Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 049: Spring (2015) and Psychomania (1973) and Dr. Shock’s Top 5 Lionel Atwill Movies

Franensteinian 49

This is Episode 049 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this Frankensteinian (hodge-podge) episode, your hosts bring you a Feature Review of a 2015 film called Spring. Dr. Shock also reviews an oddity from 1973 called Psychomania, and he brings you his picks for the Top 5 Lionel Atwill Movies. We also answer some voicemails, including a question from Adam who asks our crew for some good SLASHER RECOMMENDATIONS. We oblige. And of course, Wolfman’s Got Nards. Join us!

Horror Movie Podcast is a weekly show that’s released every Friday. We generally release two kinds of episodes: 1. Frankensteinian – which is a random hodge-podge or horror movie reviews and discussions from any era. 2. Themed Episodes – where we explore a specific horror-related them and provide in-depth reviews of films that illustrate said theme.

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I. Introduction
— Is Dr. Shock really “Frank the Bunny”?
— Some opinions about filmmaker Richard Kelly

[ 0:06:15 ] II. Feature Review: SPRING (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 5.5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( Strong Rental )

[ 0:33:17 ] III. Review by Dr. Shock: Psychomania (1973)
Dr. Shock = 7.5 ( Rental )

[ 0:43:14 ] IV. Listener Voicemails / SLASHER RECOMMENDATIONS
— Voicemail from Michael the security guard in Cape Coral, Florida
— Voicemail from Scott in Central Arkansas about “Oculus”
— Voicemail from Adam in New Mexico who asks for some must-see Slasher picks

[ 1:10:50 ] V. Wolfman’s Got Nards: Rabid (1977)
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental )
Jay of the Dead = 4.5 ( Avoid )

1. Doctor X (1932)
2. Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)
3. Man Made Monster (1941)
4. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (1943)
5. Son of Frankenstein (1939)

[ 1:43:45 ] VII. HMP Horror News and Miscellany:
— Ask the HORROR MOVIE ANSWER MEN your burning questions about horror: HorrorMovieAnswerMen@gmail.com
— The new Poltergeist remake and its poster
— Rant: Late Phases title and poster art and other idiotic marketing changes
— Two new Friday the 13th Projects

VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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Jay of the Dead

166 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 049: Spring (2015) and Psychomania (1973) and Dr. Shock’s Top 5 Lionel Atwill Movies

  1. Watched ‘Spring’ last night and agree with pretty much everything you guys said. I get the Linklater comparisons but more than anything this film felt like it was filmed in 1995 which was odd but not necessarily a bad thing.

    I thought the movie felt a little rushed at the end. Would have liked a little more story after our main character finds out what is going on – I think the overall length of the film was fine but they could have trimmed some of the earlier scenes. The drunk frat guy in the alley scene could have been taken out completely; felt like I was in an annoying Eli Roth film for a second. But overall very unique take on the ‘Creature Feature.’ I’d fall somewhere around a 6.5. Think everyone should check it out. Don’t completely get this ‘true horror fans might not like this’ discussion; if that is the case for some people, I would suggest broadening your film intake. It might do you some good.

    Loved the slasher discussion. A few that popped in my head I don’t believe were mentioned were ‘Tenebrae/Unsane’ (1980) – an Argento film that does not get enough love and is getting a big blu ray release later this year; ‘Sleepless’ is another great and underrated Argento film; for people that think he hasn’t done anything worth watching since Opera, check this early 2000’s giallo out – well worth it. Great mystery at it’s core as well. I would also reccomend ‘Eyes of Laura Mars’ which is a clever Americanized version of the Giallo and ‘Delirium,’ a late 80’s Lamberto Bava film that does not get enough love; and Serena Grandi might very well be the most beautiful woman to ever appear in an Itallian horror film which is quite a feat.

    Loved the show; enjoying the weekly editions.

    • I’ve just finished listening to the Slasher discussion now and I loved it! These guys really threw out some excellent suggestions. It seemed like every time I thought up a good recommendation that had yet to be mentioned one of the hosts would drop that very movie.

      I do have a few to add though; I always feel like the “Psycho” sequels get overlooked when the topic of decent 80’s slashers comes up. “Psycho 2” in particular is a surprisingly good movie and “Psycho 3”, while a little more generic, is still well worth a watch. I’d also throw “April Fools Day”,”Happy Birthday to Me”, “Slaughter High”, “Hell Night”, “Terror Train” “Popcorn” and “Basket Case” (though the later is more of a monster movie with dark comedic elements it does bare quite a few slasher components) but some of these movies are better than others.

      • What about Bloody Birthday? It doesn’t seem to get as much love, but I think it’s hilariously horrific! If you’re into creepy killer kids, then I highly recommend it.

      • Agree 100% on Psycho II David. That’s a top 5 80’s slasher for me. Talk about a movie that should have never worked and not only did but knocked it out of the park imo.

        Also love April Fool’s Day and Happy Birthday to Me (which also works as an American Giallo).

        I’ve got to give Psycho III another chance one of these days. I just remember not caring too much for it. The newer characters seemed like pale retreads of previous installments – Fahey was a poor man’s Franz from what I remember and the tension just wasn’t there or the great mystery elements that the first two films possessed.

        • I’m glad you like “Psycho II” as much as I do Jonathan. I always get the feeling that people don’t give that movie a chance because on paper a follow up to “Psycho” just sounds like a bad idea. Of course its not up to the standards of the original but that doesn’t mean its not a great horror flick on its own merit.

          As for “Psycho III” it’s been a few years for me too but I recall being a film that distanced itself from the psychological/mystery elements present in the first and second film and went more for a straight forward Slasher approach. It’s not as compelling as the first sequel but for what it is I think it’s pretty good fun.

          And Juan: “Bloody Birthday” is one I haven’t seen. The kids don’t crack wise with one-liners while committing their grisly crimes do they?

          • David, I don’t recall if the kids had cheesy one liners, but I do remember the kills and situations to be pretty ridiculous — In a so bad it’s good kind of way of course. It’s a lot if fun, especially if you accompany the movie with friends and beer.

      • “Slaughter High” excellent and incredibly entertaining. Good call, David.

        “April Fool’s Day”..ugh man that one doesn’t belong, sorry. To quote Teddy Bear from F13 part 4, it was a “dead f**k”

        • @Grey Imp
          What?! It’s one of the best horror movies from the ’80s! It’s in my top 10 for sure. It’s got one of the best, if a bit polarizing, endings of all time!

        • “April Fools Day” is a strange one for me. The ending is undeniably frustrating if you’re hoping for a satisfying Slasher but I can’t help but admire that about it. Otherwise I think the film is pretty good fun.

          • I understand said frustrations, but I guess that’s what I love about it. In a sea of slashers where everyone dies and there’s no real happy endings, “April Fools” decided to flip the script and give the audience something completely unexpected, yet very fitting for its title. I mean, everyone should’ve seen it coming with a title like that, but no one did. Well, at least I didn’t.

        • Totally worth watching if you can compartmentalize them as 80s movies rather than comparing them directly to the original classic. I actually really like Psycho IV as well. And I’m starting to get into Bates Motel, which has some similarities to IV. It’s a fun universe.

          • I remember you mentioning PSYCHO IV on the show before. I think I may have caught a scene from III while channel surfing about 10 years ago… seemed interesting enough, but I didn’t want to keep watching since I had missed the beginning. I’m going to add this series to my queue. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Jonathan, it’s not so much about “true” horror fans, but we absolutely have a contingent of our audience who ONLY watch horror movies as well as a contingent (that Jay falls into) of people who watch other movies, but are very rigid about what they are willing to consider a horror movie. I’m sorry if the discussion is annoying, but debates like these are inherent to fandom and they just keep coming up. Wait until you hear all the back-peddling I do on our upcoming “Arthouse Vampires” themed episode. I’m almost embarrassed about how much I found myself apologizing for my tastes.

      • Understand and most definitely not annoying. Genre discussion amongst fans is always interesting. Apologies if my comment came across that way.

        • No apologies necessary. I find it annoying, myself. It’s just part and parcel when people are as passionate about something as we and our listeners are about movies. I’d personally like to curb that portion of the discussion but, like any good monster, it just won’t die!

  2. Jay I can’t believe you dismiss “The Dorm that Dripped Blood” so readily (especially when you then go on to recommend something as mind-corrodingly dumb and awful as “Chain Letter”!). Sure “Dorm” wears its low budget on its sleeves and is nothing too special but I think it’s a fairly atmospheric and effective little Slasher nonetheless.

  3. Also, Josh and Doc’s reactions when Jay mentioned how he likes to quote “Tourist Trap” to his daughter were utterly priceless.

  4. Doc sure loves telling that blind Frankenstein story from “Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman” but I love listening to Doc tell that story!

    • I knew I talked about this before, but couldn’t remember which podcast I was on when I did so. I should probably start keeping better track of these things!

      I will officially retire it now.

  5. Love this show. I am in awe of Wolfman’s knowledge and loved the joke about Jay and his 5 star ratings. Thank you for helping me break my political talk radio addiction that was making me go insane.

    Watched Preservation after hearing about it on here and glad I did, thanks.

  6. I don’t think I like your usage of the word second-tier, Jay. I know what you mean when you say it, but it does bug me quite a bit. It just sound so much more negative than you intend.

    Also, after two years of listening to you, your scoring system is still pretty confusing, Jay. Why would you use a scale of 1-10, but use it differently than intended? 1 through 6 are used to rate failure and mediocrity, and 7-10 are used to rate above average and greatness. When you rave about a movie and then score it a 5 or a 6, it makes my brain hurt :(

    Wolfman and Doc, you guys should put up a poll to decide whether Jay should adjust his rating scale to reflect normal standards.

    • Juan you are my good buddy but I’m afraid I can’t help but disagree about Jay’s rating scale. I do understand that it can be a little confusing by way of unconventionality but ultimately I believe that if you put anyone’s approach to rating art under the microscope you’d find all sorts of incongruities and anomalies. Personally I like the way Jay rates. It feels like he’s allowing a broader spectrum for films of an above average quality and it allows more specific detail with regards to the upper echelons of his rating scheme. Surely it’s more progressive and useful to have greater delineation between the relative quality levels of good movies than bad ones. Anything 4/10 and under may as well be a 1/10 as far as most people are concerned so I applaud Jay for allow himself further ability to make distinctions between the movies we might actually want to watch.

      • David, the reason to have a clear and sound scoring system (if you must have one) is to be able to clearly distinguish good movies from bad movies. If your system is confusing, then you’ll confuse the people that go by your system. Like it or not, most of us have been conditioned to follow a grading system that allows us to associate a grade to the quality or lack thereof of something. Whether this system is in the shape of letters, numbers, or stars, all scoring systems are clear identifiers of quality vs. junk, and they all work in a very similar manner. Jay grew up with this system, I did too, and I’m sure you did as well. So why change it into something that’s not intuitive? In school, if my score on a test was that of a 6, neither my parents, nor my professors, nor I would be raving about it. So it confuses me when Jay raves about a movie and then proceeds to score it a 6. Is it Jay’s fault that I’m conditioned to think this way? Absolutely not! Should he change his scoring system for me? He shouldn’t change it for me, but if the large majority of people are as confused as I am, then I think he should reconsider for the sake of clarity. I’m not saying that more conventional rating systems are perfect, they’re flawed just as much as we ourselves are. But like I said, if the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, why zigzag?

        -Your loving buddy, Juan.

        • I don’t necessarily have a problem with the scale, just how he uses it, and the seeming incongruity between the praise he’ll give a film and the mediocre scores he then saddles it with. The confusing thing about the scale is that we tend to think of 1-10 in terms of percentages, and at least for those of us schooled in the US, 5 or 50% is an “F” or failure. With this scale, you have to think of “F” as a 1 and and “A” as a 10. A 5 is then the median, so it’s closer to a “C” rating, in school terms. The confusing thing is when Jay talks about like a movie like it’s the best thing he’s seen all year and then gives it a “C” rating. By the way, all of this is why I’m against ratings. Art shouldn’t be graded. The value of the podcast is in the discussion and, to a lesser extent, the recommendation. Ratings be damned.

          • I concur. But part of me loves to see a number, just for the sake of a first impression. The first thing I do when a new episode is up is check the scores haha. Shallow as it may be, it brings me much joy.

          • Exactly, so if a 5/10 would be an “F” wouldn’t that make anything under 5 irrelevant and 6/10 and 7/10 “D” kind of grades? That’s nonsensical if you ask me. Jay’s method by which anything above 5 is a decent rating gives him more numbers to play with to express the nuances of a films quality.
            I do agree that it’s odd when he has almost nothing negative to say about a film yet comes in with a 5.5/10 or something though. I put this normally put this down to his own weird personal preferences though. Still I don’t think we should force the ratings systems to become too impersonal. I say let Jay stretch the meaning of numbers as far as he can and just be thankful for the sake of Utah’s children that he isn’t a school teacher. Not only would he confuse them with a grade of “F” beside an “excellent work” annotation but he might very well traumatise them by quoting terrifying horror film dialogue.

          • For me, I don’t equate the 1-10 rating scale with a traditional U.S. school grading system (I don’t know how the rest of the world’s school grading systems work). That would be confusing… I feel like that is how the original rating scale worked from TWHMP, because anything from 0.5-4.5 was an avoid (i.e. an “F”). That’s probably why, midway through the run of that show, JOTD decided to loosen the straps on keeping the number rating aligned with the recommendation.

            Personally, I see a 5/10 as an average film, so anything in the 5.5-7.5 range is above average, 8-9.5 is exceptional, and 10s are masterpieces. Conversely, anything in the 3-4.5 range is below average, 1-2.5 is poor, and 0.5s are an offense against humankind.

            By this standard, I would speak positively about a film that falls in the 5.5-6.5 range (for example), which aligns with thoughts I’ve shared in the past about movies such as DELIVER US FROM EVIL (5.5/10), THE DEN (5.5/10), OCULUS (6.5/10), and THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN (6.5/10), to name a few. These are all movies that I quite liked and would recommend to others, but also have some serious drawbacks for me that keep the ratings in the “just” above average range.

            I don’t want to speak for JOTD, but it seems like he goes by a pretty similar standard.

    • Juan,
      Just for you (and everyone else who has wondered), I prepared a special blog post explaining my rating system. As bribery, there is the chance of winning a prize for those who read it.

      I will address my “second-tier” classification another time. But here is a sincere and earnest answer for you about my use of the 10-point rating scale:



  7. Josh is not way off on his avoid recommendation of High Lane. It’s a terrible film on all accounts and it’s one of the worst movies that I’ve ever seen horror or not. Jay, how can you like this movie, but hate The Conjuring? High Lane is EXTREMELY laughable and yet out of the two movies, The Conjuring is the one that made you laugh. What backwards world am I living in?! Let’s put this up to a vote too. High Lane is a 3.

  8. I need to stop saying things like “as I was saying earlier in the show” because then Jason edits the episode and rearranges the order of the segments and people probably think I’m crazy. This is all.

  9. Hey, guys, another great show, as always! Wofman Josh, you really should see Occulus. I really like it! Dr. Schock, don’t waste your time with High Lane; I didn’t really care for it…sorry Jay of the Dead.
    Secondly, how do you guys watch your movies? Do you buy all of them or do you stream them? Which are your favorite sites?
    Loving the weekly episodes!!!! Makes my Friday’s even better!

    • Yeah, why won’t you see Oculus, Josh? Are you under the impression that it’s really crappy? It’s actually quite decent.

      • Same here. I was very doubtful going into it, especially when I saw the WWE logo. But I was very surprised and very pleased with what I saw. It’s not a game changer or a masterpiece, but it’s damn solid!

        • I had the opposite reaction. I went into it with high hopes, and was somewhat letdown. In the end, I agree that it’s a decent horror flick. I give it a 6.5/10. Not a waste of time, but also not necessary viewing.

  10. Hey Jay…I took your advice and finally watched Found….I really liked it but holy crap! I gotta say that the 2 kills in the movie were almost more than I could take…and I’ve seen it all…Disturbingly hardcore indeed! You said buy it but I don’t think I would want to sit through those scenes again!

  11. Even though I’m starting to get hungry for some themed-episode goodness, this Frankensteinian offering was a heck of a lot of fun to listen to.

    I’d also like to point out my appreciation of Dr. Shock as a proponent of horror from decades gone by. He’s always showcasing forgotten classics and educating us on the history of the genre and in a world sometimes obsessed with it’s own modernity it’s really refreshing stuff.

    • I second this. There are two lists that, hopefully sooner rather than later, I’ll fulfill and then feel more worthy of being called a self professed horror and sandwich connoisseur. The lista that I’m referring to are of course David’s list on Japanese horror and Doc Shock’s list on classic horror. I’m calling it Doc Shock’s list because he approved of it and gave it his mad blessing, but someone else put it together and I can’t remember this person’s name, but whoever you are, thanks bro (non-sarcastic remark).

      • I’ve forgotten what’s on my Japanese horror list now and although I think I know the classic list of Doc’s that you’re referencing I don’t remember where it was posted. Do you have a link, Juan?

        • David, I’m sorry but I do not possess such link. I will look for it and post it sometime tomorrow. Right now I’m off to see Kumiko , the Treasure Hunter and hopefully It Follows for a second time. It all depends how sleepy/drunk I am by the end of the first movie. Cheers!

    • I’ve listened to this episode twice, now. I concur that it was a lot of fun (especially the slasher recommendations that were flying around). But, my favorite part of the whole episode was when they mentioned that they’re review of IT FOLLOWS is dropping next week in episode 50.

      David, have you seen it yet?

      • “David, have you seen it yet?”

        I’m afraid not and I doubt it’ll be showing anywhere around these parts and although I am excited to see it, as usual I don’t mind being somewhat late to the party. Is it available for streaming yet?

        • Unfortunately, not streaming yet. It did so well in its original limited theatrical release that the distributor decided to delay its VOD release to give it a wider theatrical release.

        • Of the three big indie movies in this string of episodes — Spring, It Follows, and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night — It Follows is the one to get out of the house and go see in a theater, David. Seriously, keep an eye out for it.

          Lots of Frankenstein eps coming up, guys. Sorry about that. We needed a break. Arthouse Vampires is episode 51, listener picks is 52, and then it is end of May before we get another themed ep.

          • >Wolfman Josh on April 15, 2015 at 11:59 pm said:
            “Of the three big indie movies in this string of episodes — Spring, It Follows, and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night — It Follows is the one to get out of the house and go see in a theater, David. Seriously, keep an eye out for it.”

            Listen to the Wolfman, David. He’s right on this one, and that’s not to take anything away from SPRING or AGWHAAN. They were both really good (I would say great, in the case of AGWHAAN), but IT FOLLOWS is one that you should really see in the theater.

            In fact, I just purchased tickets to see it again. Going to leave work early today and catch a matinee… starts in an hour. #priorities

  12. I’m watching The Dead right meow. One hour and ten minutes into it and I’m not feeling it at all. It’s aight. A bunch of zombie killing is not my idea of a great zombie movie, unless it’s done with style. I don’t remember who recommended this, but whoever it was, thanks bro. I could’ve been at a bbq! :/

    By the way, what does everyone think of it?

    • I literally just watched that for the first time a few weeks ago. I liked it but more as a survival-thriller than a horror film. I thought it was very well made and had some intense moments and a harrowing ending but I do think that it’s maybe slightly overrated and I generally tend to prefer my zombie flicks to have a little more in the way of campiness and comic-book splatter. It’s probably a 6.5/10 for me.

      • I thought it was decently made. For an independent movie, it looks fine, but there are certain things that are usually present in independent horror movies that I just can’t get past like acting and sound. But The Dead suffers from far worse than just shoddy acting, and mediocre sonic waves. The movie had no emotional impact on me whatsoever. I’m very well aware of the scenes that were supposed to make my feelings surface. The problem is that I felt no emotional attachment to any of the characters. That’s kind of a big problem when part of the big payoff is an emotional strike to one’s jugular. The character s’ failures or successes meant nothing to me and their journey bored me to death. This isn’t what I would call a slow movie, but it was so uneventful that I found myself taking micro naps throughout. I honestly don’t have many positives and although this is a far cry from being the worst zombie movie I’ve ever seen, sometimes a mediocre movie is worse than a bad movie. This is a 4. Avoid!

        Sorry for being a party pooper, my friend.

        • Wow, really? Are you talking about the film set in Africa from 2010? I remember thinking it was excellent. There was a void there in zombie movies for awhile and this was the best for a long stretch when it came out (right before The Walking Dead). I haven’t gotten back to it, but if you take it in context, we were getting movies like Flight of the Living Dead as “serious” zombie films. The only good zombie movies out at that time were comedies like Fido and Zombieland, so I found this really refreshing. I also LOVE the setting. I thought it was a unique film worth checking out and I bought the DVD, but I will have to watch this again. Maybe for our upcoming “State of the Modern Zombie” episode with Kyle Bishop.

  13. I’ll have to keep a lookout for “Spring”. I though Lou Pucci was great in Evil Dead! (SPOILER ALERT) Saw it at the Thursday night midnight premier night before it was released and honestly I let out an audible “no!” When he was killed towards the end, I honestly really liked his character Eric. To tell you the truth I loved all the characters in the remake, and I’m a huge Ash fan. I really wanted David to live as well as Eric and honestly felt bad when they bit the dust. Gotta say I love the Lionel Atwill top 10 list. I thought he was amazing in Son of Frankenstein and honestly his monologue concerning the loss of his arm gave me chills. We never got to see the monster tear it off, but just the images my imagination can produce of the monster attacking a child like that are purely horrifying! So thank you very much Dr Shock! I love the Classic horror movies especially those from Universal! I can’t help but think that the next one who was “only in two movies” will be Dwight Frye. Sure hope so, he’s very under rated as well. If it is, please be sure to mention the Alice Cooper song “The Ballad of Dwight Frye” very dark, chilling, and heartbreaking song. Keep up the good work guys!!!!! Can’t wait to hear next weeks episode!!!!

    • Started it last night, but fell asleep almost immediately. It wasn’t the movie, it was me. I’m actually really looking forward to it, and will probably give it another go tonight.

      What are your thoughts on it?

        • I watched STARRY EYES (and two other horror films) earlier today. I’ll be posting some thoughts on the three movies later today or tomorrow.

    • I’ve heard good things about this movie but the premise reminds me a great deal of “A Serbian Film” and that kind of puts me off.

        • I’m sure it’s not. it was just the whole “person auditioning for a role that isn’t quite what it seems” kind of set up that gave me that impression (if that’s even what “Starry Eyes” is about? I could be way off but I’m sure I heard that somewhere). Of course that doesn’t mean the films are in any way similar; I’m sure they aren’t, it just kind of made me shudder is all.

          • The “person auditioning for a role that isn’t quite what it seems” is definitely the premise of the film, but I’m guessing it plays out differently between the two. STARRY EYES is more about two other main themes, though, both of which it shoves down our throats.

            Like I said, I think it’s a solid horror flick, but not essential viewing. If you decide to pass it up, though, but feel like seeing a truly disturbing kill scene, I’d recommend searching for “starry eyes dumbbell kill” on YouTube.

  14. Hey guys another entertaining episode as always! Love the Linklater/Lovecraft reference for “Spring”. I also had wished Jeremy Gardner had a bigger role in it. I really think it would have been better if it had a darker or more melancholy ending. If you wanted to watch a horror movie with your significant other (life partner, 2000 year old love interest with a skin condition, etc) and they aren’t into horror, I think this could be a good compromise movie. I liked it.
    As far as “Poltergeist” goes I am super psyched for it. Sam Raimi is producing, it has Sam Rockwell, Rosemary Dewitt, and Jared Harris. It’s gotta be good right? Should I temper my expectations for it? We’ll see.

    • I’m really looking forward to POLTERGEIST as well, but mostly because I’m not a huge fan of the original. I somehow escaped my youth having not seen it… the first time I actually watched it from start to finish was about a year or two ago, and I didn’t think it aged well (since I didn’t have the nostalgia factor going). It’s an interesting premise, so hopefully a well-done remake will be what the doctor ordered for me.

      • #youcannotbeserious

        Bro my God! How can you write these words on a horror podcast comment board?! Poltergeist is one of the greats, man. Even by today’s standards, I think it’s still a great (and great looking) movie. What about it did you dislike/hate/abhor ?

        • Oh and as far as being excited about the remake, I’m super excited. I don’t know what these guys have against the poster. I think it looks fine. So it features the clown, so what? It’s not as iconic as the original, but it’s pretty ok.

        • @Juan – There was nothing in particular that I disliked, hated, or abhorred about POLTERGEIST. I just wasn’t blown away by it. Like I said, I don’t think it aged particularly well. The characters and premise are all great, but it just fell short for me for some reason. In fact, there were some parts, particularly in the end, that just seemed a bit silly. It’s a 7/10 for me.

          Maybe it was one of those cases where a movie had been built up for so long, it would have been near impossible to live up to the hype. I’ll probably give it a re-watch at some point… maybe with my expectations tempered, I’ll enjoy it better.

  15. Dino from Cleavo had a most excellent idea and it seems like it’s not getting the attention that it deserves because it’s posted in last week’s comments. Since Jason X, Doc Shock, the Wolfman, and Dr. Walking Dead have a dedicated thread for their top ten horror movies of all time list, Dino thought that it would be cool for everyone to post their lists there. I urge everyone to post their lists so we can laugh at each other, point fingers, criticize, and judge each other’s tastes. I mean, isn’t that why we’re all here? Anyway, I leave you with Dino’s wise words and a link to where you can post your list:

    “Apart from being a self-proclaimed BraveStarr junkie, I think it would be a good way to quickly make fun of everyone’s horror preferences.”


    • Ha… I actually had to look up what BraveStarr was. Nice.

      I’m hoping JOTD mentions it on the show. That place could be a nice, living thread of classic horror discussion, but I know only a small fraction of the show’s listeners ever actually visit the site. Maybe if they hear it on the show, they’ll be more likely to stop by and join the conversation.

      • “Ha… I actually had to look up what BraveStarr was.”

        I bet Willis Wheeler wouldn’t have had to look up what “BraveStarr” was. For shame Dino.

        Also, concerning the fact that only a small fraction of the listeners venture to this site, does that make any of you other comment regulars feel kind of weird when you get mentioned on the podcast. Are 95% of the listeners just thinking “Who the hell is this Juan guy they keep mentioning?”. Sometimes I worry that whenever one of my meandering and palaverous comments is read out on the show there are thousands of listeners thinking “I don’t want to hear the noxious gabbing of this conceited dolt! Cease!”

          • You guys are #jerks!

            Haha just kidding bros. I’ve wondered the very same thing many times, David. But then again, why should I deprive myself from being an active participant when I love it so much. It’s not like I do it to get attention. I mean, I know David does it for that reason, but that’s cool, I’m not going to judge him. I know Dino is pretty judgemental of him, but that’s cool as long as David doesn’t find out… doh!

          • One thing that I’ve noticed after reading past comments of mine is that my contributions to the various conversations have diminished from actual semi-intelligent thoughts to just goofing around with the people that I’ve grown fond of. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I guess as long as Jay doesn’t grow tired of me and kicks me out of the boards, it’s all gravy.


          • Juan, you’re cracking me up in these comments this week.

            David, I’ve actually worried about the same thing because I thought it might make the show feel smaller than it is if we just mention the same 3 dudes every episodes, or some percentage of the same 10 listeners. I’ve gotten over it. Ultimately, we’re mentioning your comments because we like your comments and we appreciate you guys holding down the fort. As I’ve said before, listener response, especially from intelligent listeners who get what we are doing, makes it all worthwhile.

        • I second David’s comment. How in the blue hell do you not know about BraveStarr?! I mean, if you missed that growing up, I highly recommend that you at least watch a few episodes just to get that part of your missing childhood back. A four-legged horse that transforms into a two-legged horse hahaha there’s hardly anything better than that.

          • Eyes of the hawk! Ears of the wolf! Strength of the bear! Speed of the puma!

            With opening song lyrics like that, you had to know I’d be all about this show.

            I will say, haven’t revisited it. I was scared off after I bought a box set for another of my favorites, SilverHawks. That REALLY did not hold up. So, I’ve not checked in with ThunderCats or BraveStarr and can be content with my childhood memories.

  16. Great episode, guys!

    Dr. Shock’s outtakes angry rant made my day!
    Hahahahahaha LOL!
    Doc strikes me as a nice guy, but when his kids’ downloading starts getting in the way of HMP, he turns into the step-dad from Halloween part 6!
    It sounded like JOTD was more taken aback than any of us when Dr. Shock expressed his desire to “discipline” his kids.

    Jay: We need more outtakes please – I love the candid moments for this kind of thing. It makes you guys that much more human to all of us.

    • Thanks for pointing that out Grey Imp, I didn’t even hear that part on my first listen.

      I swear Doc is a genius of understated comedy. Some of the things he says in that deadpan Philly accent have me in stitches. In fact all the hosts have pretty great comedic timing. Just another reason to love this podcast!

  17. Just wanted to mention that I have seen Psychomania and it really is odd. Interesting for sure and worth a watch but not sure I would say it is ‘good’. Anyway, one of We Hate Movies’ first podcasts was an overview of it and they play a decent chunk of the song that Doc mentioned. If interested (it is only about a half hour) here is a link to it

    I am seeing ‘It Follows’ on Friday so perfect timing for the podcast. Even if I don’t like it that much I am glad it earned a much wider release than was planned for. With this, Babadook, and Spring I feel like horror is on a bit of a streak with critics. Hopefully it keeps up and gives some of the better of the genre gain wider releases than they have recently.

    • >Christian B on April 14, 2015 at 11:20 pm said:
      “…With [It Follows], Babadook, and Spring I feel like horror is on a bit of a streak with critics. Hopefully it keeps up and gives some of the better of the genre gain wider releases than they have recently.”

      I agree, and I think you can add A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT to that list. If nothing else, it’s definitely encouraging as to the direction horror cinema is heading.

    • I’m fond of Psychomania because I saw it as part of Elvira’s Movie Macabre and because of that context, I always thought of it as a comedy. The movie’s on YouTube, and I started to re-visit it, but found myself distracted. I do like the gang’s helmets, though.

  18. On Starry Eyes, I’d give it a 5.5. Had a few genuinely disturbing scenes (death by dumbbell anyone?). The main reason to DEFINITELY check it out is for Alex Essoe’s performance. Amazing acting by her throughout the film.

    As for Poltergeist, Ialso am having a really hard time with this. I have high hopes because I like a lot of the work Ghost House has produced. That being said, there are some horror movies that could use a reimagining, some that can even be shown a different way.
    The Thing from Another World had an AMAZING remake, as did Evil Dead. As much of a Deadite as I am, I can see EXACTLY why it was reimagined. Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell once again produced and for ONE reason. To quote Bruce “We wanna make it where you don’t see the green garden hose spurting blood out.” The original is AMAZING, but some view it as comical, and the first one has NO comedy unlike 2 and Army of Darkness. So with the same film makers doing the remake with love and care, wanting to simply retell their story with a bigger budget the way they wanted to tell it is perfectly legit to me.
    Nightmare on Elm Street on the other hand, is purely a cash grab. No heart, no soul, not an ounce of personality. Same can be said for The Omen, Black Christmas, When a Stranger Calls, etc. Some are pop culture classics using the name alone to draw people in, others are based on classics that are lesser known, and turned into cliched cheap messes that are made solely because they at least have the basis of a story with no need to come up with something original.
    Simply put, Poltergeist did not have a small budget. It was made by Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg for crying out loud and was a MASSIVE hit. The movie was made right, had everything it needed to be all that it could be. There’s nothing to add or improve upon. I’d like to think it would be good, moments in the trailer are very chill worthy. HOWEVER, since the poster is clearly the clown, I have a terrible feeling that they are once again preying on our nostalgia and reverence to the classic. Many lines in the trailer are word for word from the original which just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If would be like if they tried to remake “The Excorcist”, there’s nothing to add, and no new way of telling the same story a different way without losing the overall ambience. Poltergeist did NOT need to be remade, neither did Elm Street. It all boils down to that. Sorry for the long drawn out rant Jay, but yall asked our opinion and I didn’t feel simply saying “I don’t like it” would do justice to my answer. Keep the shows coming guys, we all appreciate your hard work as we are all DEAD SERIOUS about horror movies

    Brennan Barrier
    Savannah, TN
    AKA. Fritz Renfield >:)

    • @Fritz – I agree with what you said on STARRY EYES. And, yes, that dumbbell scene instantly made it onto my “top kills in a horror movie” list. So disturbing.

  19. Thanks for playing my voice mail on the podcast! It was a real awesome of you. Re 2002’s “Wishcraft:” My boyfriend is a public defender and one of his early defense cases was the 1988 case of Van White vs State of Oklahoma, in which the defendant and his friends got high sniffing glue and broke into a thrift store. In the thrift store, the young men behaved abominably resulting in the unfortunate death of a sales clerk by bowling ball. The actual bowling ball, not a photo, was part of the evidence package for post conviction appeals. Morbid curiosity really drives a person to not only be fascinated by the macabre, but almost compels one to overcome fear and interact with actual murder weapons. Though some actually bowled with the murder ball, I couldn’t help myself and rested my fingertips on the smooth surface of the blue, marbled ball and hoped for (because it would be amazing!) and against (because it would freak me out!) any supernatural reaction.

    I plan to watch “Wishcraft” to see if the cinematic events parallel the actual events. For the record, I found “Oculus” uninteresting and will not re-watch it.

    • Scott: That’s an insane story!

      WISHCRAFT’s bowling ball scene isn’t nearly as intense (it’s actually kinda humorous), and the movie itself is a low-budget affair that I had fun with (well, until the last few scenes, where it lost me completely).

      Thanks for the great comment!

    • Bloody hell! That’s easily the craziest thing I’ve ever read on these comments and quite horrifying! Who would have thought a mere Bowling Ball could have such an unsettling back-story!

      • And people are bowling with it?! Are bowling balls that expensive that this one has to go back into the general population? Once something is transformed from an everyday object into an instrument of death, it should be retired from its original purpose. You don’t use Michael Myers’ butcher knife to carve the turkey at Thanksgiving.

        • Japanese folklore suggests that if household objects are neglected they will come to life on their 100th birthday and seek vengeance. I’m guessing Scott doesn’t live in Japan but this particular bowling ball has already proved its murderous capabilities once so maybe it’s best if we all just keep on bowling and pretend like nothing happened? The last thing we need is a homicidal zombie bowling ball with a chip on its shoulder because it’s been cooped up in an evidence locker for almost a century.

  20. I wanted to share a few quick thoughts on what I’ve been watching. In the last two days I have seen five new horror films (the benefits of being home sick) – two somewhat decent 2014 movies, two excellent 2015 films, and one classic. So, time for some unsolicited mini-reviews (and one not-so mini-review).

    STARRY EYES (2014) – 6/10
    This movie was not exactly what I expected, but I sort of liked where it ended up going. It took a long time for the horror element to really surface, though, so you need to be a patient movie-watcher. And, the social commentary of the film was a bit hamfisted and spelled out for the audience. Something I did really like is the film’s score. It’s entirely creepy and sets the mood very well… almost like a twisted nursery rhyme that transforms into a demonic sermon. This movie also has a death scene that immediately landed on my “top kills in a horror movie” list; it’s brutal, extremely graphic, and absolutely awesome. Overall, this movie is not essential viewing, but you could do worse. Definitely worth streaming it on Netflix (FYI, it’s currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S.).

    HONEYMOON (2014) – 5.5/10
    The best part of this movie are the performances by the two leads, Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway. They were excellent in convincingly displaying the love turned to despair of this newlywed couple. The movie is eerie and gross at times, but not to the level of recent similarly-themed movies. It also feels like there was a social commentary trying to be made that never really hits (or maybe I’m just thick). In the end, I was amused yet unimpressed. It is currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S., and that’s probably the only way I would recommend seeing it (if that’s an option for you).

    A BAY OF BLOOD (1971) – 7/10
    Wow, this movie is crazy! Chock full of great ’70s practical effects, the kill scenes are all inventive, gory, and glorious. The mystery is highly convoluted, but a lot of fun to follow and really speaks to one of the darkest vices of human nature – greed. And the ending is the best kind of macabre ironic justice. Two things that really stuck with me, in particular: the image of the dead bodies anchored in the bay (highly disturbing) and the opening scene. The dramatic build up of tension in that opening, with the heiress wheeling around in her chair, is fantastic and moody (thunderstorm, yes!), and the scene’s ultimate culmination not only comes at a time when we’ve already let out that breath we were holding onto but perfectly sets up the theme of the movie. This movie is a lot of fun and one that any horror fan should see at least once (FYI, it’s currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S.).

    SPRING (2015) – 7.5/10
    This movie is really good. I struggle to fully count it as a horror movie in the traditional sense, but the monster elements are horrific in their own right. I sort of agree with the point Jan-Gels twin made earlier in the comments for this show, but I don’t think the darker/melancholy turn necessarily needed to be at the end. I think this movie could have taken a turn in that direction several times, and I wish it did; I think it would have made for a more interesting film. As it is, though, the monster element does make it a non-standard romance drama, which is interesting in itself. Definitely a movie worth seeing, so I’ll say this is a high-priority rental and the “hardcore horror-only” fans should keep this one in their back pocket for date night.

    A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (2015) – 8.5/10
    I was completely floored by this movie. I know it’s been getting good buzz, but I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. The story is sort of a non-standard vampire tale; the supporting characters are mostly archetypes, but it all works together harmoniously. I thought the film being in b/w would be a distraction, but it had the complete opposite effect. It’s very high contrast, and the deep, dark blacks totally add to the mood of the film. It also keeps the film very “small” and focused, and sometimes even claustrophobic.

    The sound and music is superb. The soundtrack is the best mix of western desperado meets Persian pop meets new wave. It’s eclectic, weird, and weaved into the story so well. The sound design also adds to the feeling and mood of the movie. It’s all very quiet and often focuses on very specific sounds, like the hit from a cigarette or the rustling of keys. This focusing (read: exaggeration) of certain sounds is juxtaposed to the overall quietness of the film, which works really well with the “small and focused” effect of the b/w imagery.

    The fictional location in which the film is set is the best kind of desolate. It’s a big city with seemingly no one around; and we get a great, disturbing shot early on of this ravine that really drives home the feeling of being alone and vulnerable (trying to be as vague as possible!). The biggest knock against the movie for me is that it’s not particularly scary; had it been, this would have been an easy 9 or 9.5 to me. That said, there are definitely some very ominous and creepy parts to this movie, and it’s definitely a horror movie.

    Overall, I think this is a fantastic film. The social commentary is apparent, but not shoved down our throats; the filmmakers certainly don’t spell everything out for the audience. There’s some real tension throughout the movie, even if it isn’t overtly scary, and the story takes an interesting twist to a classic horror trope. However, I will say this is very much an arthouse film. It’s cerebral and speaks to a very particular sensibility… in other words, it may not be for everyone. For me, though, this is a definite BUY.

    Between IT FOLLOWS, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT, and SPRING, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for horror!

    • Excellent reviews, Dino! Until now all I knew of “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” was the title and that it had been getting good press. You really piqued my interest here though and managed to do so while maintaining a sense of vagueness and mystique.

    • @Wolfman Josh – I know you’ve mentioned doing an arthouse vampire themed episode down the line. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet or not, but I hope A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT makes it into the conversation. I think it would be an excellent addition to that show; not only does it fit the arthouse vampire film criteria, but it’s a new and interesting take on a vampire movie.

      • Dino! Arthouse Vampires is episode 51 and it features a review for A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night!

        You may be slightly disappointed by our reviews. Honestly, yours was better and I might ask Jay if we can record a reading of your comment and add it to the show. Minor spoilers for that ep, but I was kind of on the defensive for most of it because, as you can imagine, Jay was on me about “is this REALLY a horror film” on a couple of my picks and I kind of folded and back-peddled, to be honest. Not sure why, in retrospect. It was a moment of weakness.

        Re: AGWHAAN, I had watched the teaser and it scared the living daylights out of me, but the movie didn’t really scary me much at all, including the teaser scene, so I wrestled with that. Love you other comments, though.

        • “Arthouse Vampires is episode 51”

          Excellent. I have a hankering for some themed episode goodness. Is there any chance that you guys might be able to let us know what other themed episodes are on the horizon and when they might be showing up in the schedule?

          • I actually don’t know if I’m supposed to be doing this, David, but considering the hardcore support of the people on this site and the relative small percentage it is of the total listenership, I’m okay with it if you are. I’ll be a little bit vague in case plans change … and to keep at least a LITTLE mystery going.

            Episode 50 actually starts a Dead As Hell Podcast cross-over where Jay will be doing the a mini-franchise review of the Pumpkinhead franchise with One Sick Puppy, implemented into our Frankenstein episodes. Next is Arthouse Vampires, which is mostly me talking, unfortunately. We’ll be doing the “listener picks” show, which we had a lot of fun with and want to do again. Then, some more Frankenstein eps, usually with a 2015 release included. Then, we have a mini-franchise review of The Thing movies, bringing back William and Mattroid. We have a “State of the Modern Zombie” episode with Kyle Bishop somewhere on the horizon that will include a series review of The Walking Dead. I’m leading a “State of the Modern Werewolf” discussion at some point. We are also bringing back the “VS” concept with some films that Doc is picking. That should get us into mid Summer.

          • Sounds like we have a whole lot to look forward to! I’m especially eager to hear the “listener picks” show. I’d almost forgotten about that. And “state of the modern zombie” sounds wildly intriguing.

            Have you guys ever considered doing something along the lines of getting listeners to come up with themed episode ideas and then holding a pole to choose the one that you’ll actually do? I think that could be a lot of fun, although I’m sure you probably already have more themed episode ideas than you know what to do with. I still submit that I’d love a “Desert Island Horror” episode. I’d also really like to hear an episode where each host picks a movie in the genre that they feel is unfairly maligned and a movie which they feel is inordinately over-praised and then has to defend/criticise the films in a discussion with the other hosts.

            It sounds like you have more than enough on your plates for now without my half-baked ideas though!

        • @Wolfman Josh – That’s great news. Looking forward to hearing your review of GIRL WALKS HOME. This is a great stretch of shows, with feature reviews of SPRING, IT FOLLOWS, and GIRL WALKS HOME back-to-back-to-back.

          Regarding GIRL WALKS HOME, I totally get the “is this really horror” question. That’s why I explicitly said in my mini-review that it is definitely a horror movie. The reason I say that is because of the overall mood and theme of the film. It isn’t particularly scary at any time, but there are several ominous moments that succeed in creating tension. The various stalking scenes, the “mirror” scene with the father across the street, the apartment scene after the costume party, the car scene at the end… we have no idea how these scenes will ultimately resolve and the film very deliberately takes its time in getting us there, building up the suspense along the way. It also deals in very dark, classically horror themes.

          p.s. The title – A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT – is easily one of my favorite movie titles in any genre of all time. Besides being awesome, it immediately strikes such an ominous tone with immense weight. However, it’s a huge pain in the neck when writing about it and trying to figure out the best way to shorten it. #justsayin

          • Yes, the title is awesome. And the director refers to the film as “Girl.” I have a lot more to say about your comments, but shouldn’t spoil my review any more. Let’s table this for a bit. We’ll be doing a lot of It Follows discussion very soon.

          • Works for me.

            I went to see IT FOLLOWS for the third time yesterday. Thursday matinee – I was literally the only one in the theater. It was creepy.

          • David, why would the hosts hold poles while deciding which listener pick to go with? I mean, it sounds fun, don’t get me wrong. Is this a British thing? Is this what kids are into these days? Poles?!

  21. Never really gave much thought to “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”, just read the plot on IMDb, sounds interesting. On the subject of Vampires, one movie that absolutely scared the crap out of me, and another of the first that I saw that really got me into Horror, was Fright Night. Would love to hear yalls opinion on that one!

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