Horror Movie Podcast

Horror Movie Podcast is a brand-new weekly show that’s slated for release on Friday, October 25, 2013. In the meantime, we are recording some episodes in preparation for that launch date. The infamous Jay of the Dead is the host and creator of Horror Movie Podcast. And since his two former horror movie shows are no longer available in the archives of the Horror Palace Network, Jay is going to re-release all 26 episodes of The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast (thanks to Midnight Corey’s blessing) and all 10 episodes of Horror Metropolis in their glorious and original form. Each one of these 36 shows will be released one at a time, every Friday, beginning February 15, 2013. That 36 weeks of horror movie content will lead us up to our October 25 launch date.

Therefore, if you subscribe to Horror Movie Podcast right now, you’re going to get every episode of The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast, Horror Metropolis and our new weekly show, Horror Movie Podcast, which beings on October 25. A full explanation can be read below.

One last note: Jay of the Dead will also be making blog posts of Mini Reviews for horror movie releases of 2013. Continue reading