Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 100: Modern Horror Anthologies – From 2000 to Present


hmp-modern-anthologies-100-episodes100 episodes of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, because we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… Welcome to Episode 100. Thanks for tarrying with us the past three years. In this show, we bring you a themed episode on Modern Horror Anthologies – From 2000 to Present. We also bring you three Feature Reviews on Trick `r Treat (2009) and The Theatre Bizarre (2011) and Tales of Halloween (2015). Later in this show, we’re joined by HMP listeners Dino, Juan, Chantel and Adam! We also want to give a special thanks to Kagan, who sent us the tremendous rendition of the HMP theme song for the intro (and outro) of this episode. Thank you for all your support!

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I. Introduction
— Reflecting on 100 episodes and HMP history
— Dr. Walking Dead (Kyle Bishop) sends his love and well-wishes
— Jay of the Dead pays tribute to BillChete, GregaMortis and Planet Macabre (You can find all 16 episodes of Planet Macabre, all three episodes of Horror Jungle and the Horror Palace Special Ep. 006: The Best Horror Movies of the ’80s and ’90s here in BillChete’s archives. Must-listen material!)
— Listener voicemail: Allison with an “i” from Alabama
— Listener voicemail: Kagan from Utah
— Listener voicemail: David from the UK
— Listener voicemail: ChrisExcess from New York
— Shout-out to new listener, Jeff (and thanks to Sal Roma)
— Mini Review: Wolfman Josh on Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (2000)

[ 0:27:25 ] II. Theme Discussion: Modern Horror Anthologies – From 2000 to Present

[ 0:52:17 ] III. Feature Review: TRICK `R TREAT (2009)
Jay of the Dead = 9 ( Buy it! / Must-See / Modern Classic )
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( Buy it! )

[ 1:24:44 ] IV. Feature Review: THE THEATRE BIZARRE (2011)
Dr. Shock = 7 ( Rental )

[ 1:44:05 ] V. Feature Review: TALES OF HALLOWEEN (2015)
Wolfman Josh = 6.5 ( Rental / Stream it )

[ 1:56:39 ] VI. Listener Call-ins
— Dino from Cleveland: Southbound (2015)
— Juan from Houston: Three… Extremes (2004)
— Channy Dreadful from Regina of Dreadful Reviews: Holidays (2016)
— Adam Michaels from Chicago of Adam’s Art Box: V/H/S (2012)

VII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— E-mail from Bill
— Lore Podcast becoming an Amazon horror anthology series
— SyFy’s new horror anthology, Channel Zero: Candle Cove
— Post-credits: HMP Ep. 100 Medley from Kagan

JOIN US NEXT WEEK ON HMP: Episode 101: ’80s Slashers: 1980-1984 with special guest, GregaMortis of Land of the Creeps horror podcast, where they Help Keep Horror Alive!

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102 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 100: Modern Horror Anthologies – From 2000 to Present

  1. Man! My audio is so bad throughout this episode that it’s hard for me to listen to. Stupid Google Fiber. I feel bad that a lousy internet connection marred our 100th (or any) episode. I really need to address this, but I don’t know what to do. It’s supposed to be the fastest internet in the country and we just got a new router. Lame. Unfortunately, my Mac laptop doesn’t allow me to patch directly into the internet. Sorry everyone. Hope it wasn’t too annoying.

    • I thought you sounded great. I’m no audiophile though. Today I finally realized that this was the 100th episode! I’ve been so out of the loop lately that I didn’t even address that during our chat. Sorry about that. Anyway, happy 100th episode, guys! You’ve made it! I’m so happy and proud to have been there throughout this journey of yours and listen to you grow and perfect your craft. You’ve provided me with countless hours of pure joy that I can’t even begin to thank you enough. You lifted my spirits when times were dour and you rekindled my love with a genre that I thought was dead. Here’s to 100 more episodes of Horror Movie Podcast, arguably or rather factually, the best horror movie podcast out there.

      • Back-atcha, Juan. The entire HMP community as a whole (comprised of supportive and intelligent people like you, Juan), have made HMP what it is thus far… Thank you, Juan. And thanks for joining us on this episode.
        Your pal,

        • Gents,

          I just dropped you guys a little care package. You will have to decide who gets the variant Monster Mash poster. There are also some other monster memorabilia in their for each of you along with some extra cards for listeners. Hope you enjoy!

          Sorry that I wasn’t able to get it too you before Ep. 100 dropped.

    • P.S. Your sound isn’t that bad, Josh. It’s just that the connection is sometimes spotty… If you want to feel better, go listen to Andy’s squeaky chair or Karl on MPW: He does his dishes, laundry, eats — all while recording. It’s great. : ) ha ha

  2. The voicemail’s were part of a competition to see who could use the most superfluous adjectives right? I won right?

    And just to set a couple of things straight:

    Doc, I haven’t been here from the very beginning but I’ve definitely been around for a while. I believe my first comment was back on episode 12. So close, but I don’t want to hog the limelight from the folks who have been supporting you guys from the very first episode.

    Jay, I’m really nowhere near as intelligent as you seem to think and probably less intelligent than most everyone else in this wonderful community. I just use lots of adjectives.

    Josh was right though. I do pretty much just get drunk and type stuff.

    Love you guys. Congratulations again on 100 episodes. You’ve genuinely helped me through some very tough times. You’re the best around.

      • Thanks Dino but I sound like such a pretentious dork! And yeah, I think I sent a brief one in to MPW a few years ago and that was it.

        I loved hearing you and everyone else in the voicemails and call in’s though. A big bunch of folks who sound like naturals when it comes to podcasting!

  3. And regarding the movie “Trapped Ashes”, as far as I recall there’s good reason that it’s not more high profile. I shared my thoughts on it back on the comments for episode 059: Hollywood Horror. Here’s what I had to say:

    “Just the other day I checked out a movie pretty much at random and it happened to fit perfectly into the “Hollywood Horror” theme, displaying several of the key elements that you guys identified in your discussion. The film was the horror anthology “Trapped Ashes” from 2006.

    First of all, the Joe Dante directed wrap around segment involves a group of characters, most of whom are somehow linked to the film industry, taking a tour of an old studio lot. Some of the individual stories themselves involve the film industry too, the first offering being particularly relevant; the tale of an aspiring but dejected actress getting a boob job that isn’t exactly what she was expecting.

    Unfortunately, for the most part, the movie kind of sucks. There are some decent gross-out effects here and there and the first two stories are pretty imaginative. The former, mentioned above, veers into total WTF? territory towards the end though and the latter (a bizarre J-horror style offering from Sean S. Cunningham) is inventive but not brilliantly executed. The other stories seemed kind of dull and involved very little horror and the whole thing just seemed more concerned with rushing along to get to the next obnoxious sex scene than with actually delivering any genuine scares. It’s all sort of tongue in cheek though and despite being made in 2006 it felt very ’90’s to me. The ending twisted things up a bit but still I can’t come in any higher than a 4.5/10.”

  4. Dude Dr. Shock!!!!! October 13th! Me TOO!!!!! I feel so special that we have the same Birthday haha! Next year it’s on a Friday 😉 I think the HMP meet up should be over October 13th weekend now so we can hang out.

  5. I loved Kagan’s remix of the theme song at the end of the podcast… hearing that composition really hit me hard and made me kind of weepy. I kind of want to figure out some way to record an audio file for my CD player.

    Anyway some detailed thoughts on one of the films discussed… VHS 2.

    It’s a fun little anthology premise and the story wrap-around seems to have a much more cohesive narrative than the previous entry so let’s just keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

    The wraparound features a pair of private detectives hired by the mother of a missing teen to check on his welfare. They locate his house, stacked high with video tapes and monitors and other equipment but no sign of the teen. One of the detectives sits to watch the series of tapes, while the other continues to check out the house for any additional clues. The story is generally creepy and the tension builds with each successive tape, and the handheld camera techniques are actually pretty smooth without too much of the “shaky” cam effect so successfully parodied by that one South Park episode. That one cracks me up… and this story actually cracked me up. More on that later, though.

    The first story features a character receiving an implant replacement to his left eye. The lead lost his eye is in an accident that never gets a fully fleshed story. He’s seeing phantoms, though and these ghosts seem to have gained the ability to interact with him through the implant as well. It’s a pretty short piece and would have worked better with some additional exposition, but the story in itself works very well. I’m not so sure the high-tech eye implant really does much to further the “VHS” themed narrative, but it was a good story either way.

    The second story is my favorite by far. A young man takes to a biking trail for a morning ride only to be attacked by zombies. Yes, I know many people are just going to dismiss this because they know my affinity for zombies but that was actually the least interesting aspect of the story in general. This film take the best advantage of the VHS theme by giving our lead a helmet cam and establishing that he enjoys recording these morning rides. It’s a digital recording but I can really forgive that, because it’s the one video that seems to have the most legitimately “filmed for home use” feel to it. As the lead character goes through his ordeal, we establish who he is and we understand what is happening to him and we are able to slide ourselves into his shoes for a long period of time. There’s a sense of riding along in his head for long moments, living through his experiences, and the end is ultimately the most perfect one that could be imagined. This short made the whole movie worth-while.

    The third story is longer- and maybe too long. A group of investigative journalists are doing an in depth piece on a cult in some unnamed Asian or Asian Pacific compound and- I don’t want to spoil anything, but the whole thing sort of builds to a predictable climax and is both the most entertaining and most fiercely annoying “short” in the film. Actually, most of the movie is this short and it’s got the added promise of coming to us from the team that brought us “The Blair Witch Project”… great gory effects, some interesting concepts, but probably one of the single doofiest monsters I’ve ever seen in the last revealing shot. I couldn’t stop laughing and had to stop the film because of how moronically stupid the monster looked. Still, there were momentary sequences and blips throughout the story to give a person some decent nightmares through the night.

    The final story is probably the weakest and most overblown. It establishes the first person narrative to be coming from a “doggy-cam” attached to a mini pooch that the family members use to spy on one another and play pranks and all that kind of stuff. Some teens have a slumber party, the dog wanders about with a couple of bits leading up to an alien invasion. Yes, an alien invasion that features a bunch of grey-skinned, thin, creeping “monsters” that pose elaborately as they approach whoever might be dragging the dog along with an eruption of electro-bass audio looped back on itself while too-bright lights flash in the background to frame the aliens in shadowy outline. We get that same jump scare eruption of sound at least five separate times.

    My final thoughts on the film are this: it’s not nearly as serious an attempt as the last one. There were some serious scares in the previous entry, an attempt to utilize the restrictive thematic structure to create an interesting dynamic but this one seems to flout those limits and dismiss them at a whim. There’s massive use of digital after-effects in some of the shorts, they don’t tend to utilize an actual VHS recorder in nearly any of the shorts, and nearly every film has some sort of a “punchline” for its finale. They seem to be played for laughs rather than for scares, which is well and good if that’s what you want to sell or buy. It just didn’t seem to be following the narrative established in the previous film in the anthology series. I recommend it for a good Halloween fright flick this season, it’s fun, and there’s a lot worse you could do. The “Ride in the Park” is probably worth the time in and of itself, but it seems to go downhill from there. The wraparound story itself followed the entire structure of the film… it started off strong, it was building a decent tension, and then it finished with what amounted to a punchline that fell a little flat for me. There was a visual effect in this movie that seemed plastic and fake, especially under the lights of the shakey-cam effect we were seeing it.

    6 out of 10.

  6. Congrats, my dear friends on this 100th episode. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: You really are doing something wonderfully special with this podcast. I’ve been sick and without a voice for the past two weeks or else I would have found some way to leave you a voicemail detailing my appreciation of this stellar production. Much love to you fellas. Can’t wait to listen to this!

  7. Sounded good to me wolfman, congrats to everyone for a cracking first 100 episodes, ready for the next 100.
    Also loved the way so many people just typed in horror movie podcast and rest , as they say , is history. I googled it myself and have never looked back, good job guys.

  8. Happy 100 HMP! I’ve listened since the very first podcast. I was looking for a new podcast because I wasn’t thrilled with any of the one’s I listened to that were out there. Can’t believe it’s been going on that long! I always look forward to listening to a new episode. I’ve found out about so many more Horror Movies because of you guys. I know my Girlfriend thanks you also (not really). Keep doing what you guys are doing and here’s to 100 more!

    “That cold ain’t the weather. That’s death approaching.”

  9. Congrats on 100 episodes. Just an awesome achievement.

    Glad you guys brought up Channel Zero on Syfy. I watched the first episode and it was awesome. I to am too old to understand creepy pasta but I can say the show so far is excellent.

  10. Thanks for the many great comments thus far. Here’s a challenge to this community. Ready? Bring it:

    Tomorrow night we record our Part 1 of our ’80s Slashers episode with special guest GregaMortis. I have called for your lists of ’80s slasher flicks, and I received a few great e-mails (Jason Dragon, Joe Brunett, Mark H., Snowy Otter), but I’d love to incorporate MORE of your comments into these next two shows.

    So, do me a favor — this is a challenge — and the gauntlet is thrown…

    E-mail me at HorrorMoviePodcast@gmail.com and send me your lists. Please follow this format that listener Jason Dragon has sent me. Structure your picks and comments in short, Twitter-like messages thus:

    Mr. Dragon writes:
    The Mutilator – no film this bad should ever be this darn good. Also known as Fall Break.

    You Better Watch Out – my favorite Christmas horror film of the 80’s. People call it boring. I send them coal.

    You don’t have to include comments or descriptions, but I love talking about a film and then adding what you all have to say about it. Usually I prefer voicemails, but given that we’re recording tomorrow night, that takes me extra prep time, so a good, old-fashioned e-mail with the structure above would be great.

    If you’re Dead Serious About ’80s Slashers, please participate. Blow up my Gmail inbox! I double-dog dare ya! Bring it on!

    Jay of the Dead

  11. Just wanted to say congrats on reaching 100 episodes…Ever since I found you guys in December 2013 with episode 4…you have been one of the constant joys of my life and I’ve never missed an episode…You guys and the wonderful people I’ve connected with on the boards got me through a few hard times…I don’t need to talk you up anymore than I have in the past because 100 speaks for itself…The cream always rises to the top!!! STANDING OVATION!!!

    • Love it, Shannon. Thank you. We don’t hear from you around the different podcast comments as we used to, so I’m really glad to know that you’re still out there listening and that you’re doing well. Thanks for all your support over the years.

  12. Great episode guys! You all bring me to and from work everyday and help wake me up before the coffee kicks in. Happy b-day! Can’t wait for 100 more.

    I can’t wait to check out Trapped Ashes.

    Southbound- I really like this film. It was very David Lynch in the atmosphere and the symbolism. The dinner scene was my favorite. It seems like it could have been an outtake from a Twin Peaks episode. The pacing and the connective tissue really worked in this film. 8/10

    VHS- Wow, I was really loving how creepy the wrap around story was. I actually squinted in the movie theater because I was so creeped out. The movement in the edge of the frame just left an uneasy feeling with me. 8.5/10
    …The sequel was good, not great, and the third one was mediocre (but I did like the skateboard segment.)

    Holidays- I had such high hopes for this one and I was severely let down. I thought that the imagery was beautiful but it just fell short for me. Meh 6/10

    Keep up the amazing work guys.

  13. I feel like I’m on an island amongst horror fans when it comes to the first two VHS films because I do not like either and haven’t even bothered to watch Viral.

    The last segment in VHS is good enough for me to give it a 4 but VHS 2 would be a 1 for me.

    And I’m a huge Anthology fan; these just don’t work for me at all. Am I alone here? Just don’t get the love.

    I am a fan of Southbound and would give it a 7.

  14. Hey HMP Community:

    Sorry to keep interrupting all your great conversations with random info about the next show, but this is worth it: Our buddy, Kagan, suggested a very fun “Slasher Madness” voting competition, so I asked him to go ahead and organize it. Here’s his description:

    Slasher Madness is a tournament where classic ’80s slasher movies are pitted head to head to see which is the favorite among the Horror Movie Podcast Community.

    The tournament will consist of 4 rounds and a final where the HMP Community will vote on the head-to-head choices. Each week, the votes will be checked to see which films advance to the next rounds.

    Listeners should vote as if the movie they choose gets to survive and the movie they didn’t vote for gets hacked to pieces and will never be seen again. Please only vote once (Jay: Talkin’ to you, Halloween people… ha ha). Results of each round will be hidden and then announced on the newest episode of Horror Movie Podcast.

    All right! Go ahead and cast your votes here!


    Thanks, Kagan! (I’m going to have to find a way to start paying you for all the stuff you do for HMP. I’ll pay you what I pay Wolfman and Doc… ha ha)

  15. I feel like I’m the only person who utterly detests VHS. Or at least the first 20 minutes of it because there was no way I was sitting through any more of that obnoxiously bad found footage camera work and detestable characters. No way.

      • Glad I’m not alone, Jonathan.

        I feel really close minded for not giving the film more of a chance but it takes A LOT for me to turn something off mid viewing. It doesn’t help that I’m not a found footage fan but I’ve never turned one of those movies off half way through before. If a film doesn’t offer a single thing that intrigues or interests me in any way, a single creative idea, a single moment of watchable footage or a single character to invest in within 20 minutes of running time then it’s beyond hope in my book.

        • I don’t quite detest V/H/S and V/H/S 2, but I definitely don’t love them the way a lot of the horror community does. For me, I think it’s the extreme inconsistency in quality from segment to segment that bothers me.

          Like Jonathan, though, I haven’t been compelled to watch Viral yet.

    • I am “kinda” with you on that. I didn’t detest it… but half of it just plain bothered me with how it seemed that they just didn’t put any effort, and the other half just left me very indifferent.
      Mind you I watched them quite a while ago… I should revisit to see if my feelings towards it has changed… But my list of must-see/revisit is a bit too long already.

      • Where I disagree with you and David is that they didn’t put the effort in. The bad found footage in the opening is kind of the point. It’s supposed to feel real. And the production values get better. And yes, as Dino says, there is some inconsistency from section to section, but they were made by different people – both in real life and in the world of the film.

  16. There’s was a lot of talk about how people found the podcast. I also typed horror movie podcast into google.

    I’m always listening to podcasts and looking for more. Anyone know of any creepy podcasts that tell scary stories? I’m already listening to Tanis and The No Sleep Podcast. If you all have any suggestions, do share.

    • I would say Welcome to Night Vale isn’t exactly telling scary stories, but slightly eerie and tongue-in-cheek lovecraftian, if you haven’t checked it out yet. It’s almost as if there was a PG-13ish podcast produced/set in Twin Peaks. Lore is supposed to be great, also.

      I’m sure there’re plenty more out there, though. :-)

  17. This was my first non sports related podcast I ever listened to. I was actually googling about the Ti West film, The Sacrament. The HMP link came up, and while you guys did talk about the Ti West film on an episode, the one the link sent me to was about some movie called Sacrament with Marilyn Burns.

    I never watched that movie, mostly based on the negative review you guys gave it, and was hooked as a listener. I immediately went back and listened to all the earlier episodes along with Weekly Horror Movie Podcast and Horror Metropolis. I also started listening to Movie Podcast Weekly.

    Later that year you covered the Halloween franchise which introduced me to Ron Martin and Gregamortis so I immediately became hooked on Zombie 7 and Land of the Creeps as well which led to this rabbit hole of listening to way too many podcasts. Thankfully I have a job that allows me to get my Podcast fix.

  18. There are a couple of modern J-horror anthologies that I don’t think were mentioned in this episode (as always, apologies if they were and slipped past me).

    Firstly there’s Dark Tales of Japan (2004). It’s been a while since I watched this but I recall it had that very made-for-TV quality that’s prevalent with a lot of lower profile Japanese horror. It gives it a distinctly 90’s quality that I actually quite enjoy but I can see it turning some people off. I also remember the quality of the shorts being inconsistent and there being some questionable CGI in use but this is worth checking out solely for the “Crevices” short which has stuck with me because it boasts one of those truly frightening concepts that’s incredibly simple but really gets under the skin. I also recall the wrap-around segment (which I don’t think was particularly well integrated) being rather chilling though quite predictable. According to Letterboxd I gave this an overall rating of 6/10 but “Crevices” on it’s own would probably be an 8.5/10. Worth checking out for J-horror fans.

    Then we have Unholy Women (2006). In spite of the potentially misogynistic title I’d recommend this one. It’s only comprised of three stories and I don’t remember there being a wrap around segment but the films themselves are solid and it definitely has higher production values than Dark Tales of Japan. The first is pretty standard J-horror yūrei fare but done very effectively while the second film is much more bizarre, beginning with a surreal, darkly comedic vibe and graduating towards more disturbing territory as it progresses. This is the story that sticks out in my mind the most but I have a feeling it might just be a little too wacky and strange for some folks. The final story was less memorable to the extent that I’m having trouble recalling much about it aside from it’s ominous atmosphere. I’d rate this one a solid 7/10 and again recommend it for fans of J-horror.

    Apologies if these reviews are a little vague and lacklustre. I’m a bit sleep deprived today.

  19. I just watched the 2 episodes of Channel Zero Candle Cove…

    Basically each season will be a different storyline. This season started off strong and hooks you right away. Great acting and a great build of tension. I was drawn in in the first 2 minutes.

    This season is about a creepy kids tv show that played a part in the disappearance/death of 5 kids in 1986. 28 years later it’s back. Watch it alone in the dark with your doors unlocked.

  20. Congratulations on 100 episodes. It seems like you have been on for so many more. Amazing crew with always intelligent discussions . Love You guys to the moon. I want to Thank You so much for the shout out. I am so humbled as I have such mad respect for Jay, Josh and Dave. Here’s to several hundred more. Continue Keeping Horror Alive!! GregaMortis

  21. Stoked for this episode. Before I have a serious topic to discuss, though!

    “Killer Clowns” appearing everywhere – even in my little city yesterday. It made the local news because someone got scared at 3 am in the night en route to his work. Happened on a really small (rarely visited) street. I know the general area – it’s right at the port and really deserted – and I’d have probably died from shock there and then.

    It’s obviously viral marketing for the new “It” movie, right? I think it’s not cool to scare the shit out of people for commercial reasons.

    You can find videos and articles about that “phenomenon” all over the internet. I often read conspiracy theories but nobody ever mentions the upcoming movie. Makes me wonder if the local media gets paid as well. 😀

    What do you guys think? I think it would be an interesting side-topic for the next episode :)

    • Yeah we’ve had the random ”clown sightings” here too. None in Montreal per say, but a couple in random little towns around the big city. It’ll eventually blow away, I also think it’s a marketing stunt for either ”IT” or that other clown movie (killer clowns? Clown 3D?) coming out soon.

    • We will eventually be covering this on our Creepy Killer Clowns episode, but it keep getting pushed back because the ’80s slashers are taking so long. Hopefully it will all blow over by then.

  22. You’re probably tired of hearing this, but another congratulations on this milestone episode, guys.

    HMP was the first podcast I ever listened to and I still think it’s the best I’ve ever heard. I’m up for at least another 100.

    To say it in Dutch/Flemish : gelukkige verjaardag en nog vele jaren !

  23. First of all, congrats on your 100th!
    I’ve recently became an avid listener (tuned in since episode 95) And got to check out some of your themed episodes (I’m a HUGE slasher fan… you guys are hitting me straight to the heart with those <3 ) and I am so happy you guys exist! Horror is not a very loved or celebrated thing around me, so it's great to be able to tune in and get my dose of you guys.

    Jay you mention Channel 0, seriously if you haven't watched it yet… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! I fell in the most creepy love with that show, I'm actually sure I will have major frustration from having to wait for a new episode every time.

    It was great to hear everyone come and chip in during the episode, this community is so big and beautiful! I know, I'm getting all soft and cheesy but I just love seeing everyone so passionate about something come together to celebrate you guys (I'm a big badass softy, deal with it).
    Side note about listeners reviews, Dino you gave Patient 7 a 7/10… I personally think we could bump it to an 8… I seriously found it that good. My two cents.

    And that F!*&(%)&"*/( MIND BLOWING track at the end of the Episode. Kagan? Fred? Anyways, whoever made that masterpiece… I literally ran around my venue and grabbed every single hat I could find (I have a theatre/events venue, trust me we have a ton) just so I could tip them all to you my dear. Great job.

    • Cathfish, thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot. We’re all softies as well and we love this ever-growing community. Thanks for listening and commenting!

      The slasher medley at the end of the episode is Kagan. He’s brilliant, right? We should be playing that at the end of every one of these slasher episodes. Missed opportunity.

      You’ve sold me on checking out Channel 0 and I can’t believe that I somehow missed that Patient 7 is the film that my friend Nicholas’ short film The Visitant is in. I guess, as someone else was saying, it’s because Nick was calling it Patient 9 or something. If you haven’t heard it, Nick was a guest on HMP Episodes 88 and 89 and talked about The Visitant (the Amy Smart short) from Patient 7 on at least one of those episodes.

  24. I had been waiting a long time for your Trick r’ Treat review, and I was not dissapointed! This is one of my all time favorite horror movies. Jay, glad you liked it as much as I did. Josh, you definitely made some fair points about the film’a shortcomings. I just hope Sam is as forgiving of you as I am come next haloween 😉

  25. Finally listened to this and to the slasher episodes, so now… I’m all caught up. I SINCERELY wish I’d been able to send in an audio clip expressing my love and appreciation for this podcast, but like I mentioned somewhere above, I had NO voice at all for most of October. It was so bad that I was only able to put one HORROR CORRIDOR episode out in a month. Lame! Anyway, WONDERFUL episode, as always, and I must say… I didn’t notice Wolfman’s audio troubles at all.

    That said… I’ve got a bone to pick with the homie Wolfman Josh for his review of Trick ‘r Treat…

    7.5? Really, my friend? All because of hype? And because of there not being more low-key costumes in the movie? Really, dude? 7.5? For shame! Ha ha. I’m just razzing you, man. As we all know in the world of horror-art criticism, the real beauty is in our diversity. Still, I can’t quite wrap my mind around that 7.5. Not the score itself but WHY you scored it this way. I’ve always felt that citing “hype” as a reason for lowering a rating just isn’t fair. I’ve always felt like that’s the equivalent of watching a horror movie in the TV department of a Best Buy and then docking the movie for not being able to get into it. While I don’t agree… it is your reason, and you drew it out very clearly, so… props, man.

    It’s just… I don’t feel like this film got anywhere near the hype that films like The Babadook and It Follows received. I feel like Trick ‘r Treat got the right amount of hype for a film that basically got screwed out of a legit release.

    And dude! There were plenty of generic, simple Halloween costumes in this film. Even in the bus scene. I just watched it and carefully looked, man! Ha ha.

    Nah, man… your 7.5 is what it is. I’m not hatin’.

    I will say that JOTD’s 9… well done! That’s more like it.

    • I don’t know what the hell I said about hype that caught your attention, Dustin, but let me simplify … I was disappointed when I saw the movie. That’s it.

      Look, I found it a little underwhelming. I’m just (wolf)man enough to admit that it may have been because of unrealistic expectations going in. I don’t ever dislike something just because it was hyped, but expectations are impossible to manage completely. I’m only human(hybrid). But, don’t get it twisted.

      And by the way, The Babadook and It Follows are better films in my opinion. Much better. Still, as far as modern anthologies, I’ve said it is defintely one of the best.

      As far as the costumes, that’s just a nitpick and a long-standing frustration that predates this movie. I wasn’t looking for generic. I was looking for realistic. Look at the parade. It’s like Carnival. Look at the trick or treat scene. It’s an abomination. And the bus is ridiculous. It’s beautifully production designed and hyper-real and I love the look, but in the context of a movie that I want to buy into, it’s just not my ideal choice and it’s a general complaint I have about the depiction of Halloween in horror movies.

      7.5 is an above average rating and I’m happy to stand by it, despite this stuff all being subjective. I own the movie, for crying out loud, Mr. Watson. Come on! Hahaha

      • Hell yeah, my friend! Thanks for this engaging response! THIS is the reason you are LEGIT one of my favorite podcasters. I hope you know that I wasn’t insulting your response to the film. I would never do that. You’re a homie through and through!

        7.5 is great, my friend. Please know I’m messing around. It’s hard to see that in print. Here’s what I’m concerned about… I HEAVILY named dropped a preference of yours in episode 002 of my podcast. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Much love, my friend.

          • Wolfman, I hope you enjoy the episode, my friend. The portion where I talk about you specifically (and Jay, Phil from Dark Discussions, and my own self) has everything to do with horror films that are debatable as horror. Ya know… the ole genre conversation. The one we’re all tired of. Except… I’m not really that tired of it, honestly. Just a thought exercise really. Hope you dig it, sir.

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