Episode 047 — Releasing Sunday by 1 p.m. EDT

F13th PreviewHi, horror fans! Jay of the Dead here… This FRIDAY THE 13TH Franchise Overview is a MONSTER, to say the least. We’re assembling an incredible listener feedback-based episode that delivers our audience’s take on the Friday the 13th franchise and we’re proud to say, you guys and gals bring it, Horror Movie Podcast-style…

The forthcoming Episode 047 of Horror Movie Podcast is going to clock in around 3 hours, and it’s a massive editing undertaking. My apologies for the usual tardiness, but this episode should be posted by tomorrow (Sunday, March 22) by 1 p.m. EDT (or 6 p.m. GMT). That’s the goal, so thank you for your usual patience. It will be worth your wait, guaranteed!

For your listening entertainment in the meantime:

—The latest episode of Jay of the Dead’s Movie Podcast Weekly
—A brand new episode of Wolfman Josh’s Movie Stream Cast
—The 2nd episode of of The Sci-Fi Podcast (from HMP friends Mattroid and Kill Bill Kill)

These excellent sister-show podcasts should help tide you over!

Thanks for listening. We’re still hard-core, but we’re not ashamed to admit that we love you. Now, join us or die!

—Jay of the Dead
Horror Movie Podcast.
Dead Serious About Horror Movies.

34 thoughts on “Episode 047 — Releasing Sunday by 1 p.m. EDT

  1. Almost there, fellas. Almost there.

    I’m really looking forward to this franchise overview. Thanks again for doing this deep dive into the Friday the 13th franchise. Hopefully your lives will be able to get back to normal soon.

      • Honestly, that was mostly a nod to JOTD, Wolfman Josh, and Dr. Shock. I’m obviously champing at the bit for the franchise overview, but I’m also looking forward to quieter, more normal times for the hosts. You can only push it past the redline for so long before the engine blows.

  2. Just like Jason Vorhees…an unstoppable killing machine…Jay you are an unstoppable podcasting machine…I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you are the greatest most dedicated and passionate podcaster in the world…you go way beyond the call of duty for your listeners and I being one of said listeners I will never be able to express my appreciation for all the sacrifices you must endure to do what you love…You are an inspiration…Job well done sir…

    • Wow… Shannon and Doc, thank you so much for saying that. It means a lot. Truth be told, 2015 (thus far) has been one of the worst years of my life, which is why MPW has waned a little and both HMP and MPW have been late so often … which frikin’ kills me.

      But the real praise should go to Wolfman Josh for helping me so much with artwork and show notes — and to both Josh and Dr. Shock for their hard-coreness, preparation and knowledge… Those two, our guests, and you listeners have absolutely carried this entire franchise review these past six shows.

      It’s regrettable to me that I’ve been in a fog, of sorts, during these past several weeks, but all my beloved Horror friends have kept the ship aright and sailed us straight through the wind and waves boisterous…

      Thank you all…

      I can’t wait ’til you hear this Franchise Overview and hear our BIG NEWS coming in Episode 028 on April 3 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time.

      Much love,

      • I’m very sorry to hear you are having a rough year so far. You guys put out such great shows, I am happy to listen whenever they are finished and posted. Working alone can be a little bit of a downer (especially during the rainy months) and this podcast really makes that time much more fun and helps me stay in the creative groove. Although, I do have to put my work down occasionally when you guys are making me laugh.

        Thank you for playing through the pain and continuing to give all of us the gift of Horror Movie Podcast. I really hope the rest of the year becomes lighter for you.

        • I’m giving Jay the benefit of the doubt and assuming it was a rather abstract homage to the inconsistent and problematic continuity of the “Friday the 13th” franchise.

        • Ha!

          Man, I feel guilty even just busting JOTD’s balls over this stuff. I know he must be working feverishly, stressed out, trying to get the show out.

          Ok, I’m over it.

          • I’m really looking forward to this episode and I think it’s partly because Jay might be able to breathe a big sigh of relief when it’s finally over and out in the world. I bet when he clicks the theoretical post-the-new-episode button it’ll feel like kicking the last nail into Jason’s coffin.

  3. Jay, I am so geeking out for this franchise overview. But you do such a fantastic job and put so much into making each show a high quality, maximum content filled experience, that I know it will be worth the wait. Thanks for all that you do. Later.

  4. One downside about this episode that I hadn’t considered is that our most faithful listeners have already heard most of it because it comes from your words here on the comment boards. That may have been a miscalculation on my part. I hope you still enjoy hearing your words on the show, however, because there are so many listeners that never come here and see how awesome your conversations are.

    • That sounds great though. These comment boards have some of the nicest, most intelligent and most active contributors that I’ve ever come across. People here are so respectful of differing opinions yet so receptive to debate that it makes for some fascinating discussions and analyses. In truth I’m somewhat of a halfwit so when I not only listen to you guys cerebrally examining the genre but also come here and read the incredibly intelligent conversations going on it really pushes me to step up my game and think about things in a more refined way!

      It’s such a great community and I think it’s amazing that you guys are willing to take the time to acknowledge it which, from the sounds of your description, is exactly what this next episode does.

      • Shaaaaaa….ddaaaaaaaaap…haha sorry, David! That’s a thing I do between friends. It doesn’t translate well to the written word :/ But trust me, it’s funny 😉

      • But yes, I wholeheartedly agree with everything that was said. It’s mind-blowing listening toor reading someone’s thoughts on a movie that one thought knew everything about only to find out that there were undiscovered layers (of course there’s always another layer, duh Juan!). And everyone’s super nice too. The immature and insulting comments that usually plague comment boards are nowhere to be found here (except for Dino’s occasional “that’s what she said” , but he very tastefully pulls them off without the heavily charged sexual innuendo). Not only that, but reading the comments expands one’s vocabulary, it really does! #truestory

        Oh and the hosts are pretty cool too.

    • I think we have enough original content as well to make it worthwhile for everyone.

      For instance, the listeners will learn how, if we had our choice, each host would like to shuffle off this mortal coil (just to pique your interest)

  5. I’ve refreshed this page so much in the last few hours that my eyes are playing tricks on me and that picture of Jason up there seems to be changing each time I see it.

      • I don’t know any more Doc, but I don’t like that look in his eye, like he’s saying “Yeah, you putz, keep on refreshing that page but I’m going to be here for a looooong time.”

  6. Listenin to it right now, man I’m running so far behind, my wife and I just welcomed our first child last week, I do have a great story, well great to me. My wife was getting some rest and I was taking care of my new daughter, while watching part IV: The Final Chapter. As soon as Jason bursted through the window, she smiled. That’s my girl lol. Can’;t wait for a Nightmare on Elm Street series review 😀

    Brennan Barrier
    AKA Fritz Renfield

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