Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 007: Devil’s Due, Open Grave, and Wererats

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Even though this epic, 4-hour, 27-minute Frankensteinian episode covers some new horror flicks, like “Open Grave,” “Voodoo Possession,” “Deranged,” and another major horror release that’s brand new in theaters, “Devil’s Due,” and it features special guest WILLIS WHEELER of Terror Troop, we still break most of our ambitious and well-intended promises made at the top of this show. Otherwise, we think you’ll love the coverage in Episode 007.

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I. Introduction
— Correction from Episode 005
— Our rough plans for this episode
— MPW’s broad range of ratings for “Paranormal Activity 4.5”
— The existence of Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night (2010)
— We lie (again) about covering the Cold Prey movies this episode
— Special guest: Willis Wheeler
— Willis’s Top 3 All-Time Favorite Horror Movies

II. DEVIL’S DUE (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 2 ( Avoid )
Willis Wheeler = 6 ( Matinee, Rental )
Hilarious marketing: Devil’s Due “Hell Baby”

III. Wager Verdict: THE BATTERY (2013)
Jay of the Dead = 6.5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 8.5 ( Buy it! )
BillChete = 2 ( Avoid )
— Take bets on what Doc Shock will say about “The Battery”

Jay of the Dead = 5 ( Rental )

V. Mini Review: Voodoo Possession (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 0.5 ( Avoid )

VI. Mini Review: Deranged (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 4 ( Avoid )

VII. Jay of the Dead’s BEASTLY FREAKS
Mulberry Street (2006) = 7 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 8 ( Buy it! )
— The Black Plaque and the truly scary origins of “Ring Around the Rosie” song

VIII. Dr. Shock and Jay of the Day Blast Out 10 Horror Recommendations:
1. The Abomindable Dr. Phibes (1971) — Dr. Shock
2. Burning Bright (2010) = 7.5 ( Rental ) – JOTD
3. I Spit on Your Grave (2010) = 7 ( Rental ) — Dr. Shock
4. The Barrens (2012) = 8 ( Buy it! ) – JOTD
5. Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore — Dr. Shock
6. Kill List (2011) = 8.5 ( Buy it! ) – JOTD
7. Day of the Dead (1985) — Dr. Shock
8. The Collector (2012) = 8.5 ( Buy it! ) – JOTD
9. Bait (2012) — Dr. Shock
10. Undocumented (2010) = 6 ( Rental ) – JOTD

IX. Massive Listener Feedback (Thanks for writing!)
— Voice mail from Levi (The Unknown Murderer)
— Wolfman Josh’s re-watch technique
— E-mail from Christian from Florida
— The origins of our horror monikers
— Comment from C.T. Mills
— Feeback from Nisu Shah and Juan
— The listening format of our MAMMOTH Halloween 2014 episode…
— E-mail from Darren
MPW: The Shining and Room 237
— E-mail from BugFugger
_ Comment from GerdyWerdy
— Comment from His Dinner is in the Oven
— Comment from Julian
— Why our format changes between show incarnations
— Reminiscing on some favorite past episodes of TWHMP and HM
— Question from Jase
— iTunes review from The Dead Juan
— Comment on Ep. 006 from The Dude
— Comments from Jeff Hammer

X. Settling Up:
— All Our Broken Promises…
— What’s Coming on HMP
— Dr. Shock hits the halfway mark on DVD Infatuation.com
— Our favorite Blu-ray / DVD distributors

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19 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 007: Devil’s Due, Open Grave, and Wererats

  1. I can even tell what a comic book fan Willis is from his top horror picks. I have got to podcast with this guy at some point. I love the guy, but I’m screaming at my iPhone sometimes.

    Tell Darren if he didn’t like Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 he should avoid Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor, it literally rehashes all the other films and adds 15 minutes of new nonsensical footage.

    I enjoyed your picks from films you all watched in the last year, I think Undocumented is the only one I’ve seen. I might have liked it a little better than Jay. The Abominable Dr. Phibes doesn’t seem to be available even by disc from Netflix, that surprises me.

    I would back BillChete on the House of Wax remake, I thought it was pretty solid, although it’s really only similar to the Vincent Price film by name, which I appreciated. I thought it handled why the characters didn’t just bolt better than most similar films. And it’s very disturbing at least in one scene and I rarely feel that way.

    Okay, I’ll have to think on the top 5 scariest list.

    • I second the Billchete on the House of Wax remake. I don’t really know why I like it, but I like it a lot. As a matter of fact, I’ll stream it right now… dammit! It’s not available for streaming. Thanks Netflix! :/

  2. Coming up with a top five scariest movies list is proving rather difficult. On one end of the spectrum I have the movies that marked forever me as a kid. The ones that gave me nightmares for countless nights, that is until I watched them again as an adult and found them not as scary as I remembered them. On the other end of the spectrum I have the movies that terrified me as an adult. The ones that after all of the years of abuse to my psyche, still managed to scare the crap out of me. I can’t decide which are more important or scarier so I’m going to cheat and split them in two.

    Top 5 movies that made me wet my bed as a kid:

    A Nightmare on Elm Street
    Friday the 13th
    The Exorcist
    Child’s Play
    The Evil Dead

    Top 5 movies that made me sleep with the light on as an adult:

    The Ring
    The Conjuring
    Paranormal Activity
    28 Days Later

  3. Hey guys,

    Great show as always I’ve actually been rifling through your past episodes of weekly movie podcast and the old horror movie weekly horror podcast on headphones at work. Although sometimes I get a lot of weird looks when I’ll disagree with some of your ratings (mostly Billchete’s) and i will burst out loud “WHAT?!” or “NO WAY!!” When I think you guys rate a movie too harshly. I would consider myself to be pretty forgiving on many of horror movies in comparison to some of your reviews. Usually I can always guarantee I’ll give a movie an extra star in my comparison to your ratings.

    I am so glad to hear that so many of the listeners as well as Jay enjoyed “the deadly spawn” as much as I did. I must say I had my doubts that people would see its charm when I recommended it. As for “cold prey” no worries about getting around to reviewing it. I understand you guys are busy this time of year. But as of just seeing “You’re Next” a couple weeks ago. I have to take back a previous statement I made regarding “cold prey” praising it for having the most bad ass final girl in the slasher subgenre. Now seeing “You’re Next” I can honestly say that its attained that title as well as being the best horror flick of 2013.

    I also have recommendation for jay’s beastly freaks segment that would be suitable for your upcoming feral vampires episode if he hasn’t already seen it. It’s a little western horror hybrid called “the burrowers” its an excellent genre bender.

    I appreciate all the hard work that you guys put into the show and can admittedly say that I’ll be a avid listener to the show for years to come. Keep up all the great work!

    A guy named Kari aka Mangloid

    • I watched Cold Prey recently and it was pretty good. I would give it a 7 and say rent it (or stream it) for sure. I liked most of the movie, but I think things fell apart towards the end. The “twist” wasn’t necessary and it didn’t add anything at all. I felt cheated actually. I was expecting a shocking reveal and was left disappointed. I didn’t think the girl was that bad ass. Yes, she rose to the occasion, but that’s about it. I’m really looking forward to The Deadly Spawn. It sounds like a great creature feature in the vein of Tremors and Critters. I can’t wait!

      • Yeah I definitely agree with you Juan. I would say the final girl in “cold prey” doesn’t really step up to bat until the sequel. But if you liked the first cold prey I would say definitely check out the sequel although it very reminiscent of Halloween 2. I liked it better than the original cold prey on my first viewing but came to like the original more on my second viewing. Hope you enjoy “the deadly spawn” even though in comparison to tremors and critters it may not hold up as well.

    • Mangloid, I love Deadly Spawn and thanks for recommending it to the world! Also, I watched You’re Next for the second time this weekend and it’s even more fun the second time when you know what’s going on. And Sharni Vinson is now my favorite Final Girl of all time. She replaced Ginny from F13 Part 2 for me.

      • Hey unknown murderer, im glad you liked “the deadly spawn” I’m so looking forward to seeing “You’re Next” again in couple months when its not so fresh in my mind. Ginny from Friday the 13th 2 holds a place near and dear to my heart to as one of the great final girls as well.

  4. Another great episode guys. Keep it up! I honestly don’t mind listener feedback on the podcasts. But if you guys want to save time or are worried that listeners don’t like every single comment mentioned, then perhaps you can give priority to first time listeners and to questions. Personally, it wouldn’t bother me if you skipped most of my comment and went straight to the question (if I’m asking any) or to the part of the comment that you guys feel the need to share with us.

    I would love more themed episodes. The idea of a time travel episode sounds like a winner to me! DO IT! Thanks for reading my comment Dr. Shock! It was great hearing that you approved of my list. Although I should mention that there are a few movies that I didn’t get to watch that, based on word of mouth and reviews, might have made my list like The Battery, Berberian Sound Studio, We Are What We Are, and Contracted.

    Jay, I can’t believe that you prefer Insidious: Chapter 2 over the first Insidious. Chapter 2 took the scary, tense atmosphere away and replaced it with copious amounts of cheese. I love cheese, but I didn’t love it in this movie. I give Insidious a 9 and Chapter 2 a 6.5. Guess what though? I like Frozen. So there, you’re not alone anymore. I give it a 7.5.

    What do you guys think of lists that are packed with “classics” and completely devoid of modern horror? I love the classics just as much as the next guy, but sometimes it feels like certain movies have a monopoly on lists just because of their “classic” status. It’s like if I don’t have The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on my top five, I’m not a true horror fan. Now, I’m not saying that Texas Chainsaw is overrated or that it doesn’t deserve to be on anyone’s lists, but I wonder if there are modern horror movies that could make people’s lists that get ignored because they’re new. How long did it take today’s classics to become classics anyway? Were movies like Halloween and The Shining instant classics the day they came out? How much time needs to pass for people to acknowledge a modern horror movie as a worthy candidate for a top list? Or is modern horror really not that good? I’d like to see people’s lists of modern horror that they think will become (or maybe already have become) classics.

    End of rant.

  5. Hey fellas, I called in again and boy did I go overboard on running my mouth. Sorry. Can you tell I’m a little horror-lonely?

    As a result I decided to add something by posting instead. I was being a little facetious in my voicemail regarding the horror films that scare me the most. After giving it a bit more thought, I actually remembered some of the others that have freaked me out to some degree or other:

    Honorable Mention: Tourist Trap. Those dummies are laughing and moving by themselves! Holy CRAP.
    5. Salem’s Lot – this is the only horror film that I know of that gave me a nightmare as a child. I don’t remember watching this on television but I know I did because at the end of the first part of the miniseries, when Geoffrey Lewis is burying the Glick kid and feels compelled to open it…when he does, the boy is lying in his coffin with his silver eyes staring up at him…this woke me up in the middle of the night.

    4. Maniac – Just a couple of years ago I tried to watch this in broad daylight and the opening scene on the beach where Spinell strangles someone, lifting them up off the ground just giggling and making those horrifying grunting sounds? I shut it off. I had to try again later. I couldn’t do it! A full grown man I am!

    3. American Werewolf in London – I will never, ever walk the moors at night. Never. That howl sends fear shivering through the core of my being. I might have peed a little just now.

    2. Alien – It doesn’t scare me now, but it did when I was little. I begged my parents since the age of 3 to see the film. I clearly remember driving by the theater in 1979 in our station wagon, seeing the movie poster and asking my mom if I could watch it. Of course she said no. My father finally relented when I was about six and I got to the part where Brett gets it before I chickened out.

    1. The Exorcist. Freakin’ yikes in every way.

    I love you guys and I can’t wait for the next epic episode!

  6. Hi everyone
    Julian from London

    Top 5 scariest movies. Im, like Billchete a slasher fan period. In that genre there are loads of movies that have effective jump scares, monkey with a gong movies i call them (imaging having a little monkey follow you about all day and he randomly hits a gong, you jump a lot) For scariest films these have either had me looking in the top corner of the screen more than once, real tense or have had a lasting effect on me even up into my adult years, so heres mine

    5: Martyrs
    horrific, powerful, scary

    4: The Blair Witch Project
    We had heard all the hype coming from out the US about this film and i managed to get an import copy on DVD. I was living in a flat above a shop and late one Friday night when i was home alone turned the lights down and put it in. I know now found footage movies are the norm but this was brand new and creepy as hell and every time someone enter the shop below there was noises that i was convinced were coming from the house. i dont camp

    3: Strangers
    Creepy, Tense, Frightening and i now certainly dont answer the door in the middle of the night anymore

    2: Texas Chain saw Massacre
    What more is there to be said about this film. I had seen the name, it scared me, years later saw the poster hanging in the Video store, scared me more. Then when i was about 15 on a 12 inch tv at the end of my bed i finally watched a bootleg vhs copy. This is one of the films that have stayed with me. deep woods, isolated houses, meathooks, the sound of a chain saw, any of those things and the memories and feelings of the first viewing are right back with me

    1: Halloween
    Not only my scariest movie but my number one all time movie. I was nine years old and they were showing it on British TV for the first time and we dont get “TV” versions this was the full movie. My mum didn’t want to watch it so i had to go down my Aunts house who lived at the end of my street. It terrified me, the mask i saw at the dark end of corridors and in my nightmares for years after. Now with the film over the fun began as i had to get back home. I bolted down that street but as we lived on the second floor of an apartment i had a staircase to contend with, i think i must of took at least 6 stairs with every leap. Now this isn’t an age thing as many years later i still am a little tense watching this alone in the dark, this is just a fine scary movie

  7. Wow! Another great episode. I am humbled that you spent so much time reviewing my previous comments. I thought that my comments regarding The Shining might spark some conversation and I apologize if that topic hijacked the show. Contrary to Dr. Shock’s comment (joke) I didn’t hate The Shining Conversation at all.

    At this point in time I have not revisited The Shining again. I am trying to set up a ‘perfect’ viewing experience for it. I haven’t mentioned before but I live in Canada eh! and I’m waiting for a big snow storm to come through to help me relate a little bit more with the characters and their situation. More to follow on this I promise.

    Josh I have seen Room 237. I watched it in an attempt to gain a greater understanding of The Shining and to see if I just missed the point. I must say that some of those theories are pretty wild. That’s not to say that they weren’t entertaining and fun to think about for a little while, but I’m pretty sure that Kubrick wasn’t using this film as a vehicle to comment on how Native American’s have been treated. Sometimes we are just so quick to find a deeper meaning that we can draw some wild conclusions. Let’s be honest though, most of the time that ‘red ball’ is just a ‘red ball’. I found Room 237 interesting because of the wild theories and the lengths that people go to in order to try and make their point. All that being said I don’t think that I got as much out of this movie as I could have because I hadn’t seen The Shining for so many years.

    Dr. Shock you asked about my having read the Stephen King novel. I had actually read this long after watching the movie for the first time. I loved the novel but I really had to talk myself into reading it because I was so disappointed with the movie.

    Josh I have The Conjuring queued up for Friday night. I am looking forward to it and I hope that it strikes a cord with me. I will let you know.

    Finally I just thought that I would comment on 2 other small items:
    1) Do not feel bad about the Frankenstein (or should we call them Frankenstein’s Monster) Podcasts. From my point of view they are still effective and you do a good job at covering a lot of material and still manage to maintain the integrity of your original idea.
    2) Again don’t feel too pressured to meet all of your promises. Breaking promises (or a more pleasant way of putting things; not getting to everything) is just part of life. S@#$ happens so don’t sweat it. I think that your listeners can be patient (expect for perhaps Bill “NOTHING HAPPENS” Chete).


    The Dude

  8. Another great show! As always, a lot of great stuff covered. Just wanted to post a couple of thoughts regarding listener feedback sessions and the sense of community that you guys have created. I, for one, have become a huge fan of the listener feedback and message boards. I’m particularly excited to track down Deadly Spawn, as per Mangloid’s recommendation– and have to whole heartedly support HIS Burrowers rec as well. It’s a great creature flick. A lot of fun and style. Also, Jay, good call on Undocumented. I’m not huge fan of found footage (though, I inexplicably own 15 or so of them), but I like Undoc, because it addresses my biggest gripe with the subgenre. It gives a solid, believable reason WHY that person can’t put the camera down. If I watch one more FF, where the cameraperson is like “The people need to know!” or “I need the camera’s light to see!” I’m going to hurl.

    I love that more and more people are posting on the show; like I said, you’ve built a great sense of community. Like Juan, you can skip my comments (although a little bit of me may cry inside… kidding). Had an idea, though. Not sure if this would require more work for you, Jay, but what about putting what time the listener feedback section of the show ends in the show notes? That way if listeners just want to hear the pros, they can just skip to that time in the cast…

    I actually did have a question, and would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve recently been reorganizing my DVD collection by genre and Horror, of course, is my biggest category. I’ve always put my horror into subgenres, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies (sub-sub-genre Romero Zombies– my fav!), anthologies, Ghost movies Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror… etc. But I recently hit a stumbling block when I decided to start a section on “Slashers.” Sorry to say, it not my favorite subgenre, give me “Dawn of the Dead” over “Halloween” any day. That being said, I still love them, but had some difficulty determining whether or not I should include certain movies in that category or not and was wondering how you guys would define the subgenre. I’ll give two examples: Psycho (which is kind of a proto-slasher) and then the latter Nightmare movies. I never really consider movies with supernatural elements “slashers,” but especially with the later Nightmare movies that seem to lean more on comedy and less on slashing. And then the follow up question is, if you consider Freddy’s Dead “a slasher,” would you have to consider movies like “Gingerdead Man” “Jack Frost” slashers as well? Just curious to hear your guys thoughts on the matter.

    And speaking of “Slashers,” I owe you an apology. I wrote in a couple of weeks ago regarding “Black Christmas” and accidentally put “Black Sunday.” Jay you were right… and Doc, thanks for giving this knucklehead the benefit of the doubt. Although I have to say, I love Black SUNDAY (don’t have a Bava section in my dvd’s yet though). A friend and I got together and watched Black CHRISTMAS and had a blast. I can’t believe I’d never seen it. Bob Clark was awesome… Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things is one of my favorites.

    And finally, on the subject of children, I know Jay isn’t scared of deadly kid movies (but I’m so glad you recognized how awesome “the Children” was), but I was wondering if you guys have ever seen “The Devil Times Five.” It’s one of my favorite killer kids movies– I like it more than “Who Can Kill A Child?” and waaaaaaaay more than the awful English language remake (I honestly don’t understand the love that one got). Anyways, I’d recommend DTF it to a fan of the subgenre.

    Thanks for another great show and can’t wait till next Friday!

    Mmmm, mmm!

    His dinner is in the oven.

  9. Alright….here it is….the review that no one has been waiting for. I settled in last evening and watch The Conjuring, so here it is…

    I’ll cut right to the chase, I really enjoyed this movie. Some of the positives that I would point out would be:
    1) I really liked the biographical angle that they approached the movie with. Yes it was based on a true story (and I’m sure that we all know what that means) but it added a deeper level of realism to the story for me.
    2) James Wan’s camera work was amazing. Most movies these days rely heavily on quick cuts that tend to disorient the viewer. This movie took the opposite approach and used a lot of long tracking shots. The result really put the viewer the same place as the characters and the sense and dread built and built until something happens.
    3) There are plenty of great scares in this movie but they weren’t cheap, they were genuine. The humour was kept to a minimum and as a result the view is on the edge of their seat.
    4) It was great to see Ron Livingston again. Most people will remember him from Office Space but I relate more to his character from the epic series Band of Brothers.
    5) The acting was solid. Even from the children who can make or break a movie with their performance.
    6) The end of the movie. I hope that this isn’t a spoiler, but there was an opportunity for the filmmakers to throw out cheap scare but they took the high road and refrained. I also loved the subtle nod to The Amityville Horror at the end.

    My only complaint is that I found the movie lagged a little bit through the second half. The filmmakers did such a great job building the tension through to the middle of the film and just weren’t able to achieve the same result through to the conclusion.

    I would rate this one (using your rating system) and 8 out of 10 and recommend buying it. Thanks for recommending this during episode 2. Keep the good ones coming


    The Dude

  10. Ive been listening to all the past episodes and trying to get caught up. All I have to say is thank you for talking about Burning Bright Jay. Youre the only other person Ive heard talk about this film. Everyone I tell about it, either doesn’t sound interested or haven’t heard of it to begin with. As you stated, while its not a grizzly gorefest, but more of a drama in my opinion the fact that a tiger is loose in the house is just such a good idea. If you’ve never looked it up, its originally based on a poem called – The Tyger by William Blake
    Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
    In the forests of the night;
    What immortal hand or eye,
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    In what distant deeps or skies.
    Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
    On what wings dare he aspire?
    What the hand, dare seize the fire?

    And what shoulder, & what art,
    Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
    And when thy heart began to beat,
    What dread hand? & what dread feet?

    What the hammer? what the chain,
    In what furnace was thy brain?
    What the anvil? what dread grasp,
    Dare its deadly terrors clasp!

    When the stars threw down their spears
    And water’d heaven with their tears:
    Did he smile his work to see?
    Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

    Tyger Tyger burning bright,
    In the forests of the night:
    What immortal hand or eye,
    Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

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