Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 058: The Infected Narrative and 28 Days Later (2002) and 28 Weeks Later (2007)

Episode 058

Hi, and welcome to HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In Episode 058, your hosts Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Walking Dead bring you another one of our Themed episode where we discuss The Infected Narrative. We also bring you Feature Reviews of 28 Days Later (2002) and 28 Weeks Later (2007). Join us!

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I. Introduction
— No Dr. Shock this week

[ 0:01:46 ] II. Horror News and Real-Life Horror Stories
— “Halloween Returns” to begin filming in July 2015
— Escaped tiger kills man after zoo is flooded
— Real-life Jaws in North Carolina
— Josh’s Beastly Freaks Public Service Announcement
— Josh recommends the documentary The Elephant in the Living Room (2010)


The Last of Us (2013) (video game)
Dr. Walking Dead = 8 ( Buy it! )

[ 0:55:31 ] IV. Actual Bath Salt Zombie News Report

[ 0:59:05 ] V. Feature Review: 28 DAYS LATER (2002)
Jay of the Dead = 10 ( Masterpiece / Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh = 8.5 ( Buy for zombie fans / Rent for everyone else )
Dr. Walking Dead = 9 ( Buy it! )

[ 1:45:22 ] VI. Feature Review: 28 WEEKS LATER (2007)
Jay of the Dead = 8 ( Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Walking Dead = 8 ( Buy it! )

VII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— JOTD says “Jurassic World” is a 9 ( Theater / Buy it! )

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113 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 058: The Infected Narrative and 28 Days Later (2002) and 28 Weeks Later (2007)

  1. It’s 4:18 a.m., and I don’t want to hurt my arm patting myself on the back, but this episode has some of my all-time favorite, post-production flourishes… : ) I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear it. I think you’ll have a good time with this show.

    Maybe it’s because it’s the wee hours of the morning, but this actual podcast episode strikes me as really creepy… Tell me if you guys and gals get the same vibe by the end. Thanks for listening.


  2. Sounds good to me Jay, gettin ready to start listening now, can’t listen all the way through at one time but I’ll finish it in a day or two 😀

  3. My Boyfriend’s Back is one of my favourite movies. It’s more of a black comedy than a zombie movie but it definitely inspired Warm Bodies. It also has early appearances from Mathew McConaughey, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Mathew Fox. Seriously worth checking out for a laugh.

    • I’ve got to see this. I feel like I remember it from my youth, but I can’t think of any details. On top of the stellar cast, I see that it was also directed by Bob Balaban!

  4. Here is a video clip about the ants infected with fungal spores. I am happy someone incorporated it into a horror premise as it is perfect nightmare fuel.

  5. What I’ve initally learned from the show is…Dr. Walking Dead is the Brain…Josh is the Brawn…Die Roaches Die!…and Jay is the Bait…Change that tire boy!!!

  6. I just wanted to send a quick Happy Father’s Day message to the HMP crew and everyone in the HMP community who is in the daddy club. Some of the greatest horrors I’ve experienced in life have been courtesy of my little boy… but it’s all worth it.

    Does anyone have special plans to celebrate the day? I’ll be watching EMPIRE STRIKES BACK with my boy later. His mind is about to be blown.

    • I’m not a babby daddy yet, but I do still have my dad and I’m very thankful for that. He is my pillar, my beacon, my compass, and I don’t know what I would do without him. Loosing him is one of my greatest fears. So cheers to all of you papasitos out there and to those of you who still have your dads, consider yourselves lucky. Happy father’s day my friends.

      • I’m in the same boat as you, Juan. Childless but my dad is the most honest, kind and decent man I’ve ever known and I’m so bloody glad he’s still here. These feelings were even more pronounced today because just this morning he crashed this weird prototype powerless gyrocopter thing he’s built. It could have been pretty serious but he walked away with just a black eye.

        And happy fathers day to all you other dads out there. I get pretty cynical and depressed about the way society seems to be going sometimes but knowing there are guys like Jay, Josh, Doc, Kyle, Dino, Shannon etc all raising kids makes me more hopeful about the future!

        • It dawned on me after the “I am your father” line that EMPIRE was possibly the perfect Father’s Day movie to watch with my son. Obvious, I know, but I was so excited for him to finally learn Vader’s true identity (a secret I’ve been fiercely guarding him from his whole life) that I never stopped to put 2 and 2 together.

          Btw, I was half concerned that he wouldn’t have fully understood the gravity of that “I am your father” realization since he’s only 5 y/o. I know he got it, though, because he was laying down during that scene, but immediately sat up after Vader said the famous line. He was like “WTF?!”, but in 5 y/o speak.

    • I agree…no horror movie has ever scared me as much as raising two kids…but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…at this point I’m a Super Dad now!

    • Well I just finished 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later…Been so long since I saw them…and now I’m watching the Dark Shadows movie with my daughter…

    • Happy Father’s Day to you, Dino! I spent most of the day crammed into the back of a van on a brutal cross-country road trip, but I ended the day sitting on an old castle wall at sunset with my family, over-looking the Caribbean Sea, while we enjoyed a pizza and the sunset together. Yesterday was also my wedding anniversary with Rachel, so it should have been pretty anti-climactic under the circumstances, but it was actually pretty awesome, in retrospect. I was a very content, happy man.

  7. Interesting and insightful episode, guys. Enjoyed it a lot. I actually find myself liking “28 Weeks Later” more than “28 Days Later”, but only ever so slightly. An older infected/zombie film to check out, if you were not aware of it, is Umberto Lenzi’s “Nightmare City”. This one features fast zombies/infected that are created by a radioactive spill rather than a disease or by supernatural means, and reminds me of “Planet Terror” to a degree. While it is a bit of shoddy production in some areas, it is a fun b-movie all the same, and it’s the earliest fast zombie film I can think of outside of “I am Legend”, if indeed you can even include that in the genre (I do for the record).

    • I was just going to post a comment about “Nightmare City” being an early example of fast zombies/infected (earlier than “Return of the Living Dead” at least) but you beat me to it Lee!

      It’s been ages since I watched “Nightmare City” though and I kind of have a weird urge to revisit it. I remember it being super sleazy and crappy but in the fun Italian B-movie kind of way that I am so fond of. Am I wrong in thinking there’s a scene reminiscent of “Burial Ground” where a zombie bites an unfortunate lady’s boob?

      • Well, it’s be a while, but I do recall a woman having her breast cut off. There were a lot of nasty attacks on women in this one, so I’d not be surprised to see a breast biting scene whenever I end up rewatching this down the road. Umberto Lenzi seems to have had some especially unfortunate issues with women, I think.

    • Well, 28 Days Later and the Dawn of the Dead remake both come before I Am Legend anyway right? Or are you talking about the 1954 novel, Lee? Is the novel is closer to zombies than what I’ve seen in The Last Man on Earth, Omega Man, or the I Am Legend movie … none of which really feel like zombies to me. They are all “infected” movies, for sure, which is really cool.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nightmare City, actually. I used to always get it confused with City of the Dead, back in the days when I was transitioning out of only watching American movies, and I think it must have just fallen between the cracks. But, it has fast zombies?! How fast are we talking?

      I feel like a lot of the older movies are more like “inconsistent zombies” compared to the 2nd and 3rd wave films that always seem to make a conscious choice between fast and slow zombies as well as a concerted effort to stick to that choice.

      You’re definitely right that Return of the Living Dead movies were an oversight, David, but I don’t really think we’d seen anything as ferocious as Dawn of the Dead when that came out in 2004. People’s minds were blown by the aggressive unrelenting nature of those things! Amiright or am I misremembering those movies? I just wouldn’t compare any of the Living Dead zombies to the insanity we get in World War Z, for example.

      • I certainly know what you mean with regards to the fresh ferocity of the newer zombie movie waves but I have to say that I think a degree of that sense of indefatigable viciousness comes as much from a shift in tone as it does from alterations in the zombies themselves.

        I actually think the zombies in “Return of the Living Dead” are pretty bloody ferocious. They are as relentless, swift and as effective as anything I’ve seen in a modern movie. In fact I believe that it’s the more jubilant and jocular tone of the film that ultimately extricates it from the decidedly dour and far more gritty feel of its more recent progeny.

        I’ve always thought that the distinct shift in zombie cinema has less to do with slow and fast and much more to do with context and presentation. I feel like most pre-9/11 zombies were, at least in part, the decomposing children of EC comics. Even in films as dark as “Day of the Dead” I could feel a sort of splattery, comic-book abandon.

        The newer batch certainly provided more in the way of consistently fast and physically threatening zombies but I think that such an evolution is simply a side effect of a concerted shift towards realism. Horror was no longer the stumbling threat of cold war (languorous enough that we might have time to throw in a few jokes) but instead the swift, viper-strike of terrorism.

        True terror came home to the western world and we needed something more potent than humour to deal with it. We needed vivid, unquestionable menace. Hence the proliferation of the fast, feral zombie.

        • David, I hate to admit it, but sometimes your comments are so smart, I can’t muster the energy to properly respond. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. You always make great points and get me thinking.

      • Wolfman,

        Yeah, sorry, was thinking “The Last Man on Earth”. This always pops into my head just because “I am Legend” (the novel) was such a major influence on “Night of the Living Dead”. The Will Smith version is generally the furthest thing from my thoughts.

        The infected/zombies in “Nightmare City” are running at full speed, savagely attacking people with weapons when they can. They almost feel like the infected people in Romero’s “The Crazies” as well, in that regard, but messed up by radiation instead of a disease.

        Yeah, it seems like film makers, more often than not, are either going with fast or slow, or some sort of hybrid these days. It’s sort of what the general movie-goer has been trained on in the last 15 years or so, so it only makes commercial sense, I guess. But, like you guys mentioned, it would be nice to see some Voodoo zombies again.

  8. I can’t stop thinking about Josh and the short “They’re Creeping Up On You” from Creepshow…I hope Josh doesn’t meet the same fate!

          • Hey, you’re still alive, so things ain’t that bad. Have you and your family gone on the “turistas” trek through the jungle to that magical hidden beach?

          • Returned from the Turistas trek safe and sound! It was incredible. In contention for my number 1 life experience so far. I will talk about it on one of these other podcasts at some point. And post a pic or two here.

          • Nice! Looking forward to it. I’ve wanted to visit South America for awhile, but the farthest south I’ve ever been (in the Americas) is Costa Rica.

          • I was dismayed when we were calling you out on your review of “The Canal” and our shrieks of vehement dismay went unanswered.

            But I hope you’ve been enjoying some good tamales. Which is the only potentially Columbian food I’m aware of that isn’t cocaine.

          • Food thread!

            I have had some tamales, actually, though I don’t think they are inherently Colombian food. They wrap them in banana leaves here, as opposed to corn husks like the Mexican tamales I’m familiar with, and it gives them an interesting flavor. Colombian food has some high points, but I prefer Mexican by a long shot. Supposedly, Peruvian food is for the people of Colombia what Mexican food is to the United States, so I need to give that a try. Also, there are surprisingly many excellent French and Italian restaurants in Cartagena. I’ve had so much great French food here, it’s preposterous.

            Along with the cocaine, Colombian coffee is world class, but I haven’t tried either, so nothing to report.

          • Actually us Mexicans also use banana leaves. You’re right in that it gives them a different flavor and texture. Banana leaves are better at keeping moisture in and so the dough is a lot more dense while the corn tamal is usually more spongy. You can use banana leaves for any filling (chicken, pork, etc.) but I prefer them for seafood. Shrimp tamales are heavenly!

          • Josh is correct (that’s a first!)* Tamales are a Mexican invention. A lot of central american countries have them, but they’re of Mexican origin. One of the most popular Colombian food is the arepa. It’s a cheap gordita knockoff (not the Taco Bell gordita, the real Mexican gordita) ;)P but it’s pretty tasty.

          • I’m so ignorant of Central/South American cuisine! I always thought tamales were distinctly Colombian for some weird reason.

            But you can’t go wrong with good French and Italian food. Is that a holdover from colonialism or just the result of big city multi-culturalism?

            And I’m sure I’ve had Colombian coffee in some form or another before. Don’t you drink coffee, Josh? How do you stay awake?

          • I stay awake with determination, David. Also, caffeine like everybody else. I try not to drink it at all in my normal life, but when I am on a work bender, it usually starts with Diet Mountain Dew, then progresses to Coke Zero or Diet Coke with Lime, then sugar free Red Bull. Then, my heart almost explodes and I don’t drink caffeine again for another 6 months. I will probably try a sip of the coffee before I leave, just to see what it tastes like.

            The French and Italian food may well be a holdover from Colonialism, though the Spaniards were the real villains in these parts. Both of the French restaurants we frequent are owned and operated by women with roots in both France and Colombia. One born here with one French parent and another born in France with one Colombian parent. Pretty interesting. One lady has her crepe place in her historic family home where she lives with her family and guests dine in her Grandfather’s library. It’s pretty amazing.

            Juan! You would obviously know better than me, but are you saying that corn husks aren’t the primary way that tamales are prepared in Mexico? Is Americanized Mexican food just that different? I’ve literally had thousands of tamales in my life, often prepared by real life Mexicans (I have an aunt through marriage and we also have a nice old lady street vendor in town that we buy from), and every single one of them has been in a corn husk until I came to Colombia. Just curious. I feel like my life has been a lie. BTW, I like the banana leaf, and they are interesting, but I still prefer the good ol’ corn husk tamales I know and love.

            I’ve had a ton of Arapes. It really depends on the cook whether they are any good or not. That’s more of a Medellin staple (where I’m headed next). They also eat a lot of red beans there with barbecue. It does not hold up to Brazilian barbecue (or Texas BBQ for that matter), but it’s good. They give you steak, sausage, pork loin, pork ribs, and avocados as big as your hand.

            Here in Cartagena it’s all about sea food (a lot of sea bass), coconut rice, tropical fruit. It’s more of a Caribbean fusion. They eat a ton of mango and twice-fried plantains they call patacónes. They as basically just tostónes.

            Colombian food is fun to try and fine, but it has nothing on real, good Mexican food. And they don’t really have anything spicy here, which I hand’t considered. It’s a bummer.

            My absolute favorite thing in Colombia is the abundant limeade. Made fresh with a handful of limes and ice just blended up. They also have it with coconut creme added in. We cool down with one at the end of almost every day. They are amazing.

          • Hi Josh! It’s good to have you back and I’m glad that you’re having a blast. I hear Colombia is pretty great if you can manage to avoid the drug lords chopping your head off haha.

            To clarify, both corn husks and banana leaves are used in Mexican cuisine. So no, neither of them are americanized versions of the real thing. I actually have never had any americanized tamales. I wonder what they would taste like. I love that you prefer Mexican. I was going to say that I do too, but it would’ve seemed like the most biased opinion considering my background haha. If anyone of you ever makes it down to Houston, let me know and I’ll take you to my favorite taco joints 😉

            • “I actually have never had any americanized tamales. I wonder what they would taste like.”

              They taste like hot dogs. Or is it chicken?…

              Mexican food is easily the second-best type of cuisine in the world.

          • I appreciate that, Dino. It’s one of my favorites too although, to be honest, I’m not sure where I’d place it. For sure in the top five. What’s your top cuisine by the way? Is it… Italian?

          • I’m going to answer since Dino hasn’t. I freaking love Mexican food. I think, growing up in the Western United States, you’re pretty much raised on Mexican food. Italian and Chinese too, but they are SO Americanized. I didn’t have legit Italian or Chinese food until my 20’s. Mexican is my go-to comfort food, but my favorites are all Asian. Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese … and a little Vietnamese and Korean.

            Sadly, I have resorted to frozen, grocery store tamales on a late work night. Yikes! And Americanized as it gets.

            I will take you up on your Houston offer too.

          • Italian is the best*, for sure.

            I’m with Wolfman on the Asian cuisines, too – Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese, in particular. I’m also a huge fan of Indo-Chinese fusion… one of the things I miss most from NYC is the food, and there was this excellent Indo-Chinese fusion restaurant we would go to all the time. #sigh

            *Absolutely, 100%, unbiased opinion. 😉

          • For me both Italian and Mexican are up there in my all time favourite cuisines (though it is horribly difficult to get good Mexican food here) alongside Japanese, Turkish and Indian. I just can’t choose a favourite out of those.

            I do love all kinds of Asian food though. Burmese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese are all amazing.

            I love Chinese food too, but for the most part it’s very westernised here as well. A lot of Chinese restaurants here seem indistinguishable from one another. Lots of cornstarch and MSG. It’s delicious but definitely not the real deal. I have eaten at a couple of very authentic Chinese restaurants in York and Manchester and both were great.

            I’ll also give a shout out to Moroccan and Greek food. And I’m a big fan of US food culture.

          • Totally with you guys on Ethiopian and Moroccan.

            And Korean is a little hit or miss for me too, Juan, but there are a few gems.

            I like a good burger from time to time, butI don’t have a go-to place. Nothing too interesting in our area. There are a lot of designer burger joints in LA and Las Vegas that I’ll stop in at when working on the road. Most likely, if I get a burger, it’s just at Five Guys or In & Out.

        • Ha! I guess great minds think alike because I’m with you on the Asian cuisine preference. My favorites — and I always have a hard time ranking them — are Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Indian. Not huge on Korean. A few other great ones that are favorites of mine are Ethiopian, Greek, and Lebanese. We should really consider starting a food blog where discuss food and food related topics without any kind of experience whatsoever… unless you count my McDonald’s years as a culinary experience.

          What about burgers? We have a huge burger subculture in Houston. What about you guys?

          • Burgers here are an often an unpredictable option. They can so often be terribly disappointing. Order a burger at an otherwise respectable restaurant and you may very well be served a slab of meet from the economy frozen foods section of the local supermarket, dry, unseasoned and shoved into a cheap bap. For a long time I would only eat a burger if I’d made it myself from scratch or if it was 4 in the morning and I was incredibly drunk and at the only decent takeaway open.

            Recently there seems to have been a spate of “gourmet burger” places opening though, where the toppings are fresh and plentiful and the burgers are of a high quality.

            There’s a place in town that do a delicious chilli burger and a great place in York where I had a teriyaki burger that was both huge and delicious.

  9. I am so glad to hear somebody call out the stupidity of Unobtainium. I hate that so much. Oddly the Rage virus doesn’t really bother me.

    • I was actually going to call them out on calling out “unobtainium”!

      I think “Avatar” sucks but with this criticism I always get the impression that folks believe James Cameron just made up the most bleedingly obvious term for valuable ore/minerals that he could think of. In fact “unobtainium” is a scientific term used to denote specific materials and has been in use for years. It’s a vague term indeed, and I’m not sure “Avatar” used it in an acceptable or realistic context but it’s not quite the silly made up word a lot of folks take it for.

  10. This was definitely one of my favorite episodes. I’m a big fan of the infected narrative and the discussion was certainly interesting, but the post-production work on this episode took it to another level. It doesn’t hurt that the 28 DAYS LATER theme is one of the better, creepy movie themes we’ve had in recent times, but the news clips inserted throughout the episode added a little something, too. That story of the Miami man who chewed off someone’s face from 2012, in particular… man, I remember how crazy that was when it happened. Chilling.

    Kudos on a job well-done, JOTD. Thanks.

    • Btw, I’m glad that 28 WEEKS LATER got a very favorable reception from all the hosts. I love that movie almost as much as 28 DAYS LATER. So good. I can’t remember if this was mentioned on the show or not, but I feel like the difference in story beats and quality between 28 DAYS and WEEKS is similar to that in ALIEN and ALIENS.

      I’m also glad that JOTD mentioned the “connection” between the two-movie series gems of THE DESCENT/2 and 28 DAYS/WEEKS LATER. I’ve actually held that same feeling of the two sets, so it was neat to hear JOTD echo the sentiment.

      • Both interesting points, Dino. The comparisons to the Alien and Descent movies, I mean.

        I haven’t listened back to all of this one yet, but I’m looking forward to the “infected” clips now. I didn’t know Jay had added them. I REALLY enjoyed the conversation, though. One of my favorite. David and Lee have me sweating over all of our failures in the fast/slow zombie discussion and I’ve since thought of about a dozen other seminal infection and infected movies, but hey, that’s what the boards are for, I guess.

        • It was still a good conversation, despite the admission up front that there was less prep-time put in for it. I’m a little biased because I love infected movies so much, but might be worth checking in on it again sometime down the line.

  11. This was a really good episode, though I sort of wish you had a wider variety of films to review for the Infected Narrative. Maybe Shivers or Rabid, of course you talked about the Crazies but a review of the original film would have been fun, Cabin Fever is an infected narrative, and so on so forth. Great show, though and some good thoughts on 28 Weeks Later. Truth be told, I avoided that one when it came out because of how much I did enjoy the first film… I think I’ll check it out now, though.

    • Thanks for the comment. Excellent point about Cabin Fever. We’ve discussed Rabid a few times or we might have touched on that. The real short-coming with this ep is my fault bc I reverse-engineered the discussion to be about “Infected Narratives” when I heard we were already going to be reviewing 28 Days/Weeks. If we’d thought of the theme first, we may have come up with more films to discuss. That’s what the comments are for though, we should unpack this Cabin Fever thing. I somewhat recently saw Patient Zero and that really embraces the infectious theme better than the first, I thought.

      • Was PATIENT ZERO any good? I liked the original CABIN FEVER so was interested in it, but it just looks horrible. Let us know if it’s worth checking out.

        • I love Cabin Fever! Patient Zero wasn’t as good, but I agree with Josh’s point regarding the infection theme. It’s a pretty decent and fun watch with tons of gore and one incredibly gratuitous scene in more than one way. Let me know what guys think about it. I think I rated it a 6.5 or a 7. Not great, but worth your time.

  12. In The crazies, the water is what turns people crazy. Can people get infected from each other or just the water? It’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie. If one can only become infected from the water, then maybe cancer is a better description for this infection than something that spreads from person to person.

    • That’s why we’re saving the full Crazies conversation for our upcoming “food poisoning” episode. Juuuust kidding. That’s a good point, Mark. I haven’t seen either film in quite awhile–I rewatched the original when the remake came out–so I’m not the best to ask.

  13. I simply couldn’t be any happier right now. Months ago I discovered, much to my chagrin, that IT department had blocked access to Horror Movie Podcast. Those were dark days for me. I’m not saying that I spent my entire workday trolling through these threads about ghost & ghouls and other unspeakable horrors, but it was a nice escape for me.

    I had long since given up trying to access the site from work and I’m sorry to say that my home life didn’t allow for too much time for horror in the evenings.

    Today, much to my surprise I am happy to say that I once again have access to this magnificent site and I look forward to once again diving into engaging conversation and heated debate with other fans of this often shunned genre.

    Please don’t mistake my lack of appearance on the boards to suggest that I haven’t been listening. I have enjoyed each and every episode and the quality just keeps going up. Thanks to Jay, Josh, Doc and Kyle for continuing to pump out great material and please…for the love of god…keep it up.

    The Dude

  14. Timely episode as Station and I have been discussing this very scenario / group of movies.

    As always, the best of content. You guys never miss the mark. I love Dr WD and I’m glad he’s back more now. The discussion about infected / zombies is always fascinating.

    Lastly, someone please tel Wolfman that I love him and to answe his F-ing emails. :)

      • We are trying desperately to get TSFP back up but either need Josh to get back with me or I need to start from scratch, which means losing current subscribers records.

        Balls. We have several episodes recorded and ready to go. Josh is busy I’m sure but I definitely need his help.

        • Balls, for sure. Going through TSFP withdrawal is bad enough, but there are so many great movies I’m itching to hear you guys talk about – FURY ROAD, EX MACHINA, ULTRON, etc etc.

          Let me know if there’s anything I can help with… I don’t know what that would be, but let me know anyway.

          • Thanks Dino.

            We have Ultron (all Marvel to date, actually), Mad Max, Top 50 scifi shows and more readyish.

            Hopefully soon. I’m sorry for the delay. At least we all have the other spectacular podcasts in the network to enjoy while we wait (and always, really.)

  15. So glad I found this episode as 28 Days later is one of my favourite zombie/infected films. There’s nothing scarier than the carriers of this virus. They are fast, they don’t pick and choose their victims. They dont care. They just want to rip everything to pieces, plus, they look horrible too.

    I know this is an older episode but I wanted to give a shout out to a similar film from way back called Warning Sign. A bio lab has an incident and the scientists all die. Or do they? A small rescue team go in and find out….. Highly recommend it.

    I can never get enough 28 Days/Weeks later. The horror scenes are so frantic they leave me nearly breathless each time. The infected are incredibly frightening, and a lot more plausible than traditional slow zombies. Can’t wait for the next installment …. ! :)

    • FYI, they’re both streaming on HBO Go/Now at the moment. Such good movies.

      I hadn’t heard of Warning Sign, but am adding it to my queue now. Thanks for the tip!

      • No worries Dino. I hope you get a bit of enjoyment out of that film. As a GenX kid, it was the original ‘infected’ film that first got me scared of the whole idea that a virus from a lab could do that to someone, which as Jay stated on the podcast is a frightening idea. It could happen !! haha!

        Thanks for the streaming tip too. I really need to own copies of 28 Days/Weeks. Not sure why I don’t….. :-/

        Take care.

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