Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 091: The Conjuring REVISITED and The Conjuring 2 (2016) and What We Become (2016)

Frankensteinian 090

You haven’t heard a Frankensteinian episode this crazy in a long time… Welcome to Episode 091 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this show, Jay of the Dead and Wolfman Josh bring you lots of wacky discussion, some of it amusing and some horror-related. Dr. Shock is on vacation this week, but you can still listen to his interview here.

Jay of the Dead finally fulfills a popular listener request to revisit and reconsider The Conjuring (2013), and he also brings you Feature Reviews of The Conjuring 2 (2016) and What We Become (2016). Wolfman Josh confesses his tendency toward social awkwardness media and comically laments how he’s potentially shrinking the HMP community. The Wolfman also puts Jay to the test with some horror trivia, and much more! Join us — you’ll like it!

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I. Introduction
— No Dr. Shock this week, but hear him here
— Wolfman Josh comments on HMP Ep. 090: new Halloween movie, new Friday the 13th movie, Extreme Horror Watching
— Jay of the Dead: There’s no “Alice, Sweet Alice” remake on Amazon (sorry!)
— Wolfman Josh’s Regional Film Watching
— “Lights Out” Challenge for Jay of the Dead
— Listener David’s Snowed-in Horror
— Listener Greg’s Campfire Tale: The Exorcist

[ 0:21:30 ] II. HMP Community, Social Media and Wolfman Josh Crosses Boundaries, Makes It Weird

[ 0:58:51 ] III. Listener-Demanded Review: THE CONJURING (2013) [REVISITED] — Contains Spoilers!
Jay of the Dead = 8 ( Buy it! ) [REVISED]
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( Buy it! )

Jody Representing HMP

[ 1:36:14 ] IV. Feature Review: THE CONJURING 2 (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 7.5 ( Theater / Rental )

[ 1:49:38 ] V. Feature Review: WHAT WE BECOME (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Rental )

— Zombie outbreaks are real and occur every day in nature:
Frankensteinian 090b

[ 2:01:41 ] VI. Trailer Talk:
— Yoga Hosers (Moose Jaws)
— Rob Zombie’s 31
— Netflix’s Strange Things

[ 2:23:26 ] VII. Horror Trivia Games:
— Wolfman Josh challenges JOTD to 30 questions of horror trivia!
— Wolfman Josh challenges JOTD to “This, That or the Other” game

VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— HMP condolences for all affected by the Orlando tragedy
— The loss of novelist Lois Duncan
— Thanks to: Shonny Constant, Leigh in Canada, Tan Tiong Chye from Singapore

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150 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 091: The Conjuring REVISITED and The Conjuring 2 (2016) and What We Become (2016)

  1. Hey everybody!
    Don’t forget to help me coerce Wolfman Josh to tell us the rest of the story about the demonic hairball dude! If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, keep listening to this episode! Thanks!

    • Yeah, come on, Wolfman. Stop being such a tease!

      I’m assuming since he was reluctant to share the story, that it must be something terribly humiliating for him. My guess is that he peed his pants.

    • Josh keeps claiming he’s told us the best part. Maybe that’s true.

      I think we should all dabble in a little HMP fan fiction and write our own version of the story.

      My version would simply be the hairball coming out of the guys mouth, then the hairball becoming sentient. Josh dresses the hairball up like Lorraine Warren, marries it, and then pursues a career in exorcism and demonology. That’s probably closest to the truth.

      Any other ideas?

  2. Conjuring 2 was a solid 8/10 for myself. Length and gimmicks dinged the score for me. Monster is great, knowing that it was an actual actor is equally freaky. Great followup to the first. Enjoyed the love story plot line. Wilson and Farmiga are great. Definitely see it in theaters.

    • Couldn’t agree more! It’s an 8.5 for me.

      I deducted .5 for the length, and then a full point for the cliche ending. Man oh man, that demon in this film is so freakin scary! I love it.

      I think I misspoke on twitter, I actually do think the first Conjuring is the stronger film. It’s more air tight, but I do actually like a few specific sequences in the Conjuring 2 even more than the first. Both are really a delight to watch, and I think overall they are both 8.5 for me.

  3. On the subject of extreme movie watching, I recently got put on a new medication, one of its uses is to help me sleep so it’s pretty much a sedative. Yet there are side effects, 3 of which stood out and made me think of possibly the most stupid thing I have thought of. These side effects are, vivid dreams, nightmares and sleepwalking so I thought it would be brilliant to see what happens when I take this medication and watch The Nightmare. Never again. Ever. If I jump during a horror movie I just get the usual heart beating fast, when I jumped during this ridiculous experiment, it felt like and electric shock going through my whole body, leaving my fingertips with a tingly feeling. I have watched this before and it didn’t really have an effect on me but this time, during the parts with the shadow men, I could feel myself freaking out more and more to the point where I had to switch it off before the end.

  4. SO!!! I’m only 30 minutes into the Conjuring Revisited podder, and JAY OF THE DEAD is very spicy this episode; rubbing an Annabelle doll on your crotch? naked pictures of Wolfman Josh? SIR!! You do forget yourself!!

  5. I keep hearing reviewers describe The Conjuring 2 as the best horror sequel and it’s tough for me to think of a better one. I loved them both. That said, I think the second one was a little bit too Insidious, especially with the visual effects and the look of the monster (sorry Jay, I know you loved that part). That said I think the family in the second one was more interesting and better developed. Overall, both are awesome though.

    PS – Thanks for the shout out!

    • I haven’t listened to JOTD’s review of The Conjuring 2 yet, but I completely agree with what you said concerning the visual effects. There were several sequences where the “action” seemed sped up, like in a Fast and Furious movie, which were very off-putting to me.

    • I thought the same thing. The “main” demon is in keeping with the witch from the first Conjuring, but I totally agree. One of the other main demons that pops up is straight out of Insidious more than the Conjuring universe. I still loved it though.

  6. The Conjuring 2 is excellent and I loved it. Other great horror sequels are Hellraiser II and Aliens. Aliens is the best horror sequel I have seen. Terminator 2 is an excellent (non horror) sequel.

  7. I totally relate to Josh’s worries regarding social media awkwardness. I guess I’m technically a millennial but I still forget that my weird sense of humour doesn’t always translate online. The worst thing is that in real life a faux pas or dorky moment is quickly forgotten most of the time but social media acts like a permanent record of failed jokes, inane musings and accidentally creepy or offensive pratfalls.

  8. And I’m super late to the party on this but I wish Doc a speedy recovery. I hope he’s better already but if not my thoughts are with him. I love that guy.

  9. I have a game for you guys. How many times was my name mentioned in this episode (not counting James Wan’s name)? If you answer correctly, I (still) have a copy of the 7″ EP of Dokken’s theme song of Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. It was intended as a prize for Professor Headbutt during the NoES franchise review, but I never heard anything from anyone. So, I’m taking it to the boards (or as Jay would say, the streets) to see if anyone can finally claim it. Professor Headbutt, if you’re out there and you claim it before anyone answers correctly, I’ll honor your original win without having to answer correctly. For the winner, which I will announce here, you can send me a private message on twitter @thereaperofsoul. I hope this doesn’t upset the hosts and if it does, you can always delete this message and send me the professor’s contact info.

    Have fun differentiating my name from the word one and director James Wan’s name 😉

  10. Definitely missed Doc on this one, but… JOTD and Wolfman… this was easily one of the most fun episodes of HMP ever.

    As far as extreme movie watching is concerned, I’m still going to try and get out to Sundance this year. If a bunch of us end up out there, then we should try to get together and watch Frozen from a ski lift after dark.

    • Oh, I thought you had decided against it, Dino! Awesome. Kagan lives here. That’s four.

      My friend Adam Johnson, whose family owns that Johnson Mill I told you about, is in frozen for about 30 seconds. We can at least watch it with him.

      And the resort that Frozen was filmed at is in Northern Utah! We could go up there for a night and watch it.

    • I know this is redundant, but I want to make sure the Professor sees this comment:

      Dear Professor Headbutt,
      Jay of the Dead here… You were right! Freaking WordPress was eating your posts and classifying them as “spam” comments. I’m very sorry about that, Sir.

      I have marked you as “Not Spam,” and I will keep an eye on this issue. Please let me know if you have any more problems.

      So sorry again. Don’t want to piss off anyone who’s a professor of head-butting…


  11. Excellent episode, guys! You had me laughing out loud a couple of times! Well… It was actually more than a couple!
    Much love to you, and Dave too, of course! (Take THAT, social awkwardness!) 😉

  12. I love me some Dr. Shock, but Jay and Josh really killed this episode. I am dying to know more about the “hairball” from the possibly possessed individual. I was laughing out loud during that first hour…I know fellow motorists were worried about my mental status on the road.

    I was briefly “unfriended” by Juan on Twitter because of my lack of love for The Conjuring, but I think we’re bros again. ?Paranormal/supernatural horror is my least favorite sub-genre. I think The Conjuring is a good movie, beautifully shot, and I really found myself rooting for the family and the Warrens. That being said, I am fairly desensitized to supernatural horror, so I found it to be somewhat predictable and not very scary. I do own the film, but I’ve only seen it once. Perhaps I should watch it alone in the house with all the lights off…it may have been the circumstances of that first watch that led to my disinterest. I’d still give it a 7.5 out of 10.

    I absolutely see where Josh is coming from when you guys discussed social media awkwardness. I do worry about meeting up with everyone…not because I think one of you will kill me ?. I am an introvert to the core, so I would have a hard time conversing, especially in a group setting. I am more of an observer…and I have unusually long girl-fingers and bite my lips when I’m anxious. This, according to Josh, makes me creepy. I don’t have bug eyes, though, so that should redeem me a bit.

    • Allison! I’m right with you. I mean, not literally with you. You know what I mean. Sigh. Ok creepy comments aside, I am also a self-diagnosed introvert although a rather chipper one. Still, I am definitely an observer. I love focusing on the small details and I love watching the way people carry themselves. I specialize in people’s gestures, movements, tics, and mannerisms. I have many tics myself, one of them is an incessant need to bite or pull at my lips (hence the right with you comment. See? Not creepy at all!). I’m also constantly popping my bones (hands, feet, back, neck). I can pop my wrists an unlimited amount of times and people think that’s creepy. I love placing my wrist against surfaces that will intensify the sound like metal or wood and create “beats”. Is that creepy, Josh? I don’t think so, bro. Anyway, I think we’re all creepy in our own way. Jay hates the cinema, Josh likes Upstream Color, Dino has one eye, David builds beer can staffs in his spare time, and Sal can manipulate time. So, we’re not all that different after all and you definitely shouldn’t be afraid to socialize with us. Like I said, we’re all one big, happy, creepy family.

      As far a there being a killer among us, well, only one way to find out right? Murder mystery night! I gotta find my magnifying glass!

      • I can picture a future HMP meet-up now – a bunch of creepy people, in a room just standing back and observing all the other creepy people.

        • “I can picture a future HMP meet-up now – a bunch of creepy people, in a room just standing back and observing all the other creepy people.”

          For a meet-up… I can promise that I would have a whiskey bottle in one hand, a creepy sock-puppet on the other, a lampshade on my head, and instructions written on my arms for everyone “In Case Mister Watson Passes Out In the Road Again.”

          Ha ha. I’m kidding. Sort of. Anyway… gotta get back to listening to this episode. I’m at the part where JOTD said, “Hi, and welcome to Horror Movie Podcast…”

      • I love that we’re all creepy! I can see us all standing there on opposite sides of the room, like at a middle school dance. Someone has to be in some JNCOs, though.

        I absolutely love Josh’s idea of getting together for a camp out at Camp Crystal Lake…I would be so down for that! We could screen F13 on a big screen with a projector and then take a trek through the woods by the lake. Oh my GOSH that would be so much fun!

        So I got 27 out of 30 on the quiz, but of the three I missed I had not seen those movies. So I really made a 100. ???

        • Ditto on Josh’s idea. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be down to travel just to meet you guys, so any extra activities are just the cherry on top. Having said that, I do think if people are willing to travel, we might as well do something big to make it worth it for everyone. With that in mind. Josh’s idea sounds like a clear winner to me. Though, if a killer is indeed among us, it also makes it the most dangerous haha. Anyway, that’s just my two cents.

  13. JOTD – Forgot to mention that an 8/10 for The Conjuring seems much more reasonable. You know what they say, it takes a big man to admit he was wrong… so, I’m surprised you corrected your original rating.


  14. great job lads,one of the best, wolfman , brilliant had me laughing out loud.
    I went to see the conjouring 2 today with my wife , SPOILERS?
    she laughed , she cried at the elvis bit, and she jumped like hell at times, me i dont get as scared but at least twice i jumped at jump scares but more times i jumped at scare scares my hair on the back of my neck was up, loved the film , being from london i know the story very well and hollywood have put there spin on it , but it doesnt matter, jay was right the monsters are great,(all of them), great fun, great scares an 8/10 for me .

  15. Dear Professor Headbutt,
    Jay of the Dead here… You were right! Freaking WordPress was eating your posts and classifying them as “spam” comments. I’m very sorry about that, Sir.

    I have marked you as “Not Spam,” and I will keep an eye on this issue. Please let me know if you have any more problems.

    So sorry again. Don’t want to piss off anyone who’s a professor of head-butting…


  16. I recently stumbled upon your awesome podcast and have been busy listening to many of your episodes. I haven’t finished this one but once I heard Wolfman Josh’s suggestion to watch Light Out short film I immediately looked it up and started watching it at my desk at work. I couldn’t get through the first minute! I started imagining that creepy shadow looking up at me from underneath my desk and had to turn it off for fear of screaming out loud!

    I seriously enjoy this podcast!

  17. I took both of the quizzes along with Jay. For the 30 movies one, I scored twenty-eight out of thirty. Ended up missing both 16 and 25. In my defense, I hadn’t seen either one so I feel fine with missing it. I’d love to see more of those sort of trivia questions, only with lesser known movies or more sequel questions such as number 28.

    The punk, figure skating, or horror movie quiz, I scored two out of six. Both of the ones I got right (2 and 6) were complete guesses though.

  18. Okay- WOW!!! Okay, here’s an obscure bit of information that happens to be relevant to the episode- The Hanging Woman DVD released by Troma video also happens to feature a small documentary feature where I have a production credit. My friend, film critic Shane Dallmann, was asked to shoot some material since he had previously written many articles and a book on one of the films’ primary stars; Paul Naschy. So, yeah, if you happen to pick up this DVD on the film you might enjoy knowing that yours truly stood behind a camera and made certain it was framed properly.

    Kind of a thrill to hear it mentioned by the HMP crew… the film is pretty standard Spanish/Italian fare, very moody and atmospheric but not the best of its’ kind. Not one of the major films I would use if I were to review a slew of 70’s-style “Spanish horror” but it’s not a bad example of its’ kind. Naschy fans will be happy with it… and yes, there are a lot of Naschy fans as you find out when one of your good friends wrote a book on the man.

    Regarding other topics: I’m not a fan of The Conjuring or Amityville Horror or anything with regards to the Ed & Lorraine Warren Con Game. Which is a shame, because I’d probably really like these movies if they just changed the names of the lead characters. The fact that I’m supposed to be rooting for these two scumbags kind of sticks in my craw and makes it hard to just turn my brain off and enjoy the film on its own merits.

    Now, while I would love to meet some of the people here on HMP, the truth of the matter is that I will be very busy during that period of time as my own stageplay goes into production this summer and will be opening in September. But, if anyone happens to be near (or plans on traveling through) the Monterey California area then let me know. I’ve written and will be directing a comedy-horror stage show called “Knocked Up By Satan”- a satirical look at the “end times” where an Elvis impersonating Minister does battle to exorcise the pregnant mother of the future antichrist.

    • I separate the real ppl from the characters portrayed in the movies. Granted I don’t know much about the actual Ed and Lorraine but the actors are wonderful and make me care about them onscreen.

      Congrats on your play!

          • not at this time. I have a copy of my first play, which has a title that some might find offensive but it is actually one of the sweetest plays I’ve written despite some of the raunchy humor therein. I will be recording my upcoming play and posting it when I get a chance… if I repost the first one I’ll share it, despite the definite “Non-horror” element to it.

            Though I guess it’s KIND of a ghost story.

    • I’m with you on the Ed and Lorraine Warren bit. They were con artists, and it creates a strange dissonance in my head when I celebrate the characters as much as I do. I’m with Anie, I try to separate the people from the characters.

      • Redcap and Kagan I am inot erected in hear the reasons for your so strongly opposed attitudes to the Warrens.

        I honestly don’t know much about them but I would love to hear some further details.


        • Simple version: They’re con artists who conspire with the people they “help” to fabricate stories about the supernatural in order to sell themselves and their stories to rubes who believe the malarkey. It’s been proven that they do this on more than a few occasions and yet they continue to be hailed as “heroes” or “real ghostbusters” sort of people- Let’s just take the “Annabelle” story as an example, which is something they totally fabricated and most likely came from the Twilight Zone episode where a mom (Named “Annabelle”) gave her daughter a doll that came to life and terrorized the family. Or the fact that several people have gone on record as being told to make things up by Ed Warren himself. (Ugh, and let’s not even start on his antisemitic comments) They ruined multiple lives for people who were seriously mentally ill and profited from nothing more than trying to convince people their own mediocre stories were “true”. They’re disgusting people.

  19. JOTD-
    supernatural horror is not my favorite sub genre either but I think that’s because it has the potential to scare me the most. I loved both Conjuring movies and I enjoy the Warren’s stories and would absolutely be stoked to see more of their investigations, l hope they make it a legit franchise (which I’m sure they will after #2’s success!). I do not care if the stories are true or not but just the fact that they could be fascinates me.

    It sounds like you just don’t appreciate supernatural horror due to your spiritual beliefs and your reasons are a bit of a stretch. Dismissing a supernatural movie because it included cliches such as doors closing/opening by themselves, furniture moving, and ppl being thrown around is like dismissing a romantic comedy with kissing scenes because kissing is a cliche. It just doesn’t make sense. Especially when these movies are based on “true stories” in which these exact thing were said to take place.

    • “Anie are you okay?” is the best screen name in here. Holy hell! I’m dying! I love it.

      You bring up some good points here about horror sub-genre trappings and clichés. I haven’t heard the episode yet, so I can’t speak a word about JOTD, but I CAN say that I’ve noticed many an occasion where horror fans specifically say that they dislike supernatural horror but love slashers. Fine. No harm there. I’m not a fan of animal-related horror, so to each his/her/their own, right?

      Well… I find it interesting when the slasher-lover-but-supernatural-hater talks about how all supernatural horror films are nothing but this cliché and that cliché and the other cliché, “and that’s why I don’t like supernatural horror… because it’s all the same.”

      But this slasher-lover-but-supernatural-hater will almost always admit to loving the clichés inherent in the slasher genre. They might even be pissed off if a slasher DOESN’T include these expected narrative points.

      There’s really no point to this comment. I thought there was, but Jack Daniels isn’t helping me. Mister Watson out.

    • There’s always been this weird thing about the Supernatural vs. Slasher stuff. Because for me, I’ll admit, I’m not a believer. However, supernatural movies freak me out the most. It’s that element of the unknown I think. It’s almost more powerful to me than a masked killer even if I don’t believe in it in real life. And again, strangely, the masked killer, which could be real, is just fun and games for me most of the time.

      I remember being scared by “The Ring” so badly. I had this nightmare after I saw it about Samara dragging my soul out of my body into an eternal hell or something. Whereas when you get killed by a Jason Vorhees or something… you know… you’re just… dead. The concept of demons possessing you just seems to have much higher stakes to me.

      That being said, I honestly have the separate but equal love for the supernatural and the slasher stuff.

      • Well said, Kagan. I must say, I love your explanation for why supernatural films scare you… even though you’re not a believer. The element of the Unknown is incredibly powerful, isn’t it? And I am 100% with you on the high stakes of demonic possession. Possession films actually freak me out the MOST of all horror sub-genres. I’m damn near impossible to scare, but when I saw THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE in theaters… holy sh*t… I was freaked. Something about losing your agency is terrifying to me, but not in that empty, primal zombie way where your mind is simply gone. I’m talking about losing your agency and free will to something wicked and evil. Scary stuff.

        But yeah, while I LOVE slashers… they’ll never scare me as badly as some Satan sh*t.

    • Adam,
      Here’s the scoop. I’ll have more solid information on the next episode of HMP:

      Movie Podcast Network Meetup (THIS IS HAPPENING!)

      Either the weekend of Sept. 16, 2016 — BUT MORE LIKELY I’M SHOOTING FOR the weekend of Sept. 23, 2016. (My wife isn’t as pleased with my availability on the 16th…)

      We’ll have HMP, MPW, Geek Cast Live (and I hope other Movie Podcast Network hosts and listeners), as well as a possible Ron Martin and Jeff Hammer from The Resurrection of Zombie 7 horror podcast!

      The venue:
      O’Bryan’s Nine Irish Brothers Pub
      in West Lafayette, Indiana

      Quoted from its website:
      Nine Irish Brothers in West Lafayette is a short walk from Wabash Landing, Purdue University, and downtown Lafayette, Ind. Parking is available in our parking lot and in the parking lot directly across Howard Avenue, via valet service (Thursday – Saturday evenings only), or at Wabash Landing. Nine Irish Brothers validates parking passes from Wabash Landing.”

      119 Howard Avenue
      West Lafayette, IN 47906

      So, the pub gathering will probably be Friday, September 23, with more shenanigans to follow on Saturday. I will let you know a date that’s set in stone soon, because I’ll be buying my plane ticket in the near future. (We’ll hit this pub and catch a movie or two this weekend.) Everybody tell that jet-setter, world traveler Wolfman Josh that his presence is mandatory at this meetup. : ) Doc Shock will probably have blogs to write. ha ha


      • I’m pumped about the meeting up. The destination is close and it gives me no excuse not to be there.
        Let’s make it happen.

      • Noooo… I won’t be able to make it then. My schedule is taken over for three weekends straight starting on the 22. Jay, I know I’ve been pushing you about this (but only because I know for a fact there’s interest from the listeners and because you kept bringing it up only to never give us concrete details). But like I was saying, the sweet spot for me was the 9th or the 16th like you had originally said, but you make your plans and if I can’t make it, there will hopefully be next time.

        • OK, so let me make sure I understand, Juan.

          You COULD make it on the weekend of Sept. 16th, but NOT Sept. 23, right?

          If that’s the case, then Sept. 16th it is! (And Dino can’t do the previous week, which is the 9th.)

          Basically, there are only a handful of people who will actually attend, and I’ve been trying to nail down that sweet spot that works best for everybody. Please confirm — all who plan to attend — that Sept. 16 is the right time. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m hearing from everyone.

          Though it won’t be some monumental event (like a zombie run, which has always been my dream), we’ll still have a blast. We’ll hang out at the Irish pub and no doubt catch a movie together and without question record a live episode together, as best we can! Yes? You in? Who’s wit’ me?

          Jay of the Dead

  20. So the extreme challenge. I went with the most realistic option I could come up with that would also be safe (I’d rather not be outside with my laptop at night in my neighborhood, ha).

    The movie I selected was The Conjuring and I watched it in my unfinished basement. To give a basic idea of the house design, when you first walk in, you can either take a few steps to the right to be in the main part of the house (First room being the kitchen) or take nine steps straight down into the basement. I decided to leave a light on in the kitchen, but leave the door between the kitchen and the landing between the kitchen and the steps to the basement opened a crack. That allowed for some light to enter the basement, but it’s small orangeish light that ends up looking more creepy than actually illuminating the basement. With the steps to the basement being right in the middle of the basement, I sat facing the steps with total blackness to the sides and behind me with only the small orange light in front/above me. I remained in my chair for the entire duration of the movie.

    Before I go on, I should say that my house is fairly old. So there’s already plenty of creaks and little noises going on. In addition, since it’s the summer, the air would pop on a couple of times to create a sudden influx of new sounds. Initially, the thing that creep me out the most while watching the Conjuring was having my back exposed. I felt I would have been more comfortable having my back against something. As time went on, that went out of my head and what drew my interest more was the orange light from the kitchen. It seemed as if the amount of light was changing throughout the movie. Of course, with different amounts of light, it made other objects (Light fixtures, the stairs, any other objects that was being slightly illuminated) to look a little different than they looked earlier.

    By time the movie was finished and I was walking back up the steps, the door to the kitchen that was only opened a crack? Yeah, it was open all of the way. I assume it was just the AC being on that slowly caused the door to open all of the way, but I felt far more comfortable being back in my bedroom. Ha

    So, did watching the movie in my basement make it scarier? I’m not sure. I’m the type that measures how scary a movie is by how I feel in the aftermath of the film. An effective scary movie for me is one that keeps me tense hours after I watched it. It was a different experience, which was fun to do. A bit of advice though to anyone tempted to try a challenge like this – make sure you’re comfortable. The chair I was sitting in was not the best choice to be in for two hours. I had to stretch a bit while watching the movie just to give my butt a rest from the chair. Ha

    • I too live in an older home. 1892 (and it hasn’t been cleaned since). I love haunted house movies so much that it influenced the purchase of my home.

      I’ve watched copious amounts of horror movies and walk though my darkened house at night hoping against hope that something, anything supernatural will happen.

      I keep trying to think of a situation for the extreme challenge, but so far, I have nothing.

  21. Hey everyone I’m a regular listener and generally don’t see a need to comment on these boards but I wanted point out this article about Hutch Harris (lead singer of post punk band the thermals)and his contribution to helping make green room an authentic experience out. Definitely a worth while read and a totally rad band (the body the blood the machine is a top 10 all time album) http://thetalkhouse.com/aint-rights-right-four-days-green-room/

  22. Very good episode guys! Congrats on your trivia victory Jay! So glad I had this episode to listen to today. It really helps my mood when I’m stuck painting a tow boat in this heat lol. Can’t wait to see The Conjuring 2, guess I’ll have to wait till it comes out on bluray.

    • I was painting the exterior of my house today, Fritz. I feel your pain. I’ve said it before, but HMP gets you through the hard stuff.

  23. * * * OFFICIAL HMP (and Movie Podcast Network) MEET-UP INFORMATION * * *
    We have set the official dates and most of the details for our meetup. Read the details in this comment here:


    And please feel free to chime in on the conversation! Let us know if you’ll be in attendance! Thanks!

  24. Hey guys…
    I finally had time to finish this episode, and to my surprise I heard my native tongue (Danish) spoken in the trailer for What We Become!! I hadn’t looked at the “show art” for this episode, so didn’t realize you were going to talk about that particular movie… I only know it by it’s original title (Sorgenfri)… haven’t seen it yet though, unfortunately! The female lead, Mille Dinesen, is one of my favorite Danish actresses… great comedian too!
    So yes… even though I live in Sweden, I AM originally from Denmark, and I’m happy you guys took a look at a horror movie from my home country! :-)

    • AND that I knew the difference between Danish and Dutch?! Haha

      Peter, we MUST have you on for either a Danish or Swedish Horror Olympics episode this Summer. I’ll message you after I work it out with Dave and Jay.

  25. I won’t disparage Jay for not liking supernatural horror. Personally, I love supernatural horror but I’m not a big fan of slashers when there’s no supernatural element (which might be why I like lumbering immortal revenant Jason Voorhees better than psycho backwoodsman Jason Voorhees, and the Halloween and Scream series never really did it for me). So we all have our preferences.

    I saw Conjuring 2, and I was happy with what I got. I don’t see how anyone could be describing it as better than the original, though. I thought the scares in the first part of the movie were formulaic. After a couple of minutes I was timing my bites of popcorn around when I knew jump scares were coming (no sense in choking on a kernel because a noise started me), and don’t recall having that luxury when I watched the original. The exception to that would be the bit with the fire truck; that was scary. Then once the Warrens showed up it reminded me of an episode of Supernatural (though a *very good* episode of Supernatural). So compared to what’s out there, this was a very satisfying horror film, but not quite up to the first one.

    Did anyone else have this happen? At one point a character whistles “This Old Man.” The problem was that the tempo of the whistling was at just the right pace that all I heard was that freaking purple dinosaur going “I love you, you love me…” Gah.

    • I’m with you, Professor. My favorite slashers are the ones in which there are supernatural elements to them. And like you, I won’t hate on JOTD for not loving supernatural flicks, but I happen to LOVE them. Lastly, I heard the purple dinosaur in my head, too. Damn it!

  26. Now that Green Room is back in the news with the death of Anton Yelchin, I wanted to suggest a couple of movies that I just realized Jeremy Saulnier did the cinematography for. The first is Septien which is a southern gothic tale about 3 backwoods brothers reuniting. There’s a bit of inspiration from The Royal Tenebaums. The other is I Used to be Darker directed by Mathew Porterfield. Written by and starring Ned Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy’s brother), it’s a must for serious music fans. It features performances by Oldham, Kim Taylor and Dope Body.
    I also noticed that Saulnier has done a lot of work on Oprah produced projects.

  27. Great episode (again) gents!
    It literally feels like a Friday night out with the fella’s, sitting around discussion movies, life and all that other stuff.

    Jay I have dogged you in the past about your opinions, but I must say, good job manning up and revisiting The Conjuring. I’m glad that you were able to put your previous opinions aside and look at this film objectively.

    On the topic of re-watching or revisiting films I am a big supporter of this. I know that some people aren’t big re-watchers but I myself try to make an effort to revisit movies, especially if I was lukewarm to them.

    I find that in a lot of instances I build an expectation of what a film will be like and whether it is my blind optimism or my over active imagination, I am usually let down on first viewings. I typically use this first viewing as a chance to recalibrate my expectations and then I can watch the movie a second time with different expectations.

    A perfect example of this is my love / hate relationship with Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. I have been open about the fact that I have never been a big fan of this film. It’s long, slow, awkward…the list can go on and on (let the hating begin folks). But I have worked very hard to gain a deeper appreciation for this movie. I can honestly say now, after many rewatches that I can appreciate this film as the classic that it is, although you won’t be finding it in any of my top 10 lists any time soon.

    Now we just need to bully Jay into revisiting some of those other 10 / 10 classics that he has so famously dismissed; The Haunting and Nosferatu!!

    The Dude

  28. Ahoy, all. I am going to start by saying I haven’t read any of the discussion regarding ‘The Conjuring’ or ‘The Conjuring 2’. I haven’t listened to the complete podcast yet either, but after seeing ‘The Conjuring 2’ I felt like I had to say something.

    I enjoyed the original, and I gather that when it came out, JOTD didn’t. That’s too bad, because it was a spooky subtle piece of film making. Not so for ‘The Conjuring 2’. One of the things I enjoyed about the first one was that it was anchored in the relationship that we saw between the Warrens. There was depth without sappiness and strength arising out of that relationship to fight the darkness. Unlike Jay, I don’t believe in demons, or possession, so that ‘realistic’ aspect didn’t particularly scare me in either one(as in it could happen to me). I can, however, enjoy a ‘what if it were real’ scenario and suspend my disbelief for an hour and a half or so. This was exceedingly easy in the first ‘Conjuring’. I went on a journey with these people and experienced their vulnerabilities as well as their strengths.

    With the second one, no so much. Partly I suspect that as an avid reader of “true ghost stories” in my youth, I already knew too much about the Enfield Haunting. Perhaps this was an issue. But what I do know is that I found none of the characters engaging, so reaching into the movie from their point of view was impossible. I found the family unsympathetic, although watching period-drama queen Francis O’connor play a working class Londoner in the modern world was extremely entertaining. I found the buildup to the Warren’s arrival boring and by the numbers. Watching the Warren’s deal with their own fall out from an earlier case wasn’t particularly interesting either, especially since it ended up mattering later. That kind of coincidence in movies leaves me cold, because its too “movieland”, by which I mean every single thing that happens in a movie matters to the end. the world doesn’t work like that, and I like it when that sort of realism makes it into movies. its a sign of bad writing when two completely disparate elements are sewn together for no good reason, simple to put them in the movie together. it would have been perfectly fine(and a reason to see the next movie if there is one) if the tribulations of the Warren’s had nothing to do with Enfield, but rather were a longitudinal arc/aspect of their lives that we learn a little about with every movie.

    The last to twenty minutes of the movie were tense and scary, but it was a walk to get to there. I found every aspect of this movie predictable. The three big name cast members aquitted themselves well with the material, but for me they couldn’t save a by the numbers script. Sometimes I like predictable because the journey is more important to me than the end, but here there was nothing to draw me to either one.

  29. Still looking for the “forums” all I can see is this here comments widget thing.

    JOTD deeply disappointed you changed your mark on The Conjuring, keep to the guns Bro and tell everyone else to get stuffed.

    Could you guys also point out to your readership/listenership that The Conjuring 1 or 2 are in no way “based on true stories”. Any minimum research on the Enfield Poltergeist for example demonstrates the Warrens were not involved, were no called in by the Catholic church, and are as usual selling their snake oil. James Wan is losing a lot of Australian support for being involved in this schlock.

    Otherwise enjoying the show guys, keep it up. Am writing an assignment while listening. BTW Babadook isn’t an Aussie demon/spirit/monster – was questioned in a webcast sometime back.

    So when are you doing a Downunder episode? JOTD would rock to Charlie’s Farm or any of the Yowie movies.

    • An episode on Aussie horror sounds like a great idea. Based on the guys’ earlier recommendation, I tracked down and watched Wyrmwood. Dang that was a fun movie. I’d love to find out what else y’all have got going on over there.

  30. GREAT podcast guys! And Boogedy, boogedy boo back to you, Josh! (haha!) I went ahead and listened to Allyson’s linked podcast from the previous comment thread (Forgotten Flix covering Mr. Boogedy/B.O.B.) – and it was AWESOME! I ALSO listened to the Planet Macabre episode #1, too btw! That was super fun! Thanks for the suggestion JOTD! Anyway, can’t wait to hear the horror movies for kids podcast. (Also, that Twitter guy can go fly a kite into a power grid – Josh you belong on here, for sure!)

    Also, that Exorcist story really had me laughing.

    I’m going to see The Conjuring 2 tomorrow night, just after having finished this podcast – so I’m stoked.

    Also, that quiz that Jay took was really fun! I only got 28 out of 30 though. (If it’s any consolation Josh, I missed Wishmaster too).

    Looking forward to the next episode, keep up the great work guys!

  31. I’m terrified of flying and I don’t really have the money for airplane tickets and I’m definitley an introvert but I’m so tempted to make the almost 8 hour drive.I love you guys that much…and Ron is my hero!!!

  32. Great episode as always, guys. I hope the doc gets to feeling better soon.

    Been in the process of moving the past two weeks so way behind on movie watching. Hopefully seeing Conjuring 2 and The Shallows in the next week.

    Josh, thanks for the recommendation of Ask Me Another. Started listening to it and that is a very fun podcast.

  33. Just saw Neon Demon. I loved it but my girlfriend hated it. Light on plot but big on visuals. Think of a colourful Argento but with more loose plotlines and much less violence. Or kind of like Maps to the Stars but more ethereal.

  34. Okay, so I have an idea for an idea for movie watching, but I might not be man enough for it. We have an older developer version of the Oculus Rift at my office.

    I’m thinking of taking those, going in to this cave up near my parents cabin, and watching The Descent in a cave with the Oculus Rift strapped to my head. Sounds like more scary than fun for sure.

  35. Episode 091: The episode of cliffhangers. The curiosity is killing me! Josh, what happened when you witnessed some paranormal activity and what could you possibly say to loose listeners?!

    For the record – no one on Horror Movie Podcast has ever made me feel uncomfortable in any way so I’m sure they are just overly sensitive. You’re okay Josh, don’t worry haha

    Also, feel better soon Doc! Praying for a quick and healthy recover.

    Lastly, Jay. Did Juan buy your rating on the Conjuring?! Haha I’m just bugging you. I had the same situation happen to me with the Conjuring 2. I saw it and originally hated it and absolutely picked it apart but after rewatching it I’m not entirely sure why I was so harsh on it to begin with. One of the monsters in that movie was wicked cool. I would love to see more of that in horror!

  36. Did the electronic voices bother anyone else in The Conjuring 2? There were parts of the score that sounded so fake and it took me out of the film a few times.

  37. Hey guys, I’m a long time fan of the podcast (yet infrequent commenter!) from the UK and just wondered, any HMP listeners going to FrightFest 2016 in London this August? I’ll be there and would be great to get a beer and say hi if any of y’all are going.

    PS loved this latest episode but hate to say it…Jay was right with his original review of the Conjuring back in Ep 2! James Wan movies always feel to me like they’re manufactured in a factory rather than made by a true artist; everything is borrowed from superior movies (Poltergeist / The Changeling / The Haunting / The Shining / The Others / The Orphanage etc.) and the “quiet…quiet…quiet…BANG!” approach to scares is lazy. Give me a horror movie like The Witch over this any day, which may not be 100% successful in everything it tries but Is at least doing something different and original rather than churning out something which is *technically* accomplished and slick but lacking any heart or soul…

  38. Hey everyone, normally I have to do this every year by myself, but since this is such an awesome community, I’m hoping for everyone to “check my work”. I am a huge spreadsheet nerd so I keep a spreadsheet of the list of all movies in a year as well as a separate list for horror films (including horror comedy and action horror). Can anybody tell me if I am missing any? Here’s what I have so far for 2016; 44 films:

    10 Cloverfield Lane
    13 Cameras
    Ava’s Possessions
    Boy, The
    Bunny the Killer Thing
    Cabin Fever
    Carnage Park
    Conjuring 2, The
    Darkness, The
    Dead 7
    Exorcism of Anna Ecklund
    Flight 7500
    Forest, The
    Funhouse Massacre, The
    Girl in the Photographs
    Green Room
    Invitation, The
    Mother May I Sleep With Danger?
    Neon Demon, The
    Other Side of the Door, The
    Pi Day, Die Day
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
    Purge, The: Election Year
    Range 15
    Sharknado: The 4th Awakens
    Shallows, The
    Silent Retreat
    They’re Watching
    Veil, The
    What We Become
    Witch, The

    • Hi Jody, that’s pretty awesome. Release dates can be tricky, so with that in mind, I’d suggest looking into the following:

      Before I Wake
      The Blackout Experiments
      Bye Bye Man
      Don’t Breathe
      The Greasy Strangler
      The House on Pine Street
      Lights Out
      They Look Like People
      Under the Shadow
      The Wailing
      The Woods

      If you like keeping up with your lists, stats, and so on, I suggest using Letterboxd. I’m on there (mlptmy) and it’s helped me keep up with what I’ve seen, ratings, lists, and anything you can think of. I’d also suggest looking into the modern horrors website. They have a bunch of written reviews for a bunch of movies that I’ve never even heard of. They’re a pretty good resource to use if you want to keep up with new releases.

      • For sure on the tricky release dates. For example, I watched Clown on Youtube after it’s theatrical release in the Europe last year, so I counted it in last year’s rankings. Then it dropped here theatrically in June out of nowhere, so I am moving it to this year.

      • Ayo, Juan! You have now just turned me on… to the Modern Horrors website! Thanks a ton!

        You guys have some great lists. I’ve seen most of these. Some of them I’m saving. And some of them I can’t find. Been waiting for The Devil’s Candy forever, which is a film to add to your respective lists. So far… least favorite film on this list is They Look Like People. Anytime someone talks about films where “nothing happens,” I will henceforth think of this film.

        Awesome lists, y’all!

        • Modern Horrors is a great website. I actually got to be a guest on their podcast – Episode 57. If you want to hear me sound like an idiot, check it out.

      • Juan, this was exceptionally helpful!

        I will add 31, Before I Wake, Blackout Experiments, Bye Bye Man, Don’t Breathe, Greasy Strangler, Lights Out, Morgan, and The Woods as they release.

        I added Anguish, Bite, Bleed, Curve, House on Pine Street, They Look Like People, Under the Shadow, and The Wailing.

        Tell me about Badoet, Body, Darling, and Dementia. These all seem to be 2015 films per my research. That said, they all escaped my radar last year too so maybe not. How did you come across them?

  39. I’m not sure on the whole characters being true to real life thing , I think if I started down that street I would have to stop watching a lot of films, sitting here watching the forest with Natalie dormer , slow burner so far , hope it gets better

  40. I finally got to watch The Conjuring 2 tonight. I loved it up until the over the top ending. The strong performances and excellent direction do make it a good sequel.

    I didn’t realise it watching the trailers, but it’s based on the same case as one of my all time favorite ghost movies – Ghostwatch. I have mentioned and recommended it before, but after seeing this I recommend seeing it even more (you can find it on YouTube).

    • rob did your Ghostwatch show mention anything about the Warrens at all.

      Just finished watching a dramatisation of the Enfield poltergeist and on the extras one of the actual investigators mentioned that he had never heard of the Warrens prior to Ed arriving uninvited and claiming they could make a deal of money out of the case. Ed was told to basically piss off and spent the sum total of half an hour outside the house/unit.

      A bit of research backed up the guy’s claims, the Warrens had zero involvement with the case.

      If wondering, I’m pretty pissed with U.S sites seemingly incapable of doing the least amount of research to indicate the Warrens were outright lying as usual. There are some gullible people believing this snake oil tale and to be honest the horror community have really dropped the ball on this.

  41. Man! Took me forever to catch the second movie. Well worth the wait. Way better than the first one, which was also good. Blows Annabelle (different cast/subject) out of the water. Loved Conjuring 2

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