Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 046: Jason X (2001) and Freddy vs Jason (2003) and Friday the 13th (2009)

HMP Ep 46 F13th 5Welcome to my nightmare the fifth installment of our epic FRIDAY THE 13th FRANCHISE REVIEW for HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies.

Just as we did for the Halloween films back in October 2014, we’re bringing you a multi-part series of in-depth, hardcore Jason Voorhees analysis! In this episode, we bring you debates and reviews for Jason X (2001) and Freddy vs Jason (2003) and Friday the 13th (2009). This week we welcome back The Wildman himself, Willis Wheeler from the Terror Troop podcast, Mattroid and Kill Bill Kill from The Sci-Fi Podcast, and a horror podcasting veteran making his first appearance on HMP, ChrisRobo from Rotten Rantings. Ahhh. So you are afraid of something after all, huh? Join us or die.

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I. Introduction
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[ 0:07:26 ] II. Feature Review: JASON X (2001) with Mattroid
Jay of the Dead = 5 ( Low-priority Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 2 ( Avoid )
Dr. Shock = 6 ( Rental )
Mattroid = 3 ( Avoid )

[ 0:51:24 ] III. Feature Review: FREDDY vs JASON (2003) with Willis Wheeler and Chris Robo
Jay of the Dead = 4 ( Avoid )
Wolfman Josh = 5 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 5 ( Rental )
Willis Wheeler = 10 ( Buy it! )
Chris Robo = 5 ( Rental )

[ 1:48:51 ] IV. Feature Review: FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009) with Kill Bill Kill
Jay of the Dead = 8 ( Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( Strong Rental )
Kill Bill Kill = 4 ( Rental )

V. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

VI. Addendum
— Dr. Shock rants about the ridiculous MPAA rating system

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Wolfman Josh recommends reading the personal essay “From Hollywood to Homeless” by Jason X writer Todd Farmer in Badass Digest

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225 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 046: Jason X (2001) and Freddy vs Jason (2003) and Friday the 13th (2009)

  1. Have you all at Horror Movie Podcast seen the movie Trick ´r Treat. I say that because it is a horror movie that get overlooked and rarely never mentioned on any horror movie reviews from various sites. Trick ´r Treat.

    • Trick ‘R Treat is a movie we all liked (to varying degrees). We haven’t done a full review, yet, but we will at some point.

      Doc listed it on his “Top 20 Horror Movies of the New Millennium” list ( http://bit.ly/18sGogm ) which he read on HMP Episode 3, so there is probably some discussion on that episode ( http://bit.ly/1Arr76X ).

      It also came up during our Halloween Franchise review (see sidebar link). I think, maybe in the wrap-up episode. I believe we discussed several movies that actually take place on Halloween.

  2. I haven’t listened to the cast yet, but I got to say, I kind of like jason x and Freddy v jason. Your guys ratings look pretty low, (especially wolf man… I usually find myself agreeing with your taste most of the time) so really interested in what you guys have to say. Not that I thought either one was a 10 or anything…

    • There aren’t a lot of Freddy fans on this podcast, but I’m very open to revisiting them. It’s been a very long time.

      Curious to hear if you think we were way off after you hear the reviews.

      • I don’t really have a favorite franchise. I know that some of the guys identify or revere a certain franchise. For instance, Josh’s franchise is Halloween and I think Dino’s is Friday the 13th, so if I had to pick one I think it would be Nightmare on Elm Street. As much as I was scared of Michael and Jason, Freddy was the guy that haunted my dreams the most. I’m someone that has very vivid dreams and even more vivid nightmares, so maybe that’s a reason why I could relate more to the NES series. And I just realized that if abbreviated it’s the same acronym for Nintendo Entertainment System, which I was and still am a big fan of. I guess it was meant to be all along.

        • I know there was a Friday the 13th game for the NES but was there ever a Nightmare on Elm Street game for that system. An NES game for the NES so to speak?

          • Yes, David, there was actually a NES game for the NES! Haha. It was even worse than the F13 game if you can believe that. Not as frustrating, but at least the F13 game was somewhat reminiscent of the movies.

        • @Juan – You got it right, for sure. My franchise is F13, and Wolfman Josh is a Halloweenie. Throughout my childhood, though, Freddy Krueger was the horror monster who scared me the most, followed very closely by Pinhead. My Freddy fear probably contributed to my not really enjoying the ELM STREET movies as much when I was younger.

  3. Battlefield Earth is a great movie. Who doesn’t want to see John Travolta torturing a caveman while dressed as a Klingon Rastafarian and holding up a dead rat, screaming “Do you want lunch!” like a deluded amateur dramatics actor who thinks he’s in a Shakespeare play.

    • I watched that film once and got a great big headache from all of the unnecessary camera ‘angles’. As in, the camera was tilted for no good reason and my eyes just couldn’t adjust?

      Either that or my brain cells were committing suicide.

      • It’s one of those movies where while watching it you can’t help but wonder: didn’t anybody at some point in the production say “Guy’s we’re making the stupidest movie ever, what are we doing?”. And I kind of love movies like that.

  4. Looking forward to this one. I finished my re-watch of FREDDY VS. JASON and FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009) last night, and did JASON X Friday night. It was my second time watching both FvJ and the remake; I’ve seen JASON X a bunch of times, now.

    I gotta say, I kind of love the 2009 remake. I remembered liking it after my first viewing, but it was only in the 7/10 range for me. I think the whole Jason holding Whitney captive thing put me off that first time; probably because I wasn’t expecting it. I was ok with it this time, though, interpreting it as she reminding him of his mother so wanting to keep her around. Maybe that’s not what it is but, given the numerous references to Mrs. Voorhees’ picture in the locket and the “you kind of look like her” comment, I think that’s what they were going for.

    FREDDY VS. JASON, on the other hand… sigh. It’s both a really bad movie, but also a somewhat fun movie. What it isn’t, though, is a Friday the 13th movie. (sigh)

    And, JASON X… sigh.

    On a side note, my son (5 y/o) came running out of bed in the middle of the night last night because he had a nightmare. I asked him what happened; he said a bad man was in his room, and then he felt something sharp on his hand. This was about 3 hours after I finished watching FREDDY VS. JASON. Chills…

      • Definitely on the same page. It actually looks like I listened to the podcast, and then just re-hashed everything you guys said with my comments above. I even think JOTD said the phrase “I kind of love this film” when talking about the 2009 remake, which is exactly what I said above.

        I’m actually very surprised by the hatred flung towards the remake on these boards. I think it’s a very entertaining movie, and I love the modern, grounded portrayal of the F13 universe it takes. And I’m in complete agreement with your takes on Jason in this one. His speed, brutality, appearance… it’s all great stuff. Yes, very different from how we’ve seen Jason in the past, but I love it.

      • And, I agree with what everyone else has said about bringing Kill Bill Kill on for the remake review. Very interesting thought, and worked out well.

  5. Most fun out of these movies for me was ‘Freddy vs Jason’. Not a great film by any means but entertaining.

    I ultimately find the remake well shot but boring. It just goes through the motions and hits the beats it needs to hit without any real feeling behind it.

    Jason X however, the only redeeming part of that movie for me was the satirical scene with Jason killing the two girl campers in that VR.

    • I liked that “holo-deck” scene too. I don’t get the problem Jay was saying that people supposedly have with it. The entire movie is on that same whacky, satirical scale. This one just happens to be spoofing F13th instead of B-grade sci-fi.

      • Josh, what you just said is why I think the sleeping bag kill works on the holodeck: it’s edited as comedy and not horror. I don’t know why anyone would think that it was supposed to ‘work’ the way the original kill did in Friday 7.

        That whole scene was Reeeally Funny. I mean, myself and the other five people in the movie theater were dying laughing.

        • For me, it’s not that it doesn’t “work” it’s more just annoying that it takes a bit of the shine off of one of the coolest moments in the franchise… Ultimately, I don’t really care. Just goofy fun. But, it was my least favorite element of that scene.

          • Seriously, though, I understand what you’re saying about the sleeping bag kill in JASON X. It is sort of a slap in the face of the franchise’s coolest kill, but it’s all in good fun.

            The sleeping bag kill in the 2009 remake, though, is a completely different beast. I don’t see it as an homage. He obviously set that up as a trap to ensnare Richie. It’s not the quick, brutal, blunt-force trauma beating that takes place in PART VII. It’s a very slow, agonizing, painful, cruel death that also served to set up the brutal Richie face chop. I agree with Kill Bill Kill that her body should have been more “melted,” but that whole scene is absolutely chilling to me. It sets this Jason up as both a calculating, methodical, and deliberate killer as well as a cruel, vicious, and physical brute.

    • >Michael-Orian on March 15, 2015 at 8:48 am said:
      “I ultimately find the remake well shot but boring. It just goes through the motions and hits the beats it needs to hit without any real feeling behind it.”

      @Michael-Orian – I’m not exactly sure what you mean by going through the motions and hitting the beats it needs to without feeling.

      I think the 2009 remake stands out for being extremely grounded in reality. It does a lot to develop the Jason back story, and explain how he does a lot of what he does. Stealing the kerosene to keep the generators going… creating an elaborate underground tunnel system to quickly and quietly get around… using a trip-wire/bell system to alert him of intruders… setting up traps to capture people… these are all examples of this film going over and beyond the original franchise (and most horror movies, I’d argue) to develop a terrifying story grounded in realism.

      As for the feeling behind it, I think the film succeeds in developing Jason’s motivations. His love for and devotion to his mother is evident. The extreme torment he suffered as a disfigured child, which subsequently drove him to a life of solitude. From the other side, Clay’s tireless search for his missing sister. These are all substantive and emotional motivations driving the film, so I would argue there is real feeling behind it.

      Overall, it does have a rather cynical tone common to “modern” horror films, but I don’t think that makes it run-of-the-mill or emotionless.

  6. Guy’s the idea for this weeks competition is awesome and I think it’s a thing you should do again from time to time. I love when you discuss movies that are in the totally obscure/forgotten treasures sort of categories. There have been so many cheap and forgotten or just poorly marketed horror movies over the years. We’ve got such a rich backlog of 50’s B-movies, dirty grindhouse flicks, copycats for the 80’s VHS boom, and modern low budget stuff that there’s always going to be some other gem to find in the trash but it can be hard knowing where to go to find out about these movies, or even hear them discussed. You guys have covered some really under-the-radar stuff though (I would no doubt have never heard of something like “All Hallows Eve” or checked out something as generic sounding as “Stake Land” if it wasn’t for this podcast) and that’s actually one of the things that drew me to this show in the first place. As I scanned through the episodes of this website (including those of Jay’s earlier horror casts) I was seeing movies like “Dead and Buried”, “The Deadly Spawn”, “Pieces”, “The Video Dead” and even crazy stuff like “Tetsuo”. I remember thinking “These guys are serious” and I started listening. I love finding out about these types of movies, I love hearing other peoples opinions on them and I love sharing them.

    Anyway, I’m hoping our recommendation for the competition can be something that we’ve recommended before so long as you guys never ended up covering it? There are several movies that I’ve mentioned a few times in the comments that I’d love to hear you cover. “The Ghost of Yotsuya” (1959), “Jigoku” (1960) and “Castle Freak” (1995) are just a few of them but the one I really would like to hear you discuss is “Spookies” from (1986)

    First of all, this is by no means a good or even competent movie. In actuality it’s a broken mess of an already cheap-looking half-finished monster flick spliced together with even cheaper looking and quite nonsensical scenes shot by another director to fill in the gaps. I feel like that kind of awkward, Frankenstein back-story is worthy of discussion in and of itself but I’m hoping that one of you guys might see through all the crap and maybe get a kick out of the whole thing. To me the inventive practical effects and strange array of monsters strike a chord with that part of my inner child that loved Monsters in my Pocket and goofy horror comics. This is a pretty good movie to pop in on Halloween too because there’s so much going on visually; a grim reaper, a zombie baby, farting mud monsters, An Asian lady who transforms into a giant spider and sucks a guys insides out so he deflates like a balloon. It really is a treat if you love those cheap but creative b-movie practical effects and it’s a film that I very seldom hear anybody mention nevermind review and discuss.

    And hey, even if you do think it’s a messy and nonsensical piece of crap, it might at least be an interesting piece of crap to discuss?

    So that’s my recommendation: “Spookies” (1986).

    P.S. I’m only just over an hour in and I think this is one of my favourite episodes on the franchise so far, which is odd considering the quality of the films being covered. Excellent guests as always as well; Mattroid (Note: this name gets a red squiggly line under it and I just automatically went and checked it and the correction suggestion in the drop down box was the word “Matricide”. Jesus.) is the awesome presence I’ve come to expect, Willis is hilarious (His admonishing of Jay around 1 hour and 40 seconds in had me in stitches) and Chris Robo made some great contributions and seems like a really funny and nice guy.

    P.P.S. My idea for Willis Wheeler T-shirts has evolved. Now I want them to have his face printed on the front with the quote: “Man, Jay, you need to get the plug out your butt!”

    • Also, I didn’t mean to disregard William’s contribution as a guest. I just hadn’t gotten to the remake review when I wrote that previous comment. I always like to hear his measured and thoughtful approach.

      • Knowing William as long as I have, I still find it jarring to hear him referred to as “measured” but he is definitely thoughtful.

        They all did a great job. You know how I feel about Matt since I very intentionally brought him into our universe and Willis is always hilarious. And one thing about Willis that I think goes underreported is that he really knows his stuff when it comes to something he’s actually interested in.

        And I think ChrisRobo is one of the smartest dudes in horror podcasting. He presents himself in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily immediately think that, but when I listen to his reviews, he’s always got great insights and he’s going places I’d never have considered. We need to have him back for a less “middle of the road” movie, if he wasn’t too bored by this experience.

        • oh shucks, thanks David and thanks Josh for the kind words. I had a lot of fun on this episode and hey if you want me back on for another movie (maybe higher quality?) i’d be happy to give my 2 cents.

        • Josh & David,

          “Measured”… “Thoughtful”…

          All that really matters, is that no one hates me yet.

          I have to be honest, I think it’s my personal best. Most people don’t like me, and that’s the God’s honest truth.

          • William, i thought you did just fine. you were honest about your lack of exposure to the franchise (something that i thought in and of itself was pretty brave to say given “horror credentials” are apparently a thing) and hearing your perspective with “virgin” eyes so to speak was interesting.

      • I hope you can track it down. There’s a DVD available on the UK Amazon but I don’t know about releases in the states. The whole thing was actually up on youtube but I don’t know if it’s still there.

        I hope you see the same spooky, tacky and cheap charm in it that I do Allyson!

          • “This would be a great pick for Doc because he could potentially include it in his cinematic oddities book.”

            That’s an excellent point Josh! I certainly hope Doc reads this thread!.

        • It looks like our favorite movie rental place has it on VHS and we still have a working VCR. I think it could work out. This month we are showing “Black Roses” and “Hausu” (which is a favorite of mine).

          • “It looks like our favorite movie rental place has it on VHS”


            “This month we are showing “Black Roses” and “Hausu” (which is a favorite of mine).”

            I don’t think I’ve ever heard of “Black Roses” before but “Hausu” is definitely an excellent choice.

            If you’re ever looking for similar (though not quite as wacky) Japanese horror flicks with comedic/goofy elements and awesome practical effects I recommend “Sweet Home” from 1989 and “Hiruko the Goblin” from 1991. Both movies are kind of strange but fun.

            I’d also recommend another Japanese movie named “Jigoku” for a movie oddities night. It’s regarded by many as the first true gore film (it was released in 1960, a few years before the first of H.G Lewis’s blood drenched offerings). It’s sort of a weird morality drama where unfortunate things just keep happening and then everyone ends up in an abstract Japanese vision of hell where they get horribly tortured. Weird stuff.

          • “thanks to David, probably a whole themed episode on Japanese Ghost Stories from the 60s and 70s”

            That sounds awesome and I can’t wait but I really doubt I deserve the credit.

          • No, I think that was all you, man. Since day one you’ve been championing and recommending all of these movies that sound great. Just so you know, I did make a list of the ones you recommended and I’ll get to them eventually. I’m so looking forward to sinking my teeth in some Japanese horror.

          • Juan as always I appreciate your kindness but It’s only just gone a year since I discovered this website. I’m sure the subject of Japanese ghost movies was broached in the comments long before I arrived.

          • “Black Roses” is a guilty pleasure of mine for sure. I remember renting it quite a bit from my local video store as a kid. I even bought a replica band shirt that the teenagers wear in the film last year. Another great cautionary tale of the evil of powers of rock n roll right after Trick or Treat (1986) and Phantom of the Paradise. But be warned these are all goofy movies.

          • Mangloid, we showed “Phantom of the Paridise” at the last movie night. I enjoyed “Trick or Treat” from 1986 as well. I am really looking forward to “Black Roses”. I would love to see the band shirt!

    • Another “house” movie from the ’80s that I absolutely love is Tobe Hooper’s THE FUNHOUSE (1981). Actually, it might be fun to have a discussion about carnival-themed horror. Probably not enough there for a full-blown themed episode, but it would give JOTD an excuse to talk about his favorite guilty pleasure – KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE.

      • I love the feel of the carnival in “Funhouse”. So much so that the long stretch at the beginning of the movie before the horror stuff really kicks off and the kids are just hanging around the midway is probably my favourite part of the film. I always hear people complain that it’s too slow but I just can’t get enough of the dusty, dirty atmosphere that Hooper brings to those scenes.

        I really wish there were more carnival based horror flicks. It’s such a wonderful setting if done correctly. I’m sure the guys could come up with enough to do a themed episode though. How about “Carnival of Souls” and “Freaks”? They’re two of my favourites.

        • I’m with you, David. A carnival is such a great setting for a horror movie. There probably are more carnival-themed horror movies than I realize, but it feels like there should be more… and they should be great.

          • And abandoned theme parks could do with being the setting for more horror films too!

            A slasher set in an off-season Jersey Shore town with run down piers and grotty old fairground rides could be lots of fun.

            I’m still waiting for my haunted waterpark movie. There used to be a small one in this town and a kid drowned there. It was outdoor and had these two huge curling blue slides going into the pools. I remember thinking how creepy a scene would be with someone going down one of those tubes and hearing some slimy rotting thing come thundering up it towards them.

          • @David – Yes! I’m totally on board with your abandoned theme park idea. I would definitely buy your off-season Jersey Shore town slasher.

            Did you know I grew up on the Jersey Shore?

        • Oh man! The Funhouse is one of my favorites from the ’80s. It’s definitely in my top ten from the ’80s for sure. It’s been a while, I really need to revisit it. Speaking of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, check out my gravatar 😉

  7. I love the fact that for the last movie in the franchise you got a guest who was totally unfamiliar with the previous films. This was a genius move.

    Lets be honest; at this point in the franchise we’re all pretty jaded by the later movies so the fact that you guys had to explain to William’s fresh mind what the first few films were about really allowed me to throw my mind back to the tone and quality of the franchise’s roots and appreciate it again like I’d seen those early few films for the first time again. This is a useful place to be as we approach the franchise overview episode.

    It was almost like a fascinating little social experiment. Hearing the reaction of someone whose mind isn’t yet immersed in the elements and iconography that most of us are so used to and probably take for granted. And I loved some of the funny phrases William came out with to describe Jason!

    • Thanks David,

      Very kind words from a very kind listener.

      When you try something new, you never quite know how it’s going to go down.

      I even went out of my way to not watch any of the other franchise movies, and or read any reviews or research of any kind.

      I very much enjoyed the experiment, but it came at a price of maybe not appreciating the movie, as it stands in the rest of the franchise.

      And I definitely recommend NOT seeing ‘cabin in the woods’ first before seen this movie. Because it’s extremely hard to get those horror tropes out of your mind while watching it.

      • Would you say you’re curious to see some of the older films in the franchise now for the sake of comparison? It would be incredibly interesting to hear your take on the first movie having being introduced to the franchise by the original.

  8. More than anything I would really just love to hear what you guys have to say about my choice for little know horror gem “Murder Party” (2007). A great horror comedy making fun of the Brooklyn art/hipster scene. Having said that I would also like the t-shirt :). On another note I did leave a review for the podcast on iTunes and it took several days for it to pop up so if others are having trouble just tell them to be patient (it was under the name cbbruuno).
    All the best and loved the Friday the 13th celebration. Also I am with Willis on Freddy vs Jason. However my love for Monica Keena may prejudice my outlook.
    -Christian B
    Remsenburg, NY

        • Man, that’s an awesome pick. I’ve not seen it but I love “Blue Ruin” and I know Jay and Josh do too, so it would be great to hear their take on the guys earlier work.

          • I’ve seen it and talked about it, but I do think it is a solid pick, especially for Jay. Hopefully he’ll pick it up for his. It wouldn’t qualify for mine, because of already seen it twice. I’m going for something unknown to me.

            • Just because I am annoying and a pest I was wondering if you remember what episode you talked about it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

          • @Christian, I don’t know, man. But, if Jay picks it, I will bring a full review as well. I don’t think I talked about it on this podcast, except maybe on our Halloween Franchise episode when we discussed movies set on Halloween. I talked about it in-depth during some Slamdance Film Festival coverage I did for another site, I’ve talked about it on the message boards here (I think with Juan) and I think I talked about it very briefly when we reviewed Blue Ruin on Movie Podcast Weekly. Incidentally, I’m also reviewing Blue Ruin for Movie Stream Cast this coming week, so maybe we can discuss it a bit there as well.

            @David We are each picking a movie that we want to review and we will have a guest for that episode (probably not Kyle) who we will have pick a film as well.

          • @wolfman- Thanks. Having grown up in NYC, having multiple artists in my family (as well as friends) and being quite familiar with the local ‘scene’, this movie has a special place in my heart. It really does a great job of skewering the local hipster/art scene.

  9. Jay, I think the quote you were thinking of was this:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    by Pastor Martin Niemöller – written with regard to the rise of the Nazis.

    I have always really liked this quote, but have never thought about in regard to horror movies. I think the diffusion of responsibility that sometimes happens when real life atrocities occur is pretty horrific.

    On a lighter note, I will share my movie review ideas. I mentioned this in a comment last fall, but I will say it again, If I could have my top choice it would be to have the “WNUF Halloween Special” reviewed with the BBC “Ghostwatch” broadcast from 1992 (as a companion piece to compare it with). Both are harder to come by though and I am not sure if the other listeners would be as interested. If I breakdown and pick up a DVD of “WNUF” I will let you guys know. I haven’t found a way to rent it as yet.

    For my official pick, the movie “The Hitcher” from 1986 will be it. It isn’t a rare movie, but I don’t think it gets covered as often in horror reviews and I find it truly creepy. They say C. Thomas Howell was actually afraid of Rutger Hauer during the filming of the movie and I don’t blame him one bit.

    I have really been enjoying the “Friday the Thirteenth” coverage, and as always, listening from Portland, Oregon.

    • “Jay, I think the quote you were thinking of was this:

      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      by Pastor Martin Niemöller – written with regard to the rise of the Nazis.”

      Excellent job Allyson. When Jay attempted to express that notion I realised I knew what he meant somewhere in the back of my mind but just couldn’t figure it out. It was driving me crazy!

    • First off, Allyson, thanks for finding that quote. It’s great. I had it in the back of my mind when Jason was talking but couldn’t pull it up.

      Second, I’d never heard of WNUF Halloween Special or the BBC Ghostswatch, but after seeing the WNUF trailer, they are both on my list. I’m not sure they’d make it for this particular show, but it would make for a fun bonus episode.

      I haven’t seen The Hitcher in a lifetime … I’d consider a rewatch. I’m just wondering if there is a whole themed ep in there somewhere. Hitchhiking Horror or movies of Roadside Assistance that go terribly wrong. That may have been TOO good a recommendation to win the prize this time. We’ll see.

    • “I have always really liked this quote, but have never thought about in regard to horror movies. I think the diffusion of responsibility that sometimes happens when real life atrocities occur is pretty horrific.”

      It’s a really brilliant quote and an important notion to keep in mind for everybody. If we turn a blind eye to those being persecuted because of their beliefs, skin colour, gender, sexuality etc, then it will only be so long before the persecutors turn their attention to something they dislike about the way we live our own lives . The Khmer Rouge regime got to the point where they were executing people just for wearing glasses because they were seen as being associated with intellectualism! So if Jay lived in Cambodia in that period he’d probably be long dead! And I would too. Ultimately I guess the quote is an imploration for us to look out for one another and for good people to stick together which is ironically one of the things that horror movie victims are really bad at.

      “the “WNUF Halloween Special” reviewed with the BBC “Ghostwatch” broadcast from 1992 (as a companion piece to compare it with). Both are harder to come by though and I am not sure if the other listeners would be as interested. ”

      I’d definitely be interested in that. In fact quite a while ago I recommended “WNUF Halloween Special” as something that I thought Doc might get a kick out of because it looks to have a similar vibe to the nostalgic horror-host type stuff that he seems fond of.

      As for “BBC Ghostwatch” I’ve never actually seen it (I was only 5 when it aired) but I have a friend a few years older than me and I remember him talking about watching it on TV when it first broadcast and being absolutely terrified.

      “The Hitcher” is a great pick though. It’s another one that I’ve never seen despite hearing it referenced a lot as an influence on other movies and for containing a defining performance by Rutger Hauer.

  10. Guy’s I just noticed that Josh and Williams ratings for the remake are switched round in the show notes.

    I’m actually quite surprised how highly Josh and Jay rated that movie. It’s making feel like i really should revisit it even though I wasn’t planning to. I remember finding the tone really off for a “Friday” movie. Too cynical and sadistic.

  11. Really enjoying the Friday the 13th episodes. For my recommendation I watched a movie a few weeks ago called “Wyrmwood:Road of the Dead”. It’s a zombie movie from Australia that has a little bit of a Mad Max feel to it with a spattering of Carrie mixed in. Fairly new, I believe it came out in 2014. It doesn’t require a lot of thought, it is a lot of fun though.

    As far as mash-ups I always had an idea of Leatherface ripping through an army of re-animated corpses created by Herbert West.
    I enjoyed “Freddie vs. Jason”, but whenever I see it I always feel it could have been so much more.

  12. Well I don’t have your back Willis Wheeler, ha ha ha. FvJ is a terrible film, while its fun to watch its terrible and I may be a bit biased because Im not a fan of the comedian known as Freddy he ruins it to me. If this was just another stand alone Friday the 13th film I could’ve totally lived with it because Jason does his normal thing which I enjoyed, but you bring Freddy in and we take a fun horror movie and turn it into Freddy’s Comedy comeback tour with pinball sound fx and one liners to boot. From the jokes, the one liners, the CG caterpillars and lastly that horrible winking shot at the end just ruins what could have been a serious “monster battle”. DUMB!!!! Also as I mentioned in case you have figured it out, I despise Freddy, other than the original Nightmare film, the rest is terrible.

    As for Jason X, again another movie that’s watchable, but at the same time just a solid piece of garbage. Ive seen this film maybe twice at most and its just not worth the time. Guilty pleasure at best.

    The 2009 film is pretty solid for a remake. I loved the opening scene and I loved that they took it back to its more serious roots. Obviously serious is relative, but what I mean is we get back to just plain and simple hulking deformed Jason killing in the woods. In my opinion this is a great remake and hoping they do another one to continue this story or at least follow this style.

  13. Ugh! I don’t understand how people can prefer Freddy vs. Jason and/or Friday the 13th (remake) over Jason X. What weird dimension am I living in? Someone please get me out of here! ARGH!

      • Juan, I’m with you. The series had jumped the shark when Jason went to Heck and when I watched Jason X I was busting a gut because I just didn’t take it seriously anymore. When the last truly good installment was part 6 and it was a horror comedy (doing both very well and light years above Jason X), I had no problem with Jason in space.

        I’ve seen Jason x at least five times and Freddy vs. Jason? Just once. I tried again later but shut it off after 15 minutes.

        • Haha I’m glad I could provide a laugh or two my friend.

          The Unknown Murderer, I’m also glad that you’re on my side. It seems like most of the hosts hate the movie, so I’m counting on the message boards to back me up on this. I mean, Jason X is not a cinematic achievement by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s far, FAR more entertaining than the other two F13 movies reviewed on this episode.

          • No way, Juan. The remake is better than the three that proceeded it and at least a couple from the original run.

            Jason X. It’s stupid fun if you like sci-fi and comedy. But, if you don’t and you actually want to see a Friday the 13th movie, it’s miserable.

          • I think I said this on the very first episode of this franchise review, but I don’t take these movies seriously. I think the first one is pretty serious, and maybe the second one too, but the rest are silly albeit fun and entertaining. I have a hard time judging these films as I would something more serious like Halloween for instance, so I just go by how much fun they provide me with. And Josh, the heart wants what it wants, and it wants Jason X buddy.

  14. I’ve just realised that I could have used this competition as a potential opportunity to make Josh watch “Xtro” which is a strange and terrifying sci-horror creature feature and a British film that I’m quite proud of us for. It gets so bizarre that there’s an almost Lynchian tone to it but with lots of cool gross out special effects. It’s a little B-grade but really cool and creepy. You should watch “Xtro” anyway Josh!

    • Great movie pick, David…Xtro is one of my favorites! So weird, disturbing, and violent!
      Guys: Please review this one!

        • And don’t be afraid to recommend movies like Josh is. I promise you that even if I don’t like the movie, I won’t consider it as time wasted.

        • Juan, I think there’s a good chance that you would like “Xtro”. It’s not a large scale sci-fi-horror but it’s effective for what it is. In spite of its low-budget B-movie tendencies it manages to be truly gruesome, strange and quite psychologically disturbing. It’s worth checking out at least once because there are some scenes that will definitely stick with you!

  15. As far as recommendations, I have four that may be of interest. I know that may be cheating, but I couldn’t decide which to recommend because I love all of them (not equally, mind you, but there’s a great amount of love for all four nonetheless. All of my picks are foreign, so hopefully watching them with subtitles won’t be a detractor for most of you.

    Shiver (2008, Spain)
    A Spanish film produced by Guillermo del Toro. Josh, I know this already interests you. I think the less you know about this movie, the more effective it’ll be. All I can say is that it’s a different take on a monster that you already know and love, but told in a more thriller-esque way than horror. The film does ride the line between the two pretty well.

    Alucarda (1977, México)
    This one might be better suited for the “Wolfman’s Got Nards” segment just because of the sheer amount of controversial content. Here are a few words that come to mind when thinking about the movie: sacrilegious, violent, graphic, sexual, perverse, extreme. Having said that, the movie is beautiful to look at. There is some incredible imagery here even if it’s graphic in nature and the movie has a lot to say. It’s not those things listed above just for the sake of it. It’s a very smart film and when taking into account the time when the film was made and the social conditions surrounding the film and the people who made it, it’s that much more powerful. Just to sell it even more—but hopefully not too much— the director (Juan López Moctezuma) is one of Guillermo del Toro’s biggest influences growing up.

    The Brainiac (1961, México)
    This movie is so much fun. It’s one of my favorite B-movies of all time. I think that anyone could potentially have a blast with it even if it’s in a foreign language to them. The special effects are awesome and the dialogue is super funny, particularly when listening to the dubbed version, which I’m usually against. I think the dubbing here works because it was translated literally, so it makes for some really funny and nonsensical scenes that when watched in Spanish are a bit more straightforward and serious. I think this one’s more for Doc than anyone else.

    Borgman (2013, Netherlands)
    This one may or may not be horror depending on your own personal sensibilities, but to me this is horror of the psychological kind at its best. It’s a really weird and surreal tale with some of the most horrific and disturbing imagery that I’ve seen. It’s not for everyone. I think Josh and Doc would enjoy it the most.

    I’m sorry that none of my picks cater to Jay’s particular taste in horror, but my main goal was to try to pick movies that have had little to no exposure. Anyway, that’s all I have. And just so you know—and I’m sure everyone feels the same way—you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t pick any of these.

    • I know you’ve mentioned “Borgman” before Juan and it has me intrigued. Is it in any way Sci-Fi? The title sounds as though it is.

      • Borgman is not sci-fi at all, David, but The Brainiac is. If I were to categorize Borgman, I would say it’s more of a surreal nightmarish fantasy.

        • “If I were to categorize Borgman, I would say it’s more of a surreal nightmarish fantasy.”

          Well that sounds bloody awesome too!

          • And when I say fantasy, I don’t mean full-on fantasy like elves and trolls and such. You’ll know what I mean when you watch the movie. I have to warn you that it’s a very sparse and very quiet film.

      • Haha fuuuuuu. I know Dino, I know. But I figured if Josh is allowed to cheat on his end of the year list, then I can too. Thanks for setting the example, Josh 😉

    • Wow! These sound great. I’ve never even heard of Shiver (2008) and The Brainiac sounds like its right up my alley. I back you up Juan, Alucarda is disturbing but beautiful at the same time. Thanks for the recs.

  16. For lesser known gems that you fellas should watch, I’d like to recommend the Devil’s Rain starring Ernest Borgnine, William Shatner and Tom Skerritt from 1976.

    It’s downright creepy in spots and while it borders on cheese a couple of times, the atmosphere and performances are solid, especially from Borgnine. He portrays the most hateful and evil antagonist I’ve seen in nearly any horror film. Especially when he’s wearing the goat man makeup.

    He was born for the role.

    I saw the film when I was a child in broad daylight one saturday morning after cartoons were over for the day. On a small black and white television, the menace came through and the loss of a soul to create darkened eyes (which I thought had been gouged out on my tiny television!) freaked me out. The final conflict between Tom Skerritt and the satanists at the end with all of it’s gooey special effects is a blast, and watch out for John Travolta melting into a puddle of slime in the rain.

    Man, I need to watch this again.

  17. Hey I was wondering if in the wrap-up episode you were going to address the theories running around that Jason can teleport? Also when and how do we find out the results of the contests? (You know I’m crushing on that poster)

  18. Also I want to follow up with my recommendations: my first one is Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things from 1972 (you can really tell its age). It starts off with a group of actors going to some island (I know I’m super great at telling stories) and their director makes them take part in some satanic ritual inevitably unearthing the dead. I really hated it at first but as the movie progressed I fell in love. Especially once the zombies came, I love horror movies from the 70s and 80s and tend to take to them better the grittier and crappier the production values are. The zombies actually have really good makeup though and something about the “no-style” of that era of movies tends to pull me into movies more than a movie with better cleaner cameras that feel too polished and too real life seeming. If that makes sense. I’m a big fan of italian horror so I’ll recommend “Beyond The Darkness” as well as “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie” (sometimes called Showdown at Manchester Morgue or something like that). Both are really great. Again, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie is a zombie movie and I really dig the English countryside setting and some interesting character plots. And zombies. Beyond the Darkness (Buio Omega) is about a housekeeper who kills the owner’s wife out of jealousy or something. Not really a spoiler as it happens right away. He’s a taxidermist and so he basically preserves his wife. So then he brings people over to kill them. I’m terrible at this but that movie is super gross and creepy and very high suspense in some parts. Now I’m shocked that I only picked movies from the 70s! But whatever.

    1)Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
    2)Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
    3)Beyond The Darkness

    Thanks guys! Good job as always on what you do, you will always have a listener in me.

  19. 5 quick comments:

    1. Great episode. Loved the new guest Robo, and as always Willis’ take on everything.
    2. Dr. Shock had some super comments
    3. ALWAYS mix your action figures, Jason. ALWAYS.
    4. @ David, Xtro is weird as hell, but it’s more sci-fi, don’t you think? (Maybe we’ll cover it on TSFP)
    5. The two movies that need to be discussed are The Peanut Butter Experiment (not a horror, scared me to death as kid) and Phantasm II. All the Phantasm movies are amazingly amazing, but II is amazingly amazingly amazing.

    • I’d say Xtro is pretty much the epitome of sci-fi-horror to me but I would love to hear it covered on the sci-fi podcast too. In fact I’d love for you guys to do an episode on B-movie sci-fi and could cover “Xtro” and stuff like “Forbidden World” (1982) and “Battle Beyond the Stars” (1980).

      Also, I’d like to hear the HMP hosts cover some of the “Phantasm” movies but I seem to recall Josh saying he really doesn’t like them?

      • I hate the Phantasm movies. This is the reason that Matt and I never watched horror movies together in high school. We have very different tastes. Of course, I’d be more than willing to cover the Phantasm franchise on the show. And, Mattroid would be the perfect Guest. William too. The whole band watched them together.

        • We watched plenty but admittedly we have different tastes in horror. Probably less-so now, but quiet different back then. I was a dingus, but I’ve matured into a dink, so…like…we’re good.

          • And I’ve devolved to dingus, so we’re probably on the same spectrum somewhere. You, William, and Jeremy always watched a bunch together. And I’d stay in the band room and fiddle around on the drums or guitar, maybe wander in occasionally. I was just never into the same movies you guys were for some reason, though.

        • The “Phantasm” movies aren’t great but I think they deserve credit for being creative and quite unique. They have the strange dream-logic of a childhood nightmare running throughout and I really like that feeling in a horror film.

  20. Here is my recommendation for review:
    “Long Weekend” (1978) – It is a lesser-known Aussie horror flick about a bickering couple that vacations at a remote beach. There is some unknown, vague evil presence that haunts them. As the tension mounts, the animals in the woods start to act weird, and violent. This is an awesome creepy movie that leaves ambiguous points. It’s one of those “Was this really happening, or was this happening?” conflicts. A fun, if obscure, movie that was low-budget with only a few actors and limited resources. Check it out!!

  21. Off subject but I’ve been bing watching Hannibal the last 2 days…half way through season 2 and gotta say its crazy insane…can’t believe its on regular TV…

    • I watched the first season and loved it but haven’t yet gotten into 2. Last year a DragonCon, I attended a panel about the Hannibal tv show called “Murder Wizard” and it was about how HL was able to get from point A to point B, find the time to kill people, frame people for killing people, throw lavish dinner parties, and manipulate everyone, without probing alibis or counting in travel time. Most of the people really disliked seas 2 because it went so far from the story-telling style of the first season.

      Back on subject, I’m watching FvsJ right now and it’s a fine monster movie. I’m a mash-up kind of person. I like all my action figures all mixed together because it’ll bring all kinds of new stories and adventures. Like; Jake the Dog and 1970s Batgirl and Captain America and some leopard spot head dude from Babylon 5 and MLP Applejack and the Creature from the Black Lagoon would be quite an adventure. I also like to swirl all the food on my plate together, so FvsJ is fine. I wonder if reading this last paragraph made Jay of the Dead have to breath into a paper sack with his head down between his knees. Sorry bro. Didn’t do it on purpose.

  22. As for all you haters of Freddy vs Jason and the remake…all I gotta say is…www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIMrFpnfvyI….

  23. I think some of yall are really missing the point about fvj . The movie is about a fun time and to give fans of both films for something to cheer for which they did to a lot of people . And with the Friday remake this is a different Jason then the ones we are used to . Most of new line Jason’s movies are cash grab . Jason x knows what it is that what’s so fun about the movie . To those that say Freddy became to jokey , he been making jokes in the first movie until the end we he got pissed off . I think people need to go back an really look at the first flim

    • Freddy and Jason go into a bar which is empty except for the surly looking bartender. Mistaking the pair of monsters for circus folk the bartender offers their drinks on the house if they can show him a trick. Before he’s even finished speaking Freddy has already plucked out his own lungs and is juggling them while riding a segway that he grew out of his ballsack on the ceiling, laughing obnoxiously. Meanwhile Jason kills the bartender and takes a beer.

    • Willis
      I can’t help but share my F vs. J. theater experience..I had basically the same you described – crazy cheering and jeering throughout…mostly a pro-Freddy crowd… I have to say it pissed me off though. There were these pre-teen girls right in front who were waayyy overboard on the loud commenting – just out of control. I almost had to go Voorhees-sleeping bag on those two dopes.
      Needless to say it took me out of the movie and I always associate that experience with that movie. Don’t get me wrong I love a fun theater audience and the cheering, but children shouldn’t be allowed to be that obnoxious, only adults!

  24. My recommendation is George A. Romero’s MARTIN (1977). When we think of Romero, of course, we think of zombies. I think MARTIN is interesting because it’s a non-zombie Romero film. It is also one of the earliest examples of Tom Savini’s special effects work.

    It’s probably not a crazy obscure film, but I do think it’s been largely underreported in horror circles.

    • I feel like I’ve heard the hosts mention “Martin” in the past but they’ve certainly never covered it properly and it would be a great one to hear them discuss. I’ve not actually seen it but a few of my friends seemed to love it. It would be a great one to watch just in time to hear the hosts here give it some in-depth attention.

      • I am a huge ‘Martin’ fan. While it may not be his (Romero) best, I do think it is the most interesting in its goals, story and technique.

      • They may have mentioned it, but I couldn’t remember. Between the current F13 dive (Tom Savini) and a mention of possibly doing Romero’s zombie flicks for the next franchise overview, I thought the timing was right for MARTIN.

        Plus, I wanted to choose a ’70s movie to try and stack the deck – I’m guessing JOTD will want to choose one from that decade so he can also use it for his “1970s Horror-thon” segment on MPW, as well as his upcoming ’70s horror special.

        • Whenever I see the name Martin, I can’t help but think of Martin Lawrence’s TV show, Martin. I know there probably aren’t a lot of fans of that show here, but there’s a reason why the show is very dear to me (besides the obvious love that I have for the show). It was around 1994 when I came to live to the U.S. and my English was very limited at the time. So, besides going to school to absorb the language, I would listen to the radio and watch a lot of TV with captions. Well, Martin was a show that would start right when I got back home from school and end just before lunch time. I have very fond memories of watching it every day and not only providing me with solid entertainment, but it exposed me to a culture that I was not familiar with (even if it was exaggerated or tweaked for TV purposes), but most importantly, it actually helped me learn English at a much faster pace. Kind of an odd story to tell at a horror site haha. Anyway, I’d like to cast a vote for Martin, the show 😉

          • Man, buzzkill! 😉

            Seriously, though, that’s a great story. It’s amazing how heavily tv and movies influence people’s integration into a new country. My father tells a similar story about when he came to the US in the ’70s.

            Thanks for sharing.

          • Haha sorry about that, man. I didn’t try to undercut your choice there. I’ve actually never seen Martin (the movie ;)) and I’m very curious about it.

            I love telling and hearing stories, but I tend to make them longer than they need to be haha. I’m the fluff king!

          • Ha, no worries man. I was just razzing you.

            If they don’t select MARTIN, it’ll more likely be because it’s not an entirely obscure film as opposed to your Martin Lawrence reflection.

          • Juan
            Of all TV shows, THAT one helped you learn English? I’m sorry that is funny – did Sha-nay-nay have a hand in teaching you about past participle and parallel structure??
            Sorry I couldn’t resist – that show was funny…your story about it is even funnier to me!

          • Hahaha you just gave me an idea for a voicemail, Josh. I’m a little self-conscious of my accent, I’m not sure why, but it makes me detest phone calls. I feel like I’m not myself when talking over the phone and thus it reflects on my accent. But for you guys, anything 😉

          • Well, my knowledge of the language was super, super basic prior to coming to the States. My vocabulary was comparable to that of a kindergartner and I didn’t know how to construct full sentences, let alone speak it fluently. Martin was a big influence, yes, but it wasn’t my only influence—Rap music also played a big part. The funny thing is that I speak very differently than from what you would think (was that racist? lol I didn’t know how else to phrase that). Anyway, I’ll call in and say hi to everyone and maybe provoke Jay and Josh haha.

          • It’s pretty cool, David. And it’s never too late bro. I’ve been heavily contemplating learning at least two other languages. I was thinking Italian and Portuguese because they’ll be the easiest to pick up for me. But I really would love to learn Japanese and German. Does anyone have experience with or know of any real success stories with Rosetta Stone? I’m curious if it really is that good of a learning system.

          • Well I had to do French at secondary school and even back then I wasn’t smart enough to learn much of it. And I’ve only gotten dumber!

  25. Great show, guys! I’m a Jason X apologist…I had a lot of fun with it. Keep up the good work. I’m from Portland, Oregon. Have you seen Zombie Honeymoon? It’s a small, low budget 2004 film that’s pretty fun, actually.

    • I love Jason X too Nisu Shah, but I’ve never have nor intend to apologize for it. And I’m dead serious about that. I’m looking at all you Jason X haters. On a lighter note, I second Josh’s comment. It’s great to see you around here. We never interacted much, but I remember seeing your name pop up quite often.

  26. So, yesterday I got a random phone call from a 385 number – 10 seconds of heavy breathing and then click. I’m looking at you, JOTD and/or Wolfman Josh.

    • Creepy and after that story you told the other day about your sons Kruegeresque nightmare.

      You don’t live on an Elm St do you?

    • Honestly, I didn’t even know that 385 was a Utah area code until I Googled it just now. 801 is the original that the hardcore represent (yes, I’m serious). And 435 is the only other one I knew. So, it was definitely not me. Maybe is was a threat from Jay’s wife to stop taking up so much of his time with these horror podcasts.

      • Well, then put on a cup of Joe. It’s going to be a late night!

        I just sent in some of my thoughts on the franchise. I don’t know that they necessarily bring any value to the conversation, but the email has my rankings and ratings for the franchise. I wanted to try and make sure they were included in your cumulative rankings, if it’s not too late.

        Happy ‘casting.

        • Jay included the emailed numbers into those I culled from the site, so don’t worry about that. Most of the comments we read were from website comments as well (and you made several appearances) along with a few voicemails. I just wanted to let the listening masses know what great conversation they were missing with you guys here in the site.

          • That’s cool. Like I said, I just wanted to make sure you guys got my franchise rankings into the mix. After all this, it would be a tragedy if JASON X or FREDDY VS. JASON somehow managed to make it far up the listener rankings, so every vote against counts!

            I had planned on sending in a recorded message, but everything I could think of sharing was more personal in nature and probably wouldn’t have contributed much to the conversation. That’s why I ultimately decided to just email in a few notes. Nobody needs to hear me wax poetic on my love affair with Friday the 13th.

            Hopefully you guys are happy with how the recording went. Friday (errrr… Sunday?) can’t come soon enough!

          • Man! So much hatred for Jason X! I just don’t get it. Am I crazy? Is my sense of humor just that incongruent with yours? This makes me sad, guys, real sad. And I was just starting to grow fond of y’all :/

          • @Juan – Yeah, you’re not going to like where I have JASON X ranked on my franchise list. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the movie – it’s good, stupid fun – but it really spits in the face of the franchise.

            Sorry bro.

          • It’s ok. I’m only half joking. I guess I don’t have the same level of respect for the series that you do. Not that I don’t respect it, but I’m not as strict to keep the “integrity” of the series intact or close to intact. I guess our rankings are going to cancel each other’s because I ranked it pretty high haha.

  27. Hey guys. Here’s some great underseen horror movies that I had recently seen for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed.

    Clown (2014)
    Baby Blood (1990)
    Baby Blues (2008) – not to be confused with the (2013) film.
    The Church (1988)

    • Mangloid! Where’ve you been!

      “The Church” is one I don’t think I’ve heard of before but I’m already intrigued. I’m always on the look-out for undiscovered 1980’s gems.

      • Hey David! I’ve been here just lurking in shadows.

        The Church is pretty good for an obscure gem. It was originally conceived as a sequel to “Demons” but seemed good enough to stand alone on its own.

  28. Off-topic, but I just found out that an art house theater about 20 miles from me will be showing IT FOLLOWS for a few days beginning next Friday. Already bought my tickets. I’m stoked!

      • I’ve been avoiding the trailers and any synopsis of the movie. I want to go into it as blind as possible. I just have eight more days to go…

        • the trailer gives nothing away. that’s part of what i love. it’s that voice over with some on screen stuff but really vague. feels very 80s. hope it’s good.

    • They just announced yesterday that it is going to get a wide release. A big victory for this of us who appreciate quality horror. We need to support it so more of its type start appearing in theaters a swell.

      • That’s good news. The art house theater I’ll be seeing it at next weekend is small and intimate – just 50 seats and a 16′ x 9′ screen. If I like the movie, I’ll probably end up seeing it again on a larger screen to do my part.

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  30. Man I remember when Jason X came out, guess I was 11 then. Everybody wanted to see it, but of course being so young we couldn’t. I saw it years later and…meh. It was OK but honestly idk when I’ll watch it again. Freddy Vs Jason came out when my friends and I were 13. Freddy Krueger and the Univesal Monsters are what got me into horror so of course I was dying to see a Freddy movie in theaters! I’ll never forget my dada taking me and my friends to Jackson,TN to see it opening day!!! I liked it ok, I think I just liked the experience more than the movie. Freddy got one, repeat ONE kill in the movie, although it was so freakin cool!!! I do like how it made Freddy more of a threat again, and seeing Robert playing the toasted monster one more time was bittersweet, however it was not scary in the least. I’m a huge Freddy fan and a very very big Jason fan as well and while I know some people will talk about how Freddy is not scary but funny, even The Dream Child was very dark and serious, FVJs atmosphere reminded me of Freddy’s Dead, which is not good lol.
    The problem is brought to light in one of the “Making Of” interviews with Ronny Yu, “first you make the audience laugh and then BOOM you hit them with another scare”

    Now I understand how it could work like that. For instance in Jaws, whenRoy Scheider says “slow ahead…I can go slow ahead come down and chum some of this $hi@!” And the shark first REALLY appears, that is a laugh that escalates into a scream. That was a moment when the audience is lulled into a false sense of security. We haven’t seen the shark for a while now, quints in the crows nest, hoopers playing solitaire on the deck, and poor chief Brody has been chumming,clearly, for a while now. Now compare that to Kelly Rowland’s speech to Freddy only for her to be smashed into a tree by Jason, that’s hilarious. Her acting is absolutely nauseating, the tree smash is just soooo surreal and Freddy’s “ooh” when she finally bites it makes it instantly funny, not scary.

    While I prefer Freddy, Jason was soooo misused in this. He almost looks fat, I understand Ken is a big guy and he’s very bulky, but it didn’t translate to Jason’s costume well for me. Jason’s afraid of water?! Really?! He moves more like Karloffs Frankenstein, or worse Lugosis frankenstein. Jason is NOT sympathetic, I could see Leatherface being sympathetic but not Jason. Freddy was dark and creepy as he should be and just plain evil, that part makes me happy, but Jason is not Godzilla, he can’t go from bad guy to antihero. I’ll stick to a Nightmare on Elm Street 1-5 and New Nightmare, and Friday 1-8.

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