Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 001: The Horror Genre and Our Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies

HMP001 ArtworkFirst there was The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast … 26 great episodes. Then there was Horror Metropolis … 10 more great episodes. And now, Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Kyle “Dr. Walking Dead” Bishop present HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, a brand-new, bi-weekly horror movie podcast that releases new episodes every other Friday, starting October 25, 2013.

In Episode 001, your hosts spend 4 hours and 40 minutes discussing the horror genre — in-depth — as well as listing our top 10 all-time favorite horror movies. Each host also has his own specialty segments exploring certain horror sub-genres. So, if you love horror movies, then I guarantee you will love this podcast. Please subscribe, leave us a comment and thanks for listening!


I. Introduction
— Meet your hosts
— Explanations and descriptions (sorry so lengthy)

II. Questions about the horror genre: Round 1
— Our definition of horror
— The transformation of horror through the decades
— Description of our personal movie rating and recommendation system
— Our approach to rating older or “dated” horror movies
— What makes a horror movie scary and our feelings on jump scares

III. Our Top 10 Countdown: 10 through 8

IV. Questions about the horror genre: Round 2
— Why horror is the most popular genre
— Why we personally love horror
— How we justify watching horror’s depictions of depravity and inhumanity

V. Jay of the Dead’s BEASTLY FREAKS
The Relic (1997) = 5.5 ( Rental )

VI. Questions about the horror genre: Round 3
— Whether a steady diet of viewing horror has a negative impact
— Judging the quality of a horror movie by its kill scenes

VII. Our Top 10 Countdown: 7 through 5

VIII. Questions about the horror genre: Round 4
— Our opinions about gore
— Whether horror conventions get boring

Son of Dracula (1974) = 0.5 ( Avoid )

X. Questions about the horror genre: Round 5
— Our favorite horror sub-genres
— Our thoughts on Found Footage

XI. Our Top 10 Countdown: 4 through 2

XII. Dr. Walking Dead’s THE DEAD ZONE
Outpost (2007) = 6 ( Rental )

XIII. Questions about the horror genre: Round 6
— Our feelings about PG-13 horror movies
— What makes a great horror film

XIV. Our Top 10 Countdown: Our No. 1 All-Time Favorite!

XV. Wrap-up | Ending

NEXT ON HMP — IN TWO WEEKS: Episode 002: HAUNTED HOUSE on Friday, November 8, 2013. Don’t miss it!

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You can always contact us by e-mailing HorrorMoviePodcast@gmail.com. Or you can call and leave us a voice mail at: (801) 382-8789. And you can leave us a comment in the show notes for this episode.

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Jay of the Dead

34 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 001: The Horror Genre and Our Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies

  1. Hey guys! Great first show. Jay, sorry about all the texts, that’s what you’ll get with a 5 hour show, i cant remember everything I want to say otherwise! Just kidding, I’m fine with longer shows but you did scare off Little Miss Horror Nerd, she has a short attention span. I enjoyed the debates about horror, although I would have despised being a part of them. I just have little to say on it. I am like Josh, be inclusive. To me, whatever someone personally considers horror is fine. For instance, I have no issue with someone calling Deliverance horror. I’m still a little stumped by 28 Days Later not being horror, although I do basically agree that fast ravenous zombies are not any scarier than slow moving zombies because they might as well be fast ravenous anythings. As I think Josh or Terror once said, at that point you’re just working on adrenaline and not fear, terror or dread. Obviously I’m paraphrasing, but wanted to give credit. Jay, you and I are going to fight over Final Destination, I LOVE the first two films. 8-8.5 for each. And I’ve rated less than 10 films that high so far.

  2. Hi guys.

    I just wanted to thank you for five hours of horrific entertainment. I listened to your podcast at work and it made my day a very pleasant one, so thank you for that and keep up the good work everyone. A quick question, what would you classify John Carpenter’s Christine? Is it a possession, a haunting? There are very few movies that come to mind about self-aware, or rather, possessed inanimate killer objects. Other than Christine only three other movies come to mind: Maximum Overdrive, Chopping Mall, and De Lift (The Elevator). Could you comment on this? Also, what do you think about Christine. It’s one of my personal favorites and I don’t know that many people who love the movie, so I’m wondering if I’m the only one out there who thinks it’s a horribly underrated, awesomely great movie.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for the comment, Juan. Glad you are enjoying the podcast so far. I personally really like Christine. I saw it as a kid and only recently came back to it. I don’t know exactly how to categorize it myself, but it is a very unique film, even amongst those you mentioned. A non-horror reference that comes to mind is the one ring from Lord of the Rings. And it is a cool concept that could be explored more. I’ve had some great discussions about Christine over the years on other podcasts with our friend Gregamortis, who is a fan of that movie. One such discussion was on the “Best Horror Movies of the 80s and 90s” bonus podcast that Jason produced for Horror Palace, if I’m not mistaken. Another was during my time on Land of the Creeps (although I missed recording this episode, sadly), but Dr. Shock was there, as was Justin Beahm from Fangoria. Great conversation that I’d highly recommend: http://bit.ly/1aloCIs

  3. Jay…here’s one for you. I’m not sure if you are a big reader at all (it sounds like you lead a pretty busy life). If you are looking for a fantastic Beastly Freak book, check out the source material for the movie The Relic. The book is simply title Relic and it is written my two authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It was their first book and boy is it amazing. It puts the movie to shame and it will have you turning pages faster than any other book. Trust me…you’ll thank me later.


    The Dude

  4. Jay, since you hold Jaws so highly and love animals that kill, I was wondering if you had maybe seen Rogue. I too am a lover of killer animals. If you seen Rogue then no worries, but if you haven’t I think you would enjoy it.

  5. Let’s see if anyone still checks these really old archives.

    As I’m getting close to getting caught up on all past episodes of HMP (I’m thinking at least a half dozen, but no more then ten left including a couple of the Halloween episodes, the Bigfoot episode, a few of the earliest episodes and I can’t remember if I had listened to the full Infected episode yet), I finally got around to listening to the very first show. Looking back, I probably should have listened to this far earlier as it would have helped in getting familiar with the hosts taste and preferences.

    Waiting this long to get to the first episode did allow me to go into the top ten’s with a different mindset. It was kind of interesting try and guess top ten selections based on how much Jay or Josh would talk about certain movies in later episodes. Josh was the easier one to predict since he’s been the HALLOWEEN guy on the podcast, he seems to quote THE LOST BOYS in every episode, and he’s given Jay such a hard time about his Nosferatu rating in a lot of episodes. For some reason, I assumed PET SEMATARY was Jay’s favorite horror movie. Like Josh and his never ending quoting of THE LOST BOYS, I swear Jay has mentioned PET SEMATARY in every podcast. I even e-mailed him with my alternate theory about PET SEMATARY because I thought it was his favorite. The one movie on Jay’s top ten that was easy to predict was CUJO. That’s another movie he talks about frequently. A few days ago, I ended up dropping a few bucks and buying the Movie Podcast Weekly’s commentary for CUJO to get even more talk about the movie.

    For seemingly the first time, I find myself more in agreement with Jay than Josh with their top tens. Even though I’ve warmed up on ALIEN, I loved ALIENS from the first viewing. I know this isn’t acceptable for a horror fan to say, but I also agree with Jay that NOSFERATU has some boring parts and can be tough to sit through when you’re tired. The scenes with Count Orlok are fantastic though. Both THE DESCENT and 28 DAYS LATER are amongst my favorite films from the 2000’s.

    With that being said, I am a HALLOWEEN guy. My first form of online interaction with others was at the old official HALLOWEEN movies forum around 2000 or 2001. I used to admin a tiny little HALLOWEEN message board back in the days of EZBoard. The most horror merchandise I have is for the HALLOWEEN series (Including using that original official HALLOWEEN message board to buy a copy of Curtis Richards’ novel and a beat up VHS copy of the Producer’s Cut of HALLOWEEN 6). Ironically, even though the first one is obviously the best, HALLOWEEN 4 is probably the horror film I’ve seen the movie. I have such a soft spot for the movie and I would always have to stop and watch the movie if I saw it while flipping through the channels.

    • Sal, it’s interesting how you said waiting to listen to this show allowed you to approach their top 10 lists with a different mindset. I’ve actually been meaning to re-visit this episode for a similar reason. Having listened to these guys for a few years, now, I’m interested to see if anything has really changed in their opinions or horror sensibilities.

      Have you been over to the “HMP Top 10 Lists” blog post? Not only are the top 10 lists of the four hosts listed there, but a bunch of us got into discussion and shared our own top 10 lists in the comments. Here’s the link >> https://horrormoviepodcast.com/horror-movie-podcast-our-top-10-all-time-favorite-horror-movie-picks/

      I know you mentioned still having a few of the Halloween episodes to listen to, but have you caught the Halloween 4-6 episode yet? The guys were only lukewarm on HALLOWEEN 4 overall, but they all dug that opening scene… which I have to agree with.

      • I visited the top ten blog post, but I didn’t really look into the listeners’ top ten lists. It might be worth checking out now since I’ve had some interaction with some of the most visited listeners like yourself and Juan.

        I’ve been trying to come up with a top ten for myself, but it’s tough to come up with such a list. It covers so much ground and flavors of the month for ones that you dig at various points.

        I haven’t finished the HALLOWEEN podcasts yet. I’m pretty sure they’re the HMP episodes I haven’t listened to thus far. I believe I left off right before the HALLOWEEN 6 talk began in the HMP with HALLOWEEN 4-6 discussion. I know HALLOWEEN 4 isn’t a great movie and doesn’t have that sort of great details that the original HALLOWEEN had, but the replay value is so high for me. Part of what I dig about the horror sequels is that they’re no frills and simply showcases for these slasher icons and how we best remember them. For example, when I think of someone like Freddy Krueger, I think of his behavior from DREAM WARRIORS rather than the original Nightmare.

        When it comes to HALLOWEEN 5, I fully admit there’s a lot of problems and like Wolfman Josh in that HMP episode, it’s easy to forget why you enjoy the movie when you bring up all of the negative aspects, but it’s still one I dig. There’s a lot of crap in the movie, but I enjoyed the laundry chute scene, the scene where Jamie is being chased by Michael/The janitor, and how batshit crazy Loomis has become due to all of his experiences with Myers.

        • I’d be interested to see your top 10 list if/when you whittle it down. I am subscribed to that page, so I’ll see it when it’s posted. We’ve had a lot of new commenters around here lately, so I hope others share their lists as well.

          I totally agree with you on HALLOWEEN 4 and 5. Yes, flawed films, but both are a lot of fun. They’re highly re-watchable for me, too.

          • I decided to force myself to come up with a list because chances are, if I don’t eventually just make myself do it, I’ll never be able to come up with a top ten. To take a page of out Wolfman Josh’s book, there’s some caveats. These are not movies I necessarily believe are the best ten in horror history. It’s more based on my personal favorites where greater attention is given towards those movies I’ve seen a lot and for a greater amount of time. So there aren’t any movies on here that I’ve only seen once nor have I only seen for the first time within the last few years. I’d also say the order of the top ten shouldn’t be taken too seriously. On a different day, I may have the top ten shuffled up some. Lastly, each one meant something to me, whether being a major landmark in me being a film/horror fan or a more personal reason.

            First up, let’s do some honorable mentions:

            Friday the 13th Part 6, The Hills Have Eyes (2006), Intruder, The Wolf Man, The Shining and for a more random selection, I’ll name 2007’s Wind Chill.

            10. The Descent (2005) – Take away the creatures and you have a scary claustrophobic driven story. With the creatures added, it’s an amazing ride and one that I compare all other exploration horror films now.

            09. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – TCM is not a pleasant movie to sit through. It feels real and similar to the Descent, the original cause for concern is just the tip of the iceberg. The longer the movie goes, the crazier things become. Unlike someone like Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Sally handles things as you’d expect. The crazier things become, the more she loses her mind. By the end, she’s a total nutcase and even if she’s out of harm way, you just know she’ll never mentally recover. I still have a poster of the movie on my wall that I’ve had for…thirteen years? It’s traveled with me to different homes, to the college dorms, ect.

            08. Trick ‘r Treat (2007) – I don’t know how this site feels about piracy, but here’s my tale of piracy in regards to this movie and how much I enjoyed it. I originally illegally downloaded the movie when it first came out. I enjoyed it so much that I went out and bought the DVD. When I found out that the DVD didn’t have the extra features like the Blu-Ray had, a friend of mine willingly illegally uploaded the extras so I could watch them. I eventually gave in and bought the Blu-Ray. During each of those phases, I watched that version that I had previously obtained, but I always wanted more. So maybe my first view of the film was shady since I watched it by illegal means, but at the end of the day, that illegal view began the motion for me to have a DVD copy and a Blu-Ray copy. I keep spending money on the movie despite having a free copy from day one. It became an instant classic for me.

            07. Paranormal Activity (2009) – I know I made a comment on the film on either HMP or one of it’s sister sites. To repeat myself, Paranormal Activity stayed with me days after seeing it. Since I’m a night owl, it made normal sounds like any old house would make suddenly scary. It’s one of the scariest movies ever made as long as you view it in a certain way. Since I was one of the billions of people that used that one website to request Paranormal Activity to their city, my name can be found in the credits of the movie. I’m a movie star?~!

            06. Child’s Play 2 (1990) – My earliest memories of horror would be back in the early 90’s when I would watch some of the popular Friday, Nightmare and Chucky sequels on cable with my sister and my cousins. Child’s Play 2 is one of the oldest horrors I can remember watching. Since I love horror icons as they’re best remembered, CP 2 is the ideal Chucky film to watch. Chucky is still taken seriously unlike the ___ of Chucky movies, but he’s quick with the one liners unlike in CP 1. The scene where Chucky is walking out of the classroom closet with the ruler and the light bulb going back and forth is a classic shot.

            05. Frankenstein (1931) – In recent years, I’ve become a big fan of the old Universal Monster movies. Not only is Frankenstein my favorite of the bunch, but the original Frankenstein series (Frankenstein, Bride of, Son of, Ghost of, Frank vs The Wolf Man, House of Frank, and House of Dracula) may now be my favorite horror series ever. At this very moment, I’m literally drinking coffee from my Frankenstein’s Monster mug. There’s something about the fact that these old Universal horrors can tell a complete story in about an hour’s time without feeling rushed.

            04. Psycho (1960) – The movie that made me a Hitchcock fan. Is there much I can say about this movie that hasn’t been said by a billion people over the years? It’s a riveting story that takes a giant detour in the middle of the movie to scare people into staying dirty rather than dare take a shower. Shout out to Psycho 2 for being such an underrated movie.

            03. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (1987) – Same concept as Child’s Play 2. This is the Freddy I think about when Krueger gets talked about. He’s wise cracking and clever with his kills, but he hasn’t quite reached the point where he’s too funny that he’s lost his scare ability. Dream Warriors 3 may also have my favorite horror song in Dokken’s Dream Warriors. I don’t have any shame in rocking out to that song. Again, like CP 2, this is one of the earliest horror movies I can remember seeing.

            02. Black Christmas (1974) – Years and years before I turned to HMP for horror suggestions, I’m fairly sure the first movie ever recommended to me by someone online was Black Christmas. Back in 2001 (?) this movie was recommended to me by Dan Duffin over at the old Halloween movies message board. Duffin was such a fan of Black Christmas that he’s pretty much responsible for all of the extras you can find on the Blu-Ray. Upon seeing it, I was totally engrossed with the movie and it’s one that still works today. I have an attic in my house and truthfully, I haven’t been up in there in years. In theory, someone could be in it at this very moment I’d never know it. There’s even been real reports over the years of homeless people living in crawlspaces or attics of unsuspecting homeowners. That’s a terrifying thought. Even without the vulgarity, the phone calls are beyond creepy. Back in the day, this was the horror I recommended the most to friends when I was in junior high and high school. The fact that my all time favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story only makes loving Black Christmas more fun.

            01. Halloween 4 (1988) – This might be cheating, but I won’t tell if you won’t. This is more of a pick for the entire Halloween series than just one. Without a doubt, Halloween is the reason why I became a horror fan, the reason why I first got involved in a form of social media in the early 2000’s, and is the most merchandise I have out of any horror franchise. So, why pick H4 over the original? Well, I think my age plays a part in it. Being born in ’86, I can relate to the Halloween displayed in Halloween 4 more than I can in the original Halloween. I can remember those cheap little costumes that Jamie was looking through at the drug store. Having the time period be more relateable for me makes it easier to put myself in Jamie’s shoes than I can for Laurie and company. I believe Halloween 4 was the first horror VHS I had bought (I was just recording them off of cable prior to that). I have a vivid memory of having the VHS standing up on my entertainment center in my room, but having to put it face down because looking at that mask on the cover was creeping me out too much. To some extent, I think Michael is the scariest he’s ever been in this movie due to harassing this poor little girl who isn’t entirely aware of what’s going on. She’s going through all of this crap and uncertainty in here life only for things to get so much worse when Uncle Mikey comes around for some visitation. As I said in an earlier post, the movie has a lot of replay value for me. There’s also the fact that watching Halloween 4 also means the original Halloween is fresh on your mind. So I only love Halloween 4 so much because of what a great foundation the original Halloween created.

            My apologies if I got a bit carried away with the explanations and stories. If there’s any curiosity, the reason why there aren’t any foreign movies is because they don’t fit the whole “Movies I’ve been watching for years” stipulation.

            • Sal, nice list. Very, very interesting picks, and I love your criteria for selecting them.

              My indoctrination into horror sounds as though it was very similar to yours. I was the youngest of I don’t even know how many cousins (too many to count), and we would all huddle around an old TV in one of the upstairs bedrooms in my grandma’s house watching mid- to late-80’s classics. No better way to get into the genre.

              Anyway, thanks for sharing. Definitely helps to give an idea of your horror sensibilities.

          • Also, if you want, I would suggest posting this over on the “Top 10 lists” page. A bunch of us are subscribed to that page, so you’re likely to get some responses/interaction that way.

        • Sal, I LOVE your top 10 list, man! You’ve got some great, diverse picks, and in my opinion… such as it is… there’s not a bad flick in the bunch. Well done.

  6. Dino,

    I’m not sure how I missed this comment from you, man! Yeah, I think I WILL put together my top 10 and post it at that link. I’ve been trying to put together my top 10 for other reasons for the past month or so, and the top 5 is solid, while 6 through 10 is pretty fluid. Once again, loved YOUR top 10, Dino.

    • Nice! Looking forward to seeing your list.

      Lists like this are tough. I’m not completely happy with my list… it’s not that I don’t like my movies, but I don’t like that some are left off. You said the word fluid when describing your 6-10, and I think that’s how lists like this normally are anyway. I mean, just a year ago, It Follows wasn’t on my list because I hadn’t seen it yet.

      In fact, I’ll probably revisit my own list sometime soon, just for fun.

      • I feel ya, man. So… I’ve got my top 25 more or less written out, but if you were to look at my top 10 as it is right this second, you might think I didn’t give a damn about 80s or 70s horror (except Halloween). While I was raised on 70s and 80s horror and love that stuff to death, the movies I’ve re-watched the most and that have had the most emotional impact on me are films made a bit more recently.

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  8. So, as someone who only -just- discovered this podcast.. should i just kick it off with this episode? I notice my podcatcher apps (Stitcher/iTunes/Overcast, etc) don’t really go back past episode 70 something.

    • Although it is an entertaining listen,I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to start with HMP #1. Considering the fact that it’s approx. 15 hours long, it’s a lot to get through and since a large portion of it is dedicated to introductions and their takes on horror, it’s not your typical episode of Horror Movie Podcast. If all you’re doing is trying to get an idea if HMP is worth listening to on a regular basis, I’d suggest you start with a more typical episode of HMP so you can get a better idea of what the episodes are more like. In my case, I believe I finally got around to listening to HMP #1 midway through my listening spree.

      My suggestion is to pick out an episode covering one of your favorite movies or just one you’re very familiar with. I’m sure some might suggest some of the monster franchise reviews that spanned several episodes, but considering those episodes typically had frequent guests, I think it’d be a bit better to stick with the ones with Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh, and Dr. Shock so you can become familiar with the guys you’re going to hear a lot from rather than potentially a guest you will just hear a couple of times in HMP history.

      The franchise episodes are pretty great though. It’s just a personal preference that I’d advise to listen to listen to the main three hosts only at first.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Welcome. Jay of the Dead here. I’m the host of Horror Movie Podcast, but my friend, Sal Roma, knows more about, basically, everything than I do, so I defer to him in all things.

      I just wanted to say thank you for checking out the show and giving us a try. Generally speaking, we have two kinds of episodes: “Themed episodes,” which is when we discuss a concept like “The Siege Narrative.” And “Frankensteinian episodes,” which are just a random, hodge-podge of anything and everything. Those mostly include Mini Reviews of horror movies from anytime in horror history (including recent stuff).

      I know iTunes only goes back so far, but you can find everything (including the back archives to our two previous horror podcast incarnations) at https://horrormoviepodcast.com/. There we have the themed episodes featured in the sidebar, as well.

      Thanks for your great answer, Sal — and Jeff, welcome to HMP.
      Jay of the Dead

    • Hey, Jeff. Welcome.

      I think the main value from starting here is that you’ll get an idea of each host’s horror sensibilities, including their top 10 lists (which is always fun to hear). On the flip side, Sal is correct in that it’s an atypical HMP episode. To that, starting with episode 2, which is the first of the themed episodes (haunted houses) and introduces Doc as a full-time host (complete with his top 10 horror list), might not be a bad idea, too.

      My recommendation would be to either start with episodes 1 and 2 so you get introduced to the hosts and their sensibilities, or, if you just want to dip your toe to test the waters, then just jump to any of the themed episodes (shown in the right sidebar on the site’s homepage) that strikes your fancy. If you like what you hear then you can always go back and start from the beginning.

      I think a big part of the appeal of HMP is the charm of the hosts and the best way to get that is to start from the beginning, but you can’t really go wrong either way. Whichever way you go, welcome… and be sure to visit the comments here on the site and join in the conversation. We don’t bite.

      • Wow. Thanks for the warm welcome folks. I’ve already listened to episodes 1 and 2. I’ll likely come back to the chronological order soon but I did check back in on the more recent episodes and I have to say I thoroughly dig this content. I have to wonder just what the heck I’ve been doing with my podcast rotation before this with no horror talk in there. Thanks to the fellas for being so damned entertaining and thought-provoking in regards to the genre I hold dear and for this community for being so great. 100 down and hopefully a thousand more to go.

        • Welcome, Jeff! The blog isn’t mobile-optimized, but if you go to horrormoviepodcast.com on a desk or laptop you can check out the sidebar which has links to a lot of our best content.

  9. I was eating mac-n-cheese when i was listening to this. Everything was fine until I started thinking about zombie II. oh my.

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