Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 116: Alien Abduction Part 1 – With Director Eduardo Sánchez

Alien Abduction Part 1

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the Alien Abduction sub-genre in Horror cinema? In Episode 116 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, your hosts and special guest MATTROID (of The Sci-Fi Podcast) spend some time exploring this theme in this Part 1 of a 2-part series whose second episode will air on The Sci-Fi Podcast.com. The highlight of this episode is an interview with filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez, who is the director of Altered (2006), which we Feature Review. We also bring you a review of Alien Abduction (2014). So, if you’ve been sculpting your mashed potatoes to look like nearby laccolithic buttes, then this episode is for you. Join us (or we’ll abduct you)!

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I. Introduction
— Welcome special guest Mattroid
The Sci-Fi Podcast
— The launch of Movie Podcast Network
— The loss of filmmaker Jonathan Demme

[ 0:17:21 ] II. Conception Discussion: The Horror of Alien Abduction

[ 0:47:19 ] III. Feature Review: ALIEN ABDUCTION (2015)
Jay of the Dead = 6 ( Stream on Netflix )
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental / Stream it )
Dr. Shock = 7 ( High-priority Rental ) – revised

[ 1:11:19 ] IV. HMP Interview: Eduardo Sánchez, director of “Altered”

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[ 1:26:09 ] V. Feature Review: ALTERED (2006)
Jay of the Dead = 8 ( Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh = 9 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 8 ( Buy it! )
Mattroid = 7 ( High-priority Rental )

VI. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

CATACH PART 2 OF THIS EPISODE: The Sci-Fi Podcast Ep. 38: Alien Abduction Part 2: Communion (1989) and Fire in the Sky (1993)

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7 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 116: Alien Abduction Part 1 – With Director Eduardo Sánchez

  1. Picked a bad time to run to the bathroom. All of that Iran Hostage Crisis stuff on the show was confusing. And I don’t think the Branch Davidians or the Manson Family abducted their cult followers, did they? Koresh probably did some probing and Mansons killed people … but I actually don’t know much about either, to be honest. Looking forward to this new Taylor Kitsch movie where he’s playing David Koresh.

    • What I was referring to was the cultural mindset of people being taken/held against their will OR the perception of such things through coercion; my recollection of conversations with family and overhearing things when I was still a bit too young to understand, in addition to what I do know, is that there was a feeling of “no one is safe” in regards to cults in many parts of the country, enough so that it was often in the news and making rounds on the “movie of the week” and other such circuits (parents terrified their children would be caught up in the madness, for example).

      Admittedly, it got a little further from my initial point than I’d hoped, but I stand by my belief that stories of terrorism and cults in the late 70s/early 80s had an impact on alien abduction stories. I don’t know for sure, of course, so maybe I’ll look into it a bit more for part 2.

  2. I too remember watching the Adam Walsh TV movie when it premiered and my Mom also showed that to me as almost a teaching lesson. Did all parents in the 80’s use TV Movies to teach their kids the dangers in life? I always thought I was alone but I hear more of these stories and think that maybe that’s the case for a lot of 80’s kids. Ha!

  3. You guys should do an episode in which you discuss the best horror movies on amazon, netflix and, other places streaming online that aren’t super mainstream (Like The Witch, The Wailing and, The Shining). There are a lot of good movies like Housebound and Pontypool that not a lot of people have seen that are streaming online.

    Sorry that this is so unrelated but, I figured you guys had a better chance of reading this comment if it was in the most recent episode, other than the bonus episode.

  4. I saw Phoenix Forgotten and thought I’d share a mini rambling review. It wasn’t really advertised around my area but I happened upon a showing last night. Despite the fact that found footage is not typically my cup of tea, I found this one to be quite enjoyable. It’s in no way a perfect movie but there’s something oddly charming about it that really sold me. The story was influenced by the mysterious Phoenix lights that popped up around the Arizona area in March of 1997. With thousands of witnesses this sighting has become a debate point for the existence of aliens. Basic premise, 3 teens disappeared in the Arizona desert while making a documentary about the Phoenix lights. The search ended weeks later due to a lack of clues and direction to investigate. 20 years later, the sister of one of the missing teens starts her own documentary investigating his disappearance. Through a mix of found footage, stock footage, and actual news clips from when the sightings happened – we become immersed in this story. At times there was an Unsolved Mysteries kind of vibe to the tone which worked really well, other times it felt like an X-Files episode with the governmental conspiracy accusations and rogue investigative methods. Some of the negatives are that the initial set up and character explanation is a large chunk of this movie, a couple of scenes are a little too farfetched (not counting anything UFO related, just reactions and how some of the evidence is found), and the ending needed a little bit more. Overall, I’d say it’s a worthwhile watch if you’re into UFO themed films or like some decent found footage.

  5. Jay,

    Just a quick shoutout regarding your insight that in times of social stress or undue craziness (abductions of children, etc.), horror films reflect our anxiety. The idea that aliens, truly “alien”, are the best possible (logical?) explanation for being taken away by strangers is on the money. I think filmmakers are helping us by both processing the horror and attempting to give us a reason.

    Keep up the good work, guys. Glad you’re back and sounding well, Jay.


  6. Apologies for being off topic, (however I guess we’re discussing aliens so not too far off) but I had the good fortune to watch Alien Covenant last night ahead of the full UK release tonight, and as an unapologetic die hard alien lover (yes, I can get past the weaknesses of alien 3 and Resurrection) I really enjoyed this movie.

    I don’t want to spoil this film for anyone, so I’m going to keep this brief.

    We do get answers to some of the questions Prometheus left us with, but we also get left with a while host of other questions.

    The movie is well shot (as can be expected from Scott) and well acted, but falls short for me when it comes to character development (do we even care that some of these people get turned into alien Pedigree Chum?) and clumsy CGI, which feels weightless particularly when neomorphs and xenomorphs are fresh out of the “womb”… or wound. But those of you who have seen the trailer will already know what I mean with reference to the CG.

    Overall Covenant is a good movie that left me excited for the next instalment, just a shame about the laughable CG.

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