Horror Metropolis Ep. 005: Houses of Horror

HM 005 ArtworkBRIEF EXPLANATION: This podcast is not the Horror Movie Podcast for which this site and feed are dedicated. Horror Movie Podcast is slated to release Episode 001 on October 25, 2013. You can read the full explanation and the background on the re-release of Horror Metropolis (and of The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast) at the bottom of the show notes for this episode.


Episode 005 of Horror Metropolis is one of the very best of its short run of 10 episodes. You’ve got the classic crew — Jay of the Dead, BillChete, Dr. Shock and Terror Tovey — battling as usual. In this episode we examine Terror Tovey’s theme, HOUSES OF HORROR, by reviewing Uwe Boll’s “House of the Dead” and Ti West’s “The House of the Devil.”

In Episode 005, we also announce the addition of a brand-new official co-host — Wolfman Josh, whom you first heard during Episode 003. At the end of this show, you’ll hear Jay of the Dead discuss a Meet-Up in 2013 at the Run for Your Life Zombie 5k in Atlanta… Unfortunately, that never came together and did not pan out, but Jay still plans to put something like this together — maybe in 2014! Cross your fingers…

Horror Metropolis is hosted by Jay of the Dead, along with his co-hosts BillChete, Dr. Shock and Terror Tovey.

I. Intro

II. Terror Tovey’s first pick: HOUSE OF THE DEAD (2003)
Jay of the Dead = 2.5 ( Avoid )
BillChete = 2 ( Avoid )
Dr. Shock = 1 ( Avoid )
Terror Tovey = 3 ( Avoid )

III. Terror Tovey’s second pick: THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (2009)
Jay of the Dead = 8.5 ( Buy it! )
BillChete = 3.5 ( Avoid )
Dr. Shock = 6.5 ( Rental )
Terror Tovey = 8 ( Buy it! )

IV. Wrap-up

Next on Episode 006: BONUS episode — LADY KILLERS with special guests Bloody Lizzy and Katie ROTS

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Jay of the Dead

4 thoughts on “Horror Metropolis Ep. 005: Houses of Horror

  1. Huh! BillChette was insufferable in this episode he was so narrow-minded and totally ignored the production prowess of perfecting the late 70s early 80s look and feel in The House of the Devil (2009).

    Don’t get me wrong I like the guy but he was so annoying with all the hate for methodical/psychological/slow burning horror movies. It’s a good thing he’s more open to other breeds of horror nowadays.

  2. This podcast episode was published in 2013. I petition that it be removed due to its sexism and blantant transphobia. To remain in a currently operating network is a shame not only to the network but to horror fans at large.

    I’m frequently disgusted by the behavior of men in the community. Especially those who are white, cis, and straight. My entire adult life, I have not once went to a horror meet up due to the fear these attitudes have threatened me with. I am 26 and live in Ohio. I am a trans person assigned female at birth. I work as a photographer in the horror genre. I am currently writing a thesis on movies that you have covered and given no justice, dismissing their feminist and trans rights views.

    The discussion of House of the Devil is important to me. It is a woman centric film about independence, the pressure of young women, and survival. The fact this podcast started its conversation with the appearance of the lead character is disgusting. And to say she looks like a boy and say “she doesn’t have an ass” is pathetic transphobia.

    Im biting my tongue here.

    I want you to know that what you say matters. It affects other people.

    • Gray, we welcome your voice in this community, but don’t just tell us THAT we are doing wrong, tell us WHAT we are doing wrong. That’s the only way that progress can happen. Nobody on this podcast (or in the core of our tight-knit community) has any interest in being sexist or transphobic.

      Yes, as a bunch of cis guys, there is sometimes an objectification of women. It’s true. It happens. I’m not proud of it. We’re dealing with films in a genre that largely objectifies women and so it does come with the territory, to some extent. Our core group of hosts usually try not to get too bogged-down in appreciating only the physical aspects of an actor or actress. Even in this specific discussion of House of the Devil, the actress’ performance is lauded right along with her looks. Even as we work to be more inclusive and nuanced, our guests don’t always share our social sensibilities and we don’t force those on them or censor them.

      This specific podcast you are commenting on isn’t technically Horror Movie Podcast. I was not personally on this episode and had only been associated with these guys for two episodes at the time of its recording. Two of the co-hosts on that episode (the two you are having a problem with) are no longer involved with us in any way. Bill Chete, who made the primary comments that you are referring to, is not a host of Horror Movie Podcast. We like Bill as a person and I’m not condemning him, but I agree that those comments weren’t useful. I can absolutely see how they’d be insulting to a trans person.

      Was the conversation enlightened? No. Was is sexist? Arguably. I’m not going to defend it. But please don’t judge all of us, this podcast in general, or (especially) our listeners on this unfortunate line of discussion.

      If you listen to me on the show when I discuss women, I always try to be respectful. If you listen to me discuss trans people, I always try to be careful and thoughtful and empathetic.

      Frankly, your situation is one that I can’t fully understand, but I’m very open to it. I’d love to interview you for the show to discuss your issues with us and especially the representation of trans people in horror cinema.

    • Gray, I owe you an apology. I reacted a bit intensely to what I took as your call for Horror Movie Podcast to be shut down. As I read back more closely, I realize that I made a mistake. It is clear that you weren’t petitioning for the podcast to be shut down, but for Jay to remove an old (and particularly offensive) episode of Horror Metropolis. I feel stupid about that. Having said that … let’s talk.

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