Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 077: “At Your Mercy” Listener Picks – The Shrine (2010) and Xtro (1982)

At Your Mercy Vol. 2

Welcome to HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In Episode 077, we bring you Volume 2 of our “At Your Mercy” listener picks show, where Jay of the Dead and Wolfman Josh each bring you a Feature Review of The Shrine (2010), recommended by RedCap Jack, and Xtro (1982), recommended by David. Thanks for sending us your recommendations, and thanks for listening.

This episode is dedicated to Jason Dragon, RedCap Jack, Sal Roma and ChrisExcess.

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I. Introduction
— A few shout-outs and listener picks

[ 0:09:47 ] II. Feature Review: Xtro (1982)
Wolfman Josh = 3.5 ( Low-priority Rental )

— Be sure to check out BillChete’s Horror broadcast called Horror On The Go

[ 0:32:47 ] III. Feature Review: The Shrine (2010)
Jay of the Dead = 9 ( Must-see / Buy it! ) – currently streaming on Netflix!

IV. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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188 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 077: “At Your Mercy” Listener Picks – The Shrine (2010) and Xtro (1982)

  1. I really enjoyed Jay’s review of “The Shrine”. I was inspired to watch it a few years ago on Netflix after returning from a summer long solo backpacking trip I took through Central and Eastern Europe. I was a little worried before watching that it might devolve into a xenophobic torture porn movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. I agree that the movie starts out a little lack luster and that it steadily improves as it goes along.

    At some point I looked it up on IMDB and I remember reading some posts on the message boards complaining about the depiction of the Polish characters in the film, and also the quality of the Polish spoken in it (which it seems, if you understand it, gives away the plot a little). To me it seems like the story could have taken place anywhere rural (that would have been foreign to the protagonist). I’m not Polish, nor do I speak the language, so I can’t really weigh in on that, but I was entertained and will probably watch it again sometime in the near future.

    • I can’t imagine how much knowing Polish would hurt one’s enjoyment of The Shrine. When the Polish first began, I tried turning on the subtitles to understand what was going on, only to find that Netflix didn’t translate those lines. It wasn’t until the end that I realized just how important it was that I didn’t understand any of that Polish.

      • I thought the lack of subtitles was a great element of the movie. I read a comment on IMDB saying that the Polish in the opening ceremonial scene gives some clues as to what is going on.

        • I really enjoyed The Shrine. Slow start but took an unexpected turn. Nice twist of an ending too.
          The polish language threw me off a bit, but totally made sense as the film went on. It made me as a viewer feel out of place and not welcome, which added to its creepiness.

  2. My buddy did the original “C” movie Krampus;The Christmas Devil about 3 years ago. He filmed it in my Hometown Edinboro PA. It was available free on YouTube and b/c of this new movie he got a Worldwide release via Wal-Mart. Its really low budget but fun for me at least b/c I know all the locations and some of the actors. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2578608/?ref_=nm_ov_bio_lk1

    The director is Jason Hull who is a buddy of mine and probably would do a podcast with you if your interested, he is a major horror guy around here and helps with the EErie Horror feast along with Greg Ropp. Anyways if you want email me I can give you his number.

  3. A few months ago I watched the beginning of “The Shrine”, fell asleep in the beginning. It really didn’t grab me, but I guess it’s time to head back to finish it!

    For the Christmas show, you might consider “Silent Night, Bloody Night” from 1972. I watched it while putting up my Christmas tree a couple days ago. It isn’t great of course, but it’s worth checking out and reviewing if you haven’t already.

    • Kagan!
      That’s crazy! I am actually trying to get “Silent Night, Bloody Night” (1972) watched for this next episode! ha ha. And I thought I was going to surprise everybody with it, but you stole my thunder! ha ha.

    • I own Silent Night, Bloody Night on one of those really cheap DVD’s with Christmas Evil on the disc as well. I can’t remember which one was which, but I seem to remember one of them being fairly decent. The other one not being so hot.

      • I love the Silent Night Bloody Night poster. I will try to get it watched as well. Did you hear our Christmas Horror episode from last year, Sal. It’s one of my all-time favorites and we review Christmas Evil.

        • I’ve listened to every podcast, no idea when I listened to that episode though as I listened to HMP out of order. P2 is a fairly underrated semi-recent horror. Gremlins is a classic. Wind Chill was a blind buy back when it first came out on DVD. I presume I first heard about it in Fangoria Magazine. It’s one of the horror movies I’ve recommended the most. Last Winter currently holds the record for a movie I’ve watched the first ten minutes the most, without ever finishing. I just can’t seem to finish that movie.

          If it’s at all possible, I’d love to hear a review of the Tales From the Crypt episode, “And All Through the House”. It’s right up there with Black Christmas, Gremlins, and Silent Night Deadly Night as best Christmas related horror.

          I know you can buy it on Amazon video for $1.99. It’s probably on Youtube too.

          • The entire Tales From the Crypt series is on YouTube. You are correctamundo.
            Also, Fright Night 2 as well. Does anyone know why that movie is so hard to find a copy of? The DVD is long out of print and there surprisingly is no blu ray release. I figure by now Shout Factory or Arrow would have done a awesome release of it.

      • haha Sal! I bet I own the same crappy bargain bin 7/11 DVD. It isn’t remastered at all, and the audio sounds more like a 40s movie than a 70s movie.

        • Those cheap DVD’s were sure something. Luckily, they had such amazing special features as:

          – Interactive menus
          – Original graphics
          – Film information
          – Chapters
          – Biography
          – Facts & trivia
          – Photo gallery

          That’s some A+ effort right there. Ha

  4. The Shrine is such an effective little movie. When I first started to watch it, I was a little worried and felt the acting wasn’t quite on point. However, as the movie progressed it just started to get better and better and that ending was so effective.

    Also, it’s back to being bi-weekly?

    I heard Bedevilled suggested. Wow. Talk about a poignant film. So hard to watch yet so many layers to the story and characters.

    • My brain went to the movie ‘Bedazzled’ when I read this and I thought ‘wow I really must have missed something when I saw that’

  5. Saw ‘The Shrine’ a while ago and was really pleasantly surprised. The beginning does struggle but I stuck with it and it was well worth it. Not sure I would go so far as Jay but a very strong 7.5 or 8 if my memory serves me right. After hearing Jay’s comments though I want to go back and watch it again.
    I actually had no idea it was done by the same person as Jack Brooks. I really wasn’t a big fan of that. I usually like horror comedy movies like it but I just found the main character too unlikeable (not sure if it was the auto or the writing) and, like Shrine, took a long time to really get things going. Also felt like Robert England was underutilized.
    Looking forward to hear Josh’s thoughts on ‘Rare Exports’. Really loved that movie and fear the new Krampus film will pale in comparison.

  6. After taking all of November off from watching horror (Sole exception being We Are Still Here) and instead using that time to watch far too much Survivor, I’m trying to catch up on my 2015 horror.

    Today I watched:

    Gravy (2015)

    All thanks to Dr. Shock’s praise for the film. It’s a pretty trippy movie that isn’t afraid to be more fun than scary as it makes up for it with it’s massive amount of blood. Great soundtrack, plenty of laughs, and due to how over the top it is, you never know what’s going to happen next. It reminded me a fair bit of 2007’s Murder Party, although I preferred Murder Party. It was a touch too long, but it didn’t drag much. An ideal horror to watch with a bunch of buddies. I’d give it a 7 rating and a suggestion to just stream it.

    #Horror (2015)

    Oh boy. I think it was Juan who had this on his “Need to watch before the end of the year” list that made me interested to watch it. Before seeing it, I thought it had the worst horror title of the year. By the time the movie was over, it’s also the worst horror of 2015. It’s truly dreadful. It starts off with some potential with it’s creative opening credits as a play on social media/games, but that positive becomes one of the biggest annoyances as those pop-ups keep coming on the screen throughout the movie. There’s some good actors in the movie in Chloë Sevigny, Timothy Hutton, Natasha Lyonne, Taryn Manning, but they don’t receive a ton of screen time and when they do, they’re forced to say awful lines. Hutton especially comes off looking terrible in his hammy performance. There is absolutely no one in the movie that comes across as likable. I hate them all. The twelve year old girls were incredibly annoying with their bullying of each other followed by random moments where they act offended. If you like hearing girls yell at each other, you’re in luck because that makes up seemingly 90% of the movie. There’s an attempt to make the film artsy, but it just created more plot holes that left me in the dark by time it was over. The one strength of the film is that there’s several creepy masks shown in the movie. The one reminded me some of Alice, Sweet Alice.

    The biggest insult I can give is that it made me wish I was watching Unfriended again. At least with Unfriended, I was having fun laughing at how bad it was. For #Horror, I kept looking at the time to see how much was left in the film. I’d give it a 1.5, with a full point being for the creepy masks and a recommendation to avoid.

    • Sal, let me grab my pooper scooper to carry away the dumplings just left on #horror. This movie sounds just dreadful. Thanks for the fair warning.
      I checked out The House on Serority Row and really dug it. It was very mild on the gore and nudity surprisingly but had a decent story. I expected a lot more smut damnit.
      Spoilers alert I guess
      The killer being the house mothers disfigured son was a weird twist to have, especially since you dont see his face really. Just leaves it to the imagination. I really thought the final girl would wind up being the killer, so it added a nice twist.
      The music score was where it’s at. Ha
      Written by Richard Band who has done a plethora of scores for some of the greatest B horror movies. Puppet master, re-animator, and From Beyond to name a few.
      Little fun fact.
      My favorite death was easily the decapitation that wasn’t really shown except for its aftermath, which was just as effective.
      Cool pick man.

      I’m gonna go head and throw my pic out there and screw a time table I guess. I’m thinking it will be impossible.
      Another Amazon Prime choice
      Bunny Man Massacre
      (unless Jonathan posts his choice soon)

    • Oh man, sounds like you didn’t have the best time, Sal. Sorry about that. I haven’t seen the movie myself and though you did lessen my interest of the movie from a must watch to a maybe I’ll wait, I’m still interested in seeing it. Dark Mark actually watched one of my recommendations and didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. Same thing with Jay and Andy over at MPW haha. Maybe I should just stop recommending stuff to people.

        • That means a lot coming from you, Mr. I liked it well enough 😉

          I was thinking, since Sal and Ryan stole our thunder and started their fancy horror movie club, we should start our very own beer club. Actually, untappd sent me this: http://www.noblebrewer.com/ It’s very interesting and I’d love to join, but it is rather pricey. I may get the 4 bottle deal, but it’ll probably be a while since I’ve stocked up on so much beer already :/

            • They have 3 options:

              4 Beers – $176
              8 Beers – $289
              12 Beers – $383

              Supposedly you get four shipments throughout the year, but the way they explain it is a little confusing. I’m not sure if they divide the amount of beers of your choosing by four or if you get the amount of beer of your choosing four times a year.

          • Now thats a club I would love to join.

            I just got home from Trader Joe’s with a 6er of Deschutes fresh squeezed IPA
            And other lame groceries.

          • Damnit Juan,
            I’m now buzzed and blushing.
            Totally kidding, I’m not buzzed.
            First time tryn this particular ale out. Very tasty!
            My sister lives up in Minneapolis and every year we go visit and try a different brewery. If ever there, try Lift Bridge. The hop dish IPA is insane. In a good way.
            Surely brewing is right down the street from her house. Picture this; freshly brewed beer and food trucks right outside. I swear it’s magical.
            Shite. I am buzzed.

          • Well I killed that 6er of Fresh squeezed and noticed under ALL the bottle caps it said “worth sharing”, so assuming I bought a dud sixer and that each beer should have a different message…. I bought another. Ahhh. Good stuff. But still the same message “worth sharing”, guess I was wrong. Ha.
            Oh wells
            Tonight the ol ball and chain picked me up some 3 Floyd’s YUM YUM. And it is just that!
            Juan and Dino, any recommendations for the next grocery store trip?

            • Depends on what you like. If you’re sticking with 3Floyd’s, then Gumballhead is my favorite (full disclosure: I have not yet had the pleasure of Zombie Dust). Dark beers are always a good choice now with the weather turning colder. One that Juan recommended to me recently – and is now one of my favorite brews – is Prairie Artisan Ale’s Bomb!

          • Bomb! is the bomb. I could give you tons of recommendations, but it would be easier if you just follow Juavino on Untapped. It’s a great little app that helps you keep track of beers, rate them, and review them. If you’re interested, look us up: pourdino, David_Cassette, Wawis. But not to leave you empty handed, here are a few recommendations (these aren’t necessarily my very favorites, but they are definitely among the best in my personal opinion):

            Pumpkinator (Imperial Pumpkin Stout, Saint Arnold)
            Blaecorn Unidragon (Russian Imperial Stout, Clown Shoes)
            Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew (Imperial Stout, Dogfish Head)
            Yellow Rose (IPA, Lone Pint)
            Bourbon County Brand Barleywine (Goose Island)

            By the way, my specialty are stouts if you couldn’t tell by my list above. If you want to know about IPAs I’d ask Dino or David as they are far more informed on that type of beer. I actually just recently got into it because of them.

          • Yeah Dino, zombie dust and gumballhead are great beers. I live a little less than an hour away from the brewery so I have had the luck of having their beer at their freshest. They had a problem keeping up with the demand. Even at the brewery they have sold out of their bottled stock at the shop connected the brewery/pub . Growlers are a different story. Liquor stores by my house have had a waiting list for some of 3 Floyd’s beers. (mostly gumballhead)
            It’s gotten better, I think they expanded but am not too sure.
            Thanks for the recommendations,
            BOMB is my next choice.

            Juan, I am an ale guy.
            I love dry, hoppy, full bodied beers.
            Always up for something new too though.
            Thanks for the info on that app and link, I’ll be sure to check it out.
            That beer list will be fun as well.
            Tis the season.

      • Juan, Harbinger Down wasn’t my favorite movie but not bad either. I wish I knew it was made to showcase practical effects before I watched it. I didn’t really pay attention to the effects. I grabbed a beer and began the movie as my son went down for a nap and he woke up during the credits so I had quite an enjoyable time. I’ll watch mostly anything even if it’s a negative review or recommendation. Hell, I still want to see Jan-Gel!

        • Haha hi there, Dark Mark! Thanks for clearing that up. I really thought you hadn’t enjoyed it very much. I agree, it’s not the best by a long shot. It’s very rough and not just around the edges, but I still liked it a lot. Considering its low budget nature, not too shabby uh?

  7. Fun episode.
    To think of all the “so bad they are good” movies I like is almost embarrassing. Most of them have strong connections to childhood viewings. The Borrower comes to mind right away. I had a worn out vhs for the longest time. It is a John McNaughton film, also known for Henry and Mad Dog & Glory. If you haven’t seen The Borrower, I highly recommend it. Its about alien sent to Earth in human form. The alien can’t keep the form for long before his head explodes and he has to find a new one/host. The films tagline is “Don’t lend him anything you can’t afford to lose”!!!! If that doesn’t sell it then what will?

    I have to check out XTRO now. I’m flat out curious.

    Totally off the beaten path, but if anyone likes them some great documentaries. Do yourself a huge favor and check out Jodorowsky’s Dune. Including interviews with legends such as H.R. Giger, Orsen Wells, and Alejandro Jodorowsky himself pouring his heart out, the efforts of this man’s vision will leave you astounded. The massive amount of talent behind this project to never be is unbelievable.
    Anytime something sci-fi is brought up this seems to always pop up in the back of my mind.

      • That’s a fascinating documentary. There’s nothing more awesome than witnessing the creative process of a singularly unique mind. Especially when it makes you think about something that could have been but never was. Like looking through the the gauze of the past to find all the unrealised potential beneath!

        • Ditto. The documentary is great, but if you really want to get a taste of what the movie might have looked like, just watch any of his movies. They’re what Josh would refer to as trippy. I love trippy and even though his movies can be dense and hard to watch, they’re like nothing else out there. And it’s always a joy to hear him talk. He’s such a passionate artist.

      • I just watched it as well, Allyson, and agree with what everyone is saying.

        I feel like this may have been talked about in the comments section of a previous episode, but I also recently watched the doc about Richard Stanley and the making of ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ which was just as fascinating. I think the ‘Dune’ doc is a much higher quality but the ‘Moreau’ doc is interesting for sure.

        I also recently watched the ‘Death of Superman Lives’ documentary about the Tim Burton/Nic Cage Superman film that never was. A little too much fan boy stuff for me but still interesting. It’s amazing how much material Kevin Smith has derived for his infamous Q and A sessions from the script he wrote for this film (which was terrible).

        • I really enjoyed the Richard Stanley documentary as well. It reminded me a little of “Lost in La Mancha”. Documentaries about the film industry are probably my favorite type.

          After watching “Jodorosky’s Dune” I really wish I could look at the conceptual book they put together. I am thinking about checking out some of the graphic novels he collaborated on. I also need to get around to watching “The Holy Mountain”.

          • Allyson and Jonathan,
            HR Giger documentary fresh on Netflix. Totally amazing. Dark Matter I believe its called.

            Also I wish they printed that Dune graphic concept book. I do believe one day they will, but buy it fast because his stuff tends to go Out Of Print and skyrocket in price.
            Incal is really good

            If anyone reads graphic novels, please check out
            -Locke and Key
            -Y the Last Man

            Thank me later :) jk

          • Locke and Key is absolutely delicious, RyanW. I’m not entirely caught up, but what I’ve read so far is great. I stopped shortly into the Clockworks arch. Is this still going or is it over?

  8. Oh ya! For another “At Your Mercy Show”-

    Please check out the 1989 film “Society” for a review. It is an absolutely disgusting horror film with a scarring unforgettable ending.

  9. On the topic of so bad they’re good horror movies, I would love to hear what some of the hosts favorites would be (and the other listeners as well). I recently watched “Death Spa” and I think it may be a new favorite in the ridiculous horror category.

    • Just about any Pauly Shore movie.
      What can I say, that guy just owns a small part in my heart.

      Masters of the Universe

      Keeping it horrorish – garbage pail kids
      Toxic Avenger, The Stuff.

      • Ryan, I actually just watched The Stuff. I thought it was very ambitious, maybe too ambitious. Kind of beats you over the head with its consumerism message.

        I thought Michael Moriarty was great with his weird accent and just overall asshole behavior. He essentially kidnaps a kid at one point and then abanons him. Kind of reminded me of Tom Atkins in H3.

        Wish tgey had focused a little more on the horror and less on the message but pretty entertaining.

    • I haven’t seen ‘Death Spa’ but after hearing it being discussed on the ‘How Did This Get Made’ podcast I must check it out.

      As far as ‘So bad so good,’ I have a weird fascination with ‘Return of the LIving Dead II’ (“Get that damn screwdriver out of my head!!!). As for a more recent one, “Argento’s Dracula” is something to behold for sure.

      • As someone who really loves “Deep Red” and “Suspiria”, Agento’s version of “Dracula” was hard to watch. I am also find it creepy that he has his daughter do nude scenes.

        • Can’t argue with you on the Asia Argento item; it’s very, very weird. His “Dracula” is just so insane I find it hard to turn away but it is truly awful.

          And I am a huge Argento fan as well. “Deep Red” is my 2nd favorite horror move of all time. But other than “Sleepless” and maybe “Trauma” and “Stendahl Syndrome” depending on the day, he hasn’t done much worth anything since “Opera” but “Crystal Plummage” through “Opera” is a hell of a run that very few directors have had with the exception of maybe John Carpenter’s 70’s/80’s run.

    • One of my favorite so bad its good movies is Basket Case. Just watched it again recently and still enjoyed it. USA Up All Night made me love bad but so good movies at a young age.

  10. If you guys review Tales From The Crypt and shows like that, please include my all time favorite The Hitchhiker. That opening music still gives me chills remembering how much it freaked me out when I was a kid. Love the podcast!

    • I’d be all for a podcast dedicated to Tales from the Crypt episodes. It could be interactive too with the listeners sending in episode requests.

    • That would be fun to do a TV series in the style of a franchise review. That’s probably awhile down the road though. Maybe we can just do one ep and take listener picks for that. Great idea Ryan and Sal.

  11. So far my favorite horror movies of 2015

    It follows
    The BaBadook
    The Final Girls
    We are still here
    There are so many from this year I haven’t seen… I need to catch up

      • The Babadook got a limited release on November of 2014, so I counted it as a 2014 film. I’m not sure if or when it got a wide release. The hosts counted it as a 2014 release if my memory serves me right. Still, it’s a great movie. It was my number one movie of last year!

        • Yeah, unless you live outside of the US, THE BABADOOK is a 2014 movie. November 28, 2014, to be exact (both a limited theater release and an Internet release on that date).

    • I really want to see Cub. Glad to hear it’s making a lot of people’s top ten lists. Need to watch “We are Still Here” as well.

      • I actually wasn’t that big on Cub. It had its moments, but ultimately it was a bit on the underwhelming side. Solid rental though.

        • I really liked how the character progression in Cub was handled. Don’t go in expecting a full blown, typical horror movie.

      • Cub was the last movie to make it on my top 10 horror movies of 2015 list. Even made it really high up in the list too. I appreciated how they used a lot of horror tropes, but without becoming too predictable. There were a few moments, particularly near the end, that I was shocked at what was happening.

        If nothing else, Cub was great just for shinning a little light on horror films from Belgium.

    • Hey, HMP team!

      We are recording our year-end show next Wednesday, December 16th.

      Jay really wants to incorporate listener Top 10 lists into the show, but aggregating them from here will be difficult. Can everyone who has shared a list here or is thinking about it please email them to Jay by Monday so that he has time to come up with some stats?

      Email your “Top 10 Horror Movies of 2015” lists to horrormoviepodcast@gmail.com and if you only have three, send three. If you only have five, send five. BUT SEND THEM!

      Thanks, everyone, in advance.

      • Ugh! Jay and his strict year end episode schedule are driving me insane! It just doesn’t make sense. I won’t get to see the two movies I wanted to squeeze in before sending in my list. But fine, Jay wants incomplete lists, Jay gets incomplete lists. I thought Jay was all about giving the people what they wanted. Consider my heart broken… again


  12. I remember mentioning “The Shrine” to you guys the first time I wrote to you around the first few episodes you did. I’m glad you got to see this little gem of a movie. It isn’t the best Horror movie you will ever see, but it is a super solid one. I loved the creepy vibe of it. Another one that revived my love for Horror lately, was Kristy. Just a well made Horror movie. In theaters, go see Krampus. It could fit right in with Gremlins and Puppet Mater. Cheesy 80’s Horror fun! Keep things creepy!

  13. JOTD – Also, I would totally wear my HMP t-shirt(s) to conventions… if you ever mailed them out to me!

    You set yourself up for that one, brother. #sorrynotsorry

  14. Watched a couple of other 2015 horror.

    Night of the Living Deb (2015)

    What initially drew me to the movie was some of the people involved. The lead is played by Maria Thayer. She played Jack McBrayer’s bride in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Funny actress, but someone who hasn’t found a way to truly make a name for herself like most of the stars in that movie. Then there’s Chris Marquette, who has been in several horror movies including Freddy Vs. Jason and the director’s previous work – Infestation. Then there’s Ray Wise. Wise is the man. He could intentionally try to suck, but it would still be entertaining.

    The movie itself is just okay though. The initial premise sounds like Shaun of the Dead, but with a female as the lead. Something gets lost in translation though. It ends up feeling more of a bad chick flick that has zombies in it. There’s some laughs in this horror/comedy, but it’s not as funny as it should have been as Thayer’s character is so over the top. It reminds me of the first couple of episodes of New Girl. Zooey Deschanel was less cute and quirky and more annoying until the show began to balance her character out a bit more. For zombie fans, they changed an aspect of Zombie 101 that will have Dr. Walking Dead rolling over in his grave. The change was done for comedic effect, but it just made me feel as if the movie wasn’t as worth watching as I thought when I began. Had I known about this twist change, I probably wouldn’t have watched the movie.

    Night of the Living Deb isn’t terrible or anything. It’s the sort of movie you pop on when you don’t have anything better to do. With that being said, will you have any desire to see it again? Eh…probably not.

    I’d give it a 4.5 and a recommendation to rent it only if you want something light. Maybe a way to talk the girlfriend or wife into watching a horror movie?

    Tales of Halloween (2015)

    I’ll break this down into individual stories as it’s a bit difficult to talk about the movie as a whole when individual segments vary in quality.

    SWEET TOOTH (Dir: Dave Parker)

    It’s a very simple story of a kid on Halloween being told an urban legend about a ghost that will kill you if you don’t share your candy. It got the movie off on a good note with some gore and suspense. Even by the end, it felt like one of the better shorts of the film.

    THE NIGHT BILLY RAISED HELL (Dir: Darren Lynn Bousman)

    After being kidnapped by the creepy neighbor, a boy on Halloween has fun by causing mayhem at the behest of his new mentor. It’s less horror and more dark comedy. Super fun though and makes me wish one of my Halloweens from my childhood could have been spent with the devil.

    TRICK (Dir: Adam Gierasch)

    Do NOT look too much into this short. On Wikipedia, the basic plot of the episode reveals a huge spoiler. All you need to know is four friends are hanging out on Halloween, but this normal night turns into a tale of horror once one of the adults is stabbed by a kid trick or treating. It’s more of a serious short than the previous one. Great short and my favorite of the movie. I’d love to see a feature length version of this one.

    THE WEAK AND THE WICKED (Dir: Paul Solet)

    A trio of no good street hooligans goes after a kid who thinks he’s a demon. Even though the initial premise is that there’s a monster, this one was light on the horror. I zoned out some during this one because it didn’t deal much into being on Halloween. It could have taken place on any day of the year.

    GRIM GRINNING GHOST (Dir: Axelle Carolyn)

    After hearing a ghost story at a Halloween party, a woman deals with her car breaking down and the concerns that the ghost might be real. It’s one of the weaker stories of the film. It’s all just build-up with little payoff. The ghost story is good, but everything else? Pretty uneventful.

    DING DONG (Dir: Lucky McKee)

    One of the two big WTF shocking moments of the movie. I love McKee and he continues to live up to that reputation I’ve created for him in my head. It’s hard to talk about this short without giving away the surprise twist at the start of the short, but this segment is worth going out of your way and watching. It’s a freaky segment that makes you want to keep watching to see what will happen next.

    THIS MEANS WAR (Dir: Andrew Kasch and John Skipp)

    It’s old school horror vs new school horror. Once you get beyond that initial fun premise of two neighbors going crazy with Halloween decorations, the rest is a bit of a bore. I liked looking at all of the decorations, but the story didn’t do much to keep my interest. One of the weaker entries in the movie.

    FRIDAY THE 31ST (Dir: Mike Mendez)

    On the surface, this is just a Friday the 13th inspired short beginning with a woman trying to escape a Jason Voorhees like figure. Then we get the second big WTF surprises. I can see some hating this because of the change of tone, but I had fun. There’s a lot of nods to other horror movies and the feel of the short changes multiple times. It’s a different take on a classic horror story.

    THE RANSOM OF RUSTY REX (Dir: Ryan Schifrin)

    Two men kidnap a kid on Halloween with the plans of demanding a ransom from the kid’s well off father. The twist will likely not come as some big surprise, but I enjoyed it in the same manner in which I did with THE NIGHT BILLY RAISED HELL. It’s more of a dark comedy than a horror.

    BAD SEED (Dir: Neil Marshall)

    I wanted to love this story about a killer pumpkin and the manhunt that follows due to loving Marshall’s The Descent, but I couldn’t get into it. I thought it had more potential in delaying the reveal of the killer pumpkin instead of exposing it almost immediately. A weak choice to cap off the movie.

    Overall, Tales of Halloween falls somewhere between being better than the original V/H/S, but being unable to come close to being as entertaining as Trick ‘r Treat. It’s unfortunate that the comparisons are going to be made between Tales and Trick, but it’s impossible to not think of the one when watching the other. There’s more good than bad segments, a couple of which I loved. There’s some replay value in just trying to spot the characters that appear in multiple segments. I’m hopeful for a sequel though.

    I’d give it a 6.5 and a recommendation to stream.

    • I’m a sucker for anthologies and this has been on my queue for the longest. I’ve heard very positive things, so I’m curious as to where I’ll fall on this. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze it in before year’s end.

      • I’m sure you’d be like me and love some segments while feeling underwhelmed by others. It’s certainly worth checking out if you enjoyed the V/H/S movies.

  15. First, let me say that I was absolutely beaming during your review of The Shrine and the compliment did give me a thrill because I do know exactly what Jay means when someone loves a film that you kind of discover and start spreading to others. I was very impressed with the way the review kept away from any serious spoilers and yet did a great job of selling what was so great about the movie… the whole “investigative” aspect of the film felt very Lovecraftian to me, so that’s kind of how I describe the film when I struggle with a defining sub-genre. I am dying to know what sub-genre Jay thought of, so if he wants to drop me an email to let me know…?

    Regarding “Jack Brooks”- I was incredibly impressed with the film, but it is a blend of comedy and horror along with a great character study in the title character. It also features Trevor in the title character role, so this is kind of a production team that is really getting some momentum with their work together. And I struggled a little with the pacing of the film at the time because it did seem a little slow- but every moment you watch is actually important to the structure of the story and I figured the same would be true of The Shrine and it paid off both times. They definitely know how to build up momentum and bring you from a comfortable and slightly bored position and then peak your interest to the point where you’re basically on the edge of your seat by the end. At least that’s how I felt with both films (though for two entirely different reasons… Brooks was a big “YEAH! GO FOR IT!” and Shrine was more of an “OH MY EXPLETIVE DELEATED!!!”) It’s a style of movie making that isn’t overly popular but it is just so effective.

    Now, about the Shrine… a NINE?!?!! WOW!!! I thought, for sure, Jay would give it an 8 or a 7.5 and a strong rental but I’m really glad he loved it as much as he did. I thought it was a treasure when I discovered it and gave it a high rating of my own- so I’m glad Jay loved it and that he saw exactly what I meant in my earlier comments. And I totally understand when people shoot down the film after the first fifteen minutes or when they see the picture of the statue that Netflix previews- wish Netflix wouldn’t do that, but so goes life. But trust Jay and trust me when I say that the ride is totally worth it and most viewers will be stunned by the time the film closes.


    House on Sorority Row.

    I’ve seen this film a number of times over the years and it was worth revisiting again for the Horror Movie Podcast club- does it have a name yet? Are we allowed to talk about it? Is it against the first rule to make corny and cliche jokes about the first rule of clubs, groups, organizations, and/or nearly-faceless blurbs of dialogue on the internet? Who knows- what I do know is that this slasher film is fairly par for the course in its time and an effective example of the Slasher Genre. We have everything we need- iconic imagery in the form of a walking cane, a group of characters who fit into easily identifiable stereotypes, and a wild party at an inopportune time. Some of the kills are pretty effective and the build-up surrounding the mystery is nice. It’s on the lower end of the spectrum for the absolute “must-see” slashers, but it still makes the list. I rate it, according to the HMP scale, a 6.5 and a medium priority rental for Slasher-fans, low priority for casual horror enthusiasts.


    I do a fine job of making myself sound like an idiot all the time, but there was one moment in the Xtro review where it was Jason’s fault.

    It’s during my wrap up and my internet and audio were cutting out, so Jay asked me to do it again, so I literally repeat myself and say the exact same thing … and he put both versions in the podcast. So that’s embarrassing. I do tend to repeat myself, but not usually that badly.

    This is happening from 00:24:32 – 00:26:21 and, as I said before, I was already doing a fine job of sounding dumb BEFORE Jay had me repeat myself.

    • Josh. Don’t be too critical of yourself. You and the HMP crew are ass kicking always.
      You and Jay have great radio voices so that tends to mask any comments you may consider idiotic. :)
      For realz though!
      Life is to short for embarrassment and nitpicking. I have no filter and it drives my wife bonkers. But I always tell her- Baby, it’s better to be real than to be a sheep. Fu$k em if they can’t take a joke”
      I am known by both sides of our families for weird jokes and saying things how they are. But also known for always being there when needed. Except for cousin Larry, he is a prick!

      Your the man Josh.

  17. Thoughts on Horror Club #1 – House on Sorority Row

    Premise wise, it’s an 80’s slasher, so it’s just the typical killer going after a bunch of youngish people. Some of the acting is pretty poor. The psychedelic scenes had me concerned for the ending being something I didn’t want to see. Death scenes wise, some of them made me think it was a late 80’s horror with how much was edited out to keep it fairly gore free. The script needed a little more fine tuning as I was left puzzled here and there.

    With the bad out of the way, the rest was mostly good. The lead girl, Katherine, was likable and was one of the better actresses in the movie. There were some creepy scenes involving clowns that worked well. I was satisfied with who was ultimately revealed to be the killer without it being so predictable. Throughout most of the movie, I was assuming the killer was going to be one of three characters, none of which ultimately was the killer. The final scene in the attic was the best of the movie. When you realize where the killer was, it’s a legitimately frightening moment. Considering the fact that it was made for around $400,000 by Mark Rosman, without any previous film experience, is impressive.

    I mostly agree with redcapjack’s rating and recommendation advice for the movie. While there are plenty of other slashers to watch first, House on Sorority Row is an example of a lesser known, but fairly entertaining in it’s own right. I’d give it a 6.5 and a recommendation to rent next October.

    I wouldn’t mind the HMP crew doing an upcoming versus episode for House on Sorority Row vs 2009’s Sorority Row. The remake was surprisingly good and it’s the best type of remake you can see. It follows the basic story of the original, but opts to come up with their own idea rather than doing a shot for shot remake or being a remake in name only. Both movies ended up doing things better than the other, without either being much better than the other.

    • I’d give it a 7. Without the twist a 6.
      If I would have seen this 20 years ago I could really see myself rating as high as a 9 because of things I would have considered nostalgic.
      Bunnyman Massacre it is!
      I just went ahead and bought it fairly cheap on ebay. Like 3$ more than rental price.

      • I saw Sorority Row for the first time in the late nineties I believe; I feel like it was probably after “Scream” came out and rental stores had slasher films at the forefront again for awhile. I was born in 76 so I saw a lot of the 80’s horror films around when they came out but I don’t believe I caught this one at that point.

        Regardless, I remembered very little about it other than the Jester costume and the infamous toilet scene (which I still think looks stupid but kind of an interesting kill).

        I agree with pretty much everything you said Sal. I actually found the hallucination scene a lot of fun and is something that distinguishes the film a little bit from other slashers. The doctor using her as bait to save his own ass worked and paid off story wise. I found Katherine to be an interesting final girl and loved the scene in the attic.

        Possibly a slight spoiler…One thing I thought I remembered was the killer wearing the jester costume the whole movie but I’m glad that wasn’t the case because that surprise in the attic was probably the best moment in the film.

        The argument about it seeming more like a whodunnit is justified and while it’s kind of a fun twist (and makes perfect sense) the film is laid out like more of a traditional mystery. But I would say the last twenty minutes makes up for most of the thematic issues. Getting to the last twenty minutes is a bit of a slog at times but overall it’s decent. Not sure where my middle ground lies with slashers (maybe The Burning) but this would be right there – I’d give it a 6.

        I actually think this is a case where the remake might be a little better. ‘Sorority Row’ is quite a bit of fun. Plays like a traditional slasher for the first half and then turns into a bizarre dark comedy of sorts and somewhat pulls it off. The girl getting texted by the killer telling her that her friend has died is still one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen in any movie. In the end it’s still pretty close to the original; might give the remake a half point more but it’s been a minute since I’ve seen it.

        • I think it’s perfectly fair to say the remake may have been a bit better. They had a lot more things going for them in their favor. Look at the budget alone. The remake had a budget of 16 million. With inflation, the budget for the original in 2009 would have just been a little under a million. That’s a huge difference right away. The remake had actors with more experience. Same thing goes for the director.

          The fact that the difference in quality between the two films wasn’t huge is a testament to all of the hard work Rosman put into the original film.

  18. Jay, I have a big bone to pick with you. You’ve complained about Netflix in the past, and quite arbitrarily might I add, but this time your criticisms are completely unfounded in my opinion. Like you said, Netflix offers a few random slides as a way to preview a movie. You call this problematic. Well, remember back in the day when physical media ruled the world and we would go to brick and mortar stores and browse the isles filled with VHS tapes and DVDs? Remember how cool it was to look at the movie covers and then when you turned them over they had a short description to go along with image stills of the movie? Did you have a problem with those? Because that’s exactly what Netflix is doing, only digitally. How in the world is this problematic? How is it different from looking at the back of a VHS tape or watching a movie trailer or even looking at a movie poster? You said that you don’t like the images on Netflix because they’re out of context. Isn’t everything in a trailer out of context? Isn’t everything shown in a poster out of context? How come you don’t have a problem with those? I think you get disillusioned so often because you tend to arrive to very quick conclusions based on trivial things like an image of a monster/statue. I mean, come on, a movie is so much more than a still! And I know what you’re going to say, “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. Maybe so, but I’d counter that with “don’t judge a book by its cover”.


      • I hope he does. I feel like the fights he has picked in the past with Netflix and Blumehouse productions have been very unfair. I love that he has passion behind all of his furious anger and I love rants as much as the next guy, but he tends to focus on super trivial stuff instead of the big picture. Anyway, I still love the guy. He’s too damn lovable to hate.

    • I didn’t have a problem with Jay’s issue. I took it as Jay not having a problem with the images itself, but rather those rare times when a preview image shows a spoiler due to the folks at Netflix not being careful enough in selecting screenshots.

      If Jay can come up with a single example of Netflix showing a spoiler in the screenshots, I think it’s a reasonable complaint for once.

      Just because the back of VHS covers did the same thing doesn’t make it any less okay.

      • Here’s the thing, Sal. Jay’s argument is not the same one you’re making. Your argument is actually a valid one and a probable concern for some. What Jay was saying is that he saw an image of a statue that fooled him into thinking that that was the monster of the movie. As it turns out, the image was just of a statute. That’s entirely Jay’s fault and yet he chose to take it out on Netflix. Why? Just like with movie posters and movie trailers, you have to pick cool looking pics that may or may not reflect the contents of the movie, right? The problem is that it’s all subjective. So, who decides which pics are acceptable and which aren’t? Ultimately, I think that unless the pictures are deliberately spoiling something, it shouldn’t matter which pictures get picked. It’s such a trivial matter. That’s why I brought up the VHS tapes. Because it’s been going on forever but all of a sudden Jay has a problem with it… and he picks Netflix as the culprit. Jay seems to have a real problem with Netflix and that’s fine, he has the right to. But really, compare it to other streaming services and you’ll see that it gives you the most bang for your buck. Not only that, but it’s now creating tons of high quality content. I just don’t get all the Netflix hate. And no, I don’t work for Netflix. I wish I did. I’ve read so many crazy good things about it as a company. Maybe I should use these mini rants of mine as a cover letter and apply there :/

        • This isn’t directed towards Jay of the Dead, but I do find the negative Netflix talk to be really annoying. It seems as if every time there’s an article about Netflix (IE. Updating on new additions and removals for upcoming month), the comment section is always the same. Posters complaining about how Netflix doesn’t have any good movies anymore, how it looks as if they will be cancelling their subscription, or just generally making note how bad Netflix is.

          It’s so over the top. Even if Netflix has a weak month, it’s still always worth the money and the Netflix Originals make up some of the best TV you can find today.

    • I don’t understand how anybody can beef with Netflix. Its 10$ a month for movies and tv shows galore at your disposal. On your phone, tablet, tv, computer and who knows where else. Its great period. I have the entire series of Cheers, The Munsters, The Wonder Years and a crap ton of other shows in their entirety at my slimy dirty fingertips.
      It has introduced to many movies I have never heard of and wouldn’t of seen or know about without it.
      If I had a complaint it would be me, and my damn que. That shit is ridiculous.

  19. Hi all, maybe this is a little off subject, but I’ve been trying to compile a best-of list for 2015 to send in via email. Does anyone know of a good website that lists all the horror movies from the year? I checked Wikipedia and it’s not complete at all. I have a feeling there’s NOT one and there are probably way too many movies to keep up with, but I thought I’d throw the request out there. For the longest time I thought Byzantium was this year. Geez. I’d like to avoid putting super old stuff on my list and hopefully I’ll come across as not a complete idiot.

    • I don’t know of any list online, unfortunately. As far as double-checking release dates for movies you have in mind, IMDb does a good job of breaking down a film’s complete release schedule. Here’s a good example: IT FOLLOWS (2015), which is shown at a top level on IMDb to be a 2014 film, but wasn’t actually “released” until early 2015 (the 2014 shows were while doing the film festival tour) >> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3235888/releaseinfo?ref_=tt_ov_inf%20

      If you’re not sure how to get to this page, the easiest way is to click on the date that appears at the top of the movie’s IMDb page just under the title and to the right of the genre classification(s).

      You may already have known all this, but thought it worth mentioning just in case.

    • For me, what I normally do is just Google various ‘Best horror of __ lists’ to get a good feel of what came out in a particular year. Assuming you cover a few different sources, you’ll likely going to cover every good horror of the year.


      I’m posting this a couple of times to make sure everyone sees it.

      We are recording our year-end show next Wednesday, December 16th.

      Jay really wants to incorporate listener Top 10 lists into the show, but aggregating them from here will be difficult. Can everyone who has shared a list here or is thinking about it please email them to Jay by Monday so that he has time to come up with some stats?

      Email your “Top 10 Horror Movies of 2015” lists to horrormoviepodcast@gmail.com and if you only have three, send three. If you only have five, send five. BUT SEND THEM!

      Thanks, everyone, in advance.

    • Hey, gang! I’m posting this a couple of times to make sure everyone sees it.

      We are recording our year-end show next Wednesday.

      Jay really wants to incorporate listener Top 10 lists into the show, but aggregating them from here will be difficult. Can everyone who has shared a list here or is thinking about it please email them to Jay by Monday so that he has time to come up with some stats?

      Email your “Top 10 Horror Movies of 2015” lists to horrormoviepodcast@gmail.com and if you only have three, send three. If you only have five, send five. BUT SEND THEM!

      Thanks, everyone, in advance.

  20. Been listening to your podcast for a little while now and I enjoy it.

    I ran across “The Shrine” a few years ago and liked it a lot. When I saw its title in this episode I was eager to hear what you guys had to say about it. I’m glad to hear Jay’s high recommendation for this movie!

  21. Came home today with The Shrine first on top of my to do list. Have to admit….I really liked it. Thanks for recommending it to Jay, RedCap Jack. This was an interesting update on The Wicker Man. Sorry, Nic Cage.

    Definitely thought it was going to be the same ole tiresome conclusion. I was taken by surprise how incorrect I was.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely not expected… you feel like the movie is taking one place and then it changes directions on you real fast without ever having to cheat to do it. It all makes sense and our perceptions just change by the time the film closes. Not sure if anyone is aware of the new “shudder” TV, but they have it on there as well and it was streaming the other day.

  22. I watched BONE TOMAHAWK last night. It was a fine movie, to be sure, but I really don’t understand all of this BMOTY talk surrounding it from J and Andy. It falls somewhere in the 8-9 range for me. Definitely top 10 horror of the year, but far from top 10 movie of the year and certainly not a masterpiece.

    I’m actually a little befuddled by why JOTD likes this film so much.

    • Ditto. I enjoyed it a lot and will probably be in my top 10 horror list, but I don’t know about a 10 and masterpiece status. It’s a solid 9.

  23. Saw one of the more unusual horror movies of 2015.

    Hellions (2015)

    Basic plot is that it’s Halloween in a small town and a high school girl has just found out that she’s pregnant. As her thoughts turn to her options, she begins to be terrorized by a group of masked little hellions.

    First off, it should be stated that I believe Hellions is a pro-life horror movie. All of the terrorizing happens because of the possibility that an abortion might even be considered as being a potential option. The longer the film goes on, the clearer this becomes until the end that basically hits you over the head with the idea. Being a pro-life movie, is naturally going to alienate some horror fans, just as it would if it was a pro-choice movie. That being said, the entire movie is like a total nightmare. It’s super trippy. Half of the time you don’t know if what you’re seeing is actually happening or just a fantasy. Once the horror kicked in, there’s this weird pinkish tint to the the picture that further adds to the weirdness to the film. So even if the viewer is not into watching a pro-life propaganda film, Hellions is so…weird that it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

    The soundtrack is one of the strongest aspects of the movie, although it is a bit repetitive. I loved the costumes for the hellions. The main hellion reminded me of Sam from Trick ‘r Treat. At times, it’s a jumbled mess that even by the end, you’re not going to understand what actually happened or not happened.

    Check out Hellions if you dig trippy movies. It’s not great, but there were points I was into it. I’d give it a 6.

  24. House on Sorority Row: (spoilers)
    I love this movie, good pick, Sal! This was my second time watching it and I’d probably give it a 6. I’ve recently completed an annual Black Christmas watch and I see so many similarities between the two. The killer is taking out sorority girls and hanging out in the attic. There’s an early scene where Mrs. Slater is looking out the attic window in a rocking chair. I’ve also been catching up on Scream Queens and of course there are similarities there too. The cane used in the killings reminds me of the cane in The Wolfman (1941).

    Yes, RyanW, Richard Band’s score is cool! He’s a very melodic/symphonic composer and the London Philharmonic Orchestra played the music. How did they afford that? Troll is a good score by him too and he is the brother of Charles Band.

    So the killer has a costume identical to his Jack-in-the-box toy? Awesome. I was a little disappointed with Mrs. Slater’s Death. She gets shot, dies instantly and drowns? There’s no blood when she’s shot but one of the girls gets blood on her dress while carrying the corpse later on. Also, I don’t think Peter is going on another blind date anytime soon.

    Yes, this is a typical slasher that I would recommend watching if you’re into them and want to dive deeper into the slasher canon.

    The Shrine is cool. I love the scenes around the actual shrine in the fog.

    Where can I watch Xtro?

    • Dark Mark,
      Sal pointed out this film had a budget of 400,000$.
      I’m guessing half went to the London Philharmonic orchestra. 😉
      The film definitely had a lack of blood in the death scenes which really made it feel like a 70s horror for me.

      • When it comes to the LPO, I just assumed that either director Mark Rosman or Richard Band had some sort of contact with the LPO. Even if the LPO are far more affordable than one would naturally assume, House on Sorority Row’s budget was so small that it made the Friday the 13th movies look like they had a huge budget of a few million dollars.

  25. Xtro is on Youtube. I am strictly against piracy. However, the film is out of print, hard to find, & there on that site to watch.

    • Thanks! Yea, I pay for movies when they’re available to buy, rent or stream. If they’re not, I’ll find a way to still see them.

      • I’m with you guys. I always pay if it is available on almost any format (I actually just bought a skiing horror movie called “Iced” on VHS via eBay for review on the show), but if it is out of print, sometimes you have to take what you can get. We discussed this recently in the comments. Maybe if someone (like Blur Underground or Scream Factory) sees that Xtro has 1M views on YouTube, they’ll look into re-releasing it.

    • I saw Kristy awhile back. Love Haley Bennett. I can’t say the movie has stayed with me long, but I remember it being rather easy to feel for Bennett’s character as she was stuck fighting for her life against some lunatics. Unless I’m mistaken, Kristy is the movie with the killers all carrying razor blade? If so, a maniac holding a blade for whatever reason concerns me more than a killer with a gun, chainsaw, ect. There’s just something extra violent about the blades.

      Kristy’s the ideal movie to watch on Netflix when you don’t have anything to do and just looking to kill an hour and a half.

  26. Jay (Or anyone that remembers), how long do we have until we need to send in the e-mails with our top ten of 2015? I can’t find the date in the notes section for the past few shows.

  27. Sent mine in today. I was pleasantly surprised how good of a year it was for horror. I couldn’t resist a bottom five of 2015. There were some real stinkers this year.

    • Hey, folks! I’m posting this a couple of times to make sure everyone sees it.

      We are recording our year-end show next Wednesday, December 16th.

      Jay really wants to incorporate listener Top 10 lists into the show, but aggregating them from here will be difficult. Can everyone who has shared a list here or is thinking about it please email them to Jay by Monday so that he has time to come up with some stats?

      Email your “Top 10 Horror Movies of 2015” lists to horrormoviepodcast@gmail.com and if you only have three, send three. If you only have five, send five. BUT SEND THEM!

      Thanks, everyone, in advance.

  28. Hey, I heard Jay ponder what was going on with that movie Kitchen Sink and why it hasn’t come out yet. It was released on October 30th but with the new name Freaks of Nature.

  29. Anyone wanna do a horror movie secret Santa or some kind of gift exchange?
    I know elfster can keep it anonymous, so I will probably set it up if enough say “Oh hell yeah”

  30. Hello J,

    Just finished watching the Shire and I am so glad you recommended this movie and was even happier it was on Netflix so that I could see it.

    The story was outstanding and I thought it moved very well not slow at all and had me from the very beginning! It didn’t hurt that the actress that played Carmen was very cute! As the movie progressed I figured it out but it just kept me more into the mystery, it was very good and it somehow reminded me of the movie ” THE RUINS” where the locals always know what is best!

    I’m not going to give any spoilers on this movie but I totally agree with you on this movie it is 8.5 for me and a must see. This movie has renewed my faith that horror movies can be done well. So once again J you have picked a great one and I hope everyone sees it!

  31. I just listened to this episode yesterday, so I guess I’m current now, having listened to all the back episodes, but damn… bummed that I missed the December 16th deadline to submit a Top 10 2015 list. Oh well. Much love, guys, for yet another WONDERFUL show well done.

    • Wow! You caught up fast, Watson. For anyone like you that missed the deadline, we asked everyone to post them in the show notes for that episode, so you’ll still have a couple of weeks to get movies watched. I have a few more to see myself that I didn’t catch in time for the recording.

      • Thanks, Wolfman. What can I say? I’m hooked. I even left an iTunes review after all this time, which wasn’t due to laziness… I promise! Would have done it much sooner, but I just couldn’t remember my password.

        I do have a question: What do you guys consider a film’s actual release date to be? For instance, IT FOLLOWS is on a lot of 2014 lists because its festival run was in 2014. But as we know, it didn’t hit its limited release to the general public (and its subsequent widespread release) until 2015. So, would you say it’s a 2015 film?

        I also ask because I’ve seen some Top Ten 2015 Horror lists that have the films FEBRUARY and THE WITCH on them, but those are somewhere between the festival circuit and public release. What do you guys think of movies like those? 2016 contenders?

        I believe you guys touched on this in the past, but I can’t quite recall. Thanks.

        • So, Jay is very strict on this, which has had an impact on me, just so that I can carry on a conversation with him.

          In simplest terms, we go by US release (be it theatrical, DVD/BluRay, or online), not counting film festivals.

          It Follows is definitely on my list. The Witch is going to be on next year’s.

          • Hold the phone…

            It’s actually The Witch and not The Vvitch? Ever since I first saw the trailer, I’ve been referring to it as The Vvitch.

  32. Sal, you’re totally right about it being called “The VVitch.” I love your involvement in this community, by the way. You’re awesome.

    And thanks, Wolfman Josh, for that clarification. I prefer Jay’s definition, myself, for my own reasons… at least in a list making sense, that is.

    • Thanks for the compliments. These comment sections are filled with some great posters.

      I do hope it’s actually called The VVitch. It stands out so much more than the overly simply title of The Witch. I feel like I’ve seen the trailer before my last few horror movie theater experiences and each time, it’s the trailer that stands out the most. I’m still not even entirely sure what it’s about, but it looks absolutely crazy. The pulled quote from the trailer, “We’re watching something we should not be seeing” has stayed in my mind. I hope it’s great though because whenever I go see it, my expectations are going to be high enough that anything short of a possible horror of the year is going to be a disappointment.

  33. Hey HMP, I have been listening to your show for a couple years now but have yet to jump in in the comments board. I was so excited to listen to this episode because I love both of these movies! I saw Xtro in the theater a couple years ago when I lived in Portland and thought it was so bizarre that I liked it, though I really could have done without the dancing dwarf clown and the telekinetic son angle. Despite all the kitchen sink randomness that is Xtro’s plot, I think one thing that really deserves credit is the music in this film. The music is fantastic and really embodies that 80’s, almost 70’s sci-fi feel that I think really lends itself to the tone of the movie.

    The Shrine is one of the first films I wanted to recommend to HMP when I first started listening and am so glad that Jay loves it as much as he did. I think you should definitely revisit this one with full spoilers because I think it needs a thorough combing through.
    I would like to recommend a film called “They Look Like People” that is currently streaming on Netflix so it could fall under Wolfman Josh’s “Screaming Online” segment. It is a low budget film with a cast consisting of 3 characters and can be described as a psychological thriller/horror. The description from IMDB is:
    “A troubled man suspects people around him are turning into evil creatures, and wonders if he should protect his only friend from an impending war or from himself.”
    I would give it a 7 and would recommend giving it a watch!

    -R.J. MacReady, helicopter pilot, U.S. outpost #31

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