTF moments I just couldnt kick this feeling I was getting.. it was quite unnerving. I really enjoyed the movie and plan on watching more of the hosts Top 5’s and other recommendations.
    Keep up the great work, this is one of my favorite podcasts!

    • Daniel,

      Jay turned me on to HOME MOVIE as well, and I agree with you 100%… it’s definitely unnerving (that’s the best way to describe it, IMO). Those kids were plain creepy!

      And thanks for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying the podcast!

  16. Quick nitpick: the year for THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN is incorrect in the show notes introduction (you have it correct later in the show notes, though).

  17. Fantastic episode, it’s always a bonus when I can add a couple of films to my must-watch list.

    Long time listener, first time commenter – just wanted to say that I agree with JOTD’s stance on “Unfriended”. When I first saw publicity for this a while back and then the trailers, I was intrigued. I thought it was a great premise in this era of extreme social networking and disconnection from real relationships. There was so much potential here for this to be a truly great film and it just did not deliver. Nevermind the annoyance of reading other people instant message each other via several applications, the characters were just not likable in any form – for me this had nothing to do with them being teenagers but with them just being terrible people. I found myself wanting each of them to come to massive harm – and then was let down when that harm was administered. So much potential, so much fail.

    The Dutch film, ‘App’, I think explores the horrors of technology and being ‘jacked in’ in a slightly better way, albeit different. The film is not without its issues (nor is it anywhere close to the found footage presentation), but the execution overall is better.

    • Welcome to the board, there’s a lot of great guys here.

      Glad to see another person who hated every character in UNFRIENDED. They made it next to impossible to like any of the characters in that movie.

      You mentioning APP reminded me of another similar movie – the British TV movie, CYBERBULLY. I only heard of it because it stars GAME OF THRONES Maisie Williams. It had the whole hacker with all of the power elements, while also heavily promoting the concept of dire consequences if you bully someone to death. It’s a little different, but that basic idea also reminds me of PHONE BOOTH.

    • Welcome to the comments, Abby. Is your handle a clever play on absinthe?

      I read the synopsis for APP (2013). It sounds really interesting… I could swear I’ve seen a short film very similar to this a few years ago, but I can’t place it. Do you know of anything else out there that’s similar?

      Maybe it was a segment from the DARKNET series?…

      • Thanks! Yes, it’s a reference to absinthe – it’s my old skating name that I still use on the ‘tubes.

        I have a vague recollection of the short you are referring to but I can’t place it either. I really should start my own database to keep track of what I’ve seen, my aging brain cells could use the help.

  18. I like haunted houses. I enjoy the decorations, the atmosphere, the music, and all the little gimmicks that are going around. But I’m never really “scared” by the haunted houses and I find the actors who become overly aggressive to be annoying. And this is largely what I feel about watching “Found footage” films in the horror genre. I enjoy my films being well lit and decorated like a film. So here’s what I think; the found footage fans seem to enjoy the “total immersion” theory of the movie. I can’t actually become immersed in a film when the camera keeps skipping, moving, or the lighting is too poor for me to see or the dialogue is too muddled for me to hear what’s being said. And I just don’t have the ability to really “believe” in the film- and I started to think about this when Wolfman Josh mentioned Diary of the Dead. I enjoy Diary, though it’s not my favorite in the Romero Zombie films- it does, however, rank above Survival and leaps and bounds above Land. It took until this point for me to realize why I didn’t like most Found Footage and why it is also popular among certain horror fans.

    With that said, I do have films I consider fairly good that are in the Found Footage format. My list is going to be a little different from those mentioned by the hosts. It may not even be entirely accurate with regard to the definition of “found footage”, but these are mine:

    5. The Devil’s Pass: I liked this movie- didn’t love it, but I really liked it. It’s a film about a real life mystery in Russia- Dyatlov Pass incident. I had a problem with the early portion of the film, but as the movie progressed I did get more into it and started to really be absorbed in it.

    4. Europa Report: This movie is more a sci-fi film with a few horror elements. It follows the story of a shuttle exploratory craft to the ice moon of Jupiter. The movie really interested me and kept me interested from beginning to end. I was tense, I was intrigued, and the end legitimately scared me.

    3. Poughkeepsie Tapes: This is a disturbing film and it is presented almost entirely as a documentary with portions from the found footage of a serial killer’s activities. I really found myself chilled and frightened by the film, especially when a certain character is interviewed and the look in her eyes. It just haunted me for days after I saw it.

    2. Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon – I realize that Wolfman Josh thinks the film is overrated, but I love love LOVE this movie. I don’t know if it should even be considered a “found footage” film, but I really really loved this film.

    1. [Rec] – To me, this was the most effective and well done “found footage” films. It was solid and enjoyable and it had great characters with a solid arc.

    • Interesting list, redcapjack. Two movies – THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES and EUROPA REPORT – are films I’ve been meaning to check out for a long time. Glad to hear that they’re quality films.

      Re: your thoughts on the found footage format… as a fan, I would say it’s not just the “total immersion” but also the rawness of the format that interests me. I agree that a well-done, conventionally shot horror film is superior to even the best found footage flicks. But that rawness just makes me feel closer to what’s happening on screen, so I’ll tend to like a mediocre found footage film a little more than I normally would a mediocre conventionally shot film.

      • I liked Europa Report and I think it’s probably closer to what people expect from the “found Footage” format… Poughkepsie Tapes just disturbed me more and left me with a few more chills. Two entirely different films, though. But both do a good job at what they do, in my opinion.

        PT was also a hard watch for me- I put it solidly in the company of some of the more disturbing films I’ve seen in my life, along with Martyrs, Salo, and Cannibal Holocaust. It’s got that sort of sadness and misery attached to it.

    • I wasn’t too big on The Poughkeepsie Tapes when I first saw it, but after the whole Ariel Castro Kidnapping situation in Ohio I feel that it would be worth taking another look at.


      • That sick freak did a lot in terms of making movies such as THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES come off as being so much scarier. It’s no longer some Hollywood idea for some twisted story. It’s real. The scariest part of all when it comes to the Cleveland incident is that it didn’t happen in some secluded area in the middle of the woods or rural environment where the closest neighbor is miles away. It happened in a completely normal neighborhood where the next house is just steps away. Not only could it happen, but for all you know, it might, god forbid, be happening in a house near you at this moment.

  19. Loved the show ! The 3 hours were over like a flash !

    I felt it covered everything it needed to cover, but I really want to mention Ghostwatch (again) : this BBC tv movie was aired in 1992 and thus predates the Blair Witch Project by 7 years. It wasn’t nearly as influential, but it shows more people were toying with the idea between Cannibal Holocaust and Blair Witch. Another example is the Belgian movie C’est Arrivé Près De Chez Vous (Man Bites Dog), though it’s not really a horror movie, rather a very violent black comedy.

    The movie is set up as a one off Ghosthunters show (supposedly a live broadcast, including a hotline which people actually could call !) in which the crew researches the reports of poltergeist activity in a regular English family home.

    You can find it on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yfy9UHAIwgQ) and I definitely recommend viewing it. It’s definitely not perfect (it is a bit dated, the production values are low, some acting isn’t great …), but it found it incredibly effective (I do have to admit it was years ago since I last saw it). Really want to go deeper into it, but that’s impossible without spoiling it :)

    FWIW, my top 5 :

    1. [REC]
    2. Ghostwatch
    3. The Blair Witch Project
    4. Cloverfield
    5. Cannibal Holocaust

    Honorable mentions : [REC]², Troll Hunter, Quarantine

    Some non-horror honorable mentions : District 9, What We Do In The Shadows, Chronicle

    I really hated (all genres) : Apollo 18 and The Chernobyl Diaries.

    On top of my watchlist : Noroi the Curse (2005 Japanese movie, heard and read really great things about it).

    Rob from Belgium

    P.S. : my English isn’t bad, but sometimes I’ll use some words and expressions in a wrong way :)

    • Thanks for mentioning “Ghostwatch”. My husband and I came across it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I would love to hear it covered on HMP sometime. Just like with “The Blair Witch Project” people were wondering (back when it aired) if it had been a real event.

  20. Hi guys,

    I feel so bad for not keeping up with the comments. It was such a great show! Your show is living proof that you can have quality AND quantity.

    I haven’t been able to watch a lot of stuff lately, but I did get to see EVIDENCE and I loved it! It’s one of those movies that totally caught me off guard. It felt so fresh and new even if it stumbled along the way. There is a scene in the movie that I wish you would have brought up during your review because it’s so well done and looks so good that it’s worth talking about. ****SPOILERS**** I’m talking about the sequence where one of the girls is trying to get the phone to work. Everything is dark and then BOOM! the torch lights up the room and the killer follows our girl lighting everything up in the way. It looks so cool! ****END OF SPOILERS**** I’m in agreement that the ending was pretty farfetched and in too in your face. Had it been more subtle, it could’ve been more effective. But, I think in this instance, it was more about the ride and, man what a ride! I give this a 7 and say stream it now because it’s on Netflix.

    As far as my top 5 found footage films, here’s my list in order:

    The Blair Witch Project – 10
    Cannibal Holocaust – 9
    REC – 9
    Exists – 9
    Afflicted – 8.5

    Honorable mentions:

    Chronicle (not horror, but I freaking LOVE this movie!) – 10
    Cloverfield (I just don’t see it as horror, but I LOVE IT!) – 10
    Evidence – 7
    Paranormal Activity – 9
    Grave Encounters – 7

    Stay away from these:

    The Den – 5
    Entity – 2
    Open Windows – 5

    • Juan, great list.

      And I feel like the Evidence review was more negative than I actually feel about it. I agree that it is a great ride.

      Curious what you think of Trollhunter if you’ve seen it.

      I’d also love to hear a comparison between Open Windows and Unfriended from someone who has seen both. I don’t think OW is all that bad and it makes me question Jay’s thoughts on UF. It is not good, persay, but it is at least interesting.

      • Comparing UNFRIENDED and OPEN WINDOWS isn’t an easy thing to do because despite both of them being found footage with streaming cams, that’s about the only thing they have in common. UNFRIENDED is a supernatural horror about a group of unlikable teens while OPEN WINDOWS is a Simon Says type movie with Frodo being the center of the focus and being quite likable.

        • Yep, that’s what I was going to say… although, I haven’t seen OPEN WINDOWS yet, so I wasn’t completely sure if I would be speaking out of turn.

      • I haven’t seen Unfriended, Josh. I think that was Dino and apparently Sal as well.

        I’m super curious about Trollhunter. It’s one of those movies that I get excited about, can’t wait to see it, but somehow I’m never in the right mood to watch it. Does this happen to you? It’s so weird!

        Open Windows wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I did enjoy the first half, but then it got a little too out there for me.

      • As someone who actually enjoyed UNFRIENDED, I plan on watching OPEN WINDOWS soon to make the comparison. I’ll let you know what I think, Wolfman. It’s one of three on my current queue, along with TROLLHUNTER and EVIDENCE.

      • I actually enjoyed Open Windows – it wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible. Worth a watch if you can stream it. Another one along those lines that’s watchable is Mockingbird (from Bryan Bertino of The Strangers). Again, stream if it you can find it.

    • BRO!!!! You rated PA a 9 and AFFLICTED an 8.5, but rank AFFLICTED higher?! Were you using one of JOTD’s charts for this one?…

      Great list otherwise, though. And I’m with you on THE DEN – I say stay away from that one, too. I don’t quite understand why so many people seem to like that movie.

      • Haha sorry, I just saw this. Well, I thought AFFLICTED, even though it had a few problems, was much more ambitious than PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Don’t get me wrong, I like PA. It’s a very effective movie on a first watch (which is where I’m drawing my score from), I just don’t think it holds up as well on subsequent views as the other movies that I put on my list.

        Many years from now, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY will still be talked about by horror historians all over the world, while AFFLICTED will probably be the underrated gem that no one watched, so champion it I shall my friend. Have you seen it by the way?

          • Dude, I liked it! I even said “I liked it” in my response ^up there^. It was my top honorable mention for 2014 horror and I gave it the same rating as THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN, a movie I quite liked and have recommended to many people.

                • Juan’s more like my brotha from another motha (did I get that right?) – we have similar tastes and tendencies, but our opinions diverge within those from time to time.

                  • True dat, true dat. We tight like that. But yeah, we clash from time to time and always in a friendly and civilized way, of course.

                    Jealous much, Sal? I’ve seen the way you talk to Dino. Yeah I see you, Sal. I’ve got my third eye on you brotha.

                    • Maybe if you put as much effort into the relationship you have with Dino as you do keeping your eyes on others, Dino wouldn’t feel the need to seek attention from others~!

          • “Maybe if you put as much effort into the relationship you have with Dino as you do keeping your eyes on others, Dino wouldn’t feel the need to seek attention from others~!”

            Ouch! I’m trying Sal. I’m trying real hard.

  21. I too love Chronicle…It’s right up there as one of my favorite super hero movies with Unbreakable…As for Cloverfield not being a horror movie…I feel…trying not to be killed by a giant monster and it’s fleas…destroying your city and killing all your friends is a very horrific situation I would rather not partake in…

  22. Off topic…Hannibal is so amazing this season…such a tragedy it is its last…Best horror series on TV ever??? Maybe HMP should do a best of horror TV shows…I would also love to hear them do a review both HBO anthology series Masters of Horror…I believe it deserves the HMP treatment…some stellar horror shorts there…

  23. Fellas, I haven’t said it yet, but this was an EXCELLENT episode. Yes, I’m a huge fan of the found footage convention, but this was seriously one of the best episodes yet.

    First off, congratulations on the interview with Eduardo Sánchez. I know I joked before about finally being legit (even though you’ve interviewed him before), but even more than that I just think you guys did a great job with the interview. It was entertaining and, more importantly, you asked all the questions I was thinking of and some great ones on top of those. It was just a really great, natural conversation with tons of golden nuggets unearthed.

    Ok, I have a few other random notes from the episode that I wanted to share. This might be a little stream of consciousness, so sorry if I just end up rambling.

    Wolfman Josh… killer caterpillars are scary as hell. I didn’t know they were a thing, either, but my son and I actually read about them the night before I listened to this episode. Ironic timing. Anyway, definitely scary that just touching them can be so painful and/or deadly.

    JOTD, I caught your “better call Maaco” joke you slipped in there early on. Nicely done, even if the phrase is “better get Maaco.”


    One of the really strong points of this episode was the perspective Wolfman Josh lent to the discussion as a lover and maker of documentary (er, non-fiction) films, and comparing/contrasting that format with the found footage and, more specifically, the mockumentary styles. I also think his point about the “justification” for the found footage and its believability not being that important anymore was great. It’s something I’ve realized subconsciously post-TBWP, but never really “put it to paper.”

    Yet another great point by the Wolfman came up later on when he said that we should care about how documentary filmmaking is portrayed in these films because if military or police work was portrayed poorly we would all notice and criticize it. I never really thought of that before, but he’s spot on.

    But one thing the Wolfman got wrong was when he was talking about the ridiculousness of doing a research film as a M.D. thesis in reference to THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN. Yes, some medical degree programs require a thesis, and presenting your thesis as a research film is a valid form of delivery. However, more to the point, the doctoral candidate specifically says it’s for her PhD thesis near the beginning of the film (not M.D.). So, yes, she would have been required to complete a thesis and, again, delivering the thesis as a research film or other form of media is valid. My wife, for example, did a qualitative study for her doctoral thesis, and presented a large chunk of her research as audio recordings. It’s not quite a “hey, you idiot” moment, but you did get that little detail of her degree wrong.

    This leads into a question I have, though. Wolfman Josh questioned JOTD about discounting an entire film if the ending goes off the rails, but isn’t doing the same if the beginning of the film is suspect essentially as questionable? I understand there is a fundamental difference since we’re talking about the beginning of the film (and getting into it) as opposed to the ending, but if the rest of the film is good then what harm is it to make a small stretch for the initial premise? After all, Wolfman, you already admitted to not worrying about the justification for the found footage, so you’ve already proven to be a little flexible with the general premise of these films.

    Sticking with DEBORAH LOGAN, I agree with most of what you guys said about the film. I actually gave it a 6.5/10 when I had it on my top 10 for 2014 (at #8), so right in there between your ratings.

    I do still disagree with JOTD’s complete dismissal of UNFRIENDED, though. I know that I’m in the minority on here with this one, but I think it’s actually a decent film. Definitely not “great,” but I think JOTD is too hard on it.

    /end rant

    • I agree with Josh that a little homework on your characters and their professions will help you get your movie across better. I’m a musician and when I see music portrayed in movies I’m almost always taken out of the film. Some examples could be; a dive bar with a perfectly in tune piano, a character who learns a song on the spot without practicing, pictures of music with incorrect markings, the language that musicians use is often used wrong in the script, a song in the movie that sounds like it was recorded in a studio instead of the street where they’re dancing and many more. People can tell when things are wrong so do some research and make it right! I think show like Glee actual does a disservice to the art of music. I would think that police and servicemen probably have the worst portrays in movies.

  24. Great episode guys even though I HATE found footage movies.

    That guy was NUTS you had on, found footage its own genre??? Whatttttttttttt! Gimme a break.

    Top 5

    1. Cannibal Holocaust
    2. Paranormal Activity 3
    3. The Den
    4. Cam2Cam
    5. Unfriended

    Notable mentions: Some of the shorts in VHS & VHS 2

      • He also says that he hates found footage movies. It might just mean he dislikes UNFRIENDED a little bit less than every other found footage movie.

        • If memory serves, BillChete’s main complaint with found footage is excessive shaky cam, so it would make sense that movies like PA 3, THE DEN and UNFRIENDED would make his top 5 since none of them employ shaky cams (I haven’t seen the other two, so can’t comment).

          That said, no matter how you paint it, he still thinks it’s one of the five best found footage films and it’s one of my honorable mentions. Just sayin’…

          • BillChete has some very “Interesting” views on horror. If anything, BillChete liking the movie only further highlights how completely crazy it is that you could like that trash.

            As far as similar views on horror, I think I agree with Jay’s opinions more than I do with BillChete’s. Agreeing with Jay’s opinion is a pretty rare thing for me too. Lol.

            BillChete is awesome to listen to though.

          • Wow, blasphemy!

            I definitely don’t agree with BillChete’s point of view all the time, but he probably watches more horror than anyone else alive. So, when he speaks, he’s speaking from a place of knowledge.

            Funnily enough, I used to think my horror sensibilities aligned most with JOTD’s, too, but now I’m not so sure. BillChete’s horror sensibilities have shifted a bit over the last few years, so I might (“might”) be starting to align more closely with him.

            Or, maybe I’m my own man…

            • You’re your own DINOsaur, not man.

              BillChete has watched so many horrible horror movies that it’s likely warped his mind. Poor guy subjecting himself to watching every horror movie that comes out. I wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy.

              • I’m with Sal on this one. I respect and love* Billchete even when I disagree with 99% of what he says, but I don’t trust his reviews. I like that his view on horror is switching to a more open minded approach, which tells me that his horror sensibilities are maturing, but he’s still very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Part of it is that he watches EVERYTHING. He doesn’t try to filter out the stuff that he probably knows is not going to be good. We all watch crappy movies once in a while, sometimes we even do it knowingly, but there’s no way I could subject myself to “Redbox” horror more than once every other year. I would’ve gone insane by now.

                *I’m not gonna lie. I kind of hated the guy for a long time. I’ve come around to love his energy and his ability to push people’s buttons. It’s definitely and acquired taste though. Still, nothing but respect for the guy.

      • I’m with you too, Dino. I think I’m the first or only one who defended this movie after JOTD’s initial rating. Jay mentioned that The Gallows was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” but I think it was Unfriended. I like that Unfriended takes place in real time. I also like that Unfriended committed to the Skype chat for the whole movie. I believe The Den, although it came first, had a lot of shots not from the computer screen. Paranormal activity 4 also has excessive computer chat filming. I’ll have to check out App.

  25. One question that stuck with me today as I was thinking about the topic: Where does “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” fall in the “found footage” department? So much of that film was seen through the eyes of a camera- but would it be considered “found footage”?

    • Henry is an one of my all time favourites (man I have some serious problems).
      I don’t think that it fits into the found footage convention. It is low budget, minimalist and gritty so it feels like FF, but it still plays out as a common narrative.

      Great movie though. I might dust this one off tonight and re-watch it.

      The Dude

    • The home invasion/rape scene was pretty awful and probably found footage but in general I wouldn’t consider Henry found footage. To be found footage does the film have to be “found?” Awesome movie!

  26. AWESOME! Can’t wait to hear, sorry for the tardiness, five more days on this tow boat then I’ll be back in horror mode 😀

  27. Best themed episode to date! Absolutely loved Wolfman’s stories. My second favorite themed episode was about the haunted house films. And I loved Dr Shock’s stories on that episode. Keep up the great work! And I love how u share some personal experiences, totally not boring or out of context. ❤️

  28. Boys and girls –

    Sal just shared his top 10 all time horror list on the “Top 10 All Time Horror Lists” blog post. His list is interesting and slightly unconventional (and excellent). He also explains his reasoning for the selections, which make for interesting little reads. I recommend heading over there and checking it out.

    For those of you who haven’t been over to that blog post yet, I would highly recommend doing so. Many of us on here have already dropped our own personal top 10 lists in the comments, and it’s a good place to poke around to get an idea of everyone’s horror sensibilities. It’s also a good place to talk about some classic horror, as many in the community are subscribed to that blog post.

    Here’s a direct link to that blog post >> https://horrormoviepodcast.com/horror-movie-podcast-our-top-10-all-time-favorite-horror-movie-picks/

    You can also find it in the sidebar on the main page (towards the bottom).

  29. Hey! I asked for it and you guys delivered. Thanks for reviewing Evidence. LOL! you forgot my name as I’m currently listening to the podcast!!! Well, who cares. Thanks for being so awesome to your community.

    P.S. My name is Neil.

    P.P.S. Don’t forget it.

    • Yes! That was an excellent recommendation. I didn’t get to participate in the main discussion, but I really enjoyed this movie, especially how it included the police’s research into the matter (most films handle the fact that it’s leaked police footage with a caption or two. Here, we watched it right along with them, and saw their honest reactions to it all. Good stuff!).

      Thanks for bringing this film to our attention, Nick!

      (Just kidding, Neil)

      • Yeah, I think you put it in the “honorable mentions,” which was cool. As just a film, it’s alright, but as a movie on Netflix that you go into blindly—like most Netflix content—I think it’s pretty awesome. Thanks for viewing it.

        I’m just glad I was able to contribute to the awesome show/community. I have no horror clubs to join as an adult, so this community definitely remedies that.


  30. Impeccable show as always, gentlemen. Thanks for the supersized episode.

    Worst Found Footage:
    The Devil Inside

    Top 5 Found Footage:
    HM: Afflicted
    HM: Devil’s Pass
    HM: Digging Up the Marrow
    HM: The Sacrament
    5. Exists
    4. Alone With Her
    3. [REC]
    2. V/H/S
    1. Unfriended…..KIDDING, JAY!!!! (worst movie I’ve seen all year along with Vacation & Jupiter Ascending). Watch The Den instead.
    1. Paranormal Activity

    Can’t wait for the next one, guys.

  31. I think they go as follows:

    Amateur Night
    Second Honeymoon
    The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger
    Wrap Around Story
    Tuesday the 17th: this one is bad bad bad

    ALTHOUGH Safe Haven in V/H/S/2 is the greatest short film I have ever witnessed in my life.

    • It’s been too long since I’ve seen V/H/S to rank them all, but I do remember thinking Amateur Night was the best. As for Tuesday the 17th, I don’t remember thinking it was that bad. Actually, I quite liked the simple premise but, like I said, it’s been too long for me to really remember the finer details. I think the wrap-around story for V/H/S was actually pretty good and sufficiently creepy for a wrap-around story.

      As for V/H/S/2, I agree that Safe Haven was phenomenal, but I quite liked every segment in the sequel except Slumber Party Alien Abduction. Safe Haven, A Ride in the Park, and Phase I Clinical Trials were all quality shorts.

      Have you seen V/H/S: VIRAL? I heard so many bad things about it that I never bothered.

      • Since we’re talking about V/H/S, some thoughts on the three movies.

        The original V/H/S was okay. I can’t say it blew me away, but for the first entry in the series, it was good enough to make me want to see the sequel. I think I’d be a little more positive if it wasn’t so even with half of the segments being good and the other half not so good. Here’s my original ranking of the segments back when I first watched the movie in 2012:

        1. “The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger”
        2. “10/31/98”
        3. “Second Honeymoon”
        4. “Amateur Night”
        5. “Tape 56”
        6. “Tuesday the 17th”

        Top two are great, SECOND HONEYMOON is good, AMATEUR HOUR is okay and the bottom two are bad. TUESDAY THE 17TH was so disappointing. For a guy who had been watching the FRIDAY THE 13TH series for nearly all of his life, I should have been able to love that segment.

        V/H/S 2 was a big time improvement over the original. I’d say nearly every segment was better than every segment from the first movie. My top two favorite segments from the movie could be stretched out to being feature length films. One of the more enjoyable anthology movies. My original rankings from 2013:

        1. “Safe Haven”
        2. “Alien Abduction Slumber Party”
        3. “Clinical Trials”
        4. “A Ride in the Park”
        5. “Tape 49”

        V/H/S VIRAL was disappointing. It wasn’t bad, but considering the second one was a big improvement over the first, I was hoping for even better movie rather than one that wasn’t even as good as the original V/H/S. After every segment was done, I was waiting for one to come that would stand out for me. It never came. Admittedly, V/H/S VIRAL doesn’t have the duds that V/H/S 1 had with TAPE 56 or TUESDAY THE 17TH. The wraparound story held my interest because I wanted to learn what was really going on. The big reveal left a lot to be desired. It killed the segment for me. Looks like I didn’t even bother to rank the segments when I watched it in 2014. I did note that my favorite segment was DANTE THE GREAT though.

        If you’re a big fan of anthologies, give V/H/S Viral a watch, but otherwise, you can skip it.

    • I should listen to that as well. I just watched this movie for the first time about a month ago. It was great but I love dogs and it’s hard for me to watch them in movies. I can see the dog paying attention to the trainer off screen. Also, when the tail is up and he’s growling, I know the dog is pretending and having a great time. Anyhow, this movie does a great job making the dog scary but it still makes me want to buy a St. Bernard.

  32. I’ve been poking around the Found Footage Critic site while trying to put together my top 5 list. That site is pretty comprehensive. It’s a shame there isn’t more user activity over there, because the site has a lot of potential. I think Michael has done a solid job in building it, and thank you to Wolfman Josh for introducing it to me over here.

    I’ve been looking forward to this episode for awhile, and we even had a mini-discussion on found footage earlier this summer after the Wolfman’s State of the Werewolf address episode >> https://horrormoviepodcast.com/horror-movie-podcast-ep-060-wolfman-joshs-state-of-the-werewolf-address/#comment-18408

    As a lover of found footage, I was hoping to have some more interesting picks in my top 5. In the end, though, you gotta go with what you like best…

    1. [REC] (2007) – 9/10
    2. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (2007) – 9/10
    3. CLOVERFIELD (2008) – 9/10
    4. [REC] 2 (2009) – 8/10
    5. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) – 7.5/10

    A lot of found footage films fall in the 6–7.5 range for me. Some would include AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, EXISTS, GRAVE ENCOUNTERS, THE BAY, THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, QUARANTINE, THE SACRAMENT, UNFRIENDED (yes, for real), V/H/S and V/H/S/2, and THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN. THE FOURTH KIND is interesting, too.

    Another found footage film (mockumentary, to be more specific) that’s worth mentioning is THE CONSPIRACY (2013). It’s more of a thriller than horror, but it’s very good and worth checking out. That’s a 7.5/10 for me.

    I should mention that I haven’t seen CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, TROLLHUNTER (about to watch this now, though), THE LAST EXORCIST, or THE CURSE, so my top 5 list could end up changing once I see them.

    • So, I watched TROLLHUNTER this afternoon. Long story short, I loved it. The movie is very well done, and I really liked how they incorporated science with the mythology. I can see why so many people don’t consider it horror. I call it horror, but only three levels down (after adventure and fantasy). Definitely one of the stronger found footage entries I’ve ever seen, but just misses my top 5. I give it a 7.5/10, and say stream it now (Juan).

    • Cool list, bro. But BLAIR WITCH lower than PARANORMAL ACTIVITY? I don’t think you love the genre as much as you think if you ranked it that low. Or as Jay would put it: Dino, why do you hate the cinema?

      • BLAIR WITCH almost fell out of my top 5. I’m not really a huge fan of the film as a whole. There are parts where it shines and the ending is so amazing, but overall it’s not a movie I find myself really wanting to revisit. Also, apart from the end, none of it really scares me.

        PA, on the other hand, is a movie that freaks me the **WHAT?!** out throughout the film, whenever I watch it. Could have been #1 on my list, but I decided to choose [REC] that day. My top 3 are pretty much interchangeable, though.

    • Hey, he just spent God knows how much on the ring, his mask buying budget was probably low. Besides, it still looked better than HALLOWEEN 4’s mask. Ha.

    • I’m planning on going Tuesday.

      Also, if anyone buys their tickets ahead of time, Fandango is offering a special deal where you get a $5 concessions gift certificate if you buy tickets for SINISTER II before Aug 24.

        • Yeah, it doesn’t seem like many people have a lot of great things to say about it. It’s part of the reason why I like going to the movies on Tuesdays. It’s discount day so even if the movie sucks, the tickets are nearly half off of what they’d normally be.

    • SINISTER 2 is getting pretty unfair reviews. After the big reveal at the end of SINISTER, it was next to impossible to recapture the same magic with a sequel. Still, I enjoyed it. The 16mm death films were certainly creative and was the highlight of the movie for me. Ultimately, SINISTER will be an example of a movie that shouldn’t have received any sequels because the entire thing that made it so great was the surprise reveal at the end. Once that’s revealed, all you’re left with is a SAW sequel where you substitute traps for snuff videos.

      Overall, I’d give it 6, maybe 6.5. Go ahead and wait until it’s on Netflix before seeing it.

        • I re-watched SINISTER Monday to get ready to see SINISTER 2 in the theater today, so it’s nice and fresh on my mind. My opinion hasn’t changed much compared to the first time I saw it. It’s a pretty terrifying movie, even when I knew when to expect the jumps. The super 8 kill films are still really memorable and what really stood out for me the first time I saw it. The big reveal at the end was just as effective as the first time I saw it.

          My opinion does change on a couple of things though. I found myself really disliking Ethan Hawke’s character this time around due to some of the decisions he makes and his disregard for his family. Granted, packing up and leaving earlier on would have only killed his family faster, but I still had a problem with him waiting that long. This is probably effected by the fact that we’ve seen a ton of supernatural movies in recent years, but I think the film might actually be stronger if you remove the supernatural elements. Ultimately, what I find to be the scariest element of the movie isn’t the supernatural aspects, but rather the identity of the killers. It’s far more believable and it plays on a weird fear I have for THOSE kind of people.

          But…it came out in 2012, so you can’t hold the over saturation of the supernatural explosion against it, especially as it’s one of the stronger efforts. In a fairly strong year that was 2012, it’s likely my best horror of the year. I’d rate it at 9.5 or bump it down to a 9 if I hold my desire to see a non-supernatural version of SINISTER (The same exact movie, just minus the supernatural elements) against the movie.

          SINISTER is the type of movie where when it’s over, you have this desire to go mow your lawn in the dark. :)

          • You and I see pretty much eye to eye on SINISTER (and a fear of THOSE people).

            It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it, so I’m hoping to revisit it again this weekend. Then, hopefully, I can catch 2 early next week.

          • I finally caught SINISTER 2 today. I agree with your assessment, Sal. It’s definitely an inferior film to the first, but the reviews have been rather unfair. They did what they could to maintain some level of mystery, but that’s an impossible task since the cat got out of the bag at the end of the first.

            I’ll save my thoughts for when HMP covers the film but, overall, I enjoyed the movie. There are a few things that, if they did it a little differently, it could have been a really good (maybe great) film. As it is, I’m probably somewhere around a 7 or 7.5.

            As for the super 8 films… “Sunday Service.” O.O

            • Do you think the film would have worked out a bit better had they ditched the ties to the original SINISTER? It wouldn’t have taken much to remove the connections between the two movies that made this most recent one an official sequel. Officer So-So can be dropped with the actor staying on as the new love interest/white knight. You could still show the flashbacks to the previous deaths, just in a different from other than old videos. With that, you have a more original movie that feels like a cross between CHILDREN OF THE CORN and SINISTER, which would likely eliminate all of the unnecessary hate a movie like SINISTER 2 receives solely because it’s a sequel that was entirely unnecessary.

              • What you said makes a lot of sense, but I actually didn’t mind that it was a direct sequel. Maybe it’s because I liked where they took Officer So-and-So’s character.

                Honestly, the biggest problem I had with the film was I thought there was too much Bagul. I really like the Bagul character, but I thought he was a little too “present” throughout the movie. I preferred how they used him in the original, as a more subtle “is he there or am I seeing things” type of entity. Also, there were a bunch of cheap jump scares that bothered me a bit. There were some in the original film, too, but it seemed to bother me more this time. I just feel like these movies are genuinely scary enough on their own merit that they don’t need to resort to cheap jump scares.

                I love the connection to CHILDREN OF THE CORN you pointed out. I never put that together myself, but it makes me love these movies even more. In fact, the more I think about SINISTER 2, the more I like it.

                • Regarding Bagul, that’s part of the problem with sequels. Once they revealed whether Bagul was truly there or if it was all in your head, that mystery is not possible to carry on for the sequel.

          • I just saw Sinister 2 Sunday night. Bagul never scared me much because every time I see him I think of the guitarist for Slipknot, Mick Thomson. His mask and hair looks just like Bagul. Google Mick Thomson and search the images. He may have been the influence for Bagul.

            • You’re right, Thomson’s mask does make him look a good deal like Bagul. Staring at pictures of Bagul for several moments, it occurs to me that he looks like a mix between Thomson and Michael Myers.

  33. Dino, you were right. I loved TROLLHUNTER! Prior to this movie, I wasn’t familiar with the troll mythology, so it was a lot of fun learning about the different types of trolls, the rules and procedures. Visually, the movie had a lot to offer. From the lush landscapes to the hints of troll activity in the everyday life, there was always something interesting onscreen. The use of CGI was restrained, which worked to the movie’s advantage as the CGI wasn’t spectacular. The few instances where we got to see trolls were handled quite well. They looked realistic enough, but were most convincing when the night vision filter was on. All of the characters were likeable, but the show was stolen (by far) by the trollhunter. He was phenomenal and played the role with a level of realism and warmth that really helped to ground the movie. If you’re a fan of horror, adventure, and found footage then this movie is for you. It’s easily one of the best found footage films. Although I have a hard time classifying it as horror, I’d say any horror fan should give this a try. It’s so much fun. In a way, it actually reminded me a lot of TREMORS. They even have a seismologist at the end that made me chuckle at the idea of a remake of TREMORS as a found footage. 8.5 and it’s streaming on Netflix, so go stream it right now!

    • I knew you’d love it. It’s a really good film, for sure, and I feel like I’m starting to understand your horror sensibilities.


      • Hahaha I don’t think my sensibilities are that hard to figure out. Just look at my top 10 list and you’ll get a pretty good idea of where I stand.

        By the way, is anyone doing a 31 days of horror this year? I’ve been doing it for the last two or three years and it’s been a blast. I think it’d be a really cool idea to have everyone participate and then post their mini-review of the movie they watched on the site. Perhaps Jay, Josh, and Doc could participate as well. I think Jay’s 5 Minutes of Horror would be perfect for this. Just throwing some ideas out there.

        • Maybe so. I’m just saying… I get you, man. I get you.

          I love this idea. Even if we just have a few people participate, the number of movies that will be “covered” on here would be huge. I’m definitely in… or, at least, I’ll do my best. My wife and I have a baby on the way and I just took on something new myself, so it’ll be tough to watch a new movie a day.

          p.s. JOTD, listen to Juan – bring back the “5 Minutes of Horror” mini-reviews. Please.

          • Hey I get you too, man. I think we see eye to eye on most topics and if not, we usually find common ground. Alright, this is getting too emotional for a horror site.

            Yeah I was thinking of having a dedicated place on the site for this. If only Jay would be open to have moderators with access to do things he doesn’t have time to do. But alas! He’s a control beastly freak!

          • If there’s going to be a thread for 31 Days of Horror, I’m more than willing to take part in it too. It’ll be fun to see what everyone is watching in October.

            I always try to get in a nice little variety of horror through the years, different sub genres and countries.

        • Also, if we get a few more people in on this… and especially if some of the hosts participate… then it would be cool for their to be a dedicated place on the site for it.

        • I do one for a non-horror message board I’m a part of each year. I believe this year would be the seventh time I’d be watching and reviewing.

        • Sounds, fun! I think I usually do this in October anyhow, but by myself. I never knew this was a thing until I googled it.

          • @Dino, I’ll give him a ring this weekend.

            @Shannon, Dark Mark, Sal, awesome! Anyone else?

            Do y’all think it would be better to share our lists before hand or just surprise each other daily (or however often you can)?

            • In the past, I’ve haven’t had a definite list. It was always just a rough list with possibilities and then I’d wing it throughout the month. So coming up with a list isn’t ideal for me.

            • I’m sure I could come up with a tentative list. It could be fun to watch the same movie on a predetermined date. Maybe an October recommendation from the hosts?

        • Hey, guys. Just saw this.

          I will make sure there is at least a blog post here at horrormoviepodcast.com for 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN that everyone can post on. I will also try to plug it on a Frankensteinian episode before October to get more listeners over here and we can recap it in November on a Frankensteinian episode as well.

          I’m sure Jay would be down to participate, but I’m betting he’s over-extended himself and it won’t actually happen. And I’m just as bad as him. I know Dave usually does it every year because he already reviews a movie a day (as most of you know) over on dvdinfatuation.com and he just makes them horror movies for October. Here is Dave’s coverage from last year on his site. Matt over on thescifipodcast.com also did a 31 Days of Halloween for his newspaper last year. I wonder if we could collaborate on something there. Here’s Matt’s coverage from last year at his newspaper.

          No matter what, we’ll at least do the blog post here and I’ll try to figure out a way to enhance it. Let me know if anyone has any ideas.

          • Wolfman… you’re awesome.

            I’m glad to see some support for this. At first, I was thinking of trying to coordinate somehow to minimize overlap. But, then, I was thinking it would be fun to have some overlap so there could be discussion on some of the films. Then, I realized it might be fun to just have it totally random so we’re all surprised when people post their mini-reviews/ratings. Then…

            And then my head exploded, SCANNERS style.

            Maybe the best approach is to keep it as loose and unstructured as possible so that it’s still fun, not homework. So, however each person wants to do it probably works – now that it looks like we’ll have a dedicated spot for this, there should be good, fun discussion happening over a ton of movies every day.

            p.s. Juan (or anyone else), if you’re putting together a list beforehand, you should include GIRL HOUSE.

            • This might be better off holding off until later in September when we’re all in movie hunting mode, but a suggestions discussion could be valuable for this. I already have some horror movies I heard about on HMP (IE. ALL HALLOW’S EVE) that I’ve been holding off watching until October.

          • You may be on to something booface. Maybe we can do a blog post per day like Jay was trying to do on MPW and everyone could post their viewing per day along with us. That’s pretty ambitious for us, however.

            On the GIRL HOUSE / ALL HALLOW’S EVE TIP. if would be cool to get a bunch of recommendations FROM the audience TO the audience. You email us your ONE recommendation you think everyone should watch during October and we’ll read them on the preview show.

            Keep in mind that we will also be doing our NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET coverage during October, so this could get complicated.

            I don’t want to bit off more than we can chew, but these are some good ideas to start with.

            • I like the blog post per day idea, but that’s about 7 or 8 mini-review write-ups for you guys for the month. Doesn’t seem so bad on its own, but you all have other stuff going on, too.

              As for the listener recommendations, also a cool idea. You already know what my recommendation will be… I actually emailed JOTD immediately after my first viewing of GIRL HOUSE to tell him he should watch it. I’ll send it in again as my official 31 Days of Halloween rec.

    • Trollhunter is so much fun! I’ve tried to put it on in the background while I’m cleaning my house or whatever but since it’s subtitled I always end up standing in front of my TV reading.

      • I don’t think I want to make a list ahead of time… I prefer it to be random and I just watch what strikes me at the moment…I’ve tried the marathon the last to years but I ended up failing both times but this time I would be hell bent on doing it…

        • I love the idea of randomness and I’ve tried it before, but sometimes it’s kind of a bummer when you’re set on a movie and it just happens to be really hard to find. That’s why the last few years, I’ve thought about my list well before October and even start gathering the movies before time just to make sure that I won’t have any bumps along the way. But that’s just my approach. Whatever works for you my friend! Just make sure to post your thoughts on here.

  34. Excellent episode HMP! Here’s my top 5 (for now).
    1. Blair Witch
    2. Cannibal Holocaust
    3. Paranormal Activity 3
    4. VHS 2
    5. Exists

    Honorable Mentions
    Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Grave Encounters, The Last Exorcism, The Frankenstein Theory, The Taking of Deborah Logan

  35. I was able to attend an early screening of The Last Exorcism in 2010 with director Daniel Stamm.

    I absolutely loved the film. It was perfect…up until it went from classic possession to fantasy.

    After the screening Stamm information us that Nell, played by Ashley Bell, did all the contortions herself. He also was asked by Aint Cool News about the ending. He basically pointed a finger at the studio.

    I can only imagine what the ending would have been like if this was done independently. I long for the days where found footage reaches what Blair Witch gave us so many years ago.

  36. Great and epic episode guys! As much as I’d like to list a top 5, I don’t think it’s fair to do so until I’ve actually watched REC and TROLLHUNTER. However, last night I did watch THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT on Netflix. I hope you guys check it out. I think it’s done pretty effectively, and you’ll really enjoy it if you like visiting haunted houses in October. Maybe worth a 6.5 – 7. Some pretty creepy things in the movie, even if things go off the rails a bit near the end.

  37. Top 5 (haven’t seen a whole lot of found footage though)

    2.Blair Witch Project
    3.Grave Encounters
    4.Taking of Deborah Logan
    5. Might not count but I’m gonna say the super 8 footage from Sinister

    Like I said I haven’t actually watched a whole lot of this sub genre but I know there was one on Netflix about the Bell Witch, think it was the Bell Witch Haunting or something like that…AVOID IT. I’m from Tennessee so of course I had to check it out but wow did it suck

  38. Also, loved Josh’s wolf story!!! I was detailing my wife’s car listening with my headphones and during the middle of that story my neighbors German shepherd began to bark, whew bout lost my turtle wax if you get my drift lol

  39. Hey dudes, I just recently found your podcast and I’ve been pouring through the episodes. Really great stuff – I love to hear your intelligent discussions about horror movies. I don’t know anyone who I can seriously discuss horror movies with, so your show really fills a void. Anyway, concerning found footage films – I was super excited to hear Dr. Shock mention one of my all time favorites: LAKE MUNGO. Any chance anyone else has seen it or might there be a chance of y’all discussing it? Something about that flick chills my blood.

    • Welcome to the site.

      I saw Lake Mungo during 2014’s 31 days of Halloween. I can’t say I was blown away. There were some fun twists that kept you alert and I seem to remember some eerie moments. Otherwise, it came across as more of a drama than horror. If there was one main issue, it’s that they did such a good job to begin increasing the suspense that I wanted to see something big at the end instead of what we actually saw.

      It’s worth watching if it pops up on Netflix.

    • Clint.

      Great to hear from you! Thanks for checking out the show.

      Our upcoming listener pick episode was kind of a disaster, so we’re going to do another one right after the New Year. I’ll ask Doc if he’ll discuss it then.

      Thanks for commenting. We’d love to see more of you around here.

      • Thanks for the welcome, guys. And thanks for the consideration of Lake Mungo, Josh. I will say that Sal is right, maybe it IS more of a creepy drama than a horror movie. I’m kind of drawn to those slower, moodier films that maybe aren’t strictly horror. I love Halloween, but what I love are the shots of deserted streets with dead leaves skimming the ground. Anyway, now I’ve got my feet wet with a post – I’m off to get caught up with what you guys are talking about. I’ll try to post something more thoughtful in the future…

  40. I love reading reviews about found footage horror films! It’s truly funny to me how a great many critics will go on and on about found footage film clichés, which is a fine point to criticize, except… almost ALL these reviewers will have some throwaway paragraph about the “tired found footage format,” and this is done so often among reviewers that it’s become its own trope of sorts. It’s amusing to me and hilariously hypocritical to be a stereotype talking badly about stereotypes. Thankfully, none of our wonderful hosts did this. Love you guys!

    I have no bias one way or the other regarding found footage. No more than I have a bias for 3rd person or 1st person narrative when I read a novel. I only ask that the format the filmmakers choose to go with is done well.

    • Mister Watson’s five freakin’ favorite freaky found footage films…

      5) MAN BITES DOG

      Nobody talked about this one! I’m surprised. It’s beautiful in many ways. Of note, in 2010, Shia LaBeouf directed a short film directly inspired by Man Bites Dog and it stars my favorite rapper, Cage. It’s called Maniac. Watch it free here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVemNLOwCJ0

      4) V/H/S 1 & 2 (tie)

      I love anthologies and feel like these two films are INCREDIBLY done. The one and only segment that I didn’t like… which I actually hated… was “Second Honeymoon” from the first film. That twist? Oh no! Lesbians! Come on. Really? Anyway, these films pack a whole lot of diversity and punch for sure.


      Such an underrated film, and that’s a tragedy! The “real” footage vs. “reenactment” footage on each side of the screen is brilliant. In fact, I was fooled! It’s a shame this film came out at a time when people found themselves jaded by the found footage format. Real talk, if this had come out before The Blair Witch Project and had a similar ad campaign… The Fourth Kind would be a classic. Zeitgeist and ortgeist, I suppose.


      If we can just pretend that Hollywood didn’t begin raping and pillaging the found footage format after this movie… if we can just remember the climate of horror cinema when this film came out… if we can just cast ourselves back to that more innocent time… then, it’s easy to see why this film caused the stir it did. For the record, I love the next two sequels quite a bit. Number 4, The Marked Ones, and The Ghost Dimension never happened.

      1) Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

      This movie is BRILLIANT in its story, execution, and acting. Its meta aspects stand on the shoulders of films like Scream and do so to AMAZING effect. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Now… regarding the statement Wolfman Josh made that this film is overrated… I see his point and hate to argue subjective opinion vs. subjective opinion. However, this film only made a little over $38,000 domestically (not counting DVD & Blu Ray sales, likely) and has been rated as barely above average by sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. This film IS beloved by the horror community, of course, and when it isn’t spoken about dismissively, it’s highly praised. I say all this to very respectfully ask if “overrated” is the right descriptor for this film? (But, of course, I AM biased. Ha ha!)

      Honorable Mentions…

      MOCKINGBIRD (dunno ’bout that ending, though)
      THE POSSESSION OF MICHAEL KING (yet another no one mentioned, featuring a strong male as the possessed person, which almost never happens in horror. Gotta have a fragile girl, right?)

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