Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 117: The Lure (2017) and Siren (2016) and Stake Land II (2016) and Lady Frankenstein (1971) and Remembering Michael Parks

HMP Lure Siren 1

This is HORROR MOVIE PODCAST Episode 117, another Frankensteinian episode where Jay of the Dead, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh bring you feature reviews of horror flicks both new and old with The Lure (2017), Lady Frankenstein (1971), and Siren (2016). The Wolf also brings you a review of Stake Land II: The Stakelander (2016) in his specialty segment “Screaming Online,” for anyone looking for a little Netflix and Kill this weekend. And we’d be remiss to let this week go by without remembering legendary character actor Michael Parks, who has recently passed away.

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I. Introduction
— Clarification: MPN does not replace HMP
— Horror Movie Podcast is not changing!
— Jay: The possible first “cat screech jump-scare” in cinema?
— The regrettable loss of the great Michael Parks

HMP Remembering Michael Parks
We’ll all miss Michael Parks, but don’t miss Michael Parks in horror films like From Dusk ’til Dawn, Red State, Tusk, and the 1-2 grindhouse punch of Death Proof and Planet Terror. Rest in power, sir.

[ 0:11:43 ] II. Feature Review: THE LURE (2017)
Wolfman Josh: 7.5 ( Rent it, for arthouse or fantasy fans )

[ 0:23:12 ] III. Feature Review: LADY FRANKENSTEIN (1971)
Dr. Shock: 7.5 ( Rent it* )

*Dave recommends the Shout Factory “Roger Corman Cult Classic: Vampires, Mummies And Monsters Collection”, but it is also streaming for easy viewing on YouTube.

[ 0:32:54 ] IV. “Screaming Online”: STAKE LAND II: THE STAKELANDER (2016)
Wolfman Josh: 8.5 ( Stream it* )

* Available to stream on Netflix for a subscription or Amazon for a $3.99 digital rental.

[ 0:38:30 ] VI. Feature Review: SIREN (2016)
Jay of the Dead: 6.5 ( Rent it* )

*But only after you’ve seen the short film “Amateur Night” from V/H/S (2012)

VII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— Jay: Next time we’ll talk about some get-well-soon gifts
— Jay’s first childhood experience with a horror film


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25 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 117: The Lure (2017) and Siren (2016) and Stake Land II (2016) and Lady Frankenstein (1971) and Remembering Michael Parks

  1. Sounds like Siren is the one to watch this week. It is bizzare that Jay also brought up Killer Mermaid when we hadn’t discussed it with him at all. That’s some serendipitous synchronicity!

    I do think it’s incredibly weird that Jay said he’d have enjoyed Siren more had he not seen Amateur Night, but repeatedly encourages the audience to make the same mistake. What’s that all about, Jay?

  2. Fair question, Wolfman. Let me clarify:

    As far as executing the concept behind “Amateur Night” and “Siren,” I think “Amateur Night” executes much better. Indeed, for first-timers it is much better at delivering the surprise.

    But I was just trying to say, I guess, if I hadn’t seen the superior short film first and then happened onto “Siren” blindly, then it would have been more fun. It’s just hard not to compare the two and think “Amateur Night” handles the material better.


  3. I am only part way through this but, if you guys do decide to do a fantasy horror episode, I think you would absolutely have to talk about Pan’s Labyrinth. I can’t think of a better entry into this sub-genre. A Troll Hunter discussion would be great as well!

    • Ahhh … excellent point, Allyson. And you just basically just sold me on the concept, right there. I should’ve known that The Horror Unicorn could clear up this topic for us.

      • When we’re talking “Fantasy Horror” are specifically in the realm of pop culture fantasy tropes or are we including any kind of folkloric/mythical horror? Because that’s a big conversation.

        Either way Pan’s Labyrinth definitely deserves some hefty discussion. What an incredible movie. And I feel like it would be worthwhile discussing the horror elements that show up in fantasy films in general. Even something like Disney’s Dragonslayer has moments of serious horror. And expanding on the Del Toro theme; the Hellboy movies, while not nearly as rooted in horror as the source material, might be worth a mention.

        I really wish there were more fantasy horror movies in that Pan’s Labyrinth vein. The Hallow was a recent one that went in that direction to a degree but it’s not a style of horror that we get too often and it allows for such a scope of imagination.

        • Hellboy is definitely a difficult one to categorize, it’s got fantasy and sci-fo and superheroes and horror. I suppose that I err more on the side of just calling that a comic book movie. Pretty reductive, I suppose. I certainly respect the work done on those films from acting to directing to make-up and production design.

          • I feel like the comics are much heavier on the horror. There’s loads of (often direct) references to Lovecraft in them too.

    • I haven’t heard of Pan’s Labyrinth before this weekend but two days ago my uncle mentioned it and the entire family (I was at my grandma’s) started going on about how I NEEDED to watch it. This might be one of the few times I get to a film before you guys do.

      • I guarantee that we all highly recommend Pan’s Labryinth, Gore-or. It’s a classic.

        David, I don’t know enough about fantasy to even answer that question. When I think fantasy, I think of faeries and elves and dragons and wizards. Films like Horns and Pan’s Labryinth seem like high water marks, when horror is in the mix.

        When thinking about it not as fantasy, but just a mythical creatures episode, I can see doing films like Wendigo and Mothman, along with the creatures mentioned like Chuppacabra and Trolls.

        And I think of Sasquatch and Yeti and Sea Monsters in a different category – Cryptids – that may have some scientific basis as evolutionary oddities.

  4. Have you guys reviewed the purge? I just saw it yesterday and I’d like to hear you’re take on it. I liked it and thought it was scary but, thought it was pointless and uninteresting.
    Also, would you guys recommend the other two? have you reviewed the other two?

    • If you’re thinking of a premise so high concept being restricted to the confines of a single home when you say you found it pointless, I think you’d definitely find excitement in the second film. As I recall, it’s less scary than the first film, in that it doesn’t have such a prevalent home invasion theme, but it does widen the scope of the premise by focusing on different groups of people in various locations, and this allows for action movie beats and thrills. I haven’t seen the most third movie, but I definitely think you should check out The Purge: Anarchy. From there, I think you’ll be in a good place to decide if you’d like to see more of the series

    • By the way, Jay reviewed The Purge on episode 37 of Movie Podcast Weekly, and Jay and Josh both reviewed The Purge: Anarchy on episode 95 of MPW.

      • Thanks, Graham. I was just looking those up. You saved me some time.

        Here are some links, Gore-Or:

        THE PURGE review: http://bit.ly/2qmvsgL

        THE PURGE: ANARCHY review: http://bit.ly/2qmkKqq

        Looking back, I definitely prefer the second film to the first, despite it being less of a horror film. The first is fine, but a bit generic. The second takes the conceit to a more entertaining direction, in my opinion. Conceptually, I love the basic idea of a purge and seeing that played out in different iterations. I’m actually quite interested in seeing the third film, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

        • I heard the third film wasn’t as good, but that’s coming from my Spanish teacher, who(m?) I asked about the movies after reading your comments and who is also like a fifty year old woman. It looks decent and the masks are creepier than ever, but that’s pretty much the same as the first. It does have a killer trailer and it looks like they could be doing a siege narrative or game, but they’re probably just doing the same thing as always. I did see the second one and thought they did a better job but still had a lot of room for improvement. I think they’re making a fourth (because I doubt this one got it right) they should really give this great concept honor and have something like a disease breakout or something like that would make true anarchy year round. I personally think that would be the best way to execute it. If they decided to do that then they couldn’t do anymore with the same formula, but who wants to see the same movie over and over? (Other than Bill Chete.)

          Purge 3 trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhP0woS0R_o

  5. I loved the episode. Sorry to hear about Michael Parks. I enjoyed his performance in Red State and his quirky role in Tusk. He will be missed. I enjoyed the reviews, particularly jays of Siren. I enjoyed the movie so much I believe it was in my top 5 movies of 2016. If not was definitely top 10 (my daughter stepped on my harddrive on my laptop and cannot double check, grr…lol). I did not see anyone else who had it that high, so I did enjoy it immensely. Was just quirky enough to be enjoyable and different. I have also seen Lady Frankenstein, and while it had that Italian horror feel, I agree with Dr. Shock that it had a Hammeresque feel. Well worth a watch. I always enjoyed an adaptation to the Frankenstein legend. I also feel a fantasy-horror show would be interesting. Perhaps a discussion of the upcoming film The Darktower could take place, as it is obviously fantasy written by a horror legend. Finally, I want to relay my own first horror movie that really scared me. I was 11 when I went to my friend Dominic’s birthday party. His parents were awesome people, staunch Catholics but immigrant Italians who were not totally familiar with all customs of a birthday party and therefore let Dominic run the show. Somehow he got a copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and put it in the VCR. Suffice to say it blew my mind. To this day the intro by John Larroquette makes my hair stand up on end. I still distinctly remember the scene where Leatherface hangs Marilyn Chambers on the meat hook then puts her in the freezer. The glint of the meat hook still resonates with me today. The film scared the crap out of me yet intrigued me. Strangely the film put me on my way to enjoying the genre and while it still scares me in a way no other film does, I absolutely love it, yet have never brought myself to ever eat head cheese, lol. My fave horror film ever. Who knew?

  6. On ‘Stake Land 2’, I was one of the ones that gave it a negative review on the comments section of an earlier episode. I saw it last Halloween when it premiered on SYFY and did not care for it. However, my understanding is that this is a different and better cut of the film, so I’m really curious to check it out and since it’s on Netflix I will as soon as I can.

    Glad you liked it, Josh.

    • I’d like to know if it’s a different cut as well. I watched it on Netflix because of Wolfman’s suggestion and I really enjoyed it. I still liked the first Stakeland more because it was fun to learn about the apocalyptic world and about the unique workings of the vampires. Also, I hate the title Stakelander.

  7. Hey,
    I just wrote a post that got deleted, I think. Wanted to point out that Michael Parks fans should also check out From Dusk Till Dawn 3. The movie’s not great, but he plays a perpetually drunk Ambrose Bierce that is worth the price of admission.

  8. So, David Lynch has returned to the public with the new Twin Peaks stuff, and there’s a lot of cool horror imagery there to dig into. Hope to hear you guys touch upon it at some point, if not in your Lynch themed episode

    • A Lynch themed episode sounds awesome. I recently watched Eraserhead (1977) with my dad and it freaked him out. I’m really excited to watch the new twin peaks. My favorite of Lynch’s work is Mulholland (2001).

    • Bill Condon wrote/directed God’s and Monsters (1998), so I’m sure he’s passionate about the Universal Frankenstein properties. Looks like, from this article, The Bride of Frankenstein will be released on Valentine’s Day 2019, which is a long time to wait.

  9. Once again, late to the party but I’m making my way through the episodes slowly but surely.

    I wanted to share my story of the first time a horror movie ever scared me since it goes along well with yours, Jay. Mine was also The Exorcist (incidentally, this is not the first movie that scared me; that honor goes to Jumanji, which is a WHOLE other conversation). I was probably 8 or 9 when I had a similar experience. I was staying over at my friend’s/neighbor’s house. Her mom was watching The Exorcist and had to chase us out of the living room a couple of times. We only caught a few scenes, but that was enough to scar me. The few scenes I saw stuck in my head VERY clearly. One was a scene involving a crucifix and the other was the pretty iconic stairs scene.

    I haven’t had nightmares about many movies, but that one gave me nightmares for months. I grew up in a religious household, so demon possession was something I had learned about and, in my 9-year-old mind, was something that could really happen. And the fact that it happened to a little girl somewhat close to me in age made it all the worse for me. My dad already prayed with me before bed every night, but I made him add in protection from demons into the prayers. Once he found out why, he was SO mad at my friend’s mom and I wasn’t allowed to go back over to her house for quite some time.

    Funnily enough, this scarring of my little girl psyche didn’t deter me from seeing horror movies. But it took me a very long time to have the slightest urge to watch anything in the possession subgenre and even longer to watch The Exorcist in its entirety and I’m pretty sure my then-boyfriend (now husband) got a sprained hand during the viewing because of how scared I was. To this day, I’ve only seen it the once, though I do quite like several other possession movies.

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