Citadel (2013)

Citadel DVD coverVerdict: 3.5 ( Avoid )

Premise: When three mysterious youths attack an expectant mother, the woman’s husband is left to care for their surviving baby while he struggles with his newly developed agoraphobia and additional attacks from the mysterious assailants.

Mini Review: “Citadel” looks atmospheric and brooding, but its “monsters” show up so seldom, this film plays more like a psychological drama than a horror film. By the time the monsters are finally revealed and explained, the storyline has fallen apart and doesn’t make sense. There are a couple of darkly memorable moments, but lead actor, Aneurin Barnard, resembles Elijah Wood and his Frodo Baggins performance so much that it’s distracting. There’s a much better, 7-rated zombie flick called “The Horde” (2009) that features a similar scenario (giant apartment high-rise infested with monsters) that I’d recommend instead.

Directed by Ciaran Foy. Starring Aneurin Barnard, James Cosmo, Jake Wilson. Sub-genre: Suspense / Thriller. Runtime: 84 min. MPAA rating: R (for disturbing violent content, and language). U.S. theater release: November 9, 2012 [limited]. DVD release: January 29, 2013. Country: Ireland. Language: English. Mini Review by Jay of the Dead. 0004.

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