Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 031: Halloween Franchise Overview and Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (2006) – Part 5 of 5

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Happy Halloween and congratulations! You’ve made it to our fifth and final portion of the HORROR MOVIE PODCAST HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA, a five-part series, where your hosts — and some great guests — have covered the entire Halloween franchise in-depth, Horror Movie Podcast-style… If you haven’t heard Episodes 027 through 030 yet, please go back and listen to those first. This episode is intended to be heard last.

In Episode 031, Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock welcome three Halloween experts as guests: the original Creepture himself, GREGAMORTIS and The Man, The Meat, The Legend HADDONFIELD HATCHET, both from the Land of the Creeps horror podcast. And we also welcome back the Halloween collector who trumps them all, KENNY “THE PUMPKIN KING” CAPERTON, director of indie horror film “Honeyspider” (2014) and owner of the Myers House NC.

In this show, you’re going to hear a Franchise Overview of the entire Halloween series, as well as some discussion about the 2006 documentary, “Halloween: 25 Years of Terror.” You’ll also hear what the hosts are doing tonight on Halloween; some trick-or-treating preferences; thoughts about the Producer’s Cut of “Halloween VI,” versus the theatrical release; some of the finer points — compliments and complaints — about the various “Halloween” releases and collections, including the anniversary edition and the Complete Collection Blu-ray set; thoughts about the future of the Halloween franchise; the best order to watch these movies in; candy corn; thoughts on who should direct the next “Halloween” movie; discussion about Danielle Harris’s decision not to join the “Halloween VI” cast; the two lucky winners of the Fright Rags horror t-shirts and much more! Join us, and if you like what you hear, subscribe for free in iTunes and leave us a review.

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I. Introduction
— Welcome special guests: GregaMortis, Haddonfield Hatchet, Kenny Caperton
— What we’ll be doing this Halloween
— Some trick-or-treating preferences

With special guests GregaMortis and Haddonfield Hatchet and Kenny Caperton

[ 1:29:12 ] III. Announce the Winners of the Fright Rags Horror T-Shirt Drawing
— Discuss some unofficial listener stats on the Halloween franchise

[ 1:34:19 ] IV. Review: HALLOWEEN: 25 Years of Terror (2006)
Jay of the Dead = 6 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = ( Avoid )
GregaMortis = ( Buy it! )

IV. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— Thanks to Fright Rags.com for donating two free shirts.

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Courtesy of Kenny Caperton: Horror Movies Set on Halloween

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Jay of the Dead

51 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 031: Halloween Franchise Overview and Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (2006) – Part 5 of 5

  1. Fellas, thank you so much for what you do. You bring joy to my life every week either through HMP or MPW. Please keep doing what you’re doing. And thanks for the shirt! Triple whammy today. A new episode AND a t-shirt and on my birthday?! What are the chances? The starts are aligned.

    Oh and about the favorite movies to watch during Halloween that you talked about on your last MPW episode, they vary from year to year, but this year these would be my personal favorites that get me in the Halloween mood:

    The Shining
    Creepshow 2

    • Wait It’s your birthday on Halloween? That’s awesome, Juan. Happy birthday and Halloween and free-shirt day.

      Also, I just posted this on MPW but I guess it’s probably more fitting here:

      So in the spirit of the holiday I decided to do a list of my top 10 favourite movies to watch on Halloween. Now these aren’t necessarily the scariest, best or most Halloween themed movies rather they’re just the ones that put me in the right mood:

      1. Trick r’ Treat (2007)
      2. Carnival of Souls (1962)
      3. Return of the Living Dead (1985)
      4. The ‘Burbs (1989)
      5. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
      6. Whistle and I’ll Come to You (1968)
      7. Monster Squad (1987)
      8. The Evil Dead (1981)
      9. Poltergeist (1982)
      10. BeetleJuice (1988)

      • Great list David! There are a few that I haven’t seen and a few others that I haven’t revisited in a long time. I actually revisited Return of the Living Dead just a few days ago and it’s such a great movie and extremely tense and scary for being a bit on he comedic side. It’s definitely one of my favorites. I noticed this time around that there are tons of references to other movies. Or maybe I’m just making it all up in my head like always. The ‘Burbs and Beetlejuice are also favorites of mine although I haven’t seen them in a very, very long time.

        • Yep “Return of the Living Dead” is full of little in-jokes and references and I agree that it has a great deal of tension and some good scares. It’s in my opinion an example of a horror comedy done right. The characters are never in on the comedy elements so their peril is never undercut by it. It’s got that old EC comic book feel to me. Really vivid and gruesome but kind of arch and fun at the same time. Perfect Halloween viewing.

          So far though I’ve not been watching any movies and instead I’ve been reading some of my favourite short ghost stories by candlelight with a glass of porter. I’ve read a few M.R James tales, some really creepy stuff by Ramsey Campbell and “Homecoming” by Ray Bradbury which, while not exactly horrific, is about as Halloweeny a short story as you can get.

          • Yeah I thought about reading some of my favorite horror graphic novels, but I just didn’t get to it. I’m still at movie #26 of my 31 days of horror marathon and I don’t think I’ll finish in time haha. Oh well, Dia de los Muertos counts as an extended Halloween, right? But yeah, I need to get back into the habit of reading. I feel like my vocabulary has drastically decreased since I stopped reading actual books.

          • Juan, do you have any good horror comic recommendations? Most of the recent ones I’ve come across just seem to be zombie/vampire bandwagon stuff or very action oriented though I’m admittedly out of the loop. I’m looking for stuff that’s not trying too hard be cool but is actually creepy and has real atmosphere. I love Junji Ito’s manga stuff and I’m a big fan of “Black Hole” by Charles Burns and I was also very partial to Mike Mignola’s “Hellboy” back in the day though I’m not as keen on the ones I’ve seen that he’s only writing with other folks doing the art. Any recommendations that you might have would be great!

            Also after my reading I was very much in the mood for some Slashers so I watched” Friday the 13th” and “Black Christmas”. I realised that although I was sure I’d seen “Black Christmas” at sometime in the past I actually barely remembered anything about it. What an awesome flick. I love that creepy old sorority house. There’s so much character and ambience in the setting alone!

          • David,

            Well, based on your taste, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to recommend anything that you’ll love. I will, however, give it my best try.

            This one is more of a thriller, but I think it’s very engaging and the mood is just right. Think along the lines of “Psycho” and “Seven”. Basic premise: A schizophrenic learns that his father might have been a serial killer in his past life.

            Batman: The Long Halloween
            Regardless of how you feel about Batman or superheroes in general, this one is a must if you like crime thrillers. Basic premise: Batman must stop a killer named Holiday who commits a murder on every holiday. It’s been a while since I read it, but I believe the story takes place over the span of two years, which makes it feel like a movie epic.

            Hoax Hunters (ongoing)
            This one could be off-putting depending on whether you like the inclusion of powers on the protagonists. Basic premise: Scooby-Doo for grownups with a little bit of Myth Busters. The Hoax Hunters are a bunch of people that travel all around the world looking for supernatural cases and their job is to disprove them.

            Revival (ongoing)
            I love the feel and atmosphere of this one. Basic premise: For one day in rural Wisconsin, the dead come back to life. The twist here is that they’re not zombies, they’re real people only technically dead. This one is a slow burn.

            The Wake
            Sci-fi/horror that plays like an underwater horror movie. That’s all you need to know.

            I’m a fan of Charles Burns and I love Black Hole. I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but he was involved in a French movie called Fear(s) of the Dark. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must (at least visually).

            I know of Junji Ito, but I haven’t read any of his stuff. I have seen Uzumaki and I didn’t like it that much. I’ve heard that the movie is not nearly as good as the manga, so I may just give that one a try. Have you seen the movie? What did you think of it?

          • Thanks Juan, those recommendations are much appreciated. Is “Batman: The Long Halloween” serious and brutal or kind of tame? I’m not really that big on super hero stuff but I don’t hate it either and when Batman gets dark and gritty I quite enjoy it. Your description of “The Wake” also has me very intrigued! I do love my sci-fi/underwater horror.

            And I actually haven’t seen “Fear of the Dark”. I think I’ve heard of it but I didn’t know that Charles Burns was attached. I’m a big Charles Burns fan, I especially love the collections that fantagraphics put out (Big Baby, El Borbah and Skin Deep) but I haven’t been keeping up with him recently. I’ve always though his work would be great adapted to film (Black Hole could make for an amazing movie) so I’ll have to look into that.

            As for “Uzumaki” that’s another one I haven’t seen though I purposefully avoided it because I didn’t hear great things and it looked pretty CGI heavy. You should definitely check out some of his manga though. It’s quite surreal and strange but amazingly imaginative and creepy. Here’s a link to one of my favourite short stories of his that you can read online for free if you have the time: http://openawesome.com/junji-ito-horror-manga/enigmaofamigarafault.html

            The ending gets me every time.

          • David, if you enjoy the 30 Days of Night movie , you might enjoy the books. There are at least 3-4 graphic novels worth picking up in that series.

            One I was recently very disappointed in was called Ghosted. Anybody read that?

            Anyone else reading Cryptozoic Man from Kevin Smith’s friends on Comic Book Men. I enjoyed their War of the Undead books, but Cryptozoic Man is far better. These aren’t serious books, though, David.

        • Juan, I’m definitely going to check out Hoax Hunters and The Wake. The former is especially my kind of thing. Revival sounds a little bit like the movie Life After Beth. I wonder if they stole that vibe from the comics.

          • War of the Undead looks like it might be right down my alley. I’ll have to check it out.

            This is not horror, but still worth checking out: Axe Cop. It’s a comic book written by a five year old and illustrated by his older brother. It’s as weird and random as it sounds. I promise you, you’ll never read anything like it. It’s so ridiculous and funny.

            Also, if you’re looking for a serious “comic book”, check out Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art”. I would think Josh has probably read it, but if not, this is a must read. It’s a definite eye opener and it literally changed the way I perceived comics and even many aspects of everyday life. Even if you happen to disagree with the author’s theoretical ideas and conclusions, it is still a very interesting, insightful, and fun read. Spoiler, it’s a comic!

    • Guys, you two are our only cross-over commenters. It’s getting hard to track these conversations! So, Juan, I mentioned this over there, but:

      A few years ago, back in 2011, I was making an attempt to blog regularly and I did a Top 25 Halloween movies list (which, of course, also had over a dozen honorable mentions) because I am terrible at list-making. But here is a link to that old post if anyone’s interested: http://bit.ly/1o17HoD

      • Haha, sorry about that Wolfman. I know it can be difficult keeping up with us jumping from one site to the other.

        I like your list a lot! It would have been great to read a mini-review of the movies you picked, but you’re a busy guy so I give you a pass this time.

        My horror list this year wasn’t as great as previous years, but there were still a few movies that were great to re-visit and a few others that were a treat to watch for the very first time. I’ll post my lists later tonight for whoever cares to see them.

        David, could you elaborate on what you think a brutal Batman comic is like? I’d just like an example to use as a point of reference. But just from memory, I don’t remember “The Long Halloween” being particularly brutal. It’ a who-done-it story and the art is really atmospheric. I don’t know, I really like it. If you decide to give it a chance, let me know your thoughts.

        • Well I must admit that I’m a total layman when it comes to Batman so I don’t know if I can give any specific examples and maybe brutal was the wrong word to use (especially on horror comments section) but my main exposure to Batman comics has been flicking through them at friends houses and I recall some of them being more kid friendly while others seemed darker and more aimed at an adult audience. So really that was more what I meant.

  2. You know guys it’s pretty remarkable that you can pull off both the densely analytical episodes and the more casual and relaxed ones like this with an equal amount of panache. You are the best!

    Also, will you be covering “The Babadook” at some point? I’ve become quite curious about that movie. And there’s a 2014 werewolf flick called “Late Phases” starring Nick Damici (of “Stake Land” fame) that looks interesting. I’d love to here Josh’s take on that especially (apologies if it’s already been brought up or covered).

    • Wow, David — thank you so much! That compliment means a lot because we always worry that the Frankensteinian episodes will turn out like trainwrecks. ha ha.

      And yes, we will definitely be covering “The Babadook” as soon as it’s available here. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about that one, too. I think we’ll be able to see it in mid-November. The same goes for “Late Phases.” It’s going on the list. Thanks for the requests!

      P.S. I’ll be answering your e-mail this weekend.

  3. Wow! What an awsome unexpected Halloween treat that I won a shirt…especially since its the first contest I’ve ever entered and it means that much more to me because its from the greatest podcast in the world!!! Now I have to decide whether to wear it or proudly display it on my wall with all my other horror goodies….No matter what life brings the one constant joy I can rely on is your next episode….You are all Gentlemen and Scholars. Until next time… I shiver with antici….pation!!!

  4. The ironic thing was I watched the entire Halloween franchise 2 weeks before you started covering the series…so i was up to date and all in…it was perfect…I love being the fly on the wall…

  5. Congratulations guy! You did it! This has ben a great month thanks to the awesome Halloween shows. Not a Halloween die-hard, but I can’t get enough of this stuff. As an avid listener, I’m sure I speak for all of us in expressing gratitude for all the work that went into that! BTW I’m only halfway through the latest episode… great so far. I’d love to hear you guys dissect other franchises.

    Anyways, you guys were discussing Trick R’ Treat and how much you like Halloween-themed movies and then I happened upon this article and thought I’d share:


    Sounds pretty great, right?

  6. As per usual you all have produced yet another flawless episode! A topic brought up on this episode has brought me to post this. I have received the Halloween 15 disc box set and I wish I had listened to this episode before I opened it because the glue did stick to the bottom and ripped off a corner of the box and I pretty much died when it happened. Then I died for a second time when I listened to this episode and realized it was brought up. I could have avoided this issue if I would have listened sooner! So my advice to everyone is to ALWAYS listen to Horror Movie Podcast the day it comes out. ALWAYS.

    On another note – I am very much anticipating your next episode! You guys rock!

    Channy Dreadful

  7. Fantastic episode guys! Love the podcast, and I really look forward to every new episode! I wonder if anyone will ever come out with a lush coffee table book on the Halloween series like Crystal Lake Memories? I’d like to see that.

  8. Hey guys been listening in Polo IL since this started this podcast helps get through my long 10 and 12 hour days of adventure and intrigue. Just wanted to mention that I came up with a theory on the difference between House of 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects. I think the victims in house were druged and we are watching from their perspective. In rejects we see it from the kllers perspective.

    • Episodes have been a little late before but this is totally unlike Jay. I hope he’s all right. I hope he’s not tenuously hanging from the top of a six story building again.

      • You’re right David, and I too have though of a possible scenario where Jay is stuck in a real life siege narrative *yikes*. But I’m confident that if that were the case, Josh would have already appeased the masses. Either way, I hope Jay is ok.

        • In the mean time, let’s going to play Josh’s favorite game: Guess which podcast we’re going to continue the conversation on?

          Reading through your conversation with Josh about music I couldn’t help but notice that you guys skipped heavy metal. Having read about the bands and genres that you like, it’s probably safe to assume that you guys don’t care for it. Sorry for making assumptions, but I am curious as to what your stance on the genre is, especially because of where you hail from. British steel is defined my college years.

          • Coincidentally I was actually just talking to Jay last week about horror movie soundtracks and how Dario Argento bugs me sometimes because he scuppers the atmosphere and mood of his films by inserting totally out of place Heavy Metal songs into otherwise effective scenes.

            That said I certainly don’t hold any dislike for Metal as a music genre though it’s admittedly not one I’ve really sunk my teeth into. Quite a few of my friends are into metal music and from what I’ve heard I especially like some of the thrashy 80’s stuff. I really like “Mastodon” too and I also have a really weird love of stupidly short songs so I kind of like some grindcore/metal type stuff like “Napalm Death” and “Pig Destroyer”. And I find Black Metal an incredibly interesting genre. I’m certainly not into burning churches and stabbing bandmates but I love the really lo-fi uncompromising and mysterious approach to the extent that some friends and I planned to record a bunch of Black Metal songs on an old 4-track under the moniker “Basket F***” and try to trick people into thinking it was some long lost album from the early 90’s. Unfortunately that plan never quite came to fruition.

            But yeah I’m definitely very ignorant of the genre as a whole. As a British horror fan it might seem obligatory that I listen to a lot of Heavy Metal but you know how contrary I can be!

            Feel free to recommend me some bands Juan but keep in mind that I’m allergic to most guitar solos!

    • Hey all! I sent a text to Jay this morning and he’s fine. He was pulled into a project at work, and it’s taken up all his time, but he said the new episode should post later tonight or tomorrow.

  9. I was introduced to horror in 1992 at age 12 with Halloween 4, so this is MY franchise. I have probably listened to these “Halloween” episodes 20 times. I watch at least one movie from the franchise per week, so I’m definitely up on all the movies. (Except Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II”… I just can’t.). Thanks to all of you for doing this podcast and letting me enjoy horror discussions that I wish I could have with people. I’d say my ratings for the franchise are as follows:
    Halloween-10 out of 10!
    Halloween II-9
    Halloween III-8
    Halloween IV-9.5
    Halloween V-7
    Halloween VI-5
    Halloween H20-8.5
    Halloween Resurrection-7.5 (even with Busta Rhymes!) I find that I like this one more every time I watch.
    RZ Halloween-8
    RZ Halloween II-3 (I HATED this one)

    Thanks again for these episodes, guys!

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