Is Your City Represented on the HMP T-Shirts?

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Hi Horror fans,

We are getting close to finishing up the Horror Movie Podcast t-shirts. Yes, plural. I’m creating two. They will be similar. Both will have the cities listed on the back like a concert tour shirt.

They will probably cost about $15 each (U.S.), but they will be very high-quality t-shirts. Perhaps a two for $25 deal or something… I don’t know yet. Don’t quote me.

By the way, I realize you haven’t seen the design of the shirts yet, but if you THINK you’ll be interested in purchasing one, please read these two instructions below:

1.) I have to order the shirts according to demand. So, if you want one, please leave a comment below of the quantity and sizes that you will need: Small, Medium, Large, X-tra Large, etc.

2.) Be sure your city is represented below. I don’t want to miss any listeners’ cities, so please leave your city in the comments below, if I’ve overlooked it:

Gulf Shores, AL
Flagstaff, AZ
Safford, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Camarillo, CA
Irvine, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento, CA
Salinas, CA
Denver, CO
Washington, DC
Cape Coral, FL
Orlando, FL
Spring Hill, FL
Tamarac, FL
Tampa, FL
Savannah, GA
Chicago, IL
Homer Glen, IL
Metropolis, IL
Bloomington, IN
Lafayette, IN
Monticello, IN
Atlantic, IA
Grinnell, IA
Huntingtown, MD
Attleboro, MA
Detroit, MI
L’Anse, MI
Merrill, MI
Minneapolis, MN
Senatobia, MS
Missoula, MT
Manalapan, NJ
Trenton, NJ
Hobbs, NM
Mimbres, NM
Silver City, NM
Buffalo, NY
East Rochester, NY
Elmira, NY
Geneva, NY
Long Island, NY
New York, NY
Oswego, NY
Remsenburg, NY
Las Vegas, NV
Oxford, NC
Wilmington, NC
Cleveland, OH
Martins Ferry, OH
Broken Arrow, OK
Portland, OR
Salem, OR
Edinboro, PA
Harleysville, PA
Perkiomenville, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenixville, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Chepachet, RI
Dover, TN
Murfreesboro, TN
Nashville, TN
Savannah, TN
Austin, TX
Abilene, TX
Hillsboro, TX
Houston, TX
Katy, TX
San Antonio, TX
Cedar City, UT
Eagle Mountain, UT
Provo, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
South Jordan, UT
Burlington, VT
Buena Vista, VA
Reston, VA
Olympia, WA
Moundsville, WV
Wheeling, WV
Racine, WI
Melbourne, Australia
Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada
Bradford, England
London, England
Scarborough, England
Worthing, England
Turku, Finland
Mexico City, Mexico
Klippan, Sweden
Llanelli, Wales

Thank you.
Jay of the Dead
Horror Movie Podcast
Dead Serious About Horror Movies.

98 thoughts on “Is Your City Represented on the HMP T-Shirts?

  1. Hey Jay,
    Big fan of the show. I definitely want to order a shirt. I would need 1 in a size Large and 1 in a size XL.

  2. According to Josh, San Antonio, TX*
    I’ll take a Large please.

    *No Josh, I’m NOT from San Antonio. Get it right bro.

  3. I resisted adding my city because I’m not proud of this town but since the recent general election has stripped me of any pride I might have once had in my entire plutocratic joke of a country it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

    So you can add Scarborough, England if you so wish, Jay. Famous for Fish and Chips and as a haven for rich paedophiles.

    And I’ll take a small.

    But how much will shipping be for us blighted serfs of the UK?

  4. All these dudes requesting XL sizes make me worry that a small might be too small for me. In the US is small like “little kid sized”? Maybe I should go for a medium. Jay, do you think a medium would be the best choice for a tall, skinny dude?

    • I was shocked when you said a size small…the first thing that popped into my mine was…David is munchkin or a Lilliputian…I would definitly up it to a medium at least if even thats big enough…Idk…Unless you got a pair of bluejean shorty shorts and want to show off your middriff…than stay with the small!!!

      • Haha, I don’t know what to do. Normally the only time I buy a T-shirt is when I see a band and I usually go for a small. I’m wearing Mountain Goats T-shirt right now and it’s small and fits me just fine but I guess playing it safe and getting a medium wouldn’t hurt. It’ll give me some room for my inevitable post-20’s beer-gut.

    • We took Friday, May 22 off, due to scheduling issues, David. Sorry. But we’re bringing you a KILLER good episode this upcoming Friday (May 29) where we review the original and new “Poltergeist” movies with Dr. Walking Dead — Kyle Bishop!

      • “We took Friday, May 22 off”

        Haha, no you didn’t! You took the week before off (which as established when you guys went weekly is sometimes necessary and totally cool with us listeners). May 22 you delivered the excellent “The Thing” franchise episode.

        And I’m really looking forward to the “Poltergeist” episode.

      • Truthfully David, I had my gallbladder removed as soon as my temp job ended in mid-April. So I’ve been recovering from that lounging about mainly, watching a LOT of horror movies, and managed to get two jobs in that time! Been too busy slacking off is what I’ve been up to! Thanks for asking. I should be around a little bit more now.

        • I don’t know anything about gallbladders aside from us being able to live without them but that still sounds kind of scary! I hope you’re recovering well and congratulations on the job front!

          If you have the time be sure to let us know what horror movies you’ve been watching.

          I just watched “The Resurrected” the other day. It’s a 1992 Lovecraft adaptation that’s crappy in all the right early 90’s ways. It has that spivvy chap from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” in it and some really cool gross out practical effects.

          • Well if you MUST know!! Haha as far as movies I haven’t seen: I bought and watched Street Trash, now that was fun the colors were so bright and colorful and the effects were pretty good! Honestly, I’m surprised it wasn’t a Troma movie. Another homeless people movie I finally saw was C.H.U.D. It was waaaayyyy better than I thought it would be and had some really good scares in it! And Daniel Stern. The next one I watched was The Church. Which is an Italian horror which I’m almost ashamed I hadn’t seen earlier and it reminded me a lot like Demons, in which a building full of people get trapped inside. But it was good, nothing I would really go back to. As far as movies I have already seen, I watched Inferno because it’s one of Argento’s best (the most Argento-ey), as well as I binge watched the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series agaaaain. Which makes me wonder why HMPW has such a stick up their butts about reviewing the franchise? Yeah, I’ve heard your little comments here and there (Jason and Josh…..) and I won’t stand for it! Always on the lookout for amazing giallos and Italian horror movies if anyone has some good suggestions!

          • Oh boy, these are my kind of movies! Although I have to admit that I’ve yet to check out “The Church” and “Street Trash”. Both have been on my radar for a while, the former because it’s Italian and the latter because I’m in love with really sleazy, seedy horror flicks set in gritty 80’s New York.

            I have seen “C.H.U.D” though. it’s one of those movies that I used to see all the time at on the shelf of the video store when I was younger but I didn’t end up watching it until a few years ago. It surprised me too. Great character actors, a perfect balance of humour and scares and the atmospheric epitome of dirty 80’s NYC. And I love Daniel Stern.

            As for “A Nightmare on Elm Street”; it might have been a creepy fever dream but I’m sure a little bird told me that HMP will be covering that franchise later this year! Personally I won’t pretend that I’m a fan of all the movies but I do think the original has one of the greatest, most effective premises in all of horror cinema. And who doesn’t love “Dream Warriors”.

            *listens to Dokken*

  5. What up guys? Greetings from:
    Gulf Shores, Alabama
    And I’ll be getting one XL shirt. Thanks for turning out this superior product, now weekly(?)!

  6. Hi Jay,

    Long time listener, first time message board poster.

    I’ll double check the size chart (assuming they’ll be one), but I expect it’ll be one of each design in Medium.

    Please add Worthing, England

    If you do, it’ll cheer me up after seeing the Poltergeist remake last night…


      • 100% legit David!

        I like to think of Willis as my ‘brother from another mother’ – we share a surname, we’re both Freddy Vs. Jason fans and our birthdays are one day apart (mine’s 28th Feb and Willis’ is the 29th).

  7. Murfreesboro, TN (or Nashville, TN works as well) – same general area.

    Will be ordering a large.

    Can’t wait.

  8. Hope I’m not too late on this… please add:

    Cleveland, OH

    You can also add New York, NY to the list of you’d like. That’s where I lived when I started listening to the podcast, and where I was when I left my iTunes review.

    I’ll be ordering one. Size smedium (aka small), please.

  9. Hi there Farley new listener wanted to ad my city… I live in the midwest. Mitchell, South Dakota. Please keep up the awesome podcasts. The longer the better.

  10. Been listening to the HMP archives, helping me make it through the work day. You guys are awesome. Can you add Cincinnati, OH to your list?

  11. Hey Jay,

    I would like to reserve a Large. You are also free to use the artwork I sent for any promotions you like. If you would like to give out posters for listener prizes they can be printed out at 24 x 36.


    • Hi Jay,

      I’m still in the market for one of these t-shirts if they’re available. Just need the ‘pit to pit’ measurements for the medium and large sizes please.

      Thank you,
      Worthing, England

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