Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 095: Stranger Things (2016) and Viral (2016) and Hush (2016)

HMP 95 ArtWelcome to Episode 095 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST. This is another jam-packed Frankensteinian episode featuring special coverage of the new Netflix Original Series Stranger Things Season 1 (TV – 2016) from Wolfman Josh. Jay of the Dead and Wolfman also bring you feature reviews of new horror releases Viral (2016) and Hush (2016). Dr. Shock is here as well and brings you reviews of some cinematic oddities from the past, including the monstrous Jaws 3-D (1983). The whole crew then discusses the trailer for the upcoming Don’t Breathe (2016). All this and more on the latest edition of Horror Movie Podcast, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… Join us!

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“Nine Irish Brothers in West Lafayette is a short walk from Wabash Landing, Purdue University, and downtown Lafayette, Ind. Parking is available in our parking lot and in the parking lot directly across Howard Avenue, via valet service (Thursday – Saturday evenings only), or at Wabash Landing. Nine Irish Brothers validates parking passes from Wabash Landing.”

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I. Introduction
— Jay bought his plane tix for the September meetup!
— Wolfman’s trip to Canada

[ 0:05:19 ] II. Feature Review: VIRAL (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 6.5 ( Rental )

[ 0:22:25 ] III. Wolfman Josh’s Screaming Online: STRANGER THINGS – SEASON 1 (TV – 2016)
Wolfman Josh = 8.5 ( High Priority Stream It Now on Netflix! )

[ 0:37:21 ] IV. Review: THE ASPHYX (1972)
Dr. Shock = 7.5 ( Rental )

[ 0:44:24 ] V. Review: FREAKS OF NATURE (2015)
Wolfman Josh = 5.5 ( Redbox Rental )

[ 0:53:46 ] VI. Review: JAWS 3-D (1983)
Dr. Shock = 3.5 ( Avoid )


Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Redbox Rental )

[ 1:16:03 ] VIII. Trailer Discussion: DON’T BREATHE (2016)

[ 1:20:14 ] IX. Review: HUSH (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( Rental / Stream on Netflix )


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— E-mail from Stephanie
— A Jay of the Dead Horror Haiku – by Listener Kagan from Salt Lake City

XI. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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75 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 095: Stranger Things (2016) and Viral (2016) and Hush (2016)

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  2. Hey, folks this is random, but I was just conversing with Listener Sal on Twitter about my doc Cleanflix and I took a look at some of the edited horror movies I still have kicking around my house.

    It’s funny because people always say to me, “Oh, I bet Hostel would only be like two minutes after they edited it.” And I always tell these idiots who don’t understand editing, “in screen time it probably only cuts about five minutes out.”

    So I start looking at these edited horror DVDs. Saw II only has 7 minutes cut. House of Wax (2005) only has 6 minutes cut. The Fog (2005) only has two minutes cut! My theory is looking strong. Then I check Hostel …

    Well, if the run times on these discs is correct, they cut 20 MINUTES out of Hostel! Haha. That’s crazy and I’m the idiot.

    • My 15 year old nephew was telling me how excited he was to watch the Friday the 13th movies. My sister in-law is letting him watch them because they are on vid-angel and she can take out the violence and nudity. It makes me sad because I don’t think he’ll be able to really enjoy those films nearly as much with the gore missing. He’s at the age where he is obnoxiously opinionated with nothing really to back it up. He likes to rag on classic nintendo because Call of Duty has made him a spoiled brat, and now I’m dreading him trashing my favorite slasher movies because he was only exposed the the edited versions. The boy needs guidance.

      In screen time I’d estimate that only about 5 minutes or less would be cut from Friday the 13th part 1, but it’s 5 of the best minutes. I can see Hostel loosing 20 minutes. It has a lot of sex in it as well as violence. Does that factor in to the cutting on those DVDs as well Josh? For me, Hostel wasn’t so great with the violence, I’m sure it would be even worse without it.

  3. Shout-out for Cat People and Curse of the Cat People! Save those for later and invite Channy Dreadful for a Val Lewton episode.

  4. Great episode, fellas.

    I’m really glad Wolfman Josh chimed in on the Jaws 3 discussion, because his thoughts mirror mine exactly. Is it a good movie? Of course not, but it’s a movie that I hold very near and dear to my heart. I grew up with this movie, not only watching it several times throughout my childhood, but also collecting the Jaws 3 trading cards. One of my true obsessions as a kid was going to the trading card store, picking up a few more packs of the Topps Jaws 3 trading cards and chewing on that horrible pink stick gum while looking at the cards and reliving moments of the movie.

    Objectively, a 3.5 to 4 rating is probably pretty accurate. But, once I put on my nostalgia glasses, that shoots way up to a 7 or 7.5/10.

    • I feel the same way and if my memory serves me, Jaws 3 was my the first of that series that I saw. It’s true that is does not hold up to my childhood memories but it’s a gain’t man eating shark flick and it’s tough to go wrong with that.


    • The Jaws sequels including 3 were in that camp of movies that I used to stare at in our hometown video store and wanted to rent so badly. Just the covers of the tapes were scary enough looking that when I finally was able to convince my parents to get them I was already scared before starting them. That being said, I still remember laughing when the shark breaks through the glass. So bad it’s good on Jaws 3. I’d need to revisit to rate, but I’m not sure I want to.

  5. JOTD – I was a little bummed by your lukewarm reception of Viral. That is a movie that was nowhere on my radar until I saw it released on VOD not too long ago. I broke my own spoiler rules and watched the trailer, and was immediately excited about the movie. Another that came out on VOD recently, Shelley, is one that I’m looking forward to just as much (but I didn’t watch the trailer for that one).

    Btw, when are you thinking of seeing Blair Witch? Would that be a Friday night movie for that weekend, or are you thinking of catching it after the meet-up proper the next night on Saturday (or during the day before the meet-up)?

  6. Excellent review of Stranger Things, have to agree with Josh on the quality of the show. I’d pump up the score another half point to bring it to a solid 9.
    Last episode Dr. Shock reviewed the Lady in White. He mentioned how traumatic the ghost death seen would be for a kid. He was right! I had forgotten everything about that movie until I saw that scene again, and everything flooded back.
    I’m super pumped you guys enjoyed the posters I sent. I am hammering out the details of a Silver Bullet piece now.
    Once I have 3 more done I’ll push those out to you. I have no clue what will come after Silver Bullet, but I’d like to keep everything pre-1985. You could do a listener vote on one of them and I could come up with something for another listener give away.
    I apologize to the rest of the listeners who would like to have one of the prints, but I don’t currently sell anything. Maybe in the future when I have 10 to 15 horror posters completed I will make them available for purchase. But the good news is, for those who win a poster you are getting a very limited run of only 5 prints per poster. Which means you will be the coolest kid on the block because no one else will have a poster like yours :)

    Very Best
    Mr. Barlow

  7. Gah, the teasing almost makes me wish I found this podcast in December instead of last month, so that I could already have all these fantastic upcoming episodes to listen to! But I love having something to look forward to, and you guys give me that, so thank you!

    Being that I’m new to the HMP community, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there’s ever been any mention of a Stephen King themed episode in the future? I know Jay of the Dead is a huge fan of Cujo, and from what I’ve heard you guys have brought up a few of the other adaptations in passing, but I’d love to hear you guys do in depth on stuff like The Shining and Carrie. A top five list would be super interesting.

    Anyways, I love when one of your podcasts shows up in my feed. The format you guys have established for yourselves is brilliant. HMP has my favourite structure of any film podcast I’ve heard (granted I do need to explore a bit more, so any suggestions would be great!) Keep up the great work guys and thanks for doing it.

    • No need to look around, you’ve found the best horror podcast.

      We have not done a Stephen King episode yet, but it is on our to-do list. I imagine it will be very similar to our H.P. Lovecraft episode in format. Bring on an expert, review some major film adaptations. Maybe do some lists. There’s so much to draw from with King, it may take two episodes!

      If you’re a new listener, there’s still plenty of awesome older episodes to search out while you’re waiting for the new ones. Our site is not very phone friendly, but if you just on a laptop or desktop and go the the main page of horrormoviepodcast.com, you’ll find links to all of our themed episodes and franchise reviews in the right hand side bar. All of them are listenable from those posts and should be downloadable as well.

      Thanks for listening and getting in touch. Hope to hear more from you in the future!

    • This is an awesome idea! I am a huge Stephen King fan. I’m actually reading IT right now and The Shining is my favorite horror film of all time. A couple HMP Stephen King episodes would be so awesome! Please do this!!!

  8. I love the posters, especially the Salem’s Lot one. Here is why: when I was a little girl I actually met James Mason at the airport located in Arcata, California. He had just arrived to begin filming the movie. My grandmother was extremely excited to see me talking to him, but I had no idea who he was, I just thought he was a nice “old man”. Some days later, my mother and I walked through the creepy dark redwoods to see some of the filming. I was intrigued! My mom let me watch the movie when it came out on t.v. and it scared me half to death! I was obsessed with horror movies from that day on. I just discovered this podcast about a month ago and listen to it several times a week while at work. I absolutely love every episode, you guys are all fantastic! Thank you for everything you do!

    • I’m glad you enjoy the poster! I think Salem’s Lot was one of my first as well, and will remain in my top ten. HMP is a great show isn’t it :) I stumbled across at work about 10 months ago also and have been hooked ever since. Be sure to check out the archives….they will get you through those long days at work :)

  9. Caroline shared her awesome story about how she came into horror through meeting James Mason and then being allowed to watch Salem’s Lot. I was curious…what drove everyone else here to fall in love with horror?
    I fell in love with horror because of Grits and Beans. I know that sounds very strange, but let me explain.
    I grew up on a farm in very rural Louisiana in the 80’s. There wasn’t a lot to do, but fortunately I had a slightly demented father who loved to scare the hell out of me and the neighbor’s nine kids. He created a game called Grits and Beans to keep us occupied during the summer and fall months. We played the game from the time I was about 5, till I was 9.
    My dad would load all of us up in the back of a pickup truck about dusk, and drive us down gravel roads and through the woods to whatever creepy location he had picked out for the day. We would generally get to where going at dark, and then we would unload.
    The group would be given a busted flashlight (always with the batteries damn near dead) and be told the locations of flags we had to retrieve. If you were a Grit then you were bold enough to brave the dark and go after the flags. If you were a Bean then you were a chicken, and stayed in the truck.
    My Dad was way too good at picking the creepiest locations possible. We generally ended up at Ward Bend Cemetery near the Bayou Macon. It was established in 1820 and filled with live oaks covered in Spanish moss, or one particular field we had that still held old slave houses from way back when. I mean creepy places even during the day.
    So we would gang up and trot off into the dark with our flashlight, nearly running just trying to get the challenge over. Just getting the flags was nerve racking enough, but my father would always invent some weird tale about ghost, werewolves, or any other phantom he could conjure up just before we had to leave on our crusade.
    To add to the experience, I had a slew of Uncle’s (usually sauced up) hiding in the dark waiting for us. They’d be in there best dead farmer clothes, or the one that really got me was when my Uncle Junior wore the best damn werewolf mask I have ever seen.
    The neighbor kids were pretty much safe, but seeing as how my sister and I were kin and all, my Uncles made sure to scare the ever living shit out of us. I was pretty quick on me feet though 
    I miss the hell out of that game, and it molded me into the horror fanatic that I am now. That game is what drives my art and my love for everything weird an unreal.
    So there you have it! Grits and Beans made me a horror fan.

    • Dang, dude. That’s awesome. Plus, you actually had an Uncle Junior? I thought that was just in the north Jersey mob.

      My pathway into horror was pretty much the opposite of yours. To begin with, my parents were pretty strict about media (not that that’s a bad thing; now that I’ve got kids I totally get the protective urge, and I’m constantly calculating age-appropriateness and my kids’ temperaments when I think about what to show them), and horror was definitely a no-no, especially if it involves anything demonic (Again, I get it. They’re deeply religious, as am I; I just have different ideas about media representations of Satan and demons). So for years horror movies had the “lure of forbidden fruit” thing going on. My classmates would be talking about the latest Nightmare on Elm Street movie, and I’d be intrigued and confused as to who this Freddy the Cougar guy was. But horror comedies were okay. The earliest scares that I can remember freaking me out are the librarian at the beginning of Ghostbusters, and the scenes in Gremlins when the green dudes got murderous. I was 10 at the time; maybe that’s why I keep thinking that 10 is a good age to start introducing my own kids to horror.

      This was also the age of the video store, so while my parents picked out what we would actually watch, I would browse the shelves, and inevitably I found myself gravitating toward anything with monsters on the cover. CHUD. Q. Phantasm. The Stuff. Screamers (1979). But like I said, it was the parents who picked what we actually watched. So it wasn’t until I got old enough to rent movies on my own that I dove into horror movies that were more intense than Gremlins. And I found that I loved it.

      One exception to this pattern was books. I was a precocious and voracious reader (while my peers were reading Nintendo Power Magazine, I was plowing through the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle and Jack London), and my parents pretty much let me read whatever I wanted. Hello, Stephen King. I didn’t make it all the way through “It”, but I remember how creeped out I was by “Cujo” (“and now, on the morning of June 16, 1980, he was pre-rabid” still gives me chills; and when I was a kid, a 200-pound St Bernard outweighed me by a lot, so that was terrifying). This was also when I discovered Poe. So try and wrap your head around this one: I wasn’t allowed to watch Jason Voorhees chop up teenagers, but I could read about a guy getting slowly sliced in half by a sharp pendulum while covered in rats.

      So I guess I fell in love with horror literature before I fell in love with horror cinema. And now that’s got me thinking how long to wait before getting my oldest daughter “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” Maybe I should ease her into it with “Bunnicula.”

  10. Hey guys,
    I haven’t been on the boards in a LOOOOONG time, but I have a special mission for horror fans, if you choose to accept. I don’t get to watch movies a lot during the year (and never in the theater) so twice a year, I kick my wife and kids out of the house for a weekend, invite my buddy over and the two of us have a three-day horror movie bonanza in my living room. We watch anywhere from 22 to 30 horror movies straight (for the record, he brings a sleeping bag and we are both in our forties… withhold judgment, please). We’ve been doing this for the last four years or so, and it’s pretty awesome (we even rank the movies at the end of our weekend and then compare rankings in a master list).

    Our rules for the films we watch are simple: they have to be horror in some nature and neither of us can have seen them before. Compiling the list is a months long project… I won’t bore you guys with the process but it requires setting tiers, spreadsheets, a color-coding system and finally drawing titles out of hat on the nights of the “big show.” As I’m getting ready for our next weekend, I thought I’d put it to you guys for suggestions… we usually cover all of the big movies that year (last time we did movies like Witch, Crimson Peak, Final Girls) but we’re always on the lookout for any off-the-beaten path gems. Many of the best surprises came from recommendations from this show (Crawl-or-Die, Cold Prey 1 &2, Anguish to name a few). So… if any of you have any suggestions of movies that you think are really great, but maybe not seen by many people (any era is fine… as long as it’s horror), I’d love to hear it.

    Thanks guys!

    His Dinner is, in fact, in the Oven.

    Jay, Dave, Josh and Kyle, keep up the great work. Love your show (even though I’m two episodes behind… don’t kill me. I’ll catch up)!

    • His Dinner is in the oven,

      You probably have most of them wrapped up, but I’ll try to shoot you a few that you may not have seen.

      Highway to Hell (1991)
      Not that scary, and is more in line with something out of Heavy Metal, but great in its own way.

      Late Phases (2014)
      By far my favorite werewolf movie in the past 5 or so years.

      Slither (2006)
      Because Nathan Fillion is awesome, bouns…Elizabeth Banks.

      Don’t be afraid of the dark (2010)
      Directed by Troy Nixey, but you can see del Toro’s fingers all over it.

      Tales of Halloween (2015)
      In the same vein as Trick R Treat, not as good, but enjoyable.

      Necronomicon: Book of the Dead (1993)
      Jeffery Combs stars as H.P. Lovecraft and the movie is set up as an anthology loosely based on his tales. This is one of my favorites, probably due to nostalgia. It’s kinda hard to find a physical copy that you won’t pay an arm and a leg for… but the full movie can be watched in HD on YouTube at the link below.

      Waxwork (1988)
      OK, this is one that is certainly viewed through nostalgia glasses. I watched it just a few weeks ago, and it doesn’t hold up as well as I’d like, but it has great monsters. Everything from zombies and mummies, to werewolves and vampires. This is one that I wish would get a remake.

      It Waits (2005)
      This is the little known prequel to It Follows….just kidding :) You could categorize this as one of Jay’s Beastly Freaks with a siege narrative. Suffers from that “made for TV” look and slow story, but the monster is descent enough. I’ll be honest and say this one isn’t that great, but trying to give you something you may not have seen.

      They Live (1988)
      Seriously, if you haven’t seen this then you shouldn’t be at HMP :)
      Plus I just bought the BluRay so I thought I would throw it up.

      Ravenous (1999)
      This is one is very high on my list, and if you haven’t seen, then it’s a must watch.

      Probably unlikely that any of these made it past you, but I thought I would share anyway.

      Mr. Barlow

      • Wow, Mr. B! Thanks a MILLION! These are great! And you’re right, I’ve seen most of these… Although “It Waits” sounds pretty good and “Highway to Hell” has me written all over it. By the way, I really liked “Late Phases” too. If you’ve never seen it, one of my favorite Werewolf movies to come out in the last few years is “Wer.” I don’t think Wolfman loved it as much as I did, but I thought it was great! Also, a recent ww movie that was surprisingly cool was “Howl.” Seek it out for one of the simplest, coolest werewolves I’ve ever seen. *Josh, not sure if you’re gonna read this post, but if you haven’t seen “Howl,” check it out… at least for the werewolf design.

        Thanks again for these recommends… and the LINKS! I just put “Highway to Hell” in my amazon cart.

        • I’m always happy to turn people on to Highway to Hell :)
          I’m a fan of Wer and Howl as well. I don’t own Wer, but I got a great deal on Howl for $5. I thought the shout out to Dog Soliders was great in Howl.

          • Somewhat…I had it on while doing some work, and since it was subtitled I missed most of it. I’ going to go back and give it my full attention was I knock out everything in my que.

            Tonight is Chopping Mall :)

  11. Hey HMP crew,

    Great episode! I have to say, my friends and I are all Stranger Things apologists! I loved that show more than words can say and can’t wait for season 2. I also enjoyed Hush, but thought that it could’ve been much better had the killer not removed his mask near the beginning.

    Jay, I still need to get you on our show, The Horrorcast (formerly Killer Fliicks) because you were the inspiration for me to start podcasting. HMP will always be my favorite podcast!


    • You know, me and Dave are on the podcast too. It’s cool. Jay’s the inspiration. I get it.

      Regarding Hush. It’s an interesting point about the killer taking off his mask. *****SPOILERS**** I think it works because we get a better sense of him toying with her when we can see his expressions. It’s hard to be in an expressionless mask and come up with something we haven’t seen from Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. *****

      • I’m up for having you all on! Each host brings their own flavor!! I’d love to have some feedback, if you guys ever get a chance to listen!

        • Marknado,

          I just downloaded the first several episodes of The Horrcast and am LOVING it so far! An HMP/Horrorcast cross-over would be most excellent. Also, thanks a ton for the birthday wishes on Facebook!

  12. GREAT episode guys! loved it! Found myself chuckling at a lot of the banter between Jay and Josh. I am intrigued over Dr. Shock’s review of “The Asphyx” – totally going to rent it if I can find it online.

    I also agree with all the pros/cons concerning Stranger Things…overall though, I loved it and will continue to watch it.

    Also, on another related horror note – right now at my work (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) there’s an amazing Guillermo Del Toro exhibition going on. It’s a huge selection of props from his films, comic book illustrator masterpieces, sculptures, collectibles and a LOT more from his Bleak House collection.

    Here’s the link below if anyone lives in the SoCal area! (I work there, so if you need more details on times and specifics, please don’t hesitate to reply!)


    Looking forward to the next episode guys!

    • I’ve been dying to get down to that exhibit. I’ve been seeing pictures on Instagram and Twitter for awhile now. I have a crazy screenwriting deadline at the moment and need to lock myself in a room, but I’d love to come check that out if I can make it to L.A. before it’s over. Thanks for sharing!

      • I’m going to be in Pasadena early next year for Monsterpallooza…I’m hoping the Del Toro exhibit will still be there as well.

        • Mr. Barlow – it closes November 27th, 2016, pre-monsterpalooza! Come down before then! GDT has a TON of Salem’s lot vampire collectibles and plenty of Universal Monster stuff….not to mention Mike Hill’s GORGEOUS life size repro sculptures of Boris Karloff.

      • Josh, let me know when you plan on coming – I’ll get ya a ticket. Just plan on coming early (like when we first open in the morning, it’s a super densely packed exhibition).

  13. Josh….err….Mr. Wolf man,
    The new segment sounds interesting but what happened to Wolfman’s Got Nards? That was a fantastic segment and I think that it is a perfect platform to push you into the darker realms of cinema.

    Just my two cents and I hope to see more of your Nards in the future (wa it a minute…that just sounds creepy)


  14. Has anyone ever seen the film Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)?

    I feel Stranger Things borrowed some of the tone elements from that picture.

    It’s not a great film. I’d give it a 7/10 on a generous day.

    • I saw Beyond the Black Rainbow a couple of years ago. It’s a bit of a chore to sit through as it’s so slow going. That being said, there is some appeal of watching it, partly because it’s a bizarre little movie you can tell people you watched. ha

      I’d say the movie is ideal to watch if you’re looking for something different and you’re tired of the same old predictable story told in every film.

    • I’m going to go with Number One and then go down… it’s just easier to go with my top. And I’m going to ignore major franchises like F13, Halloween, and NoES….

      1. Madman : This is a favorite, even though I wouldn’t rate it very high. I just LOVE love love this movie. It’s a standard camp slasher and it has a great theme song and it’s just fun as hell.

      2. My Bloody Valentine: This movie is so much fun!

      3: Sleepaway Camp. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! It’s so awful but so much fun. I’m going to add the two real sequels, 2 & 3.

      4. Prowler: I just dig this movie

      5. Terror Train: Pretty good movie

      6. The Burning: another camp fire tale.

      7: House on Sorority Row:

      8. April Fools Day

      9. Motel Hell

      10. New York Ripper: Does this count? I think it does. I’m putting it down.

      11: Just Before Dawn

      12: Happy Birthday To Me

      13. The Funhouse

      14. Pieces

      15: Maniac Cop

      16: Mother’s Day

      17. American Gothic

      18. Pumpkinhead.

      19. Hitcher

      20. Child’s Play

    • Here are 15 of mine off the top of my head and a general ranking:

      1. Nightmare on Elm Street
      2. Halloween 2
      3. Friday the 13th
      4. Terror Train
      5. My Bloody Valentine
      6. Prom Night (yes, this is a LOT of Jamie Lee Curtis on here)
      7. Maniac
      8. Dressed to Kill
      9. Happy Birthday to Me
      10. Pieces
      11. The Burning
      12. Sleepaway Camp
      13. Graduation Day
      14. Curtains
      15. Final Exam

      I need to watch The Prowler. That one escaped me somehow.

    • Yes! I can’t wait for slasher madness!

      1- NoES 1
      2- Halloween (I know it’s not technically 1980s, but come on!)
      3- NoES 3
      4- The Prowler
      5- F13 1
      6- F13 4
      7- F13 2
      8- Maniac
      9- Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
      10- Halloween 2
      11- The Burning
      12- April Fools Day
      13- F13 6
      14- Sleep away Camp
      15- F13 3
      16- Prom Night
      17- Terror Train
      18- NoES 2
      19- Sleep away Camp 2
      20- My Bloody Valentine

    • 80’s slashers are probably my favorite horror sub-genre, and I am beyond excited for October on HMP. I am a big Friday the 13th fan (until after part 8), and love the first two Halloween films. I thought I should leave the big franchises off of my list in favor of the lesser known/stand alone 80’s slashers.

      These are in no particular order but here is a list of ones I really enjoy and will watch repeatedly:

      My Bloody Valentine
      The Burning
      Prom Night
      The Funhouse
      The Prowler
      Terror Train
      Graduation Day
      He Knows You’re Alone
      April Fools Day
      Strange Behavior (a.k.a. Dead Kids)
      Killer Party
      The Initiation
      Hell Night

      I also want to recommend a couple of odd slashers that aren’t favorites but worth a watch once if you are into the “so bad they’re good” territory:

      Killer Workout (a.k.a Areobicide) – Which isn’t as fun as Death Spa, but much more a traditional slasher

      Cutting Class – The 1989 slasher with Brad Pitt

    • The sooner, the better, just to give us as much prep time as possible. But whenever and whatever you’re able to send will be much appreciated. The three of us can certainly come up with a fairly exhaustive list, I’m sure, but the HMP listenership is always our “safety net” to make sure we don’t overlook anything important. You guys always dazzle us with your depth of Horror knowledge… Thanks, Sir!

  15. I had a big week, personal stuff, but I loved listening to this weeks podcast. I don’t have much to add because I just have a brain full of mush this week. However… here are my thoughts on Stranger Things.

    Stranger Things:

    Four pre-teen boys are playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons one night when the late hours send them back to their separate homes. One of them disappears, chased by a monster unseen by the audience. The police investigate, the children are brought in, and a young girl the same age appears in the wilderness. A young girl with telekinetic ability and chased by murderous “agents” of a nearby government facility. The 8 Episoe miniseries is the big news running through this summer, infecting and spreading like a virus from one fanbase to another.

    Look, while I can see the comparison to Super 8 and Goonies and other “Amblin-esque” entertainment, it should be noted that this series goes places where those other films often would hesitate to go. To be specific, and Josh did touch on it slightly- mature things happen. There’s the sex, sure- but there’s also death. Characters die. They die violently and viciously and the children are, absolutely, in peril. And while some mysteries are revealed early it really just opens the door for other mysteries and other problems that sometimes never see a resolution. It’s good to touch on “Amblin” meets “Stephen King”- but I think it should be fair to note that this series definitely GOES there. The monster may be CGI, but there are a number of practical effects in play and there is some very deep character exploration.

    I can’t speak for Josh and I hope this isn’t going to be a spoiler- but the end of the series left me chilled, personally. Lots more questions than there were answers. Things were not “alls well that ends well” with people involved and there are plenty of places to go with the rest of the series.

    8 out of 10 for me, which is a little lower than Josh but that’s because I generally don’t like watching television series. But I did watch this one.

  16. Just plowed through episodes 094 and 095 today, and I have some things to say…

    First and foremost, I was pleased as can be to hear such excellent coverage of GHOSTBUSTERS (1984) in episode 094. That’s my favorite film of all time, and it feels good to know that others love it as much as I do. It’s a 10 for me all the way. In that review, the scientific discussion of the proton packs had me totally engaged. Some people might think a discussion like that is going “too far,” but I love it when things get deep.

    Also, the DQ discussion of LIGHTS OUT (2016) was wonderful. I admit that I was super surprised to see how high JOTD and Wolfman Josh came in on that flick. I enjoyed it, myself. I’d come in at a 7.5 or 8 on it, I think. But yeah… it was cool listening to you two talking “live” at DQ. Gotta love that ambience! The episodes where Kagan contributed had that same live feel, obviously, and I loved it. Hope to hear that guy more!

    As for the listener (Josh) who sent in that e-mail… I felt you both handled it really well and respectfully. You can tell that he wasn’t coming from a place of disrespect by any means, so that’s good. I, myself, would politely (yet heartily) disagree with his statements, though. I listen to a LOT of different horror review podcasts, and you can find a great number of these where they simply introduce themselves, immediately launch into the review, wrap it all up, and then say good bye. I won’t name these podcasts, but even after 30 episodes, I feel like I don’t know who these hosts are! I won’t say any more than this, because I don’t want it to seem as though I’m attacking listener-Josh’s sensibilities or anything, but I’ll just say that HMP’s content always feels deliberate, controlled, and on-topic… even when the tangential discussions come up, and that’s the podcast I know and love.

    Anyway… regarding THIS episode…

    STRANGER THINGS (2016) hit me hard. Aside from the CGI creature, which wasn’t bad… just out of place in such a production… this show is perfect. I’m straight up saying 10 out of 10. Can’t wait to hear Wolfman’s new segment!

    Great job, fellas. Much love from the Pacific Northwest!

  17. Strangers Things was an absolute delight to watch. With all of the nods to other horror movies, the replay value should be high. I personally only had two gripes with the series, one is very small and is pretty much meaningless while the other was an actual annoyance.

    1) Mike and Will looking too similar to each other. I had some problems keeping them straight and remembering what Will looked like. I’ll fully admit that this is a silly thing to complain about, but I prefer characters that are easily identifiable against each other.

    2) The CGI. The CGI is the only thing I hated in the series. Whenever it was done, it stood out so much and took me out of this 80’s world that the rest of the series did so well to create. I can’t think of any effects that were beyond the abilities of practical effects. If it’s simply a budget problem, then I’ll just accept it and hope that with all of the attention Strangers Things has been receiving for season 1, they will be given a higher budget for season 2 so that this won’t be a problem again.

  18. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to drop in and say how much I love the show and the message boards. I feel like I could hang out with any one of you any day of the week. Is that weird? I’m not trying to make things awkward. Like, I’m not saying I LOVE you…. but I’m not NOT saying it…. Anyway, thanks for the show, and thanks to everyone sending in the super cool and intelligent comments. This is my number one stop for what horror to watch next. (I’m cringing as I’m rereading this dorky message, but whatever – this podcast is dope)

      • It’s my superpower! I do want to chime in and be counted among the Stranger Things fans. I enjoyed the review and I’m looking forward to watching the show again after hearing others thoughts. I was so caught up in reliving my childhood that I didn’t even notice the cgi.

  19. Nice review of Hush Josh! Thought I’d share some of my own thoughts on it as well as just Mike Flanagan in general.

    I have high hopes for Mike Flanagan, though I feel like we’ve yet to really see him spread his wings completely. Oculus was a film that I ended up feeling so negatively about mostly because I loved the concept so much, as well as the cast, and the refreshing non-linear approach that when the film narrowly missed its huge potential it actually ended up bothering more than if the film had just been a complete disaster. Simply, it had so much going for it that it was all the more frustrating when it didn’t pan out with excellence. I’d actually love to see Flanagan do Oculus AGAIN (though this feature was already his 2nd approach on the concept), and really nail it. I want to see the polished more realized version of Oculus.

    I feel similarly to Hush. Flanagan gets it right so often that when he gets it wrong it hurts worse than if he were a hack. The opening act of Hush is so damn good. It’s got a great premise, artistic technical mastery, and an tenderly sickening kill in the vein of Drew Barrymore in Scream to start it all out. Again, the non-narrative aspects make a come back for the better near the end of Hush, but it something that could have been there earlier and could have been even more successful than Oculus. Yet, in Hush, Flanagan falls prey to one of the old Slasher tropes… a stupid protagonist. With so much filmmaking prowess at his command, it’s down right irritating to see the protagonist of Hush make mistakes as stupid as characters from the early Friday the 13th films. To counterpoint this, we have 10 Cloverfield Lane in our periphery, which had one of the smartest resourceful protagonists ever. The latter film gave me the feeling that we were turning the page. I get that most of us in real life aren’t going to be as resourceful as Michelle in 10 Cloverfiled, but at the very least, don’t make us suffer through someone as stupid as Maddie in Hush. Especially when Maddie is so sweet and likable in the first act. I eventually didn’t care what happened to her because she was so careless.

    You can bet I’ll be there to see Oija: Origin of Evil, but I don’t want Mike Flanagan to break my heart again. If he could get a home run next time instead of hesitantly dashing between 3rd and home plate, I could really get behind him. Honestly, I can’t get behind anyone at 3rd base… get it? …. too far?

  20. I did what I’ve tried not to do in the past and watched the trailer for Rings. Sigh. So here are my thoughts:
    First negative-no Naomi Watts or David Dorfman. ?
    Second negative-This looks like it could be any generic horror film from the last decade.

    Nothing stood out that made me want to see this film. I know some people liked it, but after the horrible failure (IMO) that was The Ring 2, I truly have no desire to run out and see this. I do like Johnny Galecki but I’m unsure of the role he will play. I am trying to keep an open mind, but I’m not as excited about this as I am for Blair Witch.

    Questions/comments? I’ll be here all week.

    • The fact that The Ring 2 was so bad over a decade old made me wonder why they’re even bothering to continue the series.

      For me, the biggest problem I have is the loss of the VHS tape. When it becomes a digital file, it loses that personal feeling. You no longer have to go to any trouble to drag someone to your house to watch the video (I believe that’s how The Ring 2 began?) when you can just post a link to the stream. It’s too easy to spread now.

      Chances are, if I’m going to see it in the theater, it’s simply for the sake of going to go see a horror movie. It’s 2016 though. I’m tired of seeing so many supernatural films out in the theaters. I’m ready for something new to catch on.

    • I wasn’t going to watch the trailer, but after your comment I got interested to see what was going on. First impressions are that it looks like everything bad that can happen in a sequel. The Ring 2 was un necessary and bad enough. This thing looks like a disaster.

      I think I will probably skip it unless it gets favorably reviewed by HMP or its listeners.

      You know what would have been a way better idea instead of making the video go viral on the internet? How about a period piece for when the tape very first showed up. I’m with you Sal, losing the VHS tape really weakens the aesthetic.

      • “How about a period piece for when the tape very first showed up.”

        Funny enough, when I was typing up my reply, I was thinking about how neat it could be to see a Ring movie set in the 80’s or even late 70’s. With the popularity of Stranger Things, The Final Girls, ect, going back to the 80’s time period is all of the rage these days anyways.

  21. I realize December is still well off, but for anyone looking to watch any horrors that have a good chance of getting a spot on their end of the year Top 10 Horror List, I’d greatly recommend The Blackcoat’s Daughter (AKA February). unfortunately, I can’t say much about it without getting into spoilers because I found a lot of my enjoyment came from the fact that I went into it without knowing anything, so the mystery of the film played out so nicely with the first half constantly being confused as to what’s actually happening and then acting like a giddy horror fan when everything begins coming together and big events began to happen.

    As a first time director, I’m really curious what Oz Perkins (Chances are, you’re recognize him if you saw him, he’s acted quite a bit) can do as he gains more experience behind the camera.

  22. I had the opportunity to watch all of the Stranger Things Season One this weekend. My ten year old daughter absolutely loved it. My 12 year old daughter thought it was too scary and sad. I on the other had was incredibly surprised by how TOTALLY AWESOME it was. ( I graduated from HS in 1988) From the first episode on, I was fascinated by the characters. This movie is far more complex than I had expected. One minute I was jumping out of my seat, another I was crying and another laughing. Stranger Things had everything I wanted including good scares and great story line. I could have done without the teenage sex scenes.Yes, I agree that the CGI was annoying but I got past it. Winona Ryder was fabulous, never better. The children in this movie were absolute professionals. I fell in love with each child character’s quirkiness and loved how “real” they were. I’m tired of seeing movies with child or teenage actors that look like people from High School Musical. To see children that I felt could be living down the street from me, really sucked me in to the story line. I give this series a 9/10 only because of some of the lame CGI. I hope you all see this!

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