Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 092: The Shallows (2016) and Fright Night (1985) vs. Fright Night (2011)

HMP Shallows Fright Night Anton Yelchin

You know what you’re gonna have to do now, don’t you? Listen to this episode before we turn into vampires and give you a hickey! This is HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… Welcome to Episode 092, another Frankenstienian episode with a special “VERSUS” segment—this time inspired by the unfortunate, untimely passing of actor Anton Yelchin—where Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh bring you Feature Reviews of Fright Night (1985) versus Fright Night (2011). Later in this episode, Jay of the Dead meets up with HMP listener Kagan, and they bring you a review of The Shallows (2016) immediately after leaving the theater. But the must-listen portion of this show is when Wolfman Josh fulfills the listeners’ request to tell the real-life story of his encounter with a potentially possessed person. Creepy! And don’t miss the official HMP “Dead Serious Horror Challenge (#DeadSeriousHorror)! Join us!

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I. Introduction
— Update on Dr. Shock and DVD Infatuation
— Dr. Shock’s feedback on HMP Ep. 091
— Agenda for this episode

[ 0:10:43 ] II. Campfire Tales: Wolfman Josh’s Encounter With a Potentially Possessed Person

[ 0:18:58 ] III. Feature Review: FRIGHT NIGHT (1985)
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 8.5 ( Buy it! )

[ 0:54:28 ] IV. Feature Review: FRIGHT NIGHT (2011)
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( High-priority Rental )
Dr. Shock = 7.5 ( High-priority Rental )

[ 1:17:25 ] V. Anton Yelchin Tribute

—The Loss of Anton Yelchin and remembering his talent and career
—Hear our reviews on Green Room on HMP Episode 81 (Wolfman Josh) and Episode 88 (Jay of the Dead)

HMP Anton Yelchin

[ 1:26:09 ] VI. Shark Week and Deep Blue

— A Few Thoughts About SHARK WEEK
— Watch: Huge Jaws-sized shark video of Deep Blue

Deep Blue

[ 1:34:17 ] VII. Feature Review: THE SHALLOWS (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 6 ( Theater / Rental )
Kagan = 8 ( Theater / High-priority Rental )

[ 2:11:05 ] VIII. Jay of the Dead’s Postmortem on:

The Shallows Blake Lively

[ 2:20:23 ] IX. More Horror Miscellany

Ouija2 — The release of “Clown”
— The Summer of Eli Roth
— Josh’s mini-review of Dead of Summer (TV series)
— Real-life Horror: Art imitates life and imitates art again: Stuck
— Stuff You Should Know Podcast: Disembodied Feet
— Dr. Shock’s nightmare and his experience with HMP Ep. 091
— Trailers: The Purge: Election Year, Ouija: Origin of Evil


[ 2:48:56 ] X. Dead Serious Horror Challenge

— #DeadSeriousHorror [ read the instructions carefully ]

XI. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— Movie Podcast Network Meetup: September 15th – 19th, 2016
— If you haven’t heard it already, listen to the HMP 4th of July-themed episode

Horror Movie Podcast listener Juan, representing at the John Carpenter concert in Austin, Texas.

JOIN US IN TWO WEEKS ON HMP: Episode 093 to hear our review of “Clown” (2016).

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87 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 092: The Shallows (2016) and Fright Night (1985) vs. Fright Night (2011)

  1. Hey, thanks again for having me on the show Jay! Sorry I rambled so badly! Organizing intelligent thoughts for a podcast isn’t as easy as it sounds when done so expertly by the hosts on this show!

    Anyway, upon further consideration, my rating on this was a bit high. I think it was just a situation where I just had so much fun watching it, and getting to hang out with Jay. Objectively, it’s more like a 7. Another area of criticism that I didn’t speak to was that the horror tone was lost at times when the movie turned in to either a Victoria Secrets commercial or a surfing documentary. That filmmaking style didn’t lend itself so well to the tension we come to expect in a horror film.

    • Your input was insightful, intelligent, fun to listen to and very well articulated, Kagan and you and Jay had a great dynamic. I hope we get to hear you on the show again!

    • Excellent job, Kagan. It always takes awhile to get the proper gears churning. I agree with everything David said. I’d definitely have you on the show again. Plus, Jay needs a movie buddy … sitting alone in the back of the theater like a creeper.

    • I loved your review Kagan! And I loved that you mentioned Joseph Bishara (in reference to the composer of the Conjuring also playing the demon). I love Wan’s work too. My mom was a HUGE fan of his work, and always would tell me when one of his films was coming out in theaters.

      Anyway, awesome contribution man!

    • Great job Kagan! Loved hearing you use HMP phrases like, “beastly freak,” and “siege narrative.” I’d probably give The Shallows a 6.5.

      My wife and I saw this movie on vacation and it was a great summer film. I was surprised to see so many teenage girls and young women in the theater. I asked my wife what was happening and she said they all want to see Blake Lively.

      So is the name of the beach “The Shallows?” Is that the reason for the movie title? I’m glad JOTD waited until the end for a stinger because I wanted to wait too but my wife wasn’t as patient as Kagan. I hoped for a shot of a wooden sign with the name of the beach or something. Nothing, super frustrating! Sometimes ambiguity is great for the end of a movie but in this case it just seems like the film makers are messing with us.

      I thought the shark looked pretty good. The Finding Nemo scene looked bad but I’m glad they tried some stuff to keep it interesting. For me, it did feel a little slow at times. Awesome location and underwater shots. Making this movie must have been physically challenging for the cast and crew.

    • I thought you were great and would love to hear you make an appearance again at some point. Good job on the review and I’m glad you liked it as much as I did… at least initially? =)

    • You guys are so nice! Seriously :) I’m glad you were entertained. I cringed at a few spots haha.

      Anyway, Dark Mark, you might find this interesting. I read an article that said this about the name of the beach:

      “Throughout the film Nancy asks locals about the name of this secret beach where nancy’s mother first found out she was pregnant with Nancy. She called the beach “their beach” (Nancy and her mother’s). When Nancy asks Carlos for the name of the beach he replies “this is paradise”. Viewers could take Carlos’s response as the actual name of the beach, or it could be Carlos in awe of the beauty of the beach just avoiding the question. Even later in the movie Nancy asks a local surfer what the name of the secluded beach is. His response is “if I told you I’d have to kill you” this response is both ironic and frustrating for viewers of The Shallows. At the end of the movie we are given no definite answer to the question of what the name of the beach in the movie The Shallows is called. However there is one last possibility that could tell us the name of the beach in the movie The Shallows is the title of the film. Maybe, just maybe, the beach is known as “the shallows”. This would make sense because it could be the name of the surf spot and it is the title of the movie. There is no way to know for sure but I believe that the name of the beache in the movie the shallows is “the shallows”. ”

      Somehow, I don’t think JOTD will be satisfied by this answer though!

      • Here is my theory on “The Shallows”… it’s not supposed to have a name because then there would be a fixed location. I think it’s avoided for the same reason most slashers wear masks: It could be any south American beach. It could happen anywhere. And so we’re never meant to define it because then we wouldn’t be afraid of it.

        • I can see that redcapjack. You’re saying the director intentionally wants to keep it unnamed so it feels like it could take place at any beach.
          I figured, in the movie, nobody wants to name the island because they want to keep it secret from the tourists. It’s hard to recommend and island for surfing if you dont know the name. I’m sure surfers are protective of great places with great waves.

  2. Hey guys! Great podcast, and awesome tribute to Anton Yelchin. Made me want to re-watch Fright Night all over again (both versions).

    Josh, that story about that encounter with a possessed person in Holland – that is a great story. I had a similar experience in Scotland, with a crew of people that I was in a class with…ah paranormal experiences!

    So, I have a question for Kagan and Jay – did you guys see the killer croc movie Rogue? I’ve heard from a few different sources that the Shallows has a similar setup to Rogue – would you guys say that that’s a fair assessment? I heard Jay mention that The Reef is similar to The Shallows – and I haven’t seen The Reef yet. (And, thanks for the trailer advice! I was debating watching the second one recently, and now I am glad that I didn’t).

    Also, Kagan have you listened to the How Did This Get Made podcast on Deep Blue Sea? Not only is it funny, but there’s an obtuse amount of hilarious trivia about the production and making of the film! If you need a good laugh, it’s worth checking into…

    • Already regretting telling the possession story, Bonnie, but I’m glad you liked it. If you ever want to contribute a Campfire Tales, send us your story.

      Also, glad the Anton Yelchin tribute was sufficient for you. I’m really quite sad about it.

      Funnily, I had the same reaction and I immediately wanted to rewatch both Fright Nights after we recorded the podcast. Especially the remake.

      I’d bet money that Jay has seen Rogue. Curious what he has to say about it now.

      I haven’t listened to “How Did This Get Made?” for a long while, but it can be a really fun show. It doesn’t always work for me and can get repetitive, but when the hosts click with the right movie, it’s magic. My absolute favorite element from that podcast that I’ve considered ripping off a million times is the “second opinion” segment where they read positive Amazon reviews for crappy movies. I still may rip that off next time all of the HMP hosts are united in a stance on a film. It’s so funny.

      • Agreed. The second opinions off amazon are hilarious! I also agree with you on that How Did This Get Made can get very repetitive, too. I’ve noticed sometimes that they pick really generic films to review, which can make for rather dull jokes. But, that being said, definitely check out the Deep Blue Sea episode…definitely one of the best ones. I won’t spoil anything.

        Also, I will send you guys a story or two, for sure. I lived in Savannah, GA for 7 years on and off – so I have a fair amount of creepy tales to tell.

        Oh, another thing – Josh I also meant to ask you about a beastly freak movie…Have you seen The Burrowers? It’s a horror western from 2008 with William Mapother and Clancy Brown? It’s in reference to one of the previous podcasts where you guys are discussing Bone Tomahawk…I rarely hear of anyone who’s actually seen it, and I had to mention it before it slipped my mind again.

        Anyway, looking forward to the next podcast! I am interested in Eli Roth’s “Clown” film, and will be watching it this week I think. Clowns don’t scare me at all, so I’m excited to see if this film can.

    • Hey Bonnie! I haven’t seen Rogue, I need to cue it up along with The Reef and both Open Water movies!

      However, I’m pretty sure Jay has seen Rogue. He mentions it briefly on the latest episode of movie podcast weekly in his review of “The Shallows”.

      I’ll also check out the How Did This Get Made podcast. I’m doing a road trip to Vegas tomorrow and need some stuff to listen to!

      • You know what- i just realized that i missed a few segments of this podcast- because i went back and re-played it, and you’re right! Jay did mention it!

        i also missed the whole segment on Doctor Shock’s accident! Glad you’re doing better Dave! Holy moly! (If you read this part of the thread- i’m sending you good vibes, man!)

        Kagan, i’m excited for you to hear that How Did… podcast episode- it’s really funny. Tell me how you liked it if you can, post-vegas car ride.

  3. Great episode all around, guys. Doc – glad all is well with your health. I loved the graduate-level vampire discussion with great points being made by all (Jay, I know you apologized for your digression about halfway through the discussion…but that’s what makes the show work so well – the depth in which you guys go in the analysis). I grew up with a great appreciation for the first Fright Night, but I actually like the remake a tad bit better (one of the only horror remakes that I feel that way about).

    Also – Kagan, great job on your review. You had very good and well-articulated insights.

  4. There was some discussion of “Best Horror Posters” in an HMP Twitter group and I thought I’d post my picks here bc I think the larger community might have some good input. I love movie artwork. I’m kind of obsessed.

    Recently, I really liked The Babadook, It Follows, Here Comes the Devil, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Willow Creek (Alex Pardee version), Enemy (several versions), As Above So Below, The VVitch (Black Phillip version), Crimson Peak, etc.

    A few years ago I remember being struck by posters like The Descent, 30 Days of Night, House of the Devil, Cabin in the Woods, etc.

    Classically, I like The Thing, Visiting Hours, Gremlins, The Howling, Dead Alive, The Lost Boys, Jaws (Tremors), Alien (The Fly), A Nightmare on Elm Street, ANOES 3 …

    The original Maniac poster is totally sick and scary. Especially being illustrated. Adds a creepy element for me. Really like the illustrative look of recent posters like We Are Still Here, The Hallow, Krampus, A Cadavar Christmas, Almost Human, etc.

    • There are some amazing posters out there for sure. Dead of Summer has great poster art. The studio variants for Witch (profile of black Phillip, the rabbit, and the crow) were my absolute favs of this year. And actually, the Dead of Summer ad was great too. Nice and eerie.

      If you like movie posters -you should check out the gallery I work for…it’s a part of the same circuit as Mondo in Austin.
      My buddy Vance did an amazing Witch variant movie poster for HCG (officially licensed through the studio), and here’s the link. We may even still have some left!


      Awhile back actually, we had a benefit show with Drew Struzan, (it was for his charity for young artists that are from poor families and have no money for supplies). Anyway, he did an amazing zombie piece for the show, and was supposed to be there opening night – but he ended up getting sick. So I’m at the gallery alone the next day, and on my lunch break…and in walks Drew Struzan, Shawn Ashmore and his wife Dana. I happened to be eating oreos…which is the worst food to be eating when you want to smile at all, to anyone, anywhere….It was hilarious.

      Ah sorry…. I do pop culture illustration work, so I could literally geek out for eternity on this subject. Haha!

      • That was a seriously sick Witch poster variant. I’m currently working on a series of old school horror posters and plan on sending Jay a few for listener prizes to show my appreciation for the show. Don’t think my work is a good as the link you sent but they are campy fun.

          • Bonnie…those are seriously cool! Unfortunately, no, I don’t have anything for sale yet. I would like to have a larger body of work before I begin to sale. Once I have at least 5 pieces I’ll build a dedicated website and try to add a new poster every month or so.
            My goal is to do a horror series run before I move on to other classics. I’m just transitioning from getting out of the sketch book and into serious digital painting. If you like what I do you can check out my website

            On there I have my 3D work along with a bunch of monster illustrations I have done over the years.

            Mr Barlow

          • Cool cool….I know your a Halloween fan so I just posted my Halloween poster.


            Soon as I get the Salems Lot done I’ll get all 3 in the mail to you guys. I’m just transitioning into this style of art so my work isn’t the best out there, but it’s passable. Getting better as I go, so I as I produce more in this series I’ll send prints for you guys to give away.

          • Wolfman Josh,

            Hey thanks! For the industry question, yes and no. I’m on the defense industry side of things so my work will never see the light of day :) But it’s a good job, and it gives me plenty of time to focus on my art and 3D creature work. Maybe a few years down the road I will try to get into the entertainment side of things, but I’ve heard horror stories from friends working in that world.

          • Alyson, thanks so much!! I replied in the thread right below this one – but realized that this is the one I should’ve replied too…pure chaos.

        • Mr. Barlow – thank you! I checked out your website – fantastic body of work, man!

          Let me know if and when you release prints! I like collecting other artists’ work, and would like to pick one up!

          (Also, sorry if this reply is somewhere at the top or the bottom of the thread – as you can see – I am very new to writing on blogs, haha!)

          • There are a lot of comments on this thread as well. I had a hard time finding a good place to post. Haha

            Bonnie, your work is really cool. Our friends Matt and Liz (Mattroid and Station) from The Sci Fi Podcast would really appreciate your Buffy Piece, If The Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me. Probably Kyle (Dr. Walking Dead) too as he named his son Xander. Personally, I am in love with your Hitchcock piece, the Blondes and Blood print. So great. I need to buy that! The Party of Seven and The Haunting pieces are also really cool. Great work.

            Mr. Barlow. Looking forward to seeing your site up. You’re right … I love Halloween and I like your renderings. Checked out your site. The 3-D modeling is really impressive to me. Is that the industry you work in?

          • I just saw your comment Alyson – thank you!! So glad you like it! I had fun making it, hahah!
            (sorry for the delayed response, this is a convoluted thread for sure!).

          • Aw thanks so much Josh! that means a lot, man. I am planning on sending you guys at HMP something down the road as an appreciation gift for all the work you guys do.

            That’s awesome, I didn’t know Dr. Walking Dead named his son after Xander…I’m not going to lie…I would entertain doing the same thing.

            Anyway, sorry for the late reply.

      • Bonnie, we were talking more about traditional posters, but I have a major interest in alt, fan, variant posters. Love Mondo, of course, and can’t wait to check out more of these! Thanks for sharing!

        • No problemo! Glad you enjoyed the link! Yeah, I was about to talk more about traditional posters too, but then I got cut off by my computer battery..

      • Hi Bonnie.

        I’m actually a huge Mondo fan and I’ve been to several of their gallery openings and their first two MondoCons. I wasn’t aware of HCG Art, but you guys have some cool stuff for sure. I’m excited to see where how far you guys will go. I remember when Mondo was still relatively unknown and now they’re so big that their posters sell out in seconds. They’re even doing all sorts of apparel and toys now. Crazy stuff.

        • Hey Juan!

          Yeah, HCG is getting to be huge now, which is great because my bosses are really great people, and they give a shit about artists – which makes all the difference in LA.

          And yeah Mondo’s releases can be super hard to land, for sure. It’s funny how different names can bring really intense supply and demand. We did a release with Tyler Stout last year at HCG – and when we dropped them online, they sold out in 10 minutes. Insane!

          Anyway, glad to know you’re a fan of the galleries :)

      • I could geek out on it forever too, Bonnie. We should do a whole episode on horror movie art.

        The Drew Struzan / Oreo story is perfect.

        And that Witch poster is amazing!

        • That would be awesome!

          Thanks. Hah my bosses thought so too about the oreo situation. What was worse though was that I didn’t have any milk or water to wash the oreos down with either, so I spent a few minutes trying to floss my teeth with my tongue, and discuss the pieces on the wall with Drew S. Awwwkward.

          And thanks! Vance did a killer job – I thought so too!

    • We have a poster artist listener named Peter Strain who is awesome. He and I have talked about some new HMP shirts and I’d love to hire him to do a movie poster in the future. peterstrain.co.uk

      Peter Strain - David Lynch

      Peter Strain - Evil Dead

      Peter Strain - Halloween

      Peter Strain - Scream

      Peter Strain - Jaws

    • Wolfman, I guess it’s a gimme at this point, but you didn’t mention Jason Takes Manhattan! btw, which poster from that film did you like the most? Is it where Jason is cutting through “I <3 NY", or is it the one his hand is on top of the buildings?

      • Buildings. For sure. I <3 NY is cute, but the city scape with that John Carpenter lighting on the mask (plus the giallo gloves and knife) is gorgeous.

        I failed to mention Halloween as well and those are the two hanging in my house!

    • I’ve always liked the original Fright Night poster.
      I also like; Bride of Frankenstein, The Golem (1920), King Kong (1933), The Killer Shrews, The House on Haunted Hill (1959), Murders in The Rue Morgue (1932), War of the Worlds (1953).

  5. In regards to the Blumhouse Ouija sequel coming this fall, it was directed by Mike Flanagan.

    He was basically told that he could do whatever he wanted with it.

    And I absolutely believe it must have turned out just fine, or why else would he have been offered directing duties on the next installment of Halloween?

    It might be good!

  6. Hey guys, I thought you all might find this interesting with the talk about the Oija board. The same podcast Jay referenced earlier “Stuff You Should Know” did an excellent show on the history of the Oija board.


    The board itself, and similar divination techniques, date back to the mid-nineteenth century before it became a product of Hasbro in the twentieth century. When it first originated, the board was claimed to have been from ancient Egypt, which of course was just a bit of charlatanism used to get money from people hoping to contact their dead loved ones.

    What’s most fascinating about this particular podcast is the scientific explanation as to why the planchette on the Ouija board can seemingly move on its own. Of course the standard explanation is that there’s always some jerk moving the planchette around, but this show offers a far more satisfying scientific explanation as to why the planchette really does move without conscious motivation from the user. It’s a must listen if you are curious about Ouija boards!

  7. Thanks for another great episode. Glad you guys did a tribute to Anton. He was definitely a talented guy that was really making a name for himself. For me, he was building himself into a quasi horror icon with the rolls he chose. Odd Thomas, Burying the Ex, Fright Night, Green Room, His level of talent made they movies so much more.
    I’ve been waiting for a Fright Night Vs episode. You guys didn’t disappoint! But I would have gave both a solid 8 :)

  8. Jay, you really need to start doing your homework. It’s pretty disappointing that episode after episode, you can’t be part of the conversation because you didn’t watch the assignments. What’s up with that, man? I know you’re a super busy guy, but I think it has to be a requirement for you to do your homework before an episode gets recorded. I’m sorry to call you out, bro, but I don’t think it’s fair to your co-hosts and especially not fair to your listenership. When you don’t watch the assigned movies, it seems like you’re just going through the motions. Why the urge to release “on time”? Why not wait until you have the best possible episode instead of rushing to release in order to keep up with, what seems to me, an impossible release schedule. It’s like you care more about releasing an episode, incomplete as it may be, than releasing a quality episode that you can be proud of. I’m not saying the quality of the podcast is going down, but it’s at its best when everyone does their homework. I’ve said this to you in the past, but I’ll say it again. If you have too many things on your plate, delegate. You have so many talented people willing to work with you. Josh and Kagan come to mind. They’ve offered their services so why not take advantage of them? Anyway, just the two cents of a concerned fan that doesn’t want yet another great Jay of the Dead podcast to come to an abrupt end.

    • Don’t listen to him Jay. I am far more upset when an episode doesn’t come out on time. I’d rather you just make up movies to review than to not have new content every other week. I would really miss that sweet sweet voice if you bowed out of an episode because you used your movie watching time to take your kids to a baseball game.

  9. Fright Night ranks as one of the recent best efforts to come out of the remake field over the past ten years. It’s up there with My Bloody Valentine (2009) & Maniac (2012). Bring on the hate, but at times I prefer to watch the 2011 version over the original. I grew up on & love the 1985 film. Watching them back-to-back, as I usually do, the remake seems to linger longer with me than the other.

    Don’t hate on the Ouija film coming out. Mike Flanagan is kicking all types of behind lately. Really looking forward to seeing the visual waste of the original wiped from my memory.

    The Reef is a far superior film to the Shallows.

    Has anyone been thinking about the top horror films of the year so far? Can’t believe that the calendar already says July. Here’s my top films halfway through 2016:

    The Best So Far (alphabetically & top five):

    Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival: love what Darren Lynn Bousman is doing.
    The Boy: fun time & completely bonkers.
    Hangman: biggest surprise of the year.
    The Neon Demon: Refn has once again put me under his spell.
    Southbound: enjoyable anthology.

    #5 The Conjuring II: better & much scarier than the first.
    #4 The Witch: theatrical experience was ruined (kids!!!!)….now a masterpiece.
    #3 Hush: best home invasion film in ages.
    #2 The Invitation: hypnotic premise that gets better on rewatch.
    #1 Green Room: best horror film since The House of the Devil.

    Films I Had a Fun Time With:

    Clown: got the UK dvd couple years back….amusing.
    Emelie: babysitter plot from a different angle.
    The Girl in the Photographs: entertained but will have to watch again.
    Intruders: home invasion with a twist that succeeds.
    Nina Forever: interesting & fun zombie flick.
    Pride & Prejudice & Zombies: I’ve come around on this one.
    Road Games: love the ending of this one.
    They Look Like People: good Netflix find.
    13 Cameras: interesting found footage premise.

    Worst Films of the Year:

    Cabin Fever: why did this happen?
    The Darkness: the low point of Blumhouse.
    The Forest: she should’ve stayed home….so should have I.
    Holidays: a couple good ones in this anthology can’t save it overall.
    Martyrs: weak & tepid remake.
    The Other Side of the Door: premise that rolled the horror forward drove me insane.
    The Purge: Election Year: redo of the second.

    Is 10 Cloverfield Lane horror?

    Hope I didn’t bore anyone & look forward to any responses.

    As usual, great show, gentlemen.

    • You might cure depression! You could also watch Shrooms (2008) or Toad Road (2012). Actually, I don’t think drugs could help either of these movies…

  10. I happen to love Colin Farrel as an actor. The problem is that they usually don’t let him act. He’s amazing in Tigerland and In Miss Julie. I loved him as Jerry in Fright Night because they let him act a little crazy.

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention either version of Fright Night 2. I happen to love the first one. The second one from a few years ago is kind of bizarre. It’s not a sequel but a remake of the first with every character resetting to zero. Evil Ed is back and human. The vampire is once again Jerry but played by Jamie Murray from Dexter and Charlie doesn’t think vampires exist at the beginning.
    There’s a movie on Netflix Canada right now called The Experimenter about the 1961 Milgrim experiment. It stars Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder and it has a cameo from Anton Yelchin playing a really intense experiment subject. It’s worth watching.

  11. Hey guys, here’s a link to an interesting article on the history of the Ouija Board. According to the writer the board became scary with the release of The Exorcist in 1973. Before that, as recently as 1951, one was featured in an episode of I Love Lucy titled The Séance if that tells you anything about how they were viewed before 1973. Cheers!

  12. After seeing Juan’s concert photo, I am now wondering how many HMP listeners have caught John Carpenter on tour. He was in Portland a few weeks back and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Afterward, we met up with some friends outside the concert hall and as we made our way up the sidewalk to head to a nearby bar, we discovered that John Carpenter and the rest of the band were walking right behind us! We stopped for a minute, and we able to thank him for coming to Portland and told him how much we enjoyed the show. He was very gracious and thanked us all for coming. It was an unexpected treat after such a great concert! We spent the rest of the evening with our friends in a bar geeking out about the whole night as the band (minus Mr. Carpenter) showed up for a drink.

    • VERY cool experience. I think we can all say that we are jealous.

      I’m sure we’ve had some good representation at the John Carpenter concerts.

      I know listener Ian West from New Jersey was going to see him in New York.

      I know listener (and HP Lovecraft guest) Carl Sederholm was driving from SLC down to Denver to see him.

      Man, I wish I’d have had a chance to see him. I was near Portland right around the time of your concert.

      David, UK Tony, Gareth! He’s coming your way next!

    • Allyson, that is awesome that you and your husband got to see the performance! I wanted to go to the LA one pretty badly, but alas I couldn’t make it. Two jobs and drawing just suck up your time!

      I wish I could post this picture I have of John Carpenter and me, but I have no idea how to post pictures on here. I went to a John Carpenter art show at Hyena gallery in Burbank a couple years ago, and got to meet him. I had such a dumb look on my face in the picture that I blew it up and framed it. I look like such a weirdo, haha! If you want a good laugh, let me know. I’ll find a way to send it to you.

  13. I went on vacation this past week and sat in a car for a long drive while listening to the podcast… and relaxing utterly. Before I left, however, I also managed to catch The Shallows and posted some thoughts about it before the podcast came out. In terms of HMP ratings… I’d give it a solid 8 out of 10 to be honest. I thought it was a well done film- not sure where I will wind up placing it at the end of the year but it has so far been a boon in the horror genre and something to sate my own appetite for beastly freaks.

    Now, I loved Anton in a number of films… Green Room, Star Trek, and Odd Thomas. But, here is the thing for me: I absolutely loathed him in the Fright Night remake. To be quite honest, I was a little sad to hear the great William Ragsdale taken down a peg and listed as “boring”. This is the same man who drove the narrative of Herman’s Head! “mannequin: on the move” was a tour de force! I loved his version of Charlie Brewster… an earnest, likeable, and compassionate hero who would risk his life to face an ungodly monster! As opposed to Yelchin’s portrayal of a dippy sell-out who ignored his best friends the moment a girl stepped into his life. Ugh! I hate people like that- it’s one thing to fall in love, it’s another to be ashamed of who you are for the sake of someone else. I hated the way he treated his friends. Not a likeable character for me and I had no concern for him.

    Anyway, I decided to look back at my initial review of the film… here’s a link: Way back in 2011. Wow.


  14. I just finished watching Ghostbusters and really liked it! It’s an 8.5 for me. I know it was getting a pretty bad rap from the marketing but I managed to avoid all spoilers, except for a trailer before The Shallows. The film is pretty fresh so I won’t say anything else, for now.

  15. STRANGER THINGS IS THE BOMB YO!!! I was the same age as the kids in the show…Crazy good!!! This and Turbo Kid…I’m having 80’s flashbacks hardcore!!!

  16. Hey all, in response to Josh’s truly horrifying campfire tale, we were having discussions on twitter as the possibility of this being a supernatural event.

    I did a bit of research and found this article from the National Museum of Health and Medicine about hairballs: http://www.medicalmuseum.mil/index.cfm?p=exhibits.virtual.hairball.index

    Anyway, you may have heard of a mental disorder involving chronic hair pulling; it’s called trichotillomania. Apparently, some people who have trichotillomania will actually eat their own hair. The above article refers to a girl who ate here own hair for 6 years and needed surgical removal. There are pictures on the article that are absolutely disgusting.

    It’s my opinion that the guy chasing Josh and his companion was likely a mentally ill person who also suffered from trichotillomania who was then eating his own hair. The vomiting of the hairball could have simply happened because he got so worked up chasing Josh and his companion. Maybe they actually did him a favor with all that running so that he wouldn’t have to get it surgical removed.

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