Episode 044 — Releasing Tonight!

HMP-F13th-Ep44-Teaser-Poster (1)Jay of the Dead here! Episode 044 of Horror Movie Podcast should be posted tonight (Feb. 27, 2015) by 9 p.m. EST (2 a.m. GMT on Feb. 28). In this episode, you’ll hear our reviews of FRIDAY THE 13th Parts 5 and 6, with special guest Willis Wheeler. Don’t miss it.

We’re very pleased with this episode — especially the way our review of Part 5 turned out. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for listening.

TEASER: To reward the best listeners in the world, big and great changes are coming soon to HMP!

43 thoughts on “Episode 044 — Releasing Tonight!

  1. Very excited about your takes on Part V – the Grindhouse F13 if you will. I’m on the side of most (can’t stand it), but at the same time find it fascinating. The kill ratio alone (I believe it’s one kill every 4 minutes or so) makes it an interesting viewing experience.

    And love the hell out of 6.

    And everything is awesome!!!

    • Jonathan
      I happen to agree with you on part V…It is very lame as a F13 sequel, but it is oddly charming some way. Lots of random characters just popping in and immediately getting slaughtered.
      I think John Shephard, who plays Tommie, in this one was terrific. He does the quiet rage thing perfectly. It’s a shame he didn’t go on to do more movies.

        • Oh, wow! How did I miss that before (or did he add the teaser in later)?

          If Wolfman Josh is taking on more podcast work, then my vote is for him to return to MPW. HMP is about as good as it gets already.

            • I definitely could have missed it in my blind enthusiasm of the upcoming episode.

              Although, the picture on the blog post was different when it was initially published, so maybe JOTD is just playing mind games… or prematurely hit the publish button because his lunch break at work was about to end.

          • If you don’t want to go full time over on MPW because of the movies that you don’t want to watch, then why don’t you just make appearances whenever they review movies that you’re interested in? Sounds like a win win to me.

          • Can we take a second to give Josh some props for adding the great artwork recently. I don’t know if it’s all been Josh but I’m guessing so and those themed episode links in the sidebar look great!

          • Thanks, guys. In general.

            Yeah, I’d be down to go on whenever I happen to see a film they are discussing that. I’m actually a bit like David, though, in that I don’t like going out to see all of the brand new movies when the theaters are packed with morons. Without the podcast imperative, I’m usually seeing movies way after they come out (I just saw Project Almanac last night) or way before they have a wide release (when I am working in New York or LA). So, the timing is a bit tricky. I’m open to it, though. Especially this Summer.

            Re: podcast artwork … the artwork will continue to improve. The tricky thing is that I’m trying to ride the line between what I like and the style Jason has established. You’ll see what I mean even more when The Sci-Fi Podcast launches. We also try to shy away from using all of the cool, newer fan art (like Mondo, Juan) because of copyright issues and also trying to get that nostalgic feel from the old posters and stills. So, I’m somewhat limited, but I will keep working on it.

    • If the wolfman’s scared, then it probably means more work for him… which leads me to believe that HMP will become a weekly podcast. Either that or the lineup is changing… which scares me.

      • I’m scared because I’m in the dark as much as you all are. Jay drops hints, but likes to play things close to the vest. Probably so that I can’t object and spoil his fun.

        More work for me would suck, but I would manage. I’m more worried about more work for Jay. I’d rather the show be of consistent quality and on a consistent release date than just be the same as every other horror podcast trying to cover every new release and bit of news and/or be late all of the time.

        A line-up change would be worst of all, however. I may have finally gone too far and have been fired or replaced without my knowledge. Yikes!

      • @Juan – If Wolfman Josh is taking on more podcast work, then my vote is for him to return to MPW. HMP is about as good as it gets already.

    • The idea initially started as a themed episode idea, but I think there are too many great Giallos out there to cover well in one ep. I don’t like to go to broad. I think honing in on a micro-topic makes the shows more fun to record and listen to. So, it became the “Proto-Slasher” show and this “Yellow Scare” segment idea. And I plan on working the occasional Giallo into other upcoming themed eps as well.

      • Thanks, that was my hope. That’s the one reason I’m looking forward to getting through these Friday films, though. I want to do another Wolfman’s Got Nards segment. Otherwise, I’m having a blast re-watching and discussing these movies.

  2. The “big and great changes” scare me a little because I never know if Jay is sugar coating something awful or what. We’re old men Jay, we’re scared of change!

    I hope it’s just news that “Dr Shock” has cloned himself so he can get some sleep and be on the podcast more.

    Josh: didn’t you mention an upcoming guest appearance on MPW a few weeks ago. Or has my cat been putting drugs in my cereal again? Also, where’s the “Snowpiercer” spoiler episode of MSC? If my demands aren’t met before sunrise then I’ll blow up a replica of the “Friday the 13th” logo.

    • Yeah, I had some special Sundance Film Festival coverage I was going to share, but the timing didn’t work out for Jason and then it didn’t work out for me, so we scrapped it. I’ll eventually post it in the Movie Stream Cast feed. I was kind of on the show last week, though. Jay said he ready my Oscar comments. That’s kind of a special appearance!

      Sorry about SNOWPIERCER. I still haven’t figured out how to post the podcast directly to the blog rather than going through the feed. I just have to take the time to research it. I need to jump on YouTube and have a 13-y-o teach me.

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