Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 022: Ben Ketai’s Beneath (2014) and No Vacancy (2014) and Larry Fessenden’s Beneath (2013) and Aftershock (2013) and Husk (2011)

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Hi, and welcome to Episode 022 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this Frankensteinian episode, you’ll get five Feature Reviews which include: Ben Ketai’s “Beneath,” “No Vacancy,” Larry Fessenden’s “Beneath,” “Aftershock” and “Husk.” Jay of the Dead also talks about the science of horror and a phenomenon called “approach aversion,” and he discusses mainstream film criticism and its relationship to horror. Don’t miss it!

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I. Introduction

II. Feature Review: AFTERSHOCK (2013)
Jay of the Dead = 5.5 ( Rental )
Previous rating by Wolfman Josh = 4 ( Avoid )

III. Feature Review: NO VACANCY (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 5 ( Low-Priority Rental )

IV. The Science of Horror: “Approach Aversion”
Article: Objects bring fear the closer they appear by Elizabeth Preston

V. Feature Review: Ben Ketai’s BENEATH (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Strong Rental )

VI. Mainstream Film Criticism and Horror
Watch: The Arrival of a Train (1895)
Watch: The Great Train Robbery (1903)
Watch: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

VII. Jay of the Dead’s BEASTLY FREAKS: Larry Fessenden’s BENEATH (2014)
Jay of the Dead = 4 ( Avoid )

VIII. The Plan for October 2014: HMP Halloween Extravaganza

IX. BONUS Review: HUSK (2011)
Jay of the Dead = 7.5 ( Definite Rental )

X. Tusk (2014) trailer

XI. Listener Feedback:
— iTunes review from Matt Hartung (Thank you, Matt!)
— Voicemail from Erik from Long Island

XII. Wrap-Up:

NEXT ON HMP — IN TWO WEEKS: Releasing on Friday, August 15, 2014 — Episode 023. Definitely don’t miss it!

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Thanks for listening.
Jay of the Dead

38 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 022: Ben Ketai’s Beneath (2014) and No Vacancy (2014) and Larry Fessenden’s Beneath (2013) and Aftershock (2013) and Husk (2011)

  1. Great show, Jay; it shows that you can carry a podcast just fine on your own. Can’t wait for your Halloween retro. I’ve heard plenty of podcasts cover these movies but I’m certain that you guys will do it in a way that I haven’t heard. My regards to the crew.

    • @Flying Zombie Head (awesome name! Love that.)
      Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate your support. And yes, while recording the first Halloween review with my pals, I learned things from them that I’ve never heard before, so I hope we can bring, at least, something interesting to the table.

      And a general note, just for the record:
      Though it may seem like it, I’m not down on solocasters. I actually love solocasts, personally. I’m a big fan of Midnight Corey’s, BillChete’s and One Sick Puppy’s solocast productions.

      Thanks again for writing (and especially for listening).

      • FlyingZombieHead sure is an awesome name. It reminds me of the awesome and hilarious scene in “Zombie Flesh Eaters 2” (Zombi 3) when some folks open a fridge and a disembodied zombie head somehow flies out and gets them. One of my favourite moments in any zombie film.

          • Awesome man!That’s one of the first, if not the very first, Zombie Movies I remember watching. my best buddies dad had it in the “Vipco” collection and we watched it so much. The first time I think I was a little nervous because I wasn’t used to 18 rated movies and it seemed real exploitative and gory but pretty soon we were showing it to all our friends at parties and such. it’s actually probably up there with “Dawn of the Dead” and “Return of the Living Dead” as one of zombie movies I’ve seen the most. Such a fun, fun movie.

  2. Jay thanks for sticking it out and giving the fans an episode. It would have been very easy to use the absence of your cohorts as an excuse for not putting out a show, but you have powered through for us.

    I am very much looking forward to your Halloween episodes. The timing of it is quite interesting to me because I am going back and catching up on Land of the Creeps and I am just about to start their Halloween episodes as well (very much looking forward to this). Add on top of this the impending release of Scream Factory’s Blu-Ray release which I have already pre-ordered and I think that the month of October is going to be a great one (as it always is for us horror fans).

    Your discussion about the view of horror movies in the eyes of critics was an interesting one. I think that you can take this one step further and simply generalize that society in general looks down its nose at horror movies and see it as a lesser form of cinema. Many of the comments from people on this forum support this. How many times have you heard “how can you watch this crap” or had conversations about horror movies poison our youth etc.

    At the end of the day for me its all about entertainment and I think that most of us feel the same way. Frankly I am entertained by The Exorcist then a film about someone dying from cancer. The horror genre entertains and that is ultimately what I am going to gravitate towards.

    That’s my rant; and speaking of The Exorcist…I’m going to call out Wolf Man Josh and the fact that he has never seen this movie. I’m thinking we should either put it to vote by the fans as to whether you watch it or if you watch it, I will watch any movie that you select and provide a review. Anyone else want to weigh in on this one?!


    The Dude

    • I always love your comments The Dude!

      For me personally the Horror genre is a form of escapism. Much like Jay mentioned in this episode, I’d rather watch movies where someone is in a fantastically awful situation than anything that reminds me of elements of my own real life. Schadenfreude definitely plays a part in my appreciation of horror but it also has to do with imagination and psychological insight. To me horror is one of those genres where the deeper, darker elements of the imagination can be explored without limits. Horror goes to psychological places that very few other genres are willing to go. I’ve always liked stuff that subverts the mainstream, raises questions and pushes the boundaries and that’s what this genre does.

      Speaking from my own research it’s hard to find a vehement critic of horror who isn’t in some way a hypocrite. This is something that was a huge issue in the UK just before I was born (the Video Nasties campaign) and as I was growing up (the James Bulger/Child Play fiasco) and I think it persists to this day to an extent. I’d really love to hear these guys do a podcast covering this issue because I think it’s incredibly important to the way that the genre is perceived. Jesus, in the midst of the Video Nasties debacle over here, we had members of parliament declaring that horror movies could have a psychologically detrimental effect on dogs if they were allowed to watch them. The people railing against the insanity are almost always the most insane, while those who enjoy it, 99% of the time, just happen to be open minded, intelligent individuals.

      – David

      • “The people railing against the insanity are almost always the most insane, while those who enjoy it, 99% of the time, just happen to be open minded, intelligent individuals.”

        Hear, hear!

        You both hit the mark for where my affinity of horror comes from. I love being scared and challenging myself emotionally, mentally… but it’s that detachment from reality that I love most.

        As for the vote on whether Josh should or shouldn’t watch The Exorcist, I think we can skip it. We already know how the voting will go on that… Josh just needs to suck it up, grab his security blanket, and get it done!

  3. Jay I can’t pretend I didn’t miss Wolfman and Doc in this episode and I also prefer episodes that cover some older movies (I find myself more inclined to search through the huge backlog of horror that appeal more to my sense of aesthetics than to watch too much modern stuff) but you still managed to keep me engaged and entertained throughout this, and with no one else to bounce off that’s pretty impressive.

    I also hugely appreciated the discussions of horror-theory and criticism. This is the kind of stuff I really get a kick out of. I’d never heard of the Elizabeth Preston stuff before and as obvious as the “nearer = scarier” idea is, it’s admittedly not something I’d consciously considered before (aside from maybe fleetingly in those last hyperbolic moments before a thugs boot connected with my face).

    Personally I hope you guys make this kind of theoretical and analytical talk a mainstay of the podcast alongside the reviews because you’re great at it and it’s something that seems all too rare in the horror community.

    – David

  4. Hi Jay,
    You mentioned that the PLANET MACABRE podcast is your all-time favorite. I’d like to check it out, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online. Can you point me in the right direction? I’ve found a couple of places, but it appears the files themselves are MIA.

    Anyhow, I love your podcast. As a lifelong horror fan, it’s refreshing to find such a great group of people who genuinely love the genre, and treat it with the respect it deserves. Looking forward to a podcast-packed October.

    Erik S.

    • Hi Erik,

      I feel so lucky — like I’m getting to give you GOLD right now. Thanks to BillChete’s archive, here’s how you can find Planet Macabre:

      1. Go to http://www.horroronthego.com/

      2. At the top of the site, there’s a link for BillChete’s “CATALOG,” which has a drop-down for “Previous Podcasts.” Here’s that direct link: http://www.horroronthego.com/catalog/previous-podcasts/

      3. And if you simply scroll down the page, you’ll see all 16 precious episodes of Planet Macabre. (And be sure to listen to Horror Jungle afterward. It only has 3 episodes, but they’re all golden!)

      And for those who would humor me, allow me to write a few words on why I love Planet Macabre…

      Jay of the Dead’s Tribute to Planet Macabre:
      I met Dr. Shock (Dave Becker) through Twitter. I noticed that he was following my Twitter feed for my first movie show — Considering the Sequels Podcast (not a horror podcast). When I checked out Dave’s site, DVD Infatuation.com, I was blown away. I knew he was legit, so we got in touch and became fast friends and have been ever since.

      Doc Shock had just begun his first podcasting endeavor, and it was called PLANET MACABRE, launched in December of 2010. I have always been a Horror fan, but I had not listened to any horror podcast at this point. I was somewhat new to the idea of podcasting…

      Planet Macabre consisted of five hosts: Dr. Shock, GregaMortis, HellHunter, Lady Phantom — and they were led by one BillChete.

      This was my first encounter with all of these people… I was hooked (like a drug addict) immediately from Episode 001. Now, Planet Macabre is quite a bit different from Horror Movie Podcast… I’d say, in many ways, their approach to discussing horror is a little bit different. Good different.

      But what made Planet Macabre “magical,” a rare moment of the stars aligning, was its five-film themed format and the hosts’ undeniable love and enthusiasm for Horror. They are SO EXCITED when you hear them broadcast about Horror films! You can hear it in their voices, and it makes you excited, too. I honestly think their enthusiasm was the secret power of that podcast. And not to mention their amazing recommendation segments… Just plain perfection.

      One of my proudest moments is being one of the few guests on Planet Macabre — Episode 010 — when we reviewed “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” in-depth. Back then, my moniker was “JASON X.” From Episode 001 of PM, I’ve been hooked on the idea of Horror podcasting.

      Shortly after Planet Macabre disbanded, BillChete was preparing to launch Horror Jungle in the summer of 2011. He actually invited me to be one of the official hosts of the new show! Another highlight for me. But I was far too busy at the time, and I was torn up about it, but I had to decline. I regret that decision just about every day (especially since it only ran for three shows). Painful.

      Later that year, in September / early October of 2011, BillChete and I talked again, and I think most people know the story of the birth of the Horror Palace Network and the launch of my own horror podcasts on there: The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast (another special collaboration), then Horror Metropolis (a damn fine podcast, if I do say so myself).

      That brings us to the culmination of Horror Movie Podcast. And now you know — the rest of the story…

      Thanks for reading this.
      Jay of the Dead (aka JASON X)

        • Erik,
          You’re in for a real treat! I’ve been catching up on pm… And it’s great! Especially as you get to know each of the hosts’ taste– between the five of them, they’ve got the whole spectrum covered.

          And a very special thanks to JOTD for trucking through the excellent solo cast! You made a Monday night of scrubbing floors most enjoyable! I gotta be honest. your comments about fatherhood really hit home. My son is two, and I’ve been tuning into you guys since before then. As you pointed out, it’s hard to find time as a new dad to watch movies– but there’s always time to listen to the podcast! Thanks for keeping me in the loop for the last couple years!


          • A few months ago I went back and listened to all those Planet Macabre and Horror Jungle shows. They are truly fantastic. Amazing host lineups and great contrasting opinions. Sometimes Billchete’s opinions had steam coming out of my ears though!

  5. Most people who know me know that I am not a big fan of Kubrick’s 1980 The Shining. Well on subsequent rewatches lately I must admit that I have grown to enjoy this film a little more. I don’t love it like some people and it will never reach my top 10 list, but I do appreciate it a little more than I did in the past.

    Although many people praise this movie as a masterpiece, I see many flaws in the film. From Nicholson’s over the top performance to Duvall’s terrible performance, but my biggest issue is with the length and pacing of the film. With a run tim of 144 minutes and a pace that makes snails look fast I find The Shining to be a difficult movie to grind through.

    Enter Kubrick’s European cut of The Shining. This flim version was heavily cut by Kubrick himself and has been reported to be his preferred version. Running at 119 minutes, he tightened up the plot lines and maintained all of the horror elements that make up the strongest parts of the film.

    I have never seen this version but recently ordered a region 2 version from Europe and to say I’m excited about it is an understatement. It will be in my DVD player the day it arrives.

    Does anyone have any experience with this version of The Shining?

    Oh and also…please feel free to flog me for my comments on this ‘sacred cow’.


    The Dude

    • I’m kind of with you on “The Shining” Dude. I do think it’s deserving of the praise it receives for the most part but it’s just not a horror movie that I enjoy watching half as much as a lot of other people. I love the sense of isolation that Kubrick conjures in the movie but ultimately I prefer the book. I disagree on Shelly Duvall’s performance though, I think she’s great. She’s kind of hysterical and grating but I think that’s a pretty realistic portrayal of someone in that situation.

      • David,
        I think that the performance that Shelly Duvall gives in the last act is incredible. She plays the role of terrified wife to a tee. From what I have heard this was in part due to Kubrick’s constant torture of her through most of the filming.
        What I cannot look past is her performance prior to this final act. It seems awkward and clunky to me and takes me out of the film before she turns it around.

        I am excited about seeing this European cut to see if her performance is tightened up a bit in the earlier parts of the film. IMO that would make the film much stronger.

        Stay Tuned…I’ll provide some notes on the European cut.

        The Dude

        • My apologies man, I shouldn’t have been so presumptuous. Whenever I’ve heard people complain about Duvall’s performance in the past it always seems to be regarding the later part of the movie. To be honest I don’t ever recall having a problem with her work in the earlier parts of the film but it’s one of those things that I tend to just half watch whenever it comes on TV these days so maybe I should give it all my attention in a good re-watch. It’s admittedly been a while since I’ve really sat down and focused on the darn thing.

  6. Great episode Jay. Huge fan. You held it together great on your own. Thought peeps in here may be interested in checking out The Nerdist Podcast from July 25th. It is an entertaining hour long interview with Eli Roth. Hope it’s ok to plug another podcast…

    • Ah, man… That hurts my heart. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      To me, Marilyn Burns’s performance in “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” (1974) is unparalleled in the depth of fear she depicted. I don’t know what kind of dark abyss she had to go to conjure that performance, but her fear actually makes me feel afraid.

      Greatest Scream Queen in the Greatest Horror Movie Ever Made. She’ll always be my Final Girl…

      R.I.P. Marilyn Burns
      Jay of the Dead

      • Sorry to bring this to your attention Jay. Her performance is one of the most genuine screen performances of all time. I don’t think that it will ever be topped in my life time. She made the movie what it is today…40 years later.

  7. I just have to say about Beneath. I know you didn’t care for the fish and thought it looked terrible, but I actually thought the fish looked pretty good. I think they were really trying to model it after a tiger fish. Google it, it really does look like
    they took features from a tiger fish.
    Anyways I have to say Im a new listener and I really liked this podcast. One of the few horror podcast that didn’t come off as a group of teenage nerds. Trust me Im a super nerd but you actually talk in a serious manner and have a good discussion even by yourself. Great cast and I’ll be going back to listen to older episodes waiting for newer ones. Great podcast.

    • Will,
      Thanks for your nice comment. Our shows are hardly ever solocasts, so I hope I don’t scare you away. (Try Episode 021 or Episode 001.) My co-hosts are all exceptional — and unlike me — they are smart enough to recognize a tiger fish when they see one… : ) Ha ha.
      Thanks for listening and for commenting.
      Jay of the Dead

      • Again I really enjoyed the show and look forward to future episodes. You did great with the solo gig. As I mentioned I’ll be going back to listen to older episodes for sure. A great job and I’ll be sure to recommend the podcast to a few of my other friends. I was really impressed and you came off very intelligent with honest unbiased reviews which is what I like. I just don’t care for the shows where it sounds like a bunch of kids not really taking it seriously and cant really stay on track to the conversation at hand. So I commend you on the solo cast and im sure the other hosts are just as good. As I listen i’ll probably start leaving more comments.

  8. Jay of the Dead and GregaMortis (cross-post);
    I started listening to Jay’s “Horror Movie Podcast” last February. I’ve enjoyed listening to Jay and Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock a great deal because they put each movie under a microscope and I’ve learned not only new titles, but the language of cinema, and the language of horror movies especially. And to that I say, thank you gentlemen!
    Since Jay is always promoting Land of the Creeps, I thought I would give LOTC a try. I started with Episode 078 because Hellraiser and Pinhead are personal favorites. Having grown accustomed to Jay of the Dead’s uber-polite demeanor and manners, GregaMortis’s relaxed use of swear words took me off guard.
    I’m not at all opposed to swearing and cussing and salty language. I’m a member of a performing burlesque troupe in addition to volunteering with the local women’s roller derby so foul language isn’t an issue at all. I enjoy GregaMortis’s carrying-on immensely but I did receive quite a shock at first, having grown so comfortable with Jay of the Dead’s polite manners. I plan to keep listening to both podcasts, working through LOTC’s backlog and telling everyone I know to please get into both of your podcasts.
    In closing, I particularly enjoy GregaMortis’s uplifting delight when he says “boobies.” GregaMortis’s happiness and wonder in and of itself makes LOTC worth listening to.
    Scott Waller

  9. @Jay of the Dead: Oh yeah, Beastly Freaks. That’s right.

    Seriously, though, I want to echo what many have already said – Jay, thanks for pushing on with the solocast for this episode. One of my greatest fears in life… IN LIFE… is that you’ll abandon yet another horror podcast. It certainly would have been easy for you to skip the episode, which could have sent the podcast down a slippery slope. And, as much as I enjoy Josh and Doc, you certainly held your own and kept me entertained. This episode was chock full of solid recommendations and interesting, thought-provoking commentary on the genre. Well done, sir.

    Going back to my comment above about not wanting HMP to disappear, do you have plans to set up a donation fund for the podcast? I’m sure many of us would be interested in helping you offset the costs of running the show, at the very least. Perhaps even an annual Kickstarter campaign?

    Excited to see Dr. Walking Dead will be back for the next episode. Can’t wait. Now, off to see Husk…

    • I could be misunderstanding this, so don’t take my word as gospel, but I think that donations to moviepodcastweekly.com might help fund this podcast by proxy because they share the same file hosting space, so that’s always an option if you’re kind enough to help these guys out.

    • @Dino and David:
      Wow. Thank you, Dino (and everyone who has said they want Horror Movie Podcast to continue). Despite what it seems, I’m not a total egotist, but I will admit that your appreciation validates the hours and efforts and keeps us pressing on. Thanks for taking the time to tell us. Very classy of you.

      And I’m glad you’re OK with the solocasts, because we may have a couple more coming to you until we hit October’s Halloween bash. I wasn’t very clear before, but the reason it ends up being a solocast is because the three of us only have a finite amount of time that our schedules intersect in a two-week period. And that time has been going to Halloween reviews. It’s preferable to me, too, to have all the hosts on the show. Not complaining at all, but that 90-minute solocast took me about 12 hours to produce (research prep, recording, editing, etc.).

      However — for this next Friday’s episode (Episode 023, Aug. 15), we’re planning to have a Feature Review with all four of us — including Dr. Walking Dead, Kyle Bishop! We’re reviewing “Doc of the Dead” (which features Kyle) — and its streaming on Netflix.

      Finally — you’re right, Dino. I’m months overdue for putting PayPal buttons on this site for donations. But David is exactly correct: We have our PayPal buttons in place over at MoviePodcastWeekly.com in the right-hand sidebar. MPW and HMP are both funded from the same account (my bank account, ha ha) — and the files are both stored in the same place online.

      So, if you make a donation at the Movie Podcast Weekly PayPal buttons, it will equally help Horror Movie Podcast.

      I’m glad you mentioned this, because our Halloween project in October is going to be a lot of extra content, which means a lot of extra expense… So, honestly, anything you guys would like to contribute would directly help us pull off our October bash. We really appreciate it.

      Thank you, sincerely.
      Jay of the Dead

      • P.S. When I ask “you guys” for donations, I’m not singling anybody out; I’m just talking to the listenership, in general. I know some of you have already donated through Movie Podcast Weekly. Thank you.

      • @David and Jay of the Dead: Yes, I figured they were one and the same, and I plan on heading over there to drop my dimes. Two comments on that, though…

        First, I’m willing to bet HMP has a larger listener base and more loyal following than MPW (’tis the nature of the horror fan). If nothing else, this site probably generates more traffic, given the more consistent traffic on the comment boards here compared to MPW. Also, I’m sure there are some HMP listeners who don’t listen to MPW, so you’re likely missing a chunk of your audience by not having a donate button on this site.

        Second, I had to really search for the donation button on the MPW site. Jay, you really buried that thing! I understand not wanting to seem needy, but you’re providing high quality content to us listeners for free. You not only incur a financial expense for that, but there’s the expense of hours of your time to prepare and produce the show. If someone’s coming to the site, they’re obviously a fan of the show and would likely want to contribute to keep it going… if it were easier to find that donate button!

  10. Jay, I forgot to talk about “Husk” in my earlier comments. I loved your review and it really got me wanting to see the movie. I have to say I was kind of surprised that you felt it necessary to assure us that the scarecrows are actually scary! Of course they are! Who the heck isn’t scared of those things; eerie, solitary humanoid shapes that you only ever really see from a distance, still and ragged in the twilit cornfields. They’re totally the stuff of Bradburyian nightmare. Also ever since reading about the details of Matthew Shepards murder the image of a scarecrow in the distance has a particularly upsetting undertone for me.

    Anyway, “Husk” sounds exactly like the kind of horror movie I love; creepy rural location, supernatural elements, totally my kind of thing. That said I do believe I’ve seen the original “Scarecrows” and I don’t remember being particularly impressed. It was a very long time ago and I seem to remember that the copy I saw was terrible quality and so dark that I couldn’t tell what was going on half the time. I’ll do my best to give “Husk” a watch and remain curious to see what your take on “Scarecrows” is should you end up watching it, as it’s maybe a film I should give another chance.

    – David

  11. Jay you had asked for some info regarding Scarecrows (1988). I had checked this film out years ago and I dug out my old VHS copy today. I thought that I would share my thoughts.

    Scarecrows (1988)
    Director: William Wesley
    Starring: Ted Vernon, Michael David Simms, Richard Vidan, Kristina Sanborn
    Run Time: 83 minutes

    Basic Plot:
    The film opens with a group of paramilitary soldiers on a plane just after they completed the theft of 3.5 million dollars. The soldiers have kidnapped a pilot and his daughter and are making for the Mexican border. One soldier, Burt, double crosses the others, steals the money and parachutes out of the plan. The others follow in hot pursuit and the group find themselves on a deserted farm owned by the Fowler Family. Burt is quickly dispatched in a graphic manner by a mysterious scarecrow and the rest of the soldiers quickly dissolve into a paranoid battle of wills as they are knocked off one by one by the mysterious title characters. The horror builds to new heights as the dead soldiers return to do the bidding of the scarecrows and the body count rises.

    Scarecrows presents itself as a very low budget (estimated $425,000) horror film. The team of actors and the crew had very little experience and many of them had short lived careers. Even with these factors seemingly working against it, Scarecrows offers up a very creepy and engaging B-Movie. The acting is moderate, but considering the talents involved they do a commendable job. The plot is somewhat contrived and leaves the viewer with a number of questions, but again, the film prevails despite this fact. We are treated to some genuinely eerie scenes with above average practical effects with a few graphic kills. The movie plays out as a slasher with supernatural undertones. We can only assume that the scarecrows are the 3 members of the Fowler family but this is never confirmed and their motives for killing are never fully explained.

    Overall Scarecrows is an enjoyable film. It has survived due to it originality, strong storyline and the eerie nature of the title characters. With a short run time of only 83 minutes it is well worth checking out if you can find a copy.

    Double Feature Recommendations:
    The Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)
    Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

  12. Hi Jay, I have seen both Husk and Scarecrows and I agree Husk was really entertaining. The actual scarecrows themselves were really creepy indeed, a surprisingly good movie. As for Scarecrows, I actually have always really liked the film, first saw it about 10 years ago and recently re-watched it when I found it by chance on YouTube. It is fairly low budget but there are some great kills, the atmosphere of the movie is very creepy and the scarecrows themselves are really freaky, I personally think you would enjoy it, I would rate it probably a 6 out of 10.

  13. Hey guys whats the name of the Scarecrow movie from the 90s where the Scarecrow is sorcerer that the towns people condemned to being a Scarecrow (well more so garbed him up and killed him on a cross and left him there as a Scarecrow for like 70 years). Naturally he comes back to life because of some power from a box (I think) and goes kill kill crazy. One of the kills he makes a girl swallow some seed thing and straw shoots out of her body. Anybody???

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