Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 106: Considering 20 New Release Horror Films of 2016

hmp-106-artBoasting 16 brand new reviews of 2016 horror movies (plus 4 more post-mortem discussions of 2016 films we’ve already covered), Episode 106 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST may be the most monstrous of any Frankenstenian episodes to date!

This week Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock welcome artist, cinephile, and long-time HMP listener Allyson Clark (that’s Allyson with a “Y”) of Little Wing Faerie Art to the show to review The Wailing (2016), The Neon Demon (2016)The Love Witch (2016), and Yoga Hosers (2016). Jay and Josh also review The Eyes of My Mother (2016), The Monster (2016), Under the Shadow (2016), Train to Busan (2016), Beyond the Gates (2016), Baskin (2016), Pet (2016), Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016), Shut In (2016), The Girl in the Photographs (2016), The Good Neighbor (2016) and 13 Cameras (2016). Plus, Dr. Shock brings his take on The Conjuring 2 (2016)The Boy (2016), The Shallows (2016) and Don’t Breathe (2016).

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I. Introduction
— Welcome guest Allyson “The Horror Unicorn” Clark (Little Wing Faerie Art)
— Hear BillChete’s Top 10 Horror Movies of 2016 on Horror on the Go!
— Prize winners! Be sure to get in touch!

[ 00:07:09 ] II. Feature Review: THE WAILING (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 10 ( Buy it! )
Allyson = 8.5 ( High-priority Rental / Stream on Netflix )

-Mini Review: The Conjuring 2 (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 7.5 ( Theater / Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 8 ( Buy it! )

-Mini Review: The Boy (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 8.5 ( Theater / Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 6 ( Low-priority Rental )

-Mini Review: Beyond the Gates (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 5 ( Low-priority Rental )

[ 00:49:11 ] III. Feature Review THE NEON DEMON (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( Rental )
Allyson = 6.5 ( Rental )

-Mini Review: The Love Witch (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( Rental for most, Must See for Cinephiles like Dr. Shock )
Allyson = 9 ( Buy it for Allyson, but probably an Avoid for most Horror fans )

-Mini Review: Yoga Hosers (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 3 ( Avoid )
Allyson = 3 ( Avoid )

—Be sure to catch up with Allyson:
Follow Allyson Clark on Twitter @LittleWingFae
Check out Allyson’s work: LittleWingFaerie Art.com

-Mini Review: The Shallows (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 6 ( Rental )
Dr. Shock = 7.5 ( High-priority Rental )

-Mini Review: 13 Cameras (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental )

-Mini Review: Don’t Breathe (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 9 ( Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh = 8.5 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 9 ( Buy it! )

-Mini Review: The Good Neighbor (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( High-priority Rental )

—Dr. Shock signs off for the night. If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to check out Jay’s interview with Dr. Shock regarding his DVD Infatuation.

Movie Podcast Network Holiday Greeting from the Geek Cast Live Podcast

[ 01:54:50 ] IV. Feature Review: PET (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 4.5 ( Low-priority Rental )

-Mini Review: The Monster (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 6.5 ( Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 6.5 ( Rental )

-Mini Review: Baskin (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Avoid )

-Mini Review: Shut In (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 5.5 ( Rental )

-Mini Review: The Girl in the Photographs (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental )

[ 02:50:46 ] V. Feature Review: UNDER THE SHADOW (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( High-priority Rental )

—Mini Review: Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 4 ( Avoid )

[ 03:14:34 ] VI. Feature Review: THE EYES OF MY MOTHER (2016)
Jay of the Dead = 7.5 ( Strong Rental / One of the Should-Sees of 2016 )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Avoid )

Another Movie Podcast Network Holiday Greeting, courtesy of The Sci-Fi Podcast

[ 03:43:24 ] VII. Feature Review: TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016)
Wolfman Josh = 8 ( Buy it! )

[00:00:00] VIII. Wrap-up / Plugs

— Mainstream Theater Releases on the Horror Periphery:
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Girl on the Train, Morgan, They Look Like People
— Contests
— Kagan’s HMP Slasher Madness final results!
— Christmas Horror 2016!

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201 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 106: Considering 20 New Release Horror Films of 2016

  1. A few “hopes” from your host, Jay of the Dead:

    1.) I hope everyone enjoys this 4-hour and 10-minute episode. It’s one of my all-time favorites!

    2. I hope everyone gives a big shout-out to THE HORROR UNICORN (aka Allyson with a Y), who gives us the honor of sharing her first-ever podcasting experience with HMP. And she’s a total pro.

    3. I hope everyone will e-mail his or her Top 10 Horror Movies of 2016 list to HorrorMoviePodcast@gmail.com BEFORE January 1, 2017. Please, please put “Top 10 Horror Movies of 2016” in your e-mail subject line. (Our Top 10 show is slated to release on Friday, January 6, 2017.)

    4.) And I hope everyone will join us THIS UPCOMING FRIDAY (Dec. 23) for our Christmas Horror 2016 episode. Merry Christmas!

    Much love,
    Jay of the Dead

    Horror Movie Podcast
    Dead Serious About Horror Movies.

  2. Yes! I’m totally on the same level as Wolfman Josh regarding The Wailing. It’s one of those films that took a few days to properly process in my mind but now I can safely say that I’d rate it a 10/10 as well.

    I’m super curious to know what Jay would think of this movie. It’s one of those where I really can’t predict where he’d come in on it. I could see him finding it boring but on the other side of the coin he might get a kick out of how well crafted, original and truly chilling it is. In fact I think “chilling” is the best way to describe it. It’s not overflowing with jump scares of gratuitous amounts of gore (though Allyson’s right when she points out that there’s a fair bit of blood) but by the end of the movie it had climbed a subtle curve from engaging, slightly goofy police procedural to tense, utterly heart-rending horror of the most profound nature. Not necessarily a jump-out-of-your seat experience but one that hangs over you for much longer.

    • And the touchstones mentioned on this episode with regards to this film (Memories of a Murder, I Saw the Devil etc) are all excellent recommendations for anyone who enjoyed The Wailing. I’d also throw out the movie “Ghastly” from 2011. It’s nowhere near as good and much more generic in regards to horror tropes but it shares a similar atmosphere and supernatural folkloric elements, as well as very disturbing tone.

      I’d also recommend the J-horror/thriller “Cure” from 1997. It’s more of a police procedural type film but I recall it being really well made and possessing a similar level of tense ambiguity and ominous momentum.

      • Thanks for those recommendations, David. They are going on my list. My Japanese cinematic experience is nearly as limited as my Korean.

        I loved your description of The Wailing. Your understanding of and confidence in the classical supernatural elements of horror is something I’ve always appreciated. For some reason, I always start second-guessing myself on these shows when Jay is pressing me as to whether something is “really horror” or not. Oh, no! What will BillChete think?! That has been such a hard habit for me to break.

    • Yes yes! I’m right there with you guys. I knew I loved this movie after my first viewing, but it wasn’t until I could completely process the film and understand all the cultural references that I truly appreciated what it does. So, in the hopes of helping others fully decode the film, as promised (by Wolfman), below is the **SPOILER-FILLED** CliffsNotes video explaining The Wailing.

    • And I agree that chilling is a good word to describe The Wailing. This is not a jump scare movie; it’s deep, extremely dark and very disturbing. I think that’s why the organic comedic elements, especially early on, help to provide some balance.

      I really hope that JOTD and Doc also get a chance to watch this one before the end of the year. Whether you enjoy the subject matter of the film or not, objectively speaking, it’s one of the finest examples of horror in cinema we’ve seen in recent years.

      One final note (plea) to Jason – please do not let the long runtime and the mention of “comedic elements” scare you away from watching The Wailing. I promise, the comedic parts are not slapstick or forced; they are organic to the story, and serve to establish the main character (and explain his actions later on) while providing a bit of balance to the incredibly dark events of the film.

      Just watch it. Especially if you liked I Saw the Devil – which I know you did – then chances are pretty high that you’ll love The Wailing.

  3. Haven’t listened to it yet, but having a quick look at the rating for Baskin, I would totally agree with the Wolfman , avoid like the plague! I was looking forward to it based on the trailers, but the slow first act really wore me down, and when it finally amped up the horror it had a kind of plodding inevitability to it. There are so many movies that did the same thing better (I’m thinking movies like “Kill List” and “Witching And Bitching”).The Wailing has been sitting there for a while too, but I’ve been avoiding it due to the long run-time, and my relative dislike of the directors movie, Yellow Sea. Glad to see the positive ratings, gonna definitely have to get around to it over the holidays.

      • Wolfman, have you seen any of the Witching And Bitching director’s other movies? (Alex de la Iglesia). I remember Day Of The Beast and The Last Circus being really good. He did a few dark comedies too, Commonwealth and Ferpect Crime, which were quite decent.

        • No! Now that you mention him, I do recognize some of his movie posters, I think just from back when I worked at a video store, but this was my first exposure to Alex de la Iglesia. Really great stuff, tonally. I’m interested in checking out some of his other work. Do the others all have horror elements?

          • The Last Circus does for sure. It’s about 2 clowns who are in love with the same trapeze artist.
            here’s the trailer.

            Day of the Beast is features a priest convinced that the antichrist has been born. This one I remember has being more skewed towards comedy. Again, here’s the trailer.

            Of the 2 I remember liking The Last Circus more. On a side note there’s another movie called Strange Circus by Japanese director Sion Sono which is a pretty messed up psychological/body horror film. I just mention it as you said in the comments you hadn’t delved too much into Japanese horror, and Sion Sono would be a place to start. Also Confessions, not a Sono film but excellent. I think it was nominated for the foreign language Oscar a few years ago. There’s also Noroi: The Curse, supernatural found footage that pre-dates Blair Witch Project. It creeped the hell out of me.

    • I haven’t gotten to the Baskin part of the podcast yet, but I agree with what you’re saying, Brian. Well, not entirely… I wouldn’t say avoid like the plague, but I definitely agree there are many other really good (some even great) new horror films that are readily available for quick and easy streaming that would be better worth your time. I’m a little sad about Baskin, though, because I know there are a few people in the community who really love it. I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something. I just felt the extreme difference in tone and material between the beginning half of the film and end was a bit too jarring, and not in a “good” unsettling kind of way.

  4. Currently listening to the show and I am astonished by the high praise Conjuring 2 seems to be receiving. I absolutely hated this film, despite loving the first Conjuring. It’s fair to say I went in to this film with a sour taste, due to having researched the Enfield case beforehand and realising the Warrens had little, if anything to do with the actual event. The main antagonist just didn’t work for me either. Although, I did love the study scene with the painting, which made me somewhat uneasy. I can’t recommend enough the 3 part series – The Enfield haunting. Fantastic watch if anyone gets a chance.

    I’ve been using this past week to catch up with new horror films I’ve missed. Don’t Breathe in particular was fantastic and I did enjoy The Boy. Next up tonight is Train to Buscan! Can’t wait. After hearing the recommendation of The Wailing, I’m currently on the hunt for that before submitting my year end top 10.

    • I liked The Conjuring 2 and it made my list, but after doing the research on it I was a little disappointed as well. I really don’t like the supposed biographical nature of the film because it actually detracts from my enjoyment, but I am a fan of time period horror movies. IMHO you have to look at the movie as a artifact unto itself otherwise the history can distract from the good elements.

    • I see from your Twitter that you watched and enjoyed Train to Busan, Colin. So glad.

      I agree with Frank that I really enjoy these films as worlds unto themselves. I’m a little scared to do too much research into the Warrens since there seems to be so much contempt for them. I absolutely love them as characters.

    • How much of your dislike for The Conjuring 2 do you think has to do with the real life Enfield case? While I agree that I don’t quite understand how some people would prefer this one to the original The Conjuring, but I still thought this was an effective film with some really interesting visuals.

      I hope you get a chance to catch The Wailing sometime soon. As they said on the show, it’s currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S. Not sure about Scotland, though, but I would say it’s well worth a rental, at the very least.

      • It probably did hinder my enjoyment of the film a lot. However, I am somewhat a fan of The Warrens and thoroughly enjoyed their book ‘The Demonologist.’ Wan has certainly struck gold as there are countless creepy tales left to uncover and the casting of Wilson and Farmiga was fantastic. With that being said, too many times did I find myself shaking my head at the dialogue and wondering how else I could have spent 2 and a half hours of my night. I agree visually they captured Britain beautifully with a washed out, desperate pallet juxtaposing the creamy, soothing texture of The Warrens’ home. The Elvis singalong we are ‘Treated’ to was painful! I can see what Wan was trying to achieve with perhaps the success of attaching “Tiptoe through the tulips” to the Insidious films… but honestly, it felt so out of place and downright awkward. The mainstream boom and bang technique had me jumping from my seat in the past; it just doesn’t work for me anymore. Seeing films such as Green Room, The Witch and Don’t breathe have opened my eyes to the subtle approach of building tension. The Conjuring 2 felt all over the place; one-minute suspense is being built; the next everyone is running around like headless chickens in an action packed adventure. This however is just my opinion, and I would certainly be open to a re-watch in the New Year :D.

        Thank you. The Wailing is definitely one I am interested in after hearing you all talk about it. Frustratingly they are showing it on the big screen in Glasgow on the 27th – the week I am away to Ireland visiting family! It’s not available on Netflix here, but thankfully Youtube and Google have it for £5.99.

  5. I finally got round to watching The Wailing tonight and after hearing peoples thoughts on it I was very hopeful about it. I was not disappointed! Not only is it probably the best Korean horror movie I have ever seen but it is certainly up there with the best Asian horrors too. As I told the Twitter group, it didn’t feel like 2hrs 36mins and I could have happily watched it for longer. I was so enthralled by the story and the characters. Even though there was one scene I did not like, the story and performances were so good that The Wailing is still a 10/10 and a must watch.

    It could also knock The Witch off my number 1 spot. I am yet to decide!

    • Great to hear that you enjoyed The Wailing, Gareth. This is the kind of movie that I’d usually be a bit dubious about recommending to horror fans because of the slow burn nature of it, so it’s really awesome and reassuring to see so many people in this community embracing it.

      • It had been on my list for quite a while as I do enjoy Asian horror but after Dino, Josh and several others on the twitter group kept recommending it, I put it at the top of my list. Everything about it was just perfect! well there was the one scene with a dog I did not like but i can forgive them for that as everything else was perfect.

  6. 1. Allyson… you were awesome! I would love to hear you on the show more!!! You have a different perspective, so it was fun to get your voice in there.

    2. Nice to see you guys giving yourself a break after doing those 4 hour slasher episodes to then review… like 20 freakin’ movies!

    Now I don’t feel like my top 10 list is qualified. I have at least 3 more mandatory viewings after hearing this episode!


    We have 3 great giveaways for our Christmas episode. 2 more amazing slasher ornaments from Cryptocurium, a beautiful Krampus t-shirt from Fright Rags, and the Monster Squad “Stephen King Rules” t-shirt pin that we forgot to give away on episode 105. Oops.

    1. A Cryptocurium Tweet and Instagram post will go out today (Monday, December 19th, 2016). To be eligible for the slasher ornaments drawing, you must follow both @HorrorMovieCast and @JasonMcKittrick on Twitter or @HorrorMovieCast and @the_cryptocurium on Instagram, like our post, and Retweet or Regram our post by the time we record on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016. 1 winner will be chosen from Twitter and one will be chosen from Instagram, so you increase your odds if you do it on both platforms.

    2. A FrightRags Tweet and Instagram post will go out today (Monday, December 19th, 2016). To be eligible for the Krampus t-shirt drawing, you must follow both @HorrorMovieCast and @FrightRags on Twitter or @HorrorMovieCast and @FrightRags on Instagram, like our post, and Retweet or Regram our post by the time we record on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016. 1 winner will be chosen from Twitter and one will be chosen from Instagram, so you increase your odds if you do it on both platforms.

    3. If you want to be eligible for the Monster Squad pin, we’ll be selecting a winner from those who have given us an iTunes review (preferably win a 5 star rating). All drawings happen this Wednesday!

  8. Great episode; one of the best yet. Awesome job, Allyson. Will be checking out The Wailing and Train to Busan for sure before submitting my top ten.

    In regards to Don’t Breathe, I guess maybe I’m just that guy but I was pretty ho hum about it after finally catching up to it this weekend. It was perfectly fine but I’m not getting all the high praise; I definitely don’t feel the need to watch it again. Would probably give it a 6. Am I alone here?

    And I agree with you, Josh on The Good Neighbor. That was a nice surprise this year. Much preferred that over Don’t Breathe.

    I will also say I’m definitely in Jay’s camp when it comes to The Boy. It’s a lot of fun. Still not sure why it gets such a visceral reaction from a lot of people but to each their own.

        • I think it’s worth checking out, but my feeling is that you’ll fall on the same side as Doc on it. I think you’ll be on board until the final 15 minutes or so. I’m not sure whether or not the ending will completely ruin the film for you, but I think it will disappoint you at the very least.

          Just my hunch.

        • It’s really bad, Josh. Not as abysmal as The Forest, but it’ll make you feel like you could’ve spent your time in much better ways. Like washing dishes for instance.

          • The ending did piss me off, but I didn’t love the movie and even with a different ending, I wouldn’t have been as high on it. I’m not big on creepy doll movies to begin with*, so the premise alone wasn’t that interesting to me in the first place.

            *Child’s Play being a big exception because it knows what it is and owns the hell out of it.

            • That’s fair. I tend to like creepy doll movies, but I still wouldn’t say The Boy is a creepy doll masterpiece. I think it’s a somewhat strong offering in that sub-genre, though. And the ending didn’t piss me off that much. I was pretty ho hum about it. Overall, it sits somewhere in the 6-6.5 range for me.

    • I absolutely loved The Boy. The movie has that slow, creepy, atmospheric vibe that I think can be polarizing for many people. I’m a huge fan of slow building flicks and I can sit through the slowest films, such as Unbreakable, for instance. It’s one of those movies where your just quietly watching someone else experience a creepy environment and learn to interact with something that is mysterious and paranormal. Every time something eerie happens you look over your shoulder. Then *stuff* gets serious at the end. Unlike others, I enjoyed the ending and it actually made me watch the movie again to re-evaluate what I had seen. The second viewing won’t be the same, I promise.

    • I’m sort of with you on Don’t Breathe, Jonathan, but not quite as extreme. I know some have it in their “best horror film of the year” discussion, which I don’t quite understand. As it stands now, it IS in my top 10 of the year, though. It’s in the 8-8.5 range for me.

      As for The Boy, I think the reaction definitely comes from the ending. It is quite extreme in terms of taking a major detour from what the rest of the film built up. That will most likely either appeal to some or really really piss off others to the point of making them turn on the film altogether. I’m somewhere in the middle: I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.

      • This is a surprise to me. I saw the movie with you and you seemed very impressed by it. It’s not my favorite horror movie of the year either, but it is one of my favorites and had it not been for an exceptional year, it would probably land the top spot. Along with The Shallows, this was easily one of the most fun horror movie this year.

        • We also watched it just after Blair Witch, which I was disappointed with. And I’m not saying I didn’t like Don’t Breathe… I liked it a lot, actually (it’s still in my top 10, and I would say I’ve seen a good amount of 2016 horror)… I just don’t quite see it as a “best of the year” type movie. That said, in any other year, it’s solidly in my top 5.

      • Like I said, I definitely didn’t hate it; I for the most part liked it but just wouldn’t be in my top ten this year.

        I don’t think this is a spoiler because I think most everyone has been made aware there is a scene with a turkey baster but that scene really took me out of the movie Not so much because I found it disturbing (which I did), but mainly because this is Lang’s big scene where he is laying it all out there, his pain and what not, and the whole time I’m just seeing him holding that turkey baster. I had a hard time taking the movie seriously at that point; just my opinion.

        Movie had a lot of good scenes – the dog scene in the car was just brilliant. I thought Lang, Jane Levy, and Dylan Minette (who kind of stole the movie) did a great job. Could have done without the Daniel Zovatto character, Money, who just felt like a fresh meat character – very pointless. That character needs to be retired from horror films.

        Overall, like I said, it was a fine movie. Found the first half to be a lot more interesting than the second half. For whatever reason the more the movie revealed the less I became interested and the already mentioned turkey baster confession scene just didn’t play for me on any level other than absurd.

        Just my take and I know I’m in the minority.

  9. Great episode as always. My 2016 list is already set. How’s yours?

    1. Train to Busan
    2. The Boy
    3. The Conjuring 2
    4. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    5. Don’t Breathe
    6. The Love Witch
    7. The Invitation
    8. Hush
    9. Lights Out
    10. The Wailing

    Worst: The Darkness

    Jay Award (Most controversial horror movie): Desierto

    • Strong list, Frank. I’m having a hard time with the placement of The Wailing, but great selection of films on your list. And yes, Desierto looks controversial as both a film and a horror film. Worth checking out, I guess?

      • I knew you liked The Wailing more than me, but I am willing to revisit it.

        Desierto is only good in that I can make up the Jay Award, say that the movie deserves it, and devil Jay in the process for his controversial picks.

  10. As anyone seen Francesca yet? I’ve heard it’s a cool modern giallo which I’m always down for. Curious if it’s worth watching.

    • Had not even heard of Francesca, but I just looked it up on IMDb and it looks great. It is $4.99 on Amazon. I’d like to check it out. Just wondering if it is a 2015 or 2016. If it is 2015, I’m just going to wait a month or two because I have so much 2016 to catch up on.

      IT doesn’t even have a U.S. release date listed on IMDb. Where’s Jody when you need him? Jody?!

      • I threw it on the 2016 list based on what we all decided upon with Howl, which is sort of setting a precedent.

        Howl had a full overseas theatrical release in 2015, but was unavailable to watch at all except piracy until January 2016 in the US so most, if not all, listeners lean toward it being on their 2016 lists.

        Thus, apply the same principal with Francesca. Theatrical in Spain in 2015. Unavailable in US until 2016, so that’s my verdict.

        • Thanks, Jody. Following you now on letterboxed. Curious, is it worth going pro? I’m assuming you think yes since you are but just curious what the differences are. I believe I read something on being able to import docs but wasn’t sure what else was added to the experience.

          • Thanks! I will follow back. The reason I went pro initially was for the “Service” option which is for seeing which streaming service has a particular movie. It’s not always accurate though.

            There are also extra stats that Letterboxed runs for you based on your activity and gives you an annual “Year In Review”. I’ll probably renew Pro again, especially if they tighten up the Service feature.

  11. I will wait to post my 2016 picks on the Jan 6 episode. But I have to mention Eyes of My Mother as a wtf of 2016. I don’t know how to feel about this one. It was very different, but I almost thought it was too much. Like it was trying to be gritty and artsy.

    And I thought Neon Demon was visually stunning but lacked any gusto.

    I absolutely loved Under the Shadow and that took my #1 pick in 2016. I have been waiting for a movie that left me very unsettled. This movie really had a strong impact on me. It’s very David Lynch in the fact that some of the things the characters do seem completely absurd yet normal at the same time. And the fact this made a sheet utterly horrifying is impressive.

    I am curios to see what anyone else thought of Trash Fire. I loved it but have realized I am in the minority. I also loved Ava’s Possession in 2015 and it seemed like everyone else hated that movie as well.

    I can’t wait to see everyone’s 2016 picks!

    • I didn’t mind Ava’s Possession. I thought it was pretty clever and fresh take on possession movies. Not in my top 10, though, and I haven’t seen Trash Fire.

      • Ava’s Possessions had a fresh take on a worn subject definitely is worth a viewing. I gave it a 8/10.back in April.
        I clearly enjoyed it.

    • I’m with you 100% on The Eyes of My Mother and The Neon Demon, Projectile Varmint.

      So glad that you liked Under the Shadow as much as you did. I don’t think it will make my Top 3, but it will be there soon after, I think. Great film.

      Debating if I should try to squeeze Trash Fire in for my 2016 viewing (do you think it’s worth it?) and I did not see Ava’s Possession.

      • Well I am into moody movies that don’t rely on plot. This movie had a very moody atmosphere. I don’t think many people would like this one. For you, I would say low priority rental because you And I have very different ratings of the same movies. I’m so curious to see your top ten!

        • I’m excited to see how my list turns out too! I’m still trying to fit a few in. Curious which films we have “very different ratings” for because I enjoyed every movie on your list that I’ve seen and more than a few will make my list, I think.

    • That sheet is the thing that has stuck with me the most from Under the Shadow. Very cool and scary visual, for sure.

      I haven’t seen Trash Fire yet, but I have heard some good things about it elsewhere. That, along with your positive opinion of it, has bumped it back up on my queue. Definitely going to try and get to it before the end of the year.

      • Don’t blame me if you hate it. I love indie horror way more than mainstream. This is definitely indie but not low budget.

  12. We’ve got family in town, so I have to wait a few days until I can sit down and listen to this episode, but I wanted to say thanks again for inviting me. I felt quite honored to come on the show. I also, forgot to mention previously how much I LOVED the 80’s slasher episodes. It was great hearing such thorough and entertaining coverage of my favorite horror sub-genre. A big thank you to all of you (including GregaMortis) for putting in the time on those.

    • You did a great job, Allyson. Thanks for elevating the conversation.

      And glad you liked the slasher coverage! Those long-running themes are always a bit grueling, but they were a lot of fun.

    • Loved hearing you on the show, Allyson. I’m still not finished with the episode, but from what I’ve heard so far, I thought you did a great job and brought a different (and welcome) perspective to the show. Hopefully we’ll get to hear you again in the future!

  13. Challenged by Wolfman Josh on Twitter to actually defend a film I kind of liked… have to admit, I love a challenge… not sure it’ll differ too much from the review from Wolfman Josh, but I was a little more pleased than most.

    Yoga Hosers

    For those who don’t know, this is Kevin Smith’s latest cinematic venture into his True North Anthology. It’s currently planned as a trilogy, but one never knows where his Canadian fixation may lead him. The films are only slightly interconnected, and Smith immediately let’s the audience know that the tone of this film will be vastly different from the one set by the first film in his series. While both films feature horror elements, Yoga Hosers is a much stronger return to his comedic roots and bears strong similarities to his earlier work.

    This film sees the return of Guy LaPointe (Johnny Depp) and the Colleens (Harley Quinn Smith and Lily Rose Depp) from Tusk. The two convenience store clerk teens are a best friend “pair” with a band and a reputation after being featured in the rescue of the Human Walrus experiment from the first film. Sarcastic, irreverent and dismissive of the world around them, the Colleens are super excited to be invited to a senior party when they’re plans come crashing down in a series of mishaps that uncover a secret underground Nazi experiment beneath their store. LaPointe returns to aid the girls when his investigation into a string of grisly murders brings him back to their store. There is obviously a lot of raw talent in the Colleens, who are carrying the majority of the film on their own backs. They overshadow the strange LaPointe at every turn and deliver fine performances on their own.

    This isn’t really a “horror” film by any stretch of the imagination. In point of fact, this is a very odd film that sort of defies the ease of genre classification… but let me take you back to the mid-to-late 80’s and the local video stores stock of obscure titles: Munchies, Ghoulies, Critters, and a number of other low budget films- quirky “light-horror” films with less of an eye toward scares and much more of an eye toward a few thrills and low brow humor. That’s what this film is and in that regard it hits the mark. Smith wrote and shot a film that would appeal to the preteen kids and it should be measured as such… so with that in mind, the film is often silly, a little stupid, and incredibly crass.

    But the film is also an endearing and affectionate homage to those films.

    The film isn’t going to appeal to a majority of viewers, but I was entertained throughout and found myself feeling kind of happy when all was said and done. There were a few laugh out loud moments, some gross outs, and an impressive monster suit.

    Unfortunately, whether budget constraints or a lack of shooting time prevented it; Smith’s lighting choices were not done very well in showing off the suit itself. Instead of looking like the gross and disgusting assortment of rotting meat that it was, the suit looked like precisely what it was- foam rubber and latex.

    5.5 out of 10 and a low priority rental.

    • Thanks for taking me up on my challenge, RCJ. I like the comparisons to Munchies, Ghoulies, and Critters. However, I think the horror elements were stronger in all of those films. The Critters scared the crap out of me as a kid. The very idea of Ghoulies did too. I’m not sure the Bratzies could have wreaked the same havoc on my childhood psyche.

      I’m with you. It’s not awful. Well, it is awful, but it’s enjoyably awful. I could watch it a couple more times and if there were extensive bonus features on the disc, I might even buy it.

      It’s just not a film I could really recommend to anyone. Especially horror fans. And that scares me for Moosejaws because I so want that to be good.

      • I don’t know if I should be worried… but the truth is that he’s going to make whatever he makes. I sincerely fell out of love with Kevin Smith movies after Zack and Miri, but I kind of fell in love with Tusk and it’s willingness to be something so different. And while I did enjoy Yoga Hosers, I do hope for something far better with Moosejaw. Could be good or might suck.

  14. Josh, I agree with your take on Beyond the Gates. The time gap issues bothered me as well. It simply annoyed me that they would come to a big realization in the game and then instead of continuing they would wander off and have a drink or something.

    It rarely makes sense to criticize a movie for what it is not, but I really wish this film had taken place in a smaller time frame. They could have had this take place in one night and have a very tight, intense, and compact horror film that could have been something special with this premise.

    Regardless there are things to like. Barbara Crampton is at the top of the list; this might be my favorite performance of hers.

    In the end, it’s a miss for me but oh, what could have been.

  15. Loved the episode. Must have been some late night movie cramming sessions involved here. Fantastic job by Allyson. Nice insight and is nice to have a feminine voice among all the guys. I look forward to hearing from you again. I realize I have a bunch of movies to watch in the next week in order to put in a top 10 list worthy of the show. One question: Does The Invitation count as a 2016 movie? Does it count as a horror?

    • We are all counting The Invitation as both 2016 and horror and I would not be surprised to see it turn up on a lot of lists (though I don’t think it will make mine).

      And I agree again. Allyson was excellent.

  16. allyson with a y needs to be a permanent member of the cast. she is a fresh and knowledgeable voice! plus a male only perspective is limiting. she brought alot to the table and should continue to do so. well done allyson!

    • Adding a permanent member to the cast is always tricky, but Allyson was definitely good enough and she is welcome to join us anytime. Open invitation. She was great. We’d also love to get as many female voices involved in the show as are interested. We’ve got a lot of smart ladies just here in the comments between Allyson/Allison, Bonnie, Buffy, Cora, Chantel, Michelle and of course Projectile Varmint. We hope they’ll send their lists and leave voicemails and we’ll look for opportunities to get them on the show.

    • I am incredibly flattered! I have to say that the dynamic that these guys have is one of my favorite things about the show, and I personally have never felt anything was missing. I would love to come back sometime though, maybe for a Gialli or Fulci disscusion, or if anyone ever wants to talk about Suspiria in depth (I know Jay would be excited about that). As Wolfman Josh said, there are many intelligent and great female listeners in the HMP community and it would be wonderful to hear from any or all of them at some point.

  17. The Love Witch sounds like something I would enjoy but the release date isn’t March 2017 for the U.K :( I am really looking forward to it though. I have just been looking at my top 10 list (so far, I have two more to watch) and I think my top 5 is set in stone.

    • I feel really good about my Top 5 as well, Gareth, but my next 15 are somewhat interchangeable. Trying to cram in the next two weeks.

      The Love Witch is really interesting. It’s a disruption to everything going on in indie film and horror right now.

  18. Great episode guys and gals! There are a couple of other movies that I’ve seen on a few lists that I wonder if anyone has seen yet? Autopsy and Evolution. They both sound like they could be interesting.
    Did anyone else see Jeruzalem? Under the Shadow seems to have a similar concept. Jeruzalem wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen, but I was glad I watched it. Couple of scary moments and the Demons were pretty cool looking.
    So far, this hasn’t been a too stellar year for Horror. There were some good movies, but to me 2012 was the best of 2010’s so far. You had movies like American Mary, The Cabin in the Woods, The Collection, Grabbers, Grave Encounters 2, Lovely Molly, Maniac, Silent House, and VHS. I’d say 2014 was a good year also. I hope the rest of the 2010’s bring some good Horror I can sink my teeth into. What’s been your guys’ favorite year of the 2010’s?

    • Interesting. To be honest, I think this is the best year for horror since I’ve been podcasting about it. 2012 was good, looking back, but I think I like all of the movies in my Top 5 for 2016 better than those.

      I do need to get to Evolution. I didn’t yet because I was thinking it was a little more sci-fi. By Autopsy, I’m guessing you mean The Autopsy of Jane Doe. I didn’t think it would be out until 2017, but I guess Varmint here saw it. I know Juan saw it at SXSW and really loved it. Hope I can find a way to see it in time.

      • I just didn’t see that much variety this year. My top 5 were a couple of home invasions, a period piece, a held captive and a possession movie. Look at2012, my top Cabin in the Woods, Maniac, American Mary, Grabbers and VHS. That’s a pretty good variety of Horror. You got the Horror Comedy, Serial Killer, Body Horror, Creature Feature and Anthology. I’ll stick with 2012, thank you very much.

      • Wolfman- I agree totally that this has been the BEST year for horror in years! I was blown away by the number of quality indie horror flicks out there. I could have made a top 20 list!

    • Have you seen Under the Shadow, or are you asking if it was similar to JeruZalem? If you’re asking, I can say that they are decidedly not similar films. A good parallel to Under the Shadow would be The Babadook. They are essentially the same film at their core, just set in different countries at different times.

      And I’m with Wolfman on 2016 horror. I would go so far as to say this has been the best year in horror since the new millennium. I know that’s a bold statement and some might be thinking “recency bias,” but I think what differentiates this year from others is that there’s so much quality in the indie offerings and foreign cinema to go along with some really solid bigger releases.

  19. Allyson sounded so freakin’ comfortable and natural podcasting. If this was the first episode of HMP I heard, I would have thought she was one of the co-hosts.

  20. I was putting off watching a horror movie so I listened to this episode, got inspired, and watched two movies! I caught up on 13 Cameras and The Good Neighbor. Both were enjoyable watches. There are a lot of movies this year with home invasion or break-in type scenarios. Quite a few hostages in basements too.

  21. My top 10…
    1. I am a Hero
    2. Train to Busan
    3. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    4. Don’t Breath
    5. Green Room
    6. The Shallows
    7. The Witch
    8. Hush
    9. Southbound
    10. I’m leaving this spot blank because I’m watching The Wailing this weekend and I’m sure from what I know…this will be right up my alley. The top 2 spots are set in stone…will see where The Wailing fits in after I watch it.

    • I love this Top 10, but I will say that it is a little less outside-the-norm for you, Shannon. I’d expect some picks that are a little more off-the-wall. I like every movie on here that I’ve seen, though. I don’t think I’ll catch I Am a Hero until 2017, though. Having it at your number one makes me want to see it even more.

    • Exactly what Wolfman said. Solid list in my opinion, but if you gave me 10 different top 10 lists and told me to guess which one was yours, this would not be the one I’d pick!

      • I know what you guys are saying…my top 8 was very easy for me and all feel like no brainers…but when I got to 9 I hit a brick wall because there were no other horror movies this year that stuck with me at all…So I settled with Southbound and was happy to learn about The Wailing last week from Josh so I had something to fill out the top ten…I guess for me the best horror movies this year were really great and the rest were pretty meh…

  22. I just watched “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” tonight. I think it’s released December 23rd according to IMDB but I had it on my fire stick. There are a bunch of plot holes with this movie but it was entertaining from start to finish (One plot hole was the overall premise…like why two mortuary attendants are doing police detective work gathering evidence, and determining the cause of death.) There were a few classic horror scare tactics but I felt like the idea of the movie was pretty original. I got all sorts of different feels from this movie. I really don’t know what to make of it. It’s almost like Last Shift meets and episode of Law and Order SVU. Anyone else seen it? I’m curious what you all think/will think of it.

    • Hi there, I’m glad to finally be able to chat to someone that has also seen The Autopsy of Jane Doe. It’s been a few months since I watched the movie, so I’m a little sketchy on some details. Having said that, I do want to keep this spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the movie but we can get into full spoilers if you’d like.

      I had a totally different reaction to the movie than you did. It took me on a ride and just when things were reaching their climax, I had the rug pulled from under me and the movie dialed it all to 11 and never let go until the very end. This is one of the most fun, tense, and engaging horror movies I’ve seen in a while. Originality is rare amongst this genre, so the fact that it’s different from anything I’ve seen is good enough to make me want to pay special attention to it. It also manages to tackle a very underutilized subgenre without resorting to any of the usual tropes one could associate with it. I went in completely unaware as to what I was about to watch and left in a state of awe. I’ve only seen the movie once, so I’m excited to revisit it and see if it’s as good as I remember it.

      As far as the plot holes go, sure, there might be some if you start thinking about it, but this is just meant to be fun so any inconsistencies one might find don’t detract from the fun factor for me. If I went into every horror movie looking for obvious plot holes, I wouldn’t enjoy any of them. The whole slasher subgenre would cease to exist.

      Anyway, I’m glad that you saw it and I’d be happy to discuss with you in more detail.

      • Okay, I mobile posted so wasn’t able to go into much detail in my post. I don’t think we had different reactions. We both agree that this movie was an enjoyable watch! I was saying that is had me feeling a lot of different emotions. I liked the element of “National Treasure” in this movie…do you know what I mean? They went from mortuary people to treasure hunters.

        I have see a few morgue movies but this one really amped up the tension and provided scares without solely relying on loud music and fast camera cuts. The mirror scene in the hallway was maybe my favorite scare.

        On things I didn’t love is the ending where they wrapped up everything neatly with a little bow on it. I love ambiguous endings where you are left to decide what happened. I thought the whole premise was new yet a little too neatly packed up for us.

        This is definitely a must watch for all horror fans because it has so many different scare tactics that I think anyone can enjoy it. If you like slow build this movie may not be for you because the plot takes off right away and keeps going. There are few twists and turns but no huge plot twists or 180 degree turns. All in all I would rate it an 8/10. I already sent in my top ten but upon revision I think this could squeeze in at 9 and knock my 10 pick out. (Don’t Breathe)

        My top ten list is ALL over the place though, and I have random tastes but can defend my picks adamantly. I am very curious to see everyone’s picks!

        • Oh man, I feel like a dork for misreading your original post. I got the impression that you were being negative on it haha. Then yes, we’re pretty much eye to eye on this.

    • I plan to watch this one before our Top 10 of the year show, and have been looking forward to seeing it. You saying it’s an “original” horror film has me even more excited to check it out.

      As for the plot hole you mentioned, the one (very basic) description I read of the movie says the two leads are a father / son coroner team. When a cause of death isn’t obvious (and, in some cases, even when it is), the coroner has the final say on how a person died, and their investigation is carried out by way of an autopsy.

      If they were, indeed, mortuary attendants, then you’re absolutely right; they should have minded their own business. But if they’re coroners, an investigation is part of the job.

      Thanks for your feedback on the movie! I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out on the show.

      • You must watch before top tens! I feel like this will creep into a lot of the listeners top ten lists. It follows a recipe for an enjoyable horror flick by making some “substitutions” to classic horror ingredients. I’m super curious to hear what you think.

  23. Every time that Jay disagrees with another host about the quality of a movie and tells them to look at the film from another perspective I shake my head. You got to put on your Jay-Goggles and the movie makes sense guys. Love it.

  24. One movie I watched about a month ago a 2016 called Fear Inc. and was wondering if anyone else did? It may just sneak in to my top ten of the year. Yes, it has its flaws. Many of the outcomes can be predicted and it can be telegraphed well become events happen, but the acting was decent for a horror, the premise was intriguing, and it had humour that was enjoyable (in my opinion), at least in the first half of the movie. I enjoyed that it was a total homage to past horrors and the genre as a whole. The film fell a bit I felt in the second half, and the ending was a bit of a letdown, but it did have some suspense and it was a fun film. Anyone else seen/enjoy the film?

  25. Working through the episode as well. Top 3 at least so far. The coverage is so thorough and well-thought out.

    JOTD, I love The Boy as well. I even have a candle from that film that I can tweet a pic of.

    Wolfman, I would myself love to hear an episode that discusses horror vs. thriller. I think that is a very important topic! Also I get what you are saying about Beyond the Gates pandering with memberberries (current season of South Park reference). There is a 2016 film, very hard to get a hold of I might add, called The Barn that I am super excited to watch, but also fear it will be pandering as well. My hopes is it will be more “The Final Girls” and less nostalgia pandering (though that gets me every time too).

  26. Here’s a list I’ve compiled of 164 2016 horror films that (I think) is a complete list. I’ve been working on it for months, but the HMP community really helped me bring it home.

    I got titles that I missed from all 3 HMP hosts, Juan, Sal, Dino, Ian, Eric, Jeff Hammer, DarkMark, The Gray Man, and Redcapjack, so it really is a family effort. If I’m missing any, let me know! Here’s the link:


  27. Isn’t it incredible how much your current mood and state of mind can affect watching a horror film. Any film in fact. Watched The Wailing last night and although I feel like I should have liked it as much as Wolfman, I felt a bit like it could have done with some more scares. Food for thought!

    I absolutely love the feeling of uncertainty when watching foreign made horror. I am always blown away by the visuals and especially the sounds that are used in many of the films. It’s just a bit more unusual than the standard horror visuals and culture that I am used to in films made locally. It creates something new in the experience for me. You get so familiar with certain patterns in films made in the west that watching a world cinema horror film from elsewhere creates a real uneasy feeling because things are just that bit more unique.

    Take an example like Attack on Titan. Anyone here seen the films yet? I’ve seen giants done differently in so many films but those giants (the Titans) were abnormally scary and unrelenting. Monsters in foreign cinema always manage to get me every time. In The Wailing, I loved the end scene in the cave for that very reason.

    Thanks guys for another great episode, and so many good recommendations. Merry Christmas everyone! – CenobiteDan

  28. So had to post my list….I know I am all over the place, but such is my personality as well. The biggest surprise for me was “I am not a serial killer” Keep in mind, I have a jailbroken fire stick so I have no idea if all of these movies are released yet for 2016.

    1. Under the Shadow-This might make it into my all-time top 20 list. Best movie of 2016 regardless of genre. The fact that they made a sheet absolutely horrifying shows that you don’t need to rely on jump scares. This movie takes the hitchcock buildup to a new level of thrilling.
    2. I Am Not a Serial Killer-Again, wow, what a great movie with outstanding acting. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Even the ending was fulfilling!
    3. Always Shine- Don’t know if this is more of a psychological thriller but I thought the acting was amazing and it was so surreal.

    4. Trash Fire- Loved all the performances in this. What an erie genre film. I bet most people hated this one.
    5. The Wailing- I have been waiting for a good Asian horror flick. This is reminiscent of Ringu and Juon in the way of a strong backstory leading the plot.
    6. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    7. Viral- Nothing beats a viral outbreak romance.
    8. The Witch
    9. Lights Out- Gotta love the big buck blockbusters
    10. Autopsy of Jane Doe
    10. Don’t Breathe (If #3 isnt’ horror than remove it and Don’t Breathe makes it on the list. Loved this movie but the turkey baster part ruined part of the film for me. This wasn’t needed at all because the film stood strong on it’s own. I actually think they could have removed the entire part about keeping the girl in the basement somehow.)

    Honorable Mention:

    2016- Didn’t Get a Chance to See but Really Really Wanted to:
    Beyond the Gates
    Nocturnal Animals-Is this even out yet?

    2016 Let Downs-

    31- Worst Movie of the Year! Wow.

    Blair Witch- Almost as bad as Blair WItch 2. This movie doesn’t even warrant a reason why I hated it but I could give you 100

    The Disappointments Room- This was like a bad made-for-tv horror movie with numerous plot faults and horrible editing. This is almost as bad as that Lindsay Lohan movie, “I know Who killed Me.”

    Before I Wake- Cancer Monster? Enough Said.

    The Darkness- No thanks. The Worst movie of the year by far, even more so than 31.

    Ouija- Too much hype, not enough atmospheric horror. Why try and duplicate the conjuring? This movie seemed to be a mashup of all of the haunted house movies of the last decade.

    • Awesome list! Your love for Under the Shadow has me determined to see it before the year is out. 10 Cloverfield Lane was the biggest and welcomed surprise of the year. John Goodman was Fantastic.

      Yes! Spread the hate for 31. 20 minutes in and I was hoping a gang of clowns would come snatch me

      • I knew after the first scene that whatever 31 was reaching for was out of it’s grasp. I am still quite unsure what it was reaching for.

        I am not a huge blockbuster horror film fan because I feel those films has less tact in scaring me on a lasting level. Yah, I am scared when I watch them but it doesn’t stick with me. But I was surprised I liked 10 Cloverfield Lane as much as I did. I thought all of the acting was great, but yes, John Candy really stood out and stole the spotlight :) I am a big fan of Mary Elizabeth Winstead from her work on the tv show The Returned. She just has a gentle trustworthiness to her, if that makes any sense.

    • Solid list, Projectile Varmint. As of now, we have quite a bit of cross-over, though, the order is very different. Glad to see I Am Not a Serial Killer so high up on your list! I loved that movie…


      I just wish the demon thingy didn’t come out of its human host at the end. The CGI was spotty, but that’s not what really bothered me – I would have preferred it to have died “evil” as opposed to essentially having a mini-redemption arc thrown out there. There was a tinge of “tortured soul” exhibited by the monster while it was killing, and we know it was constantly in pain, but I don’t think there was enough there to really earn that ending redemption.

      ********END SPOILERS*******

      Varmint, if you have a moment, you should head over to the “Top 10 Horror of All-Time Lists” blog post, and throw down your personal all-time top 10 list. A bunch of us have done that, and it certainly helps to get a sense of what everyone likes in horror. Since you’re a self-proclaimed “all over the place” horror fan, I’m very interested to see what movies are your all-time favorites.

      And that goes for everyone on here who hasn’t ventured over to that blog post yet. Here’s a link to that page >> https://horrormoviepodcast.com/horror-movie-podcast-our-top-10-all-time-favorite-horror-movie-picks/

      • I agree on your opinion of the ending. Perhaps they could have had a small preview of an appendage break through the skin, wiggle a little bit and then die.

        And I will definitely post my top 10 on the other blog post. We don’t have cable here so I just watch movies everyday. We have a fire stick so I can pretty much watch anything. I’ve noticed though that with so much choice I sometimes stare blankly at the screen drawing a blank. Thankfully this podcast has given me a long watch list. I will probably have more to add after checking out that post and fall deeper into the life of a hermit. Thanks, I think!

      • I posted in on the other post as well but here…This was hard:

        1. The Shining
        2. Evil Dead 2
        3. The Thing
        4. Jaws
        5. Ringu or Ring (love both equally
        6. It Follows
        7. Hellraiser
        8. Juon or The Grudge
        9. Dawn of the Dead
        10: Cloverfield

        I know it’s a bit all over the place so my list is based on rewatchability. These are the ten movies I would take with into my bomb shelter if the world was ending.

    • Yeah, Raw has been on the radar since I heard about it from TIFF, but it’s looking like that will be a 2017 release. Well, hopefully it’ll be a 2017 release and won’t be another The Devil’s Candy, repeatedly getting its release pushed back.

  29. My Top 10 Horror Films of 2016:

    Some of these are not exactly 2016 releases, I think, but I’m going by Canadian release dates. So there.

    10. The Monster
    9. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    8. The Boy
    7. Black Mountain Side
    6. The Conjuring 2
    5. They Look Like People
    4. The Neon Demon
    3. The Witch
    2. Don’t Breath
    1. Hush

    • I’m so excited to see The Neon Demon high on someone’s list. I LOVED this movie, but people don’t seem to like it as much as I did.

      • I think it is a bit shallow as far as the story goes, but visually it’s amazing, and the overall tone was great, I thought. Very much like a modern day variation on “Suspiria” so some degree, as I was getting a lot of Argento vibes.

    • Thanks for posting, Lee. I generally like your tastes and I think this is a strong list, despite having been pretty hard on a few of these films. Sometimes we get into these podcast discussions and I find myself kind of playing devil’s advocate. But I actually do appreciate a lot about They Look Like People, The Monster, and The Demon. I really enjoyed Hush and it has grown on me since watching it. Black Mountain Side is high on my list of films to see before I finalize my list. Seems right up my alley.

  30. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, but it was indeed The Darkness with the black goop. Before I Wake is stuck in release hell due to the Relativity Media bankruptcy.

    • I saw it and it was pretty freakin bad. I accidentally gave a monster spoiler above so don’t read that post. The acting was bad, and the plot was laughable. I was honestly shocked by the entire premise because it seemed so incredibly silly.

      • I agree with PV. The whole thing was pretty unintentionally funny, but I still enjoyed it for what it wast. It’s not top a must-see so you’re good.

  31. I just watched The Conjuring 2, and while admittedly not a huge fan of supernatural type of films, I am not nearly as high on it as others. Too many jump scares, cgi, and scenes we have seen before in other movies. While the acting is better than your average horror, I did find it over the top at times. It will probably be in my top 10 of the year but not as high as I would have expected. Anyone else think this way?

  32. So this is not related to anything on this episode, but in thinking ahead for 2017, do you plan on doing some episodes where you focus on the work of a single director or writer? I’m not sure if you’ve already done this, but I’m going through past episodes, and haven’t seen any examples of it. Your discussion/debate/throwdown over Alexandre Aja in ep 37 (in reference to P2) sparked my curiosity. I’m sure you already have great plans for new episodes but in case there are any gaps, I think it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on the best/worst output from classic genre auteurs as well as the most promising new talents.

    • AnDread,
      I love that idea. We have discussed some episodes along those lines… As you can probably tell, we have about 20-some themed episode ideas that we’d like to cover. The possibilities are endless, but our challenge is the time and the mere, bi-weekly schedule. If we can ever do this full time and on a weekly schedule, we’ll get to incorporate more of these fun ideas. But in answer to your question, yes, I love that idea. We’ll have to throw it into the mix for 2017. Thanks for writing.

    • It’s something we’ve discussed doing in the past, but we’ve found it’s been more fun for us to do a theme rather than just one director. I think it allows us to be a bit more original than other shows who do that kind of thing. And I think it ultimately allows for more opportunities to discuss the director since we might revisit the same talent with different themes.

      Having said all of that, I’m still open to it.

      The closest thing we’ve done to this was our “Remembering Wes Craven” segement in our Scream franchise overview (though there is still much to say on the man and his work) and HP Lovecraft episode. And we plan on doing the same thing we did for Lovecraft with a Stephen King episode or set of episodes at some point.

      I personally will be covering the entire Alfred Hitchcock filmography in a YouTube podcast beginning this year. Mostly just one film per episode, though I might double-up on some of the silent and B&W films.

  33. Josh mentioned movie goals for 2017; I believe that was on this episode that he talked about Dino’s goals of filling in his Hitchcock and Universal monster movie gaps. Hope you enjoy the films you end up watching, Dino; would love to hear your thoughts. I can talk about Hitchcock and Universal Monsters all day.

    My goals every year are to average watching a film a day or to have seen at least a total of 365 films in a year; preferably all films I’ve never seen before or at the very least don’t remember much about but that’s not always possible. It’s been five years since I was able to achieve this goal but with my daughter getting a little older and more interested in watching films I want to show her along with my own viewings, I have a feeling 2017 will be a year I finally achieve this goal again.

    For more specific film related goals, not really horror related but I want to fill in my gaps with Woody Allen’s and Brian DePalma’s filmographies along with watching more classic and modern film noirs.

    As for horror related films goals, I just want to watch more modern horror films. Like Allyson, other than the last couple of years, I feel like I haven’t focused as much on modern horror movies. However, due to the joy I get out of discussing film with horror fans such as this community, that has become more of a priority for me each year. Watched the most current horror movies in 2016 of any recent year I can remember; it of course helped that this was a really good year. Looking forward to what 2017 has to offer.

  34. Hi! I’m new to HMP but LOVED listening to this episode on my car ride home for the holidays. I was actually super curious about your high ratings of the Conjuring 2. My brother and I saw this in theaters when it came out and left feeling pretty underwhelmed. It just seemed so cheesy at points and overdone. We thought the first movie was a lot more subtle and the relationship between Ed and Loraine more bearable. What made you guys think that the second was so good, if not better than the first?

    • First, thank you for checking out the show and giving us a shot. I hope we hooked you into continuing to listen.

      Your question is difficult to respond to because I’m not sure I can articulate better than I did on the episode why I enjoyed The Conjuring 2 so much.

      I liked the first Conjuring film as well. The bar here was low. I was looking for more of the same and this delivered on that. I think the fact that they greatly shifted the setting and circumstances gave it a fresh and unique feel for me.

      I was also more interested in the Warrens in the first film than I was in the family that they were investigating. I felt like this film gave us more of that. I love the continuation of the relationship that the Ed and Loraine have in the film.

      See, I can’t even relate to your comment about the Warren’s relationship being “bearable” or unbearable because that relationship is the primary draw for me. As a married guy, I’ve often lamented that there are very few films that depict a strong and/or loving marriage. Most relationships in films are either beginning or ending. Drama dictates as much. If there are old married couples in films, they are boring. Here is a married couple that really seems to love each other and are working together in this really fascinating field. And on that note …

      I also just love this idea of paranormal investigation in a period piece. That basic concept is so much fun for me. I love ghost-busting with tat ’70s aesthetic.

      As far as cheesiness … well, my barometer may be off because we just finished four episodes totaling 13 hours on ’80s slasher flicks and there is nothing in The Conjuring 2 nearly as cheesy as all of those damned ’80s slashers we just spent a month and a half watching. Brutal. Having said that, there was nothing I found cheesy here. Okay – there was the one scene with the dog and “crooked man” that seemed totally out of place in this movie, but that was it. I enjoyed the rest.

      Is it actually better than the first film? Probably not. But I liked this one and I feel like I will be revisiting it more.

      Thanks again for listening. I hope that answer was sufficient. If not, I hope Jay and Dave chime in. Although, I think I was the only one really saying that I liked this film more than the first, so maybe they’ll have nothing to say on the subject.

      • Thanks for the info! I think that makes a lot of sense- maybe I’m just not into the relationship between Ed and Loraine that much because I’m not married. And maybe its because horror likes to present relationships that are volatile and unhealthy rather than healthy and lasting ones. And on the note of the cheese factor, I think I’m just not a huge fan of the horror movies with happy wrapped up endings, so they might have lost me there.

        Honestly, I’d be surprised if I don’t tune in again! It’s really great to listen to people discussing the finer film elements of horror- I’ll be sure to check out some of your suggestions! Btw, I think all of your reviews of Don’t Breathe are spot on (I absolutely loved that movie) and I’m glad that Jay was willing to stand up for The Boy, which I personally thought was a great movie even though it gets a lot of hate. Thanks for making this awesome podcast!

        • We are definitely into the finer elements. You might enjoy our themed episodes where we really try to dig deep, often with older films. You can find them listed on the sidebar here on the main page at horrormoviepodcast.com – if you prefer new releases, we cover those pretty consistently too, in our Frankensteinian episodes. Next up is our Best of 2016 in about a week and a half.

  35. This is more of a general comment than episode specific, Having just finished this episode on my plane ride to West Virginia for the holiday’s I finally feel I can no longer continue to listen without given high praise to this one-of-a-kind horror smorgasbord. I really enjoyed The Wailing and Train to Busan myself and was totally pleased to hear these two films getting some much needed hype to increase awareness around them. Man this community is so fantastic, and I’m sorry I haven’t chimed in earlier considering I started a couple years back. I’m looking forward to listening to the Christmas episode next on the plane ride back to the Northwest. Thank you to Jay, Wolfman and Doc for all the hours of joy and horror info you have provided me. Can’t wait for the top 10 and everything to come in 2017…..

  36. Finally finished listening to this episode on my way home this morning, great work, guys! Based on the discussions I watched The Wailing, The Monster and The Eyes Of My Mother this evening (just finished, it’s currently 11.45 here in Ireland).

    Of the 3, I found The Monster to be the weakest. I loved The Strangers, and was hoping this would be decent but there just wasn’t much happening for the first 30 minutes and like you guys said, I felt the mother character didn’t deserve the sympathy the viewer was encouraged to feel for her towards the end. Still it had it’s moments. I loved Jay’s comment that (spoilers ahead) the title The Monster could refer not to the creature but to the mother. Thinking of it that way made the movie much more enjoyable, I don’t think I’d have thought of that on my own, so thank you Jay!

    The Wailing was amazing, I was wanting to watch it for a while but was turned off by the long run-time, I would gladly have kept watching even if it was an hour or more longer, there was just so much going on in this movie. It really put me in mind of Memories Of Murder. Like Wolfman Josh said, it’s interesting watching a horror movie where you don’t know the tropes (one of the reasons I like The Autopsy of Jane Doe so much, it kept you guessing) and the dark humour running through it made the grimmer scenes that much grimmer.

    The Eyes Of My Mother was the only one of the 3 that wasn’t on my radar at all, but hearing Wolfman Josh compare it to both Martyrs and Dogtooth I knew I had to check it out. After watching it I’d agree with Jay’s assessment, it’s definitely one to watch from the year and will probably be making my top 10. As well as the previously mentioned Dogtooth and Martyrs, I saw elements of Inside, Audition and Shrews Nest in this one. And yeah, those barn scenes were uncomfortable!

    • Love this comment, Brian. So glad you liked The Wailing. I love it so much. It’s rare that I fall this hard for a film. I’m happy to hear your comments on the running time too. I hope that convinces Jay to give it a try.

      I’m always intrigued when I tell people not to see a film and that convinces them to watch it. Clearly you like films like Martyrs, Inside etc more than I do if you enjoyed The eyes of My Mother. Glad you did, though.

      • Not sure if I enjoyed Eyes of My Mother in the traditional sense of the word to be honest! There’s something about this type of film that really gets me thinking though, about our underlying nature as human beings and how our experiences and influences growing up can shape or warp it. I loved Dogtooth for this reason.

    • I think once you get a sense of the character’s motivations for adopting this young lady as his pet… things really get interesting.

  37. I have watched 15 2016 movies in the past week and plan on watching 2 more tonight in order to bring my total to 22 movies from this year and make my list asap. I love it but after a while they all tend to blur together…lol

  38. an unrelated, non horror question but how do I change my avatar/pic for my profile comments? I hate having a blank face, lol

    • I’ve always thought this was weird and BillChete set mine up for me back in the day, so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but these comments are run via an application called Gravatar – I think. So, you set up your Gravatar account to a specific email address and it will always be associated with it on this or any site that recognizes Gravatar. http://en.gravatar.com/

  39. After much viewing lately and through the year here is my top 10 list.
    10. The Conjuring 2 – well acted, interesting characters, too many jump scares and too much cgi for me, the ending let me ddown, a letdown after the original for me
    9. Fear Inc. – yes, lots of horror cliches and silly acting but it had some decent kills/gore and some originality to the writing, enjoyable to waatch if you don’t want to think too hard, nice comic relief in a small role for Richard Riehle
    8. The Wailing -beautifully shot, interesting characters and story, I found it slow moving at times and was unsure where everything was leading at times
    7. The Autopsy of Jane Doe – the PG version of the Guinea Pig films, I enjoyed the investigative aspect and practical effects, I found it got silly and fell apart in the second half
    6. Siren – reminded me of Hostel or Parlor Anarchy, great mood, lovely ladies, blood and some good kills, plot did not really come together at end for me, torture porn lite
    5. Scare Campaign – little talked about film, some good tension and interesting story, many horror cliches and average acting at best but was a fun ride
    4. The Neighbor – different from The Good Neighbor, In the vain of Don’t Breathe, The ‘Burbs taken to the next level, interesting characters, good acting for this genre, I genuinely cared what happened, I wish ending was stronger, 2nd half really picked up the movie
    3. 10 Cloverfield Lane – borderline horror but strong performance by John Goodman, interesting concept, good use of characters in terms of we are never sure whether to like or trust them, best use of a vat of acid since Robocop
    2. Don’t Breathe – the best thriller/horror I have seen in years, great tension, it allowed you to get in to the minds of the trapped characters,I love escape movies so this really hit the spot
    1. Train to Busan – not really scary but very well written, a unique survival/zombie film, loved the zombies ad how they bent backwards (who knew they couldn’t see in the dark), a nice blend of cgi and practical effects, a must see for all fans of the genre

    Honourable Mentions:
    Night of Something Strange – Necrophilia, bad acting, lots of gore, accidental sodomy…who wouldn’t love this combo…a bloody good time
    The Invitation – interesting concept, slow in the first half, borderline horror, strong performance by John Carroll Lynch
    The Shallows – I really wanted to like this, some decent action scenes, enjoyed the self stitching scene, ultimately didn’t care if she survived
    The Stakelander – I really enjoyed the original, this not nearly as strong, picked up in 2nd half, I enjoyed following the continuation of the story

    31 – I may now give up on Rob Zombie Films
    Lights Out – A lot of hype, wasn’t scared

    • Great list! Some surprises on there. A couple I’m dying to check out like The Stakelander. Your description of The Neighbor has me immediately intrigued. There were 2-3 on your list I haven’t heard ANYBODY talking about. Thanks!

    • Bill, I LOVE your list, man! It’s wonderful to see The Neighbor, Scare Campaign, and Siren getting some love. I also really loved Night of Something Strange, and I think it’s terrific that it’s in your honorable mentions. Yes, it’s offensive. Yes, it’s irreverent. Yes, it’s not for everyone. But damn! I laughed THE WHOLE TIME!

      Anyway, great write-up, man.

  40. Hey, guys! Sorry I haven’t been as active these days. I’m really going to work on that because the discussions on this forum have always drawn me in from day one, and I’d like to be more a part of that like back in the day. Ha ha.

    Once again, my friends, you’ve knocked it out of the park with this episode. I prefer themed-episodes like Wolfman, but I’ll tell you… these Frankensteinian episodes (especially this one) are a blast, and it was great to hear your thoughts on all these newer films. Over the course of these 107 episodes, I’ve gotten a feel for how you all tend to rate a given film, but there were a few surprises for me in this episode. I didn’t expect JOTD to like The Eyes of My Mother as much as he did. (I loved it!) I definitely didn’t think Josh would rate Under the Shadow so highly. It’s a ton of fun as a listener to predict where you fellas will come in on a film, and it’s even more fun when my predictions are totally wrong. Ha ha.

    Also… gotta shout out Allyson. She was stellar. You wouldn’t know she has no experience podcasting. She’s a natural! Hope to hear more from her and Kagan in the future! Gotta love him for that great new intro music!

    I have a lot to say, but it’s 4:15 AM here in the Pacific Northwest, and the sleeping pills I took are starting to kick in. I DO want to say that I absolutely LOVED the interview Jay did with Doc on MPW. I really felt like I got to know Dave a lot better, and hearing him discuss his love of cinema made me appreciate his work that much more.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, my friends. You all know how much I love your work. I say it on every Horror Corridor episode, and I mean it sincerely. Can’t wait for the next show, gentlemen! Much love!

    PS: Our podcasts have a mutual listener in a fine fella named Corbin. Just yesterday, he brought up Jay’s thoughts on The Terminator in the Horror Corridor Facebook group, and it sparked a good discussion for a little while. You guys rock! :)

  41. Having watched Beyond the Gates (2016), featuring actor Chase Williamson, last night I completely agree with Josh’s review. The story is disjointed and the performances fail to carry any emotional weight. Later the same evening I watched SiREN (2016) which also featured Williamson and saw the difference that a director can make in an actor performance. SiREN is a feature length film based on the “Amateur Night” segment from the 2012 anthology horror film V/H/S .

  42. HELP!!!

    Great show AS ALWAYS. Allyson was great you should have her on more or even as a regular! GIRL POWER! 😉 Not that I don’t love all the boys on the show. ….anyways. …

    So, based on her review and my subsequent research Im totally ready to BUY The Love Witch….however I CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE. How are people watching it? Any suggestions?

    • The Love Witch is only playing in theaters in select cities at the moment (including Portland, where Allyson saw it). I was able to see it because the distributor, Oscilloscope Laboratories, sent me a film critic screener.

      You can “pre-order” The Love Witch on Oscilloscope Lab’s website, but there isn’t a ton of information there as to what exactly what that means in terms of getting a copy. But they’re good for it. It’s a great company.


      If you want more info first, you can probably contact them via the website (I found them to be responsive) or you can try contacting the director if you’re on Twitter (she seems pretty responsive as well) @missannabiller

    • Actually, Tammy … Dave wanted me to tell you that, as of yesterday, Amazon was accepting pre-orders for a BluRay of The Love Witch and that it is going to release in mid-March. Dave already put an order in already for his copy. So, good news!

      • Thanks guys. I will preorder it.

        BTW, I’ve been a listener since the beginning, (not real active on here) I’ve emailed with Jay before, but just wanted to say you guys are the best, and always will be. You know how you guys say you don’t care how long the movie is as long as youre enjoying it? Well, I don’t notice when you guys go on for 4 hours cuz it’s so enjoyable. Keep up the great work, don’t change a thing, and I hope y’all are around forever. ♡

        • Very cool, Tammy. Thanks for being in touch. Dave and I don’t typically see those emails and we love hearing from the listeners. Thanks for your support all of these years and thanks for your continued listening. I hope you enjoy the zany The Love Witch.

  43. Holy cow — over 200 replies. Let me just add my .02c. Thanks SO MUCH, Josh for calling my attention to The Good Neighbor. I don’t think it’s a horror film. It feels like it, maybe, with a certain home invasion vibe, but it’s really a thriller. And there is no switch-out late in the game like your review suggested. Coming into it blank, I think it follows its own thesis through to the end. A thriller about two boys next door (The Boys Next Door (Dir. Penelope Spheeris, 1986)) is a better touchstone.

    It’s not Don’t Breathe. Just a similar set up. Keep up the good work, guys!


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