Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 093: Clown (2016) and Carnage Park (2016) and The Vast Pokémon Go Conspiracy

HMP 93 Pokemon Go Clown Carnage Park

Shhhh… They’re listening. (Not you guys, but “Them.”) Beware, this is not a secure connection … Therefore, these show notes are written in code … Plus, I can’t type as well with this Pikachu standing on my arm… Welcome to Episode 093 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this wacky, paranoid Frankensteinian episode, you’ll hear Feature Reviews of Clown (2016) and Carnage Park (2016).

In this episode you’ll also hear Jay of the Dead have a paranoid meltdown about so-called “conspiracies,” such as Pokémon Go, chemtrails and creepy Google Maps images. To help us clown around with these discussions, we introduce a first-time appearance from special guest Riva the Ripper! Poor Wolfman Josh is along for the whole ride, but Dr. Shock was lucky is only implicated in a short segment in this episode. We also bring you a sneak peek review of Rob Zombie’s 31 (2016), courtesy of Kagan Breitenbach, HMP listener from SLC who saw the film at Sundance back in January. And it if that was enough creepy clown talk, we also talk some trash about the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Join us (unless you’re already with Them)!

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I. Introduction

[ 0:01:57 ] II. Feature Review: CLOWN (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Strong Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Strong Rental )

[ 0:33:00 ] III. Speculation about Andrés Muschietti’s IT (2017)

Cary Fukanaga leaves It (2017) via Variety
First look of the new Pennywise the Clown via Entertainment Weekly

[ 0:41:29 ] IV. Sneak Preview: 31 (2016) with HMP listener Kagan from SLC
Kagan = 5.5 ( Low-priority Rental )

Check out Kagan’s work here:
Quartet Macabre via YouTube (A MUST-LISTEN!)

[ 1:04:03 ] V. Feature Review: CARNAGE PARK (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Strong Rental )

[ 1:22:03 ] VI. Concept Discussion:
Will the Past Years’ Escalation of Racial Unrest in America Breed Some Strong, Similarly-Themed Horror Cinema in the Near Future?
— Exploration vs. Exploitation
— Can themes be too blatantly presented?
— “A commentary on…”

[ 1:35:26 ] VII. Concept Discussion: Jay of the Dead’s Pokémon Go Conspiracy with special guest Riva the Ripper

Zombie illustration by Victor Kerlow

— Creepy Google Maps Images

[ 2:07:42 ] VIII. Conspiracy Theory: ChemTrails with special guest Riva the Ripper

Jay of the Dead says “Watch this!”: Chemtrails – Fully Exposed

The Sci Fi Podcast’s “Brain” (aka physicist Brian Patchett) later recommended this article as a counter to what he calls “Nonsense”: A Million Poisoning Planes – CSI

Check out Riva the Ripper’s artwork at:

[ 2:24:32 ] IX. Dr. Shock’s Twitter Question: If you could only watch one horror actor’s filmography for the rest of your life, which would it be?

— Dr. Shock on Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan (2011)

HMP BREAKING NEWS: Preview of Deadbox Mike’s #DeadSeriousHorror Challenge Submission: Hell Baby (2013)

[ 2:44:46 ] IX. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— Josh discusses the Green Room (2016) Blu-ray

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Halloween October Madness: ’80s Slashers

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131 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 093: Clown (2016) and Carnage Park (2016) and The Vast Pokémon Go Conspiracy

  1. Sorry, man. I was sleeping when you texted me. I don’t really argue contrails anymore. You can hand people the candy bar of truth, but you can’t make them eat it. They usually just throw it on the ground and stomp on it.

    You’re welcome, Horror Movie Podcast:


      • Jay, about the conspiracy theory thing, first off, the internet is a plethora of both quality data and complete speculation. It’s amazing what truths can be uncovered by simple searches within the existing scientific literature.

        That being said, I total see the appeal of conspiracy theories. I myself used to be extremely intrigued by 9/11 conspiracy theories as well as the laughable faked moon landing theories. A friend of mine pointed out that it made complete sense that I enjoyed both horror films and conspiracy theories because both of which are situations involving exaggerated scenarios where you get to feel the excitement from the illusion of danger and nefarious forces without actually facing any real harm.

        While I find it fun to dabble in in conspiracy theories, I believe it is important to use logical evidence based thinking when looking for facts. I’m not completely poo-pooing chem trails, but I’d do a bit of serious investigation beyond simply youtube videos before forming an opinion. I don’t want to sound like I’m getting on your case or anything, but this is a horror movie podcast ergo I think it’s reasonable to challenge things that are outside your area of expertise 😉

        If you really want to dig in to some scary conspiracies and non-truities (see that word I made up), I highly encourage you dive head first in to the world of creepy pastas! Start here: http://www.stufftoblowyourmind.com/podcasts/the-creepypasta-experiments/

          • on the subject of the unscientific video you(jay) mentioned: chemtrails- fully explained.

            here are several reasons to ignore that video:
            1. there is no context. no before and after. just a plane, which is actually spraying something in that case.
            2. planes spray all kinds of things from fire retardant to weed killer. we can’t see the plane well enough to read its tail number so we have no idea of its actual usage. it only looks like a passenger jet but could be utilitarian.
            3. in a larger context, so many things pollute our atmosphere by business for the sake of profits that to isolate something like the vapor trails of airplanes as a government conspiracy is to not aee the whole picture.

            the problem with conspiracies is that they reat on an incomplete undertanding od the science involved, or ignore it altogether as suspicious. the bottom line is that the evil in the word is completely mundane and right out in the open. as you suggested. it doesn’t wven try to be secret, so the more secret something is, the less likely(but not impossibly) it is to be true.
            PS- water is a chemical(dihydrogen oxide), so from a technical standpoint, they are chemtrails, even if they are water vapor!

        • Kagan, those 9/11 conspiracy theories will suck you in, won’t they? I stayed up all night one night several years ago surfing these sites…scary stuff!

  2. I added some smart phone zombie artwork to the show notes above. Fun stuff from illustrator Victor Kerlow. This is another one that I like from artist Ben Walker:

    As with Jay’s “Racial Unrest” conversation, there’s also something that you could work with here, conceptually. It would just be hard to do right, without being cheesy.

  3. Hello, my name is Gareth and I am a Pokemon Go addict. Awesome artwork for the episode btw!

    Anyway, this episode reminded me that I was yet to watch Clown, it has been on my list for a while so tonight I finally watched it. From what you guys were saying, I knew I was going to enjoy it however I didn’t expect it to be dark as it was! When I first read the plot for it I did think it sounded a little silly but I must admit some scenes actually shocked me, which impressed me as that does not happen often.

    Clown is a 7.5 for me and is going to be one of those films that I will probably revisit around the Halloween season.

  4. RE: Pokemon Go!

    I have to kind of agree with you, Jay. I find the recent flux of people walking around looking for pokemon to be a little unnerving. My son is into it… my wife… my friends. I mean, more power to them and all that- but the horror I am most reminded of is “The Stuff”, starring Michael Moriarty. It’s directed by Larry Cohen, whose got a lost of hit and miss films under his belt but that one is a definite HIT for me. It used to scare the hell out of me when I was a young teen and the transformation scene with one of the characters (no spoilers) just horrified me to pieces.

    RE: Clown movies.

    Okay, beyond a shadow of a doubt my favorite Clown horror movie isn’t really “horror” per se… Killer Klowns From Outer Space was the first scary movie I let my son watch at the age of 6 and he loved it. So it has a special part of my heart as a result. And while the film isn’t really scary, there are genuinely frightening moments… the puppetry scene is terrifying, to be honest.

    I recommend looking for “Stitches” on Netflix… thing is, I don’t really think Jay will enjoy it all that much but I believe Josh will get a kick out of it and Dr. Shock will appreciate it for what it is. Kind of a horror/comedy mix with supernatural elements. It’s also a slasher film.

    • And I will post my thoughts on the Ghostbuster film. Since you’re doing a Versus episode, thought I’d share my own experience with the new material

      GHOSTBUSTERS (2016)

      There has been a LOT of controversy surrounding the latest Ghostbusters film. Let me get that out of the way right off the bat, because it’s going to be relevant to what I have to say about the film in general. The basic thing is this- there was a lot of flak from people regarding the “all female” cast of the new Ghostbusters. To some, it felt like “stunt” casting- to others, it felt like a long overdue recognition of female empowerment. The honest truth is that this pretty much felt a little “in the middle” for me- it felt like a stunt, it could have been decent, but I was incredibly skeptical with hope for a good feature. And then the trailer hit- and the backlash was almost immediate and it was brutal. Let me say that I think it’s a poor trailer at best- it kills the comedy, highlights poor special effects, and it relied too much on familiar iconography to sell something that was supposedly moving away from the original source material.

      But all of that would be almost meaningless if not for the backlash from Sony and, specifically, Kevin Feig. They decided that the best way possible to spin all of this controversy would be to attack anyone with an accusation of sexism- and they proceeded to unleash one of the most bizarre instances of “shaming” an audience into attendance. Seriously?

      Well, my son is a big Ghostbusters fan. My wife was interested in seeing the movie as well. And I had nothing better to do than to make certain my family spent some time together at the cinema…

      And it wasn’t awful.

      It was a fairly standard film utilizing the best elements of CGI in order to create some truly awful looking effects that we could ultimately dismiss as being far too colorful, goofy, and cartoonish than it was frightening. It introduces a villain that is, quite frankly, one of the most boring representations of male ego and rage. This is, literally, a basement dwelling troll who hates the world above him- and he has no real personality, no real identity, and nothing all that impressive in his performance. His interest in the paranormal is barely scratched, his ability to create the technology is dismissed and never addressed, and whole of the plot seems lost with an inability to actually tell a story arc with any real beginning, middle, or end. The film, largely, manages to exist and does little more than that.

      Actresses Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are school friends grown apart in recent years. A recent resurgence of an earlier book published by the two scientists provokes their reunion when the uptight Wiig finds herself up for tenure. Supernatural stuff, they’re both humiliated, they both decide to start investigating the paranormal once again, and so they do. And while McCarthy is an interesting character to follow, Wiig seems largely over directed with only a few moments of pure comedic brilliance. Her scenes with Chris Hemsworth and a few other moments with the ensemble allow her to shine, but she seems largely pulled back from any real reactions in a number of scenes. Actress Leslie Jones seems to be a little lost in the mix- a character searching for her voice and relegated to screaming, yelling, and over-acting in a number of scenes. She’s somewhat shoe-horned into the group as their resident Local Expert.

      Now, I know it seems I’ve been real negative till now- but here is the kicker: The first two women are joined by Kate McKinnon in what has to be one of THE best comedic and iconic performances I’ve seen in years. She absolutely owns her scenes, owns her character, and delivers in each and every moment that she is on screen. Whether she is delivering her lines or just reacting to the situation, this is a fully realized performance and it deserves some serious praise. What’s more, I want to see more movies with this character- and there’s enough in her performance to make me want to see her interact with the other characters in the film, as well.

      And that brings me to the weird crux of the film- this is largely a Jeckyl and Hyde kind of film- when it works, it’s really good. Moments between the four leads are fairly well done and establish their characters, interaction, and relationships with one another. There are moments caught on film where the four women seem to be having some genuine fun with the script and their story; interviewing for a secretary, challenging a hoax debunker, and some of the earlier “investigation” scenes work to their strengths. Their eventual confrontation with a series of ghostly creatures is excitingly cut. But all of this is cut with a poor script, a terrible story, and a lackluster villain- a number of plot contrivances pull the characters toward one scene after another and many jokes are left dangling or fail to hit.

      The film itself is actually about a 6 out of 10- EXCEPT for the performance from Kate McKinnon, whose presence alone elevates the film a whole two stars. So 8 out of 10.

    • Personally, I would definitely class “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” as a horror movie. It certainly has a lot of comedy elements but it just takes things in such bizarre and disturbing directions.

      And I’ve actually yet to see “Stitches”. The titular clown is played by British comedian Ross Noble, who is pretty hilarious, but it kind of put me off because I find it hard to envisage such a seemingly harmless and wacky guy as a threatening villain. I really should forget that preconception and check it out though.

  5. Hey, just posting a few thoughts on Carnage Park, as it was another film I caught at Sundance.

    Overall, I thought the concept was fun, but I that the plot would often become directionless and lose steam. The story was somewhat non-linear similar to Reservoir Dogs (I wrote this before Josh and Jay said the same thing, so now I’m really curious as to why it reminds us of Reservoir Dogs so much). Most likely it’s because the film’s events are initiated by a bank robbery. The robbery itself is told intermittently through a sequence of flashbacks. You may recall in Reservoir Dogs how, in intermittent flashbacks, we continue to get more background information on the characters that then make the events taking place in the present take on new significance and it also gradually raises the stakes. We learn things about characters that we didn’t know before that completely changes our outlook on the “post-robbery” situation. In Carnage Park, we keep getting flashbacks to a bank robbery scene before our main character is wandering through the so-called carnage park. However, the flashbacks never really amount to any significant new character information, and it doesn’t change our outlook on the rest of the film. Ultimately, you just have a character going through an episodic journey through a desolate area with a madman chasing her. That premise is fun, but it becomes frustrating when the audience get teased that there might be something deeper that is going to be revealed. The other big critique I’d give to this film is that the ending chunk really does start to drag, mainly because the situation hasn’t really become any more dire than it was before and we’re simply watching more of the same folding out. This felt like a similar situation to Rob Zombie’s 31 where the aesthetic, costume, art, and production design were all in place, but not ALL the pieces came together in a satisfying enough way to make the film really enjoyable.

    A friend of mine I saw the film with also wrote this review. It’s quite scathing, but it sums up a lot of the same problems I had: https://t.co/DGfrZRhJ33

    Overall, I feel unfair having seen this so long ago to give this a really firm rating, but it’s definitely not a strong recommendation from me. As far as horror options on netflix though, you could do a lot worse. If the premise interests you, go ahead an check it out. It might be your thing!

  6. A couple other post-mortem thoughts on 31.

    First, I wanted to clarify what I meant when I said “zen chaos”. I basically stole this term from the hosts on Filmspotting. It basically is referring to action sequences where there are 1.) a lot of really intense exciting things going on, but where 2.) the geography and choreography are very clear. The benefit to something like zen chaos is that you can have really action packed situations, and the tension is actually heightened by the clarity of the action scene choreography and camera work. A good example Josh brought up is the Jason Bourne films. I will admit that I enjoy the Bourne films, but I really disliked a lot of the fighting scenes because it was nearly impossible to tell what was going on. This may make for good realism as to what it might be like to actually be in a fight, but it makes it very challenging to become invested in the fight because I only see a vague visual representation of what’s happening. Whereas, if I see excellent choreography in a kung-fu film, where the camera angles are wider and the cuts are far less frequent, I get more invested because I have an understanding of what’s going on. 31 never has the wide camera angles and instead is a montage of Jason Bourne style action sequences. It’s dis-orienting in the worst way.

    Second, was just a small bit about Rob Zombie’s inspiration in making 31. Apparently, RZ’s parents were literally carnies, and Zombie spent his childhood having real life scary experiences with clowns, circus freaks, and other carnies. At the Sundance Q&A he actually said that some of the events in 31 are based off his real life experiences. He also mentioned that he was at a Halloween event in California, and was inspired to write 31 after seeing a clown chase after people with a chainsaw. When he saw this he asked himself “I wonder if people still think clowns with chainsaws are scary?”.

    • I love this Zen Chaos terminology. A huge turn off for me regarding modern action and sometimes horror cinema is this tendency to offer up blurry, schizophrenic cinematography as some kind of misguided interpretation of authenticity and intensity. Cinema isn’t “virtual reality”. We don’t need to feel like we’re actually experiencing exactly what the characters are experiencing at any given moment for it to effect us. In fact our ability to interpret the abstraction of cinema by filling in the gaps with our own imaginations is surely part of the magic. I don’t want actual freakin bees flying round in my room, distracting me while I’m watching Candyman. I don’t want sand blowing in my eyes while trying to watch Luke Skywalker drive his Landspeeder across Tatooine. And I don’t want to feel like I’m actually frantically lunging and being pummelled by a blur of indecipherable motion while watching a fight scene if it means I actually have no idea what’s happening. It sucks away the artistic element of the medium. An action sequence can be made truly beautiful if it’s actually shot creatively and with attention to detail and an emphasis on clarity. Like the scene in Bladerunner when Deckard shoots Zhora and she falls through the plate glass window. We see everything that’s happening clearly despite it taking place in a bustling, rain sodden street. It’s intense and violent but also coherent and beautiful like a painting.

    • The concept of 31 sounds intriguing, especially when compared to “The Most Dangerous Game”. I was a huge fan of RZ when he put out Hof1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects, but after that I feel like he really pulled an M. Night Shyamalan and veered off course. I dig his Halloween remake, but IMO his early films were much better. I couldn’t make it through Lords of Salem or H2, so I’m cautiously optimistic for this one. I hope this is the RZ I’ve been waiting for.

  7. After re-listening to Jay’s comments about Pokémon Go I’m starting wonder if he understands games. I’m not a gamer, but I understand that it is a thing that children and adults alike enjoy.

    Basically, Pokémon Go is scavenger hunt with your phone. I haven’t played it, but I have always enjoyed scavenger hunts.

    As far as it being virtual–not real–and so not worth his time, I’m starting to wonder/worry whether Jay knows that movies aren’t real. Haha

  8. Can we get an augmented reality game where slashers are chasing me? I want to put my phone up and see Jason in his mask with a knife walking briskly at me.

    • It’s a great idea and I’m sure it’s not too far off.

      David had an idea for a ghost hunting app and so I contacted an app developer friend of mine to see if he could make David’s vision a reality. He wasn’t even interested bc he was sure hundreds of people were already working on it.

      So, let’s cross our fingers for the slasher app. I’m even more curious as to how Blumhouse is going to work this tech into the next Paranormal Activity movie.

      • A couple of years ago while in Ireland, I came across a promotion for a ghost hunting app. There is also a vampire hunting one put out by the same company. I tried out the ghost hunting one for a bit, it’s called Haunted Planet. It works very similar to the Pokemon Go premise where you have to walk around to try to “capture” ghosts. It was fun for an afternoon, but I was disappointed in the look of the ghosts. I haven’t tried the vampire app, so I can’t give any feedback but here is the link to their site if anyone is interested. https://www.hauntedplanet.com/

        • I would play something like this too….but Dark Mark’s idea of a slasher chasing you…that would be a GREAT app. Especially if your phone vibrated when one of them came within a certain radius. (Like some of the game controllers do when you’re in a horror game).

          Man, that would be great.

  9. I look for the next few years to be fascinating for the horror genre considering the insanity of 2016. Great point on Night of the Living Dead, we really need a new Romero or Craven to use the genre for some razor sharp social commentary. It Follows was definitely a step in the right direction – David Robert Mitchell will be a director to watch for sure. I also wish that some of the best directors working today who are outside the genre would venture into horror as well.

  10. https://youtu.be/92y_A_xXaH4?list=PLv-nUFUx0-ChidNafp455Fh5hNvnwyiLY
    Here’s a little food for thought Jay! I am a huge Pokémon fan. Now you and I are the same age and I still play the Gameboy games. This story is right up your alley for your thoughts on Pokémon go! I hope you give it a listen. Also, Mrcreepypasta is an amazing narrator of creepypasta stories and does many more on Pokémon in general.
    I was happy to finally catch your take on “clown”. I loved that film, particularly the tubes on the ceiling! I also was wondering your take on contracted, phase 2, if you have seen it? If you liked the first then you’ll definitely like this. Can’t wait to hear your next episode!

    • Body horror isn’t my favorite sub genre but I did enjoy, Contracted. For some reason the body horror in phase 2 didn’t pack the same punch to me. Phase 2 did hook me enough that I want to see phase 3.

  11. Looking forward to the Ghostbusters Vs episode. I may go see it this weekend at the drive in so I can compare notes:)

    • Man, I want to go to a drive in! I know there is supposedly one about 40 minutes from me, but I haven’t searched it out. The three in my area all closed by the time I graduated high school.

      Looking forward to talking Ghostbusters!

    • That’s funny, because I was thinking of doing the same thing. We weren’t planning on seeing the new Ghostbusters in the theater and then I saw that it’s playing at the nearby drive-in theater. I told my husband that even if it’s not good, at least we are enjoying a summer night at the drive-in. I am trying to keep an open mind, but I saw some bad looking special effects in the trailer.

      • I thought the special effects were really well done, for what it’s worth. I’m not sure you’ll like the style, but the quality is there, IMO. And I usually hate CGI.

        • That’s encouraging. I keep hearing that the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice. I like CGI if it augments and enhances practical effects, but I typically don’t enjoy it when it is used exclusively.

  12. Happy Birthday, Jay!

    As someone who turned 40 recently, I share your pain (I’m 41 now). I actually had my existential crisis when I was 39; I spent the while year thinking “I’m almost 40. 40. I’m almost 40. 40 is big. 40 is scary.” But I spent so much time wrestling with the questions of my existence (What have I done with my life? Am I a good man? etc), that actually turning 40 wasn’t that traumatic. I feel… established. Like I can finally stop asking myself what I’m going to be when I grow up. THIS is what I am as a grownup, and it’s not that bad. I love my wife and kids, I’m good at my job, I have a couple of hobbies that I find fun, and I’m still learning and developing my abilities. I used to assume that being an adult meant knowing what to do in all situations, and having it all figured out. Turning 40 got me thinking that maybe nobody really knows what they’re doing; maybe everyone is just muddling along doing the best they can with what they’ve got. That’s a comforting thought.

    I hope you did something fun for your birthday. You’re a grownup now, buddy. Enjoy it.

  13. I’m turning 40 this year and I proudly rock Pokemon Go as well as all the Pokemon games on my 3DS. Nothing wrong with it as far as I’m concerned and I plan on playing Pokemon well into my 50s. Plus Go is very social and is getting folk off their butt.

    Also, I really enjoyed clown myself. I watched it last year on Youtube as I saw it had already been released on disc in Europe, so I had given up on a theatrical release, or any release for that matter in the states. As Greg and Sal can attest, we only get the top widest releases for horror here in Toledo.

    Great episode as always guys, keep it up!

  14. I’m conflicted regarding the new “It” movies because on one hand I think there is room for improvement when it comes to the original adaptation (particularly with regards to the adult characters) and if they took it in a much more graphic and gory direction it would be pretty cool and more true to the seriously disturbing nature of the book. But it sounds like the studio executives are totally missing the point of the original material as usual. An emphasis on the characters of the kids, the dynamics of their relationships and the drama surrounding them and their place in the town of Derry is integral to lending weight to the more overtly horror aspects of the story. In fact a huge part of the horror comes from the representation of Derry. The town itself is almost as much of an antagonist as Pennywise. I just hope they don’t turn him into a generic, sub-Chucky type bad guy and steer the whole thing towards simply providing cheap scares dumb teenagers.

    • Good points in this post, David!

      I wish they could get the 4 guys from Dreamcatcher: Timothy Olyphant, Jason Lee, Timothy Olyphant, and Damian Lewis to be some of the adults.

      I think all of our collective skepticism is warranted, but I’m also a hopeless optimist when it comes to horror. I’m excited to give it a go.

  15. I just heard a joke I had to tell Jay.

    Jay….what do you call a Jamaican proctologist ?

    A Poke-mon….get it, get it….:)

  16. ATTN: BELOVED HMP LISTENERS! There has been some discussion on Twitter about interest in live tweeting a movie together as a community. Allison and Kagan both recently purchased The Lost Boys (1987) on BlueRay and have never seen it before. To celebrate their first time, a group of us are going to meet in a private Twitter thread this Sunday evening at 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 8pm MST / 7pm PST. If you want to participate, just follow me on Twitter @IcarusArts before that time and tweet me a message that you want me to add you to the conversation. We’ll all push “play” on The Lost Boys at the same time and message each other about the film and our viewing experience while we watch. Thanks to Dino for setting up the chat and thanks to Kagan for the artwork below. Join us! It should be a good time!

    • That is one of my all time favorites! I don’t use Twitter (lame, I know), but that sounds like a good time. Maybe you guys could share some of the highlights after the watch with the rest of us.

      • Reporting back: The HMP After Dark Horror Hangout was a good time. I was really glad that the people who previously hadn’t seen The Lost Boys (Kagan + Allison) ended up liking it, as well as Gareth and Dark Mark, who hadn’t seen it in a long time. I was worried all of the online chatter would lessen the impact of the film for the first time viewers, but apparently not. As Kagan pointed out in the chat, “it charmed it’s way onto two Top 10 lists” last night for Gareth and Allison. Juan and Dino both kind of dropped out of the convo and I’m not 100% clear on their histories with the movie, so I was really curious about their reactions. Those of us who know every line and moment (Jody, Ian and myself) seemed to enjoy ourselves as well.

    • RE: Clowns

      Stitches was mentioned previously and should be included. It’s a crazy, hilarious, clown film.

      A series to totally avoid is Killjoy, the first and only one I could endure, was awful.

      Otherwise, this is my two cents.
      Killer Klowns, It, Clownhouse, Clown, 31, etc. I can’t wait to hear the special episode.

  17. Anyone who watches giallos, I’m trying to find some of the best to buy and watch.

    Josh, Ian, Allison, and others have helped come up with several so far. Here’s what they suggested in case you are interested as well. Please comment if you can think of more!

    Stage fright, Owl, Deep Red, The Beyond, Torso, Black Belly of the Tarantula, Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Don’t Torture a Duckling, Blue Underground, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, Opera

    • A couple notes on those recommendations, Kagan. I think “owl” was just Ian making a reference to Stage Fright (aka Deliria aka Aquarius). Also, Blue Underground is not a movie but is the name of the DVD/BluRay distributor that released most of those films.

      Definitely add Tenebre to the list.

      And a couple must-see (for cinephile, film history buffs) American films with an Italian / Giallo vibe, check out early John Carpenter efforts The Eyes of Laura Mars and Someone’s Watching Me.

    • I don’t know if The Beyond is technically a Giallo, more of a zombie/haunted house movie, but it’s probably my favourite Italian horror film and one of my favourite horror films full stop so I’m good with it as a recommendation anyway. But if you’re wanting to be super specific to the Giallo sub-genre then I’d suggest New York Ripper as a replacement. Another movie from Fulci’s peak period but much more true to the Giallo conventions.

      I’d also suggest The Editor which was one of my favourite horror movies of last year. It’s more of a Giallo parody/homage but it does a lot of clever and fun stuff and feels like a very well studied commentary on the conventions of the sub-genre.

      • Yeah, I’d agree that The Editor is a “parody/homage” of giallos, but should be very enjoyable to anyone familiar with the genre and/or tropes. Batshit crazy, but recommended.

        • I thank you, Wolfman, for introducing me to The Editor. I would have had that on my top 10 of last year if I’d seen it. What a film! Even though I’m not a giallo fan, I know their conventions really well and LOVED The Editor.

    • Has anyone seen Fulci’s film, A Cat in the Brain? It’s playing soon at a theater in my town and I am very intrigued. Maybe this one will play out in a Giallo style. I am a big fan of Deep Red, Tenebre, and Twitch of the Death Nerve (aka: Bay of Blood). I love the Beyond and highly recommend checking it out, but I think that it is too supernatural to be considered a Giallo.

      • Not a Giallo and not one of Fulci’s “best” but definitely worth a watch and you’re lucky to get the chance to see it. =) I enjoyed that film… very twisted and semi-autobiographical.

    • I second Tenebrae and Eyes of Laura Mars.

      I would also recommend Blood and Black Lace, Sleepless, Delirium: Photos of Gia, Five Dolls for an August Moon, The Fifth Cord, Cat o Nine Tails, Bay of Blood, The Case of the Bloody Iris, What Have You Done to Solange, and Torso.

      Josh, I was recently watching some early nineties thrillers that popped up on Netflix. I didn’t realize how much Giallo influence was in a lot of these. Jennifer 8 and Blink would be two examples of these. And if you want to see an American Giallo in more of the batshit crazy vein you can’t go wrong with the “classic” Color of Night.

  18. As the tagline says, there was something evil hiding in the woods.

    It turns out that the upcoming Adam Wingard film THE WOODS was actually BLAIR WITCH, a very secret sequel to the Eduardo Sanchez / Daniel Myrick’s classic.

    Apparently Bloody Disgusting was reporting this back in 2015 and it’s interesting to listen back to our 2014 interview with Sanchez about Exists and our 2015 interview about The Blair Witch Project with this in mind. It’s clear that he already knew about it.

    The original teaser for “The Woods”

    The official “Blair Witch” trailer

    I’m super excited for this! I was already interested based on Wingard and the trailer. Anyone else looking forward to it?

    The crazy thing is that they played the trailer for “The Woods” before LIGHTS OUT and there was even a poster for “The Woods” hanging at the theater. That’s a lot of money for Lionsgate to spend on a surprise. I hope it pays off for them.

    • The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorites. The second installment was abysmal, but I have high hopes for this. I loved Adam Wingard’s V/H/S. I didn’t care for You’re Next at first, but after giving it a rewatch it’s growing on me. I’m excited to see what he has to offer here.

      And as Sal already stated, this is basically a retelling of my summer vacation. ? #witchcraft

    • I was already super excited about this based on the trailer and the fact that it was Adam Wingard directing. I had heard rumors here and there, but I dismissed them as fanboy theories. Now that it’s been revealed that it’s a true sequel to The Blair Witch Project, I’m beyond excited. This is my most anticipated horror film now. I have a feeling this will be my number 2 horror movie of the year. Two of the tip horror movies of the year are witch movies? I would’ve never guessed. It’s very exciting though.

    • Will have to revisit Book of Shadows, but don’t remember liking it. I think this movie was made to correct that, to be honest. I’m all in and looking forward to it too!

  19. Can we stop with Pokémon Go hate, if you don’t like it do not play it then!!! And STOP!!!! pooping on other peoples fun!! Also remember your making fun of fiction on a horror movie podcast, just pointing that out! As for the conspiracy, well isn’t everything a conspiracy in peoples eyes that believe in that kinda thing. Please don’t make me stop downloading your fine show because of non horror related things and also so hating on others likes. Sorry, just tired of everyone SHITTING ON! others because they ether don’t get it or just don’t like it. Just a thought!

    • “Please don’t make me stop downloading your fine show because of non horror related things.”

      That’s totally fair, Randy. Probably a misstep. We can take that criticism. We can improve there.

      As for “Hating on others likes” I think you’re a little off base. Sure, Jay is being pretty closed-minded about the whole thing and I am defintely not into it, but Jay DID invite a fan of Pokémon Go on the show for this discussion. He didn’t have to do that either. He wanted to debate a gigantic cultural phenomenon that he didn’t understand and he wanted it to be fair.

      Personally, I don’t think we needed to cover Pokémon Go on the show and I never would have left the chemtrails conversation in, but Jay edits the show and that’s his prerogative, I think. We’re also just friends having conversations about the world.

      I hope you don’t feel like you need to stop listening to the show because of this.

    • Randy, long time listener here. I promise these guys mean no offense. No haters here! We just joke around and give people a hard time, but it’s all in fun. Are you a new listener? I tend to like the episodes that go off the rails and when the guys talk about wacky things, but I’m sure you know that’s not always the case. Stay with HMP!

      • Randy, even longer time listener here. What Allison said. I’m a big Pokemon Go fan and I didn’t take offense to anything that was said. Perhaps it’s because I’ve come to understand the way these guys think or their sense of humor, but believe you me Pokemon master brother, they would never, in good faith, poop on someone else’s fun. They’re just a little old is all ;)P

        • Randy, medium time listener here… certainly less than Allison, less than Juan. Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision. Allow me to add to the usual gaggle of assurances that there is no hatred for Pokemon Go here. Just fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the addition. Fear of the creatures which hide in the dark, just beyond our periphery and swarming from one place to the other. Visible only through these phone cellular devices that you kids seem so fond of these days. I believe in Jay and I know he sees the great danger coming for us all.


          We aren’t safe anywhere.

          I hear them at my door now.

          I smell it- the door lock is turning… oh, dear god- the door is opening.

          Ignore the insane ramblings of this hooman… I mean, my rantings. For I am certainly not a Pocket Monster that has devoured this fetid carcass at my feet.

  20. Has anyone seen Ghostheads on Netflix. It looks like a documentary about Ghostbuster fans. Just wondered if it was any good.

  21. Watching Clue with my kids as a last hurrah before I leave the country. I must have seen this movie a minimum of 50 times since I was their age. I’ve even been in touch with writer/director Jonathan Lynn bc I admire the movie so much. Just noticed in the opening credits for the first time ever that John Landis helped come up with the story and Debra Hill produced it. It explains SO much about the film working for me as well as it alway has. Maybe even why I appreciate Landis and Hill’s other work so much. I was conditioned as a child from a very young age.

  22. Pingback: Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 199: Ghostbusters (2016) and The Infiltrator (2016) |

  23. I just watched clown last night. The clown did look progressively better towards the end of the movie, but I was worried at first. Clown feels like a horror movie made by the lifetime network. The movie looks “made for TV,” and much of the film follows Meg (the wife) while she’s trying to save the family. I’d give it a 5.

    I finally watched Digging Up the Marrow and that film was great! 7.5

  24. Jay or Wolfman,
    I’ve got some prints to send you for listener prizes…check the horrormoviepodcast@gmail.com for the email labeled “listener prizes” and get back to me.
    Think the fans would enjoy the chance to win 1 of the 3 posters I have ready to send.

  25. My favorite giallo films are The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, Your Vice is a Locked Room & Only I Have the Key, What Have You Done to Solange?, & the brilliant Torso.

    Sergio Martini is the greatest filmmaker in the genre.

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