LISTS: Horror Movie Podcast’s All-Time Top 10 Horror Movies

HMP Sidebar 10 List

As promised in HMP Episode 001, here are the Top 10 Horror Movies of all time from your Horror Movie Podcast hosts, in text for easy reference.

HMP Sidebar Jay Top10 1. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
2. Cujo (1983)
3. The Descent (2005)
4. 28 Days Later… (2002)
5. The Thing (1982)
6. Aliens (1986)
7. The Shining (1980)
8. Jaws (1975)
9. Day of the Dead (1985)
10. Zombie (1979)

Wolfman Josh Top 10

1. Halloween (1978)
2. The Thing (1982)
3. The Lost Boys (1987)
4. Psycho (1960)
5. The Shining (1980)
6. Jaws (1975)
7. Day of the Dead (1985)
8. An American Werewolf in London (1981)
9. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
10. Nosferatu (1922)

Dr Shock Top 10

1. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
2. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
3. The Thing (1982)
4. Halloween (1978)
5. Hellraiser (1987)
6. Nosferatu (1922)
7. The Evil Dead (1981)
8. Poltergeist (1982)
9. Frankenstein (1931)
10. The Exorcist (1973)

HMP Walking Top10

1. Poltergeist (1982)
2. Alien (1979)
3. The Shining (1980)
4. The Thing (1982)
5. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
6. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
7. Hellraiser (1987)
8. Halloween (1978)
9. The Evil Dead (1981)
10. The Exorcist (1973)

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188 thoughts on “LISTS: Horror Movie Podcast’s All-Time Top 10 Horror Movies

  1. It seems like the sidebar of this site is getting more and more interesting these days. We’re these always here?

    I know I’ve heard these lists before but revisiting them I’m finding some stuff that is really surprising. I wouldn’t have expected Jay to have classed “Aliens” as a horror movie. I was also blown away that “Zombie” (1979) made his top ten. Very interesting.

    Excellent lists by the rest of you guys too, though I was kind of surprised to see “Hellraiser” show up on the lists of both Doctors. That is a pretty good horror movie but I didn’t realise those guys loved it that much.

    • @David – I love HELLRAISER. In fact, it had been on my top 10 list for a long time, until IT FOLLOWS bumped it off recently.

      Also, I agree with your surprise at JOTD classifying ALIENS as horror. To me, it walks the line, but probably leans more towards the sci-fi/action side.

    • Thanks, David. I’ve been working on improving the site in my very little spare time. Starting by trying to upgrade some of the artwork and the sidebar is part of that. Bit by bit, I’ll get this site poppin’!

      • I like all of the new and improved graphics, Wolfman. If Jay ever decides to step up his logo and/or banner at the top of the site, I’ll be more than glad to take a crack at it. I have a few ideas that I’ve toyed around with.

  2. Dino’s Top 10 Horror Movies:

    1. The Shining (1980)
    2. Alien (1979)
    3. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)
    4. Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)
    5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    6. It Follows (2015)
    7. Halloween (1978)
    8. Scream (1996)
    9. The Exorcist (1973)
    10. The Descent (2005)

    Honorable Mentions: Hellraiser (1987), Saw (2004), The Thing (1982), Friday the 13th (1980), Jaws (1975), Sinister (2012)

    • Not a bad list, Dino. My list will be loose horror since, like Billchete’s new epiphany, I find horror to be a broad spectrum. Knowing how hard this is for me to commit to, here it is for now:

      10. In the Mouth of Madness
      9. The Fly
      8. Pet Semetary
      7. Psycho II
      6. The Gate
      5. Night of the Creeps
      4. The Thing
      3. Phantasm II
      2. Alien
      1. Fright Night (original)

      As a lover of horror, a top 25 list is probably more fitting for me, especially because alien, the thing, the fly are all sci-fi too, and I would prefer to break it out like that. But, alas, here we are.

      • @Mattroid – I agree, which is why I sort of cheated by including some honorable mentions.

        Some very interesting selections on your list. ITMOM and THE FLY are awesome, and probably fall just outside of my honorable mentions list. I love that you have THE GATE on there. It’s one of my top horror guilty pleasures.

        • Haha… troublemaker.

          I think Mattroid is more just one who uses understated exclamations. I’m the same way. A “nice” out of me essentially means “exceptional.” It’s like the reverse of JOTD’s ratings system.

          • Dino is correct; I’m an “only use one exclamation point at a time” kind of person, and even then I believe it should be used sparingly. So while I can see the translation and it makes sense, I meant what I said.

            Sometimes I’m a little dry, which means people often don’t get me when I’m on social media.

            But for me, “not a bad list” means “I like your list a lot, but I don’t agree with all of it.” Had I not liked it much I’d have said, “I don’t like your list much.”

          • Haha I was just kidding, guys. Yeah same here, I tend to stay away from all caps and too many exclamation marks, but I love my emoticons. I feel like I need them in order to sound nicer :)

      • This is an extremely interesting list Mattroid. I especially appreciate the inclusion of “The Gate” and “Psycho II”. I’m not sure I’ve seen either of those in a top ten before and they are both great movies.

        • I love THE GATE. I recently recommended it to Andy for one of his unseemly homework assignments on MPW. I hope he takes the assignment if he hasn’t already seen it.

      • It’s awesome you have Psycho II on there. I still prefer Psycho, but II might be my favorite 80’s slasher; definitely one of the more underrated since very few people consider it a slasher.

    • Dino, I respect you for putting Friday the 13th 2 on your list and not the original. I cannot stand watching the acting in that movie although it has a great killer motive.

      As of now mine are
      1. The Evil Dead (1981)
      2. The Shining (1980)
      3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
      4. The Thing (1982)
      5. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
      6. Poltergeist (1982)
      7.The Sixth Sense (2001)
      8. Get Out (2017)
      9. Scream (1996)
      10. Halloween (1978)

      • Thanks, Gore-or… I think. Haha.

        To be honest, the acting in pretty much every F13 movie is pretty awful. Also, your comment here reminds me that I’ve been meaning to update my top 10 list. Hopefully I’ll get to that later this year and re-post it here.

        And I respect seeing Get Out on your list. I think it’s silly when people withhold newer movies just because they haven’t been out for X number of years.

      • My last list was more off the top of my head than anything. These are my revised picks:

        1. The Evil Dead (1981)
        2. The Shining (1980)
        3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
        4. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
        5. The Thing (1982)
        6. The Sixth Sense (2001)
        7. The Mist (2007)
        8. Get Out (2017)
        9. The Omen (1976)
        10. Audition (1999)
        11. Poltergeist (1982)
        12. Babadook (2014)
        13. Misery (1990)
        14. Creepshow (1982)
        15. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)
        16. An American Werewolf in London (1981)
        17. Scream (1996)
        18. Oculus (2014)
        19. Alien (1979)
        20. The Conjuring (2013)
        21. Halloween (1978)
        22. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
        23. Psycho (1960)
        24. Jacob’s ladder (1990)
        25. The Exorcist (1972)

        (I almost adding The Ring (2002) but for me all the tension leaves at one hour)

  3. Juan’s Top 25 Horror Movies:

    1. Alien
    2. The Thing
    3. The Shining
    4. The Fly
    5. Halloween
    6. Let the Right One In
    7. Rosemary’s Baby
    8. The Omen
    9. The Ring
    10. The Birds
    11. Christine
    12. Tremors
    13. 28 Days Later
    14. The Exorcist
    15. Shaun of the Dead
    16. Repulsion
    17. Poltergeist
    18. Gremlins
    19. An American Werewolf in London
    20. Aliens
    21. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    22. Friday the 13th (1980)
    23. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
    24. Zombieland
    25. The Changeling

    Oh boy! I hate making lists. I hate committing to them haha, so instead of 10, I’ll give you 25! By the way, my list fluctuates all the time depending on what mood I’m in, but I would say with utmost confidence that most these remain within the top 25 quite consistently and the top five are pretty much set in stone at least for the time being. Also, just for kicks and hopefully to spark some discussion, here is a list of modern movies (2000-2015) that I think will become classics. Some may even make their way into my top 10 list sometime in the future. The list below is not in any particular order, I’m just listing them as I remember them. Sorry for the long list haha, I can’t make up my mind about what to cut right now:

    1. The Guest
    2. It Follows
    3. The Babadook
    4. You’re Next
    5. Evil Dead
    6. Maniac
    7. The Conjuring
    8. Cabin in the Woods
    9. The Loved Ones
    10. House of the Devil
    11. The Mist
    12. Kill List
    13. Stake Land
    14. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
    15. Ginger Snaps
    16. Session 9
    17. Cabin Fever
    18. Dog Soldiers
    19. Ju-On: The Grudge
    20. Haute Tension
    21. Feast
    22. The Descent
    23. REC
    24. Ils
    25. Frailty
    26. Identity
    27. The Innkeepers
    28. Wolfcreek
    29. Triangle
    30. Slither

    I’m so sorry for doing such a crappy job at sifting these movies down to the very best. Anyway… back to work haha :/

    • @Juan – Cheater.

      Two of our top three cross-over, so great minds think alike. I like that you have THE RING in your top 10. That is undoubtedly the scariest movie I’ve ever seen and, if I had the balls to watch it again, it might have made my list (or, at least my honorable mentions). And, yes, you read that right, I’ve only seen THE RING once. I bought it blind, watched it once, crapped my pants, and haven’t watched it since.

      Speaking of balls, you need to grow some and put IT FOLLOWS up on your list, where it belongs.

      • Great minds, drink alike too 😉

        Hahaha BALLS! Yeah well, it is a horror masterpiece, but so are a few others that I included in my modern horror list. They need a little more time to simmer in my mind, soul, and body, and I need to rewatch them a few more times before I can make that call. I thought about including The Babadook because it truly blew my mind away, but I’ve only seen it once, so I didn’t think it was fair to include it until I’d seen it a few more times to make sure that I felt the same way about it as I did the first time I saw it. All of the movies in my top 25 list (that number sounds so ridiculous haha) have been seen by yours truly at least between five and ten times, some even twice or thrice that. I know I’ve seen Alien at least 50 times in my lifetime (it used to be on tv all the time when I was a young padawan). I really do need to stop cheating and come up with a definitive list, but I blame it on the Wolfman. He’s always declaring ties on his lists whenever he can’t bring himself to cut a movie out. He’s a bad influence, that one.

        I had no idea that you thought so highly of A Nightmare on Elm Street. That makes me happy as I feel that none of the hosts respects that franchise a whole lot. I actually prefer it over both Friday the 13th and Halloween. I also had no idea that you were such a big pansy! Haha just kidding bro. The Ring is what Dr. Walking Dead would call a serious freaking horror movie. I saw it for the first time at the theater with a sold out screening and when Samara came out of the TV and everyone was screaming and running out of the room for their dear lives (#truestory) I think my life was shortened by at least 10 years. It literally scared the bejeesus out of me. Whatever a bejeesus is, it’s no longer in me, I’ll tell you that.

        All this list making makes me want to see everyone’s lists. I hope that everyone posts theirs soon. Maybe we could have a master top 10 list comprised of everyone’s top horror movies. Come on Jay, you know this sounds like something you’d love to put on a spreadsheet.

        • @Juan – I’m not a huge fan of the NIGHTMARE franchise as a whole, but the original is definitely a classic. It’s also one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen, which earns it some major points in my book. I mean, what’s scarier than a deformed, sadistic killer with knives for fingers who stalks you while you’re sleeping*? Plus, the “1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you…” song and images of little blonde-haired girls jumping rope is a classic horror image. Man, so good.

          To be fair, I haven’t really seen the complete NIGHTMARE franchise all too often. Apart from the original, I’ve probably only seen the rest of them once or twice. I do own the complete set, though, and have been considering a complete franchise re-watch for awhile, now. Maybe I’m due.

          * The answer to that question, of course, is dark-haired little girls who move in unnatural ways and climb out of televisions. Here are my top 5 scariest movies of all-time >>

      • If anyone is still paying attention to this thread!
        (Sorry I was away in Utah actually for a while and have a few beers in me tonight as my daughter finally went to sleep!)
        Grey imp’s top 10:

        1. The Exorcist (1973) (can’t believe there’s not more love for this one)
        2. The Thing (1982) (so much tension)
        3. Pet Semetary (1989) (so disturbing)
        4. Jacob’s Ladder (1990) (I know this is more of a “thriller” but some of you have Aliens on your list and that’s more action/sci-fi to me, so I’ll bend the rules too.)
        5. Halloween (1978)
        6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
        7. Child’s Play (1988)
        8. Friday the 13th part 4: The Final Chapter (1984)
        9. The Exorcist part III: Legion (1990) (so, so underrated it’s ridiculous!)
        10. Dawn of the Dead (1978)

        HM – “Aliens” (1986) is one of my top all time movies, but sorry I don’t see it as horror.
        -Nightmare on Elm St. part 3 (1987)
        -Session 9 (2001)

        • I really like your list, especially the Jacob’s Ladder and Childs Play mentions. JL is terrifying, definitely a horror to me.

          Aliens rules all, but it’s not a horror movie to me at all, despite having some scary and tense moments.

          • I agree on ALIENS. It’s more sci-fi/action to me than horror.

            Not to be confused with ALIEN, which is more horror/sci-fi.

        • Nice list, Grey Imp. Very interesting to see several sequels make it up there. Also, I can’t remember if I’ve seen SESSION 9 or not. Definitely going to add that close to the top of my queue.

          • Well, if it has shades of THE SHINING then I should definitely check it out (you know, given that’s my #1 horror movie).

        • I personally thought that Alien wasn’t horror enough for me. Jacobs ladder freaked me out and I personally think it has Tim Robbins’ best performance (yes, including Shawshank Redemption).

          I didn’t like Child’s Play at all when I first watched it. I couldn’t help but laugh when the doll started swearing at her. Maybe I’ll give it another shot though.

    • Juan, I LOVE both your lists. I fully agree that the newer films you listed will one day be considered classics. I may do what you did and submit a top 25.

  4. Juan, David and Dino – all great lists, many that skirt my top ten or have been there before.

    Admittedly, I hated The Decent. Hated it. HATE. I can’t figure out why so many like it so much.

    Scream is almost top 10. Top 15 for sure. Same with Jaws.

    • You know, I just realized that I’m entirely missing my favorite horror subgenre: horror anthologies! Ok, this cannot stand. My list needs a pretty hefty revision. I hate cutting movies, but I’ll do what I must. Look at me, Dino, it’s all for you!

      • @Juan – Yeah, I realized I don’t have any zombie movies represented on my list and, while I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of the sub-genre, I would say I am a fan. ZOMBIE (1979) is probably my favorite, followed closely by DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978) and 28 DAYS LATER (2002). They would fall just behind the honorable mentions I listed above.

      • Hmmmm…

        For me, I love the “stuck in an underground cave system” element of it, but then it goes full monty with the inclusion of the underground mutants.

  5. Mind if I join in?

    10. The Blob (88)
    9. Re-animator
    8. Let the right one in
    7. Hellraiser
    6. The Mist (esp. b/w version)
    5. The Strangers
    4. Jaws
    3. Audition
    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    1. The Thing (82)

    Next 10 in no order: Night of the creeps, Martyrs, Alien, Cabin Fever, You’re Next, Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead 2, Pet Cemetary, 28 days Later, and Dawn of the Dead (78)

    • Some really disturbing films on here. I like it.

      THE STRANGERS is such a good movie. Man, that one freaked me out for days after seeing it. THE MIST, HELLRAISER… love ’em.

      THE THING is a movie that I still can’t wrap my mind around. I’ve seen it several times and, I like it… I like it a lot (it’s on my honorable mentions list)… but I have a hard time seeing why it’s usually in people’s top 5. It really bugs me, like there’s something I’m missing.

      • I can’t believe I forgot about The Blob! That’s top ten material for me. Might have to bump The Birds down. Ok, my list needs an extreme makeover *cue in heavy metal music*

        • I personally LOVE TCM but Hellraiser bored me. I feel the same way about child’s play. they just aren’t scary to me. I personally can’t get into a movie with bad acting. I can suspend reality enough to watch F13 2, 3, and The final chapter, but I can’t sit though ten minutes of the first.

      • Dino, I think “The Thing” wins a lot of hearts because it offers both visceral scares (in the form of excellent and incredibly inventive gross-out effects) and more nuanced and classic elements (The isolated setting, the slow deliberate ratcheting up of tension and suspense).

        It’s kind of a Mystery/Sci-Fi/Survival/Slasher/Action/Monster Movie all rolled into one and it pulls off all of those elements really well. It has some of the weirdest most nightmarish visuals you might ever see (that upside-down head sprouting spider legs and creeping about) but rather than feeling mawkish or silly it maintains a cold, deadly serious tone even in the face of such bizarre moments. I think that’s a hard balance to get right and something we rarely see executed this well.

        • @David – These are all excellent points, and I don’t disagree with any of them. For some reason, though, it just doesn’t resonate with me quite as much as it seems to for (most) everyone else. Honestly, this is something that’s bothered me for awhile. I actually wrote into HMP a year ago about how this bothers me.

          I’ve re-watched the movie 10s of times to try and figure it out. I do like the movie quite a lot (it’s on my honorable mentions list), and appreciate several elements of the film. It has one of the best openings in horror film history, and the music (as we’ve come to expect from Carpenter) is fantastic. There’s just something that’s missing for me. I don’t know.

          Btw, where is your top 10 list?

          • I actually posted a top ten list on my first ever post in the comments here around a year ago but having revisited it I’m astounded by how incongruous it is with my current feelings. I’ll have a new one up here shortly.

    • I love your inclusion of Let the Right One In. It’s an absolute masterpiece. It has so many cool ideas to add or explore further than most vampire movies that came before it. Great choice!

        • I’d say it’s really close to the original both in terms of content and quality. There are a few scenes that I actually thought were handled much better in the remake. I do prefer the original, but Let Me In is a very high quality film. One of the very best remakes in my opinion.

  6. Here we go, but I’m afraid to say that it’s a pretty tentative list. I can never help the feeling that there’s some masterpiece that I’m totally forgetting about. I guess the extensive honourable mentions list may be a futile attempt to quell such fears:

    1. Alien
    2. The Beyond
    3. Return of the Living Dead
    4. The Thing
    5. Kwaidan
    6. Day of the Dead
    7. Basket Case
    8. The Sixth Sense
    9. The Fly
    10. Black Christmas

    Honourable mentions:
    Zombi, Dawn of the Dead, The Bride of Frankenstein, Poltergeist, Stir of Echoes, The Eye, Ju-on: The Grudge, The Orphanage, Xtro, Trick R’ Treat, Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter, Whistle and I’ll Come to You (Short), The Ghost of Yotsuya, The Burning, Halloween, The Deadly Spawn, Event Horizon, Monster Squad, New York Ripper, Intruder, The Mist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, In The Mouth of Madness, The Innkeepers, The Changeling, Deep Star Six, Leviathan.

    • “Here we go, but I’m afraid to say that it’s a pretty tentative list.”

      I think that probably speaks to most of our minds on this. My list obviously changed recently with the addition of IT FOLLOWS, and I’m sure it’ll change again before too long. (I will probably update my list here whenever there’s a change)

      I love seeing THE BEYOND and RETURN so high up on your list. I knew you loved KWAIDAN, I’m actually surprised it’s “only” 5th.

      ALIEN is becoming a solid fixture at or very near the top of many lists. That makes me smile inside.

        • I’m glad someone with such a genuine love of the genre and so much integrity is involved. In fact I can’t think of any modern Science Fiction directors who I’d rather see at the helm.

          • Yes and yes, I think Blomkamp is perfect. But I would say that there are a few others that are qualified and I’d be very curious to see their take. What about Christopher Nolan, Paul Verhoeven, and Panos Cosmatos?

          • Actually those are some pretty cool suggestions, especially Verhoeven. I might have a few reservations about Nolan doing it but it’d certainly be a spectacle to see.

            Thinking about it, I’d actually love a Cronenberg Alien movie.

          • Haha yes!!! I’m 100% with you on that, David. And you know, maybe not now, but at the peak of his career, John Carpenter!

        • “I’m glad someone with such a genuine love of the genre and so much integrity is involved.”

          I think David summed up my feelings perfectly in this sentence.

          I’m trying to avoid any and all trailers, artwork, storyline, etc as possible because I want to go into the film as virgin as possible. That said, I am cautiously optimistic.

  7. I have 7 days before I go back to work…so I decided to organize my movie collection…if anyone is interested I’ll list all my horror movies for you all…

  8. ok here is my horror movie collection…except for a few odd ball ones that my wife got for me there is no way I could rate them all David…I’ve always been particular about the movies I buy so I would say they are all snapshots of the best horror at the time of their release for me…Dino I will try to put my top ten together tomorrow…well here goes nothing…
    the friday the 13th series
    the halloween series
    the chucky series
    the nightmare on elm street series
    the blade series
    the resident evil series
    the final destination series
    the scream series
    from dusk till dawn series
    dog soldiers
    near dark
    world war z
    30 days of night
    interview with a vampire
    drag me to hell
    i am legend 2008
    the texas chainsaw massacre remake
    the last exorcism
    halloween 2007
    halloween 2 2009
    the descent
    blood the last vampire
    dead snow
    dead snow red vs dead
    paranormal activity 1-3
    jeepers creeper 1-2
    trick r treat
    the cabin in the woods
    an american werewolf in london
    carrie remake
    the lost boys
    planet terror
    death proof
    let me in
    the ring
    jennifers body
    bram stokers dracula 1992
    the purge
    the purge anarchy
    the return of the living dead
    evil dead 2013
    the fly
    the thing
    the silence of the lambs
    the evil dead
    army of darkness
    the lords of salem
    the crazies remake
    28 days later
    28 weeks later
    the texas chainsaw massacre 2
    the dead
    the dead 2
    hansel and gretal witch hunters
    dylan dog
    evil dead 2
    shaun of the dead
    abraham lincoln vampire hunter
    red state
    ginger snaps 1-3
    sleepy hallow
    behind the mask the rise of leslie vernon
    wrong turn
    angel heart
    cabin fever
    joy ride
    john carpenters vampires
    the exorcism of emily rose
    haute tension
    the prince of darkness
    sweeny todd
    maximum overdrive
    the shining
    children of the corn
    the tommyknockers
    pet cematary
    creepshow 2
    youre next
    the grudge remake
    the texas chainsaw massacre 40th anniversary
    the dark half
    needful things
    carrie 1976
    cape fear
    night of living dead remake
    into the mouth of madness
    from hell
    wolf creek
    shadow of the vampire
    the mothman prophecies
    cemetery man
    the thing prequel
    the texas chainsaw massacre the beginning
    the hills have eyes remake
    the astronauts wife
    the blob remake
    the hills have eyes original
    mary shelleys frankenstine 2003
    vampires kiss
    the cave
    the legend of boggy creek
    the stand
    the devils rejects
    vampire effect
    bubba hotep
    rammbock berlin undead
    prom night remake
    american psycho
    house of a 1000 corpses
    the exocist
    the host
    dead girl
    dead alive
    let the right one in
    the battery
    the hitcher
    secret window
    the people under the stairs
    the howling
    the serpent and the rainbow
    night of the living dead
    dawn of the dead
    dawn of the dead remake
    day of the dead
    land of the dead
    diary of the dead
    survival of the dead

    • Movies that stood out for me because I like them and because I don’t see them often on anyone’s list:


      Also, Angel Heart is so good. It’s an underrated gem in my opinion. One of the most shocking endings that I’ve ever seen.

      Good stuff, man!

      • Are Nightwatch and Daywatch any good? They were recommended to me a few years ago, but I never got around to watching them.

        • Not exactly my kind of movies (mixing Matrix style action with horror), but you have to see them at least once and they are a great double feature. Just talking about them makes me want to do an Action Vamps episode to cover these and the Blade movies.

      • Well after pulling them out and staring at the stacks on the floor and scrolling down the list after typing them in…I was kinda like this doesnt seem as impressive as I thought it was but I have more movies than anyone I know by far….so I dont really have anything to compare it too…I know i lost some when I got rid of my VHS…its about half DVD…Half BluRay now…and thats just the horror movies…

  9. I also have all the Supernatural, True Blood, The Walking Dead, and the British series…In The Flesh…and Dead Set…which I highly recommend for any horror zombie fan…

    • “Dead Set” is really good and it was written by Charlie Brooker who’s a genius in my opinion. I’d also recommend an anthology series that he created called “Black Mirror”. It’s more in a speculative, slightly Orwellian vein of sci-fi than it is horror but it can be very dark in places.

  10. Ok heres my top 10…not ranked…but more of a you get 10 horror movies on a deserted island forever scenario…
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    Night Of The Living Dead
    Dawn of The Dead Remake
    Evil Dead 2013
    Army of Darkness
    Shaun Of The Dead
    The Thing

    • Such a diverse list, Shannon. Really runs the gamut from goofy (Army and Shaun) to over the top (Dusk) to classic (Night) to serious (Jaws), with a few choice slashers (Halloween and Chain Saw), sci-fi (The Thing), and reboots/remakes (Dawn remake, Evil Dead 2013) to boot.

    • Great list and great collection, Shannon. I always consider going with my “Desert Island Picks” rather than “Best” … I think that’s the way to get Scream into my Top 10 like Jay is always saying it should be. I think The Shining is one of the very best films ever made, but I’d rather (and do) watch Scream on repeat forever.

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  12. Whew boy am I late for this party. Here’s mine and this is just off the top of my head so many of these will fluctuate

    1. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    2. The Thing (1982)
    3. Jaws (1975)
    4. Fright Night (1985)
    5. Scream (1996)
    6. Dracula (1931)
    7. The Evil Dead (1981)
    8. Return of the Living Dead (1985)
    9. The Wolfman (1941)
    10. Child’s Play (1988)

    Honorable Mentions
    1. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)
    2. Saw (2004)
    3. Black Christmas (1974)
    4. The Omen (1976)
    5. The Exorcist (1973)
    6. The Ring (2002)
    7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    8. Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter (1984)
    9. Jeepers Creepers (2001)
    10. Slither (2006)
    11. Insidious (2010)
    12. Evil Dead (2013)

    • Some excellent picks here Fritz. It’s especially good to see some love for “Return of the Living Dead” and “Black Christmas” and also to see some classic Universal stuff in your top ten. Doc would be proud!

      I hope as many listeners as possible find their way here because it’s so interesting to see the similarities and differences of everyone’s personal tastes.

      • Thanks, I should’ve just said Universal Monsters, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream,and Evil Dead franchises lol, would’ve covered a lot more

    • Nice list, Fritz. Dracula and The Wolfman really stand out for me… I was never a huge fan of the classic Universal horror movies, but admittedly have not seen them in awhile. Maybe it’s time to give them another look with my more mature and cultured eyes.

      I also like that you have The Evil Dead (awesome movie) on your top 10 AND Evil Dead (also an awesome movie) on your honorable mentions list.

      My favorite part of your list, though, is right up top at #1. You don’t see Nightmare at the top of many horror fans’ lists (at least I don’t) and, as someone who loves the original (it’s #5 on my top 10 list), I’m glad to see it getting some love. I feel like so many “hardcore” horror fans dump on the series, and I don’t understand why. I know the main complaints – people don’t like Freddy’s wise-cracking ways or the supernatural nature of the franchise, or think the overall quality of the franchise is seriously lacking (Willis would argue otherwise…). But, I don’t think anyone can deny the effectiveness of the original’s concept or that of Freddy Krueger. The fear of being in danger while sleeping, when we’re most vulnerable, is palpable and the nightmare sequences play at commonly shared dream themes (e.g. feet sinking in the floor when trying to run). Combine that with Freddy’s character design (burned skin, knives for fingers, etc) and backstory (a child molestor out to get revenge on the people who burned him alive) and you have something truly terrifying. For me, it’s the second scariest movie I’ve ever seen.

      I was a little surprised to see New Nightmare at the top of your honorable mentions, presumably just missing your top 10. I’ve only seen that movie once and liked it, but don’t remember it making such a mark. Overall, I’m only somewhat familiar with the Nightmare franchise as a whole. I own the set but, outside of the first movie, have only seen the rest a few times… in some cases (parts 5-7), I think I’ve only seen them once. That’s partly why I’m looking forward to HMP’s upcoming Nightmare franchise review this October.

      Anyway, awesome list.

      • I agree about the original “Nightmare on Elm Street”. It’s great and the conceit of having Freddy commit his murders in dreams is genius. What’s scarier than being a kid who’s just watched a scary movie and is frightened to go to sleep in case you have a nightmare? I’ll tell you what’s scarier: being a kid who’s just watched a scary movie in which the killer actually gets his victims through their nightmares and going to sleep wondering “If I dream about him will he actually be able to kill me in my sleep”. “Psycho” exploited our vulnerability by taking horror into the bathroom and “Nightmare” went one awesome step further and took it to a realm where we have even less control. It’s brilliant and a refreshing change from the standard slasher formula. I also agree that Freddy’s design is just terrifying. I’d seen pictures of him long before I was old enough to see the movies and those alone were enough to disturb the hell out of me.

        I must admit though that I just cannot stand “New Nightmare”. I can’t even really explain why. Something about it just makes it almost unbearable for me to sit through. I think it might be the performances but I’m not sure. Different strokes for different blokes I guess!

        • ““Psycho” exploited our vulnerability by taking horror into the bathroom and “Nightmare” went one awesome step further and took it to a realm where we have even less control.”

          Just to clarify: The above statement is not intended to be taken as a disclosure regarding my bowel or bladder control, or lack thereof.

  13. I think the main reason is because I was born in 1990, a lot of the slashers were now starting to appear on TV and I was probably 7 or 8 and remember New Nightmare coming on TNT, I was hooked. Later I was able to convince my dad to buy me a VHS copy of the original and absolutely fell in love with horror after that. Freddy introduced me to the genre. Here’s the thing for me on New Nightmare….The way it goes back to the original is just so interesting to me, compare to H20 which I’m sorry I just didn’t like near as much. As I got older I watched it again and thought there was just such adeep evilness to Freddy. The part that sticks out to me and makes it so much more horrifying was when the police knock on Heathers door to tell her that her husband has died, she decided to go to the morgue because she wants to “see it for herself”. That’s something that horror movies usually do not take the time to do. It’s usually “oh no my best friend is dead! Better keep running” what makes it so much more horrifying to me is seeing the police
    scene or the funeral afterwards,
    where you know the character is
    going through a serious heart ache over a lost loved one. That alone
    makes it so real and horrifying to me. So yeah Freddy got absolutely comedic towards the end run, but compare to Michael, and Jason (whom I also love) just don’t go to Haddonfield, I’m not related to him so not afraid there. Don’t go to Crystal Lake, no problem. You WILL have to fall asleep eventually though. Freddy makes it personal, as Robert Englund has said “Freddy knows what’s in your underwear drawer”.

    As far as the Universal Monsters, I don’t really know what drew me to them I just love the old black and white movies and of course gravitated towards horror and nobody did it better than Universal. Invisible Man, Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein are such classics and with good reason. The cinematography is breathtaking, and even today there are a lot of disturbing images and dialog, I can only imagine what it was like in the 30s and 40s. So yeah sorry to ramble so much but thought I’d explain my fixation with Freddy and the monsters lol by the way if I’m home from the boat during this NOES franchise review, are you listening Jay?…I WANT IN!!!!

    This is station KRGR signing off

    • >Fritz Renfield on June 10, 2015 at 7:02 pm said:
      “… but compare to Michael, and Jason (whom I also love) just don’t go to Haddonfield, I’m not related to him so not afraid there. Don’t go to Crystal Lake, no problem. You WILL have to fall asleep eventually though.”

      I’m absolutely with you, but doesn’t Freddy only torment the children of those parents who issued him vigilante justice? I’m not intimately familiar with the later part of the franchise, but that’s at least how it was in the original.

      So, you can just as easily say the same thing for Freddy – just don’t be one of those Elm St. kids.

      • Only in the beginning. He first started out with vengeance to punish them by taking out there children, after awhile though of being able to manipulate any one’s dreams that feared him he enjoyed killing so much he struck out to get more and more. There’s a line in “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare” when Maggie says “But this isnt Springwood!” Referring to the different town they’re in. Freddy replies with “Every town, has an Elm Street”. Also in part IV: The Dream Master, it is told that Kristen is the last of the Elm Street children of the parents that burned him. He wants her to use her power to call one of her friends into the dream. Kristen even pleads with him to end it with her “NEVER! I’m the last!!” So while it began as punishment to those parents, once his powers grew he did not want to give up on killing. He enjoys it enough to call out Jason to invoke fear in Springwood to give him enough power to come back, and grew furious when Jason begins taking out his targets. Like I said big Freddy fan, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them lol

        • Fair enough, my friend. Like I said before, I’m not all that familiar with NoES parts 5-7, so wasn’t sure if/when he branched out.

          • Dino is just a big bully, don’t listen to him. I love all of NoES movies, some more than others, but I love them all. They have a very particular atmosphere that no other movie has been able to replicate. Personally, I can’t wait to have an excuse to revisit these movies. And I already revisited them twice last year!

        • I’m glad you mentioned how much fun Freddy had killing those poor suckers on Elm Street. That was my main issue with the remake. Jackie Earle Haley just didn’t seem like he was having fun tormenting the kids. To me, that’s the most important element of a Nightmare film. Freddy was already having fun when he was more “Serious” in ANOES 1 and the fun only escalated as the series went on and became a bit of a parody.

          Something I wonder, had the parents of Elm Street not killed Freddy and instead allowed him to eventually die of natural causes or if the court case had been successful with Freddy receiving the death penalty, would that have prevented a nightmare based Freddy from being born?

  14. At the suggestion of Dino, here’s my Top 10.

    tl;dr version
    10. The Descent (2005)
    09. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    08. Trick ‘r Treat (2007)
    07. Paranormal Activity (2009)
    06. Child’s Play 2 (1990)
    05. Frankenstein (1931)
    04. Psycho (1960)
    03. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (1987)
    02. Black Christmas (1974)
    01. Halloween 4 (1988)

    Far too wordy version with explanations

    To take a page of out Wolfman Josh’s book, there’s some caveats. These are not movies I necessarily believe are the best ten in horror history. It’s more based on my personal favorites where greater attention is given towards those movies I’ve seen a lot and for a greater amount of time. So there aren’t any movies on here that I’ve only seen once nor have I only seen for the first time within the last few years. I’d also say the order of the top ten shouldn’t be taken too seriously. On a different day, I may have the top ten shuffled up some. Lastly, each one meant something to me, whether being a major landmark in me being a film/horror fan or a more personal reason.

    First up, let’s do some honorable mentions:

    Friday the 13th Part 6, The Hills Have Eyes (2006), Intruder, The Wolf Man, The Shining and for a more random selection, I’ll name 2007’s Wind Chill.

    10. The Descent (2005) – Take away the creatures and you have a scary claustrophobic driven story. With the creatures added, it’s an amazing ride and one that I compare all other exploration horror films now.

    09. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – TCM is not a pleasant movie to sit through. It feels real and similar to the Descent, the original cause for concern is just the tip of the iceberg. The longer the movie goes, the crazier things become. Unlike someone like Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Sally handles things as you’d expect. The crazier things become, the more she loses her mind. By the end, she’s a total nutcase and even if she’s out of harm way, you just know she’ll never mentally recover. I still have a poster of the movie on my wall that I’ve had for…thirteen years? It’s traveled with me to different homes, to the college dorms, ect.

    08. Trick ‘r Treat (2007) – I don’t know how this site feels about piracy, but here’s my tale of piracy in regards to this movie and how much I enjoyed it. I originally illegally downloaded the movie when it first came out. I enjoyed it so much that I went out and bought the DVD. When I found out that the DVD didn’t have the extra features like the Blu-Ray had, a friend of mine willingly illegally uploaded the extras so I could watch them. I eventually gave in and bought the Blu-Ray. During each of those phases, I watched that version that I had previously obtained, but I always wanted more. So maybe my first view of the film was shady since I watched it by illegal means, but at the end of the day, that illegal view began the motion for me to have a DVD copy and a Blu-Ray copy. I keep spending money on the movie despite having a free copy from day one. It became an instant classic for me.

    07. Paranormal Activity (2009) – I know I made a comment on the film on either HMP or one of it’s sister sites. To repeat myself, Paranormal Activity stayed with me days after seeing it. Since I’m a night owl, it made normal sounds like any old house would make suddenly scary. It’s one of the scariest movies ever made as long as you view it in a certain way. Since I was one of the billions of people that used that one website to request Paranormal Activity to their city, my name can be found in the credits of the movie. I’m a movie star?~!

    06. Child’s Play 2 (1990) – My earliest memories of horror would be back in the early 90’s when I would watch some of the popular Friday, Nightmare and Chucky sequels on cable with my sister and my cousins. Child’s Play 2 is one of the oldest horrors I can remember watching. Since I love horror icons as they’re best remembered, CP 2 is the ideal Chucky film to watch. Chucky is still taken seriously unlike the ___ of Chucky movies, but he’s quick with the one liners unlike in CP 1. The scene where Chucky is walking out of the classroom closet with the ruler and the light bulb going back and forth is a classic shot.

    05. Frankenstein (1931) – In recent years, I’ve become a big fan of the old Universal Monster movies. Not only is Frankenstein my favorite of the bunch, but the original Frankenstein series (Frankenstein, Bride of, Son of, Ghost of, Frank vs The Wolf Man, House of Frank, and House of Dracula) may now be my favorite horror series ever. At this very moment, I’m literally drinking coffee from my Frankenstein’s Monster mug. There’s something about the fact that these old Universal horrors can tell a complete story in about an hour’s time without feeling rushed.

    04. Psycho (1960) – The movie that made me a Hitchcock fan. Is there much I can say about this movie that hasn’t been said by a billion people over the years? It’s a riveting story that takes a giant detour in the middle of the movie to scare people into staying dirty rather than dare take a shower. Shout out to Psycho 2 for being such an underrated movie.

    03. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (1987) – Same concept as Child’s Play 2. This is the Freddy I think about when Krueger gets talked about. He’s wise cracking and clever with his kills, but he hasn’t quite reached the point where he’s too funny that he’s lost his scare ability. Dream Warriors 3 may also have my favorite horror song in Dokken’s Dream Warriors. I don’t have any shame in rocking out to that song. Again, like CP 2, this is one of the earliest horror movies I can remember seeing.

    02. Black Christmas (1974) – Years and years before I turned to HMP for horror suggestions, I’m fairly sure the first movie ever recommended to me by someone online was Black Christmas. Back in 2001 (?) this movie was recommended to me by Dan Duffin over at the old Halloween movies message board. Duffin was such a fan of Black Christmas that he’s pretty much responsible for all of the extras you can find on the Blu-Ray. Upon seeing it, I was totally engrossed with the movie and it’s one that still works today. I have an attic in my house and truthfully, I haven’t been up in there in years. In theory, someone could be in it at this very moment I’d never know it. There’s even been real reports over the years of homeless people living in crawlspaces or attics of unsuspecting homeowners. That’s a terrifying thought. Even without the vulgarity, the phone calls are beyond creepy. Back in the day, this was the horror I recommended the most to friends when I was in junior high and high school. The fact that my all time favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story only makes loving Black Christmas more fun.

    01. Halloween 4 (1988) – This might be cheating, but I won’t tell if you won’t. This is more of a pick for the entire Halloween series than just one. Without a doubt, Halloween is the reason why I became a horror fan, the reason why I first got involved in a form of social media in the early 2000’s, and is the most merchandise I have out of any horror franchise. So, why pick H4 over the original? Well, I think my age plays a part in it. Being born in ’86, I can relate to the Halloween displayed in Halloween 4 more than I can in the original Halloween. I can remember those cheap little costumes that Jamie was looking through at the drug store. Having the time period be more relateable for me makes it easier to put myself in Jamie’s shoes than I can for Laurie and company. I believe Halloween 4 was the first horror VHS I had bought (I was just recording them off of cable prior to that). I have a vivid memory of having the VHS standing up on my entertainment center in my room, but having to put it face down because looking at that mask on the cover was creeping me out too much. To some extent, I think Michael is the scariest he’s ever been in this movie due to harassing this poor little girl who isn’t entirely aware of what’s going on. She’s going through all of this crap and uncertainty in here life only for things to get so much worse when Uncle Mikey comes around for some visitation. As I said in an earlier post, the movie has a lot of replay value for me. There’s also the fact that watching Halloween 4 also means the original Halloween is fresh on your mind. So I only love Halloween 4 so much because of what a great foundation the original Halloween created.

    My apologies if I got a bit carried away with the explanations and stories. If there’s any curiosity, the reason why there aren’t any foreign movies is because they don’t fit the whole “Movies I’ve been watching for years” stipulation.

    • A nice list. I love that “The Descent” made your list as well as “Frankenstein”… my personal preference was for “Bride of Frankenstein”, oddly enough. For some reason that film just hit a few more notes for me, though I do really and truly love the original.

    • Wow, very interesting list. I love that you included Child’s Play 2 and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. I’m a big fan of both franchises.

      • I love the CHILD’S PLAY series even when it became more comedy than horror with BRIDE OF CHUCKY. The fact that I saw the first half of the series when I was still really young and had toys probably helped create the scary feel of the movies. When you’re a kid, what could be scarier than one of your own toys wanting to either kill you or hide his soul in your body?

        While the second half of the series gets a lot of unjust hate for adding comedy, I thought that move was great. CHILD’S PLAY 3 didn’t work and I think most of us would agree that it nearly killed the series. The only reason why the series came back and became relevant again was because of the comedy aspects. Thanks to the success of SCREAM, Chucky could come back and embrace being self referential. As far as replay value goes, BRIDE OF has some of the most for me. While I did enjoy SEED OF, they took the comedy a bit too far to the extent that people couldn’t take it serious enough.

        CURSE OF ended up being a surprisingly good movie and leaves me with hope that we might see Chucky in the theaters at least one more time. As an overall series, it’s one of the most consistent series you can find in the horror genre. The highs may not be as high as HALLOWEEN, but the lows aren’t anywhere near as bad as something like RZ’s HALLOWEEN 2. Same goes for other horror series to compare against CHILD’S PLAY.

    • Mister Roma, thank you for this list and all the explanations. I loved reading it. We’re about the same age… I was born in ’84, but yeah… I feel ya, man.

      It makes me overjoyed to see TRICK R’ TREAT on your top 10. It’s number 2 on my top 10. Also, my 12 year old son, my girlfriend, and I just watched PSYCHO together last week, and let me tell you… it is a great experience watching that film with people who have no idea what’s going to happen. Both my son and girlfriend did not know who Norman Bates was or even about the shower scene! When it happened, I think they recognized the music, but that was it. Sal, this is a good list, sir.

    • Child’s Play 2 and Halloween 4?! how has this never come up in conversation. I’ve heard Child’s Play mentioned and I think I recently heard you mention Halloween 4 (plus there’s you Twitter icon), but I was still VERY surprised to see these in your Top 10.

      • I don’t know if you read my written review of Halloween 4 during the 31 days of Halloween (I believe I posted that on Halloween), but I think I ultimately rated it a 10 due to the massive amounts of enjoyment I receive from it. Halloween 4 also serves the role of being an avatar for the entire Halloween series.

        Child’s Play 2 is my jam. Loved it as a kid and that fun nostalgia remains a part of why I love it to this day.

  15. Figured I would chime in with my own list while it was on my mind. It’s actually 13, because … well, it is horror.

    13. Friday the 13th Pt. IV:
    I love the series, but if I were asked to pick the very best one than this is the movie that tops the list with regards to all the storytelling elements. It has Jason, it tells his origin, it features the best death scenes, and it has the strongest cast. F/X master Tom Savini puts in some decent work here in putting Jason to rest for good… uh, at least until the sixth film revived him.

    12 A Nightmare on Elm Street
    : This one is based on the original film which left me scarred as a child when a friend of mine told me a ghost story during one sleep over when he basically told me the story that opens the film- Tina being stalked in her dream. When I saw the movie a few weeks later, it still scarred me. This movie definitely has a place in my dark deep pit of horror.

    11. Let the Right One In:
    This is a fairly recent film and smashes into my top favorites because it’s one of the most effective Vampire films I’ve ever seen. It terrifies me and makes me sad. I will not say that one should avoid the English remake, because that’s also a solid viewing- but the original Swedish film goes some places where the other film doesn’t and is that much more effective for it.

    10. Jaws:
    This movie made audiences afraid to go near the water for generations. For me, it’s probably one of my earliest horror films and features a number of elements that I find brilliant. Quint’s monologue on the boat, the slap from the distraught mother, and those immortal one liners. There’s no way this film doesn’t make my top list.

    9, Bride of Frankenstein:
    It’s a sequel, but in many ways it addresses many of the issues from the novel that the first film avoided. And those themes are what reaches out to me in this particular feature, over it’s original entry.

    8. Pet Sematary:
    This movie scared the (expletive deleted) out of me. Seriously- the idea of wanting your loved ones back only to have them come back “changed” is a seriously screwed up trigger for me. That child—look, I don’t find this film enjoyable on any level but it horrifies and terrifies me and this is my list of top horror films, not my favorite movies. So there you go.

    7, The Thing:
    John Carpenter’s film is a remake of a sci-fi classic, but it does everything a remake should do and it tells a different story altogether. This is one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had watching a movie and, to be honest, some of the imagery still haunts me to this day.

    6 Dawn of the Dead
    : George Romero continues the social commentary he began with “Night” and drives it straight at the American Consumer culture with this bit of horrific terror. This is a film that deserves to be studied- don’t just watch this film, study it and take note of the little things that maybe you might miss on a first viewing. Especially notice how the Mall Survivors behave after a few weeks of doing nothing but hanging out in the mall and spoiling themselves with material goods. Brilliant film.

    5. Halloween:
    The second Carpenter film on list, and no surprise except maybe that some people might want to rate it a little higher. This movie builds tension masterfully, uses a wonderful score to its full advantage, and pretty much cements the Faceless Killer into the consciousness of cinephiles everywhere.

    4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
    Bugnuts. This movie is pure insanity-if you haven’t seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch it now. If you have only seen the remake, forget that and go rent the original right now. I’ll wait.

    3. The Shining:
    Stephen King hates this adaptation of his novel- for good reason. His novel is a very personal exploration of his alcoholism, his relationship with his family, and several other small bits of himself scattered throughout the book. The movie, however, is about a haunted hotel during the dead of winter and the caretaker who is driven insane by the atmosphere around him. I’ll tell you a secret- It scared me as a kid. It sometimes scares me to this day- though the characters I identify with have changed as I’ve gotten older.

    2, Night of the living Dead: This, for me, is a masterpiece. It’s hopeless, it’s tragic, and it’s one of the most impactful films ever made. The ending leaves people open mouthed- I’ve watched people cry and excuse themselves after watching this film. I love that.

    1. Evil Dead:
    I’m not sure how old I was- I remember being very young and visiting my aunt when she put this movie on the VHS for everyone, and I remember bits and pieces of this film, and I remember being scared out of my mind for years to come. I realize many people think the film is hokey, but it is downright horrific when you think about some of the visuals- some of the pacing- the camera tricks. Never mind the comedic sequels that came later, I remember watching Linda sit crosslegged and sing that little ditty to Ash and I remember those blank white eyes. Those eyes. The blood, the gore, the horror- this movie terrified me at 7 and thrills me now at nearly 40. It’s my favorite horror film of all time.

    • Great list, man! I’m so glad that Let the Right One In made your #11. I think it’s very well deserving of a top spot. A few of your other picks are also in my top 10 so, hard to argue with you there haha. The only movie I’ve yet to see is Bride of Frankenstein. I’ve been a bit slow at catching up with my old school horror, but I do hear great things about that movie.

      • You really need to get around to seeing BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Not only is it notable for being (I’m 99% sure) the very first horror sequel, but frankly, it’s one of the most respected sequels in cinema history. For as much crap as the horror genre receives from critics, it seems as if everyone is willing to admit BRIDE OF is great.

        When you watch BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, keep watching the series with SON OF, GHOST OF, and even those multiple monsters sequels with the Wolf Man and Dracula being involved.

    • I love that your aunt put THE EVIL DEAD on for you as a youngster. That’s awesome. I need to give THE SHINING another chance. I read that as a young boy and have always agreed with Stephen King as far as the film is concerned. It is a masterpiece, though, and I haven’t seen it in about 10 years. I think it’s time for another viewing. Good list, redcap!

    • I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see Let the Right One In on a few lists here. It didn’t make mine, but I love it and it’s great to see small, independent cinema celebrated along classics.

  16. Sorry I’m late to the game, but here it is in all it’s Vanilla glory.

    Top Ten Favorite Horror Films:

    1. Halloween (1978)
    2. Psycho (1960)
    3. Jaws (1975)
    4. Fright Night (1985)
    5. The Haunting (1963)
    6. Deep Red (1975)
    7. Poltergeist (1982)
    8. The Hitcher (1986)
    9. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
    10. An American Werewolf in London (1981)

    And I’m Cheating with 20 Honorable Mentions in no particular order; all of these are pretty much tied at 11:

    Village of the Damned (1960), The Birds (1963), Repulsion (1965), Alien (1979), The Blair Witch Project (1999), The Exorcist (1973), Scream (1996), Tourist Trap (1979), Tenebrae (1982), Demons (1985), Predator (1987), Angel Heart (1987), The Lost Boys (1987), The Ring (2002), The Descent (2005), The Shining (1980), Creepshow (1982), The Omen (1976), Dawn of the Dead (1979), The Thing (1982)

    • Awesome list, Jonathan. It’s easy to see why you’re pushing for a (well-overdue) giallo episode.

      There’s more I want to unpack with your list, but it’s way late for me. So, tomorrow…

      • Thanks, man. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to just put twenty films on there. Thinking through this there are so many I had to leave out that I love – Rosemary’s Baby (1968), Dead of Night (1945), Curse of the Demon (1957), Frankenstein (1931) are a few more I thought of and I’m sure there will be more; many, many more.

    • This list is damn good. I haven’t seen DEEP RED, TOURIST TRAP, TENEBRAE, and ANGEL HEART. I have some work to do.

    • Not all that vanilla. You have a few surprises up your sleeve.

      The Hitcher was the MOST surprising one for me. We’ve talked about covering that for a long time … a kind of “Horror on the Road” idea. I think it was Allyson’s idea, actually. Do like: House of 1000 Corpses, Vacancy, Wrong Turn, Breakdown, The Hitcher, Joyride, etc. This has reinvigorated my interest in revisiting that theme and The Hitcher.

      Also loved seeing Repulsion, Tourist Trap, and Demons on your list. Especially love Demons.

      Angel Heart is another rare choice and I have yet to see Tenebrae.

      • I’ve been waiting for that “Horror on the Road” episode for awhile, now! So many good movies to talk about in this sub-genre – the ones you mentioned, plus a few others like TCM and The Hills Have Eyes.

        And any reason to talk about one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures – Joy Ride – is a good reason.

        • You shouldn’t feel guilty at all about liking “Joyride.” It’s a very fun flick.

          Thanks for the kind words, Josh. Would love to hear you guys cover “The Hitcher.”

  17. And looking back at my Top 10 I think I subconsciously picked my favorite film of each of my favorite sub-genres. My list could easily read:

    1. Slasher
    2. Proto-Slasher
    3. Nature Run Amok/Beastly Freak
    4. Vampire
    5. Haunted House
    6. Giallo
    7. Ghost Story
    8. Survival Horror
    9. Sci-Fi Horror
    10. Werewolf

      • Probably. I’m a big mystery buff so the slashers and giallos tend to peak my interest a little more. Haunted house films are not too far behind.

        • Makes sense.

          I’m a big slasher guy, as well. I wouldn’t say I’m “big” into giallo’s, but I do really like a fair bit of them.

          Haunted houses and supernaturals are also high up on my list.

        • Can you recommend your absolute favorite giallos? I have a problem with them, but I really want to like them. Seen a ton of bad $h!t and wanna redeem this obviously interesting sub-genre.

        • Oh, man. I’m with you 100% on the mystery aspect. That’s my favorite distinction in horror films, supernatural or slasher.

          I’ve been taxing doing a Giallo segment even longer than I’ve been teasing a Giallo episode. I have a few more “Wolfman’s Got Nards” segments I want to do first. But before that we have to finish our Universal Monsters “Versus” episodes. And then, onto my segment “Yellow Scare” (which is probably an ill-advised play on a racist term) where I’ll be covering Giallos.

          • I have listened to that episode where you talked about Torso. I should have had Torso on the list. I like Tarantula okay; it’s one I need to watch again.

            And it’s fun hearing about your love of mysteries. I grew up on the likes of Columbo, Perry Madon, Murder She wrote, Agatha Christie mysteries, etc. My mom is a huge mystery buff so I’m sure that’s partly what drew me to it. I even wrote murder mystery parties in college for a short while.

  18. I’m late to the party, but I had not yet discovered the magic of HMP.

    Top Ten Horror Flicks:

    10. The Devil’s Rejects
    9. The Amityville Horror
    8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974
    7. Black Christmas 1974
    6. Friday the 13th 1980
    5. Dawn of the Dead 1978
    4. 28 Days Later
    3. The Ring
    2. Halloween 4
    1. Halloween 1978

    There are definitely some honorable mentions that claim spot #10 on occasion

    – High Tension
    – Last Shift
    – It Follows (top horror pick of 2014-15)
    – Sinister
    -The Shining

    • Love seeing Halloween 4 so high on another listener’s list.

      I can dig every film in your top ten except for one.

      I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I’ve never been able to get into The Amityville Horror. It’s dull and makes me wonder how it created such a long series. The Amityville film that stands out to me is Amityville II. The pace is a little better and it upped the creepiness.

      • Sal, The Amityville Horror definitely has the nostalgia factor for me. When I was a kid, my super religious grandparents had the novel on their bookshelf and I was forbidden to touch it (not sure how they managed to possess such a book…see what I did there? ?), so naturally that piqued my interest. I was 13 when I finally saw it on VHS and I’ll never forget the feeling I had when that voice yells “GET OUT!”.

        I totally agree with your assessment of Amityville II. I’ve seen it many times and I still feel uneasy when I watch.

      • Thank you Mister Watson. I find that most of my top ten is filled with your standard franchise horror films, but they are my “happy place”. I didn’t start watching horror films until I was 12, so I hit the big franchises (with the exception of NOES) first. I also enjoy the occasional Saw flick (mainly the first 4) and House of 1000 Corpses.

    • There’s the Black Christmas mention I was hoping for! Still laugh every time I think about that Instagram post.

      Surprised to see High Tension on there and I’m curious to hear about your thoughts on that.

      Cool to see recent films like Last Shift and It Follows as well.

      And also cool to see another Halloween 4 lover on here. Very interesting.

      Solid, Allison.

      • Thank you! There is never a “wrong” time to watch Black Christmas. Ever. ?

        High Tension is one of those films that, on first watch, had me scooting as far back into the couch as possible. One of my biggest fears is a home invasion (which, good news/bad news, actually happened, but with no one home), so watching Marie frantically try to erase her presence in the room and scurry under the bed just as the “murderer” enters… gives me chills now just thinking about it.

        Halloween 4 is the film that introduced me to horror when I was 12. My best friend and I rented it because of the VHS cover. To this day, my friend will not walk past her three way mirror during a thunderstorm.

    • Your list is pretty rad. I really like seeing The Ring up at #3. That movie scared me so much that I’ve still only seen it once. One of these days I’ll work up the courage for a second viewing.

      I also like seeing High Tension on your HMs. I like that movie a lot, too, and never really understood the backlash against it.

      • I assume the backlash for High Tension is solely for the ending. I wasn’t a fan of the ending, but it didn’t erase the fact that everything else was great stuff.

        I feel confident in ranking the movie my #1 horror of 2005 for it’s US DVD release.

      • Thanks Dino. My husband and I saw The Ring when it was in theaters. At the time, I lived out in the middle of nowhere, closest neighbor about a mile away. It stormed that night, and the power went out. We stared at the ceiling most of the night, scared of every creak the house made. ?

  19. Inspired by Jason Dragon’s thread and Juan’s comment from long ago about whether or not people dig modern horror… here is my Top 10, which is full of modern horror.


    30. Night of the Creeps (1986)
    29. The Blob (1988)
    28. The Ring (2002)
    27. House of the Devil (2009)
    26. Evil Dead (2013)
    25. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
    24. The Omen (1976)
    23. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    22. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    21. Return of the Living Dead (1985)
    20. The VVitch (2016)
    19. Dead Snow 1 & 2 (2009, 2014)
    18. The Descent (2005)
    17. Interview With the Vampire (1994)
    16. Insidious (2010)
    15. The Lost Boys (1987)
    14. Frailty (2002)
    13. Silent Hill (2006)
    12. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
    11. The Frighteners (1996)

    TOP 10

    10. MARTYRS (2008) – Few films have ever stuck with me like this one. In fact, it FORCED its way onto my Top 10 only a few months ago. Brutal. Beautiful. Bleak. The Frighteners really should be on my Top 10 instead of this film, but hell, what can a dude do?

    09. THE MIST (2007) – This is the most faithful King adaptation so far and an excellent father/son film (ha ha ha!). I read this novella as a kid. Then years later, I read it to my son when he was 9. We both maintain that this movie is EXACTLY what we pictured in our heads while reading the source material.

    08. SCREAM (1996) – This is the film on my list that has the most problems with it. There are so many inconsistencies, plot holes, and things to look past, but… damn, I love this film. I saw it in 6th grade, and it changed my life. 1 of 3 meta films in my Top 10. Hmm….

    07. THE STRANGERS (2007) – The scariest film on this list, in my opinion, even though nothing scares me. The killers’ motive… or lack thereof… is so disturbing on a psychological level. This is my favorite slasher film of the 21st century by far.

    06. BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON (2006) – I love love love meta films, and this one does it for me on every level. I believe it will be… and maybe already is… a 21st century classic. Humorous, scary, well-filmed, well-acted, and fresh as hell.

    05. EVIL DEAD 2 (1987) – I smile the whole time this movie plays. A dream of mine is to get drunk with Bruce Campbell and do karaoke. Here’s hopin’!

    04. THE ORPHANAGE (2007) – No horror film has hit me so hard emotionally. This movie transcends genres. It’s frightening, heart-wrenching, beautiful, and makes this hard @$$ gangsta tear up every damn time.

    03. HALLOWEEN (1978) – Yup.

    02. TRICK R’ TREAT (2007) – This is my most-watched film on this list. It’s my son’s and my Halloween tradition to watch this. I maintain that it’s the most cohesive, beautifully shot, best-written, and well-rounded horror anthology made yet. No other film captures the spirit of Halloween like this film. Also… this gets my award for best 21st century horror icon in Sam; best werewolves in recent memory; and best school principal ever.

    01. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012) – People get mad when I tell them this is my number 1, especially since I’m 31 and am “old enough to know better.” Ha ha. But listen… this is THE FILM I’ve always dreamed of writing. Even as a kid, I noticed the overused conventions and tropes in horror and always wished a film would come out that would address these issues but in a more hardcore way than Scream or those dumb satire “Scary Movie” movies. Have you ever felt like a movie was pulled straight from your mind? Well, we all have our individual sensibilities that influence how we feel about everything, and this one hits every positive horror sensibility I have in me.

    • Great list. I’m sad to say I still haven’t seen The Orphanage yet. I even picked up the blu Ray a year or so ago.

      Just watched Frailty again recently. I forgot how great that movie is.

      • Thanks a ton, man! Dude, I NEED to get the Blu Ray! In fact… I’m going on Amazon in a sec, and I’m doing that. Ha ha. But Jonathan, I’m telling you… put this at the top of your queue to watch. This is a solid watch.

      • Oh, and my son and I just watched FRAILTY last week. I’ve got a horror podcast I’m recording, and he and I are going to do a father/son horror episode. Gonna be good stuff.

          • It’s called Horror Corridor. I review horror cinema, literature, and music. Also, there’s always a topic of discussion that has to do with some dark theme or another. Psychological crap too, so I can make my degree count for something. Ha ha.

            Horror Corridor isn’t out yet, but it will be soon. I’ve got the first episode recorded, and I’ve written the second and third episodes. Working on the website and all the technical details concerning how to launch the podcast. It’s hard! Much love to Jay for all the hard work in making HMP so great. Wow.

    • Fantastic list. I may post a breakdown of my top ten at some point. I love Cabin in the Woods and Trick ‘r Treat. I could even add Cabin Fever (2003) to my list. I need a top 30. Haha.

    • Awesome list, Mr. Watson. Especially love seeing Frailty, Interview with a Vampire and The Blob on there. I really want to do a Blob “Versus” episode.

      Bold having The VVitch so soon. Maybe too bold?

      Also bold to have Cabin in the Woods at number 1, but I get your reasoning.

      I could not be further away from you on Martyrs or Behind the Mask and we don’t quite click on your Top 10, but I do respect it. All good stuff.

      • Wolfman, I knew my list wouldn’t gel too well with you. I already know what you think of my top 2. Ha ha. You’ve got one of those super solid lists full of the tried and true classics, but I’m telling you, man… all the movies on my top 10 are future-classics. My list will be solid as hell in 10 years. Honestly, though… FRAILTY, THE LOST BOYS, and THE FRIGHTENERS really should be somewhere on my Top 10. Like, I could legit take any of my 6-10 and replace it with these ones.

        A Blob “Versus” episode would be wonderful! Do it!

        And yeah, I’m with you that having THE VVITCH in my top 20 is maybe “too bold.” In fact… I erased ROSEMARY’S BABY (1968) and threw THE VVITCH in there right before posting this. THAT’S bold.

        Thanks for taking the time to respond, Wolfman.

  20. My list with explanations is above this post, but I’m going to copy Sal and do a tl;dr version…

    10. Martyrs (2008)
    09. The Mist (2007)
    08. Scream (1996)
    07. The Strangers (2007)
    06. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)
    05. Evil Dead II (1987)
    04. The Orphanage (2007)
    03. Halloween (1978)
    02. Trick r’ Treat (2007)
    01. The Cabin In the Woods (2012)

  21. It’s time! I’ve decided to steal Redcapjack’s idea, and do a top 13 instead!

    13. The Exorcist
    12. Halloween ’78
    11. Black Christmas
    10. Society
    9. A Nightmare on Elm Street ’84
    8. Silence of the Lambs
    7. The Witch
    6. The Haunting ’63
    5. Alien
    4. The Ring
    3. Psycho
    2. Jaws
    1. The Shining

    • Honorable Mentions:

      The Blair Witch Project, The Hills Have Eyes ’06, Rosemary’s Baby, The Thing, Night of the Living Dead, Tremors, Friday the 13th ’80, The Hills Have Eyes ’77, The Conjuring, Scream, Paranormal Activity, Nosferatu, Insidious, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ’74, Rec., Friday the 13th pt.2, Friday the 13th pt.4, A Nightmare on Elm Street pt. 3, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, The Serpent and the Rainbow, The Others, Day of the Dead, Frenzy, The Orphanage

  22. Thought I would post mine on here too since Kagan mentioned it.

    1. Halloween (1978)
    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    3. Nosferatu (1922)
    4. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
    5. Psycho (1960)
    6. Alien (1979)
    7. Jaws (1975)
    8. Hellraiser (1987)
    9. The Exorcist (1973)
    10. Frankenstein (1931)

    Honourable mentions –
    A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    Let the Right One In
    The Thing (1982)
    It Follows
    Friday 13th (1980)
    House of Wax (1953)
    The Prowler
    The Burning
    The Strangers
    Halloween H20
    The Evil Dead (1981)
    Dawn of the Dead (1978)

  23. After the recent “Horror Hangouts” I felt the need to update my list. Wolfman should be happy haha.

    1. Halloween(1978)
    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)
    3. Nosferatu(1922)
    4. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari(1920)
    5. The Lost Boys (1987)
    6. Psycho(1960)
    7. Alien (1979)
    8. Jaws (1975)
    9. The Exorcist (1973)
    10. Frankenstein (1931)

  24. Top Ten:
    1. The Thing (1982)
    2. Halloween (1978)
    3. The Exorcist (1973)
    4. Alien (1979)
    5. The Evil Dead (1981)
    6. Scream (1996)
    7. The Omen (1976)
    8. The Exorcist 3 (1990)
    9. The Shining (1980)
    10. The Invisible Man (1933)

    Honorable Mentions:
    Dracula (1931)
    Frankenstein (1931)
    The Wolfman (1941)
    Psycho (1960)
    Night of the Living Dead (1968)
    Carrie (1976)
    The Amityville Horror (1979)
    The Changeling (1980)
    REC (2007)

    • Loving the list, Buffy Slay’her. I just saw you comment on the Prince of Darkness post and I’m like you in that I always have The Thing and Halloween battling it out for my #1 spot. In fact, I just felt weird putting The Thing before Halloween in that sentence. Haha.

      I agree with Dino that the bottom half of your list is really interesting, as are your honorable mentions. I love all of of the Universal classics and The Invisible Man is defintely a stand-out. I’m nervous (but also kind of exited) about the remake with Johnny Depp. Scream is probably my number 11 and it’s hard to leave it out of my Top 10. Love seeing a mention for The Changeling. I haven’t spent enough time with The Omen and defintely have not spent time with The Exorcist 3, so your inclusion of those makes me curious to check them out bc we are so similar on the other films from your list.

      A few other quick questions for you: What do you think about Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, and the Evil Dead remake? Have you seen Ash vs Evil Dead? Also curious how you feel about remakes, in general. Did you see The Amittyville Horror (2005)?

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll check out the podcast, if you haven’t yet already. The sidebar on the website (though it’s not optimized for mobiles) has some links to our specialty themed episodes that I think you might enjoy like our Halloween Franchise Review and our Scream Franchise Review, and some “Versus” eps that contain match-ups like Dracula (1931) VS Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) and The Thing From Another World (1951) VS John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) VS The Thing (2011). It looks like your tastes generally line up with our hosts.

      • I guess I have a soft spot for George C. Scott’s performances in horror movies!
        It was actually difficult not to put the Omen higher on my list. Aside from the theological horror and graphic deaths in it, I really engage with the emotional turmoil that Gregory Peck’s character goes through. Everytime I watch it I become so endeared to him as he slowly pieces together the truth about his son that the climax breaks my heart and terrifies me at the same time.
        The Exorcist 3 is a newer addition to my list. I had avoided it for many years fearing that it would mar my feelings about the first movie if it didn’t live up to it. It has some problematic aspects but the performances, particularly Brad Dourif’s, are incredible. I also love that the story is not just a retelling of the first movie set in a different time with different characters, but is its own and has a bit of a crime/drama feeling. It also has one of the only scenes in a horror movie that can still make me jump! I’m looking forward to picking up Shout Factory’s blu-ray release which includes the director’s cut.
        The Evil Dead definitely has a nostalgia factor for me because it was a movie that my friends and I found at the video store during our formative years in the horror genre. We freaked ourselves out watching it the first time and rented it again and again until I bought my own copy. I didn’t see Evil Dead 2 until quite a few years later and at the time was pretty critical of it. However I have grown to appreciate it and Sam Raimi’s work, just not in the same way. I dont have a lot of feelings about Army of Darkness. For me it’s he kind of movie I can put on in the background and laugh at all the right moments without really paying attention. I have yet to check out Ash vs. The Evil Dead.
        In general I’m not usually a big fan of remakes (Amityville Horror, Poltergeist etc) but I havent revisited them fter my initial viewing. However I did enjoy the Evil Dead remake. I liked all the Easter eggs for fans of the original films and the return to more serious/scary tone of the first film.

  25. This list, are those films that are always pleasing to watch, enjoyable, discussion worthy… also its a rotating list. So, It’s hard to stay concrete on it. I enjoy so many.

    1. Halloween (1978)
    2. Scream (1996)
    3. JAWS
    4. Christine
    5. Frankenstein (1931)
    6. The Shining
    7. Silence of the Lambs
    8. The Thing
    9. Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness
    10. Trick r Treat

    Not by far a definitive list, but 10 favorites.

    • Nice list, Gray Man. I hear you about the list being malleable. I’m curious, what are some other films that are up there for you and could sneak into your top 10 on occasion?

      • My mind is organized crazily.
        So of course horror is multiple genre and spans 100 years.
        Whittling it down to 10 or even 20 is difficult.

        Favorite Modern classics:
        It Follows
        Green Room
        Final Girls
        Dale & Tucker vs Evil
        Cabin in the Woods
        The Conjuring

        Universal era monsters:
        Creature from the Black Lagoon
        The Blob
        Invasion of the body snatchers
        The Fly
        Invisible Man

        Debatable horror:
        King Kong

        Series with multiple entries:
        Friday the 13th
        Nightmare on Elm St.
        Texas Chainsaw
        Child’s Play

        I can get indecisive. I love a variety of horror.
        My top ten isn’t the scariest or necessarily the best, but favorites. Those that entertain and enlighten everytime.
        I need to scroll up and look at the multitude of comments.
        Thanks for responding.

  26. This was hard:

    1. The Shining
    2. Evil Dead 2
    3. The Thing
    4. Jaws
    5. Ringu or Ring (love both equally
    6. It Follows
    7. Hellraiser
    8. Juon or The Grudge
    9. Dawn of the Dead
    10: Cloverfield

    I know it’s a bit all over the place so my list is based on rewatchability. These are the ten movies I would take with into my bomb shelter if the world was ending.

    • Nice! I really like this list. We actually have a lot of crossover, so my opinion may be a little biased. But there’s some great variety on here – some older stuff, some newer stuff, some foreign, found footage, monster movies, zombies, comedy, etc. You may say all over the place, but I see it more as great range.

    • uhh, that’s odd. There WAS a post from a person named Thomas, suggesting HMP cover Alien or at least that’s what my e-mail notification said.

      “in response to JasonPyles:

      As promised in HMP Episode 001, here are the Top 10 Horror Movies of all time from your Horror Movie Podcast hosts, in text for easy reference.


      You guys should do a review of Alien (1979) especially since it’s in your Top 10 lists and in many of your listeners’ lists (it’s my #1)”

  27. I’ve only been listening to HMP for about a month, but I thought I’d contribute my Top 10.

    1. The Thing (1982)
    2. Scream (1996)
    3. The Conjuring (2013)
    4. Jaws (1975)
    5. Halloween (1978)
    6. Evil Dead (2013)
    7. The Shining (1980)
    8. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
    9. Saw (2004)
    10. Zombieland (2009)

    Honorable mentions: Insidious, Sinister, World War Z, Cabin in the Woods, Friday the 13th (1980)

    • Nice, David. Lots of newer films on this list. Two things that piqued my interest immediately were seeing Scream so high and Evil Dead (2013) instead of the original or Evil Dead 2.

      • Scream was the first horror movie I saw when I was 9, and it made me hate horror movies for years because I was so scared. When I got older, I really appreciated the writing of the film, which I think is some of the best ever in a horror film. As far as Evil Dead goes, I just love the gore. I have a lot of fun each time I watch it.

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