Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 076: Crimson Peak (2015) and We Are Still Here (2015) and Stung (2015) and The Final Girls (2015)

Frankensteinian 076

Episode 076 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST features, what Jay of the Dead believe is, our scariest, real-life horror campfire tale yet: “Virginia’s Handyman.” A must-listen! Wolfman Josh recounts the true-life tale of Virginia’s Handyman! We double-dog dare you to listen to this story while lying in bed in the dark. You’ll have to turn on a light! If you couldn’t tell already, this is another of our Frankensteinian episodes, where we bring you a manic mix of reviews, including Crimson Peak (2015) and The Final Girls (2015) and We Are Still Here (2015) and Stung (2015), among others. You don’t want to miss this one! Trust us…

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I. Introduction
— The loss of Gunnar Hansen
— The Paris Attacks: Wishing our friends well
— The documentary “Cartel Land” and viewing real-life “aftermath” carnage

[ 0:10:59 ] II. Wolfman Josh’s CAMPFIRE TALE: “Virginia’s Handyman”

[ 0:26:06 ] III. Feature Review: WE ARE STILL HERE (2015)
Dr. Shock = 9 ( Buy it! )

IV. Mini Review: GOOSEBUMPS (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Theater / Buy it! )

[ 0:44:54 ] V. Feature Review: STUNG (2015)

Jay of the Dead = 4 ( Avoid )
Wolfman Josh = 4.5 ( Low-priority Stream it )
Dr. Shock = 6.5 ( Rental )

VI. Mini Review: LAST SHIFT (2014)
Dr. Shock = 7 ( Rental )

[ 1:07:38 ] VII. Feature Review: CRIMSON PEAK (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Theater / Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 9 ( Theater / Buy it! )

VIII. Mini Review: CONTAINMENT (2015)
Dr. Shock = 6.5 ( Rental )

[ 1:33:51 ] IX. Feature Review: THE FINAL GIRLS (2015)
Wolfman Josh = 9 ( Buy it! )

— Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)
— The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

X. Mini Review: KNOCK KNOCK (2015)
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( Strong Rental )

XI. Mini Review: COOTIES (2015)
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Low-priority Rental )

XII. Quick mention: LOST AFTER DARK (2015)

XIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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205 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 076: Crimson Peak (2015) and We Are Still Here (2015) and Stung (2015) and The Final Girls (2015)

  1. I went to look up Zombies and Cheerleaders and…it’s weird. Looks like it was just a pilot for a potential new Disney Channel series. The plot:

    “The story follows Zed Necrodopolis, a typical high school student with one small caveat; he happens to be a zombie. Despite a high-tech wristwatch designed to curb any appetite he may have for his classmates, he and his zombie friends remain unpopular with the school’s most influential group, the pom-pom wielding cheerleaders. Never one to back down from a challenge, Zed sets out to improve zombie student body relations and win the attention of Addison, the cheerleading squad’s newest member.”

    WTF? Ha

      • Don’t try to act like you’re not a tiny bit curious after reading the plot of the series. It sounds like a total train wreck, but Disney Channel creating a series where a zombie wants to be liked by cheerleaders while the show is categorized as being a musical by IMDb? That sort of insanity has to be seen to be believed!

        Considering Todd Strauss-Schulson was just the director, I don’t know how much he can be credited for coming up with the idea. Interestingly enough, one of the writers was Joshua John Miller, the guy who played Tom Atkins’ son in Halloween 3.

  2. Regarding Wolfman Josh’s Campfire Tale about Virginia’s Handyman…

    I had intended to start this running list (that you all are welcome to contribute to) of horror movies with instances where the person rolls over in bed and someone (or something) is beside them for a jump-scare.

    Two recent releases that I had in mind but ultimately forgot to mention were “Insidious: Chapter 3” and “Sinister 2.” Both of those films have a Virginia’s Handyman scare… : ) (Maybe that’s what we should call that jump-scare henceforth! — The Virginia’s Handyman Scare!)

    But that’s precisely what’s so remarkable about Josh’s story, because that horror movie convention, which is so prevalent and basically cliché now, actually occurred in everyday life.


    Props to Josh, once again, for such a great tale. I genuinely had trouble going to sleep the night we recorded this episode…

      • Wasn’t that Robert Blake in Lost Highway? It’s been so long since I’ve seen it. The scene where Pullman is standing in front of him and on the phone with him “I’m in your house right now.” Shivers down my spine thinking about it.

        But sadly if I watched it again every time I saw Robert Blake I would probably just think about Chapelle’s Show “Baretta did that shit”

    • Not that I would think to advise Josh to do this now, but Virginia’s Handyman’s story could be a great story to freak out his kids in the future. “Remember that handyman that used to be around when you were kids? Yeah, he used to break into houses and watch the homeowners when they were sleeping…”

  3. I haven’t started listening to the review of The Final Girls, but just looking at your score already brought a big smile to my face. This is one of my favorite horror movies, and even general movies, of the year. Only second to It Follows.

    • I COMPLETELY disagree with your thoughts on the “bad CGI” on Crimson Peak though. You guys are INSANE. Those ghosts looked pristine! Totally choice!

      • I probably overstated that aspect. I know you’re a CGI fan, Juan, but for me it’s the differences between the quality of the creature look in this and Pan’s Labyrinth are glaring, whatever the method.

        • I get it, but even so, the ghosts are so good looking. Best looking ghosts I’ve ever seen. From the design of the ghosts, to their color schemes, to the way they move… there is so much fine detail just to the ghosts themselves. I had very mixed feelings about this movie as a whole though… I need to see it again. I know that I love A LOT about this movie, but I left the theater a little disappointed.

          And I meant INSANE in the most loving of ways of course. I know you can be a little too sensitive about these things, so just wanted to be clear 😉

          • I liked the ghosts at first but partway through the movie, I too thought they looked a little weak.

            My wife brought me back cardboard virtual reality glasses from comicon. You put your phone in the cardboard, looked through 2 lenses and put on head phones. There was a VR trailer for Crimson Peak where you walked into the house and the ghost came out of the floor at you. It was a pretty cool way of promoting the movie.

          • Juan, you said something here that hits on what I liked about the CRIMSON PEAK ghosts – how they moved. I dug their overall look and behavior, but their movement was very fluid and beautiful. Right from the opening ghost scene, when the ghost puts her hand on Edith’s arm, the movement of the fingers is so fluid and… ghostlike.

  4. So, I ended up watching We Are Still Here due to Shock’s glowing review. You really can’t stress enough how it ends up being something you didn’t expect. I’ve been seeing the DVD cover for a few months now, but I’ve been passing it over due to the fact that it looked like a typical haunted house ghost story. Granted, that’s exactly what it is in the first half. The first ten or so minutes is very slow going and I can see some people being tempted to turn it off at that early stage. The pace does not remain that for the entire movie. Once the deaths begin, it becomes complete madness with a massive amount of blood. For most of the final twenty minutes, my mouth was hanging open, in shock of what I was seeing.

    If I did have one problem, it’s some of the CGI. It took me out of some of the more tense scenes in the middle of the movie. By the end, I was warming up to it some since it was practically effects heightened by CGI, but I still wasn’t a big fan of it.

    Even though I’m sure Josh will like this, I think this may be a perfect movie for someone like Jay since he’s tired of the supernatural sub-genre. It’s a supernatural film that doesn’t settle for being tame or following the same low key approach that most supernatural films go by.

    I’d rank this up with my other top horror films of 2015 such as It Follows, Girl House, and The Final Girls. I’ll agree with Dr. Shock’s rating of 9.0. Go ahead and buy it as I think it’ll hold up nicely on repeated viewings.

    • You’re killing me, Sal! I already wanted to watch We Are Still Here and now with this I’m on the verge of calling it a day at the office, heading home, and watching this with a nice cold beer. And I agree with It Follows and The Final Girls being at the very top of the horror list this year. Dino has been shoving Girl House down my throat ever since he watched it. I gotta say, I watched the trailer the other day and it didn’t quite look like what I usually watch, but I’ll give it a shot… just for you… and Dino… mostly Dino 😉

      • Every time you talk about Dino, it sounds so…dirty.

        Considering how long Dino has been telling anyone and everyone about Girl House (I’m pretty sure the first words to baby Dino were “OMG…you gotta see Girl House, little one!”), I don’t know how you haven’t seen it yet.

        It’s almost as if you enjoy Dino shoving Girl House down your throat.

      • I watched WE ARE STILL HERE back in early August. I enjoyed it (well enough to recommend it, obviously), but not nearly as much as Doc. The biggest issue for me was the acting. It was pretty awful across the board throughout the film. The movie was generally entertaining and suspenseful, though, and really does get crazy toward the end. For me, it’s a 7.5/10. This is what I tweeted about it after my viewing >> https://twitter.com/dinoticinelli/status/630240495009157120

        Juan, I think you’ll like WE ARE STILL HERE better than GIRL HOUSE, but not quite as much as Doc and Sal. That’s my prediction.

        • That sounds like a pretty accurate prediction from what I gather. I’ve read that the bad acting in WE’RE STILL HERE is intentional if that changes things for you at all.

          • Hmmm… whether or not it was intentional, it certainly didn’t add anything for me. I guess I could see the reasoning behind it, though, because it definitely made it feel like cheesy b-horror from the ’70s or early ’80s (along with the overall style). Maybe that’s what they were going for, but to me it just made it painful to watch at times.

          • Well Sal, Dino, and everyone in between, I finally got to see both GIRL HOUSE and WE’RE STILL HERE and I liked both of them a lot more than anticipated. GIRL HOUSE was a nice slasher that was a lot of fun. I love slashers, but they’re not typically at the top of my queue nowadays. I think after SCREAM and the wave of modern slashers it brought with it, I lost interest in the genre. Very few modern slashers give me the thrills and chills that good ol’ ’80s (and some ’90s) slashers used to give me. GIRL HOUSE is a 7 for me or the equivalent of one of Dino’s meatballs.

            WE’RE STILL HERE was more my cup of tea though. It was such a nice throwback movie a la House of the Devil though not as effective. It did everything right. The pacing, the story, the acting, the camera angles, everything looked pretty legit ’70s horror… except the actual look of the film. That’s really my one and only complaint. Even the CGI looked great, partly because it was used sparingly but it was handled just right in my opinion. WE’RE STILL HERE is a 9 and it will most definitely make an appearance on my year’s end top 10 list.

            Another movie I saw that I quickly wanted to “review” is ALL HALLOW’S EVE. This is a movie that Jay has championed like crazy and let me tell you, don’t buy into the hype. This is rough, fellas. I’m all for indie horror, but this was very, very, very low budget. I can appreciate the effort and the movie itself for what it is, but this is not a classic by any stretch of the imagination. I’m sorry, Jay, but this is not a movie you should champion this much. I think it’s a fine watch if you have nothing else to do. ALL HALLOW’S EVE is a 5 and a very low priority rental.

            • I saw All Hallows’ Eve back on day #31 of 31 days of horror. I loved it. It’s a very cheap looking movie, but it managed to make me more tense than most horror movies do. It made me want to see what the director could do with a higher budget.

              I gave it an 8.

          • The funny thing is that I’m not even a huge fan of italian horror, but WE’RE STILL HERE got me in the mood to go back and revisit that sub-genre.

          • Wow, I’m surprised you came in at a 9 on WE ARE STILL HERE. I’m really surprised you mentioned the acting as a bright spot. Even if it was intentionally bad, I just found it so hard to get past and is a big reason why it was only a 7.5 for me (the acting and the story, which didn’t completely connect for me, were the two drawbacks).

            Glad you liked both films, though. We’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again now – this has been a really good year for horror.

          • I was lent All Hallows Eve by a friend via DVD copy. It is low budget. But it’s creepy as hell and needless to say I bought the blu ray double feature with All Hallows Eve and Mischief Night. I have yet to watch the latter but hope it’s decent.

            On Amazon prime there is a low budget indie type horror film called Demons Rook. This is a 9 in my book. Low budget and amateur acting aside. It has a slow pace but gets going with a really good soundtrack and great practical effects. Highly recommended. If anyone has seen it already. I’d love to know what you thought as well.

    • I have such a hard time accepting CGI when it’s obvious that practical effects could be used. If I had a gripe with We Are Still Here, that would be it.
      I’ve grown to accept cgi however, in films like Cloverfield, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mad Max, and other Marvel flics. Though I don’t approve totally. I can see what it achieves over what it wouldn’t without cgi.
      Jurassic World was an example of cgi that I loathe. With a massive budget and knowing it was going to be a box office hit. Why not go back to the basic style of the original? Jaws was and still is better than any other shark movie out there. Is it laziness or carelessness?

  5. WOLFMAN JOSH. Oh my God. The timing of your campfire tale is uncanny. I just had my door kicked in by thieves while I was at work yesterday so this story hit home. And the cops just told him “oh don’t come back?” WHAT?! That’s insane. I am sitting here listening to this episode right now with major chills. This guy needs to be locked up ASAP, before he hurts someone.

    • I felt so bad when I saw you your Instagram post. I was almost embarrassed that I told my story while you were suffering a real trauma. Hope you and your family are all OK. I hope they catch them. Best from the HMP community.

      • It’s all good. While eerie, I still very much enjoyed your tale. Just wish it wasn’t real and so close to your house! Yes, we are all fine. Fortunately no one was home when it happened. If one of them had been in my bed last night, though, that would have been the end. ? Thank you for the kind words.

    • Yes, Allison, I’m very sorry to hear that terrible news… We are with you, Sister.

      Now I feel dumb, too, for complaining about somebody copying and posting a duplicate and nullifying my life’s work… That’s trivial, and I’m sorry for complaining now.

      Take care, friend.

      • Oh Jay, don’t feel that way. It could have been so much worse. We’re all fine and that’s the important thing. Thank you for your kind words. Now it’s time to solve the mystery of the HMP imposter…like the Highlander, there can be only one. ?

    • Yikes! I just read this. I’m sorry about your terrible experience, believe me, I know what a rush (and not a good one) it is to be the victim of theft. One time a guy jumped in my sister’s car while she stepped out to turn off the sprinklers (literally two seconds) and the guy was so high or scared that he couldn’t shift gears correctly and crashed into the garage door, waking me up in the process. I ran out of the house and tried to get the guy out, but he managed to go in reverse, crash into the neighbor’s car, then drive away crashing into a few other cars. Anyway, I’m with everyone here in that the most important thing is that you and your family are safe. Material things can always be replaced :)

  6. I watched a couple of pretty good flicks this week. If you like a home invasion/siege narrative, “The Bloodlands” is pretty awesome. I enjoyed the characters and was really pulling for them. I was tense and scared through the whole movie, so well done there. Also, if there are any Charles Manson “fans” out there, “Manson Family Vacation” is a must watch. I love to watch/read anything having to do with the Manson Family. Jay Duplass plays the uptight brother and I thought he did a fantastic job. I absolutely wanted to punch him in the face for the duration of the movie. Linas Phillips is the weird, misunderstood brother Conrad, and I can totally relate to his character. He loves the Manson lore and is shamed by others who don’t understand his passion (Sort of like horror fans ?). Totally enjoyed both of these movies.

  7. 1) I basically fall right between Jay and Josh on ‘Crimson Peak’. I would probably put it in the lower half of Del Toro’s work but that really isn’t being negative since I love his movies so much. This was more in line with his Spanish language work in tone which is a good thing I believe. However, I just feel like the story itself wasn’t as meaningful or insightful as those 3 (Cronos, Pan’s, and Devil’s Backbone). However this one ‘looked’ better than those except for Pan’s maybe.
    2) I also watched ‘Stung’ last Wednesday through Shudder.com (God I loooooove Shudder) and am in Dr. Schock’s camp. I enjoyed it and liked the performances. The script just wasn’t really there though as far as I could tell. It wasn’t as fun as Big Ass Spider and came across as taking it a little more seriously than I think it intended. I also really liked Henrickson. For once a politician character who wasn’t portrayed as a terrible stereotype which was a refreshing change.
    3) That is a pretty freaky story and I hope things work out OK for everyone. Reminded me of a family story of when I was a baby and we lived in New York City. We had a live in nanny (6 kids and my parents had money) and one night she felt something in the bed and reached out and thought she was touching one of the cats. She started petting it and suddenly realized that it was in fact a giant rat. The rest of the story is a long one that includes a major rat infestation, amazing physical feats by rats, a bayonet, a samurai sword, and NYC cop firing his gun in our basement at charging rats.

    Great episode as always guys and I just listened to your (Josh) episode on Projection Booth. Was a nice surprise to hear your voice pop up somewhere else.

  8. Just got my The Final Girls blu ray the other day…was so suprised it was out so fast…My top 5 of the year…1. It Follows 2. The Final Girls 3. Deathgasm 4. Bone Tomahawk 5. The Visit

    • Deathgasm is worth watching? Just going off of name alone, I didn’t assume it was going to be worth watching. Granted, I know absolutely nothing about the movie so maybe I should shut up and stop judging a book (err…movie) by it’s cover (or title, whatever).

      • The name isn’t far off. It plays like zombie comedy but with demons and a lot more dick and fart jokes. But it’s very watchable. The first half is better than the second half, in my opinion. Doesn’t quite live up to it’s potential. If you were ever into metal, I bet you’ll love it. I’ve NEVER been a metal guy and it made me wish I was. The “brotherhood of steel” stuff is a lot of fun

        • I can’t say I was ever really into metal with the exception of some random songs. I mostly listen to 90’s alternative/grudge and obscure tracks from horror movies (IE. currently listening to A.M. 180 by Grandaddy from the 28 Days Later OST).

          • What’s wrong with you, Sal?! Metal is awesome. I’ve been looking forward to DEATHGASM for a while now. It seems like Netflix won’t come through for me in time for the top 10 list episode, so I’ll have to look for it elsewhere. I know it’s on Amazon Prime, so maybe that’s my solution.

            • “What’s wrong with you, Sal?!”

              Do you want an exhausting and detailed list or more of just a Reader’s Digest version to save time?

              • Cliff notes, please. Or if you can do it in the “for dummies” series style, then that would be great. Understanding Sal For Dummies. Has a nice ring to it!

          • Juan just made me snort. If you can handle a dick and fart joke rife zombie (demon) comedy, you might as well just buy it, Juan. With your level of devotion to metal, it’s probably a must-own. IIt’s $6.99 to rent on Amazon. I’d tell you to just go ahead and buy the BluRay. It’s dumb, but dumb fun and lots of hilarious metal moments.

          • Let me put it this way, if I found a movie that handled punk as well as this movie handles metal, it would automatically be awarded 2 of Dino’s meatball stains and be in my collection.

          • God I hope Dino’s meatball stain of approval becomes a thing.

            Nice! I believe in you, Josh and Shannon. I’ll buy this sucker right meow! Question, is two meatball stains the highest amount of stains you’d award a movie?

          • To hear these words out of JoTD would have me laughing no doubt.

            Let’s give it a rating of 9 Dino meatballs

            Or 9 Dino balls
            The latter sounds pretty dirty.

            • See, I assumed the scale for Dino’s Meatballs will be 1-5, not 1-10. Depending on the size of the meatball, it should be worth at least two regular points on a 1-10 scale.

          • All this talk about meatballs is making me hungry, I sure hope Dino has one wicked recipe.
            Yeah. For sure, it totally depends, Are they Sbarro sized or those little appetizer sized ones that I devour at wedding receptions?
            Good thinking :)

            If it were a rating system of 3 being the highest, our chances for immature comical laughs would be greater. Better odds for 2 Dino meatballs.

            Just sayn

  9. I gave Containment a watch while eating dinner tonight. Just in case this is considered a spoiler, I’ll only state it below.


    What I liked most about Containment was the ambiguity of it all. There wasn’t any actual backstory or build-up to the plot actually beginning. Instead, the main character of Mark wakes up and begins noticing things aren’t working. We’re already in the middle of being contained. Once the end credits finish up, we really don’t have a lot of answers. This lack of explaining every little thing may turn some viewers away, but I was fine with that. The whole reason why the movie has any scares to it is because the viewer is left in the dark just as much as the characters. The viewer can easily put himself in the character’s shoes. There’s something freaky about knowing something is seemingly wrong, but not having any idea of what’s going on beyond that. By the end of the film, we don’t even know 1) who the bad guys are and 2) if there actually are any bad guys. It’s effective. To explain too much would do more harm than good.


    I’d say Containment is less horror and more sci-fi drama-ish. It’s a fairly short movie, so it held my interest. It’s not anything to go out of your way to watch immediately, but stream it when you’re in the mood to watch a confusing (In the right ways) film. I’ll give it a 6.

  10. So enjoyed this past episode- now, I have some fuel for thought regarding Final Girls vs. Final Girl… and that’s this one little fact: Both movies SHARE the same male lead actor. I’m not even kidding- look it up and be prepared to be both confused and stunned with this revelation. Because I can picture the following scenario in my head; Agent calls the actor, “So we have a part for you in this Final Girl moving coming up… “ “Final Girls… sounds good.” “Yeah, that one too.” “Which one?” “Final Girls.” “Yeah, you just said that.” “No, I said Final Girl… “ “Right, Final Girls.” “No, Final Girl.” “That’s what I just said.” “No, you said Final Girls… “ “So You didn’t get me a part?” “Yes, I did.” “In Final Girls?” “Yes. And Final Girl.” “You just said that!” This may not actually be what happened, but I have this little “Who’s On First” thing going on in my head and I refuse to allow something as silly as reality step in and stomp on it. And you know who is going to find this as amusing as me? Jay… Jay of the Dead will find this as amusing as I do. I’m absolutely betting on it.

    Regarding “Girls” (Plural)… So many similar thoughts from my end and I really enjoyed this little flick. And it’s interesting that this film managed to do what it did without any significantly gruesome scenes- it was rated PG-13, and I had no problems with that. It is a comedy, however, and not so much a horror flick. Which brings me to my next subject…

    Crimson Peak is a horror film.

    I realize that it leans heavily into gothic romance and maybe a bit of suspense, but this is definitely a “Horror Film” at its absolute core. (reminded me heavily of “Rebecca”) The thing is that it’s a much more “traditional” horror story in that it takes its cues from Ambrose Bierce more so than Stephen King… it’s all about the haunting imagery more so than the savage bits and pieces scattered throughout (and there is definitely quite a bit of that). It has much in common with Del Toro’s “The Devil’s Backbone” with its use of ghosts and with “Pan’s Labyrinth” in terms of story beats.

    Finally: I had every intention of avoiding “We Are Still Here” until this episode- I loved the Fulci “Hell” films and will absolutely be seeking this one out now. So I want to thank Dr. Shock in advance and will be looking forward to sitting down with my diet pepsi and a handful of popcorn when I pop this one on the television. I will be avoiding “Stung”, however… I had been on the fence for that one since I noticed it on Netflix last week and was uncertainly considering if I should watch it or not.

    Star Wars- I don’t post on Movie Podcast Weekly, though I don’t really have any reason to not post. (I even posted on the sci-fi movie podcast a week ago) Suffice to say that I just enjoy HMP a little more. But I did listen to the episode there and found it to be an interesting way to discuss Episode 1, rather than to lump a lot of hate onto the film without due consideration to the technology of the time. I also kind of liked how Jay wanted everyone to see the film without being jaded about it… it’s easy to tear the film apart, but I do remember being kind of thrilled by it at the time and having been thrilled enough to see it multiple times in the theater and having kind of enjoyed it on a few lazy Sundays when my son insisted that THIS would be the one we were destined to watch. It’s so easy to jump on that “hate” bandwagon, but there are really solid things in that film worth praising and I’m glad Jay took the time to come at the film from a different direction… It still sucks, but at least he took the time.

        • Oh boy, I initially heard about Final Girls a while back and ordered The Final Girl on blu ray off amazon by mistake. The mistake turned quickly into regret. This episode made me go back for the correct purchase. I don’t think I will regret this one.

          I have a feeling that Stung is going to get a better HMP rating.

          I will not be trying to watch Stung either :)
          In fact Zombeavers has a better chance of being viewed by me and I like my cheese cheezy.

          • Final Girl isn’t a great script or an overly original story but it IS a beautifully shot film. It doesn’t seem to be bogged down in a specific time and is a very stylized film… not a horror film though. It’s an artistic “thriller” more than anything else.

          • FINAL GIRL (with no S at the end) was such a huge disappointment. I hated it, guys. It had some nice shots here and there but the characters were terrible, the acting was pretty bad considering the pedigree on-screen, and the story was just a mess.

  11. Holy crud, Josh! That’s just nuts! I hope you’ve had your locks changed by now! I don’t think I’d be able to keep my sense of humor waking up in a situation like that; my kids’ bedroom is right next to mine, so it’s just a question of how quickly I’d switch from scared to wrathful protective Dad-mode.

    Re: Crimson Peak
    Meeson seen? Okay, now I have to go do google and learn me that term. I’m not sure what the meeson is, or what it saw, but I’m sure it wasn’t good. Anyway, yes that film is freaking gorgeous. Watching this was what finally got me off my hairy rump to track down and watch Pan’s Labyrinth, and I’m very glad I did.
    Jay, you’re totally wrong. This is a horror movie. You got murders, you got ghosts, you got scary suspensful scenes, you got “sister nut job” being all kinds of creepy. What more does it take to be a horror movie?
    Jay, you’re totally right. This movie is predictable. That part of the writing was the one and only complaint that I have about the movie. When we got the big dramatic reveal of the plot twist, my reaction was “Yup. Called it. Saw that coming half the movie ago.”

    Regarding the other podcast and Babadook: Say WHAT? The ambiguity [trying not to be spoilery here] about the supernatural part made it MORE scary, not less!

  12. Mia’s character says it right at the beginning of the movie “Ghosts represent the past”. That statement was for her story AND the movie we were watching.

    • I wouldn’t even bother doing a vs episode for final girl. That movie is terrible. It’s a third rate Buffy ripoff and I don’t believe Breslin could kick an ass to save her life.

      • Huh? Third rate “Buffy” rip-off? I could understand if you referred to it as a third rate Nikita rip-off, but Buffy? Really? That makes it sound like this was supposed to be a horror movie, which it isn’t… not really. It’s about a young girl raised to be an assassin. It’s not about monsters in any way, and especially no vampires or supernatural elements. Maybe “Hana”?


          • It’s a third rate whatever you want to call it. A girl trained to fight evil men sounds more like Buffy than Nikita. Nikita was an assassin. You didn’t find out the reasons she was supposed to kill those guys. Hanna was a good movie but it was about survival. Not about vigilantes. And where the hell was all the light in the woods coming from. 1 out of 5. Best thing about it was that it was short.

  13. Another film that plays into Keanu Reeves’… um… strengths… is the 1993 Kenneth Branagh version of Much Ado About Nothing. That’s right, Keanu Reeves did a Shakespeare film. He was cast as the villainous Don John, and it was brilliant casting. Don John is a two-dimensional cardboard villain who exists only for the purpose of being a villain, so that we can have a plot and complications to frame the funny character-driven scenes (in the outstanding 2012 Joss Whedon version, he was played by Sean Maher). So casting Reeves, a wooden two-dimensional actor, to play Don John was a masterstroke on Branagh’s part.

    • ‘The Critic’ has the absolute two best takes on Keanu Reeves as an actor I was able to find one of the clips (below) but he other one still makes me laugh 25 years later. It was before Keanu was in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and had Reeves playing Shylock in a movie version of Merchant of Venice. It is him giving the famous speech and saying “Hath Not A Dude Eyes” and so forth. Very funny.

  14. Great group of film reviews guys!

    I also loved “The Final Girls”. I saw it by my lonesome in the theatre up in the balcony. I loved all the homage to slashers, but the mother daughter story is the best part. I actually teared up a little. I know, I’m a softy, but I really connected with it.

    Im in general agreement with you about “Crimson Peak”. Jay, I was also disappointed by the false advertisement, but after hearing Josh’s points I’m looking forward to buying the blu and watching it again.

    Only other comment was for “Knock, Knock”. I saw it at Sundance, and I hate this movie so much. Sorry for the negativity, but I’d almost rather watch “Jason Goes to Hell”. It’s diarrhea.

    Great show guys!

    • Totally agree with you on The Final Girls. Didn’t I mentioned that the mother/daughter story got me teary as well. If I didn’t, I should have.

      That’s two really strong negative reactions to Knock Knock. It’s just a typical, potboiler thriller. I don’t get the hatred. The characters are extreme and annoying, but that threat is REAL.

  15. Awesome episode.

    I absolutely loved We Are Still Here and cannot wait to hear what the rest of the crew (and board) has to say.

    Final Girls is on the way via Amazon. Excited to see a good pg13 horror flic. Especailly with the reviews. The cover art had me stereotyping it as a raunchy comedy. R rated for sure. I am wrong and am ready to absorb it into my brain.

    Man that campfire story…. I literally lost it when Wildman said “There’s no resolution at this point”, and right away you hear Doc Shock say ” He’s still out there”. The timing was perfect. Lol’d for a good while 😉
    That was a very creepy story, especially for a guy working graveyard shift in a high rise in Chicago. Shame on you WMJ. (jk)
    I love being scared into a new pair of underware!

    I watched Last Shift alone in the dark. It was one of the scariest movies I have seen come out since say The Conjuring. It is far from great. However it delivered the scares and kept that uncomfortable feeling going the entire movie. The ending was a tad confusing. But. Whatevah.

    To the crew- I just cant handle waiting 2 weeks for your show. Your killing me. Keep up the horrorble shows!

  16. HIIIII!!!

    I’ve been a listener for about 4 months now and am now all caught up on each episode! I absolutely love this podcast – the best yet.

    There’s been times that I’ve disagreed with opinions on movies of course but I’ll say, never once have I disagreed so much that it would prompt me to immediately come on here and leave my very first comment. With that being said, Wolf Man Josh…. Knock Knock… a 7?!?!?! A STRONG rental???? I almost fell off my chair when I heard that. Keanu Reeves is one of my absolute favourites and I cannot begin to explain how excited I was to see this film. What a let down! The two main actresses are beautiful (especially Lorenza) but they are HORRIBLE actors… horrible. I cringed in my seat for 90% of this film and the only reason why I continued to watch it until the very end was because of Keanu (his acting wasn’t much in this either). They’re portrayal of being “insane” was over played in every aspect… it wasn’t believable. There’s been a handful of movies that i’ve seen that I would say were HARD to watch and this is definitely one of them. I would never watch this over again, maybe the sex scene, that’s it. I’m just so baffled with your review. This is an avoid. Horrid.

    In case you couldn’t sense it, I say all the above with love 😉

    • You know, you could have come on sometime in the last four months to comment when you had something nice to say. 😉 No, actually we LOVE a healthy debate on the boards. Feel free to disagree all you like!

      Your comment really threw me for a loop. I thought you were going to say that my rating was too low! Haha

      You have to keep in mind that I just came off of watching the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. We reviewed Stung in this very episode! There is much worse out there than Knock Knock. As a married guy, myself, this is the perfect nightmarish set-up.

      I don’t think the young ladies are bad actors, I just think they play REALLY annoying characters. And I like Keanu too, but he’s generally not seen as a strong performer.

      I was a bit disappointed, but I thought it was a fine thriller … just barely above average.

      We’ll have to agree to disagree this time, Monstress, but I hope you’ll come leave a comment sometime when you agree to. Thanks for the comment!

  17. To the entire HMP community,
    Wanna try and do a bi-weekly horror club?

    A person picks a movie and we have 2 weeks to get and watch it. I would be okay with the scenario of- if I owned the film, mailing it to another, in good faith of getting it back that is.

    But the two weeks would
    a) keep it in the timeframe between episodes to discuss that pick a bit on the forum
    b) give everyone that wants to participate time to get the movie and watch it

    Figured it might be fun. hmmmm?

  18. If we already have a half dozen people in on the bi-weekly horror club, it probably makes sense to get this going now.

    So for our first selection, I went with something that I’ve never seen, is easily available on streaming services and hasn’t been reviewed by the HMP guys on the podcast.

    Horror Club #1 – The House on Sorority Row (1983)

    Where to watch:

    – Available for free if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime
    – It’s free on Hulu, even if you don’t have a subscription
    – Available for free if you have a subscription to SHUDDER TV
    – Link to watch it on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyuBvp0lFzQ

    Also, once you get done watching the movie and want to hear Jay of the Dead and Dr. Shock’s opinion, you can hear them talk about it on Horror Metropolis episode 10 with the likes of Billchete and Terror Tovey at the link below:


  19. Hey Sal,
    Looks like we have 6 so far
    Sal, Jonathan, Dark Mark, redcapjack, Shannon, and Ryan.
    I’m sure others will come, once the fear spreads.

    When your ready for your pic, so are we 😉 !!

    • I posted a comment on this page with my selection a couple of days ago, but it’s been stuck in “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” purgatory. Stupid Youtube links. Ha

      So here is my original comment, edited to possibly get around the moderation queue.

      “So for our first selection, I went with something that I’ve never seen, is easily available on streaming services and hasn’t been reviewed by the HMP guys on the podcast.

      Horror Club #1 – The House on Sorority Row (1983)

      Where to watch:

      – Available for free if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime
      – It’s free on Hulu, even if you don’t have a subscription
      – Available for free if you have a subscription to SHUDDER TV

      Also, once you get done watching the movie and want to hear Jay of the Dead and Dr. Shock’s opinion, you can hear them talk about it on Horror Metropolis episode 10 with the likes of Billchete and Terror Tovey.”

      • Great! And I definitely wanna check out that Horror Metroplolis show. Thanks for the heads up.

        Just to be on the same page “literally”
        When the next HMP is out. We post comments on that episodes page and the second person (Jonathan) makes his pic.
        Sound good?

          • I’d love to join your club, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to be as consistent as the rest of you. If that’s ok with you then sign me up. As far as your first pick, it’s pretty solid. I’ve seen it recently enough. January of this year, actually. When are we posting about it?

          • That’s what I’m trying to figure out. The time between episodes would give everyone enough time to find and watch the pick.
            I’m down either way though.
            Wanted to get more people involved in it.
            But also want another excuse to watch more horror films I may not have seen.

            Help me out here Sal, you thoughts on this are appreciated.

            • As long as HMP is going to be a bi-weekly show, I imagine what will work out best is every Friday that a HMP isn’t posted, the horror club posts the next movie to watch. That way horror club isn’t fighting with HMP as far as movie discussions and tempting the listeners into watching the movies being reviewed. As far as activity on these comment boards, having an opposite schedule as HMP would also help these boards remain active (Hopefully) throughout the entire two week period as podcast show talk tends to get a little quiet as more time passes until it picks up a lot with the release of the latest HMP.

              So by that, we’re a little behind schedule for this first horror club, but it’s fine. So we’d use this thread to talk about House on Sorority Row and then on roughly December 11th, a different person picks horror club #2 in the thread for HMP #77.

              That’s just my idea though. Horror club is your idea so I’ll go with whatever you think is best.

  20. Has anyone seen GOODNIGHT MOMMY? It’s been at the absolute top of my queue for the last few months, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Based on the premise and the buzz, I’m thinking this could be one of the best of the year.

  21. Hi fellas, just a few 2015 movies that I think are worth your time:

    Bloodsucking Bastards (8/10)
    If you’re into horror comedies, this will probably be down your alley. This one is particularly heavy on the comedy, so that might put some of you off. It does have some pretty cool gore and has blood to spare.

    What We Do in the Shadows (9.5/10)
    This one was highly recommended by Josh and I back him up 100% Again, this is very heavy on the comedy, but does have lots of horror references and it does get pretty gory and bloody at times.

    Harbinger Down (7/10)
    A nice little beastly freak/isolation horror movie that borrows VERY heavily from The Thing. Surprisingly good considering the budgetary constraints, which can distract at times. A very solid rental if you’re looking for something to watch on a cold night.

    Burying the Ex (6.5/10)
    Another horror comedy that’s more comedy than horror. It’s far from being Joe Dante’s best effort, but solid for the most part. With better direction and better pacing, this could’ve been a lot higher. I did like the cast a lot though.

    Dark Star: HR Giger’s World (9/10)
    Not a horror movie, but still highly recommended for horror fans. This documentary tells the story of HR Giger and it allows you to take a peek into his life and his mind as an artist and as a human being. There was a lot of sadness in his life, but like all great artists, it’s the troubled souls that are able to tap into the most beautiful of emotions.

    Oh man, I haven’t done these mini-reviews in a long time.

    • Glad to see these bite-sized morsels of delicious horror movie review goodness pop up again.

      I need to see WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, and HARBINGER DOWN is intriguing.

    • Ok ok ok two more 2015 releases worth your time to squeeze in before the year’s end:

      A Horror Christmas Story (6.5/10)
      I believe Shannon and a few others have brought this one up before. It’s an anthology in the vein of Trick R Treat. The movie is pretty low budget with atrocious uses of CGI and the stories aren’t as entertaining as they could be but they do have their moments. There is one in particular that packs quite the punch and that story alone is worth the price of admission.

      Hidden (8.5/10)
      Now this one was not on my radar at all and I just happened to see it on Amazon Prime and the description caught my attention. I have to say, it’s quite the little gem. I liked this a lot! It’s low budget and a little rough around the edges, but it does a lot within its constraints, but most importantly, it knows when to hold back (as opposed to most low budget horror movies that try to get too ambitious)—not to say that there’s no ambition here. The characters are great, the acting is pretty good, and the story, where it goes, and how it’s handled is excellent! Very neat little twist that was tastefully done. With so many great horror movies, I’m not sure if this will be able to make it into my top 10, but top 15 for sure. Don’t skip this one.

      • I saw HIDDEN pop up on iTunes this past weekend, and thought the same thing – very interesting premise. Thanks for the heads up that it’s streaming on Amazon Prime. I’ll add that to my “before the year’s over” list (which is growing out of control).

        Speaking of horror anthologies, has anyone seen the 2015 horror anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN? I meant to watch it as part of my 31 Days of Horror, but failed miserably. It currently has a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, and looks pretty interesting.

        • It’s also on my list, Dino. And I also have a growing list that will more than likely prove impossible to get through by year’s end. Here are more 2015 releases high on my list that look promising:

          Before I Wake
          The Boy
          Extraordinary Tales (animated anthology)
          The Hallow
          The Pack
          The Sand

          And this is just horror! ARGH!

          • Personally, I’m just assuming #Horror is awful due to it’s the title. It’s SO bad. Ha

            It’s not a horror movie, but U Want Me 2 Kill Him? falls into the same category of titles so bad that I refuse to think they could be good.

          • I mean, I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. I think there’s a lot worse out there… like “U Want Me 2 Kill Him?” haha.

          • Yo, I just now realized there are two movies called THE BOY – one was a limited release earlier this year (the one I assume you’re talking about) and the other is set to release January of next year (the one I was talking about the other day).


          • Ever since the VS. episode, I’ve been more conscious about this sort of thing. This year we had The Final Girls and Final Girl, both shared an actor and had different premises but similar end results in a way. Then we have The Hollow and The Hallow. Both take place in the woods. Then there’s The Boy, Cub, and Goodnight Mommy which seem to share a somewhat similar premise. Then there’s We Are Still Here and The House on Pine Street (which I forgot to mention above, but it looks great). And it’s not like all of these movies are cheap knockoffs of each other a la Transformers/Transmorphers.


            • I’d say there’s also some basic similarity between Insidious 3 and Poltergeist remake. It’s all about the other side and someone having to bring the person trapped back to our world.

                • I enjoyed the Poltergeist remake for what it was (A cheap remake that everyone will forget about a month after it’s release), but Insidious 3 was clearly the better movie.

                  Insidious 3 ended up being one of my biggest surprises for the year. Far better than I thought it would be.

                  • No, not even close, Sal.

                    I’ll save my pick for worst of the year for the 2015 wrap-up episode. But, I will say that I actually paid money to see it in the theater. Big waste.

                    • Don’t tell me you’re like Jay of the Dead and overrating the suckiness of The Gallows.

                    • The Gallows was pretty bad in my opinion. It’s down there for sure. I don’t think you can overrate its suckiness :/

                    • I’m probably a bigger fan of The Gallows than most. I wanted to hurl an egg at Jay of the Dead’s face after his complete burial of the movie.

                    • Neither The Gallows or Unfriended bugged me that much. I definitely saw worse horror films in 2015.

                    • Haha I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to throw eggs at Jay, but he’s gotten to me a few times with his dismissal of great, universally loved films like The Conjuring. The Gallows though, he got that one right. I don’t remember what he scored it, but it’s like a 5 for me… tops.

                    • Yeah, we had this discussion not too long ago. THE GALLOWS is a 5.5/10 for me… just better than average, far from the worst of the year.

                      UNFRIENDED is more like a 6.5/10 for me.

                    • No, man. Go back to the “Blumhouse” episode and you’ll see that I was the lone defender of THE GALLOWS. Not that I think it’s a great movie, but it’s far from the disaster that JOTD made it out to be.

          • My horror list (in order):

            Bone Tomahawk
            Goodnight Mommy
            What We Do In The Shadows
            The Final Girls
            The Hallow
            Before I Wake
            Tales of Halloween
            Harbinger Down

            I also want to re-watch WE ARE STILL HERE.

            • I can’t wait for Krampus. I pre-ordered my tickets yesterday. First time buying tickets for a Cinemark XD screening with it’s larger screens, better sound system, and plush seats.

              • Sal, I’m a big fan of Cinemark XD. I know IMAX gets all the glory, but I’m a firm believer that CXD is actually better, on average, since Cinemark standardizes their XD experience. Sure, there are a handful of bigger, better IMAX theaters in the country, but those are few and far between. Nine times out of 10, you’re getting a bigger screen and better experience with CXD.

                Enjoy, my friend!

          • Howl is great and The Boy is pretty disturbing…it’s supposed to be a trilogy…The Pack did nothing for me and The Sand looks to be mindless bloody fun…

          • Nice catch, Sal! I just got Insidious 3 in the mail, so I’ll let you guys know my thoughts on that sometime tomorrow. I actually liked Poltergeist more than I should’ve. But yeah, it’s not even close to the original.

            I’m also dying to see Krampus. I’m catching that this Saturday.

            Dino, I like your list. It’s very similar to mine, just in different order. Re-watching We’re Still Here uh? Good man!

            • Yeah… there were parts of the story that didn’t connect for me, so I want to give it another look.

              I suspect the acting will still be a problem for me, though.

          • Bigger than IMAX? Not in my theater it’s not. IMAX is a beast of a screen. But then again, it’s the only IMAX theater I go to. The others might be lacking like you said.

            • For what it’s worth >> http://www.examiner.com/article/imax-vs-cinemark-xd

              Again, I think a key point is that the XD experience is fairly standard across the country, whereas you never know what you’re going to get with IMAX. We have two IMAX theaters in my area; they’re both fine theaters, but pale in comparison to our XD screen. It’s not just about screen size – quality of projection and sound play a big role in the experience.

              There are a handful of special IMAX theaters, though. The IMAX theater at AMC Loews Lincoln Square being the notable one. That was the theater my wife and I would go to when we lived in NYC, and is the theater that IMAX President Greg Foster says is the best IMAX theater in the world. It’s pretty special, for sure.

              In the end, theater preference is a very personal choice, so whatever works best for you is your best theater.

              • I’m accounting for sound and image quality. My first experience at an IMAX screening was with The Dark Knight back in 2008. It was incredible and I was literally blown away by the everything, particularly the sound. Ever since then, I’ve been a fan. When the Dark Knight Rises came out, I went to see it at that same IMAX screen and I literally almost cried because of how awesome the experience was. It was quite an emotional moment, not gonna lie.

                But yeah, I totally agree that in the end it’s about personal preferences.

          • Unfriended is not even close to being the worst, man. I have much better (worse) picks.

            Didn’t you say you were a fan of ’70s Italian horror? If you are, I don’t see why the acting would be a problem.

          • Looking over the IMDb pages of the movies on your list, the ones that stood out to me the most were The Boy (Looks like it could actually be really good), The Hallow (It might just be because the poster is awfully snazzy), and to a lesser extent Howl.

  22. I came home yesterday and my oldest son (not quite 6 y/o) was watching THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. I didn’t think much of it other than “cool, I’ll watch the rest with you.”

    Later that night after he went to bed, my wife told me he was watching it because he wanted to watch a Christmas movie that was scary… because I like scary movies. So, looks like I’m on the right track with him.

  23. I gave this episode a re-listen yesterday, and something came to mind during Josh’s “Virginia’s Handyman” story. The moment when Virginia turned over in bed to see the Handyman crouched beside the bed, staring at her with his head on her pillow was mentioned as a horror movie trope. That got me thinking about other horror movie tropes, good and bad, and how that might make for a great topic on a themed episode. It wouldn’t be a “normal” themed episode that dives into a specific “theme” in horror, but rather would cross over into many themes since they are prevalent throughout horror (ergo, trope). I imagine the discussion could involve mentioning a particular trope and then each host giving both a good and a bad example of the trope, possibly even discussing in greater detail what makes the trope successful (if applicable).

    Earlier this year I sent in a voicemail to JOTD – unplayed on the show (although, he did tease it at the end of Ep. 58: The Infected Narrative) – about a new horror convention that might also fit into this “horror movie tropes” discussion.

    Any interest in a horror movie tropes episode?

    • I have no interest in your trope episode whatsoever… just kidding, brah! Of course I’m interested and that sounds like a great time. I really do think Jay needs to be a little more loose on the whole weekly/bi-weekly schedule though. I feel like he, Josh, and Doc have this awesome lineup of upcoming episodes but Jay’s ambitious schedule is going to get the better of him sooner or later. He should be more like Josh and just post whenever he feels like it haha. But really, Jay, if you’re reading this, don’t kill yourself, bro. You’re doing a lot and with the holidays upon us and all these Star Wars releases you’re doing over at MPW and the guest appearances on other podcasts… just slow your roll for a bit before you burn out. We’ll still be here busting your chops. I wouldn’t miss that for the world 😉

      • You’re right, it is very broad. I actually hesitated to call it a themed episode idea because of that. It’s more like a general fun discussion idea.

  24. Ok so here are a few more solid picks if you’re still looking for squeeze more horror before the end of the world, I mean year.

    Insidious: Chapter 3 (9/10)
    Well, who would’ve thought that after the disaster that was Insidious: Chapter 2, the franchise would make such a dramatic comeback? This rivals and, at times, surpasses the original Insidious, which I’m a huge fan of. This is a very high quality horror film that does rely a lot more on jump scares than I would like, but it does have a great atmosphere, likeable characters, and a healthy (and well done) expansion of the Insidious mythos. If you haven’t seen it, this is a must. It’s now in my top 10 list and I’m fairly certain it’ll stay there… unless the movies I’ve yet to see before the end of the year all blow me away. Some stiff competition this year, which is great! My only regret is having seen it right before going to bed last night. I’m so tired :/

    Digging Up the Marrow (7.5/10)
    This one’s not for everyone. It’s kind of a hard pill to swallow because it’s a found footage film, but it’s made to seem “real” by having Adam Green portray himself in a real life monster hunt when he receives a letter of a fan claiming that he knows where real monsters live. The movie tries really hard to ground itself in the real world by showing us glimpses of Adam Green’s real life (horror conventions, business meetings, family dinner, etc.), but the performances are so exaggerated that it’s hard to let go and just go with it. It doesn’t help that the fan is portrayed by the always fabulous Ray Wise, whose performance is so good that you almost believe him… if he wasn’t so iconic. Digging Up the Marrow is still a very fun ride that tickles that funny bone, that I’m sure we all have, of what if monsters were real?

    • Bro, I said almost the exact same thing about CHAPTER 3 back when it came out. It might be my favorite of the franchise, and I’m pretty sure I gave it a 9 as well. It’s a quality, creepy horror flick.

      • Hey, in Insidiuous Chapter 3, Elise is stuck in the “further”. Now from what I can remember from the first two films is you HAVE to find your way back. In this film her real life physical body is shaken until she wakes up out of the further. Did anyone else catch that continuity issue? Of am I wrong. It drove me a little nuts but did not ruin the flic for me.
        It’s just with how great the first two insidious films connected, it seemed like a silly thing to miss on.

        I picked up DIgging up the Marrow and plan on watching it after I check out Sal’s pic.

        Dino, the trope themed episode is a Great suggestion. It would be one hell of an episode too. What are some of your fav tropes and most disliked?

        • I haven’t seen Insidious 3 since I saw it in the theater, but is it possible that she wasn’t woke up by someone shaking her, but rather returned to her body while someone was shaking her body? Sorta like the two actions (Elise’s body being shook and Elise returning to her body) happening at the same time, but not actually being connected where Elise would have returned without being shook if given the time.

          • I’m gonna have to give it a rewatch, but I’m pretty sure the cancer patient was about to get her. You may be right though.
            Also, the trailer for the first Insidious was the only trailer to literally scare the crap out of me. The image in the preview of the cross dressed killer was just terrifying. Of course I had no idea it was a guy at that time. This doesn’t pertain to any previous comments but it just came to mind.
            At work there is a dark hallway leading to a steel spiral staircase up to the elevator mechanical room. I was soo freaked out by her/him it was unreal. Like the first time I saw pennywise but worse because now I’m a grown manchild.
            That preview had me goosebump scared. No joke.

          • And this, as well. Like Sal, I haven’t seen this movie since May so the details are fuzzy, but I think we have to think of “finding their way back” in not such literal of terms. More like they need to see their physical self and want to return to it.


            • There’s also the idea that because Elise is all knowledgeable, she can make it back on her own without much trouble. For someone without that knowledge of the other side (IE. Dalton), they need help returning.


          I could be wrong, but my understanding of the first two films was they had to come back because they went away (i.e. actually left the house in The Further). In Chapter 3, Elise never leaves the apartment building, and so is never really away from her physical body.

  25. Dino, good point on her never leaving the apartment. That would make the most sense to me.
    I could be over thinking on it as well.

    Sal, I can also understand that Elise has experience with the supernatural, making her less suseptable to getting stuck. Which could also be the case.

    Either way I can sleep well now.

    Anyone watching season 2 of Fargo? Great show and 2 actors from the Insidious franchise are in it. Little fyi.

  26. The Boy (2015)

    Based on the basic plot of “An intimate portrait of a 9 year old sociopath as he discovers his taste for killing”, you would think that this would be a pretty typical evil kid movie. Well, that’s not completely accurate. This is more of a tale of a seemingly normal kid that slowly loses all hope and is pushed into becoming a maniac. It’s a very slow moving movie, that’s not all bad though. For most of the movie, there’s that anticipation and suspense of knowing something is going to happen with the boy. You don’t know who his target will be, when it will happen, or what will actually happen, but you know it’s coming. Without spoiling whether or not this happen, a good chunk of the movie has another boy and you’re constantly worrying if he’s going to become a victim. The boy is scary in a very simplistic, yet effective manner. He’s not a boogeyman, he freaks you out because he’s doing very believable things.

    The soundtrack is great. Most of it is just weird sound effects that reminded me a little bit of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Since the movie is set in 1989, there’s some songs from that time period as well. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” by Starship stood out for being this very loving song, yet it comes off as creepy due to what just happened before the song came on in the movie. Much credit goes out to Jared Breeze for playing the role of the nine year old boy, Ted. So much of the movie is just him and for such a young kid, he nailed it.

    While the Boy is a chilling movie, it’s not in your face. So for some, it won’t be considered a true horror. It is a little bit too long, but I think it helps put you in Ted’s shoes of living this boring life that you can’t escape from. Much like The Orphan, it makes me never want to have kids. Ha

    I’ll go as far high as a 8. Thus far it’s the best movie distributed by Chiller Films (Beneath, Monkey’s Paw, and Animal).

      • I could see that or just bones clashing together. In that way, the soundtrack to The Boy isn’t like Teas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s similar in just that the soundtrack features a lot of weird and unsettling sounds.

  27. Anyone see Krampus yet? I saw it yesterday at 10am! I was the only one in the theater but that was the only time I could make it. Anyhow, it’s a Christmas movie first and foremost. Dougherty captures the Christmas spirit just like he did with Halloween in Trick R’ Treat. I don’t want to say too much but I really enjoyed it!

    • I just watched it and I concur. It’s not only a great addition to the horror genre, but the Christmas one as well. I rather watch Krampus during Christmas than suffer through A Christmas Story for the umpteenth time :/

      • Nice! Krampus has been on my mind since I watched it. I’m looking forward to HMP’s review.

        BTW, I watched Harbinger Down yesterday because of your recent mini reviews. It was pretty average. What I didn’t know was the special effects company Studio ADI produced the movie. Apparently, they were sick of companies replacing their effects with CGI so they made their own movie. They also did the practical effects for The Thing (2011) but again, most of their work was replaced with CGI.

        • I mean, I thought it was pretty great for what it was. The score I gave it might be a bit high for some, but I’m a sucker for isolation horror, particularly underwater. Now, this was on a boat, but close enough. It’s rough for sure. I’m glad you checked it out even if you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. It seems like we see more eye to eye on Krampus though.

  28. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

    It’s another zombie comedy that relies more on low brow humor than heart unlike Shaun of the Dead or even Warm Bodies. Seems like a lot of people generally hate the movie, but I had a lot of fun watching it. It’s the sort of movie you can watch while checked out and your brain only in half service. There’s a lot of zombie related gags that I haven’t seen before, but with most of them being the low brow comedy sort, not everyone is going to like it as much as I did. There’s some creative custom weapons at the end of the movie, that is always fun in these sort of movies.

    Scouts Guide did make me realize that my biggest gripe in horror movies is how often the potential victims just leave their weapons behind. You see it all of the time, even in great horrors like Halloween. A weapon benefits a person, but after using it a single time, they simply drop it rather than recognizing that they’re fall better off keeping it until they’re truly safe. I can understand leaving behind guns after firing the last of your ammo, but the characters in this movie left behind EVERYTHING.

    Better than the other zombie comedy that I recently watched (Night of the Living Deb), but it can’t hold a candle to movies like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, or Warm Bodies. Check it out if you’re a fan of zombie comedies like myself. Chances are, the younger you are, the more you’d likely enjoy it. I’d give it a 6 and a recommendation to rent it.

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