Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 131: Curse of Chucky (2013) and Cult of Chucky (2017) – Franchise Review Part 4 of 4

HMP Curse of Chucky

Happy Halloween! Welcome to HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies … and Chucky movies. In Episode 131, we wrap up with Part 4 of our CHILD’S PLAY FRANCHISE REVIEW.

As we’ve done with the Halloween films back in October 2014, the Friday the 13th films back in February of 2015, and the Scream films and the Nightmare on Elm Street films back in the Fall of 2015, we’re giving you in-depth analysis of the entire Chucky franchise, all seven films, concluding with this episode. So, in this show, Jay of the Dead, Dave “Dr.Shock” Becker and Wolfman Josh play with the Curse of Chucky (2013) and Cult of Chucky (2017).

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I. Introduction
— Jay of the Dead’s guest appearance on The Resurrection of Zombie 7 to review Night of the Living Dead with Ron Martin and Little Miss Horror Nerd
— Jay’s punishment for sleeping through most of the last four Child’s Play movies… (That’s right. Keep those suggestions comin’!)

[ 0:04:09 ] II. Feature Review: CURSE OF CHUCKY (2013)
Jay of the Dead = cannot rate at this time
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( High-priority Rental / Stream on Netflix )
Dr. Shock = 7 ( High-priority Rental )

HMP Curse of Chucky BTS

[ 0:33:15 ] III. Feature Review: CULT OF CHUCKY (2017)
Jay of the Dead = cannot rate at this time
Wolfman Josh = 6.5 ( High-priority Rental / Stream on Netflix )
Dr. Shock = 6.5 ( High-priority Rental / Stream on Netflix )

HMP Cult of Chucky BTS

5 Times The Chucky Movies Inspired Horrifically Real Acts Of Murder And Torture
By James Swift for Thought Catalog

V. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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44 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 131: Curse of Chucky (2013) and Cult of Chucky (2017) – Franchise Review Part 4 of 4

  1. I really wish you guys didn’t leave in the description of what those sickos did to a baby.

    Sad jay of the dead didn’t even watch most of these movies to give a review. As punishment he should go against his wifes wishes & have his young son watch poltergeist.

    Curse & cult are boring & mancini has taken this story way out there so there’s no going back & chucky is basically unstoppable & with mancini’s lack of writing ability i don’t trust that he can bring the series back to basics

    I wrote this months ago & since you’re talking chucky I’ll share it here:

    It’s the showdown that everyones been waiting for, freddy vs chucky….in a stand up comedy special. You’ll die laughing!

    Synopsis: For 3 decades freddy Krueger & killer doll Chucky have been the funniest killers in horror & for the first time these two icons of comedic horror one liners & sick puns will do combat in the unique arena of stand up comedy where they will try to get the most laughs & battle each other one on one in an insult comic throw down. See it live november 9th 2018 on Broadway, ppv, at the theater, on blu ray & dvd, on tv & even in hell, Don’t miss out!

    • Shoot! We intended to edit that out. I hadn’t read ahead in all of these cases. That’s my fault. We had discussed going back and editing all of that out, but poor Jay was up editing all night and it must have slipped by. He is doing his best to fix it now, but some people will have unfortunately already heard it. Yikes. Sorry to you and anyone else who had to hear that. It’s awful.

  2. Happy Halloween HMP community! Rambling thoughts of this episode are below.

    As Jay’s punishment I’d like to recommend Killer Piñata because I was forced to sit through it. Although I tend to like horror comedies and indie films it was painful to watch. Either that or Charles Band’s The Killer Eye, that one isn’t great but I couldn’t look away. Would be interested in your take on it. Actually do a Charles Band marathon!

    For me, Curse and Cult reinvigorated my interest in Chucky. I watched both with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by them both. The comedic elements although still present were darker and more muted. The characters were more likable and relatable. I think it was a smart move to go the darker route after the abomination which was Seed. The kill sequences in Cult were both gore filled and ridiculous, the drill sequence was fantastic. Although I was not a fan of the portrayal of mental illness in Cult, I remembered that hey, it’s a Chucky movie, none of this is realistic. Just once though, if a Horror movie could portray MPD correctly I’d be through the roof. It always ends up being a “comedic” element. At the end of the day, Id actually be stoked for another entry in the Chucky series, Cult piqued my interest in the end of what will happen next.

    • I agree. I’d like to see the next chapter with Fino Dourif.
      I’m not thrilled that she ended the movie with Jennifer Tilly, however. Fine with it for this movie. Just not quite as interested in that sequel.

  3. Two things to say here. First, love the Child’s Play coverage and, despite your misgivings coming in, I think the overall ratings you gave this is higher than any of your other franchise reviews. Only Seed was singled out as bordering unwatchable. 6 of 7 movies is pretty high for a franchise average. Of course the argument is that it’s a lower level franchise.

    Secondly, every so often a hidden gem crosses my path that I have to talk up. I watch a lot of bad horror to pass time (Any Full Moon release not called Puppetmaster is high on the list) and occasionally something unexpected hits my queue. This is the case for Found Footage 3D. A Shudder exclusive release, it is a movie about filmakers making a found footage movie when a real haunting occurs. I know this is not the most original concept, but the difference here is this was filmed as a satire, not a parody. It is smart in its treatment of the genre and succeeds in addressing the inherent issues with found footage in a surprisingly meta way. I particularly felt the actors did a great job tweaking their performances slightly when acting in the “film” versus the behind-the-scenes footage. This added a level of depth and reality. Not a perfect film but this movie is worth checking out the Shudder service. As an added bonus the service is also currently streaming the original Universal monster movies.

    • Glad we didn’t let you down on the Child’s Play franchise, Mr. V.

      Thanks for the recommendation on Found Footage 3D. That sounds right up my alley and like a good pairing with Netflix’s recent release Demonic. Could make a great double-feature.

      We’ll have to let our listeners at Universal Monsters Cast know that the classics are streaming on Shudder. That’s a huge plus to subscribing to that service, in my opinion.

  4. I feel like y’all missed a very important horror movie this October. Maybe Jay could review it as punishment. IMDB has the Boo! A Madea Halloween and its sequel Boo! 2 as comedy/horror. Google has them as horror/comedy. Redeem yourself Jay 😉

  5. Awesome franchise review, guys! I’m glad you guys enjoyed the movies, I love the Child’s Play series.

    As for my Halloween watching, it was Curse of Frankenstein from 1957 with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. It’s my favorite Hammer horror film!

    • Great pick for Halloween night, Knight. We had fun covering the Hammer Mummy movies over on Universal Monsters Cast and I can’t wait until we get to the Dracula and Frankenstein movies!

      Glad we didn’t let you down with the Child’s Play franchise reviews. We tried to go in with an open mind, even though none of us were fans at the beginning.

  6. First off, my vote for Jay’s punishment is Madea’s Halloweens both BOO 1&2!

    I just wanted to say something in regards to the discussion of the effects of violent media on children as a behavioral pediatrician. There was an interesting study looking at links between violent media consumption at a young age and violent offenses in adolescence. I cannot find the link at the moment. But the conclusion of the study was that children growing up in poor family environments (abuse, domestic violence, neglect, addiction) had significantly more violent tendencies if exposed to violent media at a young age. The effect of violent media was not seen in those children coming from supportive, healthier families. The deviant child case Josh mentioned where the child’s mother would get high and let her children watch Child’s Play is an excellent example of this.

    Lastly, idk how anyone could like Child’s Play 3. I loved the ending, but only because it meant that movie was finally over! Child’s Play 2 all the way!

    • Great insights about child psychology, Weldon. Thanks for sharing that. I’d love to see the link to that study if you ever track it down.

      You guys are making me self-conscious about liking Child’s Play 3 better than Child’s Play 2. Honestly, I was just sick of that Andy Barclay actor. Nice to mix things up a bit. Not a great movie, though, I agree.

  7. Loved the franchise review despite Jay not watching half the franchise haha.

    Since Jay loves Beastly Freak movies so much I think he should review Rubber (2010) and Attack of the Killer Donuts (2017) as punishment.

    Also I need to know, did Jay actually fall asleep during the chucky movies? or did the killer dolls freak him out too much after his horrific He-Man fingering incident?

    • Haha. Great comments, Stray, and great recommendations! Personally, I enjoyed Rubber. But I think Jay might hate it. And the very thought of Killer Doughnuts is terrifying … to have to watch.

  8. Thanks so much for all your efforts to get these out on time for Halloween (that’s when I listened to it). This whole franchise was unexpected from beginning to end and much better than expected, especially the two newer movies, and I enjoyed all of your opinions and discussion.

    I personally thought that the real life horror part was a bit much and I’m not sure that reading a top ten killings inspired by Chucky does these events justice. But I didn’t mind them either, I just thought they didn’t really fit the tone.

    Anyways, thanks for brightening my Halloween day with this release!

    • Thanks, Patrick.

      I agree that it was a tonal shift and maybe a mistake, but we are always interested in the overlap between art and real life and we were going to discuss it sometime. Hopefully better to do it at the very end after we were done talking about the movies, rather than taking about each incident as it occurred with each film. I don’t think you can have a discussion about the cultural impact on Chucky without mentioning that several murders claim him as an inspiration. I think that’s pretty significant.

      There goes that tonal shift again. Haha. Sorry. Glad you enjoyed the franchise review, otherwise.

  9. Cult Of Chucky:

    On the tail end of events from the previous film, Chucky is precisely where we last found him… reunited with his terrorized victim from decades earlier, a now fully adult “Andy” (Alex Vincent) and not in the position he would most like. He’s a disembodied head that Andy enjoys tormenting on a regular basis. The living doll taunts the mentally unhinged boy and things are as they should be… until we join Chucky’s most recent victim or torment, the wheelchair bound Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif, daughter of “Chucky” voice Brad). She’s rotting away in an insane asylum having been framed for the doll’s murderous rampage. Things take a shocking turn when multiple “Good Guy” dolls arrive on the hospital wing, any one of which could house the spirit of Fiona’s tormenter.

    This franchise long ago threw any semblance of reality out of the window, but seems intent on maintaining a strange sense of continuity as the stories become more solidly linked through much more than the simple presence of a Chucky Doll. And, insofar as the series seemed more intent on embracing it’s comedic elements, the story also takes a far more sinister turn as many previous victories are twisted to become much harsher defeats. Andy didn’t get to live “happily ever after” as we seem him facing rejection in the very first scene, characters from the previous films face ignoble ends, and Chucky’s torment of his victims reaches a fever pitch.

    A word to the wise- I caught Cult of Chucky on Netflix the very same day it was released on Blu-ray and it should be noted that my version was not unrated. From all reports, it’s missing a key end-stinger that most audiences felt was far more satisfying than the end of the film I saw. I have to admit the film I saw had a great opening act, slowed down to a crawl (despite numerous violent deaths) in the middle, and then really picked up steam to a fairly flat climax at the end. It left me wanting more and I’m curious what that end stinger might be.

    6.5 out of 10 and a light recommendation.

  10. I finally completed the full 31 Days of Halloween horror challenge! I’ve tried to tackle this task every year and every year there always a few days that slip away from me… sometimes even an entire week. But I set myself down to the task… far harder to achieve than I originally thought, as I wasn’t always in the mood for a horror film. Even a horror comedy. But I persevered…. So now, without further ado:

    Gerald’s Game

    Graveyard Shift

    Cult of chucky

    Silver Bullet

    The Wolf Man

    Hatchet 3


    Victor Crowley

    Don’t Kill It

    Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare

    Curse of the Devil

    The Evil Dead

    Friday the 13th 4: The final Chapter

    The people under the stairs

    My Bloody Valentine

    The Babysitter

    A Nightmare on Elm Street


    13 Demons


    Young Frankenstein


    Prince of Darkness

    Night of the Living Dead

    The Thing

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    In The Mouth of Madness

    The Prowler

    Zombie 2 (AKA Zombi, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Zombie)

    Creature from the black Lagoon

    The Monster Squad

    • Congratulations, Red. I was not happy with my movie selection this year, between the Child’s Play franchise and an over-abundance of kiddie films. I’m going to play my October viewing ahead of time next year like Jody does. I want a great 31 Days of Halloween experience. Glad you had one.

  11. On the tail end of the discussion regarding the Child’s Play controversies and the real life slayings that are blamed on the series, I would like to add my two cents.


    I’m not saying that as dismissively as it may sound. In point of fact I say it with derision and frustration in a day and age when we have access to research on the minds of so many horrible monsters. We can look at the clinical realities of both mass and serial murders and we can trace their origins back to a number of similar characteristics. The mind of a psychopath is no longer the dreadful mystery that it once was, and we do ourselves and the world an incredible disservice when we point to a medium of entertainment and blame that for the actions of monsters.

    In all of the cases involving the blame of “Child’s Play”, we find far deeper issues even while just skimming the surface. Neglect, abuse, broken homes, and severe emotional instability plagues all of the cases and yet society prefers to grasp the far more tangible “work of fiction” as an excuse. A child watching “Child’s Play” is no more likely to go out and slaughter a schoolmate than another child watching Star Wars is likely to head out and hack a schoolmate to pieces with a sword. People did not get lost in the sewers of a small town in Indiana while playing Dungeons and Dragons, they were drug addicts who experienced severe emotional break downs from an inability to cope with college. The “Satanic Panic” of the 70’s and 80’s did not expose a sprawling system of cults that spread across the United States.

    And with that said, if you have an interest in criminal psychology; the new Netflix Series, “Mindhunters” is a great watch. It’s the beginning of the research and examination of serial killers by the FBI and is an absolutely terrifying and eye-opening watch. It goes much deeper into what really creates a killer and what motivates them to do what they do. There are so many rumors about serial killers, some of them “blaming” some sort of entertainment or music but it almost always comes down to a series of incidents that can easily track the progression of a monster.

  12. Before I forget, I’d like to thank the HMP crew for finally getting around to devoting a series of episodes to the Child’s Play/Chucky series due to the listeners interest. I realize that seemingly none of the hosts were particularly interested in the series (What’s wrong with you guys?!), so it’s even nice that you guys still took the time to review each movie (Or in Jay’s case, had pleasant naps while watching).

    • Hahaha. Thanks for all your help, Sal. Your insights we’re invaluable to the Child’s Play coverage and you’re 31 Days of Halloween contributions made it possible for Dave to attend the meetup and Jay and I to host it.

  13. I realize there wasn’t a real chance to cover this in October thanks to the Child’s Play/Chucky coverage, but is there any chance HMP will be reviewing the Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6? I realize you guys already covered the Halloween series way back in 2014, but since there wasn’t a legal way to watch the Producer’s Cut until 2015, I’d be interested to hear your guys thought on what was once the holy grail of my horror collection.

    • I have the BluRay and would absolutely be willing to give it a watch. We are going to do a ton of Halloween coverage next October (30th anniversary of Halloween 4 and they filmed it in Salt Lake City), so it might make the most sense to wait until then, but I’ll make sure we cover it. If not sooner, than later.

      • Oh, for sure. Hold off until October 2018. Assuming the new Halloween movie can stay on time and they keep their October 19, 2018 release date, I think it’d be perfect to include a feature review of Halloween 6 Producer’s Cut later in the same episode that the new Halloween gets covered.

  14. Okay, it’s just after Halloween and I’ve been thinking a lot about the horror genre. I think I may have a method of genre definition that may forever settle this dispute. It isn’t perfect and It need some polishing, but I think It works. It definitely heirs on the side of inclusion, but I think it definitely is worth mentioning. the method is “If someone hasn’t seen many movies (other than a kid or something) would you warn them that the movie being discussed might scare them.” This would definitely include movies like silence of the lambs and no escape (sure, why not). I used to use the “scary” method but scariness is entirely subjective and at this point, I almost never get scared by movies it doesn’t really work which is why this works because you wouldn’t know what this person is scared of, so you would encompass everything that could be. I hope this is helpful. does anybody have any better methods?

    • I think “scare” is the least effect of horror movies. There are plenty of horror movies I would say don’t scare most people, but they’re still horror because of the tone or the mood or because of their overall effect. Things that disturb us…. maybe not scare us, but ultimately unsettle our feeling on what is “right” in the world has always been “horror” to me.

      • Lol. I listen to your UMC broadcasts (good show btw) but I also realize there are some listeners that have not made the conversion over (shame on them). I was speaking to the broader horror audience. BTW, I just watched the movie Freehold, and it is a must see.

        • I just watched Murder on the Orient Express. Not necessarily a must-see. Thanks for the Freehold recommendation. I’ll put it on my list for episode 134 and hopefully the others can see it as well. HMP Episode 133 should be dropping any time now (and 132 was technically the Happy Death Day Bonus, FYI).

          I hope the broader horror audience will come over and join the discussion at Universal Monsters Cast. I thought we had a good discussion about the latest Dark Universe news and we should be releasing episodes covering all of the classic Mummy sequels (when Kagan can get around to editing them).

          • I just saw Murder on the Orient Express. I was greatly disappointed. It does not hold a candle to the 1974 version in my opinion. I found I just did not care about the characters involved. Johnny Depp I actually found decent but the others were “meh” in my opinion. Oh, I also recommend you check out Mayhem. Far from a perfect film but a lot of fun!

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