Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 067: Scream 4 (2011) and Scream – Season 1 MTV Series (2015) — Scream Franchise Review Part 3 of 3

Scream 3 of 3

Hi and welcome to HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies. In this episode, your HMP hosts continue our SCREAM FRANCHISE REVIEW by discussing Scream 4 (2011) and the new Scream – Season 1 MTV Series (2015) that aired recently. This franchise review began in Episode 065, and it will conclude next week with a special BONUS show — Episode 068 — where we bring you our Wes Craven tribute and our Scream Franchise Overview! Join us or become a casualty of “Stab 8”!

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I. Introduction

[ 00:03:16 ] II. Feature Review: SCREAM 4 (2011)
Jay of the Dead = 6.5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 5 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 7.5 ( Buy it! )

HMP Scream 4 BTS

[ 00:56:00 ] III. Feature Review: SCREAM – Season 1 MTV Series (2015)
Wolfman Josh = *** ( Stream it / Rental )
Dr. Walking Dead = 7 ( Rental )

MTV Scream BTS

IV. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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85 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 067: Scream 4 (2011) and Scream – Season 1 MTV Series (2015) — Scream Franchise Review Part 3 of 3

  1. SCREAM 4

    I’ve only seen the movie twice. The first when it came out and the second a week or so ago. The first time I saw it, I thought it was just an average movie with a heavy flaw of the survivors being the same group as it’s always been. This second time though, I found myself loving it and likely a lot of the reasons is because it fixed issues I had with the other two sequels.

    I dug the opening scene. You don’t know when it’s going to end, so it keeps you guessing. This opening scene immediately shows you that this isn’t SCREAM 3, you’re going to see blood again. LOVED seeing the blood again. I liked the age groups with the older former teen stars of Paquin and Bell for the early 2000’s, Robertson and Teegarden for more of the mid 90’s, and Grimes and Hale for the teen stars at the present time with both girls starring on 90210 and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. The death of Paquin was perfect. Every horror fan can relate to that one person who just can’t take horror for what it is and has to point out every little flaw, as if you’re crazy for enjoying the genre. Seeing that representation killed while Bell goes on to just eat popcorn had me smiling big.

    Onto the actual movie and we mix things up by having a new group of teens to potentially shift the attention away from the old SCREAM stars onto this new group (Granted, that failed). For the most part, I liked the new characters. Kirby is the most likable character in the movie and any time she’s on the screen, it’s fun. Admittedly, I did find Emma Roberts to be a crazy bad actress for the vast majority of the movie. I’ll talk about when my opinion changed on her soon. The two Randy clones are fine. I’ve been a big fan of Rory Culkin (And brother Kieran) for awhile now. The character of Trevor was a bit bland, but since they’re trying to make him out to be like Billy, you’re paying more attention to him than you would have otherwise.

    I hated, hated, hated the pseudo love triangle between Dewey, Gale and fake Gale in SCREAM 3. I can’t say I would have been in favor of adding another love triangle in the next movie, but at least this time it’s believable for me. If another girl is going to get the hots for Dewey, it makes sense that she’s a cop as well. Despite their marital problems, I was relieved to see the writers finally kept Dewey and Gale together instead of yet again splitting them apart between the movies. It’s believable in SCREAM 2, but replicating it again in SCREAM 3 was pointless. There are marital problems, but they make sense. Gale is trying to do the small town wife gig a chance, but it’s not jiving for her.

    BTW, throughout this movie, Gale keeps repeating that she helped solve the mysteries in the last three SCREAM movies. I was racking my brain, trying to figure out what she actually solved. She NEVER knew who the killer(s) were before the big reveal. At times, she was as shocked as everyone else. So every time she claims she solved the mysteries, I had to hold back shouting at my TV about what a filthy liar she’s become.

    The return to Woodsboro was a welcome treat. There was something lacking when they were at the university and especially in Hollywood. I said it before, but I can relate to the small town than I can Hollywood.

    This next part is not fun, but it is something that plays into something said in SCREAM 4. I believe it was Robbie who said that in today’s world, the killer isn’t satisfied with just killing his victims. He needs others to see it. This played into a real life tragedy when the shooter of the Virginia news team recorded himself shooting them and then posted the video online before ending his life. It’s a sickening thing to do, but it does play into the celebrity status that killers gain through the media. That goes right into the next part of Jill’s motivation for the kills.

    I know the HMP crew dismissed Jill’s motivations since no one would really want to kill their relatives, but it does happen in real life. Furthermore, and forgive me if this is a cop out, but Jill is clearly not right in the head. Her sole motivation is celebrity status. They kind of played on this desire in SCREAM 2 with Mickey, but here it’s displayed in full. We’re currently living in a time where the easiest and quickest way to gain game is to commit a mass murder. The media keeps your name alive long after you’re gone while ignoring the names of the victims. We sorta saw that throughout the SCREAM series. How many times did someone mention Billy or Stu, yet did Dewey ever mention his sister’s name? Again, real life provides an example with the Boston Marathon Bomber. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine! WTF? This sort of media attention in my mind does not deter some from performing these heinous actions. At the end of the movie, you see all of the reporters saying Jill’s name and describing what she went through. Once the truth is revealed and everyone learns she wasn’t the victim, but the killer, it’s only going to gain her more attention. Jill may be dead, but like Stu and Billy, she lives on through the fame she created with the Ghostface killings. To me, the whole jealousy sub-plot is a minor one. Jill just wants to be famous and she’ll do anything to accomplish that. It’s not all that different from STARRY EYES. The other killer’s motivation isn’t as interesting, but it’s believable in being a bit of a troubled soul who is able to be controlled by a cute girl.

    For Emma Roberts’ acting, most of it is terrible. The worst was when she’s first revealed to be Ghostface and she goes on and on about her reasons. It’s not believable at all. However, when she began brutally beating the hell out of herself, I could not stop looking at the screen. She’s not taking any short cuts nor is she relying on just one simple stab wound. No, she’s going above and beyond in trying to make herself look like she went through hell. I loved that scene and it’s likely my favorite of the movie.

    I’m not a huge fan of the final scene. Although it begins brilliantly with Dewey revealing to Jill that Sydney is still alive, it goes downhill pretty quickly. If Jill is trying to get away with killing Sydney, why is she trying to choke Sydney to death? Wouldn’t it have been better to just try smothering her with a pillow? Then Dewey comes and despite the fact that shots are fired, no one comes. Where is everyone? Is this the same hospital from the original HALLOWEEN 2?

    The biggest flaw of the movie are the survivors. We waited eleven years for this film to come out, most of which I assume we didn’t even think a SCREAM 4 would ever be made. Yet, at the conclusion of SCREAM 4, the same people are alive. This was the chance to reboot the series to re-focus the series on a new cast of teens, but you can’t do that when you kill them all off. I would have loved to have Kirby been the survivor to be the lead in SCREAM 5. I would not have even mind if Jill survived without any living character knowing the truth about her. That would have set up a SCREAM 5 differently than every other sequel. With the three main characters surviving and Wes Craven’s death, I doubt we’ll ever see a SCREAM 5. Chances are, we’ll eventually see a SCREAM remake though.

    Overall, I don’t have any issues with those who hate the movie, but for me, it works because it fixes all of my grievances with the previous two sequels. It’s the most fun I had watching any of the sequels. I’d give it an 8/10 and a buy it (When it’s on sale).

    • SCREAM TV Series

      I pretty much hated this. It began on a really bad note with the whole viral video that reminded me far too much of UNFRIENDED. By the third episode, I was contemplating just stopping. The only two reasons why I soldier on and finished is because 1) I wanted to watch the series to go along with this podcast and 2) I binged watched it over a couple of days. There’s no way I would have continued had I had to wait a week between episodes.

      The whole quote by Noah in episode one about slasher TV shows not working sums up the series in general for me. In the very first episode, they’re flat out telling you that this won’t work (Even if they’re not intending on you to feel this way). I felt like Billchete when I say that for the vast majority of the show NOTHING HAPPENS. Finally things begin to pick up for me in one of the final few episodes when a particularly gory kill happens. I won’t say who was killed, but I imagine anyone who has seen the show will know who I’m talking about. From that point on, things improved some.

      Again, Noah utters some lines that stands out to me when he mentions that this is a show like FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS where you care about the characters and the horror isn’t as important. The problem is I hated everyone. The only character who came close to being likable to me was Brooke, but even then, she does some things near the end that seemed out of character and random that it kept me from truly caring about her. On the flip side, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was this great show where you actually care about the characters. The SCREAM TV series is not FNL. By name dropping FNL, you’re only making the flaws all the more noticeable. The same thing applies to all of the name drops for the other popular horror TV shows currently airing. It got to the point where I didn’t understand why I was watching this crap show when there’s all of these other shows I could be watching. I should be catching up on THE WALKING DEAD! To turn this SCREAM TV series insult into a compliment to HMP, I’m watching this show I hate because of how much I love HMP.

      With everything that’s going on, I felt the SCREAM main plot began to lose it’s focus and became a minor sub-plot with everything else that is important. It seemed like Ghostface had vanished for the majority of the middle portion of the season. Ghostface not going after Emma much didn’t work for me. Even though there is a killer on the loose, Emma isn’t really in danger. Compared to the original SCREAM movie, Sydney deals with Ghostface very early on and she’s always worried about upcoming attacks. You’re losing some of that fear when the main character is seemingly free of any harm from the killer for the majority of the series.

      My biggest annoyance on the series was the hashtags. I know we now live in a world where Twitter is ultra important, but every time MTV put up one of those awful hashtags, I rolled my eyes. During an early chase scene, they added the hashtag of “#Run*Insert victim here*Run”. That killed any potential drama or suspense of that scene. I was a kid when FORREST GUMP came out and yelling out “Run Forrest Run” was a popular stupid joke whenever you saw someone running. That’s all I could think about when the hashtag came on the screen and this is supposed to be a major moment.

      Just to be fair, I will admit some things I did like. As I said, the series picked up in the final few episodes. I won’t say it was good, but it was watchable and I no longer had any problems with powering through and finishing the series. Even though there was a lot of online hate when it was announced that Ghostface would have a new mask, I didn’t have a problem with the new design. It was a cross between Ghostface and the mask on the cover of TOURIST TRAP. It serves it’s purpose of telling everyone that this series does not exist in the same world as the SCREAM movies. It’s a creepy mask, so no problems there. Besides being almost likable, the Brooke character provided plenty of eye candy. If a show or movie is going to suck, at least throw in some hot girls and they did that. One of the very few good things about SCREAM 3 is the fact that they bucked the trend with only having one killer. As a result, while watching this series, I wasn’t sure how many killers I should be trying to guess. Will it be the standard two? Going back to one? Maybe even do something different with three? So without saying how many killers there are in the series, I liked that I didn’t have this assumed number going into it.

      As far as a season 2 goes, I don’t know if I’m going to be watching it. The first season didn’t have much going for it, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a tiny bit of interest to see where the story goes from here. If I do watch season 2, it’ll probably be through binge watching through the entire season in a couple of days again.

      Overall, I’d give the season 3/10 and a recommendation to avoid unless you’re a huge SCREAM fan or you’re a gigantic fan of movies like UNFRIENDED.

      • I thought you did a good job, Dave. I am similar in my feelings of the movie; it’s not great but it’s a lot of fun. Better than 3, but all the sequels and the TV series pales in comparison to the original, as fun as they might be.

      • Sal is great, but I still don’t see the defense. So … 1) The opening is good. As Sarah Michelle Gellar says in the Scream 2 classroom, there’s no accounting for taste. 2) They go back to Woodsboro. Yes, but thanks to the cinematography change, it doesn’t really look or feel like Woodsboro. 3) Some of the kids are good, others suck. Yep. 4) The love triangle is better. I don’t know, I think Parker Posey’s motivation for being interested in Dewey makes sense for her character and is quite entertaining. 5) Dewey and Gale are still together. Technically, I suppose, but they aren’t the same great couple they are at the end if Scream 3. Gale is anxious and Dewey is pushing her away. Is that it? Even if I agreed with these points, they’re just not enough here to really have much of an impact. Especially considering all of the other problems I mentioned on the show.

        • 1) Eh, you can say that about anyone’s opinion about any topic.

          2) Let’s say for the sake of argument that it doesn’t feel like Woodsboro, the reason why I liked that they were back to Woodsboro is being in a small town again rather than the locations of the other sequels. So Woodsboro or not, it gave me what I wanted.

          3) It may not seem like much that I liked some of the new characters and disliked others, but considering how lackluster I felt about the new characters in the other sequels, really liking some of the new characters here is a big deal for me. I liked Kirby more than any other new character in the sequels.

          5) Gale and Dewey may not be on the best of terms, but it still works. For the first time, we’re seeing what they’re like as an official couple. Their dissension feels logical to me since they are in a different place than in any of the other movies. They’re married and after Gale nearly died a few times, Dewey is naturally worried about her safety. Then there’s the fact that unlike in the other two sequels, Dewey is in his comfort zone and has official power. This isn’t like the sequels where Dewey needs his ragtag group of sleuths to help save the day.

          It does make sense why you’re not into the movie as much as I am since you didn’t have the same issues I did with the sequels, particularly SCREAM 3. SCREAM 4 worked for me because of all of the issues in the previous two films. It’s why I’m not trying to convince anyone that this movie was good, but rather just explaining why it was good to me.

          BTW Josh, I asked you a question over in the SURVIVOR thread at MSC.

            • Currently listening to the newest episode of TSFP. Folks, it’s worth listening to TSFP ep 9 to hear Mattroid’s breaking down into hysterics due to a seemingly small little joke told by another host.

  2. Another excellent episode. I’m surprised to hear that Josh likes the series as much as he does, and that the departure from the franchise of films actually is a good thing in his eyes.

    I liked the 4th movie enough to buy the blu, but it’s not great. I didn’t like the cast much, and I loved and agree with the comment about it feeling like it was written by an old guy. Astute.

    • There’s the part of me that wishes they hadn’t made it at all and my first inclination would also have been to put it in Woodsboro with the original Ghostface if they just HAD to make it, but taking the MTV series for what it is … it just happens to fix my problem I was having with the Scream sequels … and it works on it’s own terms. Basically, it’s good for what it is.

  3. I’ll be honest its been many many years since I seen any of the scream movies. While I like the first one, the rest seemed so much like movies for teens that I can really never get into them. Again as Jay said, I would easily watch these over any of the super natural movies that keep getting pumped out. So with that i’ll gladly say I’ll have to go back and watch these again, while Im not the biggest fan of the Scream franchise, I can still appreciate the slasher aspect of the films.

    On a side note, I got my shirt in last weekend and recently tweeted it a few days ago. I love this shirt and happily wore it out and even to work. While at work I got a few compliments and a few “what does that say” and I love that. Take no offense to that. These people are not horror fans. Regardless I love this shirt!!

    * disregard any and all spelling and grammar errors…Im terrible with that stuff

    • Great hearing from you, ArmoredFoe. You’re absolutely right that these are teen films. Particularly the 4th, in my opinion. But then, most slashers deal with teenage characters dealing with teen drama.

      • That’s arguably my favorite aspect of slashers, the teens and their promiscuous heads rolling around the beer and blood stained grass of a summer camp (or whatever location of your choice).

  4. So I hear you guys are doing a 31 days of horror thing in October. It’s something I’ve been doing for a long time and I recently joined a fun facebook group that’s centered around the same thing. It gets going just before October starts and everyone keeps updates on their progress.
    Check it out here https://www.facebook.com/groups/173610362715851/
    It’s a closed group so you have to submit to join which thankfully keeps out the adbots.
    The most I’ve ever done in October is 87.

      • Lots of these were the Masters of Horror season 2 episodes I hadn’t seen. Here’s 2013.
        87. Grindhouse 86. Insidious 85. Trick ‘r Treat 84. We All Scream for Ice Cream (MOH) 83. The V Word (MOH) 82. Pelts (MOH) 81. Dracula-The Vampire and the Voivod 80. Mutants 79. Crystal Lake Memories 78. Haunter
        77. V/H/S 2 76. Argento’s Dracula 75. We Are What We Are (2013) 74. Berberian Sound Studio 73. Frankenstein’s Army 72. Night of the Tentacles 71. Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors 70. Solo 69. The Thompsons 68. The Aggression Scale 67. Rifftrax Live: Night of the Living Dead 66. Game of Werewolves 65. I Walked With a Zombie 64. Seasoning House 63. Shivers 62. Fright Night 2 (2013) 61. Dead Ringers 60. Byzantium 59. Juan of the Dead 58. The Haunting 57. Vs (2011) 56. The Bay 55. Phantasm 4 54. Possession (1981) 53. The Possession (2012) 52. Night Train to Terror 51. Nightwatch (1997) 50. The Black Cat (MOH) 49. Aftershock 48. God Told Me To 47. Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Terror… Part 2: Night of the Living Dead 46. The Beyond 45. Escape From Tommorrow 44. The Battery 43. Maniac (2012) 42. Sounds Like 41. Right to Die (MOH) 40. Hellraiser : Hell on Earth 39. Would You Rather 38. The Innocents 37. Magic Magic 36. Next of Kin (1982) 35. Bad Milo 34. Hell Baby 33. Manborg 32. The Damned Thing (MOH) 31. Under the Bed 30. Girls Against Boys 29. House of Long Shadows 28. Hansel and Gretyl: Witch Hunters 27. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 26. Pro-Life (MOH) 25. Resolution 24. Rockula 23. My Babysitters a Vampire 22. The People Under the Stairs 21. Family (MOH) 20. Tetsuo: The Body Hammer 19. GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack 18. Life and Death of a Porno Gang 17. Lifeforce 16. Fair Haired Child (MOH) 15. El Aullido Del Diablo 14. Mama 13. Jugface 12. Kiss of the Damned 11. Valerie on the Stairs (MOH) 10. From Beyond 9. Errors of the Human Body 8. Cockneys vs Zombies
        7. Brain Damage 6. The Devils 5. Citadel 4. Destroy All Monsters 3. A Little Bit Zombie 2. American Scream 1. Inferno

        • And here’s last year’s:
          63. WNUF Halloween Special 62. Wolfcop 61. Moebius (2013) 60. Witching and Bitching 59. The Devil Rides Out 58. Cabin in the Woods (rewatch) 57. The Scout 56. Nightbreed (director’s cut) 55. Tuck Me In (short) 54. See No Evil 2 53. Rocktober Blood 52. Extraterrestrial (2014) 51. Kill Me Now 50. Dead Snow 2 49. Return to Nuke’em High 48. Borgman 47. Creature (1985) 46. Penny Dreadful Picture Show 45. Life After Beth 44. The Strangers (2008) 43. Monkey Shines 42. Motel Hell 41. The Scribbler 40. Willow Creek 39. Ghost Shark 38. Street Trash 37. Curse of the Werewolf 36. Jamie Marks is Dead 35. Fright Night 2 (1988) 34. Worlds End: The Legacy of Day of the Dead 33. Doc of the Dead 32. Birth of the Living Dead 31. Horns 30. The Reptile (1966) 29. 13 Sins 28. Found. 27. The Fly (1958) 26. Silver Bullets (2011) 25. Super Dooper Alice Cooper 24. Monster Madness (doc) 23. Buckwild 22. Delivery-The Beast Within 21. The Dead 2: India 20. Annabelle 19. Wer 18. Werewolf Woman 17. Septic Man 16. Rigor Mortis (2013) 15. The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976) 14. Nymph 13. Reptilicus 12. Killer Legends 11. Honeymoon 10. Chasing the Devil (2014) 9. Maps to the Stars 8. Proxy 7. Peeping Tom 6. Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht 5. Hellbenders 4. The Creeping Terror (MST3K) 3. Invaders from Mars (1986) 2. Gutterballs 1. Demons (1985)

          • How was WNUF? I’m very curious about that one, but I’m not even sure how to get a copy of it. I know it’s not on Amazon or available to stream anywhere I’ve looked.

        • I wish Masters of Horror would have survived for a longer period. While there were some uninspiring episodes, there were some great ones. Episodes such as Sounds Like, Family, and We All Scream for Ice Cream were the stand outs for me. I seem to recall the DVD’s being fairly cheap when they were first released as well.

          • I’ve got a job where I have to sit on my ass sometimes for 6 hours a day changing dates on paperwork to keep them in date. It’s so easy I can watch TV at the same time. Then when my girlfriend gets home she wants to watch horror movies too. I save the good ones for her.

  5. So I haven’t actually seen “Scre4m” or whatever it’s called but the excerpts from it used in this episode kind of compounded a problem I feel like I have with the franchise (more so the sequels). It’s the way they feel the need to have the characters transparently explain the horror clichés that are being lampooned/subverted to the audience. That’s it, the biggest problem I have with these movies. I’ll give the first film a pass because it is brilliantly executed and undeniably fun to watch and I even have a soft spot for the second one (mainly because I love the all-american university setting) but as the series progresses, as far as I can tell, the more on-the-nose and obnoxious the post-modern dialogue becomes. that kind of self-referential stuff is fun for a while but when it gets to the point where you feel like the movie is treating you like an utter moron it becomes kind of irksome. We get it, you’re pointing out horror movie conventions, you don’t need to explain them in intricate detail every time you plan to exploit their hackneyed nature!

  6. Can’t wait to hear this one, gonna save it for Monday. Gonna head to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg for vacation and it will really make the 7 hr drive better :)

  7. I hate to say this scream as a whole is nothing new . It nothing but adult verison of a scooby doo movie . I like some of them but as a whole they are just like any horror franchise , they get too long in the tooth

    • I think that I actually agree with the Wildman for once. The first Scream was pretty groundbreaking, I think that we can agree with that. From there the franchise just seemed to flounder. They are enjoyable films, but they just weren’t as cutting edge as the original.
      Here’s the funny part; the same goes for pretty much every horror franchise that we love. In 1980 Friday The 13th was the greatest thing put on film. It was new and different and people fell instantly in love with it. The sequels from there on didn’t really bring anything new to the table. 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street shook things up again. I don’t think that we need to get into the details of what happened to that franchise (am I the only one dreading October’s NOES reviews?).

      In my opinion, the Scream franchise did the same thing that all our other beloved franchises have done. I didn’t watch any of the subsequent Scream films thinking that they were going to reinvent the series every time. I just expected more Ghost Face and more killing.

      The Dude

        • That is not an easy question to answer I’m afraid. I think that a lot of it has to do with the business of film making. Why would a company take a risk and reinvent a movie or series if they have a ‘winning formula’?
          I agree that we shouldn’t feel that sequels will be inferior, but let’s look at the long history of movies (not just horror movies) and I think that it is safe to say that the majority of sequels have fallen short compared to original film.


          • That’s fair, but my point is that Scream’s formula is to comment on the current state of horror by pointing out the rules (well-worn cliches) of the genre and breaking them OR showing us why they have to happen that way. Scream 2 immediately breaks the formula and simply adheres to the supposed rules of a sequel. It still works, but is less effective. Scream 3 forgets the horror genre commentary altogether and, although satirizing Hollywood somewhat effectively, begins to concentrate almost completely on the Stab universe and in doing so loses the credibility the first film has by being set in the “real” world where the characters and the audience are interacting with the rules of the same existing movies. Scream 4 is a carbon copy if the first but replaced the real horror commentary with Stab commentary, robbing it of all the originals power. Scream would be a lot better if they had stuck to the formula, but they didn’t. And my high expectations were built on the high bar that the first film set. It’s also worth saying that these films were made by the same creative team. Not at every level, but mostly. That’s extremely rare in horror franchises. Why shouldn’t we expect the same great work from the same creators? From Wes Craven to the cast to the composer to the prop guy, it was the same crew. There was some variation in the writer and cinematographer, which were major problems for me, but even then there was still input from the same core team all the way through.

    • I’ve pre-ordered my tickets for THE GREEN INFERNO. All of the attention the movie has received from this site has made me really want to see it. Hopefully it’ll make up for the fact that my theater flaked out and isn’t showing COOTIES.

      • I am very hopeful that Green Inferno will live up to the hype but I am trying so hard not to buy into it. I made that mistake with Cabin Fever and I was pretty disappointed.


          • As long as we’re only talking about the original CABIN FEVER, I have nothing but positive things to say. When the DVD first came out, I was a junior in high school. Within a few days span, I watched the movie for the first time on DVD, then watched all five commentary tracks and I may have watched the regular film a second time. Loved it so much.

            Now, if we’re talking about the first sequel, I’d rather pretend that movie was never made. I dig Ti West, but that’s his weakest movie for me. As a result of how much I disliked the second one, I haven’t gotten around to seeing the third.

          • I don’t remember enough of the sequel, but I think I liked it. I didn’t even know there was a third movie. The first Cabin Fever is a classic though.


            • Looks like CABIN FEVER 3 was directed by Kaare Andrews. I dug his first movie, 2010’s ALTITUDE. Besides starring Samwise himself, Sean Astin, the movie stars several young actors I’m familiar with. Might be worth checking out since it is available on NETFLIX.

              • Hahaha ok, it turns out I’ve seen it. I just didn’t associate it because you said CF3 and the movie is called Cabin Fever Patient Zero. But yes, I’ve seen it and it’s actually pretty good! I think I rated it a 7 or something like that. There’s a scene involving a fight that’s new level. So good!

  8. Hey guys, for those interested in the arthouse film WHEN ANIMALS DREAM, I have some brief thoughts on it. I caught it late last night—not under the best conditions as I was on medication and a bit sleepy—but long story short, it’s a pretty neat little werewolf film that seems to be getting a lot of comparisons to LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. I for one, think this is a far inferior film. It does share similar qualities like the excellent cinematography, moody atmosphere, and slow pacing, but it lacked the impact that LET THE RIGHT ONE IN left in me. My main problem was that the ending felt a bit hollow and the payoff, although fairly great, lacked the gut punch that I was expecting from a movie this quiet and sparse. I also didn’t love the look of the werewolf. I get that this is a super low budget film, but I think they could’ve been a bit more creative with the look. It just felt lazy and not very carefully thought out. Everything else was top notch, however. I loved the location of the movie (which was this really cool fishing town somewhere in Denmark), the atmosphere was spot-on (there was this really cool, hazy, almost dream-like effect that really added to the tone and atmosphere), and the characters (and their very sparse dialogue). If you’re the type of person that enjoys slower side of horror like LET THE RIGHT ONE IN or ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, then you’ll probably enjoy this movie. If your definition of horror relies heavily on blood, gore, and body count, then I recommend you stay away from this. I really need to revisit this, but I’ll give it a 7 for now and say it’s a must for arthouse lovers.

    • I also just recently checked out THE HIVE. There was a lot of underground hype for this movie and after watching it I can certainly see why. Having said that, THE HIVE was still a pretty big disappointment overall. They had a few really good, really interesting ideas but because of their budget constraints, the bad acting, the so-so directing, and the hectic editing, much of those ideas were lost or diluted, never fully reaching their full potential. The movie plays with the idea of a zombie apocalypse where the zombies’ mind is fully capable of thinking and connecting with every other zombie out in the world. I like this idea a lot. Think about the possibilities, not only of creating an interesting new look at the zombie, but of the cinematic possibilities! The director had a great thing going with his approach to the narrative. This is basically MEMENTO with zombies with a little bit of WARM BODIES and various body snatcher elements thrown into the mix. The problem with following in Memento’s footsteps is that the mystery has to be so interesting that it makes you want to care about finding out what really happened that lead our main character to the state he is presently in. The mystery here lacks suspense, thrills, atmosphere, interesting characters, a good story, and pretty much everything that made MEMENTO a memorable film. The acting doesn’t help either. There are some shining moments between the actors because they do have good chemistry, but they’re few and far in between. My biggest problem was the story though. It was so basic and so clumsily told that I just wanted the movie to be over halfway through it. There was so much exposition that was spoken out loud by the main character who is by himself for the majority of the film. It was at time, laugh out loud bad. Now, I don’t want to diss the movie too much though, because I think it had heart and it had good ideas. Perhaps the movie would’ve benefited from a more experienced, more skilled crew (the movie looks and sounds like a really long music video). THE HIVE is a mediocre film with a lot of heart and high aspirations. I give it a 5 and say watch it only if it’s available for free and you have nothing else better to watch.

    • There has been a lot of division in these forums because of the movie UNFRIENDED. I’m here to set the record straight. The movie is not nearly as bad as Jay and the rest of the detracting crew make it out to be. It is quite good, actually. I will say, however, that it’s not a movie for everyone. You’ll have to have a fairly good understanding of social media and be open to alternative storytelling if you plan to enjoy this movie. Everything you’ve heard about how this movie plays out is true. The entirety of the movie is seen through the screen of a laptop. That’s not to say that the movie is static, it’s not the case at all. There is a lot going on on screen, sometimes a little too much. There are windows open at all time with chats, facebook, youtube, various miscellaneous websites, and e-mail on top of the skype screen which gives you access to “real-time video” of the cast. It’s quite interesting and can get rather intense and even scary. I just wish the movie had stayed grounded more in reality than on the supernatural. It could’ve stood out from the bunch, but because of its twist it’s now just one more run-of-the-mill supernatural movie. Still, UNFRIENDED needs to be commended for being able to pull off what (I thought) OPEN WINDOWS couldn’t. And that is being entertaining, engaging, and interesting by not showing a whole lot… or a lot, but in a very different way than usual. Actually, I can see the movie benefit from repeated viewings. There is so much information on-screen in the form of text that I probably missed a ton of neat extra information that could potentially enrich the story of the movie. UNFRIENDED is a 6.5 for me and I say it’s a solid rental. Special thanks to Dino for pushing me to see this. You were right, bro. You were right all along.

          • Sounds like the rough plot for a horror movie.

            Blink twice if you’ve been infected by some sort of alien parasite that came from the body of “Dino”.

          • Thanks for being brave and honest, Juan. I know the “cool” thing to do around here is to bash on UNFRIENDED, even if it’s an undeserved bashing.

            I’ll be interested to hear what the Wolfman thinks of UNFRIENDED when he gets around to it. I honestly have no idea where he’ll fall.

  9. I agree with Willis first one was amazing and has a very high re watch value for me but they did kind of go down hill just a little bit after wards, as all franchise do, not just horror (*cough* Pirates of the Carribean on Stranger Tides) still absolutely love the first two Scream films though

    Not much I can say about this one, i agree with Jays rating and with a lot of what Josh said.

  10. I feel the series goes as follows:

    Scream II
    Scream IV
    Scream (MTV)
    Scream III

    When Scream III was released I could never shake just how bad the film is as a whole. The outcome is absurd. I wish Kevin Williamson had the time to fix it. Now with the “complete” filmography of the series out there, my opinion cannot shift from that initial feeling. Part IV is not that bad to me, BUT if that was III back in 2000, I’m sure copious amounts of repulsed feelings would’ve flooded my mind. The MTV series was fun for what it was, but the reveal makes zero sense, considering what would have to be pulled off to conclude there. My biggest problem with II is how does Mrs. Loomis’ character not get noticed by Sidney on campus? The weight loss & plastic surgery line didn’t matter as Sid noticed her at first glance. I’m not sure what else could be said about the original….classic!

    Thanks for the series gents. I have officially turned myself into a broken record since finding this podcast, as I continue to say, “It’s THE BEST movie podcast out there.” You guys always take time out of your busy schedules to fulfill our hungry horrifying appetites!

    • In regards to Sidney never noticing Mrs. Loomis, I think it’s believable. They didn’t have any scenes together until the very end. Undoubtedly, Mrs. Loomis would be trying to keep her distance from Sidney. Since Sidney didn’t have any reason to ever expect to see Mrs. Loomis again, a hair cut and a new look may be enough to allow Mrs. Loomis to slink around in the background.

      I’ve been in situations in the past where someone from my past doesn’t instantly recognize me unless they make the conscious effort to look at my face. Same thing goes with seeing people that I used to know. I may not recognize them if they’re just passing me in public unless we actually interact.

  11. Sal,

    I still think at some point they would’ve made eye contact. Evidently how fast Sidney recognizes her, Mrs’ Loomis could’ve been in jeopardy of giving up her whole strategy. That would not have exactly targeted her as a killer just to be noticed, but let’s face it, that’s a red flag that could burn no brighter.

    We’re debating movie logic. I can see how some might take it as believable. However….just couldn’t buy it.

    A far superior film compared to the other two sequels.

    • I am willing to agree that it was a rather risky move. It was even necessary to do? Not really. Then again, she clearly had a few screws loose. I’d argue having so much interaction with Gale was the far riskier move.

      • Risky all around and bit a story beat I’ve thought too much about, but it does hurt the film if I take it into consideration. I think they should have stuck with there original plan and made the killer Cotton. Maybe it was all over the internet back in 1997, but what percentage of the audience was actually actively on the internet back then, looking for spoilers and then … what not going to see a movie they are that obsessed with bc they know how it ends. The movie studio secrecy paranoia is a little extreme.

        • In the original script, was there still the subplot of Cotton trying to work with Gale to get the face-to-face interview with Sidney? If so, I do really dig the idea of Cotton trying to get this fame while attempting to also exact revenge for what Sidney mistakenly did to him a few years earlier. Makes his character pretty psychotic in hindsight.

  12. I agree, Wolfman.

    Having Cotton be the killer would’ve been THE best outcome for Scream II. Oh well, still a fun film.

    BTW, not the best horror podcast, but the MOVIE podcast on the net.

    You guys lay it down each week.

    Thanks for that!

  13. Just read they are making The Mist tv show…makes me excited and cringe at the same time…Would rather have a movie sequel…Just hate to see another Under the Dome travesty…

    • What could they do for a sequel? They wrapped up the story at the conclusion of the movie so unless they tell the same story covering other person’s encounter with the mist or do a whole “The mist has returned” plot, I’d think doing a sequel would be tough. Had the movie kept the book’s ending, it would have been easy to do though.

      As long as they make it a mini-series and not an attempt at a full fledged series, it could be done well.

      I’m looking forward to watching THE MIST for the second time this October. I’d like to see if it works better as a black-and-white movie than it does as a color.

        • That could be fun and far more action-centric than the original. I don’t recall The Mist featuring much by way of a backstory or explaining what created the monsters or what eventually caused their deaths. With the change in tones, The Mist/The Mist 2 would be similar to Alien and Aliens.

  14. After all of the praise COLD PREY recevied in the early episodes of HMP (Along with a ton of delays to actually getting to the review), I’d really love to see the movie. However, I don’t want to see some dubbed version like Amazon has for it’s Amazon Instant Video.

    Does anyone know if the DVD version does actually have the original language track?


    I know it only says it has an English language track on the page, but IIRC, someone from HMP had watched a proper non-English language version of the movie.

    • Yea, I watched the dubbed version on Hulu. The voice acting was so bad! Part way through I got over it and enjoyed the movie. If you can find another copy that’d be best but at least the dub version is something.

    • Cold Prey is pretty tight, but I didn’t like it as much as everyone else did. Perhaps it’s time to revisit. I watched the dubbed version as well and I’m sure that had something to do with my enjoyment of the movie.

  15. To follow Juan’s lead, I recently got around to finally watching 1963’s THE HAUNTING. While I normally don’t do this, I watched the movie immediately after finishing the book. Most of the time, the changes hurts my enjoyment of the movie particularly with Stephen King adaptions. Here though, they stayed fairly true to the source material. Some scenes were cut, the character of Arthur, the last name of Dr. Montague, his wife had a bit of a different attitude, and there was a new love plot, but much like HARRY POTTER: PRISONER OF AZKABAN, I liked the changes. Both the movie and the book work in their own ways. If there’s a criticism in both sources, I can see people not being too into it because so little actually happens. I don’t mind the slow build. The loud noises at night were scary-ish and I could easily put myself in the characters’ shoes. How would I react if I was in that house when all hell is breaking out at night? Probably drink as much as everyone else.

    In the book, there’s this great feeling that something isn’t right, but you’re not sure what. In the movie, it’s all about the craziness of Nell. She seems like the type that would go crazy and as a result, I felt uncomfortable for the other characters whenever they were with her. It seemed as if any moment, she could have a mental breakdown and stab someone in the face with a knife.

    The highlight of the movie was the camera work. You’re always getting unique camera shots, weird angles and transitions. What I loved about that is that it let the viewers relate to the characters when it comes to the house feeling…off. How there aren’t any 90 degree angles, everything is slightly off, and unless you’re told, you don’t understand why the house is throwing you off. Another highlight was that it reminded me of PSYCHO with a lot of internal dialogue and some of the music. Even though Marion had far more confidence than Nell, they’re both women without a country. Unsure of what to do and the place they go to (Whether Hill House or Bates Motel) becomes a critical location in their lifetime. Without realizing it, this new “Home” is the worst place they could try and felt shelter in. For 1963, there was a great special effect similar to a major moment in the original A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET film. That scene in THE HAUNTING made me stop and appreciate the greatness of the shot.

    The whole lesbian vibes towards Theo was interesting just for it’s time period. It’s similar to DRACULA’s DAUGHTER where they don’t explicitly state that the one is a lesbian, but they’re not exactly denying it either.

    I’m not a huge fan of old ghost stories since they’re so slow going and not much happens, but I was never bored by this and the two hours flew by. I haven’t seen the remake in years, but I re-watched the trailer to it after finishing the original and it looked truly awful with all of it’s CGI. THE HAUNTING is worth checking out at least once, even if you’re not a fan of slow moving movies. I’d give it a 8/10.

    • I read the book after Wolfman Josh’s recommendation and i had a hard time finishing it. Like you said, not a lot happens and I had been spoiled by the movie. But I finally finished it and read a book. Thanks, wolfman! I agree with what you said about the camera work, great angles and hard to get a sense of where you are in the house. I liked the remake but only because of nostalgia. Everything spooky is just CGI. It’s like CGI is just chasing the characters through the whole film. And yay, Dracula’s Daughter!

      • I read the book and watched the movie due to Josh’s praise for it as well.

        The book took me longer to read than it should have, but I eventually got into it. I think what I struggled with was all of the whimsical talk when it came to everyone being playful. All of that lasted a long time and I was just waiting for the horror to begin. Once Nell started to go crazy, the book went far faster. Arthur and the doctor’s wife were both insufferable, but at the same time so much fun. Any time one of those two spoke, I wanted to punch them. Great unlikable characters.

      • Wow, I’m incredibly flattered that you guys checked out the book based on my recommendation. I wish you’d enjoyed it more! Haha. Sorry. It’s a strange old book, but it matches the film. I find it incredibly creepy and still have nightmares about the house.

  16. Don’t agree with Josh’s comments on Scream 4. At all. Totally agree with Dr Shock. These are decent sequels and I’ve watched enough franchises with sequels that deviate in some cases completely from the original that what you get is crap. They definitely could have killed the mains I’d have been fine with that. Unfortunately it will not happen now with Wes dead. I think Josh is being ridiculously nit picky. I actually like this sequel the best of all three sequels.

    • Ridiculously nit-picky?! Come on, Jess. I’m asking them to try and live up the the standard that they set themselves. I’m not saying theWhat’s so ridiculous about that? I’m not saying that they should deviate at all, I’m saying they should do in this film what they did in the first. Not carbon-copy the first film but comment on the horror of the time in an interesting way … set up and then break all the rules.

  17. Oh man, I wish I had been around for this one because I would have been one of the few supporters of SCREAM 4 and the Scream TV series.

    I watched SCREAM 4 a lot when it first came out, probably close to 10 times within the first year of its release. I really liked the movie, right from the opening scene. I know JOTD and Wolfman complained about the satirical nature of it, but I thought it was brilliant. It was a great way to date the movie within the Scream timeline, to see that we were already up to “Stab 7” immediately tells the audience that several “Woodsboro” years have passed since SCREAM 3. Brilliant.

    I also liked a lot of the characters in the movie – of course there’s Kirby, but I also liked the Cinema Club geeks, Charlie and Robbie. I thought Sidney’s character arc throughout the series really ended well in this film, with her book mirroring her actual persona of no longer living in fear. The guys talked about this on the show with regard to the scene where Sid runs into the neighbor’s home to try and confront the killer. Really good stuff.

    There were a few scenes in the movie that I think worked really well. First, the parking garage scene with Sidney’s publicist was pretty good with some decent suspense. I also liked the barn scene and the stuff at Kirby’s house, particularly when Charlie is at the back door and then later when he’s tied to the chair. So, my memory of this film was quite fond and I thought very highly of it, especially for a fourth installment in a franchise.

    Upon rewatch (and when watching it along with the rest of the franchise) my opinion of SCREAM 4 dropped slightly. There are a few things that don’t work well, some of the stuff (with the cops, in particular) is a little too goofy, and I’m still not quite sure how I feel about the double false ending. Overall, though, I really enjoy this movie. It’s a 7.5/10 for me.


    The Scream TV series is something I’ve talked about in the past. I was only lukewarm on it in the beginning, but it definitely turned into a guilty pleasure of mine. It was very good and entertaining for what it was, which turned out to be more of a dark police procedural than a straight “Scream” horror series. The production value was very high for an MTV show, the gore was respectably high and the cast was mostly solid. I also found these characters to be very likable, and the use of modern technology and social media was very well done. I especially like how they replaced the “old school” TV reporter character with a true crime podcaster. Very nice touch.

    I wonder if this was Woodsboro and the killer was Ghostface if it would have felt more like a “Scream” TV series. It might have, but I don’t think the series suffered by having a different killer (with a different mask) or a different location (Louisiana?).

    I am definitely hooked and can’t wait for season 2. I do wonder where they’ll take the series from here, but I’m sure I’ll like it in the same guilty pleasure kind of way that I liked the first season. I give the Scream TV series an 8/10, and think it’s at least worth giving a three-episode try to see if it’s for you. Fair warning: the series requires having a high tolerance to teen dramas.

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