Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 134: Thanksgiving Horror – Or a Lack Thereof – and Blood Rage (1987)

HMP 134 Thanksgiving Horror

This is HORROR MOVIE PODCAST … it’s not cranberry sauce! Episode 134 is an honest attempt by Jay of the Dead, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh to bring you a Thanksgiving Horror episode, without much luck. We do manage to have a fun conversation about why there aren’t a lot of Thanksgiving Horror films; we give you a semi-recent update on Eli Roth’s rumored Thanksgiving grindhouse film; and we bring out the only Thanksgiving big gun there is: cult classic Blood Rage (1987)!

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I. Introduction
— Happy Thanksgiving
— 2017 Thanksgiving plans and Jay’s worst Thanksgiving ever

[ 0:05:35 ] II. Theme Discussion: A LACK OF THANKSGIVING HORROR
The gang discusses the surprising absence of quality Thanksgiving horror films.

[ 0:24:25 ] III. Feature Review: BLOOD RAGE (1987)
Jay of the Dead = 7 ( Must-see / Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh = 5 ( Buy it! )
Dr. Shock = 8 ( High-priority Rental )

HMP BloodRage Blu

[ 1:14:59 ] IV. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
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— Email from Gore-Or: Jay’s first (and last) stuntman attempt: Dumb Stuntman Six Stories Up

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Jay’s first (and last) stuntman attempt: Dumb Stuntman Six Stories Up

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54 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 134: Thanksgiving Horror – Or a Lack Thereof – and Blood Rage (1987)

  1. To my dearest friend, Wolfman Josh.

    Joshie, where are you getting your Sal Roma Facts™ from?! I’ve never spoken negatively against The Burning. I love the Burning! I bought the Shout Factory Blu-Ray a few years back to upgrade the VHS recording I had on it. With my latest rewatch, I gave it a 8/10 rating and called it one of the best slashers of the 80s!

    Then, as far as Blood Rage, I don’t have a past with it as I do with The Burning, but after my first watch of it back in July 2017, I had a ton of fun. I gave it a rating of 7.5/10 and openly praised the cheesiness, kills, and charm in my Twitter review. In fact, it was only a few days ago that I recommended it to a friend! It’s not a “Good” movie, but it’s incredibly fun!

    (Okay, Curtains does suck though.)

    • Okay, okay, okay. I was wrong. I didn’t see your Blood Rage reaction and I will trust your memory on The Burning (since it’s you and al)l, but I have a distinct memory of you watching classic slasher movies during our ’80s Slasher Movement episode and being disappointed again and again. I’m positive that Curtains was one of the films. If it wasn’t The Burning, it must have been The Prowler or something equally iconic. They were defintely major films. So while I admit that I obviously got the details wrong, but I’m pretty sure I got the broad strokes right. Right? Or am I crazy? Frankly, I’m surprised you liked Blood Rage and disliked Curtains.

      • You don’t need to trust my memory on the Burning, there’s Twitter proof of my appreciation of the movie. Wolfman Josh’s claims that Sal Roma doesn’t love The Burning is firmly #FakeNews.

        I do have an inconsistent history with slashers where I love some and find some popular ones to be snoozefests. The result is that I get a bit of an unfair treatment where some claim I’m not a slasher fan which I consider to be an outlandish opinion when literally my favorite movie ever is a slasher.

        Notable slashers that I haven’t been too high on have been Curtains (2.5/10), The Prowler (6/10, which I don’t think is bad, but it seems as if I am lower on the film than others), Friday the 13th Part 3 (3/10), ect are the ones that instantly spring to mind. At the same time, I watched a handful of slashers for the first time this summer and I quite enjoyed ones like Blood Rage (7.5/10), Stage Fright (8.5/10), The Mutilator (6/10 – It’s awful, but also really fun), The Initiation (7.5/10), and Alone in the Dark (9/10 – Technically a second time watch, but it had been about fifteen years since I last saw it).

        I’d say my tastes in slashers is comparable to my general opinions of Universal Monsters. I love plenty, but there are a handful that I will be open in admitting that I dislike.

        • Hey Jay–I’m here to defend your 6.5 ratings. I rate a movie 6 when I think it is pretty good, and I liked the film. A 6 would be a 3/5 stars (for me), so that’s a good rating in my opinion. I don’t do half star ratings, so I wouldn’t rate anything a 6.5. But when I give something 3 1/2 stars out of 5 (which would be a 7) it means I really liked the movie. I have to love a movie to give it an 8 (4/5) or higher. However, I LOVED when Dr. Shock said “common sense tells me to rate this movie a 4.5, but I’m giving it an 8” as I have a ton of movies I’ve rate a 4.5 or 5 (out of 5) that should totally be 2s. :)

  2. hey all. I want to be straiht up and say that I have not heard this podcast yet but I will have by the end of the weekend. I was quite busy at work today and had some things to do afterwards. Itlooks like an interesting topic and I look forward to it. The closest I have seen to a Thanksgiving horror was Poultrygeist, not even a turkey but a kiling chicken. Low budget but big fun, lol. I was able to knock one film off of my list for 2017 and wanted the communities’ opinion (which I trust immensely) on The Limehouse Golem. I quite enjoyed this film. I thought the gothic setting was well exhibited which lead to a haunted and errie setting for the film. The story was well laid out and the acting was very strong, especially from Bill Nighy. As an overall film I give it a 7.5/10 (my only real complaint is that it was too long between kill scenes). And herein lies my dillema. While the film has many horrific elements (there are some bloody kills, definite victim, fear and suspense at various times, spooky surroundings) the film is light in overall horror. I struggle caalling this a horror film. I find myself with a Silence of the Lambs debate in my head. Therefore, as a horror film I rate it a 6/10. What does everyone else think. Is this a horror film that I can give my true rting of the film, or should it get a lesser rating due to it being horror “lite”? Thanks all and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

    • Huh? I don’t think you should rate it lower for not being a horror film. Do you do that with comedies? Actioners? Documentaries? That’s some Jay of the Dead BS right there. Haha … If you are rating it AS a horror film, that’s another thing.

      Bill, this is the first I’ve even heard of The Limehouse Golem. Great title and I love Bill Nighy. I’m going to check this one out.

      • I initially watched the movie to rate it as a horror film but ended up enjoying it for everything it brings to the table. Well acted, atmospheric sets, and a newer take on a well told tale. As a film I rated it 7.5, but as a horrid film it was a 6 for me. It had many horror tropes but not enough of them to satisfy all horror lovers. As a cinematic experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the moment I am watching Sharknado 5 (hey, to do thorough research you have to watch it all). It is another experience entirely, lol. Please check out The Limehouse Golem. I am curious what you think…

        • I see some year-end battles coming my way because I’m counting everything from Dave Made a Maze to Super Dark Times to A Ghost Story as horror films at this point. I’ve let in Jay’s fabled Trojan Horses in.

          Having said that, if The Limehouse Golem is low on horror, I might wait until after the new year. I have SO MANY to catch up with for my year-end list! I will defintely watch it, though. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. “Uhh, that’s it. Now I’m mad!”

    If that doesn’t become a new sound clip for Jay to play whenever someone disagrees with him, Jay is missing out on such an obvious addition to the MPN.

  4. I just watched Blood Rage for the second time and I feel like I appreciated it more with this second viewing. It’s over the top, funny, and has some extremely uncomfortable moments. Even though it feels familar because it fits so many horror tropes it also manages to feel very quirky and different. There are some memorable kills but, I think the performances of Louise Lasser as the mentally unstable mother and Mark Soper playing the duel roles of Todd and Terry are what give the movie that cult following appeal. Neither was going to be nominated for an Oscar, but I think they both nailed it. As you guys said watching Lasser, especially that scene with the telephone operator, made me squirm with just how pathetic and disconnected she was with reality. I really felt her desperation and I also felt the frustration that the person on the other line would feel, if that was a real call. It really isn’t difficult to see why Terry and Todd have just a few issues. I do agree that they could have developed the character of Todd more and that it was easy to forget that Todd and Terry were played by the same actor, to the actor’s credit. I think if someone loves most 80s slasher movies and is willing to not take this too seriously (even though it does have some serious themes) then they will have a good time. I will have to rewatch, and maybe pick up the Arrow edition, at some point and listen to the music and radio background more closely after hearing all of you talking about those details.

    I also watched Home Sweet Home (1981) recently, and while it has it’s memorable (bizarre) moments they were too few and were stretched throughout the length of the movie. I had some high hopes for at least the weirdness keeping my attention with the “subtle” performances by ‘Body by Jake’ Steinfeld as the killer and Peter De Paula as Mistake Bradley, the annoying teenage son of the owner of the house that the killer terrorizes. Mistake’s constant electric guitar wearing/playing, dressed as a mime (member of KISS?…no mime), magician schtick is just such a crazy addition, that even though it wears out it’s welcome VERY quickly, you still want to see it because there isn’t much else going on for originality. It didn’t help that I watched this on YouTube and the dark scenes were so dark I couldn’t tell what was going on at times. Although I am pretty confident I didn’t miss much. One bit of trivia, the movie did give us the film debut of Vinessa Shaw (Hills Have Eyes 2006, Hocus Pocus). Maybe a watch for 80s slasher completists, but for anyone else just watch the trailer on YouTube and this clip of Mistake and you have seen enough. (Spoilers) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpyMPBsKZT8and .

    • Yeah, the mime is where I checked out of Home Sweet Home. That, plus the Lou Ferrigno looking killer just left me cold. By the way, you just blew my mind telling me that was “Body by Jake” Jake! Almost makes me want to watch it again. Almost. The copy I had looked like garbage as well, so I don’t think I’ll revisit this one unless it gets a nice transfer.

      I agree with your takes on Blood Rage and I’d defintely recommend picking up the Arrow BluRay if it’s one you’d want to watch again.

  5. Wow! So many surprises after the closing credits in the last five minutes of the podcast. Loved the Campfire Tale, Greg. Dave and I should have recorded a reaction video for YouTube for the “Stupid Stuntman” video.

  6. So cool to hear Wolfman and Doc as they watch Jay’s video. The podcast is often presented so seamlessly that I forget editing is done and some stuff never gets heard. Including some of those outtakes post-credits is a great idea

    • Most of our outtakes aren’t that interesting. Give us a Jay of the Dead kung-fu video to react to every week and we’ll get you some great outtakes! Usually the stuff that gets cut is just me saying “like,” Dave saying “uh,” and Jay making a “tsk” sound. Haha

  7. Okay, creepy bit of trivia. There’s a sort of phenomenon that occurs, occasionally, when some twins are brought together, where the twins nearly completely succumb to a sort of shared mass hysteria and can become uncontrollably violent. There are some recorded incidents of this occurring.


    Although the above story happened much later than the films release, it’s kind of not a one off occurrence as there are other incidents throughout time.

    I saw this film once late at night and couldn’t find it again, nor what the title was, until 2011.

  8. Great job! I watched Blood Rage last month after hearing about it on the 80’s slasher series. Loved everything about it except for the scenes with the Mom which made me crazy.

  9. I literally put Blood Rage on Shudder to watch when this podcast appeared. Great timing! I loved Blood Rage but, like Wolfman Josh, I try to rate on the quality of the film so I gave it a 5.5/10.

    Another Thanksgiving film I like is ThanksKilling which I rated 3/10. This year I decided to watch the sequel, ThanksKilling 3 (2012) but I really hated it (1/10). It’s probably the only horror film this year that I didn’t enjoy watching. If you’re out there, Michael Dougherty, we need a really good Thanksgiving horror film!!

    Lastly, I watched a film that isn’t really a Thanksgiving film but it has a giant turkey-like monster. It’s called The Giant Claw (1957). Everyone in my family was sitting in the living room looking at their phones or computers so I seized the opportunity and played it on the TV. It drew a couple of them in and was quite enjoyable! 5/10


    • Hmmm … I’m not sure the image and your description of The Giant Claw does much more from me than the poster and description of Blood Freak. Glad you liked it, though. Hoping someone will make a good Thanksgiving horror film so that I don’t end up with that double feature for next year.

      I hated Thankskilling, so I’m not sure if that means I’ll like Thankskilling 3. Again, I hope I don’t have to find out.

      I don’t typically love “triply” movies, but that Buzzard Hollow Beef (2017) actually looks promising. That’s my currently scheduled pick for next November.

      • If the image of the giant alien-bird doesn’t pull you in, then forget it. That’s the reason to watch this film. Or maybe you’re interested in Mara Corday, playmate for October, 1958. Plus she’s in Universal’s Tarantula (1955) and Warner Bros.’ The Black Scorpion (1957). Or maybe Jeff Morrow from Universal’s This Island Earth (1955) and The Creature Walks Among Us (1956).

        You definitely won’t like ThanksKilling 3 if you didn’t like the first. I didn’t even like ThanksKilling the first time I watched it. Once again it’s a 3/10. If you’re out there and like Thankskilling 3 I’d love to hear from you!

  10. Doing my 2017 watching, I just watched Creep 2 and all I can say is wow. Anyone else seen it. I went in knowing nothign about the film, as I had not seen part 1, but I figure with this type of movie I could figure it out (turns out I should have seen #1 first). The opening scene begins in a very odd yet surprising outcome, and I was hooked. I quickly realized it was a first person/found footage type film, which I normally do not care for, but the style and characters of this film had me hooked. It was about a “journalist” working on a failing web series who documents her dealing with Craigslist personal ads. She finds this last guy who had an ad looking for a videographer, and you learn he claims to be a murderer. I will not run down everything, but suffice to say it was truly creepy yet you wanted to see how it played out, much like a crash scene on the highway. It was surprisingly well acted and there was just enough continuity and creepiness to want you to watch more and you ultimately wanted to see how the movie ended. I highly recommend the film. It will be making my top 10 list. It is a must watch and those in this community should watch before making a top 10 list for the year in my opinion, but then again i like the extreme end of the horror genre. Maybe it only appeals to me. Anyone else seen it? If so, what did you think of it?

    • Loved Creep 2. A glorious subversion of tropes, even subverting the trope of a typical sequel. Both lead performers are incredible. The only problems I had with the film were the first and last scenes, which felt like an otherwise sly movie showing its hand. I know it’s planned as a trilogy, and my hype for number 3 has somehow exceeded the hype I had for number 2. Hoping to hear Josh talk about it once it hits Netflix in December

  11. Subjected my husband to Blood Rage after listening to this podcast, and I really enjoyed it! Not sure he did though haha. Such a fun episode, and great recommendation. This is the reason I love HMP.

    Louise Lasser is just so damn bizarre. I don’t know what to think whenever she’s on screen. I feel like you could cut all her scenes out, and the film would work equally well as a slasher. However, I have to say she was the most memorable part.


    • Your poor husband. I love that you make him watch these movies with you. Rachel stumbles in, occasionally, but she’d never forgive me if I convinced her to sit down and watch Blood Rage as our evening plan.

  12. In doing even more 2017 movie research, I came across and just watched a movie I have not heard mentioned before by anyone. It is called Dismissed. I knew nothing about it and went in with an open mind. I could tell it was lower budgeted, but all I can say is that , to me, it is a must see before anyone makes their list for the year. Has anyone seen it? It is about a high school englidh teaacher, who has a new student, who is smart and lovess english and extra curriculars. Problems arise when the student “Lucas” receives a B+ on an essay he feels is worth an A. I will not spoil the rest of the movie but there is great tension that is built up as a result of Lucas being unhappy, and we learn about his past. I consider this a “hidden gem” of 2017. It is a horror/thriller that is smartly done, and has some strong acting considering the limited budget for actors. I particularly enjoyed teh performnce of Chris Bauer (High Fidelity, The Dvil’s Advocate, True Blood). I would be interested in your take on it Josh or any other members of the community. I would love to see what the director, Benjamin Arfmann, can do with a bigger budget and more resources. It is far from a perfect movie, but it built enough tension and creepiness to keep me engaged There were some slow points and I found a particular police investigator unintentionally comical in his role, but it was solid all around in my opinion. **Spolier Allert**My only true downfall of the movie, and maybe it is just me as a father of a two year old, is there is a scene where a child is in peril. Personally, I am not a fan where very young children are used as pawns in a movie and put in life threatening situations. I had a similar complaint for Killing Ground and It Comes at Night. But I guess the sign of a good movie is that it causes an emotional reaction and it was successful in that for me. *End of spolier* Worth a watch. End of diatribe…lol

  13. I finally broke down, and in doing my due diligence to watch as many 2017 horrors I can before making my list, I watched The Cult of Chucky. I was not a fan of the series but came in with an open mind, hoping to enjoy the movie. As much as I tried, I sadly have to say that this film was awful. I have seen a lot worse horrors, but usually they have something going for them, such as over the top gore, acting so bad it is funny, gratuitous nudity…but this film really does not have any of those. I found the story weak and just plain corny to me. One of the kills seems lifted from a couple different films, including The Omen and Final Destination. On the plus side, I liked the practical effects and Fiona Dourif was a capable lead actress. I actually laughed a couple of times with the multiple personality character. And I did like the film was shot in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Would I watch it again? Not a chance. 5/10 for me, low priority rental.

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