Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 044: Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

HMP F13th Part 3 of 5
Welcome to the third installment of our FRIDAY THE 13th FRANCHISE REVIEW for HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies.

Just as we did for the Halloween films back in October 2014, we’re bringing you a multi-part series of in-depth, hardcore Jason Voorhees analysis! In this episode, we bring you debates and reviews for Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986). Join us or die.

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I. Introduction
— Welcome Willis Wheeler

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[ 0:07:44 ] II. Feature Review: FRIDAY THE 13th PART V: A NEW BEGINNING (1985)
Jay of the Dead = 4 ( Low-priority Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 4 ( Low-priority Rental )
Dr. Shock = 3 ( Avoid )
Willis Wheeler = 4 ( Avoid )

[ 1:06:42 ] III. Feature Review: FRIDAY THE 13th PART VI: JASON LIVES (1986)
Jay of the Dead = 8 ( Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 8 ( Buy it! )
Willis Wheeler = 9 ( Buy it! )

IV. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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181 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 044: Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

          • Yes over Chopping Mall! I’m sorry that I have real feelings and real opinions that I’m not afraid to express. I will always give it to you straight and hard *Dino this is all you bro* And that is the greatest gift a friend could ever ask for. Who is fickle now? Haha.

            But really, Chopping Mall is on the level of Troll 2 of so bad it’s good goodness. A New Beginning is within the realm of so bad it’s good, but it’s just not that type of movie, so to me it’s just a bad movie with some good moments sprinkled sparingly throughout.

            • > Juan on March 1, 2015 at 8:54 am said:
              “…A New Beginning is within the realm of so bad it’s good, but it’s just not that type of movie, so to me it’s just a bad movie with some good moments sprinkled sparingly throughout.”

              I agree when you say it’s not that type of movie. I don’t see Part V as a “so bad it’s good” kind of movie. I actually think it’s a good movie done poorly… which is pretty much what you said in the end, but is taking the “half glass full” approach*.

              * Or, maybe I’m just an F13 apologist.

          • Look guys, I don’t hate the movie, I enjoy it as much as the next F13 apologist, but it’s weak sauce compared to the others. Sorry if I cut some of you with my comments. I’ll make sure to bring band-aids next time 😉

  1. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I did a re-watch last night of Parts V and VI to prepare. I wanted to mention two quick surface observations that struck me after the double bill.

    First, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Part V. I’m not going to go as far as to say it’s a good movie, but I did find it to be very watchable and fun. It’s been awhile since my last viewing, and I think my memory of it made it out to be much worse than it actually is. I wonder why that is… maybe I was just annoyed by fake Jason killer. I still think it’s the worst of the series to this point. There are definite weaknesses to the movie, but it’s not as bad as I remembered.

    The two things that bugged me the most about Part V (other than the comically annoying characters, which were aplenty) were that it absolutely blew the golden mystery and suspense opportunities it had going for it. Part V had such a golden opportunity to really develop the mystery element of the story since, like the first film, we don’t know who the killer is. Unfortunately, the movie did nothing to earn the payoff, so the reveal was completely ineffective. If anything, the long, pregnant pauses and awkward closeups of Roy early in the movie are completely ham-handed and blow the surprise.

    The lack of suspense was very disappointing, as well. There were so many humdrum kills that happened way too abruptly. If the filmmakers paid more attention to developing the suspense in some of those kill scenes, it could have been an extremely suspenseful movie. It’s still fun overall, but it could have been so much better. Unfortunately, most of it just ends up being lazy and exploitative.

    I didn’t have as “surprising” a viewing with JASON LIVES, mostly because it’s probably the movie I’ve seen the most in the franchise. The one thing that does stand out, though, is how dramatic a shift in style and feel Part VI is compared to the five films that precedes it. This movie, much more than Part V, ended up being a new beginning to the franchise.

    And, as much as I love Part VI, I really hate the Bond-riff in the intro credits. Super ’80s cheez whiz.

    That’s all for now. Time to listen to the podcast!

      • “I haven’t listed to the podcast yet…”

        Everyone probably thinks I’m full of it since all of my quick surface observations were discussed on the podcast. Funny… it’s like you guys have become the little voices in my head as I watch movies.

    • “And, as much as I love Part VI, I really hate the Bond-riff in the intro credits. Super ’80s cheez whiz.”

      That part has always seemed super dissonant to me!

    • “There were so many humdrum kills that happened way too abruptly.” And some of the characters are introduced for the sole purpose of being killed; the cocaine-snorting fellow and his “it’s showtime!” girl friend, the 1950s greaser and his friend who can’t get the car fixed, Demon and Demon’s girlfriend (you can see her throat twitch under the special effects makeup blood during the close up).

      btw: that greaser dude? What the heck?? That little song he sings while he walking around narrating everything in first person? What does all that do for the story? If I was back in grad-school, I would get so many papers out of this movie!

  2. I love Willis so much! I want to join his fan club and have his poster on my wall so I can look at it while I lay on my bed in 1988, twirling my hair and talking gossip with my best friend!

    • He’s an awesome guest, for sure. Reminds me of my friend Aaron a little, even though I’m pretty sure they’re very different. Anyway.

      Once again, a great entry. I share Dr. Shock’s distaste for this chapter in the series–it’s the WORST. I hate it. Could have been great, and like Josh said it probably would have been had Feldman not gone on to do Goonies (which I’m glad he did).

      I appreciate the thoughts on the mental institution setting too, because I was unfortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks locked up in one as a late teen. It was truly horrific, and some of the people who’d been there (some for years) were sincerely nuts, and I was afraid of them. It isn’t depicted in the best way–frankly it’s written as though it’s based on what people THINK a mental institution is like instead of actually researching one–but it’s still a welcome departure from Crystal Lake, if only for a bit.

      All in all, what a great episode.

      • Matt, apologies if this is an awkward subject and I understand that the true nature of an experience in a mental institution is probably something close to inexpressible in most mediums but would you suggest any films, particularly horror, that get it more right than this one?

        No worries if it’s too odd of a question though!

        Also while the guys were discussing horror set in mental institutions two movies sprung into my mind. “In the Mouth of Madness” which is great and “The Dead Pit” which I barely remember because I got drunk and fell asleep while watching it.

        • IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS was one of the first movies that sprung to mind for me, too, when they were discussing this. You know what they say about great minds, David…

  3. Great episode! I really enjoy all three of the podcasts you guys do! In case you were wondering this is the Chris who got you to discuss your movie collections on MPW. Here are a few thoughts on the movies:

    Part V:
    I enjoyed this one somewhat but the need for goofy characters (Junior is so annoying) and the lame twist ruined it for me. Melanie Kinnaman’s acting was also a little suspect in the more tense moments. I thought Joh Shepard as Tommy did a pretty good job but may have overacted in certain scenes. I also thought the close-ups on Roy were a cheap way to make you remember him for the “big twist” at the end.

    Part VI:
    I actually love this one because I really enjoy “Zombie Jason”. I thought this one was well acted and I thought Thom Matthews was great as Tommy. I could have done without the corporate paintball players but at least they added some interesting kills. I love the look of Jason in this one and part VII. Overall this one is up there with part IV as one of my favorites in the series.

    • Thanks, Chris. I’m still not sure the Roy set-up is sufficient to even recognize him on a first-time viewing of the movie. And, yes, I love the look of Jason in Part VI too. Thanks for the mini-reviews.

  4. Something popped into my head when you guys were talking about the beginning of part V when Vic kills Joey with the axe. A movie called “Don’t Look in the Basement” (aka “The Forgotten”) from 1973 has a very similar scene towards the beginning of the movie where a patient in a small isolated mental institution is given an axe to chop some wood (as part of his therapy) and he ends up killing his doctor with it. The axe killings in both movies serve as a catalyst for the plot, and I am wondering if the idea was borrowed for the fifth “Friday the 13th”. “Don’t Look in the Basement” was shown as a double bill with “Last House on the Left” on the drive-in circuit.

      • Wow! Nice pull, Allyson. It sounds like you are probably right about that. Interesting parallels.

        I actually bought DON’t LOOK IN THE BASEMENT a few years ago to prep a themed episode on Horror Metropolis, but never watched it after that podcast ended. I’m going to watch it right away.

        As far as Scooby Doo, I thought that was very funny as well. I was raised on Scooby Doo and love and and I think that A NEW BEGINNING could have been improved by sticking more closely to Scooby Doo’s superior mystery plotting. Scooby and the gang do much better in the unmasking department as well.

        • Was “Don’t Look in the Basement” covered on Horror Metropolis? I would say watch it if you enjoy really low budget 70’s grindhouse movies. It seems like a pretty standard entry in that genre. Titles like this make me wish the fake trailer for “Don’t” had been made into a movie.

          • Haha, I’d LOVE to see a feature-length version of Edgar Wright’s DON’T! No, we didn’t cover this on Horror Metropolis, but I was preparing for an episode that was going to feature this movie before Jason shut the show down.

    • That’s a fantastic observation Allyson! I’ve never seen “Don’t Look in the Basement” but now I kind of want to check it out.

        • Thanks Allyson. When I’m in the right mood I do enjoy those really cheap 70’s grindhouse flicks so I shall add it to my list.

          And I don’t recall it being in the list of prosecuted video nasties but there’s a good chance it was in the overall 72 movies. I’d imagine by that point in time they just slapped an Obscene Publications sticker on any movie beginning with the word “Don’t”!

      • Haha, I just meant that I love that part of this episode Doc, I didn’t mean to insinuate that it’s some point you’ve done to death already, which it isn’t. And I share your distrust and sense of injustice at the way the MPAA treats independent cinema. So even if you have made the point before it’s one that I’ll always be happy to hear.

    • “Check out the big brain on …” David! I’ve never in my life heard that term, but I looked it up and that is a wonderfully simple descriptor. The first thing I thought was, “what a great name for a film!” Then, I saw that there is one coming out this year with an all-star cast of Leo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Lukas Haas, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter and more directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu! I think I have a new most-anticipated movie of 2015. And all thanks to your vocabulary. Also, yeah, Jason probably is one too. Love it. If I can’t write a movie with that title, we can at least do a themed episode.

      • I could have sworn there was already some horror flick with “Revenant” as the title that I vaguely remember seeing on the shelves of Blockbusters in the late 90’s but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. I hadn’t heard of the new movie until now and although it doesn’t seem to be a horror it certainly looks very interesting indeed!

        And a themed episode would be great though it might be difficult to decide what movie monsters fit the revenant mold. Off the top of my head I’m thinking the Headless Horseman from “Sleepy Hollow” might qualify. And I’m sure I’ve heard the spirit from “Ghost Story” described as a revenant.

          • I’d say the monsters in both the “Father’s Day” and “Something to Tide You Over” segments of “Creepshow” would also count.

            Maybe even the old lady in Room 237?

            Also the character of Schweick from one of my favourites “The Beyond” is maybe a revenant.

          • In fact Fulci seems to have a thing for revenants. The priest who commits suicide in “City of the Living Dead” might well be classed as one. Either way neither of these characters are just plain zombies. They have tragic back-stories that inform their return from the dead and they seem somewhat purposeful in their actions.

    • Out of all the theories discussed, this is the most convincing. Good job David! I also didn’t know about this type of monster, so forgive my ignorance in the following comments. Is a revenant dependant on a curse in order to exact its vengeance? Or can a revenant exist without a source or someone in control of it? If a curse is in fact needed, would you say that that’s the means by which Jason is able to travel great distances? Wherever and whenever Jason’s vengeance is needed, that’s where he materializes. But then that doesn’t explain how he can be “killed” or trapped. Hmmm…

      • I agree that this seems like the best of the theories discussed, but I have a bit of a problem with the whole “what kind of monster is Jason” debate. He’s always been his own category of monster to me. I actually label similar killers in other movies as a Jason Voorhees monster.

        • When I was younger I never thought of Jason as any kind of monster. Jason was Jason and that was that. Growing up didn’t really change my perspective of him. i guess I always had him along with other famous monsters as their own entity. I have to admit that all of these theories are a lot of fun and very interesting, but like with Michael Myers, I prefer my Jason Voorhees to be more on the mysterious side rather than know for a fact what he is and where he came from.

        • Dino, I agree that he’s ultimately his own monster with his own set of rules. I’m pretty sure that the writers didn’t sit down at one point with a book of supernatural phenomena and say “Hey lets have Jason be a Revenant!”. It’s just the term that, if we are trying to categorise him, I feel best describes his post-part 6 appearances.

          Also, Levi posted a theory in the last episode which I thought was one of best I’ve yet read:

          “It’s a campfire tale series. So, each story told by another is going to be a bit different than what another said about Jason.

          However, the Book of the Dead in the basement of the Voorhees house is intriguing…if she used that book to attempt to resurrect her son, and it didn’t work, she starts hacking others up herself…and her son lies dormant in the lake until her blood is spilled.

          This explains his growth, regenerative powers, ability to come back from the dead, etc.”

          • “Book of the Dead in the basement of the Voorhees house”

            gggaaahhh… That’s me having an aneurism of awesome. Superstar Willis Wheeler mentioned the comic books in relation to part five and I feel like it’s my honor-bound duty to Amazon prime/eBay every possible F13 comic ever.

            Has anyone read these?

      • Well I have to first state that I am far, far from being an expert on this kind of stuff so take my comments with a large grain of salt, but my impression of the Revenant archetype is that it’s a spirit that has the ability to take on a tangible physical form maybe composed of ectoplasm or some other ethereal element or it actually possesses the decaying shell of it’s old corporeal body in an effort to carry out it’s acts of malice or vengence. I don’t think anything as specific as a curse has to be involved but it’s generally held that a Revenant appears due to some tragedy/injustice that took place in its living past. I have to say though that I’m totally unsure whether or not a Revenant has to come back of its own volition or, as might be the case with Josh’s suggestion of “Pet Sematary”, it could be summoned by the dabbling of another party in some sort of black magic. This also brings into question my previous suggestion of the Headless Horseman as I seem to recall that he was under the control of whoever possessed his skull or something? I’d say that if there’s somebody else in control of it then it’s closer to a traditional Zombie. I guess a Mummy is pretty close to being a Revenant though. Also I wouldn’t suggest that the classification of Jason as a Revenant really does much to clear up the franchises continuity problems, nor is it really necessary (as you guys point out Jason is very much his own unique type of monster) but I do think, at least from part 6 onwards, that it’s a better thing to categorise him as than a Zombie.

    • Would it be applicable to have a category of horror movie predator that is campfire story or urban legend? Like the Candyman, the Tooth Fairy, the Boogyman; even Freddy K has a skip song the figures heavily into his franchise. I’ve always like the ‘tragic death attached to a location so the angry spirit/still-out-there/body never found will get you’ plot device. Perhaps in contemporary cinematic story telling, the Revenant and the Vengeful Legend become the same?

      A Cautionary Tale!! An Old Wives’ Tale!! I knew there was an actual phrase for it!!

      The theory does break down when Jason V goes to Manhattan and Space, but stories travel with the story teller.

      • “Perhaps in contemporary cinematic story telling, the Revenant and the Vengeful Legend become the same?”

        I love this idea Scott! And I love the thought of the urban legend/campfire story being a sort of monster category all of it’s own. Brilliant!

  5. Imagine if you guys set up a Friday the 13th screening up in the woods and we all went and Jay turned out to be a serial killer!

  6. So I’m actually watching Part 6 right now and I have to say I forgot how much those paintballing scenes bug me. What’s the deal with those parts. They feel really off to me like they were shot later by another director to be added as padding or something? They sort of ruin what would otherwise be the ultimate Jason movie for me and i wish there was an edit out there that just cast those parts aside.

    I do love that opening scene though. It’s the stuff that classic horror flicks are made of; stormy night, eerie woods, old cemetery, open grave, maggots. I guess in a way it could seem a little trite but for me it’s everything I love about horror.

    • Also I just noticed something that I’d never picked up on before. In the first scene where we see all the younger kids asleep in their cabin one of them is shown to have fallen asleep reading a comic book and then a few seconds later one of them is asleep holding an open copy of the existentialist text “No Exit” by Jean Paul-Sartre. That’s some pretty heavy reading for a kid at summer camp!

      It’s a book that might have been a brilliant referential inclusion in a movie like “Cube” or “Devil” but I’m not sure it has any real significance here aside from being a weird little joke..

          • Josh, whenever I get a “Well Done” from you I feel like I’ve just got my homework back from my primary school teacher with “Well Done” and a smiley face drawn on it in red ballpoint pen.

          • Another thing I’ve just noticed in part 6 (you’ll have to forgive me if this has already been brought up and I missed it) is that when Tommy calls the police station and Megan suggests coming to pick him up he’s calling from “Karloffs General Merchandise” which is a reference that to me cements the fact that the Frankensteinian nature of Jason’s resurrection was indeed an intentional homage.

          • @David – Good catch. I noticed that the other night on my re-watch, too. I would agree with your homage interpretation. There’s no way that was just a happy coincidence.

          • Ha! I didn’t pick up on those at all.

            I did notice though that after Tommy breaks out of jail and he’s driving Megans car he says something about how the only way to stop Jason is to return him to his original resting place where he drowned in 1957 (I guess the suggestion is that he got this information on how to deal with a walking corpse from the books on the occult and living dead that he was seen reading earlier). But this kind of suggests that the series is now telling us that Jason HAS been dead all along. This franchise hurts my brain.

          • @Wolfman Josh – Great catch on Carpenter town and Cunningham Road. I missed those.

            @David – Yeah, if you’re searching for any semblance of continuity then your head will hurt. That “drowned in 1957” statement absolutely kills the idea of him being alive through the first four films of the franchise. Then again, Jason doesn’t actually die at the end of Part VI, so it doesn’t work, which would imply that he didn’t actually drown in that lake. Unless, of course, the meaning of “stop” in this instance isn’t “kill” but rather “temporarily hold at bay.”

  7. This was the best podcast so far of the series! Great job again, guys. I loved hearing the shots taken at these two movies, and much needed commentary by Willis Wheeler.
    You guys rated these movies right on point – Could not agree with you guys any more on these. I’m glad this wasn’t a total love-fest for part VI; some people go overboard in praising that movie. In listening and then reading these comments, looks like I’m not the only one who didn’t love “Paintball Jason.” Also the “clothed” sex scene was always something that bothered me; glad you all noted that!
    There are so many things to make fun of on Part V: A New Beginning, mainly the characters which are so randomly placed. I’m surprised no one mentioned the dirty migrant worker guy who shows up and asks to work for room and board…WHAT??? Is this a John Steinbeck edition of Friday the 13th? I guess he was supposed to be a red herring???
    Also the other paramedic (not Roy) always was hilarious to me. He was like the least compassionate and least serious guy to haul out a dead body. Anyone notice how ridiculous his dialogue was when they remove Joey’s body? Hahaha that would never be O.K.
    I also enjoyed how part 6 added actual campers for the first time in the series. This was the first time we get a mass group of people in one location being haunted by Jason. My question for the anyone in HMP universe:

    Would Jason Voorhees kill children?

    I’ve always wondered this. It looks like he sort of balked at the chance in part 6, but was on the warpath in part 4 after Tommy J. Thoughts???

    • Great comments in general, Grey Imp.

      I’ve heard the “Jason Doesn’t Kill Children” debate in the past and we failed in not debating it on this podcast. The argument I’ve heard is that he doesn’t really want to go for Tommy, but Tommy kind of forces his hand. I’d have to back and review those scenes to be sure. I’d also be curious as rewatch Jason’s PART V interactions with Reggie with this in mind. Off the top of my head, I don’t think Jason is interested in killing kids. Maybe because of his own horrid experience as a child and/or his arrested development.

    • “Would Jason Voorhees kill children?”

      That’s such a good question Grey Imp!

      Personally I’ve always thought a part of what works about the setting of a summer camp is that it is ultimately a childhood realm. I guess for those who went to those places as kids and then watched these movies it probably brought back a few nostalgic feelings of spooky excitement, the kind fuelled by urban legends, too much candy and over-active imaginations. But for the rest of us, even if we’ve never even seen a summer camp we’re still aware that it’s a place designed to house children, so I think part of the frightening (though fairly understated) implication of the series is that kids could potentially be in danger. It’s odd though that this is really the first movie in the series to exploit that idea a little more fully and have a large group of children at the camp.

      I guess in a way I want to believe that Jason would kill the kids, after all what’s scary about a boogie-man who’ll leave you alone if you still buy Happy Meals? I think a part of these kind of boogie-man slasher flicks really appeal to out inner childs fear of the dark and in a way i feel like sparing children from any kind of threat sort of circumvents that.

      That said I can certainly see folks coming out with arguments that he only kills the teens reminiscent of those associated with his own apparent death as a child and the death of his mother and anyone else who gets in his way. You could also say that as a “vengeful spirit” (to steal from Willis’s reading of the character) he might be predisposed to spare those considered pure and totally innocent. I find that sort of “monster with a conscience/moral rulebook” less effective in the context of a slasher movie though so I’d like to think he has the capacity for infanticide but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’d want to see it in a movie.

      • Totally agree with you, David, that it is scarier if the children were in danger. Still, I’m not sure they actually are in these movies. It’s still terrifying to see him walking around near these sleeping kids. This conversation has sparked a theory that I will bat around on the next episode.

        • Yeah, I have to admit that it never feels like the kids are truly in danger of being Jason’s victims in this movie. He saunters about the cabins but he’s very purposeful about hunting down the teenagers and seemingly ignoring the little kids. I’m not sure if there’s any real logic or thought concerning his “rules” behind this approach though, or if it was just not the done thing at the time to have little kids in peril in a mainstream slasher film.

          • Good stuff, here…I’ve always felt Jason would slay the campers, it just never came to that in the series. I have to believe based on what we know of Jason, he was likely tormented to an extent by other kids at the summer camp, due to his obvious deformities and probably social awkwardness. There’s no way that just gets away from him. He might have a certain pure evil hatred for all people. I mean he does extend his killing to outside of counselors or to-be counselors. (That may just be purely coincidence due to the writing). He kills cops, local store owners, hospital staff, hippie hitchhikers with bananas, moms, and 80’s multiracial gangs, paint-ball dweebs, cemetery caretakers, and even a guy in a wheelchair (poor Mark!). Crystal Lake and the surrounding area is clearly his place, so I would lean toward Jason being non-discriminatory when it comes to slaughter.
            On another note, there aren’t too many horror movies or slashers in which young children are actually brutally killed. Can anyone think of any?

          • Didn’t Jason even kill a little dog in one of the first few movies. Part 2 maybe? What a dick.

            “On another note, there aren’t too many horror movies or slashers in which young children are actually brutally killed. Can anyone think of any?”

            The kids are pretty young in “Sleepaway Camp” aren’t they? Does that count? More recent examples might be “Trick ‘r Treat” (2007) and “All Hallows Eve” (2013) but neither of those are strictly slashers. It is pretty rare as far as I’m aware though.

          • We think he kills the dog, but it turns out to be alive at the end. He also spares a dog in Part VIII. I most like this notion of Jason as a revenant that guards his domain of Crystal Lake and kills anyone (except innocents) who enters his territory. Of course, all of this goes out the window with Part VIII, IX and X.

          • “We think he kills the dog, but it turns out to be alive at the end.”

            That’ll teach me to skip movies when re-watching a franchise!

  8. Just returned home from a 24 hour cross country drive, having listened to all HMP’s Friday the 13th episodes and couldn’t remember having ever seen “A New Beginning.” As a fan of bad movies, I’m going to confess that I LOVE this movie, part of the F13 franchise or not. As a piece of 1980s slasher culture, it’s amazing. Also, it’s surprisingly bloodless. Thanks for making me aware of it!

      • I’m just at the part in F13VNB where Violet is doing her amazing, spaced-out pop-and-lock robot just before “Jason” kills her. I had to stop and google it and make all my friends on FB watch the youtube of Violet’s devastating dance moves.

        I think so much was cut from this movie because the Parents Music Resource Center was in full swing. A lot of entertainment after 1984 was sanitized thanks to Prince’s song “Darling Nikki” and Tipper Gore.

  9. Is it just me or did Jay suggest that there’s a chance that you won’t get to cover all F13 movies? If it’s because you’re behind schedule and you won’t hit the original March 13 target, I would much rather you took your time and blow past it in order to cover everything. Or maybe I just misunderstood :/

    • I thought that what he meant was that they might not get the whole franchise done by March 13th as was originally planned but that they’ll cover it all, it might just take an extra week or so. I’m not 100% on that though.

      • Yeah, it’s just about making the date because he didn’t have time to watch all of the movies we initially had planned for each episode. We’re trying to get the original franchise done by Friday the 13th of March. Then, there will probably just be a 6th episode that will include the Franchise Overview, as well as a review for the Crystal Lake Memories documentary and maybe the 2009 remake, if it gets pushed back as well.

          • I’m deliberating whether or not to bother revisiting Jason Goes to Hell. That’s such a weird movie for me. Firstly it’s probably got the worst title out of the whole series. “Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday” Aside from the fact that we’ve already had a “Final” movie in the franchise at this point (and once again the finality suggested by the title here is bogus) it also gives away the ending of the movie! You know you suck when the title of your movie is in itself a spoiler. Also, it’s even more misleading than “Jason Takes Manhattan”. Atleast we actually see Jason in Manhattan for a short time in that film, here the only reason it’s called “Jason Goes to hell” is because that’s where he goes at the END of the movie.

            Oddly though I think it actually might have been one of the first Friday movies I ever saw. All I really remembered from that first viewing was the ending with Freddy’s glove and thinking that the weird slimy demon worm thing was extremely odd for this kind of film but I’ve revisited it a few times since and I still can’t fully make up my mind about it. I like that its short and fast paced and shows us a lot more gross-out gore than the last few entries, but it just seems so miscalculated. Why does Jason look more like a burn victim than a rotting corpse at the beginning. What division of the police set up sting operations to catch roaming supernatural zombie killers. Forget “Goes to Hell” this movie should be called “Jason What the Hell!?”

          • Hahaha, David this is gold. It’s my favorite rant about Jason Goes to Hell yet, and your critique of the movie is very valid. It’s one of my least favorites though I have to admit that I haven’t re-visited it, so I’m judging it with a set of mind from years ago. I think you should give it a try, just to have it fresh in your mind. I tried watching it last night, but the dvd that Netflix sent me was unplayable. Perhaps you’re right in skipping it and the unplayable disc was a sign!

        • The more I think about it the more I just can’t get over how dumb that title is. It’d be like if they called part 6 “Jason Lives and then Goes Back in the Lake: No Worries” or part 8 “Jason Melts in the Sewer”. If a movie is called “Jason Goes to Hell” then I want to see Jason wandering around punching brimstone and throwing pitchforks at Hitler.

  10. Okay guys, I already did my entry on the first episode but I’ll swing again. My name is snowyotter I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My top 3 F13 movies are: Part 2, Part 4, and Part 8. And I wanted to let you know I tried to do an itunes review but my phone glitched or something and i tried a few times and it wouldnt work. So instead I dropped an instagram for you guys you can see on my page, I’m snowyotter there too. And I did a shout out on twitter which I tagged the casts twitter on. I just…really want the figure hahaha. Thnks guys.

  11. You should do a poll for “Favorite Friday the 13th related music”. Here are the options I can think of:

    – original score
    – part 3 disco theme
    – Demon and girlfriend’s serenading in part 5
    – theme song from part 6
    – “darkest side of the night” by metropolis from part 8

    There may be more that I’m not thinking of. My vote would go to darkest side of the night. The intro to part 8 is pretty awesome even if it creates some false expectations about the use of NYC in the movie.

    • I love the part 6 song ” He’s Back” by Alice Cooper. In the field of horror movie rock soundtracks It’s up there with “Dream Warriors” by Dokken and “Pet Sematary” by The Ramones.

      • Part 3 is by far my favorite in terms of 80s slasher cheesiness. Disco theme and the 3-person-gang of bikers that look like extras from the nightclub scene of Terminator.

      • All the Alice Cooper stuff in Part 6 for sure and the song “His Eyes” by Pseudo Echo that Violet dances to in Part 5 (which I pinned onto the end of this podcast episode after the Corey Feldman quote) are worthy runners-up to the Part 3 Disco theme, which is incredible.

        • I’ll second the Alice Cooper stuff in Part VI. The car scene with Teenage Frankenstein, Tommy’s face repeatedly bumping up against Megan’s crotch and ending with a cheesy ’80s echo effect when their getaway attempt is foiled. Like, totally tubular.

  12. This is probably not even worth mentioning, but it definitely caught my attention. The title and credit sequences vary greatly between some movies, but they stay mostly the same. Here’s the breakdown:

    PART 1 has the clean Friday the 13th title with the credits in white set on a black background. The credits are centered throughout the sequence. Notice that the font for both the credits and title logo are the same and they stay the

    For PART 2 the clean title is kept (though no glass break, bummer) and the credits are also in white set against a black background, but this time they appear on the upper left corner, upper right corner, middle right side, lower right corner, and middle left side of the screen. This sequence, which I find odd yet strangely effective (particularly when paired with music) is not present in PART 3, but makes a comeback later on.

    For PART 3 the clean title is still present, but it’s now red instead of white and there’s a more exaggerated 3D effect to go with the 3D effects of the movie. It also looks like it’s more of a condensed font this time around. The titles are also in exageratedd

    PART 4 gets rid of the clean title and introduces what is now the beloved Friday the 13th font. The credit sequence however, goes back to the way it was in PART 2.

    PART 5 gets rid of the newly introduced Friday the 13th font and goes back to the clean looking title of PARTS 1 and 2. The credit sequence is also like the ones in PART 2 and 4.

    PART 6 gets rid of the original clean title and goes back to the font introduced in PART 4. The credit sequence, however, remains the same as in PARTS 2, 4, and 5.

    PART 7 plays it just as PART 6 did.

    PART 8 keeps the cool Friday the 13th font for the title, but gets rid of the classic credit sequence and replaces it with some cheesy neon pink art deco font.

    What does this all mean? I don’t know, but my money is that it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle to make sense of the continuity… or not.

    On a more personal note, my favorite opening title sequence is PART 1, but I would like it to be followed by the credits sequence from part 2. I love the F13 font introduced in PART 4, but I don’t love the animated sequences as much as I do the original.

    Anyway, like I said, kind of pointless, but I wrote too much to just delete it haha :/

      • It’s something the vast majority doesn’t even care about, but it’s important to me. It may not impact the films themselves, but it has great impact on the overall presentation. You know, I’d be curious to know if this poster (link below) is the original Friday the 13th poster. It features the font that was introduced in PART 4, so that’s a little confusing to me.


        Now, this poster features the title as it’s featured in the first movie

        • First of all, awesome insights on the opening titles. I’m going to mention this in the wrap-up if I remember.

          I’m pretty sure that is the original poster, Juan, although I’ve seen some alternate versions, like this one:

          I know for sure that the beloved font was used on the posters before Part 4 because, even if the Parts 1 and 2 posters that we all know were done later, the Part 3 in 3D definitely utilized that font.

          It’s actually quite common for a poster font to be incongruent with an opening titles font (something that has always bugged me when a poster font is superior) because the title font is typically created by the filmmakers and the poster font is typically created by a marketing team. It’s not surprising to me that there would be several different version floating around at that time period for a film that was this popular. They’d throw everything at the wall to see what would stick as it was their major advertising outlet.

          • Wow Josh! I’d never seen that alternate poster before but I love it. Look at the detail of hands holding the axe only seen in the shadow. So cool!

            And Dino, great find with that poster list, I’m feeling a little starved of movie stuff with no signs of new MPW or MSC episodes yet, so this will keep me entertained for a while!

          • Sorry, David, I’ve been slammed trying to launch The Sci-Fi Podcast. It’s finally happening tomorrow. And then I’ll get MSC up. I know they recorded MPW on Mon, so it should be up soon too.

          • “Sorry, David, I’ve been slammed trying to launch The Sci-Fi Podcast. It’s finally happening tomorrow.”

            No apologies necessary good sir. I know that you guys are always working super hard. I’m just a bit under the weather at the moment so I’m hoping for some podcasts to come along and cheer me up. The Sci-Fi Podcast launch should definitely do the trick!

          • @David – Re: the details in the poster… is it just me, or are those bloody hand prints on the handle of the axe placed to match the placement of the hands in the shadow?

            Awesome stuff.

          • There’s also 13 marks (that I count) on the upper section of the handle of the axe. I’m assuming those marks are for each of the people that have been killed. Did anyone count the number of people that died in the first film? Was it 13?!!!!

          • If you watch the original trailer, they were also implying that 13 people got killed. It must’ve been the marketing team (again) who thought of that. The official count on the DVD boxset packaging says 10, but I didn’t verify that by counting myself. Wondering if they’re counting the two kids at the beginning? Jason himself? Alice?

            • I get nine when replaying the movie in my head, and that number jumps to 10 if you count Mrs. Voorhees (which I personally would not). The nine includes the two in 1957 and Alice (does not include Jason because that was “off-screen” and an accidental drowning… if you believe he actually drowned).

      • David, you should really consider getting UNTAPPD. It’s an app that lets you rate and review beer. It’s a great way to keep track of what you drink as well as keep up with what your friends are drinking. I don’t have many friends that share this obsession of mine, so being able to see Dino’s beers has been quite the treat. I’d love it if you could join us. The only downside is that you can’t post naked pics of yourself, but hey, you’ll manage 😉

        • I actually looked into that because I saw you and Dino mention it on the MPW comments but got the impression I need facebook and/or some kind of I-phone to use it?

          • You can either log-in through facebook or with a username and password. No iphone needed, but you do need access to the interwebs. I’m not sure if there is a desktop version, but I will find out.

  13. I feel like the people that don’t like this film are the same people that don’t like Halloween 3. I know im generalizing but I just think differently. To me this movie is another awesome stand alone film. That has to be enjoyed as a stand alone film and as noted in the podcast you can actually skip it but to do so is such a dis-service to this awesome flick. I mean lots of kills, lots of tits and imposter straight Giallo style filming here!!!

    • I’ll admit I am a total New Beginning hater, but I’ve seen quite a few people really celebrating it for it’s unapologetic exploitation approach and viewing it as such is kind of making me want to give it another chance. There’s something weirdly appealing about the thought of a “Grindhouse Friday the 13th”.

    • Yeah, I agree, Armoredfoe. I mean, it’s pretty ridiculous in many measurable ways and it’s the low point in the franchise to this point, so I understand why it was such a let-down to fans at the time, but in retrospect and as a stand-alone film, it’s totally watchable in a grindhouse kind of way. Plenty of funny moments to laugh at, as many good characters as bad, some epic nudity from DebiSue Voorhees, amazing kills, even when censored … The hate is a little overdone, people.

      • Thanks Josh, glad to see that a few people are on board. I mean I get why people probably hate this movie because its got the imposter Jason and a lot of times doesn’t make sense, but again the fact that you could skip it and still get a solid story line from 4 to 6. Watching 5 is just epic and again I’ll so agree with you Josh about DebiSue Voorhees, this lovely lady makes for a great scene and on top of that gives us an awesome death. Laughs, scares, its got it all guys. Give this movie another shot!!

          • You think that will be unanimous? I can honestly see Josh going with “Jason X” and Doc going with “A New Beginning”.

          • I don’t think it’ll be unanimous, and you’re probably right with your guess for Doc. JASON GOES TO HELL was more my personal pick.

            To be fair, though, I’ve still only re-watched through Part VI since I’m going along with the guys for the podcast. It’s probably been about 10 years since I last watched JASON GOES TO HELL and JASON X. And, we haven’t even mentioned FREDDY VS. JASON…

          • I think up until now my least favourite was pretty much a tie between the remake and A New Beginning. I’ve not been watching along in as dedicated a manner as some of you other guys though. I’ve skipped Part 2 and Part 5. But even with my lacklustre rewatching I’ve found that some of my feelings for the movies have changed a bit (I have a sneaky feeling that part 8 will creep into my top 3 favourites!) so I’m not totally sure what my true least favourite might be. I’m definitely going to have to re-watch Jason Goes to Hell, because I’ve mentioned above, I just can’t make up my mind on that movie.

          • @David – My feelings have already changed during this latest re-watch. A NEW BEGINNING was easily my least favorite as I had remembered the franchise. That’s no longer the case, which (as I said at the top of these comments) was a surprising revelation.

      • It’s kind of funny to see so much “support” for Part V. When I said earlier on in the comments (above) that I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it on re-watch this weekend, I thought for sure I would get lambasted on the board for not being a Jason purist (or something like that). Glad to see that I’m not alone.

        I would be interested to see how many of the Part V “supporters” also like HALLOWEEN 3, since it’s a similar divergence from the previously established killer storyline. Personally, I enjoy both films.

        • Whoops, just went back and re-read Armoredfoe’s original comment, and saw that he was wondering the same thing. My bad…

          • Unique and inventive is one way of looking at it. You can also say less realistic and plausible. Either way, I’m a fan of both.

          • “You can also say less realistic and plausible.”

            That’s true too, but I just don’t know if there’d be much of a correlation between fans who dislike Halloween 3 and fans who dislike Friday part 5. Even when I’m trying to be as objective as my biases will allow, giving Friday part 5 the benefit of the doubt, I feel like the two films differ greatly when it comes to originality and quality. Friday part 5 might be a lot of fun but it’s ultimately a very generic, paint-by-numbers slasher whereas Halloween 3 is something totally different and crazy.

        • HA! Way to stick to your guns, but I think me reasearch and re-watch as well as some of these comments have kind of talked me into liking it more than I thought I did. Look, I gave it a 4 and called it a low-priority rental, so I’m not gushing about it or anything, but it’s watchable. I’d also say that Season of the Witch is the better film.

          • I was going to reply to Dino’s comment on the fact that I was generalizing that I think people tend to not like Halloween 3 are the same that don’t like F13 pt.5. I know we have some exceptions but it just seems to be a lot of times. I love Season of the Witch and New Beginning and I both think there awesome stand alone films. I will also agree that New Beginning is definitely a generic paint by numbers slasher, but throw it in a pile of a lot of other 80s movies and you wouldn’t know the difference amongst all the other “typical” slashers. I feel like it falls under the same type of scenario that Halloween 3 falls into in which it bears the name “Friday the 13th” without really having Jason in it per say.
            Movie to movie Halloween 3 is a far superior movie, and is easily its own movie, where as New Beginning really does fall flat, but I’ll support that movie 100%. I love it and always will think its an awesome fun movie. My least favorite of the series would be Jason goes to Hell, followed by Jason X. You want to talk about not being satisfied because of the lack of Jason, its JGTH for me. Just junk in my opinion, I’ll watch him in space before I watch him go to hell…ugh ha ha ha

  14. Top 3 Ranked in order.

    1. Friday the 13th Pt. 2
    2. Friday the 13th
    3. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
    Honorable Mention – Part 3

    However, the top three does have a tendency to shift around from year-to-year, depending on my need (or mood) at the time….The Final Chapter (TFC) has spent its fair amount of time at the top of my list, due to the iconic nature of Jason (with the Hockey mask). I tend to believe TFC it is the best “hockey mask movie” and probably the best filmed and produced. But 1 & 2, with their rawness hold a special place in my heart. It’s sort of like your favorite band….the later albums are usually, sonically speaking, far superior….No disrespect to The Joshua Tree, I love that album, but I tend to go back to U2’s Boy album as my favorite.

    ~Slasher Matt

  15. Top three for actual “fearful,” suspenseful movie experience
    #1, 2, and 6.

    For amazing, campy, goofy, fun movie experience
    #3 That biker gang!! They look like extras from the Technoir club scenes of Terminator and I love all the 3D shots
    #8 Jason Takes Manhattan I LOVE the music video filming scene, the grumpy principal, the strange version of New York City that’s made entirely of filthy alleys and dumpsters and toxic waste.
    Jason vs. Freddy I love the Freddy Krueger caterpillar and the color changing industrial decaying eternal boiler room. Everything in this movie is entertaining and amazing (but not actually horrible or scary).

    • I’d say Part 6 could almost fit on the camp list as well. So much comedy in that movie. It feels like a slightly scarier, deadlier, sexier version of THE MONSTER SQUAD.

      I like both of your lists, Scott, but we can only include one in our poll to chart the listeners’ preferences. Which list should we use of yours?

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