Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 139: Victor Crowley (2018) with Director Adam Green and Mom and Dad (2018) and Devil’s Gate (2018), plus Hereditary (2018) and Summer of ’84 (2018) from the Sundance Film Festival

HMP 139 ArtAll aboard the haunted swamp tour that is HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where hundreds of podcasters and old pirates have lost their lives! In Episode 139, another of our Frankensteinian episodes, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock bring you Feature Reviews of new releases Mom and Dad (2018) and Devil’s Gate (2018). You’ll also get mini-reviews for some of the best year-end films of last year like Mayhem (2017), Tragedy Girls (2017), and Kaleidescope (2017). Unfortunately, Jay of the Dead could not be here this week because he was considering the cinema elsewhere, but we make up for it with a legendary visit from filmmaker Adam Green, plus Josh review’s Adam’s latest film, Victor Crowley (2018). We also bring you our new Collector’s Crypt and Classic Horror Movie Minute segments and we have a special Sundance Film Festival report from once and future “HMP Listener of the Year” composer Kagan Breitenbach. Josh and Kagan talk about the Sundance Midnight Movies slate and preview buzzworthy festival horror films Hereditary (2018), Summer of ’84 (2018) and more!

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I. Introduction
— Jay of the Dead is missing
— Adam Green interview for Victor Crowley and Sundance Horror coverage
— Welcome Kagan Breitenbach

[ 0:02:05 ] II. Sundance Horror Preview:
Horror Selections from Sundance Film Festival, 2018

Lords of Chaos (2018)

Mandy (2018)

Piercing (2018)

Revenge (2018)

Summer of ’84 (2018) 
Kagan: 8/10 ( See it in the Theater! / High Priority Rental! )
Wolfman Josh: No Rating ( See it in the Theater! )

Hereditary (2018) 
Kagan: 9/10 ( See it in the Theater! / Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh: No Rating ( Top 10 List Material / See it in the Theater! )

Search (2018)
Wolfman Josh: No Rating ( See it in the Theater! )

The Cleaners (2018)
Kagan: 10/10 ( See it if You Can Handle It! )

[ 0:48:29 ] III. Mini Reviews by Doc and Wolfman:

Mayhem (2017)
Dr. Shock: 9/10 ( See it in the Theater / Buy it! )
Wolfman Josh: 8/10 ( See it in the Theater! / High Priority Rental )

Desolation (2017)
Wolfman Josh: 6/10 ( Low Priority Rental )

Kaleidescope (2017)
Wolfman Josh: 9.5/10 ( Masterpiece / High Priority Rental )

[ 1:02:21 ] IV. Feature Review: MOM AND DAD (2018)
Dr. Shock: 7.5/10 ( High Priority Rental )

[ 1:11:35 ] V. Feature Review: DEVIL’S GATE (2018)
Wolfman Josh: 8/10 ( High Priority Rental )

[ 1:17:49 ] VI. Mini Reviews by Wolfman Josh:

Haunters: Art of the Scare (2017)
Wolfman Josh: No Rating ( Cannot Recommend )

Tragedy Girls (2017)
Wolfman Josh: 7.5/10 ( Rent it! )

[ 1:26:47 ] VII. Feature Review: VICTOR CROWLEY (2018)
Wolfman Josh: 7.5/10 ( Buy it! )

[ 1:44:19 ] VIII. Interview with Filmmaker Adam Green

[ 2:08:19 ] IX. Classic Horror Movie Minute: THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1945)

[ 2:13:33 ] X. Collector’s Crypt: STRANGER THINGS (TV-2016) BluRay

XI. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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34 thoughts on “Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 139: Victor Crowley (2018) with Director Adam Green and Mom and Dad (2018) and Devil’s Gate (2018), plus Hereditary (2018) and Summer of ’84 (2018) from the Sundance Film Festival

    • Thank you for the interview with Adam Green. It was awesome and fun to listen to him talk about the movies, the business and such. I’m also a believer in buying art and not using piracy to watch things.

      Victor Crowley is an awesome film…attending the screening was definitely one of the best experiences in my life.

      And yes, the theater I was in went deathly silent during “that scene” and it was horrible and wonderful for me. And it had the audience buzzing and definitely asking questions.

  1. Hello all-
    It has been a month since I sent in my review of “Another WolfCop,” and I haven’t heard any reply from our hosts, so I will post it here:

    Hello, listeners, this is Professor Headbutt, cohost of the Book of Nature Podcast, coming to you from the Great White North, and today I’m bringing you my spoiler-free review of the 2017 Canadian film “Another WolfCop.” This is of course a sequal to the first “WolfCop” movie. If any of you haven’t seen “WolfCop,” that movie was filmed right here in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and was written and directed by Lowell Dean. In “WolfCop,” Leo Fafard plays Lou Garou, winning him today’s prize for most obvious foreshadowing name. Lou Garou is a deputy in the small town of Woodhaven, and his primary activities involve drinking heavily and avoiding anything that resembles real work. But through an act of black magic, Lou is cursed with lycanthropy, becoming a wolfman when the moon is full. BUT, Lou manages to regain his self awareness and self control, and alongside his wacky sidekick Willie, he pays evil unto evil, with much face-ripping and dismemberment, and enough stage blood to make Bruce Campbell smile.

    “Another WolfCop” picks up several months after the first film, with Lou still a werewolf and still a cop, and still ripping faces and severing limbs, and also still drinking heavily. A lot of the cast from the first film are back, and some new characters have been added, including an eccentric self-promoting tycoon played by Yannick Bisson. This is an extra bit of fun for fans of Canadian cinema, since Yannick Bisson is primarily known for playing strightlaced period dramas, as well as the titular detective in The Murdoch Mysteries, so seeing him play a bombastic egomaniacal capitalist is juuuuuuuuust a bit outside of normal for him. For more casting fun, the filmmakers somehow talked Kevin Smith into playing the town mayor. In this movie, Lou stumbles upon an evil plot cooked up by monsters and drenched in human blood… and also evil beer. Horror and violence ensues. And hockey. And violent hockey. And hockey-themed violence. Let’s just say there’s a hockey rink in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, where they had to clean up a LOT of blood and entrails after shooting these scenes.

    “Another WolfCop,” like its predecesor, is a horror comedy, in the same vein as Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive,” Tommy Wirkola’s “Dead Snow: Red vs Dead,” Jonathan King’s “Black Sheep,” and Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” films. Goofy jokes are coated with blood and festooned with intestines. What you need to keep in mind here is that the WolfCop movies run exclusively on the Rule of Cool and the Rule of Funny. What’s in the movie doesn’t need to make a whole lot of sense, as long as it’s a funny joke, or if it’s awesome. Lou had a random thought, took an angle grinder to his patrol car and turned it into a wolfmobile, because of course he does. Evil shapeshifting monsters create an undead cyborg assassin because SHUT UP THAT’S AWESEOME. And a local convenience store starts selling WolfCop-themed underpants, because audiences need to learn that a Saskatchewan slang term for a pair of underpants is a “gitch.” And you will learn this. The characters will say the word “gitch” so many times in this movie that you will leave the theater feeling that this is a perfectly normal thing to call your underwear. And that, by the way, also shows us the level of emotional maturity on display in this film. Lowell Dean crafts this film with the sensibility of an eleven-year-old boy, presenting us with jokes involving underpants, poop, boobies, monster wieners, alien butt-probes… now that I think about it, it’s almost as if this movie was made by grownup versions of the kids from “Monster Squad.”

    If that sort of thing is your kind of party, you will likely love “Another WolfCop.” If you are more into arthouse films with people silently staring moodily off into space, go rewatch “When Animals Dream.” But if you like gory cheeseballs like “Dead Alive,” or “Black Sheep,” then support the struggling Saskatchewan filmmaking community and give “Another WolfCop” a watch. Like many of the films that I compared this one to, the filmmakers make the best use of their limited budget by relying on prostetics and practical effects instead of CGI, and they do an outstanding job of it. Emersen Ziffle gets major respect here for his work on this film as makeup effects supervisor.

    So since I do enjoy my horror served up with a side of cheese, I give “Another WolfCop” an 8 out of 10 and I say buy the DVD when it comes out. And a big thank you to our beloved hosts for letting me take a few minutes of your time to tell you about “Another WolfCop.”

    • First of all, I didn’t know you had a podcast, Professor Headbutt. I’ll give it a listen. Second, thanks for the review. What was the idea? Was it for us to read it on the show or post it on the site? This would be a great style of review to submit to Dave for inclusion on DVDinfatuation. His blog and Twitter get a ton of traffic. Lastly, Jay is the only one who has access to the HMP email and he’s not the best at checking it. If something has gone there that you (or any other listener) was hoping for a response to, try leaving a note here in the comments or hitting us up on Twitter. I usually stay on top of all of that. You could also email me or Dave if it’s something you think we can help with. Thanks again for the review. Although I usually prefer “arthouse films with people silently staring moodily off into space” like in When Animals Dream, the original WolfCop film is so insane and I am such a werewolf fanatic, that I was defintely planning on checking this one out, eventually. With this reminder, I’ll be checking it out even sooner.

      • I had recorded the review and sent you the mp3, knowing that you occasionally include listener reviews. I’ll post a comment next time.

    • Yea, I didn’t know you had a podcast either. Book of Nature? Is that about books, because I’m practically illiterate. Glad you to hear you liked Another Wolfcop. I’ve been wanting to check that out for a while now. I really liked the first movie.

  2. Hey, I finally figured out how to post on the board that y’all keep talking about. I must admit (shamefully), that between the kids, work, location hunts, etc I have never seen a single of the Hatchet films, I became inspired after listening to this great episode and purchased part one and Victor Crowley off amazon (2&3 are on amazon video), I can’t wait to dive into this series. Thanks for the great episode and thanks to Wolfman Josh for helping me learn how to use Twitter!


  3. I am so insanely jealous that you guys got to see Hereditary! It and “A Quiet Place” are the two horror films I’m anticipating the most this year.

    Listening to you talk about it got me even more excited!

  4. Sorry for the second comment but I did want to talk a little about “Haunters: The Art of the Scare”. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a well made and informative documentary about an odd horror subculture.

    I do 100% agree that parts of it were hard to watch. Russ McKamey operates McKamey Manor: an extreme haunt which is featured predominantly in it and is the one were people pay to be physically beaten, force fed, and yes – even waterboarded.

    It’s completely batsh*t insane and it’s something that’s really fascinated me for awhile now. *Why* would people do this? *Who* would do this to someone?

    I 100% agree that there is something not right in Russ’ head. That dude is creepy, to say the least. He seems to really, *really* enjoy and get off on torturing people. But there are also these weird rules for his haunt like no cursing and no cash payments. Everything he does is free; he accepts donations of dog food which he gives to his local animal shelter.

    Which maybe makes it all the more creepy that this dude doesn’t charge to do this to people. And then again, people keeping signing up! The waitlist to get into his haunt has been years long at times.

    It’s really fascinating.

    I would definitely recommend that folks who are interested in the subject matter check it out. It absolutely is hard to watch at times but it’s a really intriguing documentary.

  5. Thanks again for having me on guys!

    Apologies for the couple mistakes in there. Josh caught when I accidentally said “Vertigo” when I really meant “Rear Window” duh. Also, at the end, saying “Heredity” instead of “Hereditary”.

    Anyway, honored to be on the show as always. Hopefully next year I’ll have an all access pass, and will have more reviews like last year. Can’t wait for all of you to catch up with “Hereditary”, so we can discuss.


    • Kagan,

      Those mistakes are unacceptable! I will never listen to another episode with you on it. Juuuuuust kidding! Thank you for thinking of me during your review of Hereditary. I’m super excited to see that.

      You mentioned heavy metal horror briefly and Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy is supposed to be one in a way, according to some of the comments I’ve read on it. That’s another one really high on my list.

      Anyway, great job covering Sundance!

    • No worries Kagan, you are always good on the show.

      This might not make any sense, but I purposely know absolutely nothing about “Hereditary” and I am super excited to see it!

  6. Fantastic episode fellas! I hope Jay’s absence wasn’t because of anything serious. Like Jay, Frankensteinian episodes tend to be my favorite, and as expected you both knocked it out of the park.

    Just a few thoughts:

    I hate to admit it, but I sped through the first segment discussing the Sundance films. Even though I was the one inquiring about “The Shining” spoilers, I am extremely anal when it comes to knowing anything about brand new films that I will definitely see. I am completely in the dark about most of those films you discussed, and that is how I prefer it. I don’t even want to know the general premise most of the time. In fact, I see an average of two movies a week in the theaters, and I’m so weird about this that every time during the trailers I close my eyes, put in my earbuds, and listen to podcasts. Happily, oblivious 😊

    I thought Dave was right on with his review of “Mom and Dad”. It was pretty much identical to how I felt about the film. Get out of my head, Doc!

    I had been dying to see “Tragedy Girls” for several months and was super excited about it finally being available to me this weekend. Unfortunately, it never played near St. Louis and I am vehemently against downloading films via torrents, etc. I rented it on Amazon and as I tend to do when I rent VOD, I watched it twice during the 48-hour period and I am happy I did. Although I found it entertaining the first time, my enjoyment went way up the second time through. I admit I was hoping for something a little more serious in tone, but I was far from disappointed. I’m in my early forties, so the way “Heathers” defined a part of my generation I feel this movie does the same for the current generation. The obvious difference is that “Tragedy Girls” is a true horror film. I agree with everything you said, Josh. I certainly don’t relate to the whole social media angle since I am not on Facebook, Twitter, etc. These message boards are literally the only thing I am on that even comes close. The one thing I will add about the movie, to maybe entice those who are still on the fence, is that if you are a fan of gore there is plenty of that present here. It’s a bloody good time and I loved it. I give it an 8.5 out of 10 and it would have made my Top Ten had I been able to see it prior. I will be buying this for sure.

    I thought “Mayhem” was very enjoyable as well. I recently re-watched “The Belko Experiment” and I definitely feel “Mayhem” is the better of the two. Belko did not hold up for me on a second watch.

    You have certainly convinced me, Josh, to check out both “Devil’s Gate” and “Kaleidoscope”. I wasn’t familiar with either and am looking forward to checking them out. Similarly, the “Hatchet” movies are generally not my ‘bag’, but the episode definitely swayed me to give “Victor Crowley” a shot for sure.

    I agree with your sentiments on purchasing the “Stranger Things” season one Blu Rays. I bought the DVD/Blu Ray combo first, but when I saw they put out the 4K version I gave the other away as a Christmas present so I could have the 4K ones. 😊 The packaging is wonderful and even though it will always be there on Netflix, I am happy I own the physical copies. But that is no surprise coming from me since I am a huge collector of Blu Rays anyway. And yes, I would love to have a “Hush” SE someday. We can always hope.

    The last thing I wanted to mention is something I meant to bring up a week or so ago. I know this is a movie podcast, but a significant part of the horror community passed away in late January. Next to Stephen King, Jack Ketchum is my favorite author of all time. He left us on January 24th at the age of 71 after losing his battle with cancer. Ketchum’s work is not for everyone, mind you. His novels and short stories are very visceral and violent tales of the human condition and real-life horrors. What set him apart from other authors in that specific field was his beautifully descriptive prose and the ability to make the reader immerse themselves into the dark and dreadful universes he created while making you truly care about his characters. I love everything he has ever written and own just about all of it. Some of his stories have been adapted to film. They are not all gems by any means, but some of you might be familiar with the movies. Most recently was “The Woman” directed by Lucky McKee who co-wrote several books with Ketchum including “The Woman”, and the segment from “XX” entitled ‘The Box’ which was based on a short story. If there is anyone who may be interested in checking his stuff out I would recommend starting with ‘Off Season’, his first novel. Coincidentally, I recently was given the 35th Anniversary Collector’s edition of the novel this Christmas. I also would recommend ‘The Lost’. Be forewarned however, Mr. Ketchum does not pull any punches whatsoever.
    R.I.P. Dallas Mayr (aka Jack Ketchum)

    • Wow, Jack Ketchum passed away? I had no idea. I actually just finished reading ‘Off Season’ and it was the most horrifically graphic thing I had ever read. I couldn’t put it down.

      I first heard about Ketchum after seeing ‘The Woman’ and right after that I saw ‘The Girl Next Door’ Both great films. I also enjoyed the book Red.. a bit more than the film. Yes, not pulling any punches is the way to put it.

      ‘The Lost’ was next up on my list. I will watch it in his honor
      RIP Jack Ketchum

      • “The Lost” is a decent little indie film, but the book is spectacular. I’m sure you probably already figured that.
        Glad to hear you are a fan, Anthony!

    • I would concur on Mayhem being a somewhat superior movie, probably because it feels like the film played around with the idea in a bit more of a fun way. I thought Belko was good, but it’s much more a straight horror/suspense, with a fair degree of ambiguity of who exactly was going to survive.

      Mayhem is pretty predictable, but its more about the journey to that end rather than the conclusion

      Also, the way this whole film plays out just feels a lot more, in some ways…plausible? I liked to see an infected storyline where the disease in question isn’t apocalyptic in its spread or guaranteed to be even lethal, and can be competently contained.

  7. Hi all. A very enjoyable episode. I really enjoyed Kagan’s insights in to the movies of Sundance. Perhaps he will watch more movies throughout the year and give his insights in to them. I am all for it. Secondly, I really look forward to checking out Kaleidescope and Summer of ’84. They both seem to offer something interesting to the horror viewer, and for Summer of 84 I am always looking to support a movie with a Canadian connection (btw did anyone see 2014’s horror Gore, Quebec?).
    I recenty saw two of the films discussed in this episode. The first was Mom and Dad. I have to say that while the film had its flaws, I enjoyed watching it. The plot was an ironic twist on the contagion type of film, while poking fun at the genre at the same time. Yes, Nicholas Cage and Selma Blair were over the top and the acting awful at times, but it lead to the charm. The survival aspect appealed to me, and while I figured early on how it may turn out, it was an enjoyable ride. My main complaint is that it took too long to get going, but once it did it hit like speeding train. A fun date movie, 6.5/10 for me.
    The other was Victor Crowley. I have to say I enjoyed the Adam Green interview and it gave some interesting insight. The movie, however, ugh. I have to say I enjoyed the previous Hatchet films, as they poked fun at themselves, had great gore, and had plots compelling enough to make you wanna watch with characters you at least wanted to see what happened to them. To be blunt, I found this film awful. After 45 minutes I honestly had a hard time getting through it. I did not find the characters intersting at all nor did I care about them, I found the plot silly, and I did not find mysellf cheering for Victor, as I normally am in the Hatchet films. I get it that it is a film that almost parodies the genre with some cool kills, but this movie just fell flat for me. ***Spoiler*** I felt the storyline of the woman getting caught under the chair lasted way too long and I coud not wait to have her drown so I would not have to hear about it any more.*** This movie seemed over hyped and under delivered. 4/10 for me. Take care and Iook forward to the next episode.

  8. I am very much looking forward to Hereditary as well. Actually I am jealous of anyone who gets to see any horror in the theatre. The worst thing about living in Beijing is that no horror movies ever make it to the theaters here. Not only are horror films absent from the theater, many elements of horror like ghosts and graphic violence are outright banned, so I am reliant on the internet and getting around the great firewall to see horror.

    One film I will be checking out based on Josh’s review is Search. I know Unfriended gets a bit of slack and while its not one of my favorites I did enjoy the experience of watching it. I feel like a lot of that had to do with how I watched it on my computer. There were times when the Skype in the film was ringing and I thought it was my own Skype. It was a bit creepy. It made me think a lot about the space and environment we view these films that take place on a computer and how they might not be as effective on the big screen.

    Lastly, another great interview with a horror director. Even if I don’t love the Hatchet series I do love and appreciate listening to a horror director talking about the craft and process. You guys always ask great questions and do a great service for the horror community.
    Peace and love, peace and love

  9. I think this may have been Josh’s best interview to date. I may be biased as a huge fan of Adam Green and the Hatchet series, but I thought that Josh offered some interesting and challenging questions while Adam shot back with very deep answers that weren’t the usual cookie cutter stuff I’ve heard in some other film maker interviews. The only thing keeping this from being my favorite episode is the lack of Jay, who I’m kind if expecting to fire back in the horror and comedy angle.

    The new Victor Crowley is a 10 out of 10 for me… I cared about the characters and loved every moment. Hopefully people watch the directors cut and not the edited version (which is still unrated) for some of the best satire I’ve seen in years.

  10. I got to go show a cadaver to some folks, but just wanted to quickly chime in that I watched Mayhem last week, and would agree it is a super fun movie. Just through random happenstances of late I have been mostly seeing horror movies I either haven’t been a fan or covered more depressing material, so Mayhem was a treat.

    Also, someone totally needs to get an exorcist on this podcast. Those demonic growls on the Adam Green interview were freaky…

  11. Just taking a moment here to voice my appreciation for the Classic Horror Minute. I always want to hear about older gems, and I hope you keep the segment. Thumbs up!

  12. It’s funny that Josh would mention a motion detector being used in Victor Crowley and how he hadn’t seen such a scene before. Up until a few days ago, the same could probably be said for me as well. However, the long delayed, Keep Watching (Yet another horror movie starring Bella Thorne), that was actually released on VOD the same day as Victor Crowley, featured a fairly memorable motion detector scene.

    Unfortunately, Keep Watching ended up being a dud.

  13. by the way, in other recent horror related news…anyone watching Channel Zero? Season 3 started last night, and…god…that show does a better job of creating nightmare fuel than most movies.

  14. Loved this episode guys! I was on the fence about Devill’s Gate but I’ll definitely watch it now. And I can’t wait for Hereditary and will avoid the trailer per advice. There was just something really simple and organic about this episode that reminds me of my friends suggesting films to each other. Too bad Jay missed it.

    Also, my wife and I decided to watch Haunters and we loved the first 20 or so minutes as you predicted, Josh. We couldn’t get past when Russ was spending hours putting together videos of him torturing people. Too much.

    Also, please keep a Classic Horror Minute for every episode!!!!

    And I’m looking forward to checking out the new Hellraiser Judgement this week. Evidently it’s a solid low budget return to form. Anyone seen it yet? NO SPOILERS! Y’all should consider doing a franchise review of Hellraiser (but should probably split up some of those DTV ones).

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