Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 133: Jigsaw (2017) and Gerald’s Game (2017) and The Bad Batch (2017) and Boys in the Trees (2017) and The Babysitter (2017) and Death Note (2017)

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It’s alive! Another Frankensteinian episode of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In Episode 132, Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock bring you Feature Reviews of Jigsaw (2017) and Gerald’s Game (2017). Josh and Dave also bring you a slew of mini-reviews of recent horror films like The Bad Batch (2017), Boys in the Trees (2017), The Babysitter (2017), Death Note (2017), 1922 (2017), Amityville Horror: The Awakening (2017), The Evil Within (2017)Little Evil (2017), We Go On (2016) and more!

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I. Introduction
— MPN Special Features “Stranger Things Seasons 1 + 2
— Prepare your Top 10 Horror Movies of 2017 lists

[ 0:09:35 ] II. Screaming Online by Wolfman Josh:

The Babysitter (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( Queue it – Only on Netflix )

1922 (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( Queue it – Only on Netflix )

Little Evil (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 5.5 ( Queue it – Only on Netflix )

Death Note (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( Stream it – Only on Netflix / Buy it if you can! )

[ 0:26:52 ] III. Feature Review: GERALD’S GAME (2017)
Jay of the Dead = 10 ( Must-See / Stream it – Only on Netflix / Buy it if you can! )
Wolfman Josh = 9 ( Must-See / Stream it – Only on Netflix / Buy it if you can! )
Dr. Shock = 9 ( Must-See / Stream it only – Only on Netflix / Buy it if you can! )

[ 0:49:16 ] IV. Feature Review: JIGSAW (2017)
Jay of the Dead = 6.5 ( Theater / Rental )
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( Theater / Rental )

[ 1:02:22 ] V. Mini Reviews by Dr. Shock:

The Evil Within (2017)
Dr. Shock = 7 ( High-priority Rental )

We Go On (2016)
Dr. Shock = 7 ( High-priority Rental )

[ 1:16:25 ] VI. Post-Mortem Mini Reviews by Doc and Wolfman:

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2017)
Dr. Shock = 9 ( Buy it! )

A Dark Song (2017)
Dr. Shock = 9 ( Buy it! )

Raw (2017)
Dr. Shock = 8.5 ( Buy it! )

The Hallow (2015)
Dr. Shock = 8.5 ( Buy it! )

It Comes at Night (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 9 ( High-priority Rental )

Annabelle: Creation (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 7.5 ( High-priority Rental )

[ 1:30:07 ] VII. Mini Reviews by Wolfman Josh:

The Bad Batch (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 9 ( Rental )

Boys in the Trees (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 7 ( Rental )

Amityville: The Awakening (2017)
Wolfman Josh = 6 ( Rental )

[ 1:51:06 ] VIII. Non-Horror PSAs:
— Wind River (2017)
— Super Dark Times (2017)
— The Snowman (2017)
— The Bar (2017)

IX. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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70 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 133: Jigsaw (2017) and Gerald’s Game (2017) and The Bad Batch (2017) and Boys in the Trees (2017) and The Babysitter (2017) and Death Note (2017)

  1. Jay, you’re literally killing me! Super Dark Times isn’t horror because it doesn’t have a horror tone… but No Escape does? Are you seriously kidding me?! Dude, you’re all over the place with your self imposed rules and observations. If you’re going to classify something like No Escape as horror, the least you could do is stay consistent. I’m scared to hear what you have to say about the movie, because from the sounds of it, you’re just going to dump it in your 6.5 pile of “just ok” movies where all of the great movies that you weren’t able to appreciate get dumped on.

    Respectfully yours,

    • Here here! Well put, and I agree. And there were some pretty scary parts in that movie….especially the dream sequence.

      • See, now I have to watch this for my year-end horror list to know if I need to put Jay’s feet to the fire. And here I thought I could skate by and get around to this one after the New Year.

    • Sorry, Shannon. I’ve been trying to hold off until the film gets a proper U.S. release so that all of our listeners can watch it, legally. I’m dying to talk about it too. I did review like 20 other films, though!

      • Thats cool. I’m just afraid it may never be released over here. The Japanese blu ray I purchased has English subtitles and is region A if youre willing to pay more for it. Yeah I wish everyone could see it. Anyways I did enjoy the episode and you are the ironman of horror movie reviews!

  2. I’m with Josh when it comes to Gerald’s Game. Really enjoyed it, but I don’t think Flanagan did himself any favours by sticking to the book when it comes to The Moonlight Man. In felt clunky in print, too. Like a really long and clinical footnote. I can understand why it disturbed Jay, though, with his fear of deformity and all.

    I have to give the movie major props for sticking to the book when it comes to the rest of the film. It is one of my favourite King books, and I think it took so long for someone to adapt it not because of the single-character-single-room setting (convenient screenwriting can get around that pretty easily), but because of the flashback scene, and to a lesser extent, the “glass” scene. I thought the former was just as disgusting as it needed to be, and I thought the latter was far more disgusting than it needed to be. And it was great. (Seriously, I don’t think I have ever cringed and exclaimed as loudly while watching a movie as I did seeing Jessie do that to herself. It tops any similar scene in any similar movie for me. Blech.)

    • I agree totally! I enjoyed the film, but the Moonlight Man ending felt like it belonged in a different movie. I could have done without it and would have liked it more. I did try to read the book once, but stopped halfway through because I thought it was quite boring. I never made it to the Moonlight Man, so when he showed up in the movie, I didn’t appreciate him or need him.

      • I totally agree with your comment that the Moonlight Man “felt like it belonged in a different movie” … I’d have been fine with more Moonlight Man bc it is a terrifying concept, but less would have also made it a better film. It just felt tacked on, the way it was.

        • The Moonlight Man was my least favorite part of the movie and that last 10 minutes really took it down for me. I actually far preferred 1922 even if it doesn’t have as much to say.

          • Wow! You preferred 1922 as a film to Gerald’s Game? I 100% get the Moonlight Man dropping your score (it dropped mine as well), but I do think there was a lot more there than we got with 1922. Pretty interesting. So looking forward to seeing everyone’s lists at the end of the year.

            *********1922 SEMI-SPOILER*********
            The CGI cow shot in 1922 was so bad.

    • I’d just like to add that the glass scene was more cringeworthy than the hobbling scene in Misery. For the longest time I thought this book was unfilmable but loved the execution – except the moonlight man which there appears to be a consensus on.

    • Just got around to watching Gerald’s Game and I enjoyed it as well. Dark Passenger was talking about this book and film during dinner at the meet-up, so maybe it was him, but definitely not me that suggested it to you, Josh. I agree with everyone about the ending. I really liked the Moonlight Man lurking in the shadows while she was hallucinating. I got up in the middle of the night after watching that film and looked suspiciously down the dark halls in my house.

  3. hey guys, I just heard the episode and I have to say this was my favourite episode in a while. That is not to say your other episodes were not enjoyable, but this one seemed to have a certain flow and the fact the movies being reviewed and talked about were recent films gave it a “fresh” approach that I appreciated. It also helps create an urgency to finish watching as many 2017 films as possible in order to complete our lists for best of the year, as well as celebrate the strong horror movies that have been released this year. I have to say that I agree with Jay and the panel with regards to Gerald’s Game. I thought it was enjoyable as a survival horror, and I thought they filled in the back story well. My only complaint was that the last 10 minutes or so seemed rushed, and that some of the story holes were not filled in as well as I wished. I had to watch the last 10 minutes a couple of times to try and catch it all. And Jay is correct in that the film went in a few directions I did not expect it to go, but it was done “tastefully” if that is the right way to put it. As of now, it is in my top 3 movies of the year, perhaps the best, along with Devil’s Candy and Freehold (I seem to like this more than most). I still have to watch It (I know, blasphemous), 47 Meters Down, Wish Upon and Jigsaw, so I will no doubt be making adjustments.
    I also recently watched the Babysitter but have to say I was not as enthusiastic about it as Josh. I knew little about it going in other than it was a horror comedy, lighter on the horror. I found it took a while to get going, it was strong once “Cole” went to bed, but found it lagged in the last third. I just found it got too silly and I really did not care what happened to the characters. I gave it a 5.5/10 and a low priority rental.
    I also watched the movies Killing Ground (disappointing) and Here Alone (worth a watch if you have not seen it) along with The Babysitter.
    When looking up movies to still watch this year I came across the horror/comedy Double Date. Has anyone seen it? It looks lighter on comedy but seems a fun, no think movie by the premise.
    Anyways, take care, and I look forward to the next episode.

    • I hear ya. It’s always fun to get into the end of the year films and our October coverage often feels like a bit of a slog to me. This year, especially. So many great-looking films to watch before the end of the year.

      I’m surprised that you were disappointed by Killing Ground. I thought it was quite good. I didn’t love it as much as Jay, but that is his genre.

      I’ve seen a couple of people say that they thought I came in high on The Babysitter. I would not describe my reaction as “enthusiastic.” I guess it was pretty dumb (and I did lower more rating by .5 between the time we recorded and the time the episode was released), but I still think the performances by Judah Lewis and (especially) Samara Weaving make it worth a watch for Comedy Horror fans. I’m not a huge Comedy Horror fan, myself, but I think this was fun enough for what it was. I’d say it is about as good as something like Tucker and Dale vs Evil, which I also don’t love. Defintely better than Little Evil.

      • I didn’t like The Killing Ground at all, and I think I’m over this type of movie. If a movie is going to be horrific, I need more to justify that horror. More story, more interesting characters…something. At the end of this movie, I just felt yucky.

        • For me, as a man, it was really powerful to see a guy who we’d assume would be the hero in a film like this become a coward at a crucial moment. To me, that was what made this more than just a brutal watch. I’m also an avid camper, so it is freaky to think about just how vulnerable you could be in that situation.

          I thought most of it was pretty great, though. Cool setting. Well shot. Good performances, for the most part.

          I 100% agree about the yucky feeling and that’s not my favorite, either. I agree that they could have done a lot more to flesh out the characters and story. It would have been better for it. I did like what the ending meant for the relationship of the two main characters, though. That social discomfort is fascinating to me. Like a horror version of The Office.

          • Good point about the subversion of the hero ideal. I watched Killing Ground a few months back and I remember being a bit disappointed as well. I was captivated the entire time, but afterward I wasn’t sure what the point was, I guess? Why was this story being told? I think spent more time dwelling on the fact that I was asking that question more than i did actually trying to answer it. To see the impact a traumatic event can have on what should be a comforting relationship is a pretty good answer. And like you said, cool setting, good performances, cool shots. If we’re thinking top 10s, this is likely an honourable mention for me.

            • I wasn’t very high on Killing Ground either. Even with the Force Majeure parallels in mind, it just felt very mean spirited and not even in a fun way.

            • Graham, I really like when you say, “why is this story being told?” I had the same reaction. I guess I just don’t need this story anymore. So far this year, I’ve watched 34 2017 horror movies and this one is currently at 32…:(

    • Just watched Killing Ground on Netflix and really liked it! Seemed pretty typical for Australian horror. The Christmas/New Year’s Eve setting in Australia was fun and at first I kinda liked German, but that changed real quick. Like Josh, I thought it was interesting for Ian to make the choice that he did.

      Had he tried to “save” Sam, they both might have ended up dead. That move probably wasn’t good for their relationship though. It’s just not the typical decision for a character in a horror movie. Sam was definitely the hero in this film.

      • I’m with you. Glad you enjoyed it. I get where Graham, Juan and Michelle as coming from, there are defintely movies I feel that way about (remember a segment called “Wolfman’s Got Nards”?), but this one had a few deeper layers, in my opinion.
        Sam is 100% the hero of this film, which is such a painful, honest twist.

  4. I finally got around to watching Better Watch Out. I had heard good things about the film so was really looking forward to watching, especially wth the holiday season almost upon us. As the movie began and set up, I did not know what to think. It started as a light teen horror comedy, not that dissimilar to The Babysitter, and by half way through the film I was getting disappointed. I did enjoy the opening few minutes with the interplay between Patrick Warburton and Virginia Madsen (both such solid actors) but the film started slowly and did not seem to be going anywhere. I did find the film began to build momentum as it went on, especially after an incident involving a paint can. The final 30 minutes was its strongest in my opinion, with the action ramping up and a more sinister feel prevailing. The end had a Ferris Bueller feel to it, and a final sequence. I would recommend the film, although temper expectations. 6.5/10 a strong rental. It may or may not end up on my year end top 10 list, dependng on what I still see as the year continues. I do think that the director, Chris Peckham has a future and I look forward to whatever project he works on next…

    • Sorry that you didn’t appreciate it as much as us. Especially since we’re covering it in full this December and having Chris Peckover back on the show! Haha. I agree that Chris showed a lot of potential with this film and I hope he keeps working in horror. I’d hate to lose another horror director to a comic book movie after James Wan and David F. Sandberg.

      For me, I’m always looking for good Christmas horror and I’d be hard-pressed to name many better than this. Easily Top 10. I’d argue Top 5. That alone makes Better Watch Out a strong recommendation, for me.

      I totally agree that Virgnia Madsen and Patrick Warburton were fun together. I’d had liked to see a lot more with them.

  5. Hey there! Only partway through the episode, but I just have to throw my two cents in here…

    1922- I thought the film was excellent, better than I could have hoped for. I thought the score was brilliant and creepy, Thomas Jane’s performance was amazing, and just the look of the whole film was gorgeous. I read the short story late last year, so someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the ending stayed pretty true. I always thought, much like The Tell Tale Heart, it was ambiguous and the beauty of it is that it is unclear whether what he sees is really there or not. (Sorry for the terrible grammar, but I’m trying to avoid spoilers!) I don’t generally rate movies, but for the sake of comparison, I gave it an 8.5/10.

    Now, as far as Death Note is concerned…I’m glad you were able to enjoy the film and maybe (probably) I was blinded by my love for the anime, but I despised this movie. I didn’t expect to love it by any means, but I was interested in the way they were planning to Americanize it and with the casting choices (mainly Willem Dafoe, who was the only good part of this movie), but so much of it I didn’t understand. The soundtrack was AWFUL and pulled me out of the movie multiple times. Light’s character was so one-note and bland. In the series, he is an interesting, devious, sociopathic genius who uses everyone to get what he wants. There were shades of that in Mia, but everything about both of them was just so…wrong. I am all for making changes when you translate a work from one medium to another, but to make them in a way that completely alienates everything the fan base loved about the original (in this case, Light and L’s characterizations) makes no sense to me! 2/10 and the 2 points were solely for Willem Dafoe’s performance, which was perfection.

    Okay, now I’m off to finish the podcast. Boy, I hope you guys liked Gerald’s Game as much as I did. I’m sure I can guess the issues that you all probably had with it (the ending) and while I think it was a little overkill and could have been subtler, it didn’t detract too much from my enjoyment. I would have liked the ending shortened by about 5 minutes and more scenes of Jessie on her own. I will say, though, that I was genuinely creeped out by a lot of what I saw in the movie. All the performances were extremely strong and the red filter they used through a lot of the movie was gorgeous. And, as a huge/jaded fan of body horror and torture gore, I gotta say I was absolutely cringing while watching the end of the movie. 8.5/10

    Also, I’m nervous to hear everyone’s thoughts on Jigsaw. I love every single one of these movies unabashedly and unashamedly. The first three are the height of the series for me, but I sincerely enjoy every single one and do a marathon watch at least every couple of years. I saw this one in theater with my husband for our anniversary and was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect it to be a great movie, but I expected to have fun watching it. Aaaand, it was actually really good. We both called the twist from a mile away, but we still liked it quite a lot. Tobin Bell appearing on screen always makes me happy and I liked that it felt like one of the earlier films in the series. 8/10 (For comparison’s sake, Saw 1 is a 10/10 and Saw 7 is probably in the 7-7.5 range and, honestly, none of them dip below that for me.) Probably an unpopular opinion, but I’ve been told by many I have “problematic” views on several horror movies, so…take my opinion with a grain of salt, I suppose.

    OK, but for real now, I’m going to finish listening to the podcast! With a baby, my horror watching has been extremely sporadic, so I was pumped to see some titles that I’ve seen and can contribute to the conversation! :)

    • Upon listening more, I believe it’s clear that I don’t rate films on a number scale often. It’s difficult for me to give anything a 5/5 or a 10/10, so maybe I need to work out the details of my number system before assigning ratings on impulse! Either way, glad to hear you guys loved Gerald’s Game (and even rated it higher than me, which is why I questioned my numbering system) and Jigsaw! :)

    • Great insights on Death Note. I just have to say, not knowing any of that, it was still fun. Not great. This isn’t really my kind of movie, but I figured that many of the things I didn’t love also came from the source material. Mainly, the whole Lakeith Stanfield storyline. That’s just not something I like seeing in my horror. It felt more like a character and storyline from a CW superhero show like Arrow or The Flash.

      I will defend the music of Death Note because I love the sound of that digital 80s drone. It was also exactly what I’d expect from director Adam Wingard. Almost exactly like what he did in The Guest. So, I guess it met my expectations.

      You’re one of the first hardcore Saw franchise fans I’ve encountered. Obvisouly they are out there or those films wouldn’t have been so popular, but it’s cool to talk to someone I “know” and whose taste in film I appreciate and hear that they are fans. It sounds like you need to join us on the show to stick up for these films when we get around to that franchise. Are you up for it?

      Rating movies is still hard for me. I have always hated doing it and I take it super-seriously, for that reason.

      • Stanfield actually plays one of the most beloved characters on that show and, probably, in all of anime as a whole. He just didn’t have a lot to work with as far as this script was concerned. Honestly, it surprised me to see you guys review this movie because I never considered Death Note to really be horror, despite the presence of a death god. The focus is so much on the detective L and his rivalry with Light/Kira that it always watched to me almost like a police procedural with supernatural elements. There are some creepy moments, to be sure, but a lot of my enjoyment came from the mirroring of personalities between Light and L. It could have been brilliant…it just didn’t translate at all.

        I’m glad someone appreciated the music. I like that he tried something different, but the entire group I watched with (all fans of the show) hated it. There were moments that we just looked at each other and were like, “Are we still watching the same movie??” It just didn’t work for me at all. I love the 80s as much as the next person, but with the atmosphere of this movie, I would have been down to hear some 90s grunge in this movie. I haven’t been the biggest Wingard fan (I intensely disliked The Blair Witch Project, so I had no interest in seeing any of the sequels, I fell asleep during You’re Next, so maybe I should revisit that one, and V/H/S and its sequel just didn’t hold my attention at all) so that style of music may be his thing, but it just felt so out of place.

        And I will defend the Saw franchise to my dying day. I love those movies so much, despite their issues. I’d be MORE than happy to discuss the movies with you guys when you get there! I am far more articulate in writing than speaking, but I’d venture out of my comfort zone for you guys. :)

        • Yeah, if I was going to cut one element from this movie, it would have been L, so I guess it didn’t translate well for me.

          I don’t think it is just the presence of the Death God, though. You’ve got someone playing God and killing on mass. You’ve got extreme gore. You have the moral dilemmas of a Twilight Zone story like The Box. It shares something with Saw in that way.

          Again … this is without any knowledge of the anime. But what we saw in this movie was as much horror, for me, as any other genre.

    • I only ever really watched the first Saw, so before I watched Jigsaw, I binged the whole series on Netflix. It took me about a week and a half and I had a blast watching them all in a row! I’m usually not into police procedurals but that didn’t make much of a difference for this series. Usually, the police were just a part of Jigsaw’s game. The way the writers came up with ridiculous twists and connections between the films was really fun! And of course the inventive and weird devices were highly enjoyable. I’ll definitely watch these films again. They might be fun to have on while I’m vacuuming or something. Glad you love these films “unabashedly and unashamedly,” GrislyGal!

      Oh, and I enjoyed Death Note like Josh but I knew nothing about the source material going into the film. You’re not the first person I’ve heard that knew the material and had a negative reaction to the film.

      • Wow! That really surprises me. Maybe we should have done Saw for our October Franchise Review instead of Child’s Play.

        I liked your idea of just covering the 31 Days of Halloween as well. Since Dave will be done with his 2,500 challenge over at DVDinfatuation.com, we can sit on those a bit longer and save them for the weekly episode. Could be a lot of fun.

  6. I’ve been out of the comments but faithfully listening. I’ve even started listening to The Movie Podcast show only because I love to hate Andy.

    Anyhow, best episode in a while because it seemed like you all were stoked on different movies. You brought a lot of enthusiasm in this episode. Dr. Shock- loved your reviews! First, I rated Dark Song a while back and I had a chance to rewatch…Although it was wrapped up with a bow at the end I just really loved the dynamic between the characters throughout the entire movie and that creepy scene at the end was scary. DIdn’t love the glowing trojan? greek? guy, which really didn’t seem to fit the aesthetic of the rest of the movie.

    Super Dark Times really affected me for some reason. I keep thinking about that movie. SO disturbing. And that one dream sequence really weirded me out and made me uncomfortable. Jay, we are all made at you most of the time, so get used to it.

    Wind River reminded me a lot of Top of the Lake. Have any of you seen this series? It’s definitely worth a watch. I binged the entire season. If you like Broadchurch, this is right up your ally.

    My take…
    The Babysitter- 7
    Deathnote- 8 . I bumped it up for the super cool looking monster and the beautiful cinematography
    GERALD’S GAME (2017) 8 ( I bumped it down because of moonlight man for all the reason everyone said about that part of the film. It would have been a solid 9 otherwise.
    The Evil WIthin- 7
    We go On-7
    Blackcoates Daughter-9
    Dark Song-9
    The Hallow-8 Such a cool premise. Loved the creepy baby.
    It Comes At Night-7
    Wind River-8
    Super Dark Times-9

    • Glad you’ve still been listening, PV. This was a quiet October, for around here. It’s usually our busiest month for comments and new listeners and it was just a bit of a ghost town.

      Looking forward to seeing Super Dark Times. Especially after seeing how high you came in on it. Did you ever see Mean Creek? Or River’s Edge? Those are the two films that Jay compared this to and I love both of them in their own way. Curious what makes this one more horror for some people. I’ll have to watch and find out.

      Top of the Lake is in my Netflix queue. Been meaning to get around to that. Just finished Mindhunters and watching Penny Dreadful (for Universal Monsters Cast). Then I’ll give Top of the Lake a watch. I absolutely loved Broadchurch. Can’t wait for Season 3.

      Yours is maybe the lowest rating I’ve seen for It Comes at Night.

    • I was on the latest episode of MPW to review Murder on the Orient Express and I forgot how much I hate to love Andy. Super annoying. He really is fun to be around in real life. I think his podcast persona has maybe gone off the rails. Haha

      • Josh back on MPW?? Talking about a murder mystery?? Exciting. I’m taking a drink every time you mention Clue.

        I started giving MPW a try after listening to HMP for months, and it was definitely a process. Andy is the Napoleon Dynamite of the podcasting world (the movie as a whole, not the character.) Love that guy. But it took some time.

    • I love to love Andy, but I know what you mean by him going off the rails recently. I think he had that character really well balanced when you were on the show and then after you left he got worse and worse. I blame Ry. But mostly Jay.

      • I totally agree, Juan, as I could somewhat stand Andy when Josh was on the show, but he just got too…I don’t even know the word :)
        Josh–I was so disappointed when you left the show! You always watched the movies that weren’t the typical big budget movies, and I’ve seen so many great films because of those recommendations. I’m so glad to hear you’re going to keep your Letterboxd list more up to date next year–I look forward to see what your watching so that I can watch, too :)

  7. Great episode, fellas. I always love it when we get an overload of reviews even when they’re the mini kind. I also had been dying to talk about some of the movies reviewed on here.

    The Babysitter (9/10)
    I’m mostly with you on this, Josh. This was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who is into horror comedies. I didn’t mind most of the over-the-top decisions made because I felt like they enhanced the absurdity of the premise. That’s a big reason whey I feel like this movie worked and Little Evil didn’t. It fully embraced what it wanted to be and didn’t hold back. Sure, there were a few decisions that left me confused, like the Zombieland-esque on-screen text, that seemed really out of place but overall I felt like it worked. It certainly doesn’t have the depth of Better Watch Out but it’s just as entertaining.

    Ugh! Work calls, but I’ll be back to finish my mini-reviews.

    • I just rewatched Tusk and Yoga Hosers (bc I was interested to see Johnny Depp’s character again, being curious about Moosejaws) and they do the WURST (get it) on screen text in the latter film. I really don’t get that directorial choice. It was somehow cool in The Faculty. Maybe because I was younger when I first saw it. Even Zombieland works for that film. But the text in Yoga Hosers and The Babysitter is jet such a distraction, while adding little to nothing.

      Let’s see the rest of those mini-reviews!

    • After hearing Josh’s review I decided to watch Little Evil and The Babysitter which were very far down on my watchlist. I liked Little Evil but I really enjoyed The Babysitter!

      • It always cracks me up when I say a movie is a low priority rental or an avoid and then people say they watched it due to my review. I realize I rated these a little higher, but it just strikes me as funny. Glad you didn’t hate them, like most people did. I agree that The Babysitter was entertaining.

  8. i just watched Wish Upon. I know very little about the film going in, so I had no preconcieved notions. I quickly relized it was a teenaged based horror, but I did not hold this against it. Being 43, I realize I am not their target demographic but continued watching anyways. As it began, the film began to grow on me. The concept, while not unique, still seemed like a fresh take and interesting. The acting is what it is, but I thought Ryan Phillippe did a decent job. For those that have no seen, it is about a girl in high school who is dumped on by many of her peers and is given a mysterious chinese box that grants her wished but also has dealy consequences. It definitely has that Final Destination/I Know What You Did Last Summer vibe (ironic huh?), but I found the first 45 minutes fairly strong and it sucked me in. The mid to later part of the film sort of fell apart for me as it became ciched and the story fell apart in mt opinion, but in the last 10 minutes I thought it regained momentum and had a stronger than average ending for this sort of film. As far as teenage/revenge/supernatural horror flicks goes, this was enjoyable for me. I enjoyd it more than another horror with a similair audience, Happy Death Day. Far from a masterpiece, but I enjoyed it in a lighthearted way. 6.5/10 for me. Anyone else’s take on the film? Yesterday I also watched perhaps the worst film of 2017 I have seen, The Hatred. Pure crap (I hope that language is not too strong, lol). 2/10 for me only based on some of the acting early on by Andrew Divoff (of Wishmaster, Lost and Neon Maniacs among his many credits), yet they cut away from his role early on. The fim goes way downhill after that. I will continue watching films from this year and expand my list. I hope all my American friends had a great Thanksgiving (from east of Toronto here).

  9. Nice episode guys, I agree with Wolfman Josh on Gerald’s Game – the end was crammed together with far too much detail. I don’t think the Moonlight man worked well at all in this movie… with those elements in mind, I gave this a 3.5/5 on letterboxd.

    Have to disagree with Josh on The Babysitter – this was a 1/5 for me. Outdated gimmicks throughout – a typical McG affair.

    Keep up the podcast – I absolutely love to both agree and disagree with you all equally 😉

    Marcus UK

    • I can’t disagree with you about The Babysitter being filled with outdated gimmicks. I’m not sure I’ve seen many other “McG affairs” (I think I also mix up his films with Brett Ratner’s), but I did think this movie was decently fun and watchable. I guess I was mostly surprised that it didn’t completely suck, although it did get worse as it went. It was really Samara Weaving that pulled me in. This was my first time seeing her. Since then, I’ve seen her in Mayhem and liked her a lot there, too. She’s got a ton of charisma, in my opinion.

  10. Hi guys! First off I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the wonderful hospitality during the MPN meetup. Drew and I had an excellent time and you all went above and beyond to create a great event. A special thanks to Jay who gave us a ride to our hotel in the wee hours Friday night even though he had a long drive home to make, and also for putting up with us talking his ear off Saturday night at dinner when he had a raging headache. We can’t wait to see you all next year.

    Next, I was intrigued by the mention of a possible Amityville Horror franchise discussion. I remember some of the sequels being bad, but I think it could be a fun topic.

    Also, even though Witching and Bitching is a horror comedy, I would love to hear a review of that at some point. The hosts at Faculty of Horror gave it a scathing written review, and saw it as being extremely misogynistic. I enjoyed the film, and without giving away too much, it seemed to me that the horrific and almost cartoonish portrayal of female witches in this film seemed to poke fun at the fear of feminine power. I don’t think it’s meant to be taken as serious horror at all (this isn’t the godawful Wicker Man remake).

    • You hear that EVERYONE WHO DIDN’T COME? Allyson wants to go again! That’s about as glowing a review as we can hope for, I think. We didn’t totally scare you guys away.

      Man, have I reviewed Witching & Bitching? I’ve defintely talked about it. Maybe in the Witchy Women episode. It scares me that I didn’t even slightly notice that the film could be considered misogynistic or might “poke fun at the fear of feminine power.” I respect the hell out of the Faculty of Horror ladies, especially Alex, so I’m sure they are right. To be fair, they are really focused in on feminism while I’m often more focused on technical filmmaking. All I can think of when I think about the film now are the connections to Baskin.

      I’d be very interested and willing to do a full feature review of the movie agin and pay better attention to the potential misogyny on a re-watch.

      Yeah, an Amityville franchise review is defintely in our future. I’m just hoping they do a take on it within The Conjuring universe, first.

      • I would love it if they included Amityville in The Conjuring universe. It would be huge miss not to.

        As for the Faculty of Horror, I often appreciate the feminist approach and enjoy the podcast, but I really think they may have missed the fact that the horrific witches were meant to be a joke. I saw the film as having a fantastical portrayal of an evil matriarchy to point out how ridiculous the fear of witches actually is. The history of the location of the film (in the Basque region which suffered greatly during the Inquisition) lends to that I think. There is another podcast I like called The Wytch Files that gave it a much more evenhanded review. They review a spectrum of modern media as it relates to the portrayal of witches, and they also take a feminist approach. Also they rate things in toads which I find delightful. If anyone wants to check that out, here is a link: https://www.spreaker.com/user/the-wytch-files/the-wytch-files-ep05?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=user%3A6041419&utm_term=episode_title

        By the way, Drew liked you guys all so much, that I now get in trouble if I listen to any MPN show without him. He doesn’t want to miss out!

  11. The Babysitter was okay. It was a funny movie to watch partly because of how ridiculous it was. My favorite scene was when the shirtless jock was trying to get the boy to beat up his bully while he is trying to kill him.

    1922 was slow and a little long, but was well made with decent acting. Very suspenseful had me stressing out to see if they would get caught!

    Death Note I agreed with Josh was a fun movie. Can see people who know the source material getting upset but it was fine with me. Cool to see the final destination like kills!

    Gerald’s Game was awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect especially when I found out it was just her alone in a room for most of the movie, but she did a great job and the flashbacks and wild dog were horrifying.

    Raw was very unique. Not normally a big foreign film guy especially with subs but this thing was great. A crazy party vet school where a girl finds out a hidden secret of something that runs in her family. The finger scene was chilling!

  12. I immediately noticed the high quality of Doctor Shock’s voice in this episode. I’m glad he got a chance to go over some of his reviews from Halloween. Some year, It would be fun if the hosts made a collective 31 days list and you just discussed your favorite Halloween holiday films instead of a franchise review. I’d watch along.

  13. Finally got to Death Note. The anime and manga have been on my queue for a while, so I went in completely blind. As a fan of anime and manga in general, I can side with the fans that thought the movie was a travesty. As a fan of movies though, that was so much fun! It’s in the 7-8 range for me.

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