Movie Podcast Network BONUS 008: 2017 Meetup Event – Better Watch Out with Director Chris Peckover

MPN Better Watch Out

Christmas comes early from the 2017 Movie Podcast Network Meetup Event in the safe neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah! It was an incredible event and we wish you all could have joined us. The weekend included multiple meals with hosts and listeners, trivia games, live podcasting, live music, hiking, a birthday party, group screenings of Better Watch Out (2017)—with a Filmmaker Q&A—and Tremors (1990), plus a double feature of Friday the 13th (1980) and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1988) on the actual Friday the 13th of October 2017. Whew! Quite a weekend! You’re going to hear great live recordings from all these events in the days to come.

Here, HMP’s own Jay of the Dead, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh podcast with their MPN co-horts from Movie Podcast Weekly, Retro Movie Geek, Universal Monsters Cast and Movie Stream Cast in front of a live audience after a screening of Better Watch Out (2017). The panel is also joined by the film’s writer/director, Chris Peckover for a Q&A with the MPN listeners. If you’re jealous of all the fun we had at the 2017 MPN Meetup Event, you’d better watch out for the next one!

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I. Introduction
— Jay of the Dead and Wolfman Josh intro the show

II. Movie Podcast Network Panel

Jay of the Dead, Dave, Dr. Shock Becker, The Gillman Joel Robertson, Karl Huddelston, Rach-Hell Ligairi, and Wolfman Josh discuss Better Watch Out (2017) before welcoming filmmaker Chris Peckover.

III. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

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Want more live podcast recordings from the 2017 MPN Meetup Event? Listen to Horror Movie Podcast BONUS Ep. 132 and Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 261.

Special thanks to Mattroid from The Sci-Fi Podcast for the use of his music for the intro and outro of this episode, performed by TMMC. Thanks also to composer Kagan Breitenbach for the use of his arrangement of composer Brian Cachia‘s score from Better Watch Out from the live MPN Meetup Event, performed by Quartet Macabre.

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12 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Network BONUS 008: 2017 Meetup Event – Better Watch Out with Director Chris Peckover

  1. Some of the Audio was difficult to hear but the content was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed Better Watch Out and would be shocked if it doesn’t find a place in my top 5 for this year. The twists were well executed and the whole story was expertly woven. I’m also glad the title Better Watch Out was chosen, Safe Neighborhood is a great name but the possible meanings behind “Better Watch Out” make it far more enthralling. That paint can scene was so beautifully done between the imagery and build up. The comedy wasn’t over done but enhanced the story unlike a lot of horror comedies as of late. I just want to stress to everyone my agreement that if you have not seen this movie, avoid the trailer and reviews, your initial viewing will be so much better.
    Also, I’m bummed I missed the meet up this year, I had a work trip that coincided but I hope to meet the HMP community soon, you all rock and have helped me through some tough times!

    • Shoot. Sorry it was difficult to hear. I worked hard to make it sound good, but I guess I needed to boost the levels even higher. the initial recordings we pretty quiet. Should have had Kagan do it.

      Love your take on Better Watch Out and couldn’t agree more. Can’t wait to discuss it more on our Christmas episode, this year. I hope everyone sees it. It deserves a big audience. I’ll definitely be buying the BluRay for myself for Christmas.

      Hope you can make it out, next year! We had a great time. Joel and I are hoping we can do it for the 30th anniversary of Halloween 4 (which was filmed in Utah) at one of the actual locations, but we’d like the GeekCastLive guys to be able to attend next time, so we may not do it in Utah.

  2. I had so much fun hanging out with everyone in SLC for the meet-up. It’s always nice to see a movie that the director attends and get his point of view of the whole process. I really enjoyed this movie also, like a lot of others did. I wasn’t prepared for how good this movie was going to be and it caught me off guard while watching it. I usually don’t get as emotionally attached while watching movies, but this one I did. I was able to actually feel like I was in this movie and having the same emotional reactions watching what went down.One of the reasons for this was the acting was superb by this very young cast. I have a 14 yr old son at home and have seen him act similar to some of the characters in this movie. I liked how the violence in this movie seemed like it was actually something a young teen would actually do, from the Home Alone reference to the tying someone up with Christmas lights. Seemed so fitting. The plot the kids come up with and how most of the small details were well thought out, helped also. A lot of killers are very intelligent and just because they were younger doesn’t mean they can’t be as smart also. Overall, this is one of the best Christmas Horror movies you could watch. It ranks up there with Black Christmas , Gremlins, and Silent night, Deadly Night. Do yourself a favor and watch this Christmas horror gem!

    • Awesome, Dark Passenger. Couldn’t agree more with your take on Better Watch Out. I’m curious where it would ultimately rank in my favorite Christmas horror films, but it is defintely one of the best. It was great meeting you and the other listeners (and the other hosts!) in SLC. Glad you could make it.

  3. Man. I just watched this last night after hearing the cast and to be honest I was a little disappointed. I still enjoyed the film but there was something off with it. Without getting into spoiler, I thought that it had a really interesting R rated plot but was shot like a PG 13 film (language aside). We had a really awesome kill sequence but never saw the payoff, a great premise but the protagonist’s motivations appeared unclear which left me questioning each plot twist.

    That said it was still a fun watch; I just don’t understand the hype.

    • Interesting. Sorry to hear you were disappointed. Always hate steering someone wrong. I think the violence could have been a little stronger in several of the scenes to match the R rating, but I thought the tension made up for it. I didn’t feel shorted. I kind of feel like the reveal of (my pick for) the most awesome kill wouldn’t have been as cool if it was more explicit. I think it was pretty artfully done and was something I’d never seen. I also thought the killer’s motivations were clear, but I won’t get into spoilers at the moment. I do want to do a full spoiler revirew of this film at Christmas.

  4. This movie looked so good… But I had the choose between it and Victor Crowley, so mussed my chance to see it on the big screen. Plan to purchase for Christmas, sight unseen

    • What did you think of Victor Crowley? I saw it at a screening in Philly and loved it. The gore and comedy were on point. I was impressed by how they upped the gore effects compared to Hatchet 3. The storyline also seemed stronger this go around. It’s not easy to close a trilogy and do a new entry in the series but Adam Green nailed it.

      • It’s insane that Jeepy Creepy 3 is getting screen time in major theater chains while there are films like Better Watch Out and Hatchet 3 (and even Curse of Chucky) struggling for screen time.

        • While you could find Jeepers Creepers 3 on the big screen, it was not a lot of screens. I believe Jody mentioned there was one theater in our area that was playing the movie a single time. According to boxofficemojo, for the one week JC 3 was in theaters, it was only at 10 theaters. Meanwhile, Better Watch Out was shown in 25 theaters according to the same site. Obviously, that’s way too few of theaters for Better Watch Out, but I wouldn’t say it’s accurate that JC 3 received more screen time than it.

          Had the backlash against JC 3 not been so high, I imagine it likely would have been shown in far more theaters though.

  5. I’d love it if HMP can get Chris Peckover back on for another episode to discuss Better Watch Out spoilers and maybe allow HMP a chance to review Undocumented?

    Much like past interviews with Matt Greenberg and Eduardo Sánchez, there seemed to be a fun dynamic between Peckover and the HMP hosts that would likely make for an even more entertaining “Proper” interview for the future.

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