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Jay of the Dead here. Happy Friday the 13th! Today (technically tonight) we are still launching our first episode of our Friday the 13th franchise review. Due to my “day job,” I’ll need to finish the posting of this episode after work today, but this episode will be posted tonight, and it will be worth the wait! I have had requests from listeners before, asking me to give you a status update of when you can expect the show, so I hope this helps.

Thanks for your patience — talk to you tonight!

—Jay of the Dead (aka JASON)

58 thoughts on “Releasing Tonight! — Friday the 13th – A Five-Part Podcast Series

  1. This is great Jay. I know you said before that you don’t like clogging stuff up with updates and excuses and things but it’s definitely cool to know that the episode’s on its way! I just hope it’s not posted too late in UK time so I can still listen on the appropriate day but no worries either way buddy. I hope you’re coping with the juggling act of a day job and podcast production. All you guys know we appreciate your hard work!

  2. Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I’m so ready for this episode. I’ve watched the first 4 installments of this series and I’m not only really enjoying myself, but the movies as well haha. I’m actually quite surprised as to how much I’m liking these movies. They’re so good! Guilty good if you’re one that feels guilt, but me, I have no guilt whatsoever. Anyway, I’d also like to send good vibes to Shannon who is undergoing hip surgery today if I’m not mistaken. I hope everything goes well and I wish you a speedy recovery. And of course many thanks to Jay’s hard work which is much appreciated. As Sean Connery once said: “You’re the man now dog”.

    • Juan, I remember a while back you said you didn’t think you’d seen Part 4? I take it you’ve rectified that now? That’s my favourite movie of the series.

      • I have! And I loved it. But here’s the deal. I think I’d seen parts of it, because I remember the last 20 minutes or so very clearly, but the rest of the movie was all new to me. I’m having a really hard time ranking the movies, but I’ll say this about part 4: it has the most brutal and graphic kills so far… by far. And I love that Crispin Glover is in it. That was totally unexpected!

        • Crispin Glover is one of my favourite parts of the movie!

          To me it’s just the most balanced of all the films. It’s got slightly more fun characters, more elaborate kills and more crazy over-the-top moments than the first few movies but it doesn’t totally go into the realms of ridiculousness like some of the later ones. And Crispin Glovers dancing is amazing!

          • YES!!! Hahahaha

            Well, I think 1 and 2 are very similar movies, but part 2’s kills were all stuffed towards the end of the movie, which made the last 30 minutes quite relentless. I didn’t like how Jason’s demeanor though. He didn’t feel that defined yet, I mean at this point he was pretty much a carbon copy of the Phantom from The Town that Dreaded Sundown.

            Part 1 was a little more even with its kills and it built more mystery and suspense because we never quite saw the killer, which makes it a more interesting movie to me. I also really liked the reveal at the end, which is a classic by now. What bothered me is how many times the final girl could have killed Jason’s mom but she didn’t! I love that that became a trope in slasher movies, but it’s still a bit frustrating haha.

            Part 3 was when things started to get pretty silly, but the 3D effect works so well with the more silly tone of this movie that it didn’t bother me. There are some characters here that really stand out as opposed to the previous ones where everyone was your typical white teen, which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. What I liked most about this movie (besides the silly 3D effects) was that we can see Jason starting to become the icon that he is now. We finally got to see him with the hockey mask on and his now weapon of choice, the machete. The mask didn’t look quite right, but it was a great start.

            Part 4 is the more brutal movie of the series so far. It has some really gruesome and violent kills and Jason is starting to behave more like the slow-moving killing machine that we’ve come to know and love. It does bother me that he still moves quite fast most of the time, but he more than makes up for that by killing quite indiscriminately. As far as tone goes, I think this is the more serious movie of the bunch. There’s an element in the shape of the vengeful brother looking for revenge against Jason for killing his sister that I think went to waste. A lot more could’ve been done with that, but in the end that part of the plot didn’t really matter. You know, this movie reminded me a lot of The Prowler and lo and behold, both movies are from the same director. Did you guys know that?

            Anyway, sorry for getting ahead of the game here.

    • @Juan – Yes, these movies are great. Period. No guilt associated with that statement on my part, either. I’m going to begin my re-watch tonight with (at least) parts 1 and 2. But, (I’m sure) like many of us on here, I’ve seen this entire franchise several times over.

      I haven’t seen either of the documentaries on the franchise, though – HIS NAME WAS JASON: 30 YEARS OF FRIDAY THE 13TH or CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF FRIDAY THE 13TH. I’m sure the guys will cover at least one of them on the franchise wrap-up episode. Have either of you seen them?

      • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “His Name was Jason” but it’s been quite a few years. I remember it being fairly interesting but not spectacular, but as I say it’s been a while!

        And yeah I feel no guilt for my enjoyment of this franchise. it might not be as arty as the “Halloween” movies or as unique as “A Nightmare on Elm Street” but it does what it says on the tin and does it pretty well for the most part.

        Didn’t Josh hint that things got a little heated on the forth coming episode? I can’t wait.

        • Parts 1-4 of Friday the 13th are way better than parts 5 and 6 of Halloween, so let’s hope that Josh isn’t the one causing trouble, cause I’m ready for a fight haha.

          • I bet it is Josh. I can see him objectively tearing into the first movie for it’s flaws (it certainly has a fair few). But if that is indeed the case then all I have to say to Josh is “Trick or treat Motherf****r!”

          • And to be honest I find some of the later “Friday” movies to be more enjoyable than those later Halloween movies. “Jason Lives” and “Jason Takes Manhattan” are a lot of fun to me.

          • I mean these aren’t masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, sot if you go in wanting to judge the movies as a serious film critic, sure, you’ll find plenty of things to pick on. I will say that part 1 makes some really interesting choices for a slasher, don’t you think?

          • Jason Takes Manhattan is up there with Jason X for me. It’s so much fun. Is Jason Lives the one with telekinetic powers? I haven’t seen these movies since I was a kid so they’re all sort of blending.

          • The one with the telekinetic girl is “part VII: The New Blood” but “Jason Lives” is the one just before that. It’s the first time that we get to see zombie Jason so it sticks out in my mind because that was the first iteration of Jason that I ever saw an image of when I was a kid.

            • Part VI had been my favorite of the franchise for a long time. I believe it was the first of the F13 movies I saw when I was a wee lad, although my older cousins made me well aware of some of the imagery from the beginning and end of Part II when I was very, very young. Actually, I have vague memory of walking through a local mall when I was 3 or 4 y/o around Halloween time and seeing a life-size “Jason’s dead mom in a rocking chair knitting a blue sweater” wax figure. I think it was a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! exhibit tour, or something.

          • Good stuff with part 4! Crispin Glover and Lawrence Monoson (Teddy are a great memorable duo). I’ve always ranked the crew of teens in part 4 as the most fun and likeable victims of the franchise. IMO, they’d be the most fun to hang with…I also agree the subplot of Rob looking for his sister’s killer was underused. I was kind of hoping to see Rob get some real shots in on Jason, but oh well, Tommy Jarvis did a great job in psyching him out.
            There are so many reasons why part 4 is hands down the best of the series. I could go on and on.
            I do think part 2 is vastly underrated. Jason is in true revenge mode in that one. It’s unique compared to the other sequels. I think you guys are right in saying the kills do come in a quick bunch towards the last third of the movie, but the thing I’ve always loved about part 2 is Ginny and her battle at the end. The scene in which we see Jason’s hideout is just awesome. This is really the only time we get to see Jason’s digs, and also some insight into his mind. (And no, I do not count that crappy remake where he enslaves people…WTF????)

            Let’s keep the dialogue going tonight to celebrate Friday the 13th! Can’t wait for the ‘cast tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Glad we agree on Part 4 Grey Imp. What are your thoughts on “Jason Takes Manhattan”? It seems to be one of the offerings from the franchise that’s most notorious as a crappy movie?

      • I haven’t seen either of those docs, but I’m very curious about them and I’ll more than likely watch them right after I finish going through the F13 movies.

    • The really horrific thing is that we only made it through the first film on Part 1, not the first three films as we’d planned, so you’re going to have to wait another week to hear coverage of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th movies in Part 2. It will be worth the wait, though, I hope. We’re working hard.

      • @Wolfman Josh – Thanks for the heads up. I just finished a re-watch of the first film, and was debating whether or not to begin Part 2 now (bumping up against midnight, so I’m getting tired). With this news, I think I’ll get some sleep so I can be fresh for the podcast (and, you know, life in general) tomorrow morning.

  3. I’m actually lame enough to be checking what time it is in Utah so I can try figuring out how long I’ll have to wait. Stupid faraway Utah, it’s not even lunchtime yet!

  4. Well I survived the surgery…but holy shit…I am in a whole lot of pain…can’t wait for the episode…hopefully it’ll take my mind off it for a little while at least…:(

    • @Shannon – Glad to hear you made it out in one piece. I guess the silver-lining is now you have a perfectly good excuse to stay firmly on the couch or bed, watch the F13 movies, and listen to some HMP.

      Get well soon. Hopefully the pain subsides before you know it.

      • There you go! Dino has just what the doctor ordered. Sorry to hear that you’re in pain, but you made it and that’s the most important thing. Perhaps this pain will help you relate to all the disposable teens in this franchise? Haha I don’t know, maybe?

    • Good to hear you made it Shannon but I’m sorry to hear you’re in pain. As the other guys say, just take it easy and enjoy the podcasts. We’re rootin’ for ya!

  5. Talk about bad luck on Friday the 13th. I’ve been waiting 45 minutes for a pizza only to find out they had a power cut and won’t be delivering tonight!

    • @David – Now you’ll have to walk to grab food somewhere, making you susceptible to a machete toting, hockey mask wearing psychopath!!!!

      • Haha, that’s what I keep telling my psychiatrist.

        But I settled on Chinese/Malaysian food instead. They’re wise enough to use old style cash registers. Everything isn’t computerised and hence totally screwed up by a split second of lost power.

        • That’s funny. I generally refuse to frequent any cash-only establishments anymore. The only exception I make is for my favorite pizza joint in NYC. They’re worth the trip to the ATM for some cash. Everyone else needs to make it easy for me to pay them… or, out comes the machete and hockey mask.

          • I’d be inclined to the same attitude but the only places in my town that deliver and use cards/paypal are Dominos and Pizza Hut. I actually really wish some of the other pizza places would too but my favourite one doesn’t even do deliveries and is quite a walk away. I know what you mean though, I don’t even like having to phone up to order any more, I prefer to just do it all online. What odd creatures we’ve become.

            • Well, you live in the old country. I don’t even have to take my wallet out of my pocket to pay, anymore. I just lift my phone up to the pay terminal, and voila.

        • @David
          RE: Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan
          Hmmm…I actually like part 8 a lot for several reasons. It has a totally goofy premise of course, and is an unfortunate victim of the MPAA. And yes, it is a crappy movie, but not nearly as bad as some of the Elm Street, Halloween, or Child’s Play late sequels.
          As an 8th installment, I think they attempted something that was pretty new and challenging at the time (putting this woods-dwelling, secretive and isolated killer in a busy urban setting). I remember being VERY excited to see this when it came out. Jason looks and acts in top form; this was Kane’s peak IMO. The kills are great, the cast is pretty fun, and some good laughs in this one. A lot people complain about how most of this movie takes place on the ship; I actually really enjoyed that aspect. It was a great claustrophobic atmosphere. However, the movie had a false title and some terribly misleading marketing which make it a little disappointing…I would have liked to see the whole scene on the cruise ship be part 8, then see it continue all in Manhattan (Vancouver really) as a part 9. This would have been an awesome thrilling end to the series. They could have really done some cool stuff with more time and effort to make a quality ceremonial demise of Jason.
          I always see part 8 as the REAL end of Friday the 13th series. It seemed like an 80’s movie that was so trying to be an early 90’s movie. It was the last one to really continue from the previous sequel. This movie was true to form and I think probably pleased most of the fans. I almost feel sad as I watch the last act of part 8, as I just think the Jason movies were never quite the same after this movie. The idea and simple concept died with Jason in the sewer along with the true 80’s slasher.
          (sniffling…almost in tears)
          I mean let’s face it: Jason Goes to Hell was not a Friday the 13th movie, more like a sci-fi body-hopping mess, and the rest was just loud CGI nonsense, so part 8 deserves some props for being what it is: an authentic Jason episode, albeit a little out of context, that pleases on the basic levels.
          Sorry I could go on and on…Curious to know all of your thoughts on these sequels…Anyone a fan at all of any parts of Part V: A new Beginning???

          • That’s an awesome comment Grey Imp! You seem a lot more passionate about Jason Takes Manhattan than I am. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie. It’s one of my favorites of the franchise. I’m curious as to how you feel about Jason X. It may not be true to the F13 movies, but I think it’s a great entry with a really fun premise. If Jason going to Manhattan was great, imagine Jason in space! It was the next logical step haha. And because of the setting, it allowed for more creative and over the top kills. I hold it as dear in my heart as I do Jason Takes Manhattan.

          • Excellent comments Grey Imp!

            I think we’re basically on the same page when it comes to Part 8.

            As for Part V, I can’t say I’m a fan but I am certainly looking forward to hearing the hosts discuss that one!

    • Sucks, dude…This brings forth the question: What are all of your go-to snacks for horror movie watching???
      For me it’s Sam Adams variety pack(in bottles) or PBR, with either a jar of Skippy peanut butter and a spoon, or if the season is right, Those Irish potatoes that “O’Ryan’s” makes!!!
      I strive for originality.

      • “This brings forth the question: What are all of your go-to snacks for horror movie watching???”

        This is actually something really important to me. Maybe I have some kind of mental disorder or something but I feel really compelled to coordinate certain snacks and drinks with certain types of movies.

        If it’s a goofy 80’s horror then it’ll probably be some kind of cheap beer or maybe just coke with ice and some salted popcorn. If I’m really hungry then I might order a pizza. That feels pretty 80’s to me.

        For really old black and white horror I like a glass of Port or Red Wine or maybe a Brandy and maybe some cheese and crackers or some nice olives or something.

        With the more disturbing/extreme movies I might drink a stout or another dark beer but I probably won’t feel much like eating, especially if there’s lots of realistic blood and guts.

        For the spookier more ghostly offerings that really get under my skin it might be something a bit more comforting like some chocolate and a cup of tea.

      • @Grey Imp – I don’t usually snack while watching movies, but I do love getting a tall Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke with ice when I go to the movies. I’m not a soda drinker, so it’s a nice treat for me.

        • I’m more of a mood snacker. Whatever I’m feeling like at the moment, that’s what I go for…if I have it. If not, I’ll for the next best alternative. My top choices usually are chips and soda or popcorn and soda, tamarind candy, and humus with toasted pita bread. I rarely eat while I watch a movie, but if I do it’s fast food (burger or pizza). And if I’m not eating or snacking then it’s beer all the way.

          • Agreed…soda is more addictive than alcohol I think…A nice fountain pepsi or dr. pepper hits the spot…Whenever I go backpacking for a few days, cold bubbly soda is THE #1 THING I crave when I get back to the car…

            @Juan – I have a similar feeling for Jason X…It could have been a lot worse. The kills were really creative in that one, the chicks hot as can be! The director (Todd Farmer I believe) gave a good effort. You could tell the guys making that one had a decent level of respect for the franchise.
            Also, a lot of people complained and said “You can’t put Jason in space.” I originally felt that way, but later came around to the idea. I’ve never been against horror in space settings – I think the two go well together…The cold dead of space, the quietness, the “nowhere to go” setting. Also I liked how even though technology had evolved and the kids and marines were so far advanced in terms of intelligence and so equipped for danger, they were still NO match for the pure savageness and evil of one Jason Voorhees…like evil transcends intelligence and evolution…Evil will still exist in the future and will still be just as horrifying..Jason would still be Jason, no matter the year.
            These futuristic/space elements, to me, are not what lowered my opinion of Jason X. My biggest gripe on Jason X is the Uber-Jason thing towards the end. It felt very unnecessary. I mean, do we really need some kind of suped-up metal enamel alien Jason to make him indestructible and more intimidating?? Jason is ALREADY scary, huge, invincible, deadly, etc. That whole part just went way too far off course. Jason was kicking plenty of futuristic ass before that scene. When the cyborg chick blasted him, no one in the theater (Yes, I paid and saw that in the theater!!) believed he wouldn’t get up. It could have just continued with regular Jason until the end… He looked like Lord Zed from Power Rangers; it was embarrassing. So as for my rankings, I’d put Jason X behind part 8, but still way, way ahead of Jason Goes to Hell, Freddy vs. Jason, the 2009 remake (or whenever that slop was), and probably even part 5.
            This is making me want to watch that again, like right now!

  6. Wow! The boards are abuzz. This kind of excitement, not just about the podcast, but about revisiting these movies, catching the ones that may have been missed, discussing movie watching eats. Guys, this is a real community of movie lovers and I feel honored to be any part of it. Just reading these comments has made me so happy about movies and the world and this little podcast. Hope you enjoy!

  7. It’s already after midnight where I’m from (eastern Canada) but it’s all good. Listening to the Friday the 13th review will be the highlight of my Valentine’s Day. Looking forward to it being released. Have a great weekend, y’all!

  8. Dino asked in the “Science Goes Too Far” comments how our F13th episodes were going to be bundled, so I thought I’d repost my response here in case people didn’t see the other one. It was supposed to be:

    PART 1
    Friday the 13th 1, 2, 3

    But, the first film took so long to cover, it ended-up getting its own episode, as you all know. So now, the plan is:

    PART 1
    Friday the 13th

    PART 2
    II, III, IV

    PART 3
    V, VI, VII, VIII

    PART 4
    Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, Freddy vs Jason

    PART 5
    2009 Remake, Crystal Lake Memories Documentary, Franchise Overview

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