LISTS: BillChete’s Annual Top 10 Lists (2005-2014)

BillCete Top 10
, a well-known horror DJ, infamous horror film critic and former horror podcaster, has been a big influence and inspiration to me as a horror film critic. I have been listening to BillChete’s various podcasts and myriad horror movie reviews since the beginning of Planet Macabre in late 2010. Since that time, I have podcasted—and fought incessantly with—BillChete about horror movies on The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast and Horror Metropolis, the predecessors of this podcast.

Of all the horror film criticism BillChete produces, my favorite work of his has always been his Top 10 of the Year lists, which he has been creating since 2005. For those who don’t know what these lists represent, each year BillChete watches every (or nearly every) horror film release, which means his 10 picks are well-informed and the cream of the crop, as far as he’s concerned. So, I asked him if he’d allow me to feature all his lists here at, and he agreed. I can personally tell you that I enjoy BillChete’s recommendations 99% of the time, so you’re guaranteed to have some good picks below.

BillChete’s official posting of his OFFICIAL LISTS can be found at Horror On The Go, his official website: Top 10’s 2011-2015 and Top 10’s 2006-2010.

Lastly, thanks to BillChete for allowing us to also post these lists at Horror Movie

—Jay of the Dead

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2014
1. Cheap Thrills
2. Horns

3. The Babadook
4. Wolf Creek 2
5. Raze
6. Nurse
7. P.O.E.: Project of Evil
8. Eat
9. Wer
10. Starry Eyes

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2013
1. Dark Skies
2. Texas Chainsaw 3D
3. Evil Dead
4. I Spit on Your Grave 2
5. The ABC’s of Death
6. The Seasoning House [ Updated ]
7. Come Out and Play
8. Contracted
9. Haunter
10. Mischief Night
(11. Wither)

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2012
1. The Dead
2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
3. The Collection
4. Barricade
5. Livid
6. Don’t Go in the Woods
7. The Ghostmaker
8. The Sleeper
9. The Barrens
10. The Frozen

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2011
1. Sweatshop
2. Mask Maker
3. Dream Home
4. The Traveler
5. Primal
6. Mother’s Day
7. The Orphan Killer
8. Attack the Block
9. Blood Runs Cold
10. The Bleeding

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2010
1. The Collector
2. Necromentia
3. La Casa Muda
4. Blood Creek
5. Night of the Demons (remake)
6. The New Daughter
7. Sorority Row
8. Road Train
9. Case 39
10. Bereavement

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2009
1. The Uninvited
2. Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet
3. Basement Jack
4. Friday the 13th (remake)
5. Laid to Rest
6. The Last House on the Left (remake)
7. Offspring
8. My Bloody Valentine (remake)
9. Jennifer’s Body
10. Midnight Movie

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2008
1. The Strangers
2. Deadgirl
3. Babysitter Wanted
4. The Children
5. Martyrs
6. Shuttle
7. Kill Theory
8. Train
9. Gutterballs
10. Backwoods

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2007
1. Inside
2. Dead Silence
3. Vacancy
4. Halloween (remake)
5. Donkey Punch
6. The Girl Next Door
7. Bloodlines
8. Somebody Help Me
9. Wind Chill
10. Drive-Thru

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2006
1. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
2. Silent Hill
3. Slither
4. The Breed
5. The Pumpkin Karver
6. Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!
7. The Gravedancers
8. Dark Ride
9. Simon Says
10. Candy Stripers

BillChete’s Top 10 of 2005
1. Venom
2. House of Wax (remake)
3. The Devil’s Rejects
4. Hard Candy
5. Hostel
6. Land of the Dead
7. The Descent
8. Tamara
9. Reeker
10. Andre the Butcher

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9 thoughts on “LISTS: BillChete’s Annual Top 10 Lists (2005-2014)

        • Gracious smacious. I don’t know if you’ve always been the main person behind the websites or if you’ve just been taking on more lately because of JOTD’s busier-than-usual schedule, but you have been doing a great job of managing four websites that I spend a significant amount of my web-surfing time on. I’m not trying to blow sunshine up your ass… just keeping it real.

          • Well, there are two different things happening.

            1st, I’m mainly concerned with stepping up the artwork quality and audio fidelity these days. Those are my on-going goals for the year on HMP, MSC, and TSFP. I obviously have more freedom on the latter two and Jason handles everything for MPW.

            2nd, I’ve definitely been doing a lot of posting during the Friday the 13th franchise review (along with grabbing trailers and audio clips for the shows) to try to elevate as much pressure from Jay as possible because I really want the episodes to come out on time and he won’t let me edit the show (despite it being my profession) so I try to do everything else I can.

            I won’t go into it more because nobody cares and I hate to clutter-up BillChete’s comments with this, but I do appreciate you noticing, Dino. It is a lot of work.

  1. Sometimes I feel like my tastes are almost the opposite of Billchete’s. I love supernatural and psychological horror but the few movies in those sub-genres that Bill really likes often seem to be the few that I’m not a fan of. I didn’t like “Case 39” at all, I think “The Uninvited” is somewhat overrated, “Silent Hill” is visually interesting but otherwise kind of forgettable and “Haunter” was really disappointing to me (though I feel like maybe I was just not in the right mood for that movie when I watched it).

    That said looking at these lists I am seeing some great movies! It’s awesome to see “The Babadook” fairly high up on his 2014 list. I would have expected that movie to be a bit too on the psychological side of things. “Slither” is an awesome movie too.

    The coolest thing is that there’s a bunch of stuff here that is totally off my radar and some of the titles alone have me intrigued. I’m still tempted to give “Gutterballs” a try.

    • @David – I’m glad to hear someone else say they thought THE UNINVITED was overrated. I like the movie, but never really understood the hoopla. It was always just a normal, better than average horror film to me (with a really frickin’ awesome house… seriously, I love that house). I kind of hate HAUNTER, too.

    • The thing I’d say that makes BillChete’s lists unique and valuable is that he actually sees every horror release in a given year and doesn’t watch any other genres. So, he has a really good sense of the field and of how the films stack-up against one another. Me, I’m pulling in crossover thrillers and sci-fi films and comedies to fill out my year-end list, but he inevitably has several films I’ve never even heard of and they are almost always worth taking a look at. I don’t always love all of his picks, but the odds are really good considering he actually knows all of the year’s horror films – a rarity for any film critic out there.

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