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At the end of every year, HORROR MOVIE PODCAST and its sister show, Movie Podcast Weekly, produce epic episodes where we bring you our Top 10 Movies of the Year. We also compile collective listener lists, so we want you to join us!

To simplify the tallying for Jay, please use the template below to create your lists and then email them to with the phrase TOP 10 HORROR OF 2017 in the subject line! Join us!

DEADLINE: Please email your lists to Jay NO LATER THAN Wednesday, December 27, 2017.


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TOP 10 of 2017

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Honorable Mentions:
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The Single Best “Guilty Pleasure” Movie of the Year!

3 Biggest Disappointments / Heartbreaks of 2017: (Should have been better!)

3 MOST OVERRATED Movies of 2017:

4 DIShonorable Mentions: (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th worst of the year)

The Single WORST Damn Movie of 2017: (Name names!)

For HMP List-makers ONLY: 3 Best NON-Horror Films of 2017 (But FILMS OF NOTE for Horror fans)


Thank you for your lists!

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22 thoughts on “Create Your “Top 10 Horror Movies of 2017” Lists With HMP!

    • It’s February release date might work against it. I know I loved it when I saw it in theatees but I’m having trouble figuring where to place it. I think the collective top 3 will be less predictable this year

      • I watched Get Out again tonight for the first time since its release, and yeah, I can’t believe time had me thinking this isn’t one of my favourites of the year. A unanimous top 1 is likely

        • I have it as #3, but yeah, I would be very surprised if it didn’t end up as #1 on the list. I’ve been coming across a lot of “year’s best articles”, and even in non genre lists it’s pretty highly ranked. It’s THAT good.

  1. Hey folks,

    First off, I found the podcast about 2 months ago, and this has become by far one of my favorite things to listen to while cooking sunday dinner or grading assignments. I’ve seen a lot of great films through recommendations here, and my own tastes especially jive with some of the hosts (Jay, Frozen is a great horror movie…Totally backing you on that.)

    This is my first post here, and mostly because I am interested in putting together my own list. BUT I watch so many horror movies in a given year, many of them being releases from a few years ago, that it’s hard for me to remember everything that came out in a single year. Wikipedia has a list of horror movies of 2017, but that is only for theatrical releases. Does anyone know of a list somewhere which has EVERY SINGLE horror movie released in a given year?

  2. Is anyone else currently on a mad rush to watch a few more horror movies before the 27th? Just got through The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Life, may watch Tragedy Girls tonight…

    • Tragedy Girls is high quality, but only worth seeing if you like dark teen comedy. This feels like MTV’s Scream or Scream Queens, but probably smarter than those shows. It’s Heathers meets American Psycho. If a satire on social media about wry teen girls who want to be serial killers doesn’t sound like your thing, it’s probably not.

      • I didn’t watch it in the end as I realised I hadn’t yet watched Get Out and figured that would make more sense! Needless to say I’m glad I made that choice. Great movie 👍

    • I’ve tried to sneak in a few more while visiting parents who are not exactly genre fans. Finally got to see Cure for Wellness, and if I hadn’t already sent in my list that would probably be in my top 5.

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