Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 040: The I-80 Tapes

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In this BONUS episode of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, your host Jay of the Dead takes you with him on a 1,800-mile Horror travelogue. Jay begins the show during a layover at the Phoenix airport, and then brings you along to Pittsburgh, West Virginia and a westward journey across U.S. Interstate 80 to Salt Lake City, stopping at several gas stations along the way, reporting on the various horror movies available across the country.

This leads to tons of from-the-field reporting and Jay of the Dead’s four solocast Feature Reviews of Preservation (2015) and Finders Keepers (2015) and Forest of the Living Dead (2011) and It’s in the Blood (2012). This entire episode was “taped” on a handheld device while on the road, so please excuse the diminished audio quality of this episode. Thanks for listening!

Horror Movie Podcast is typically a bi-weekly show that’s released every other Friday (but this release was an extra BONUS episode). If you’d like to support our show, please subscribe to our podcast free in iTunes, and leave us a review! And remember, we love getting your voice mails, so call in with more recommendations and comments at this number: (801) 382-8789 Thanks for listening to Horror Movie Podcast!


I. Introduction
— Jay of the Dead reporting from a layover at the Phoenix Airport (1/18/2015)
— What are “The I-80 Tapes”?

[ 0:09:40 ] II. Feature Review: PRESERVATION (2015) – from the Phoenix Airport
Jay of the Dead = 8 ( Strong Rental )

(Sunday, 1/18/2015)

— Taping: Pittsburgh Airport (no horror flicks)

— Taping: Sunoco Gas Station outside Pittsburgh Airport: The Fly (1986), The Fly II (1989) – Collector’s edition, Devil (2010), Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound (1990), John Carpenter’s The Fog (1980)

— Taping: Wheeling, West Virginia: Jay of the Dead introduces his mom while driving on Market Street through downtown Wheeling. Big shout-out to Steve of Horror After Bathtime.

[ 0:21:56 ] III. Feature Review: FINDERS KEEPERS (2015) – from Moundsville, West Virginia
Jay of the Dead = 4.5 ( Very Low-priority Rental )

(Monday, 1/19/2015)

— Taping: From Pilot Travel Center in Flushing, Ohio: The Shining (1980), Wolfen (1981), Body Snatchers (1993), Bad Moon (1996), Dawn of the Dead (2004), Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014), Stephen King’s It (1990), Army of Darkness (1992), The Number 23 (2007), I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), When a Stranger Calls (2006), The Hole (2009), Dreamcatcher (2003), Creepshow (1982), Cat’s Eye (1985), Horror of Dracula (1958), Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968), Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972), Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970), Slither (2006), Tremors (1990), Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996), Sssssss (1973)

— Taping: From TA truck stop, 30 min. east of Columbus, Ohio: I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006), Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958), Friday the 13th (1980), The Return of the Vampire (1944), The Grudge (2004), Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), The Grudge 2 (2006), The Fog (2005), Gothika (2003), Dreamcatcher (2003), Queen of the Damned (2002), Ghost Ship (2002), Constantine (2005), The Wicker Man (2006), The Conjuring (2013)

— Taping: From Walmart in Brownsburg, Indiana: Forest of the Living Dead (2011), Paranormal Activity (2009), Paranormal Activity 2 (2010), Paranormal Activity 3 (2011), Paranormal Activity 4 (2012), The Ouija Resurrection (2015), Devil’s Tower (2015), The Last Showing (2014), The Device (2014)

[ 0:36:07 ] IV. Feature Review: FOREST OF THE LIVING DEAD (2011) – from Room 103 of the Comfort Inn in Crawfordsville, Indiana
Jay of the Dead = 2 ( Avoid )

(Tuesday, 1/20/2015)

— Taping: From a Pilot Truck Stop along I-74, on the border of Indiana and Illinois: It’s in the Blood (2012), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986), Black Cadillac (2003), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Strange Invaders (1983), Invaders From Mars (1986), Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962), Invisible Invaders (1959), The Dead Inside (2011)

— Taping: From a gas station an hour East of Peoria, Illinois: Moscow Zero (2006), 13 Ghosts (1960)

— Taping: From somewhere in Illinois, between Peoria and the Iowa border: Malibu Shark Attack (2009) – TV movie, Dark Water (2005), Day of the Dead (2008)

— Taping: From the legendary IOWA 80 (shown in the cover art), which is said to be the largest truck stop in the world, located off Interstate 80 in Iowa: School’s Out (2000), Hidden Agenda (1999), Annabelle (2014)

— Taping: From another Pilot Truck Stop in Walcott, Iowa, right across from the IOWA 80 truck stop: True Nature (2010), Slither (2006), Cry_Wolf (2005), Altered (2006), The Return (2006), Open Water (2004), Soylent Green (1973) – Sci-Fi,

— Taping: From a Kum & Go gas station in Coralville, Iowa: Dark Skies (2013), My Soul to Take (2010), Shark Night 3D (2011), Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), Piranha 3D (2010), The Tall Man (2012), Apollo 18 (2011)

[ 0:48:38 ] V. Jay of the Dead’s BEASTLY FREAKS: IT’S IN THE BLOOD (2012) – from Room 212 of the Comfort Inn in Coralville, Iowa (Iowa City)
Jay of the Dead = 5 ( Rental )

(Wednesday, 1/21/2015)

— Taping: From the Walmart in Grinnell, Iowa: The Saw series (1-7) on DVD, Gnome Alone (2015), The Atticus Institute (2015), Wolves (2015), The Ouija Resurrection (2015), SOS: Save Our Skins (2014)

— Taping: From the Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines, Iowa: American Sniper (2015) – Not horror, but horrifying at times.

— Taping: From a Kum & Go fuel station in Walnut, Iowa: The Possession (2012), The Last Exorcism Part II (2013), The Woman in Black (2012)

(Thursday, 1/22/2015)

— Taping: From Lexington, Nebraska: Red Hook (2009), iMurders (2008), Stir of Echoes 2: The Homecoming (2007), Detention (2011), The Eye (2007), Pandorum (2009), The Last House on the Left (2009)

— Taping: From a Travel Center of America (TA), somewhere east of Cheyenne, Wyoming: The Grudge 2 (2006), Final Destination 3 (2006), Lake Placid (1999), Duel (1971), Underworld (2003), Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), The Purge (2013)

VI. Wrap-Up: Taping from Room 136 of the Comfort Inn Hotel in Laramie, Wyoming:

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Jay of the Dead

110 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 040: The I-80 Tapes

  1. Well instead of sleeping in on my birthday I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and my gift was there waiting for me…So the first thing this new 45 year old did was lay in bed in the dark and listened to The I-80 Tapes…Couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my birthday…Well done Jay!!! You’re Necromamacon should be real proud of her boy…Still can’t believe you were in Walnut…that’s only 14 miles from my town…Wish I could have met you…Anyways thanks again for all you do and especially with your new job…It makes me appreciate everything you give us that much more…P.S…That sound effect between segments cracked me up everytime I heard it!!!

    • Shannon!
      Happy birthday! And I’m so happy this episode brightened your big day. I can’t believe Walnut, Iowa, is only 14 miles from your town! I wish I had known. Have you ever been to that Kum & Go right off I-80? I’ve been there a few times now (always at night), and I always feel like vampires are going to get me there, a la “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

      The refrigeration inside that place is extremely loud (as you can hear in the recording), and it’s completely nonsensical, but it intrigues me to no end that you could drive 14 miles and see those same films in that $5-dollar rack that I described…

      By the way, one lady that works there is NOT FRIENDLY at all, and she always reminds me of Large Marge from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

      By the way, I genuinely love Iowa.

  2. Really enjoying this episode so far Jay. There’s something kind of magical to me about taking long car journeys and stopping at service stations and stuff so it’s cool that this is kind of like you taking us along for the ride. I also love it when your mum makes an appearance; she seems like a lovely lady.

    Also for the sake of being a pedant I feel compelled to point out that “Dolores Claiborne” probably shouldn’t be in a horror collection. Admittedly I’ve not seen the movie but if it’s remotely like the book then it’s a drama with elements of a psychological thriller. It might be of interest to horror fans who really enjoy King’s writing or folks with an extremely liberal definition of horror, but even I wouldn’t class it as such. It is one of his better books though.

      • But does the movie contain any more horror than the book?

        And yeah it is really great, King’s a writer who always impresses me when he slows down and uses a little subtlety (Not that I don’t love his overt horror-fare). But I think books like this one, Misery, Hearts in Atlantis and The Body show just how skilled he is as a writer.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed episode 40, or as I call it “there and back again”. You were curious about The Last Showing. I recently watched it. In my opinion I wouldnt call it horror, it’s more a thriller. Stuart (Englund) is a projectionist for 25 years, recently his boss demotes him to working the concession stand as movies are shown digitally now and there is no need for someone to watch over a projector. Stuart isn’t particularly happy about that. Martin and Allie are a couple who plan to watch a midnight showing of 1984s ” The Hills Have Eyes Part II” at Stuart’s theater. Little do they know they are going to be participants in Stuart’s own film whether they like it or not. Not particularly scary, like I said more of a thriller. I give it a 6, Robert Englund completists will want to see this. It’s a rental. Thanks.

    • Nice! Thanks for the review, Tim. It’s good to know. I’ll probably still check it out, though I can’t believe they used a movie as horrible as “The Hills Have Eyes II” (1984) in that film. Like the “Woman in Black” sequel, I just try to forget that Hills 2 exists…

    • Michelle,
      Thank you, sincerely. Even though it was only about 67 minutes long, there was WAY more editing necessary for Ep. 040 than I ever anticipated to make it more “listenable.” Thank you for saying that.

  4. Jay – Thanks for another great episode. We appreciate your die-hard commitment to HM Podcast. You could have easily bagged this week and not done an episode, but you turned the situation into an awesome idea for us, the listeners. As one who has done cross country road trips (Philly to Seattle and back …twice), I will say there is always some kind of magic and realness to be gained from putting in that many miles and making stops in small towns, gas stations, motels, etc, whatever the reason for the journey may be. Jay, you have found that magic in the form of scouting for horror movies on sale. Great stuff today! You are quite an original dude. And props to your mom as well; it’s not easy to sit in the car that long with one family member over a few days! Keep inspiring us, Jay. ~The Grey Imp

    • The Grey Imp,
      Everybody’s support and kind comments are deeply appreciated. I just want you to know that I’d like to frame yours… After having one of the toughest weeks of my entire life, your comment (and the others) resurrect old Jay of the Dead here.

      I can tell by what you wrote that you “get” exactly what I was going for, and that you understand this phenomenon for yourself. Honestly, I hope this episode starts a trend, of some sort, where Horror fans let the HMP community know what unusual or cool flicks they find in unexpected places, whether it’s gas stations or libraries or garage sales… Like finding the original “13 Ghosts”! I mean, that’s crazy, right?

      Teaser for the HMP community:
      I found some gems (at least judging by their titles) at Zia Records in Las Vegas that I’m going to be reviewing after the Friday the 13th series is over. This is the same kind of thing, where I found some interesting titles in a far-away place, and I’ll bring them to the community! Can’t wait! The titles are gold.

      I hope others will do the same. Anyway, thank you so much for your comment. It genuinely meant a lot to me.

  5. Jay,

    Thank you for making this episode happen, man. I know that some of us (i.e. David) put a lot of pressure on you with the brutal comments we make on the comment boards. Some even go as far as impersonating fans impersonating you! Can you believe that? Anyway, just think of it all as loving words full of positive energy to help you finish the finish line.

    I’m in love with the idea of a cross country trek taped episode—it’s so horror! I’m only a few minutes into the episode, but I’m already loving the sound quality. It matches the theme so well and I’m glad that you didn’t try to fix it, because I think it sounds just the way it’s meant to sound.

    Please say hi to your Nekromomikon for me. Let her know that she did a fine job with you.

    • Juan,
      You and David always set the bar for me, and I always feel the pressure “not to suck,” because of you two. Why? It’s hard to explain, but I feel like you and David have come to know what we’re capable of (and what we’re not capable of…), and if we ever just “phone it in.” I know you’d call me on that, too.

      Anyway, anytime I record an HMP episode, I keep Juan and David in mind and wonder — will they think this is weak? I’m relieved to hear that you like this show, because in a sense… I realize it’s little more than four reviews and then me just listing off movie titles that I saw on gas station DVD racks. It’s weird, because even though that doesn’t sound very enthralling, it sure does light my fire.

      Thanks for your nice comment. Just so you know, my primary goal for this week is to release “WHEN SCIENCE GOES TOO FAR” on time Friday.

      • “You and David always set the bar for me, and I always feel the pressure “not to suck,” because of you two”

        Good grief! Are we such ogres!

      • Oh stop it, Jay! You guys were great before I even knew about you and you’ll be great long after I leave this realm. I’ve done nothing to impact your show in any considerable way. I have avidly supported you and will continue to do so for as long as you guys are around—which I hope is forever—because you have high standards, a great sense of what horror really is, and most of all great personalities with varied tastes. But thanks for the overly kind words, they mean a lot to me and are much appreciated like for reals homes *tear*.

  6. This was a pretty amazing episode. My only disappointment is that it only runs for an hour plus. The concept really helped bring this communicate along on your trip.

    I must warn you though Jay…you’ve now set a pretty dangerous precedent. No longer can you claim “I was away last week”, we will all expect another JOTD Road Show.

    I just thought that I would also mention a movie that you commented on early in your trip; Frankenstein Unbound. While this title isn’t the highest quality film that one can find, it is still a pretty neat tweak of the Frankenstein tale. It is also a Roger Corman film so I think that we all know what that means. I saw this film years ago on TV and I just caught up with it again in the last year. I think that it is worth a look and if anyone stumbles across it in a gas stations $5 bin…I would pick it up.

    The Dude

  7. Just got done listening to the Podcast. Thanks for the shout out. I would of went and saw American Sniper with you, had I listened to the episode earlier. Not sure if you posted it later or not. Either way, glad you got to travel through. I don’t make it to Jordan Creek that much, too much traffic and I’m not a mall guy, more of a local buisness type. Hope the trip went well. Horror on, 2015 and beyond!

  8. >>Dino on January 27, 2015 at 9:58 am said:
    Taking his sweet old time at those rest stops, no doubt. We all know how much JOTD loves those $5 DVDs of horror movies you find at gas stations…

    Nailed it.

  9. @JOTD – This was such a fun episode. It’s interesting how when you lay it out – “it’s little more than four reviews and then me just listing off movie titles that I saw on gas station DVD racks” – it does seem somewhat paltry, but I didn’t get that impression at all while listening. It certainly felt meaty and satisfying.

    I’m a little surprised you didn’t do impromptu interviews of the rest stop attendants to ask them questions like “what type of movies do truck drivers tend to buy” or “what types of people tend to buy horror movies,” since that’s a suggestion you had for BillChete when he started Horror On The Go. Nevertheless, the effort you put forth to get this episode out did not go unnoticed.

    Two quick notes:

    – I’m glad to hear you enjoyed PRESERVATION. I had it on my queue, but it has not been getting good reviews. If it’s anything like THE HIKE, though, I think it’ll be worth the 90 minutes.

    – You mentioned THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, which is a film I first heard about a few weeks ago. It’s on my queue, and I’m hoping to get to it sometime this week. It’s a mockumentary/found footage + possession film, which is all up in my wheelhouse. I’ll report back once I see it.

    • Oh, I just heard about this movie, too! I think it’s by the same writer as ATM (which Jay liked I think). I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

    • Yes! Dino stole my thunder yet again. He’s right, Jay. That was a missed opportunity. Or perhaps you just didn’t have the time or the energy. It was a pretty long trip after all. Anyway, I really like that idea of interviewing total strangers, especially on the road. You know what would be great? If you picked up a hitchhiker and interviewed him on the road! Just don’t bring up The Hitcher or you might give him some scary ideas :/

  10. Thanks all you guys for the birthday wishes…its so cool to me that people all over the world care about me…you guys rock!!! Jay i was gonna go to that Kum and Go today and take a picture of the movie rack and the store to show you its not very scary in the daylight…but we just had a blizzard with 10 inches of snow…so to be continued…its a good thing you did the move when you did…its snow hell now…you have inspired me to continue The I-80 Tapes…after I recover from my surgery…Everytime I go to Omaha and Des Moines…I’m gonna stop at every place in between and report back to you guys…this sounds like so much fun to me…hope I find some treasures!!! Can’t wait for the Friday the 13th series…coudn’t have happened at a better time…now I have an episode every week as I heal…Love you all!!!

  11. It just dawned on me I have to take I-35 all the way to Minnesota for my sons surgery…on March 10th…If I’m feeling up to it…I feel a sequel coming!!!

  12. Oh and I heard “Pandorum” mentioned in this episode and I’ve been meaning to bring that movie up sometime. Have you ever seen it Jay? Or anyone for that matter? I think it’s kind of underrated. If you’re a fan of Sci-fi Horror then it’s a must watch. Sure it’s a little dumb and actiony but it’s a lot of fun!

    • I’ve seen it, but I don’t recall enough to give it a rating. I remember a lot of darkness and some creatures (humanoids?). Wasn’t there another movie that came out around the same time with a very similar plot or am I making it up?

  13. JOTD,thanks for another great episode,i really enjoyed the roadtrip aspect of this podcast,maybe get all the hosts of HMP on a roadtrip?perhaps to famous horror movie locations!!

  14. I came across an interesting slideshow on Rotten Tomatoes that is along the lines of Wolfman Josh’s (awesome) new segment. The slideshow is called “24 Frames: Insane Horror Movies” and lists 24 movies that “you won’t believe were made,” presumably due to outrageous content and/or subject matter. I don’t necessarily agree with all the selections, but thought it might be of interest to a few of you fine folks. The link is below, along with a list of the 24 films mentioned (in case slideshows aren’t your thing).


    EVIL DEAD (2013)
    MARTYRS (2008)
    HOSTEL series
    A SERBIAN FILM (2011)
    SUSPIRIA (1977)
    NEKROMANTIK (1988)
    INSIDE (2007)
    EVENT HORIZON (1997)
    ICHI THE KILLER (2001)
    HIGH TENSION (2003)
    FUNNY GAMES (2007)
    FRONTIER(S) (2007)
    PIECES (1983)
    FREAKS (1932)
    EDEN LAKE (2008)
    DEAD ALIVE (1992)
    AUDITION (1999)
    SUICIDE CLUB (2002)
    SAW (2004)

    • Hmmmm, I might be a little more sick and twisted than I originally thought. I have seen 21 of these films and I own 18 of them.

      Should I see a doctor?

      The one movie that I don’t think deserves a spot on this list is Eyes Without a Face. Don’t get me wrong this is an incredible movie and the surgery scene is pretty intense for 1960 but it just can’t hold a candle to the cruel and vicious natures of most of these other films.


      • I’ve seen 18 of them if we’re including the Hostel sequels (of which I’ve seen “Hostel 2”). I’m not totally sure what the list is going for though? Shock value based on period contextualisation? I mean “Freaks” and “Eyes Without a Face” may have been shocking in their time but is “Event Horizon” really that outrageous for a movie released in ’97? It’s still a very interesting list though and I’d love to see how many of these movies Josh could watch before going off the rails and murdering a hitchhiker while on a HMP road trip.

        If the list is meant to be going for pure stomach churning extreme cinema then I’d personally have omitted stuff like “Dead Alive” and “Suspiria” and added awful stuff like the “Guinea Pig” movies and “August Underground”.

        “Eden Lake” is a notable choice considering Josh and I recently discussed the definition of the term “chav” in the comments over on Movie Stream Cast. I’d say the villains in that movie are pretty much your definitive chavs Josh!

        And Dino, my moribund internet connection can barely even cope with slideshows at the moment so I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to type out this list for us.

    • Also when it comes to extreme/boundary-pushing horror circa 1960 I think the Japanese film “Jigoku” would have been a more appropriate choice than “Les yeux sans visage”. It’s probably not as good of a movie but it’s gore levels are pretty shocking for pre-H.G Lewis days.

      • I think that it is important to note that the films on this lists are not for everyone (this goes for any lists put together). People shouldn’t feel compelled to seek such movies out in an effort to simply ” see” them. If you are not into extreme cinema don’t watch films outside of your wheelhouse. Avoiding such titles doesn’t make anyone less of a fan of the genre.

        That being said if you are curious and looking to branch out, this list has some solid entries.

        The Dude

        • @The Dude – Well put. That being said, I think I’m in the “sick and twisted” camp along with you (when it’s done right).

      • Which ones from the list haven’t you seen Dino and The Dude?

        I’ve yet to see:
        Evil Dead (2013)
        Ichi the Killer
        Suicide Club

        I don’t think I’ll ever see:
        Hostel 3
        A Serbian Film

        • Here’s my list:
          MARTYRS (2008)
          A SERBIAN FILM (2011)
          NEKROMANTIK (1988)
          ICHI THE KILLER (2001)
          FUNNY GAMES (2007)
          FRONTIER(S) (2007)
          PIECES (1983)
          FREAKS (1932)
          EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1960)
          EDEN LAKE (2008)
          AUDITION (1999)
          SUICIDE CLUB (2002)
          CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1979)

          I think I’ve seen HENRY, but it was a long time ago and I don’t really remember it too well so I count that as unseen. ICHI is actually next up on my horror movie queue, so I’m looking forward to that. From this list, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST is the only film I’m really not sure I’d ever want to watch.

          @David – HOSTEL 3 is actually a somewhat decent movie. It gives a nice twist to what was laid out in the first two films of the series.

          • Well from that list I’d definitely recommend you check out “Freaks”, “Pieces”, “Eyes Without a Face”, “Audition” and maybe give “Henry” a re-watch.

            “Cannibal Holocaust” is an incredibly effective and pretty well made movie and if you can take the gore in a movie like “Hostel” then you can probably cope with it, but if it’s the on-screen animal deaths that are putting you off then I totally understand. That is just horrible to see and if I ever revisit it (which is pretty rare, it’s hardly the kind of flick you just pop in on a whim) I watch a cut which has the worst bits of animal cruelty edited out. That stuff really is a shame because otherwise it’s a genuinely interesting and compelling movie.

            As for “Hostel 3” I’m afraid to say that the “Hostel” franchise just isn’t my cup of tea which is why I’ll probably never bother with the third instalment. I know lots of folks are big Eli Roth fans but I’m just a contrary jerk I guess!

          • @David – My aversion to CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST are the on-screen animal deaths. Just not sure I’d be able to get over that.

            I believe I started to watch PIECES about a year-or-so ago, but never finished it. I can’t remember exactly why… I was only about 5 minutes in… but that one’s been on my list for awhile.

            I’m surprised you haven’t seen INSIDE yet, given how hard JOTD has championed that film. It’s definitely worth watching, but I’m not as hot on it as JOTD. I give it a 7.5/10. I also really like EVIL DEAD (2013), but not sure that’ll be your cup of tea.

            @The Dude – Most of the movies on my unseen list are ones I’ve wanted to see for awhile, so it’s good to know they’re quality films.

        • I have not seen: A Serbian Film, Suicide Club or Nekromantic (although I have it I just haven’t got around to watching it.)

          As I look over this list I am happy to say that there isn’t a bad movie in the bunch. They are all well made and dare I say it, entertaining (within their own right).

          I would certainly recommend any of the titles I have seen to any horror fan.

    • I’ve only seen 15 and these are the ones that I’ve yet to see:

      Hostel II & III
      A Serbian Film
      Ichi the Killer
      Eyes Without a Face
      Eden Lake
      Suicide Club

      From the hardcore movies that I’ve seen, I’d say that Cannibal Holocaust and I Spit on Your Grave have been the most challenging by far. Animal lovers will hate me for this, but I don’t have a problem watching the animal cruelty in Cannibal Holocaust. It makes me sick, sure, but those scenes work well enough within the context of the film for me not to be disgusted with myself after watching them. It’s still not a movie that I seek out often. I’ve probably seen it twice in my entire life.

      The original list that Dino posted is pretty good, but I feel like there’s got to be way sicker lists out there. Perhaps some of you have some lists of your own that you’d like to share?

      • @Juan – Yep, I definitely don’t agree with all the selections on the Rotten Tomatoes list. There are also no real parameters given for the list other than the title of the slideshow, so it’s hard to tell if they were going for movies with the gross/gore factor or more just shocking content.

      • I agree that the animal cruelty does fit in the context of “Cannibal Holocaust” and it maybe even adds an extra layer of realism and taboo to the whole affair but from my perspective if they could pull off the amazing gore effects that they did with the human deaths then I don’t think it was necessary to show actual creatures being killed for the sake of entertainment (when is that necessary?). Ultimately I really don’t think the film suffers much from having those scenes removed and you could in fact say that the message behind the movie, which I seem to recall Ruggero Deodato claiming is a commentary on the news media using actual televised violence to boost ratings (or something like that?), is massively negated by the hypocritical inclusion of the real animal violence.

        That said, and I’ve made note of this before, nobody can pretend that 1970’s Italy was a bastion of animal rights and I think a big part of the reason that people tend to give “Cannibal Holocaust” such a hard time about this issue is because it’s just so notorious. It was one of the more prominent movies on the Video Nasties list. Not nearly as many folks bring up the snake in “Friday the 13th” or the water buffalo in “Apocalypse Now”. Sure the animal cruelty in those movies is nowhere near as brutal and abundant but it’s still a depiction of an animal dying on screen.

        Either way I’m kind of divided on the issue. On the one hand I don’t ever want to see anything actually get hurt or killed on screen but I also don’t think a movie as old as “Cannibal Holocaust” should be condemned for it.

    • Carpenter has an album?! I’m there.

      His use of sound and music in movies is arguably his greatest contribution to the genre. I’m going to hunt this album down right now.

      • It’s called “Lost Themes”. I think it’s his first release of music that isn’t specifically tied to any movies though from what i can gather the tracks are all instrumental and for the most part retain the eerie synth sound he favours for his scores.

        And I think I agree with you that the audio elements of his films might be his greatest contribution to the genre. He’s a very good writer and filmmaker but his scores are just totally exceptional and have no doubt had a huge influence on the subsequent sound of cinema.

        • There’s no denying the impact of his music, but for me his filmmaking skills are just as captivating, if not more. I mean, Carpenter had a lot more going on for him other than his music. Like it was said during the Halloween franchise discussions last year, Carpenter brought a certain “fancy pants” approach to horror that helped to elevate his movies to more than “just another horror flick”. Ultimately, I think his combination of great imagery and music that matches said imagery, make for some truly magical moments that make him the icon that he deservedly is. With that said, please enjoy this scene, which is probably my favorite scene from his entire body of work. SHOW ME!


          Oh and I hear his album is pretty great. I’ll be listening to that too.

          • @Juan – Absolutely. I didn’t mean to diminish the rest of his worth and contribution to the genre. For me, he’s the zenith of horror directors.

            But, man, that sound and music… the show me scene is a perfect example. 😉

          • Very good points as always Juan.

            I didn’t mean to downplay his skills as a filmmaker but his scores are just always the first things that spring to mind when I hear his name. I guess I’m a bit more musical than I am visual when it comes down to it, so that could be why?

            The cinematography, mise-en-scène etc in his movies is often breathtaking though and with “Halloween” he certainly helped to elevate the genre to a more artistic plain. Are there any horror fans out there who don’t like John Carpenter?

          • Don’t get me wrong, Dino, I too love his sound. It’s one of my favorites.

            David, it doesn’t surprise me that your sensitivities lie in the aural realm since you’re a musician yourself. And well, it doesn’t surprise me that I’m more of the visual kind haha. So let’s just agree to agree.

            I know that Jay and his argonauts have a ton of themed content planned for us, but I sure wish they’ve made room for some director-focused episodes. Personally, I’d be very interested in a Carpenter episode that delves into his filmography, his influences, what he brought to the table, and what movies/directors he helped influence. Or if covering one director seems like too much, perhaps we could have a top five or top ten horror directors. I don’t know, I think there’s a lot of potential there for some great discussions.

            • @Juan – I love the idea of a John Carpenter themed episode. There are certainly a few directors who are worthy of their own episode.

          • A top ten horror directors list from each of the hosts actually seems like something they should have done already. I’m surprised it’s not come up before. I’d love to hear that!

            Hopefully though, this podcast will keep going until Jay lives up to his namesake (a very, very long-time I should hope) so there’ll be plenty of time for them to tackle all these great ideas.

            Also, for the sake of clarity; I wouldn’t go as far as classing myself as a “musician”. Sure I can play a guitar slightly better than I can draw a picture of someone playing a guitar but that’s about as far as I’d go.

  15. Also I just wanted to say that I’m really intrigued by this “When Science Goes to Far” theme for the next episode. That sounds really cool and I can’t wait!

    • I’m very excited about this episode too, David. It’s too bad that we weren’t provided a list of movies to get ready for the episode, but I supposed that would ruin the surprise element. This being Doc’s idea, I’m expecting lots of old school goodness.

        • I think that’s very likely, David. I wonder if it’s covered, will they cover both versions?

          A very obvious choice would be Frankenstein of course, but I doubt they’ll skip it since it’s instrumental to the topic of science going too far, don’t you think?

          A few choices that I hope are discussed, but I’m not holding my breath for because they’re either not “scientific” enough or because they have been discussed far too much already:

          The Thing
          The Blob

          And I think each of the hosts will either pick a movie to talk about or will reference a movie of their own. There are my picks for those:

          Josh’s Pick:
          The Host

          Jay’s Pick:

          Doc’s Pick:
          The Omega Man

          Wild Card:

          What do you think, David?

          • Man, I didn’t even think of “Frankenstein” and if not the first movie they have a whole bunch of sequels and reboots to chose from.

            Also, I could be very wrong but I seem to remember Jay saying that he hasn’t actually seen the original “Gojira” if that’s the one you were referring to. That could have been a while ago though and it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have watched it specifically for the podcast.

            Other movies that spring to mind as possibly being relevant to the topic:
            From Beyond
            Return of the Living Dead III
            The Invisible Man (or maybe Hollow Man)
            Forbidden World
            Island of Lost Souls (or any other Dr. Moreau adaptation)

            I think that’s about all I have for now but I’m sure there are a bunch of others eluding us!

        • I’m with you, David. THE FLY (1986), RE-ANIMATOR (1985), and THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD series were the first that came to mind. I’m also hoping for THE MIST (2007).

          • Oh man! Return of the Living Dead! Yes! Great pick guys. Re-Animator and Hollow Man are favorites of mine. The rest I haven’t seen, I’m ashamed to say, but I’m familiar with them. And I’d like to throw these into the mix:

            Empire of the Ants
            The Hills Have Eyes

          • Wow! This is the fun of the message boards taken to a whole new level! I can’t decide whether to tell you what we covered or keep it a surprise. Oh, wait, yes I can. Haha.

            Some excellent picks here and we touch on several of them, at least half of those films that you guys have mentioned, BUT there are ONLY TWO feature reviews AND a Wolfman’s Got Nards segment that keeps in-line with the “Science Gone Too Far” theme. Of those three films we feature, you guys have guessed two out of three.

            We should be taking bets!

            We had a great time recording this one. It’s a Top 10 episode in terms of the recording experience, but it is admittedly pretty short, so that could disappoint. Hopefully it delivers.

            Also, to tease even further, we just barely started recording the Friday the 13th episodes and so far, halfway through the first ep, it is a battle royale!

            • @Wolfman Josh – I’ll throw my hat into the ring…

              Feature Reviews:
              FRANKENSTEIN (1931)
              THE FLY (1986)

              Wolfman’s Got Nards Review:
              28 DAYS LATER (2002)

              I’m going out on a limb with my WGN pick. I don’t recall you ever discussing this movie, and I’m banking on your preference for slow-moving zombies (I know, they’re infected, not re-animated corpses) to have been a deterrent up to now.

  16. For feature reviews my money’s on:
    From Beyond
    The Invisible Man

    And this is a long shot but I’m struggling to come up with a truly disturbing Science Gone too Far movie so for Wolfman’s Got Nards:
    Men Behind the Sun

    • Huh? Not even close. I said two out of three had been mentioned! Haha. Well, all three are out there now. You’ll see soon enough. Hope you guys like it!

      One note on WGN … it’s not always going to be a super-disturbing film. It’s more about the perceptions I’ve had about a film than what the movie actually ends up being.

      • “Huh? Not even close. I said two out of three had been mentioned!”

        Yeah and I thought “From Beyond” and “The Invisible Man” may have been the two that had already been mentioned. I had those in my above list of potential movies that might be covered.

        But I do sometimes forget that the WGN segment isn’t always extreme cinema but can also just be movies that you’ve had a personal aversion to for a long time. But for the life of me I just can’t think what “Science Gone too Far” related movie that could be! Maybe “Altered States” is the WGN pick? This is kind of tough!

    • I’ve not checked it out yet mainly because I think that’s going to be a difficult one for me to view objectively. If they put CGI all over my “Poltergeist” it’ll be worse than that time someone put pineapple on my pizza.

      I will give it a look later today though. I’m going to try hard not to be a dogmatically anti-remake jerk.

      • I’ve avoided the trailer as well, but only because I want to go in as green as possible. I didn’t see the original POLTERGEIST until early adulthood, a few decades after the movie was released. As a first-time watch about 20-years later, I didn’t think the movie held up all that well (I know, bring on the dogs!). The premise is great, but there were certain visual elements and corny touches that really put me off. I think the potential for an excellent movie is there, and I’m hoping a well-made remake lives up to that promise.

        • Come on everyone, get the rope and pitchforks, it’s time for a good old fashioned lynching!

          Of course I’m kidding and I can see certain elements of the original seeming kind of dated and corny in the cold light of the modern day. To me I think that’s part of the movies charm though. I saw it when I was in my very early teens and had yet to be exposed to many other offerings from the genre so it really had a chilling effect on me and I’d guess that’s maybe the case with a lot of folks.

          Just for the sake of context would you mind telling us how old you are Dino? No worries if you’d rather not say but just to clarify I’m not a fan of the whole “The only reason you don’t like this movie is because you’re too young to appreciate how great it was” school of thought so I’m not asking as a means to counter your “Poltergeist” criticisms from that angle. It’s just interesting to have a rough idea what period of horror different folks grew up in!

          • @David – I’m 35 and grew up on ’80s horror, so it should be in my wheelhouse. That said, like I mentioned before, I didn’t actually see POLTERGEIST until the early 2000s (at least, I don’t remember seeing it in my earlier years). So, I don’t have that emotional attachment or reaction to the film that many others do. In other words, I can view it objectively. 😉

            I definitely have an appreciation for horror of all decades, though. In fact, my top 5 favorite horror movies of all-time are films that were made in 1981 or earlier, and 11 of my top 15 were made prior to the ’90s. That said, I do need to revisit my lists at some point.

            I don’t dislike POLTERGEIST, but I don’t worship at its alter, either. It’s a 7/10 for me, with at least 0.5 point docked for my general disappointment in the film after years of it being built up. But, I do love the premise of the film, so I’m hopeful for the remake.

            Bonus: My position in this discussion is ironic given that the title of my iTunes review for HMP is “They’re Heee-re.”

            Bonus 2: The title of both my HMP and MPW iTunes reviews are quotes from Spielberg films, and I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a huge Spielberg fan (I know, I know, POLTERGEIST was directed by Tobe Hooper… but, we all know that’s a Spielberg film).

            • @Juan – Yes! Tangerine Dream… so awesome. It’s easy to see their influence on Carpenter, especially with the film score from SORCERER, which was very dark and ominous. Very ’70s to (early) ’80s horror in tone. So good.

              I also love this quote from Carpenter on the film score for VERTIGO:
              “A dark, haunting score. Music for a love story, conceived in a nightmare.”

              Very cool article. Thanks for sharing, Juan.

          • I’ve seen six of them and every one of the six is excellent and a movie that you should definitely check out.

            I especially appreciate that he included “Forbidden Planet”. I love that movie.

          • Dino: Yeah give us your list!

            And I’m 27 but have been complimented in the past by people who noted that I have the wearied outlook and sexual stamina of a much older gentleman.

            • >David on February 6, 2015 at 11:57 am said:
              “…And I’m 27 but have been complimented in the past by people who noted that I have the wearied outlook and sexual stamina of a much older gentleman.”

              @David – I just about fell out of my chair when I read that.

  17. I wanted to express my genuine appreciation for the great job you guys do on this show. I picked up listening to your show on episode 31, the start of the Halloween series run (By the way, I loved all of them). I am a regular listener of LOTC, with Greg-a-mortis, Dr. Shock and crew, so that’s how I heard about your show. I’m glad I did. This episode, although different, was still quite awesome. I am now in the mood for a road trip, although I’ll skip taking my Necromamacon! Keep up the great stuff.

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