Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 120: It Comes at Night (2017) and 47 Meters Down (2017) and 12 Feet Deep: Trapped Sisters (2017) and The Mummy (2017)

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This is HORROR MOVIE PODCAST Episode 120, another Frankensteinian episode where Jay of the Dead and Dr. Shock (along with guest Mattroid, from The Sci-Fi Podcast) bring you a random assortment of horror movie reviews, including Jay’s reviews of underwater “Trapped Sisters” movies 47 Meters Down (2017) and 12 Feet Deep (2017). As a hold-over from our “Horror Pets” episode, you’ll hear a mountain of listener feedback as well as reviews of two more killer cat movies: Uninvited (1988) from Jay and Dave and Cat’s Eye (1985) from Matt. You’ll also get an in-depth review of action-horror spectacle The Mummy (2017) from Jay and Matt. For more complete coverage, hear Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh dig in much deeper at our sister show, Universal Monsters Cast. We also have the return of our “Campfire Tales” segment from both Dr. Shock and our HMP listeners. And the main event is Jay of the Dead’s Feature Review of one of the most polarizing horror movies of the year, It Comes At Night (2017)!

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I. Introduction
— Wolfman Josh has the night off
— Welcome special guest Mattroid of The Sci-Fi Podcast
— Dr. Shock’s Campfire Tale: Monkey Baby Paw
— Horror on the Go: Top 30 Horror Movies Ever
— Agenda for this episode

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[ 0:18:43 ] II. Review: UNINVITED (1988)
Jay of the Dead = 4 ( Low-priority Rental )
Dr. Shock = 4 ( Low-priority Rental )

[ 0:37:08 ] III. Feature Review: 47 METERS DOWN (2017)
Jay of the Dead = 4.5 ( Avoid )

IV. HMP Campfire Tale:
— From The EvAL Dead

[ 1:08:32 ] V. Review: CAT’S EYE (1985)
Mattroid = 7 ( Rental )

VI. Listener Feedback:
— Email from listener Vicious Victor in Seattle, WA

VII. Horror “Trailer Talk”:
Friend Request
Annabelle: Creation

Dr. Shock’s links:
Dave writes daily movie reviews on DVDinfatuation.com and you can follow Dave on Twitter.

[ 1:38:52 ] VIII. Feature Review: 12 FEET DEEP: TRAPPED SISTERS (2017)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Rental )

Horror Metropolis Ep. 007: Open Water 2: Adrift (2006)

IX. Listener Feedback:
— Email from listener Sharon
— Email from listener Brian Banshee (Bashe)

[ 2:03:13 ] X. Feature Review: THE MUMMY (2017)
Jay of the Dead = 4.5 ( Low-priority Rental )
Mattroid = 6 ( See it in the Theater )

Be sure to catch up with our friend, Mattroid:
Matt’s Gary the Unicorn columns for The Daily Herald

Hear Gillman Joel, Wolfman Josh and Doc Shock review “The Mummy” (2017) in-depth on Universal Monsters Cast!

[ 2:42:20 ] XI. Feature Review: IT COMES AT NIGHT (2017)
Jay of the Dead = 9.5 ( Theater / Buy it! )

XII. Horror Pets Photo Contest
— Wolfman Josh calls in with “Horror Pets” feedback
— HMP community pet photos. Find them on Twitter with the hashtag #HorrorMovieCat
— Armored Foe sticker giveaway

1st Place Winner:
Horror Pet Winner Max

2nd Place Winner:
HMP Mascot Maynard

3rd Place Winner:
Cujo Puppy

Honorable Mention — Tie!
Window Cat

Honorable Mention — Tie!
Killer Tortoise

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XIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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52 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 120: It Comes at Night (2017) and 47 Meters Down (2017) and 12 Feet Deep: Trapped Sisters (2017) and The Mummy (2017)

  1. Congratulations to our #horrormoviecat contest winners. I’m not sure I can agree with all of the winner picks with so many great entries. Here are most of the runners-up:

  2. I’m not sure I’ve been this excited to hear about a lineup of movies since the Birdman/Nightcrawler/Whilplash episode of MPW. It’s a stacked lineup tonight, my friends

    • You’ve been around since Birdman/Nightcrawler/Whiplash and we’re just now hearing from you?! Thanks for the comments, Graham. Love having you on-board. Not sure what it is about this particular line-up of movies, but I hope this hodgepodge episode lived up to your expectations.

      • I didn’t mean to communicate that Graham was BRAND new to the comments section. He’s been haunting the boards for at least a few months, right? I just had no idea he had been a listener as far back as MPW 110 (of 246).

        • Haha, on man. My bad, Graham! That’s 100% a reflection of my absence from the boards over the last several months than you not being memorable.

          I feel like a self-important idiot!

          • I’ve posted under a few different aliases before f (almost) passing onto the other side.

            No worries, Dino. My posting this year has definitely been a little more sporadic than I’d have liked it to be, but now that I’ve finally settled in and become comfortable with my less-than corporeal state, I’m ready to haunt the message boards on a biweekly basis (and give Jay crap for calling No Escape a horror movie while I’m at it).

  3. I watched Friend Request last October and for someone who hated Unfriended, I found Friend Request to mostly be okay. There’s some good jumps although the further along the film got and they more they revealed, the less interesting it was for me. It looks like I gave a 5/10 rating.

    Since I reviewed it for 31 days of Halloween, if you’d like to see a spoiler filled review, click below:


  4. Great episode guys. Despite holidays, anniversaries and life threatening surgery, you guys always deliver and it’s greatly appreciated.

    Very intriguing movies reviewed here. Jay has peaked my interest for 47 meters down and 12 feet deep, I’ll check those out. I was also already excited for It Comes at Night, but Jay has sold me even more. Unfortunately, friend request is one I’ve already seen and like Sal said the more that’s revealed the less interesting it becomes.

    Finally, The Mummy. I wasn’t hopeful from the start and fell for a lot of the bad reviews, so didn’t rush on opening day. Having finally watched it I have to say I found it much more watchable than I expected it to be. At 1hr 40 it’s an easy watch. That being said it’s not a great movie by any means. The flashbacks were monotonous and despite being a big TC fan for years, my patience is growing thin. The action blockbuster way they went have left most of us exasperated, but it’s what sells the tickets these days…or at least what they expected to sell. so what can you do. Hopefully they become a bit more adventurous with future installments.

    • I think this movie is much better than we are giving it credit for at this point. I’m not saying that it is great, it was a letdown because of what it could have been, but it is a decent action-horror movie. In fact it is better than most action-horror movies out there that have franchises of their own–see Resident Evil or Underworld.

      I think this is actually the exact opposite of a Phantom Menace situation. We are all saying how disappointed we are upfront. There is so much piling on because the cynicism from critics was so strong and the expectations of the fans were so high. And while that critical vitriol is often hard to overcome, plenty of great movies were panned by critics initially, including films like Halloween, Alien, and The Shining. I’m not saying this is a horror classic. Not by a long shot. It has some MAJOR problems (which we covered in-depth at UMC), but it’s not even as bad as Van Helsing and it’s better than all 7 sequels and spin-offs to the 1999 Mummy.

      So, where Jay gives horror fans permission to dislike the Mummy, I give myself permission to enjoy it, despite its myriad flaws.

      I have now seen the film twice in theaters and I pre-ordered the BluRay because there is plenty to like and a good cause to support. I’ll be discussing this more in depth over in the comments at Universal Monsters Cast over the next few days. Hope to see you all there.

      • I don’t disagree with you, Josh. I also saw it twice and it was, actually, better with the second viewing. It could have been better but what’s good is pretty good.

    • This summer I’ve spent a lot of time pacing around my house and thinking about THE MUMMY (2017). I definitely need a rewatch. I didn’t think it was that bad. I gave it a 6.5/10 for quality but I’m disappointed because I wanted something a little different. I’ve commented a bunch on the Universal Monsters Cast site so I don’t have much more to say here. I do remember hearing horror fans totally disappointed with the Brendan Fraser remake, but now, with time, they seem to like it? Come on people, this is a dead mummy coming to life, it’s serious business.

        • I’m mostly in agreement with this thread of comments regarding The Mummy. Is it the mummy/Universal Monsters reboot I wanted? No. But what we got was something I found to be a lot of fun. I understand why they went this direction from a film business perspective, and I’m ok with that as long as it ensures the Dark Universe gets to be fully realized.

          I’ve thought about the movie a lot since my initial viewing, and I definitely see it being a film I revisit often into the future.

          For me, it was a 7.5/10… like Mark, probably more in the 6-6.5 range for quality, but I give it a bump for the fun I had watching it.

  5. —Spoilers for 12 Feet Down—

    I had a variety of issues with the film. Some are major like Clara’s character (Who is also the entire reason I’m posting this comment) while the majority of the rest are pretty minor. I wasn’t a fan of the fact that from the very beginning of the movie, everyone was in a rotten mood. Tobin Bell, who is in the movie for maybe 5 minutes, spends his entire screen time yelling at everyone. I don’t see the purpose of that. Especially in these sort of survival horror movies, I feel it’s important to show the characters having fun in order to really highlight the difference once everything goes wrong. If everyone is already miserable when the movie begins, why should I care that everyone is miserable for the rest of the movie?

    I also didn’t like that there was so much drama thrown in for the backstory. The one sister was a recovering addict, dealing with depression, memories of a father that molested her, and dissension from her family. The other sister is diabetic, still coping from killing her father, having to life with the scars from the fire on her arm, dealing with dissension from her sister, and has the secret of an engagement. It’s a lot to take in and a lot of it didn’t feel necessary.

    But I can forgive all of that if Clara wasn’t in the movie. I’m sorry Jay, but she was awful. I can’t wrap my head around this person actually existing. Her backstory is pretty vague. Apparently she once had it all, but lost it all and spent some time in jail. Okay. Maybe it would have been more effective had we actually been able to spend some time with Clara and her attempts at regaining her life. For most of the film, I didn’t know what she was actually wanting to accomplish. The core problem with Clara is that she wasn’t evil enough to be a normal villain, but she also wasn’t sympathetic enough to be a flawed, yet decent person. I don’t understand why she didn’t just take the purse and immediately leave. It’s a dick move, but it’s a dick move that is just about gaining some money rather than being vengeful.

    When it comes to survival films, it’s very common that there’s two main threats. There’s the time threat, where you can only survive for so long, and then there’s the external threat, where something is deliberately trying to hurt you. In most survival films, this external threat isn’t actually evil. Whether its a shark in Open Water or the wolves in Frozen, these are just animals doing what animals do. You can’t reason with a shark. To me, that adds to the tension of it all. With Clara, she’s just a person. She’s making the deliberate choice to potentially kill the two sisters and for what? To make a few bucks? This isn’t even some warped tale of revenge where say…Clara is toying with the idea of killing the two sisters because the sisters are responsible for the death of Clara’s child or a pet. That would make sense. The filmmakers never even bothered to properly explain why Clara was doing what she was doing.

    I became even more frustrated with this awful Clara character at the very end when she returns to consider shooting shooting the sisters. Then when she has a change of heart and returns the engagement ring, the one sister tells her to leave so the cops won’t bust her? WHY?! This is not a mentally stable person. This sister is just guaranteeing that Clara goes crazy again and next time someone will probably die.

    I hated this movie and most of that hate is because of Clara. What annoys me the most is that I love survival horror. I love trying to put myself in the character’s shoes and figuring out what I would do to try and do to stay alive. Yet, because I went into the movie thinking it was simply a tale of two sisters needing to get out of a pool, it made my annoyances all of the worse.

    I gave it a 3/10 rating with a recommendation to avoid. There’s so many survival horror films, so there really isn’t any reason to waste your time watching one with such flawed writing.

  6. Great work on this episode, my friends. I’ve been out of the loop for sometime. Hell, I’ve barely had time for my own podcast, these days. That said… I wanted to let you know, Jay, that your review of It Comes At Night was incredibly well worded. I recorded a review of that film for HORROR CORRIDOR a couple weeks ago… just need to edit that episode and get it out. Ha ha. But the point is that we say many of the same things. Great minds and all that, right? Anyway, I’m typing this out in bed, and it’s taking forever. I’m sleepin’. Much love!

  7. Okay, JOTD I just finished listening to your 47 Meters Down review and I completely disagreed with almost everything you said. The cinematography was great. For being 154 feet under water I think the cinematography made it feel real. I don’t understand how you can care about the characteristics of sharks being portrayed poorly and not care at all that all the acting (aside from Kevin Bacon) in Friday The 13th was terrible.


    I really liked the ending although I thought it would have been better if the coast guards couldn’t save her. In my opinion the ending made the movie much better and could have been really freaky (although it was still pretty scary.)


    The acting wasn’t great and that was the one fault that you didn’t mention. Your still a great host though,

    • Gore-or,

      As you hear more episodes of the show, you’ll find that Jay is wrong about a great many things. Hahaha But as you pointed out, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s still a great host. Thanks for sharing your take on the film. I’m looking forward to seeing this one.

  8. Thanks for reading my story Jay! Caught me completely off guard to hear it and actually choked me up a little hearing that story retold.

    And I’m already way ahead of ya on the older shows, those went by in about a week lol.

  9. Loved the episode! This is actually my first time on the message boards as I am a new listener to HMP. But with that being said, I’ve been listening non stop including two 20hr round trips of nothing but HMP and the movies you guys reccomend!

    I have to chime on this one though, I recently watched 47 Meters Down and It Comes At Night. Although I loved ICAN I really wanted to say say some words in defence of 47 Meters Down. Here are my thoughts:

    47 Meters Down: 9/10
    I KNOW I KNOW! Before you guys gather villagers and pitchforks to run me out of the message boards, hear me out! First off, my opinion could be biased because I am terrified of great white sharks. I generally refuse to go to the beach. 2nd, I run a audio/visual production company out of Nashville TN. We recently upgraded to underwater apparatuses for our cameras so I have mad respect for any movie thats filmed underwater or with water heavily involved. It is definitely an impressive obstacle to overcome.

    But as far as the actual film, I still loved it. I loved how they didn’t just make the sharks the object of horror, they used real aspects like running out of air, the darkness of the ocean and the bends to make their film intense and scary. For a second, I even forgot about the sharks. I thought the way they had to swim above the cage enough to communicate was terrifying because they found ways to bring their characters out of safety to survive. I thought overall it was incredibly well done. It made my number one horror film of 2017 so far. I know most people would not agree but thats the beauty of HMP! I’ve never heard of a more diverse and accepting group of horror fans!

    Thanks for the episode! Can’t wait for the next:)

    • Thanks for your comments, Jake. I don’t think you’re alone in your support of 47 Meters Down. I’ve seen a lot of love for this on social media from our listeners. I wish I could make it to the theater to see this before our Shark Week episode, but we are recording Wednesday and I don’t see it happening.

      Thanks for sharing your comment that “I’ve been listening non-stop including two 20hr round trips of nothing but HMP and the movies you guys recommend!” I LOVE to hear that. I’m a big road trip guy and it’s always crucial to have something entertaining to listen to on your journey. I’m so glad that we could be that for someone else. You made my day.

      • Well whenever you can get out to see it, I would love to hear your review on the movie.

        I agree, you have to have something interesting to listen to! I can’t put the show down. It is hard to find people who enjoy and appreciate horror films as much as I do. Currently listening to the 3rd part of your Nightmare on Elm St 5part show. I’m a huge fan of the Nightmare series.

        • Oooooh. Then, all apologies. Haha. I tried to be very open-minded about those films, but I was coming in at a disadvantage and many Nightmare fans were upset with me / us afterward.

          • The review of the series has been alot of fun to listen to! As a fan, you have to be aware of how rediculous the movies can be; so critical analysis is totally acceptable. I am the sports fan who doesn’t give up his team so to speak. As you guys said, there’s so much nostalgia with these films that you tend to overlook some of the outlandish features in them.

            Dream Warriors is by far one of my favorite films in the series. I remember the first time that I saw him using that kid as a puppet, and that was when my love of horror movies and desire to make them myself kicked in. I loved that. The visuals truly scared me.

  10. When you guys do your Stephen King episodes, make sure you add some of the crazier entries: Maximum Overdrive, Running Man, Sleepwalkers, and his segment from Tales from the Darkside.
    And the most underrated Stephen King movie ever is Silver Bullet.

    • Thanks for the list. It’s great to know what our listeners want to hear about. I’m sure many of these will come up, we’re bringing on such a wide range of Stephen King fans as guests. I’m big Silver Bullet fan, myself. If you have some hot takes regarding these lesser-seen entries, email us an audio clip and we’ll respond to it on the show. We did cover Maximum Overdrive already at some point. And Tales From the Darkside as well, I think.

  11. Great episode guys! As someone with an awesome canine companion (and a pretty cool black cat- when it’s not cat purrrrgation time), I really appreciate all the horror pets!

  12. I saw It Comes At Night at the weekend and I’m afraid I didn’t like it at all. Definitely one to avoid, not really a horror movie.

    I am so sick of seeing dream sequences in films (especially in the horror genre), they’re like a cheat code for storytelling. Why show an imagined event within an already fictional event?

    It Comes At Night was a classic case of a cinematic anti-climax. Maybe the film was mis-sold at a promotional level, but I thought it was a dismal-looking waste of time.

    About as much fun as a 3 day power cut.

  13. Jason Pyles… man, I wish there was someone else on that It Comes At Night discussion with you. Don’t get me wrong, you did an excellent job with the solocast review. But I wish there was a dissenting opinion on there with you.

    I thought the movie was very well executed, but between Night and Krisha, I’m beginning to realize that maybe Trey Shults just isn’t for me. Each of his two films have been expertly realized, but I just don’t respond well to them. Night for me felt very familiar. It was excellent in its restraint, both in the cinematography and writing, and there was a constantly growing sense of dread throughout. But the interest gained in that restraint and building dread wasn’t enough to make the grim watch all that enjoyable for me.

    Objectively, I think it’s one of the better horror films so far this year, but it won’t likely make my top 10 list at the end of the year (I currently have it at #11 on my list). It is on my shortlist of movies I want to rewatch before the year ends, so I’ll see how it holds up on a repeat viewing.

    As far as rating goes, it’s like an 8-8.5 for me.

    • Dino, I gave it the same rating on my podcast, man. And really, it only got that high of a score not because of originality or emotional impact, but instead, I found it more technically and intellectually engaging.

  14. Random question:

    Is there a movie out there that you’ve seen that you were either just lukewarm on or maybe didn’t even really like all that much, but you just can’t stop thinking about it and NEED to watch it again and again?

    For me, that movie right now is The Void. I watched it during its theater run, and I didn’t think it was that great after my initial viewing. My theater crowd seemed to be pretty down on it, and I wonder if that influenced my response a little. But I do know I’ve been thinking about the movie ever since, and have been wanting to revisit it to see if my opinion has changed.

    Incidentally, The Void just hit Netflix streaming in the U.S. yesterday.

    • I feel this way almost every time I see a great film in the theaters and then have to wait for the BluRay to come out. Esp if it’s a limited release film or a festival film so there is not way that I can see it again in theaters right away. The last three that really had that impact on me were It Follows, Green Room, and Get Out. The anticipation was killing me. And now I’m feeling that way about The Devil’s Candy. Want that BabyBlu.

      • Those are movies you thought were great and loved, though. I’m talking about a movie that you either didn’t think was that good or were lukewarm on. That’s how I felt about The Void… I didn’t think it was all that good, but it definitely has left a mark on me. And not just in a “wow, that was disturbing, I never want to see that again” kind of way. I’m sure many would think that way about Cannibal Holocaust or A S*****n F**m, but would have no interest in re-watching the movie. Even though I didn’t initially think The Void was that great, it has stuck with me in a way that I can’t wait to re-watch it… which seems a bit weird to me.

    • There is one I saw recently that I feel the need to watch again, yet I only gave it 5.5/10. It was Pieces of Talent. The sound/acting effects were very good for an indie film, yet I found the pacing slow at times and a bit disjointed. But it was so well acted I am sure I will watch it again.

  15. Hey all…loved the episode. I love the fact we are getting a Stephen King review for the next couple of episodes. His books/novellas/screenplays have had such an impact on the genre, it will be nice to look at them, both lovingly and critically. You could do an entire episode alone on the small roles/cameos he has played in many of his films (my personal fave was in Creepshow “not there!!!”…lol). I hope some of the lesser talked about films do not get overlooked, especially Thinner and Needful Things. When King’s films come up, rarely do these get mentioned, but I liked them as “hidden gems” of the genre. Leland Gaunt may be one of the creepiest characters in any of his films, and Thinner is one of those films that just sorts “sticks” to you, be it the unforgettable gypsy, the deterioration of the lead character, or the satisfying ending. I do have to say, that in both the book and the movie, the ending was letdown for me with Needful Things. Needful Things, does have one of the strongest casts of any King book adaptation.
    I also wanted to put my 2 cents in my support of the movie Wild Beasts. Is it great cinema? No, but it was a blast to watch. The premise is outrageous, the acting is over the top at times, some of the scenes make the viewer laugh they are so outrageous (including an elephant stepping and chasing of a leopard), and creepy kids in the end always seem to make me smile, lol. Italian grindhouse at its finest. Anyways, anyone who has not seen it, I highly recommend it.
    Finally, I came across a short film and was wondering if anyone knew any more about it. It is a 2017 short film (22 minutes) called Zygote. It is directed by established director Neil Blomkamp of District 9 fame, and starts Dakota Fanning and Jose Pablo Cantillo. It is a sci fi/horror/survival short film with decent effects, and reminds me of a combo of Alien/From Beyond/Slither. Am curious if this is a concept short that will evolve in to a feature, a la Lights Out. Apparently there are two other associated short films. I will put a link for it if interested. If anyone knows anything about it, am curious to know. Take care all!

  16. Dear HMP community:

    Jay of the Dead here — your Paul Revere of Horror cinema!

    If you like to read, please check out my new blog novella where I denounce the awful term “Post-Horror,” as well as a lot of other rabble-rousing regarding our favorite genre… Trojan Horses are at the gates of Horror!

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    Podcast: https://horrormoviepodcast.com/horror-movie-podcast-ep-121-the-girl-with-all-the-gifts-2017-and-my-little-eye-2002-and-audition-1999-and-trojan-horses-at-the-gates-of-horror/


  17. Great show! I really love all your guys’ styles of shows, but I especially like the Frankenstein-ian ones just for the sheer volume of movie talk.

    RE: 47 Meters Down: I love going to see shark movies in the theater, but they generally bore me. I liked The Shallows well enough, though I really didn’t expect to. The theater experience was so great because shark movies absolutely terrify my husband so it was really fun to watch him be scared. The first appearance of the shark in The Shallows was great; I thought he was going to flip over the back of his chair, he jumped so much. I tried nagging him to go see 47 Meters Down when we saw the poster for it in our local theater, but there was too much other stuff to see at that same time and we have to pick our movies wisely now that we only have one (maybe two, if we’re lucky) day a week to go out. We may rent it, but I doubt I will watch it. The only joy I seem to get out of these shark movies is either seeing him scared out of his mind or those of the “so bad they’re good” variety.

    RE: The upcoming Stephen King episode: I’m completely pumped for this! I’m currently working on a list of adaptations and am going to start working on watching the ones I haven’t seen. I’m a huge reader and SK is, by far, my favorite writer. I mentioned in an email to you, Jay, that my older brothers introduced me to horror movies. Well, my oldest brother also introduced me to horror writers and his love of King passed on to me early on. He gave me Carrie to read when I was about 13 or 14 which really resonated with me in an incredible way. After that, I was hooked and devoured everything with the name King or Bachman on it that I could get my hands on. I know a lot of his works don’t translate well (there are only a handful of King films that I would really consider to be “good”) but I can’t help but hold such a fondness for them.

    RE: The Mummy: Mattroid and Jay perfectly summed up my issues with the entire idea of this movie. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I can’t comment on the creepy factor you mentioned, Jay, but as soon as I saw the trailer, I leaned over and told my husband, “Ugh, this looks like an action movie, not a horror movie.” I don’t mind action movies, but I really dislike action-horror movies (for reasons you guys nicely summed up in another episode). If they were truly making this for the fans of the Universal monsters, the movie would be quiet, super scary, and full of great writing, makeup, and practical effects. I will probably see it in the theater to support the DU, but this movie honestly looks more like a reboot of the Brendan Fraser 1999 movie than the 1932 Boris Karloff film. I just have this feeling that all the scariest moments are in the trailer and that it’s just going to be your standard summer action blockbuster, which bums me out. I do want to like it, though, and for it to be successful. The DU has already had one false start, so I want it to do well. But I really hope they respond to fans of the genre, not just general critics.

    One last thing, I’m super bummed I missed out on the horror pet challenge! We’re a family of animal lovers, so I have plenty of photos to share!

    Once again, great episode. I’m so close to being caught up!

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