Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 078: Christmas Horror (2015 edition)

Christmas Horror 2015

Merry Christmas and happy Winter Solstice 2015 from your friends here on HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Christmas Horror Movies… This is Episode 078, where your hosts bring you a discussion about Christmas’s own monster, Krampus!

In this episode, we’re making merry and spirits are bright as Dr. Shock drinks some “Mad Elf” beer while we bring you Feature Reviews of Krampus (2015) and A Christmas Horror Story (2015) and Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010). We also bring you our creepy new segment about real-life horror stories! Pour some egg nog or apple cider and join us!

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I. Introduction

— Korean Woman Dies in Exorcism
— North Carolina Teen Pulled Into Wood Chipper
— Faust Road Being “Stands Up” to Dr. Shock
— The Pennsylvania Chain Saw Massacre
— How Watching Horror Movies Has Altered Our Psyche: Jay’s Cove Fort Experience
— What HMP Recommends You Do if Real Horror Happens to You


Krampus and Sint Niklaas

[ 0:45:03 ] IV. Feature Review: RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE  (2010)
Jay of the Dead = 6 ( Rental ) — but not a horror movie
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( Must-See / Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 7.5 ( Buy it! )

Rare Exports Cage

[ 1:03:34 ] V. Feature Review: A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 6 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 7 ( Rental )

Krampus Christmas Horror Story

[ 1:38:18 ] VI. Feature Review: KRAMPUS (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 4.5 ( Avoid )
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( Theater / Rental )

Krampus Movie

[ 0:00:00 ] VII. Mini Review: SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT (1972)
Jay of the Dead = 5 ( Low-priority Rental )

VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— Thanks to Kagan and Adam for your excellent voicemails!

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257 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 078: Christmas Horror (2015 edition)

  1. Just watched A Christmas Horror Story and am about to watch Rare Exports in about ten seconds. I’ll be listening to this tomorrow! Can’t wait, homies.

  2. Is it too early to request a Christmas related horror movie for next year’s Christmas podcast? One of my favorite guilty pleasures is 2005’s Santa’s Slay. I know it’s not a good movie, but I have a blast watching it. What’s not to love? You have the Jewish pro wrestler, Goldberg, playing an evil Santa Claus trying to kill Claire from Lost. The opening scene with the massacre never fails to put a smile on my face.

    I did a search to see if you guys reviewed it on any past show that I just didn’t remember and all I found was a mention that it was going to be reviewed next week back on HMP #3. And here I thought the listeners waited forever to hear the Cold Prey review. Ha

    • It is way too early, but I’m already drafting the list, to be honest. We’re running low on options. Santa’s Slay keeps slipping through the cracks. We intended to cover it last year, but we were focusing on Krampus this year. On my honor, we will cover Santa’s Slay next year. And I’ve actually got a great line-up. But let’s focus here, Sal.

      • I’ve got two more suggestions that you could possibly consider:

        The Children (2008)
        I’m not sure if this is during Christmas, so that might disqualify it. Either way, it’s definitely during the winter and there’s snow and evil children, so those are pluses for me. It’s been a while since I saw it, but I remember it liking it. It’s around the 7 range for me.

        Treevenge (2008)
        This one’s a short film and though I haven’t seen it, just looking at the poster makes me giddy. It seems to be a B-movie and at 16 minutes long, you wouldn’t be wasting too much of your time if this turns out to be a dud.

        Also, on the topic of Gremlins, I’m with you all the way, Wolfman. Even now as an adult it’s pretty dark and scary stuff! I’m not sure if Jay has seen it recently—I have—but this is not a children’s movie, not by a long shot. It’s my favorite Christmas horror movie and one of my favorite horror movies (definitely in the top 25). Gremlins is a 10/10 and I think Jay needs to reevaluate his stance on the movie. Also, I don’t get why he had such a hard time calling it horror (literally!). Gremlins is like 100 times more horror than Bone Tomahawk, his likely #1 pick for 2015. And just for the record, Gremlins 2 is another favorite of mine and a 10/10 😉

        • Yes, The Children is Christmas and it is on the list! I remember really liking it, but haven’t revisited it in quite awhile. Next year!

          I’m actually open to any winter films fir next year, as the possible selections are getting scarce.

          Any idea how to get ahold of Treevenge?

          Gremlins all the way, brother. I’m watching it tonight!

          • I just watched Treevenge on Youtube. Really fun short. It’s directed by the same guy who made Hobo with a Shotgun and Slumber Party Alien Abduction segment from V/H/S 2. You could tell the creators were big horror fans, there’s a lot of references to past horror movies including borrowing the theme from Cannibal Holocaust.

          • Sal, good to know that you enjoyed it. Finally someone likes my recommendations haha. I can’t wait to check it out myself. I did catch that Cannibal Holocaust theme song. It’s one of my favorites. I own the soundtrack and I absolutely love it!

        • I hadn’t read this comment from you, Juan, but I just now finished THE CHILDREN. I’ll check out your other recommendations. :)

          • Did you enjoy The Children, Mister Watson? Do check out my other recommendations. My tastes don’t always align with everyone else’s, but that’s part of why I love this community. It opens your eyes to things that you’d otherwise overlook.

          • Juan, hey! I really did enjoy THE CHILDREN. Definitely not bad. I know that Dr. Walking Dead has famously said that a serious horror film is one where the dog dies. I do agree, but when you’ve got kids dying, THAT is serious! And I love it. CLOWN, for instance… I really liked it because it went there, ya know?

            I don’t know if anyone will find this funny, but my girlfriend and I have been watching Christmas horror every night for the past week, and we noticed something regarding the teen female protagonists in both THE CHILDREN and A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY…

            If my college experiences taught me anything, it’s that young women don’t react to cold like the rest of the population. Sorority girls, I’ve observed, simply do not respond to low temperature weather conditions. That said… both young female protagonists sported short skirts and thigh-high stockings in these two winter films, and neither appeared chilled at any point. Coincidence? I think not!

  3. Not sure if I’m fully on board with these “Horror in the News” segments. Listening to this podcast has always been a time of joy for me, and starting things off with a depressing look at real-life evil and suffering kills the mood. I see enough sorrow and degradation just reading the news.

    Jay, where were you going with that exorcism story? Speaking here as another person who believes in the objective existence of spiritual evil, believing in demons does not lead us to the conclusion that the murderers were possessed. Humans are easily capable of enough monstrous cruelty on our own, without the devil having made them do it.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure, but I don’t think Jay was saying he wants to do it every week. I like it as an occasional segment at the end of the show, like Campfire Tales, if there is something that fits the topic of the show or is particularly horror movie-esque. But I agree that it’s a bummer.

    • I agree with Professor Headbutt. I’d be one thing if the news article applied to a theme of the episode (IE. The Korean exorcism story during an exorcism episode), but something like the wood chipper story isn’t entertaining, doesn’t have anything to do with horror movies, and is just generally a downer of a story.

      I do like the campfire tales though. Josh’s story about the local handyman was more of what I’m into. It was entertaining, scary, and yet no one was actually hurt. I’m all for those kind of stories rather than more of the wood chipper related stories.

      • I only mentioned the wood chipper bc it reminded me if Silent Night and was Christmas related. That’s one I don’t mind. Same with the chimney story. It is thematic enough for me. I think the key is putting them at the end so that people can skip them. Or, if they are timely and not thematically-related, save them for the end of a Frankensteinian episode.

  4. Here’s some interesting evidence for Rare Exports not being a horror film.

    As we know, many people get easily offended by horror intruding on Christmas. This being said, I have been going to FYE a lot lately looking for Christmas horror films. Right now, there is a seasonal Holiday films section. The only “horror” film to be included in this section has been Rare Exports. Silent Night Deadly Night, Black Christmas, all the Krampus films, and even Gremlins, that’s right Gremlins are not in the holiday film section, I’m assuming because they are too horror. However Rare Exports gets the family holiday approved stamp.

    All that being said, I haven’t seen it, and would really like to.

    • I don’t know. It’s interesting to note, but I’m not sure I’m going to take the word of some random teenager who is tasked with creating a Christmas display — or even the FYE marketing departments word for it. I doubt they’ve seen the movie either. It probably has more to do with the movie subtitle, “A Christmas Tale” with a child and a Santa on the cover.

      • There’s also the strong possibility that the cover art for Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night are too intense for the mainstream Christmas shoppers. At the FYE I go to, they push horror to the back next to the porn. Also I bet people forget about Gremlins being set at Christmas.

        • I think your absolutely right. If I remember right, I think the poster for Rare Exports was just a kid wearing a helmet with Sant Claus in the frame. Where Silent Nigh, Deadly Night has Sant with an axe. Again, I haven’t seen it, so I’ll have to report back! 😉

          I’m personally conflicted about even calling Gremlins horror though. I like the classification- horror junior. You guys mentioned that awhile ago, and I think it’s reasonable. One of the scariest movies of all time to me was The Ghost and Mr. Chicken!

    • Oh, and Kagan, thanks for your voicemail. I just heard it for the first time bc Dave & I weren’t on for that, but I always love getting the voices of our listeners involved in the show. And I second your thoughts on Black Christmas.

    • Haven’t listened to podcast yet but ‘Rare Exports’ is certainly a horror film in my mind. Also I absolutely loved the movie, especially the second time around.

    • So I worked at an FYE in college and just out of college. Most of those displays are given from corporate. Most often there was a list on the back of a card in the display that told us what to put out. The top 10 was mostly based on how many CDs or DVDs we bought of a certain movie or album. Sometimes, I heard it said, that companies paid to get top spots. That being said, I did what I wanted and there were great Christmas recommendations in movies and music. I would just have to change them back if we knew a “secret shopper” or corporate person was coming.

  5. I think as far as the fun of seeing Christmas horror movies, there’s two things that makes it fun for me. The first is that Christmas is supposed to be the opposite of Halloween. It’s a time of family, fun times, childhood wonder, and just generally a time to be happy. So having horror at such a time is such a contrast to what you expect. It’s the same idea of what horror is best when it happens to those who deserve it the least. The other reason is that not much horror takes place in the winter months. It’s far easier to find a summer horror movie than a winter one. As a result, seeing a winter based horror feels fresh and it’s like you’re watching something different from the norm. It’s the main reason why I would love to see a Friday the 13th sequel set during the winter at Crystal Lake. It’d be different.

  6. Adam, thanks for your voicemail. Dave & I weren’t on the line when Jay played these, but I just heard them on the show and they were great. Especially appreciated the contrast comment. Something I’d never considered. I’d love to see a video essay supercut of this.

  7. As usual, I am much more in the Wolfman Josh camp on ‘Rare Exports’. I love the movie. I would classify it as a fairy tale horror movie and am kind of shocked that Jay is so tough on categorizing it as a horror movie, at times thinking ‘did he see the right movie’? It is very very creepy at times and there is certainly gore.
    I also think it is a quite beautiful movie both in story telling and aesthetic. I find the people of the community quite believable in their behavior and personalities and the father/son relationship very moving. Another aspect that I find interesting is that this community manages to not only survive the destruction of their local economy (reindeer) by rallying together but replace it with something new in the end. I am trying to avoid too many spoilers here.
    I personally liked the ending. Does it fit into the ‘horror’ style ending? Maybe not, but I find it fun, humorous and uplifting.
    Anyway, I am super tired because I have been constantly traveling the last few days so sorry if I have been less than articulate in my support of the film.
    I was very happy to have another great episode arrive on my birthday as well as the T-shirt. Perfect timing Jay.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, a crazy Kwanzaa and a tip top Tet everyone.

  8. I sent in an email about Krampus, but I just noticed that the subject was autocorrect to Warmups?! Darn it. Well here’s what I had to say:

    The first act is awesome, and sets the tone perfectly. The opening montage might have been my favorite part of the film. It showed the real-life horror of the holiday season. It reminded me of the talk from your Black Friday episode last year.

    Middle of the film didn’t work as well for me, but I still liked it. It was a clever beastly freaks siege narrative with outstanding monster design. All the beastly freaks looked terrifying and were pretty scary especially Krampus. I could have done without the cgi cookies though. The moment the one comes down the chimney, I lost faith in the film.

    The films greatest downfall was the PG13 rating. I don’t want to sound like a jaded gore loving horror film addict, but I was never able to get scared because all of the off-screen “kills” were so soft around the edges ***spoilers***, and from the first “kill” I knew that not a single one of these characters was actually going to die. I didn’t feel like any of the characters were in mortal danger, and it effectively neutered the film and precluded it from being scary.
    ***end of spoilers***

    All that aside, I enjoyed the film, and as fas as Christmas horror sub genre it’s one of the best I’ve seen. On Wolfman Josh’s so-called Christmas scale this one is a 10/10. Overall I say it’s a 7.5/10.

    • I mostly agree, though I though I found the shadow of Krampus to be really scary, I thought the snowmen in the yard were quite creepy, I thought the Tremors-inspired moments were truly scary and I thought the jack in the box segments nightmarish and horrific. But, yeah. PG-13.

  9. Josh, your final thoughts on Krampus sent me off on a Bonnie Tyler riff. “I need a Krampus! I’m holding out for a Krampus film at Christmas time! It’s got to be fun and there’s got to be scares and it’s got to be better than this!”

    I never get to see horror films ahead of you (working two jobs, single-fathering three kids, so not much free time), so I rarely have any reviews to post. What has been happening is that your podcasts shape my to-watch list. What all your Krampus comments just did was make me put Trick ‘r Treat on the to-watch list. So even if I skip Krampus, thank you for directing me toward what sounds like a better film. (Maybe when the Best of 2015 episode drops, my contribution to the comments will be to list all the films that I’ve watched in 2015 because of your reviews.)

    Anyone who is thinking of adding Santa Claus Conquers the Martians to their Christmas watch list needs to focus on the MST3k version.

    • Professor,

      You will LOVE Trick r’ Treat. If ever there was a film that captured the spirit of Halloween, this film is IT. Also, I’m a single father myself, and I work a few jobs, so I feel ya, homie. Three kids, though. I’ve just got the one. Do your children enjoy horror films at all? (That isn’t as crass a question as it sounds! I just got back from the theater… saw Krampus with my son and ladyfriend. Good times.)

      • I’m at a weird place for introducing my kids to horror. They’re aged six, four, and two. The oldest one is almost old enough that I’d feel good showing her low-level horror, but the 4-year-old is the one whose personality is best suited to horror, and how the heck am I supposed to keep the 2-year-old out of the room when all 3 kids have the same bedtime? They like scary movies, but their idea of scary is Scooby Doo. Around Halloween, the older two insisted that they really wanted to watch a grown-up scary movie with monsters. After considerable contemplation, I showed them the 1999 The Mummy. They liked it, and it caused only one bad dream (the 4-year-old dreamed about the scarabs), so I called that a win. I think 2016 will be the year when I introduce The Nightmare Before Christmas, and maybe Gremlins.

        • What about the old universal horror movies? If they don’t get bored they’ll have an appreciation for them later in life.

  10. I find Jay’s struggle with defining what is and what is not a horror movie amusing. I just want to tell him to chill; it’s all good. I find it odd that when I was younger (especially in the early 90’s) most Fangoria mailbags (and the like) were filled with horror fans irritated how so many movies that were clearly horror or had many horror elements (Silence of the Lambs, Cape Fear remake, Seven, etc.) were being listed as thrillers and now it seems like it’s the opposite outcry.

    I think just about every film nowadays is a mishmash of so many different styles from the past and represent so many different genres. We are way past having something along the lines of Abbot and Costello comedies or Charlie Chan detective films – movies that were so clearly defined in their style and execution as a certain genre. Why can’t “Gremlins” and “Martyrs” both being considered horror films? Just my two cents.

    And Josh, I agree with you 100% on “Trick R Treat” which now makes me think I might enjoy “Krampus” more than I thought I would. “Trick R Treat” is a good and very fun movie but a must watch every Halloween? Not for me. So in that sense I find it a tad overrated. And regardless, Doughtery is not without blots on his resume; he did write “Superman Returns.”

  11. I actually really like the “Real-Life Horror in the News” segment. Quite often truth is much stranger (and scarier) than fiction. And as a writer I know just you mean by real life stories inspiring fiction. Also, Jay’s right, Black Christmas (1974) is the best Christmas horror movie.

    • Just for the record, Dave also said Black Christmas from the start and I came around to it as a tie with Gremlins, so we all essentially agree.

      I DO love that Don Shanks, the stunt-Santa from Silent Night, Deadly Night is also Michael Myers in Halloween 5, as well as The Fisherman in I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer AND a significant 😉 character in Urban Legends: Bloody Mary.

      • Any recommendations on which version of Black Christmas to buy? The one I rented from Netflix had terrible sound quality and no subtitles. LOVED the movie!!

        • Hey Allison. I have the “Critical Mass Collector’s Edition” of Black Christmas (1974) which is cool because it has 2 commentaries, one with Bob Clark. It might be harder to find because the Special Edition is the current release and it doesn’t have the commentaries. I don’t know about the transfers because I’ve only watched my copy, which seems fine.

          • I may have located a copy…in France. Haha. I feel a little embarrassed that I was unaware of what a collectible film this is. Thanks for the info Dark Mark!

            • Hopefully another edition with the commentaries will come out, but until then it’s getting rare. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve even listened to the commentaries yet!

          • Wait, the Blu-Ray doesn’t have the commentaries? That sucks.

            I’ve been meaning to upgrade from my original 25th Anniversary Critical Mass DVD from 2001 since that DVD is nearly bare bones.

    • I have to agree David! I think things that happen in real life are absolutely scarier than movies…depressing perhaps, but this is life.

      • But, to be fair, this is coming from a student of serial killers, Allison. I understand that some people are just here for the movies and aren’t as interested in the reality of it all.

        Don’t you think a good compromise could be putting it at the end of the show so that those who don’t want to hear it can just shut it off?

  12. I’m JUST NOW starting this episode at 1:30AM and likely won’t get too far into it, but I need to make something known: I absolutely CANNOT wait to hear JAY OF THE DEAD’s rap!

    Is anyone waiting as anxiously as I am for this?

  13. It’s good to know that I’m not the only paranoid horror fan. I have to do a walkthrough of my entire home every night before going to bed. I walk through my basement, each room downstairs and every room upstairs. I check closets, the area below the stairs, every corner, and under each bed (thanks Hannibal Season 2 lol). Not to mention, I probably check to make sure the doors are locked 3-4 times before officially calling it a night. No one is going to get the drop on me :)

        • Haha.

          To be serious, I want the themed episodes to be timeless. We are getting new listeners all the time. Not all of them are as die hard as Mister Watson here and go back and listen to all of the shows in order. I like to encourage people who just joined us for Scream or Freddy to see what they missed. I don’t care about the new releases (one of the reasons that I couldn’t stick with MPW), but I treasure the thematic discussion.

          • I like both kinds of episodes. I liked the frankenstenian ones because their all-over-the-place nature makes for some great and odd conversations. The downside to those is that because they’re not themed, they tend to not stick to memory as much. The themed episodes are more cohesive, focused, and memorable because of the contained themes and conversations surrounding said themes. I love them in equal measures for different things. I’m a hardcore fan, so for me, it’s a joy to go back and revisit old episodes, themed or not. But I see your point. If you’re going for timeless, the themed ones will stand the test of time much better. You guys do such good work though. Don’t hate on them green-colored episodes, Josh! There’s an audience out there for them.

          • I know there’s an audience and I’m glad you like them, I just don’t derive as much pleasure from recording them. They feel more like a chore. I think Kyle actually has my dream job. I’d love to be able to assign movies and then just have long, academic discussions about them all day … and get paid for it! Maybe I need to go back to school.

          • While my favorite sort of episodes are the Frankensteinian ones, I do think the themed ones have the highest replay value out of all of the episodes.

          • Oh, HELL yeah! Mister Watson got himself a shoutout from the Wolfman! Alrighty… done typing in third person now.

            For realz, tho, Gs… in college, I studied film when I could get around my psych requirements, and I enjoyed it immensely. A couple years ago, even, I was going to launch a Youtube series reviewing horror movies, but I don’t have a suitable area for legit filming. Oh well…

            Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoy listening to you gentlemen get deep into the themes and even the filmmaking aspects of these horror flicks. You guys had me at “Hi, and welcome to Horror Movie podcast…”

  14. For my fellow collectors out there, I want to recommend this new pin company made up of artists and horror fans. So far they have limited-edition pins from The Monster Squad, They Live, Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Phantom Creeps, etc at their http://etsy.com/shop/23SkidooPins Etsy store. They only release 100 of each, but being so new (I am one of 2 followers on Twitter) they are all still available. I got 30/100 of their Monster Squad “Stephen King Rules” t-shirt pin. The They Live pins is even cooler and I’m getting that next. Huge shout-out to HMP listener/artist/musician @AdamWMichaels on Instagram for turning me onto 23 Skidoo. Adam is a great artist himself who auctions his horror and pop culture paintings on his Instagram feed and his old band, Searchlight (produced by my friend Branden Steineckert of Rancid and The Used), had a song on the Resident Evil: Extinction soundtrack. Yes, we’ve got cool listeners. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some @23SkidooPins giveaways on future episodes, but I’d recommend rushing over and getting something from their current lineup. They are cool and inexpensive. Also, follow them on Twitter and tell them @HorrorMovieCast sent you.

    • UPDATE: Their remaining They Live pins are actually the clearance flawed pins from that run. The good news is that they are heavily discounted. The others all seem to be from the original limited-edition runs.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Josh. The pins are really cool, indeed. I own a few pins from here and there, but in all honesty, I just store them away in a corner and they never see the day of light, so I’ve decided to stop buying things I will just store away in a cold and dark place… except for posters. Those I’m not ready to let go off yet haha.

        • Wolfman, you have a tiny punk rock vest for your son?! That’s AMAZING! Get him into that punk rock early! I’m an ole punker, myself, and I still listen to “Stranger Than Fiction” by Bad Religion and NOFX’s “So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes” like they came out last week. In fact, Wolfman, I LOVED your NOFX reference many episodes back.

          Keep an eye out for next year’s GREEN ROOM. That film is supposedly a punk rock horror flick. I’d love to see a movie that is to punk what DEATHGASM is to metal.

          • I had that little nerd in Adolescents and Op Ivy hoodies from birth. He actually wanted to make his own vest this year when he grew out of his jean jacket. He only had Michael Jackson Thriller buttons on it at first (which I approve of) but I set him on coarse and dug up a few old punk patches and pins for him.

            I don’t remember the NOFX reference I made, but I do love those albums too, although my tastes have expanded. I just bought Suffer on vinyl for myself this Christmas. The one band from that era I’ve been listening to heavily lately is Lagwagon. I love their albums Let’s Talk About Feelings and Hoss.

            Loved Blue Ruin and I’ve been tracking Green Room and I don’t think it’s going to be super horrific, but here’s hoping!

          • “Train a child up in the way he should go,
            and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

            – God, on the subject of raising children to like horror and punk rock.

            Seriously, though… Wolfman, I love that you bought Suffer on vinyl! Op Ivy and Lagwagon are wonderful, of course. My son and I listen to a lot of punk, but not as much these days. We’ve been rocking out to more classic rock and indie rap. Just saw Muse, too, a couple weeks ago. Epic as hell.

            Wolfman, I can’t recall, but since you liked Blue Ruin (I loved it, myself), did you fancy Murder Party? Hope Green Room is good.

          • Yeah, I liked Murder Party, but not even a fraction as much as Blue Ruin. We discuss Murder Party on our first At Your Mercy listener pick episode when Dave reviews it. And Jay and I got into an epic discussion about Blue Ruin over on MPW. I believe it was his #1 movie that year. Fingers crossed on Green Room. I love Mark Webber and Anton Yelchin and very excited to see Macon Blair back to work with some big time actors. William Rowan (Solo from TSFP) had a Seattle neo-Nazi skinhead movie idea several years ago and I think that’s going to be a driving force of this film. The movement is strong there.

          • I live about 60 miles south of Seattle. Is William Rowan from there, by chance? And yeah, I remember Doc Shock’s (love that guy!) review. What a gem that film is. “Take off your vampire pants.” Ha ha ha!

            I’m with you on BLUE RUIN. Stellar film. And yes… fingers crossed for Green Room. All I’m asking for, really, is SLC Punk with horror. Is too big a request?

  15. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the only one who loved Krampus. I had a total blast seeing it in the theater. Part of it was being psyched at finally being able to see a Michael Dougherty film in the theater after being such a huge fan of Trick ‘r Treat (A modern horror classic, regardless of what that mean Wolfman Josh says). My theater experience was also good. It was the first time I had gone to a Cinemark XD show, so it was the bigger screen, better sound, and nicer seats.

    I was okay with the amount of screen time that Krampus had. He’s the looming fear that is over everyone’s heads. You know that sooner or later, he’s going to pop up and these people are going to be doomed against him. I loved the Jack in the Box creature. It was probably scarier looking than even Krampus himself. I don’t know if I could say I had any problem with those cute gingerbread man creatures either. I’ve seen all of the Gingerdead Man films, including the crossover with the Eebee, The Evil Bong, so I guess I’m just used to such creatures in horror movies? For the record, Gingerdead Man 1? A bit of a guilty pleasure classic in my book. The sequels are trash though.


    The ending was weighing on my mind for a good portion of the middle of the film. I was going back and forth on what I wanted to see and what would have been a disappointment. I didn’t expect any deaths and I was shocked when the older sister died first when there was more potential for the character than with some of her cousins. Once everyone was seemingly being killed off, all I wanted was for the ending not to have everyone be alive. Ultimately, I was satisfied with the actual ending with everyone surviving, but in a sinister twist, Max got his wish of getting his family back, but they’re stuck with dozens of other families in Krampus’ wicked collection.


    The lackluster reviews by others is making my curious to watch it again when it comes out on Blu-Ray. I’ve learned that I can’t entirely trust my judgement of a film just on how I enjoyed it in the theater. After all, I’m the guy who thought Halloween Resurrection was great while walking out of the theater. Ha.

    I loved Krampus though. It was on my Top Ten horror list that I e-mailed to Jay.

    Frankly, I’m surprised Josh didn’t enjoy it as much as I imagined he would have. Everyone knows Jay hates horror comedies. Josh is a curious sort though. It seems like he likes horror comedies, but he doesn’t like horror comedies if he doesn’t know it’s going to have a lot of comedy before hand. It’s Cooties all over again. Ha

    • “Josh seems like he likes horror comedies, but he doesn’t like horror comedies if he doesn’t know it’s going to have a lot of comedy beforehand. It’s Cooties all over again.”

      Woah, woah, woah, woah. I will say that I’ve never considered myself a big fan of horror comedies until I met Jay, BillChete and the like. By comparison, yes, I do like horror-comedy … comedy-horror not so much. I can appreciate Tremors because it is truly scary, as well as truly funny. I prefer a film like Scream or The Lost Boys that focus on the genre, but are full if laughs. A film like Cooties doesn’t ultimately work for me as a zombie movie. Shaun of the Dead works as both a comedic send-up and a legitimate zombie film. I just wanted more scares, or at least a scarier overall tone, from Krampus.

    • Hey, MINOR SPOILERS, but the listeners totally agreed with you, Sal. It made the listener list. And I didn’t dislike it by any means, I just thought it could be stronger. I can see myself putting it in year after year. Especially after my kids are a bit older.

      • The glory of Krampus will eventually warm your fuzzy heart. It’s not as if there were any other interesting movies in the theater in December. Go see Krampus multiple times~!

        • My girlfriend, my son, and I are catching a late showing of KRAMPUS tonight. TRICK R’ TREAT is legit one of my favorite horror movies of all time, so if this movie is even 50% as good, I’ll be pleased. Can’t wait.

        • Okay, Wolfman, here’s my update. And it will contain KRAMPUS SPOILERS, so careful, peeps!

          First off… Sal, I too loved this film. You’re not alone there. I believe that if a moviegoer approaches this film with an open mind for a fun holiday-horror experience, they will be delighted. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you’re expecting heavy-handed horror or buckets of gore as previously seen in TRICK R’ TREAT. Don’t let these pre-conceived expectations get in the way. Enjoy the film for what it is, and that, my HMP friends, is a superbly shot, well written, Christmas movie for the (slightly edgy) family who isn’t afraid of a little darkness mixed in with their holiday cheer. A misplaced expectation can be detrimental to the whole experience, so don’t look to be frightened. Look to be entertained.

          Like TRICK R’ TREAT before it, KRAMPUS drips with holiday atmosphere. Dougherty does a stellar job in the imagery department here. Everything from the strange snowmen out in the blizzard white of this nice neighborhood to the effective masks and practical look of the creatures (except the gingerbread cookies, but really they’re not THAT bad). This film just looks so damn good, aesthetically.

          Plotwise, the first act of the film does a fantastic job depicting the dysfunctional family Christmas dynamic. Even if this weren’t a horror film… if this were a comedy or a drama instead… this first act works well enough on its own to establish who we’re working with here.

          Now, the second I saw the family watching Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL, I knew without a shadow of doubt that this film was going to be a story of redemption-through-horror. Not a bad underlying theme, honestly. And let’s face it, any film can do well to pay homage to Dickens’ classic Christmas ghost story, and this film does this well.

          That said, the ending was ALMOST what I (pleasantly) expected. My 12 year old was disappointed that “it was all just a dream?” But I told him, “The Krampus ornament will show up to validate all we just watched. Just wait.” And when it did, I was like, “Hell yeah.” BUT… I wasn’t expecting the family’s reaction to seeing the ornament! The shots of them all simultaneously remembering that they’d all experienced some very real horror at the hands of the Krampus and his minions… it just floored me… the looks on their faces. Despite the (low?) body count, this film was not content to say that everything is going to be alright. Those final shots of the “snow globe” collection just brought that dark ending home for me.

          This will be a film I’ll watch every year… like I do with TRICK R’ TREAT. Is it a perfect film? Gangsta, please! Most of the humor in this movie fell flat and the actual folklore surround the “real” Krampus was lacking. But you know what? This movie still rocks. That animated sequence (think that scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) was terrific. The fact that you’ve got two comedic actors in Adam Scott and David Koechner playing their roles straight up like Joel McHale in DELIVER US FROM EVIL… that’s a wonderful casting and directing touch right there.

          Lastly, I must stress yet again that the Christmas spirit abounds in this film. I’ve been watching Christmas horror over the past week plus, and I’d say that maybe none of these films quite approach this level of holiday-esque horror.

          I’d recommend this film to people who understand that this is a (sort of) family-oriented horror flick that aims to walk the line somewhere between HOME ALONE and TRICK R’ TREAT.

          I want to rate this by HMP standards, but numerical ratings throw me for a loop. All I can say is that given my particular set of sensibilities, I was happy as hell having watched this film.

    • Sal, I thought I had praised Krampus already, but I guess not. I thought it was excellent and a far superior film than Trick R Treat. I’m with you on the design of the creatures. It was great. The gingerbread men did bother me, but not enough to detract 6 points from the movie. I was also a big fan of the ending. I can’t believe these guys thought it sucked. It was a happy ending but in a really twisted way. It’s not often that we get a dire ending in horror movies, which seems very contradictory, so that’s part of the reason why appreciated it so much. It reminded me a little of the ending for Jeepers Creepers. Anyway, Krampus also made my top 10 of the year and I consider it a Christmas horror classic now.

  16. Has anyone been following the story of this apparent curse on the filming of the new Resident Evil movie? Stuntwoman, Olivia Jackson, was involving in a motorcycle accident during filming back in September. It’s now been revealed that she’ll be forced to have her arm amputated. Then a crew member, Ricardo Cornelius, died when a Hummer fell on him in early December.

    It’s just awful stuff.

  17. I’ve been so into everything Star Wars, lately, I finally just got to this episode earlier today. Excellent episode, fellas, although I’m completely unfamiliar with all of the movies discussed. Like I mentioned earlier, Christmas horror is a blindspot of mine… something I’ll have to correct at some point.

    Some great stuff from Doc in this episode:

    – Wawa mention! Wawa is the best.

    – Doc is a beer guy! I knew I liked him for a reason. Now I’m even more excited about this mythical HMP meet-up that will happen in 2016. Can’t think of many things better than sitting around, enjoying good beer and excellent horror discussion with the likes of Doc, Juan, David (please cross the pond), and others. I haven’t had Mad Elf, but I’m a fan of Troegs and a big fan of Belgian Strong Dark Ales. I’ll have to check it out.

    – And, of course: “You didn’t measure up to SMALL SOLDIERS.” [that’s what she said]

    One last quick thought about berserker mode… sadly, that’s something I think about whenever I go to the movies now. If someone were to open fire in my theater, I would just run at them in a zig-zag pattern and then tackle them. (at least in theory)

    p.s. Fellas, we went over this on the MPW boards last week: it’s pronounced “Krampus.”

    • I forgot about Doc’s craft beer talk. Yay for Doc! I second your sentiments about sitting down, drinking a good beer, having a great burger perhaps?, and talking horror. You know, if I win that MPW contest, my request for the prize will be for Jay to address and plan the HMP reunion in 2016. I suggest you do the same.

      • So, what should it be? The easiest thing would to do it in tandem with some other event, as mentioned. Attending a film fest together like Fantastic Fest in Austin, Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal or Sitges in Spain would be the best. Other top picks we’ve discussed would be 1) Kenny’s Myers’ House Halloween Party in North Carolina, 2) A major horror-con where we could do a booth and record a live podcast, 3) A zombie 5k run … I’d also like to figure out how to get everyone out to Utah sometime. Maybe I could organize some kind of Halloween 4&5 anniversary event and make it part of that. But my real fantasy would be waiting until our numbers are strong enough to warrant renting out camp Nobe Boscoe in New Jersey for a weekend. To me, that’s the ultimate.

        • I’m down for anything within the US. At least for the time being. I’m a dreamer, Josh, so can’t travel outside the country just yet. Out of the options you listed though, I’m most interested in visiting the Meyer’s house, which would probably be the least expensive option, camping and hiking in Camp Nobeboscoe, and spending time watching movies during Fantastic Fest. There’s also Beyond Fest in Los Angeles. As far as horror conventions go, I’m not the biggest fan but I’m down for whatever everyone wants to do. Josh, have you gauged the amount of interest in this reunion? How many people are serious about this? I know Dino is very interested as am I.

          • Always, redcapjack.

            I’m sure most of our dedicated listeners would want to go to something like that. I bet there are even people who aren’t on the boards who would show up if it was in conjunction with a bigger event. I know Mattroid wants to do something like this across the network and he would show up. But I’m sure there are a lot of people who would like to go, but can’t.

            I also foresee a big jump in listenership coming in 2016 if some current plans pay off.

            hold it in the state with the most listeners …

            If it is just the three of us, Juan and Dino, let’s just have a sleepover.

          • If it was planned far enough in advance to get some moolah together and time off, etc, I would absolutely love to meet up with all of you! I think Kenny’s house sounds amazing and Camp Nobeboscoe also sounds great.

        • Camp Nobe Boscoe would be awesome, but I’m down with anything that allows us all to get together and talk horror and movies. We need to figure out a way to get David across the pond.

          And that sleepover needs to happen, regardless. Of course, if I wake up in the middle of the night and see Juan crouched beside me with his head on my pillow, I’m out….

    • Dino, I tried a few beer stores looking for your suggestions and apparently it’s super rare around my area and in general.
      Juan, I have been crazy busy but plan on checking out the app and beers you suggested as well.

      Josh, I hope the listenership blows up in 2016, that would be great. Do you see a more organized forum for the podcast coming in the future? With threads and such that is.

      • Yeah, Prairie Artisan Ales are difficult to find (I can’t remember what else I recommended). If you’re really interested, your best bet is finding a solid online beer retailer to order from. Juan knows about a bunch with really good selections. I use a service called Tavour, which is sort of like a beer club but you only buy the brews you want. They usually have one or two new brews on offer a day, and ship out your package every month or so (you tell them when).

        If you’re interested in trying out Tavour, please use my referral link >> https://www.tavour.com?invitedby=25420

        If you sign up with my referral link then we both get a $10 credit once you buy some beer.

        • Dino,
          I signed up. Let me know if you were credited that 10 bucks. I can email the administrator if not.
          This is my first subscription service that is definitely going to get a little sloppy and maybe even a little blurry.

          • The credit only kicks in once you buy something from them. You’ll get the credit, too, so you’ll see when it’s applied.

            Thanks for signing up with my referral link!

    • That’s a really cool interpretation.
      Thanks for sharing Joerg’s tweet.
      I am a big fan and collector of comic art and will be checking out Sarah Burrini work thanks this.
      My gravatar is a Leatherface I had done by Drew Moss.
      I have a few Leatherfaces by various artists but Drew made me a headshot that works well for the image. His ink wash job is fantastic.

      • Hi everyone, glad you like Sarah’s Krampus drawing and thanks for sharing, Josh!
        She’s been doing a webcomic (which I’m translating) called “Life Ain’t no Ponyfarm” on sarahburrini.com/en since 2009 and she is also preparing other long form comic projects at the moment.
        If you’re interested, you’ll find some of her other work on http://laburrini.tumblr.com/. Enjoy!

  18. Best Christmas Horror Films:

    11) To All a Goodnight / Black Xmas / Silent Night, Bloody Night
    10) Dead End
    9) Silent Night, Deadly Night II
    8) Don’t Open Till Christmas
    7) The Children
    6) Rare Exports
    5) Silent Night, Deadly Night
    4) Gremlins
    3) Inside
    2) You Better Watch Out
    1) Black Christmas

  19. Great episode was usual. Just finished Christmas eve dinner and talking with my mom, who just told me I met Margot Kidder in 1985 in a grocery store in Memphis! Apparently she and my mom chatted in line and she played with me while they were waiting to get checked out. So now my claim to fame is that I met “Barb” in her prime :). So glad yall do this show every year and can’t wait for the new year’s podcast.

    Thanks to Jay for the shout out on the “chainsaw massacre” true life horror story, and I second that this should be a regular segment.

    Can’t wait to check out the latest crop of Krampus movie offerings, but for tonight, it’s definitely time for the annual screening of “Black Christmas.”

    Thanks for all that yall do, and Merry Christmas to a few of my favorite dudes :)

  20. Horror movie club pic#2
    Bunnyman Massacre

    Man, sorry but I picked a dud. It wasn’t a 2 or a movie too terrible to watch but ouch. I gotta go 4.5
    Sal, I must say you and Dino do a killer job writing up reviews on the board and is what really attracted me to participate at all. I am very terrible at describing things, especially my thoughts and views. You two dudes do it well. So can’t wait to hear your thoughts.
    The movie ripped off of TCM’s iconic sounds which I kinda got in a pickle about off the bat. Is it supposed to be a sort of spoof? There were some decent kills but overall the effects were damn louzy. It seemed like they got half the cast from a local strip club and my favorite character was the inept sherrif that appears in 5 minutes of the movie I just don’t know what I was thinking, sometimes I am in the mood for good old fashion stoopid horror. Low budget or not. I like silly, sloppy, bloody fun once in a while. This didnt hit my sweet spot though. I do feel one thing done well was the brothers relationship or lack of. Not sure if I missed it or just wasn’t engaged enough to notice but did they give the bunnyman a backstory on his disfigurement? Ehhh. Whatever.

    Who’s up for pic 3?

    • Ryan, thanks for the compliment. Honestly, most of the time when I post a review up here I wonder if anyone cares, or worse, if it annoys people.

      Don’t discount your own reviews. I think you do a fine job of conveying your thoughts. And practice makes perfect. I actually feel like posting on here has helped me develop my voice and analytical eye.

    • I have to be honest… I haven’t been able to find a copy I could stream. I’m just not willing to pay extra to stream it on Amazon but I”ve heard some good things about Bunnyman… kind of surprised it’s getting a ow rating, but will eventually land on it some time.

      Whose turn is it to pick?

      • You can take the pick Redcap.
        Or if you don’t have a choice, anyone else for that matter.
        Dark Mark?
        First come, first serve I guess.
        What cha got?

          • I don’t think any rules were really set but since it seems most of us have Netflix and Amazon subscriptions, if we could keep it to those or at least movies we know we can rent that would be helpful.

          • That makes sense. Well, if no one else is stepping up (and now that I have time to be an active member), I’d like to nominate Madman from 1982 as the next pick. It’s streaming free on Amazon Prime. Let me know how everyone feels about this.

        • I’m still trying to watch Bunnyman. My parents are visiting and preschool is off for the week so it’s hard to find a free two hours. Ahhh! I’m being interrupted commenting!

          • Dark Mark, I feel for you.
            Damn kids, who do they think they are. (shakes fist) .uk

            Sounds good Juan, Madman it is then.
            I’m just happy about the participation.

            If anyone wants to watch Bunnyman for a postage fee. Let me know. I will ship it to you as long as I get it back.

            Sal, you are so right. Prime has a ridiculous 80 and 70s horror selection.
            Shit makes me giddy.

    • I’m hoping to get around to watching this today or tomorrow. I just e-mailed Jay my MPW Top 10 of 2015 list, so I can finally start watching non-2015 movies again.

      • Hahaha Sal, I feel the same way, man. I’ve been stressing out a bit because I wanted to watch as many 2015 releases as possible. Now that I’ve sent both my lists, I can finally relax.

        • I even switched my Netflix dvd subscription to 3 dvds at a time! I was having a hard time keeping that pace up! Now it’s time to switch back to 1 dvd. Can’t do it. Just can’t.

        • I can understand the whole stressing out part. It’s pretty silly too. It’s a list for a podcast. It’s not as if there will be any dire results if someone doesn’t manage to watch every key horror movie for the year.

          Whenever I do these sort of lists, I always feel relieved once I send in the list, but then that quickly turns to horror when I start remembering movies I had failed to watch. Ha

          Just like in school, it’s far easier to study/watch movies all along rather than just trying to cram for a test the night before.

          I am looking forward to hearing the lists. That’s going to be the best way to see if there’s any key 2015 horror movies I should watch.

    • I made it forty-two minutes into the movie before I needed to take a break. To call it awful would be an understatement. Right now, all the movie has going for itself is a fun opening scene that did give me chills and the fact that they managed to remember to hit the ‘Record’ button before each shot. Other than that, Bunnyman Massacre is shaping up to be one of the worst horror movies I’ve ever seen.

      To give the movie far too much benefit of the doubt, I haven’t seen Bunnyman. Maybe, just maybe, Bunnyman Massacre is actually great if you’re familiar with the context that began in the previous film.

      • I just watched the trailer for both Bunnyman and Bunnyman Massacre and they look ROUGH you guys. I’m all for low budget as long as it’s capable people that know what they’re doing, but I just don’t have the patience for most low budget horror movies. Redbox horror, if you will. I admit that there are a few gems here and there, but based on the trailer, I have my doubts that Bunnyman will be one of those. I’m sorry if anyone’s a fan. I don’t mean to put down the movie without seeing it first, but man, that looks rough!

    • Bunnyman Massacre (2014)

      I finally got around to watching this film. I think it premiered on TV and then was released to DVD and Video. Written, directed, produced, edited and cast by Carl Lindbergh, it is the follow-up to his 2011 film Bunnyman. The poster made me want to see this movie. A guy in a bunny suit, wielding a chainsaw, really peaks my interest. It’s also based on the “true story” about a killer in the Washington D.C. area. It opens with a great school bus scene. The best part of this film are the gory and disturbing deaths. Few scenes were good at building tension but I liked some of the shots and locations.

      The acting and dialogue were the worst part of this movie. The ADR was obvious. Not all of the score and sound editing worked either. I loved the Bunnyman costume but we saw way too much of him. There’s a reveal of the bunnyman without his mask but instead of answers, it only brings up more questions. This movie is like a worse version of Wolf Creek. I enjoyed it and will probably watch it again, but it’s bad and I’d give it a 3. JOTD reviews this on HMP episode 053. It’s a good review with a generous rating.

      • See, I had no idea it was basically a sequel or that it was based off of true events. Cool review Dark.
        It most definitely leaves you with many unanswered questions.
        One thing that drove me bonkers. The bubbas frozen burgers sitting out on the shelf. Not in a freezer??? Come on, if that’s not the biggest clue these people are Crazy, what is?

        • I didn’t notice the burgers. That’s funny! If I see the first Bunnyman around I’ll check it out, though it’s rated really low. There’s a 3rd one that was supposedly coming out in 2015.

      • I grew up watching Chucky (I always called it that growing up since the title of the movies in Spanish translates to Chucky the Diabolical Doll). So yeah, I’m a huge fan. He terrorized my childhood and though I’m not a fan of the Bride/Seed movies, I still think there’s lots of untapped potential there. The latest Curse of Chucky movie kind of headed in the right direction, but it ultimately wasn’t what I wanted out of it. Those first two Child’s Play movies tho!

        • I grew up with the films as well. I’d go as far to say I don’t dislike any of the movies, even though Child’s Play 3 and Seed of Chucky have plenty of weaknesses. I really dug Curse of Chucky though. It did a swell job at trying to bring the series back to being more serious than the amount of comedy it had in the last two movies. If I’d have to rank the movies:

          6. Seed of Chucky
          5. Child’s Play 3
          4. Curse of Chucky
          3. Child’s Play
          2. Bride of Chucky
          1. Child’s Play 2

          • Sal, you’re a good man, but I can’t take your list seriously with Bride ranking in that high. But seriously, why do you rank it even higher than the original? No way, man! Anyway, I’m not judging here, I’m just saying you have it wrong 😉

            This is how I rank them:

            6. Seed of Chucky
            5. Bride of Chucky
            4. Curse of Chucky
            3. Child’s Play 3
            2. Child’s Play 2
            1. Child’s Play

            • I would put Curse slightly above 3 but your list is pretty much dead on, Juan.

              Really after the first two I have a lot more likes than dislikes with the rest.

              Glad there is so much love for two. Heavily underrated film in my opinion.

              • Thanks, Jonathan. I haven’t seen 3 in a while, so I’m going from memory on that one. I love Child’s Play 2. It’s definitely more fun the the first one, but Child’s Play is the scarier movie in my opinion. I’m glad to finally see the Chucky love around these parts. It’s one of those big horror franchises that’s not quite on the same level as the big three (Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street), but that I personally hold just as dear. I’m guessing this is also another of those franchises that the hosts are going to dread reviewing haha, but I sure hope they get to it eventually.

                • I’d love to hear HMP guys cover the Child’s Play/Chucky series. Six movies wouldn’t be as tough to get through as much as ANOES, Halloween, or Friday the 13th series. Maybe even just do a themed episode for killer dolls. Cover a couple of Chucky movies, Dolls, Puppetmaster, ect.

                  • I’ve never seen any of the Puppet Master movies or Dolls. Do you recommend? I think that’s a great idea, Sal, but I would just love for Chucky to have his own franchise review because I think he deserves it.

                    • I like the first Puppetmaster. The rest aren’t as good, but the series never takes itself too seriously, so if you’re just looking for fun, it’s fine.

                      I’d rather see a Child’s Play/Chucky series review, but I imagine it might be easier to convince the HMP crew to do a killer dolls themed episode instead. Dolls is such a great hidden gem for the 80’s.

            • It bugs me that Curse of Chucky isn’t in last place on your list. You came so close to having them in order, but then you had to ruin it! AHHHH

              For me, I enjoy Chucky being a wise cracking killer doll as opposed to the mystery that was the original movie. The original is good, but it doesn’t feel like the rest of the series. I’d compare it to the original Friday the 13th or the original Saw. Same basic idea, but the mystery story isn’t there and it’s all about just the killer doing what he did best. I’m a big fan of horror series entries when it’s the killer that everyone best remembers. It’s why Dream Warriors is my favorite Nightmare film.

              I LOVE Bride of Chucky. It has maybe the best replay value in the series. It took a film series that was probably at a point where it would have gone straight to video had the next movie just been Child’s Play 4 and breathed new life into the series by allowing Chucky to just have fun. There’s obviously a ton of comedy and I’m sure that would turn a lot of horror fans away (Pretty sure you have to drag Jay of the Dead kicking and screaming into watching a typical horror/comedy), but I loved it. Just like Child’s Play 2, it’s pure fun for me.

          • I enjoy the Child’s Play franchise but I don’t want to dwell on it for weeks. A themed episode with killer dolls could coincide with the upcoming movie The Boy.

            • I didn’t realize there was another killer doll movie coming out so soon. Someone slip Jay a few bucks to convince them to do the killer dolls ep. Ha

  21. Another Christmas movie I had forgotten about. Stalled. It’s about a janitor who gets trapped in a bathroom stall when a zombie outbreak starts at a christmas party at an office building.

  22. Whew man I’m falling so far behind on here. How bout “Jingle All the Way” just the thought of watching that movie terrifies me lol. But seriously, have y’all ever seen “Jack Frost” ? No not the Michael Keaton one, the one about a serial killer who gets exposed to toxic chemical and snow and becomes an evil murdering snow man? Don’t judge ok it was back in my video store days and it had a cool box. Lol. On a serious note, the one Christmas horror story I personally can think of just happened last week. The tornadoes that swept through Mississippi and west Tennessee. May not be as interesting as some stories but the F-3 that touched down here was only a couple miles away from my wife’s family. If you’ve ever been in a tornado, you know the horrific aftermath I’m speaking of.

    • I watched Jack Frost for my 31 days of horror in 2014 and the sequel for 31 days of horror in 2015. They’re some truly awful movies, but kind of fun if you watch them with some buddies.

      I honestly wouldn’t mind a remake with a serious approach to the concept.

  23. In regards to Krampus; The christmas devil. Yes its low budget, but the director (a buddy not a best friend Josh! LOL) is very passionate about movie making and is working his way up from the ground level. Not everyone has unlimited budgets or family members in high places. This film was literally done with NO BUDGET (est. $10,000) and now it has a worldwide release. That in and of its self is amazing. Jaon was ahead of the Krampus bandwagon and now with money coming in from this movie and is going able to make a second one. This time around he can actually hire a crew! He is working his way up the hard way and I think there is alot to be said about this type of determination. I was honest with the “C” movie rating (maybe a “D” rating would have been more accurate), but to me its so cool that he filmed it 5 or 6 years ago as a passion project and is not able to use that film to finance his next project. Thanks for the plug on the show and eveyone reading this or anyone who actually watched the film, keep and open mind and appreciate where the movie came from which was purely out of passion for film making. p.s. jason is still up for being interviewed or maybe brought on for a quick segment. Email me if you are interested. I think Josh being a film maker could put together a good 5 minute interview with Jason about the film making process and being a Low Budget film maker.

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