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$15 each (*some exceptions apply). Each image shows the front and back of the t-shirt. Click on the image for a large view. This one above is HMP-Green.


$15 each (*some exceptions apply). Each image shows the front and back of the t-shirt. Click on the image for a large view. This one above is HMP-White.

The time has finally arrived! You can now order our two, First Edition HORROR MOVIE PODCAST T-SHIRTS! We have two versions to choose from. Here’s how you can buy one.

1. Look at both versions of the Horror Movie Podcast T-shirts. One is called “HMP-Green” and the other is called “HMP-White.”

2. Decide which one you want to order (if not both).

3. Click on the secure PayPal button below to purchase your T-shirt. They are $15 each *for buyers located in the United States and for those who order an XL or smaller; and yes, the $15 price includes the cost of the shirt and the shipping. (International buyers can e-mail their mailing address to
HorrorMoviePodcast@gmail.com for pricing.)

4. In the PayPal donation notes, tell us FIVE things:

——— A. Your mailing address.

——— B. Which shirt you want: HMP-Green and/or HMP-White. (Quantity of each)

——— C. Do you want a Men’s t-shirt or a Women’s t-shirt?

——— D. Which size shirt you want. (*Larger sizes cost extra. XXL is $2 extra. And XXXL is $3 extra. (Not my price hikes; that’s the shirt factory’s policy…) E-mail
HorrorMoviePodcast@gmail.com with questions.)

——— E. Your e-mail address, in case we need to contact you about your order.

5. Click this secure PayPal button to order:

54 thoughts on “Order Your Horror Movie Podcast T-Shirts Today!

  1. Just ordered 1 of each. They look great!

    Please don’t make us wait 2 weeks between podcasts. It’s killing me!


  2. Thank you, Willis and Jason. We appreciate it.

    Yes, we review a great horror flick over on Movie Stream Cast. It’s called “Preservation.” Wolfman also asks me for a list of my favorite Survival Horror films (if he didn’t cut it out). ha ha.

    As for HMP Episode 064, it is coming sometime this weekend, I hope. It is going to be at least 3 hours long, I’m guessing, if not longer, and it’s a very tough one to edit. But I promise, it will be worth the wait. Pretty cool stuff! It’s a themed episode, and the topic is: “The Found Footage Convention in Horror.” I think you’ll dig it if you’re a Horror fan, even if you’re not really into Found Footage…

    Jay of the Dead

    • Can’t wait for the “rediscovering found footage” ep. I’m on the fence about the genre… Kind of burned on it a little. But every once in a while a gem pops up! Like last week’s creep.

      Also I checked out Eat, based on your Rec and then went back to listen to your review. You guys really nailed it!

    • Looking forward to this found footage themed episode. I actually found a little gem of a film last night called GIRL HOUSE (2015), which is primarily a slasher but also incorporates some found footage in an interesting way.

    • JOTD –


      I’m shocked you didn’t include THE RUINS, FROZEN, or Ben Ketai’s BENEATH on your top 5 list!

  3. Great shirts!!! Going to order the white one right now because it’s so metal \m/ !!! Gonna hold off on the green in case I win the American Gothic Zombie review contest…I feel pretty confident…especially since I own the book…If not I will be definately be buying both and every shirt that comes after…Can’t wait to represent HMP!!!

    • I may be jaded cause I was born and mostley raised in Iowa…but we are full of cool people who love our horror movies and our metal/punk music…because we are often overlooked when it comes to concerts and conventions…we never dissapoint with our enthusiasm…we are known for the best crowds in the country…

  4. Purchased the one with the green logo. I like that it had both tag lines on it. Love the show! Keep up the great work, guys! Long live horror.

  5. Hi Jay,
    Great to see Worthing, England on there! Would you be able to share a size chart please? UK/USA sizes don’t always match, so the ‘pit to pit’ measurement would be really helpful…

      • Hi Juan, I’ve been asked once before, but it’s nice to have another excuse to mention that along with a fine surname, Willis and I share a love of Freddy Vs. Jason and our birthday’s are only a day apart. Willis got the leap year with Feb 29th, mine’s Feb 28th. I quite like the Insidious films though and certainly wouldn’t have rated Transformers Age of Extinction so highly..!

    • Shane, I’ll get back to you on those measurements. But if this helps, ol’ Jay of the Dead writes in third person and stands 5′ 10″ tall (177.8 cm or 1.78 m) and unfortunately, I now weigh 205 lbs. (about 92 kg). I ordered the XL size because I don’t like shirts to fit me too tightly, and the XL is perfect: It fits me just right. Not baggy, not tight. A Large would have been tight on me. (Does that help?)

      • Hi JOTD, apologies for taking ages to get back to you. I think I might be a Large based on your description, but that ‘pit to pit’ measurement would seal it… Sorry to be so fussy, but must make sure it fits so I’ll be super-comfortable wearing it with pride!

        Off topic a bit, but I have some great recommendations for you guys to consider reviewing… I attended the horror film festival FrightFest (www.frightfest.co.uk) in London last week and here is my Top 10. Some are more thrillers than horror, but all worth seeing for sure…

        1. Night Fare
        2. We Are Still Here
        3. Rabid Dogs
        4. A Christmas Horror Story
        5. Turbo Kid
        6. Bait
        7. Emelie
        8. The Diabolical
        9. Landmine Goes Click
        10. Deathgasm

  6. Hi guys! Awesome shirts. I’m ordering the green one, but I need a xxl. You didn’t specify how much extra the sizes over xl were. I’m sending 20, I hope it’s enough. If not let me know and I’ll cough up the extra. If it’s too much put the extra money into Jay’s gas station DVD fund. Keep up the great work. Also I’ll check out the movie streamcast episodes. I had deleted it from my list because I thought it was done. Also I see my town made the top left corner! Gulf Shores, AL where we’re dead serious about horror.

  7. JOTD – Shirts look good. Thanks.

    Glad to see New York, NY represented since that’s where I lived when I started listening to the show. Also happy to see Irvine, CA since that’s where I’m hoping to move soon. In any event, looks like I’m covered.

  8. Sorry I’ve been out of the loop guys. I’ve been busy conducting research into whether or not Donald Trump was actually a villain in “Captain Planet”. It turns out he was.

    But yeah, I’ve got my eye on the white text shirt. It’s nice and reserved while still being good and spooky looking. Unfortunately I’m rather low on funds at the moment but I will pick one up as soon as I can.

  9. I’m just waiting on international shipping details but I will be ordering soon.
    I hope that there are some good margins for you with these shirts!


  10. Hi Everybody,

    Jay of the Dead here. First things first. HMP Ep. 064 should finally be up on Friday or Saturday at the latest. So sorry for the delay. If it’s not up by Saturday, I’ll move to Hell, Michigan. (Sorry, Joe. That city will definitely be on the third HMP T-shirt, as will Encino, CA. I’m already starting a list for the next shirt. If these two shirts sell OK and I don’t “lose my shirt” on these shirts, this will probably become a thing…) MPW shirts are coming soon…

    I received a couple of questions about foreign shipping prices. I’ll get back to you on those.

    Shane, I’ll get back to you on those measurements. But if this helps, ol’ Jay of the Dead writes in third person and stands 5′ 10″ tall (177.8 cm or 1.78 m) and unfortunately, I now weigh 205 lbs. (about 92 kg). I ordered the XL size because I don’t like shirts to fit me too tightly, and the XL is perfect: It fits me just right. Not baggy, not tight. A Large would have been tight on me. (Does that help?)

    As for sizes, XL is regular price. XXL are $2 extra. XXXL are $3 extra. So, $17 for XXL or $18 for XXXL if you’re in the U.S. (Yes, I know everyone can add.)

    Next, thank you to Chuck, Ashley (William), Willis L., Jason M., Shannon, HDITO, Jason DRAGON, and Kristopher for your early orders. I’m placing your orders with Ralph, my shirt guy, tonight, and he’s rushing to try to get them ready for a friend of mine.

    Alex, loved your gas station DVD comment. Way to send the love! : )

    Just for the record, I got both of my sample shirts today, and — modesty be damned — they look really great. They’re made from nice material, too.

    Much love, Everybody.

  11. Hey Wolfman, the director of The Loved Ones has a new movie coming out and it’s starring Ethan Embry. It’s called The Devil’s Candy and it’s part of T.I.F.F.’s midnight madness program. Producers of You’re Next and The Guest.

    • Very cool. Can’t wait for that! I love TIFF as much as I love Ethan Embry. My doc Cleanflix premiered there and we’d go catch all the midnight screenings during the festival. I’ve never had a chance to review The Loved Ones on here. I’d like to do that sometime. Maybe a Wolfman’s Got Nards. Hey, I need to make a Wolfman’s Got Nards t-shirt too! BTW, for MSC listeners, I was supposed to post a review of The Guest over on Movie Stream Cast this week, but I think I’m moving back to the US early from Colombia and I have been dealing with those logistics, but come over there next week and check that out. And if anyone hasn’t heard my Survival Horror discussion over there with Jay, we’d love to have you.

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  15. Okay Jay,
    I finally got my order in. I was having trouble logging on to PayPal with my phone so I finally tapped out and had my wife handle it! And honestly it was your comments in the latest episode of hmp that made me realize that I hadn’t followed through with getting my shirt ordered. I’m sorry for the delay man. Oh, but if it’s not here tomorrow I’m going to be filing a complaint!!! I mean when someone orders a shirt you should immediately slap that logo on it, get in your vehicle and drive that cotton sweetness to my doorstep… Nah, I’m just kidding. Keep up the good work that you guys do and know that you have support from some strange dude down here in Gulf Shores, Al. Thanks for providing me with a weekly dose of deadly serious horror.

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