Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 111: HORROR CINEMA AWARDS — A Celebration of the Finest Achievements in 2016 Horror Films

Horror Movie Podcast Horror Cinema Awards Art 1

HORROR MOVIE PODCAST PRESENTS the very first HORROR CINEMA AWARDS — A celebration of the finest filmic achievements in horror for 2016!

We’ve assembled a wonderful jury from every corner of the horror community, including filmmaker, critics, writers, podcasters, artists, and academics. The nominees are drawn from the HMP host and listener Top 10 lists of 2016 and the jury has voted on those nominees in traditional awards show categories from “Best Actress” to “Best Picture.”

After that, your HMP hosts give away their own special “Dead Serious” awards where we get a little more out of the box and award films for their best “Beastly Freaks” or use of “Horror in the Daylight.”

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Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 091: The Conjuring REVISITED and The Conjuring 2 (2016) and What We Become (2016)

Frankensteinian 090

You haven’t heard a Frankensteinian episode this crazy in a long time… Welcome to Episode 091 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this show, Jay of the Dead and Wolfman Josh bring you lots of wacky discussion, some of it amusing and some horror-related. Dr. Shock is on vacation this week, but you can still listen to his interview here.

Jay of the Dead finally fulfills a popular listener request to revisit and reconsider The Conjuring (2013), and he also brings you Feature Reviews of The Conjuring 2 (2016) and What We Become (2016). Wolfman Josh confesses his tendency toward social awkwardness media and comically laments how he’s potentially shrinking the HMP community. The Wolfman also puts Jay to the test with some horror trivia, and much more! Join us — you’ll like it! Continue reading